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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 27, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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mom i dropped my ball. got it. ewwww oh eat it! lysol kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft and hard surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. >> that's it for the day, but they had a ton of fun with it. >> lord, i do not miss roommates. >> hey, man, what have you been up to? >> not a lot, cleaning mostly. place is a pit. >> man, work was an absolute nightmare today. >> because we've all had that one, whether it was an actual roommate or family member, that likes to just mess things up. >> breathing down my neck all day, saying do this, do that. i mean, i literally couldn't go to the toilet without him
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standing there talking about reports and deadlines. >> the fellas at third leg studios really nailed it with this one. >> then greg has the audacity to call me out. me, you know me, man. that is not me. >> puts the cutting board on the counter. >> like a wrecking ball with legs. >> gets out all the condiments that were there. >> we all have a little bit of clumsy, but if he leaves it and doesn't pick it up -- then we have a problem. >> yeah. the sandwich is made, goes to pour his drink, completely misses the glass. >> he's literally the most selfish, inconsiderate person. for him to call me that is really rich. >> wait, wait, wait, wait. but he keeps going. >> i thought you cleaned up today. place looks filthy. >> son of a -- okay. >> i'm just going to go eat this in my room.
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florida police are trying to track down a pair of alleged perfume thieves caught on camera. a man and woman grabbed $2,000 worth of items from a walgreen's in north ft. lauderdale. the woman acted as a lookout. a search is on for a person who killed a lawyer weeks after he won a multi-million case. tom pickert was killed outside his home. in august he won a personal injury case worth nearly $6 million. a van registered to the man who lost that case has been recovered after being spotted leaving the scene. he, however, is not considered a suspect. there's important new clues as police try to catch an apparent serial keller iller in, florida. >> here now's victor oquendo. >> reporter: it's the new surveillance video released by
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police showing a person running away. >>que belie >>q we believe this person has ties to the incident. >> reporter: police going frame by frame, pointing out one clue. the mystery man appears to be flipping his cell phone. >> is that a habit? does someone know a friend that -- i see them do that all the time? >> reporter: moments after the shooting that seam man running away from the direction of the crime scene. the police say he's come up with four reasons he might be running >> one, they may be out for dinner. two they're out exercising. three, they heard gunshots. and number four, they just murdered benjamin mitchell. >> reporter: police want the public to discover every detail from the way they dresses to the way they walk, even the flip of the phone. they're hoping someone
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recognizes something familiar that can help crack the case. an activist case known as the monument removal brigade is claiming responsibility for vandalizing a statue of former president teddy roosevelt. >> they splashed red paint on the monument. they're calling the vandalism a work of public art. the hate crimes task force is investigating. coming up, how certain movie ticket prices may rise depending on their popularity. >> it means you could also get a discount if the movie tanks at the box office. we'll explain the new system next on "world news now." ewwww oh eat it! lysol kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft and hard surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth.
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♪ i've got two tickets to paradise ♪ ♪ won't you pack your bags ♪ we'll leave tonight
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>> are we doing your halloween promo now? >> tuesday, "world news now." >> i feel weird because the lights are on. we are going to do a little something for halloween. so stay tuned. >> our budget is one tenth of gma's. >> that's being generous. two tickets to paradise. >> and we're talking about tickets, because, you know, going to see boo and madea halloween, it is like paradise for many moviegoers. >> there's a new pricing proposal now that could change what we pay for movies. the more popular the movie, the more expensive the ticket. >> reporter: if you went to the theater to watch the smash hit "wonder woman" or a box office flop like "baywatch," you
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probably paid the same. regal cinemas is testing. you could pay mosh to see popular movies like ""despicable me" or save on a less-successful film like "mother." they believe moviegoers will see movies more often when presented with financial flexibility. these every day critics are giving the idea of mixed reviews. >> i don't know. >> if it costs less to go to a movie, i would go. >> keep it simple, charge me admission and i will decide if i want to see it or not. >> they are owned by our parent company, disney. they haven't explained how it's going to work. one issue they're worried about is if people start avoiding regal cinemas if the movie is
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go long. ♪ just like movie newscast today. time to check out what's happening at the box office, brand-new this weekend. >> are you going to talk about boo? >> "boo 2 and the madea halloween." >> this one's about the struggle of returning from war. "thank you for your service" is about a young man coming back to his wife and kids but haunted by events in iraq. it focuses on the difficulty in homecoming but the brotherhood created on the battlefield. >> it was multiple choice, and you said you wanted to die. was that a lie? hmm? adam. >> i don't know.
