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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 26, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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the family to grieve for the deaths of two teenaged boys, gunned down last night on a south philadelphia street. why they were shot and killed and by whom is very much a mystery at this hour. it's wednesday night and the big story the traumatic loss of two young lives, salvatore dinubile and caleer miller. christie ileto there tonight, christie a terribly emotional night. >> there wasn't a dry eye on the block. even at this hour people are stopping by at the scene of the crime to leave flowers and cards. at one point so many came out the street was essentially shut down. >> we shouldn't be here for a child 16 years old.
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>> they petitioned prayers against a growing echo of sobs at 12 at ritner. >> they were good kids. >> i knew sal my whole life. he was a great kid. he never got into trouble or nothing. >> the violence started as a an argument with a group of kids ending with a shooter firing three bullets from a handgun. there was panic after the bursts of gunfire at the teens. >> i never thought that would happen here. >> it's a parent's worst nightmare. we are asking why too. it's senseless. >> it was autograph. >awful.>> classmates say sal's e
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was more than visible. >> walking through the hallways and he's not there, it hurts. >> everyone knew him. you can't describe the feeling, but it's terrible it happened. >> it's tragic for the young men and their families. what started the argument that triggered the shooting ar remais unclear. anyone with information about the killer is asked to call detectives, christie ileto, channel6 "action news." >> restaurant owners are mourning the loss of a restaurant. bridget foys burned down overnight and investigators are working to determine the cause of the inferno.
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it's roped off by crime tape. bridget was on the scene consoling regulars. demolition crews tore down part of the building to prevent an uncontrolled collapse. the blaze grew to where 100 firefighters were needed to battle it. it raged 11 hours. 11 neighbors were forced from their homes and two dogs at the groomer's next door were killed. an answer could take days. this is the way it looked when a pizza delivery man was knocked
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out and his car stolen. this is the way it happens. let's hold the video for a second. there's the punch. he is now unconscious, the car to be driven away. with us is dann cuellar. what is the latest on the condition of the victim? >> the victim is still recooperating. he has good days and bad days according to his wife. while he's recooperating, police hope someone recognizes the five men responsible on the video. >> it was 11:00 friday night. the 56-year-old went in to deliver a pizza. shortly after five young men appeared clearly intent t on robbing him or someone else. >> he walked out of the gas
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station. he pulled the gun. he tried to get away. one young man with the gun smacked him in the head and knocked him out cold. >> one of the young men hit him on the head while another rummaged through his pockets taking whatever money he had on him. the victim is now home. >> he's tired and goes back upstairs. it's like he's off balance. the five men 13-18 have n identified and are still there. police believe they are from the area. >> the kids look so young. where are they getting guns from. where are if parents teaching them right behavior out there.
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>> to add insult to injury, police say he was fired from his pizza delivery job. hopefully he will get his job back. if anyone recognizes the five mens, you are asked to call police. jim? >> thank you, dan. we have learned that this collision at the commodore barry bridge has had consequences, one person was killed when a car collided with a box truck. they have not identified the vehicle. the suspect robbed the federal credit union at 8:30 this morning. he changed outfits in between holdups. >> we have breaking news from
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harrisburg this hour as the state senate is passing a number of measures to deal with the pennsylvania budget crisis including one to expand gambling significantly. the plan would allow ten brand new smaller casinos across the commonwealth with casino style games and truck stops and airports and not bars. it would make pennsylvania the first state to allow online gambling and lottery games. the bill needs approval by the house. governor tom wolf's office is noncommittal about the measures saying they deserve a full vetting. one of thetry state areas health systems is about to get smaller. jefferson health is eliminating up to 600 job, half could be by
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laying off workers. annie mccormick is outside the hospital. what are the details here? >> jim, employees are telling us the layoff notices began today. employees are expected to be notified through friday. at this point, officials are not saying which jobs will be eliminated. >> word spread that 200 to 300 staff will be laid off at jefferson health and thomas university. officialses are not saying which departments will be impacted. the announcement comes after jefferson recently grew to a vast system with 30,000 employees, most recently mernling with the health system and philadelphia health university. sources say emergency room employees, including doctors and
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nurses will not be impacted. jefferson's president and ceo steven classico released this statement saying in part, our growth along with changes in technology, healthcare and education present jefferson with the opportunity and responsibility to effectively manage limited resources. >> according to officials here at jefferson, part of the reduction in jobs includes retirement and open and unfilled positions, those that have been or will be laid off can reapply if they qualify. annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." back to you. >> it's the mystery noise that rocked the tristate area and government scientists believe it was a sonic boom. while the geological center says there was no earthquake to cause it they detected a sonic boom this morning eight miles off the
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coast of wildwood. last year navy fighter jets conducting routine testing off the delmarva peninsula, caused the same effect. cecily tynan says the atmospheric conditions caused a temperature inversion amplifying the sound wave and bends it toward the ground so we hear it better. the military has not confirmed if it's their jets again. the mercury keeps dropping, wind picking up. cecily, what's the story? >> fall. temperatures are dipping. today's high, 66-degrees. two degrees above normal h cooler than monday and tuesday when we were in the 7 0s. right now, 54-degrees in philadelphia. if you look to the north and