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>> the cast includes amy schumer, playing a widow, desperate to know how her husband died. the reviews are mixed. julian roman calls it a sen sear harrowing journey through post true mat eck stress disorder and the havoc it wreaks on families, but another says the rather flat story never breaks new ground nor does it fully explore the depths of ptsd. >> that's tough to review that one. knowing it's such a tough journey for so many people. but now to a movie involving some people you may have heard o of. he his name is damon. and all oscar winners. this is "suburbicon," a town hiding a seriously disturbing
2:57 am
underbelly. >> so any new progress on the investigation? >> a mobster got killed a come days ago. >> sorry for his loss. of life? >> yeah, i guess he probably is, too. >> this is getting serious splat action. this startling misfire is a tonal disaster from start to finish. >> not a fan. >> what about brian truitt? in the grand scheme of coen brother brothers scripts. fargo exists on one end while "suburbicon" ends with a hardy thud on the other side. of course none of this matters, because "jigsaw" is going to slash both of these at the box office this weekend. it's this sequel to "saw." but now they just add jake to it. >> so a
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this morning on "world news now," president trump declares war on the nation's opioid crisis. >> calling the epidemic a public health emergency. the president says it's a winnable war and offered a very personal story about his brother's battle with addiction. tense moments for passengers on a delta flight to europe forced to land due to engine failure. and we're tracking a winter-like storm. as a major storm system is threat threatening the east coast through the weekend. and we want to pump -- you up. we hit the streets for our second annual high heel race. >> times square never saw it coming, hasn't seen it since.
3:01 am
on this friday, october 27th. ♪ from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you think they took the wanted posters down yet? >> i think they did. that's why nypd police is stationed there. this was one of the shoes that will go on auction after -- >> did the other one survive it? >> the other one is stuck in a subway grate somewhere. we will get to that a little bit later on, but real men do wear pumps. >> all right. >> that's what i'm told. but we're going to start this half hour with the war on opiates and the presidential declaration to fight the epidemic. >> the president vows to overcome addiction in america and shares a deeply personal story about his own brother but stopped short of releasing new funds to fight the crisis. cecelia vega has more.
3:02 am
>> reporter: with the stroke of a pen, the president declared the opioid crisis the worst epidemic in all of history. >> i am calling on them to use every appropriate authority to fight the opioid crisis. >> reporter: the declaration means patients in rural areas can reach doctors and treat addictions by phone or internet. unemployed who lost their jobs because of addiction can receive assistance, and it lifts bureaucratic red tape. but the president stopped short of declaring a sweeping national emergency, something he has repeatedly promised. >> it's a national emergency. we're going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of money. >> reporter: he said something slightly different, kaling calla public health emergency. that means his action does not include emergency money to fight the crisis that kills nearly 100 people a day.
3:03 am
abc news has followed families battling addiction. in new hampshire, we sat down with rory smith who found his son aaron in the basement overdosed. >> he was gray. i yelled for the phone to call 911. and i proceeded to give him mouth-to-mouth. he was not breathing and i could not feel a heartbeat. >> reporter: can you tell me how that felt? >> it's probably the worst thing i've ever had to do in my life. was giving him mouth-to-mouth. i said is this how it's going to end? right here in my basement? >> reporter: that time they were able to revive aaron, but after another overdose he died. now from president trump, a familiar call to action, targeting yng people with a "just say no" style ad campaign. >> if we can teach young people and people generally not to start, it's really, really easy not to take them.