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west. temperatures in the 40s. the cooler air mass is mo moving our way. we have the cold front be off the eastern seaboard, a dip in the trough for the ohio valley. it means a lot of instability clouds, giving way to mostly cloudy skies. it's cool with a mild week. a soaking rain in time for the eagle's game. we have details on that in the forecast. jim? >> still to come, something is missing from the las vegas gunman's hotel room that investigators want to find. the next time you take a trip out of the country, you might have a tougher time getting back in. what you might encounter as a new screening takes effect tomorrow. ppennsylvania election officials
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reveal how many immigrants illegally voted in the
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starting tomorrow, passengers will be subject to tougher security before they board. this was ordered by john kelly when he was homeland security secretary. many carriers will conduct short security interviews asking passengers where they are going and who packed their bags. african-americans may face racial discrimination when
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flying on american airlines based on a pattern of incidents over the past several months, but they say it's not a boycott american say they are disappointed and look for a positive experience for everyone and having a diverse staff. the laptop recovered from the room of stephen paddock is missing its hard drive. it could be key to what led him to kill 58 people and injure more than 500 others october 1st. president trump insists the republic party is unified. that's what he said as he left
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for dallas today. gop senate and house members rallied around trump today or refused to get pulled into conversation by the media. senator flake finished up his speech yesterday likening the current moment to the mccarthy era in the 1950s. said flake, we have forgotten who we are supposed to be. there is a sickness in our system and it is contagious. >> president trump formed a voter fraud commission today after alleging millions voted illegally in the 2016 election. we have information relating to that today. pennsylvania officials put a number on the problem in this state. while it is nowhere close to trump's claim, it is close to zero. noncitizen immigrants may have cast 544 ballots illegally over
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the last 18 years since the year 2000. that translates to .00058%. the number came in testimony to a state house committee today. officials blame this on a glitch in the drivers license system to be fixed within a fo few months. president trump won pennsylvania by a 44,000 vote margin. >> joe biden is not committing to a 2020 campaign but leaving open to possibilities while providing his new memoir. i have not decided to run, but i have not decided not to run. we'll see what happens. >> the gold star father who
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tried to ban president trump's efforts to ban immigrants was therwith his book tonight. ♪ ♪ >> fans are mourning the death of fats domino. the singer died of natural causes in louisiana yesterday at the age of 89. he hope today change popular music with songs like briewb bly hill in 1956. he was one of ten honorees name today the hall of fame. now to the accuweather with cecily tynan. >> this is the view from the temple university camera. earlier this evening, keith
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captured this picture over new jersey. you can see the cones are starting to burst. the clouds roll in and temperatures struggle. our high likely 60-degree, two degrees below normal for this time of year. unusual considering how warm this october's been. it's the warmest october on record. temperatures running eight degrees above average. this is the fourth month this year temperatures average 5-degrees above normal.
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it's a warm year. the clouds will be dissipating as we head through overnight. the morning rush, bus stop forecast, mainly clear. it will be chilly. you want a jacket. temperatures hitting and 60. friday and saturday, high pressure brings brief warm up with winds out of the southwest, 60s and 7 0s. good amount of sunshine. 50-50 weekend. sunday, the jet stream will buckle. it pulls up tropical moisture for localized flooding. this is not good news for the eagle's game. it will be wet. could have an afternoon sprinkle. 60s the high.
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friday, back in the sunshine, 65. saturday, 72-degrees. sunday, a high of 66. monday, windy and cooler, 55. tuesday, for halloween, cool side by dry. good amount of sunshine, 61. a nearly full moon on halloween night and wednesday, sunny and seasonal with a high of 60. we need the rain, we just don't need it sunday with an eagle's game home. it would be nice to move it to monday. >> the halloween parade was open to anyone and any pet dressed in costume. there were prizes in several cat categories. high school marching bands and first responders joining in on
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the fun.
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>> >> you think there are fists pounding lockers after the game tonight? >> you hope so. there are losses, bad losses and what happened at the wells fargo center between the sixers and rockets. 105-96 sixers with 3:05 to go. sixers don't score again. three point play pulls houston within two. after a shock clock violation, final chance for houston, eric gordon for the three at the buzzer, sixers give up the 9-0 run to lose 105-104. ouch. >> this loss stinks. i think historically most of the guy in the room we have been with, and the new guys we have,
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we'll get through this, come out stronger, learn from it and move on. markelle fultz missed tonight's contest and will likely move more. >> fulfillment fultz is shootinm the floor, 50% from the free-throw line. >> next up for the eagles, sunday at the links, eagles have the best record 6-0. eagles vow to play all out. >> we can't leave a team like that in the game. those guys are sneaky. they have a good team. they haven't put it together the way they wanted to, but they
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have come to play. we have a target on our back. everybody wants to aim at the ones who have been winning. still to come, penn state a tough opponent head and an
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>> the flyer respect in canada for the next few days. nolan patrick says he's ready to go. he took a huge hit last night.
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he had to leave the game but today declared himself fit to play. >> it happened fast. i have to protect myself better. >> game two of the world series, houston and l.a. l.a. leads 1-0. >> saturday, sixth rank ohio state. that helped the coach's team become what they are today. >> wins like that build confidence and a confidence football team has a chance of developing into a pretty good football team. >> a marquee match up this saturday. >> thank you, ducis.
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the philadelphia fraternal order of police held their ceremony tonight for those that have gone above and beyond the call of duty. alvin outlaw and his canine partner storm helped find missing person on a farm. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards and karen rodgers with traffic. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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