3:04 am
>> reporter: the president said his own wakeup call came from his older brother fred. >> great guy. best-looking guy. best personality. much better than mine. but he had a problem. he had a problem with alcohol. and he would tell me, "don't drink! don't drink." he would say it over and over again. and to this day, i've never had a drink. >> reporter: this all comes at a team when the health secretaries with fired for questions about his use of corporate drugs. the nominee for drug czar withdrew his name for consideration. and now democrats are sounding the alarm about funding. nancy pelosi says "show me the money." but president trump is calling this one a winnable war. cecelia vega, the white house. >> it is an ongoing war. let's step back and explain a little bit about what opioids are. >> they include heroin but also
3:05 am
legally-prescribed painkillers like codeine, morphine, vicodin, oxycontin and others. >> the misuse leads to overdoses and deaths. but there are effective medications to help people recover from that addiction. we've said it a lot. a lot of people have no idea what we're saying with opioids. >> obviously, as this all unfolds, we'll get to learn more and more about the drugs, their effects and how to battle these addiction issues. now to the other big story we're talking about this morning. the release of the jfk files and the scramble to keep some of the records under wraps. >> last night, president trump released more than 2800 documents to the public, honoring an order from congress 25 years ago. but he agreed to withhold some files for six months pending review. >> they could endanger national
3:06 am
security. historians, journalists and conspiracy theorists waited all day for new insight into the assassination which has captivated the country for more than 50 years. >> i would like to think that these documents would be a final answer, where americans would look at this case and say this is what happened. but realistically, that's not going to happen. >> and polls show that some people still don't believe that lee harvey oswald acted alone. some files detailed oswald's trip to mexico city where he visited the soviet embassy and cuban consulate. they may shed light on what the fbi and cia knew about his intentions. house lawmakers are in for a few days of yep tense negotiations on a tax cut bill now that they've narrowly passed a budget. 20 republicans voted against the budget resolution along with every democrat. the passage clears the way for
3:07 am
work on a $1.5 trillion tax cut plan. republicans want to introduce that legislation by early next wednesday. and they hope to have it passed by thanksgiving. and breaking overnight, a delta airlines flight from atlanta to amsterdam was forced to make an emergency landing. it finally landed safely in newfoundland, canada after the number two engine failed. no one on board was hurt. and delta's now sending a replacement plane and the passengers will ten their trip later today. and newly-released surveillance video may reveal clues for the search for a killer. the person on this video may be the key to solving the murders of three people over a 11-day period in the seminole heights neighborhood. in this video, he's seen running away from the scene of the first murder. >> we believe that this person has ties to this neighborhood. >> these images show some new angles of that same person, walking toward the spot where the first victim was gunned
3:08 am
down, flipping what appears to be a cell phone. they're hoping that detail may trigger someone's memory and help lead police to that person. two georgia 17-year-olds charged in an alleged columbine-style attack on their high school, have been ordered held without bond. they planned to kill teachers and students by setting out an incendiary device. details were found in a diary. the season's first major snowfall has created quiteowhit conditions in minnesota. winter storm advisories are out from the dakotas east to the great lakes. lasting well into the weekend. you can hear the wind whipping up as well. so here's what's happening. a windy, drenching rainstorm is on tap for the east coast this weekend. exactly five years after hurricane sandy or superstorm
3:09 am
sandy, within of tone of the de most damaging storms in history. and where does a 450-pound seal sleep? anywhere it wants. >> and in this case it was a runway at a remote alaskan airport. the animal was chilling out in the town formerly known as barrow. >> he was finally managed to get out of the way. but workers there weren't super shocked that an animal in the area. they say we've seen birds, caribou, polar bears and musk ox. >> musk ox? >> this is the first time they've seen a seal. how about that? >> fascinating. >> polar bears like runways. seals? not so much. except that one. coming up, our long-awaited rematch race wearing high heels. >> also they say location is everything in real estate, so is this recently-listed arizona
3:10 am
ranch an intergalactic hot spot? ashley judd's exclusive interview with diane saw yaieye. hermesage of ho her message of hope and healing, next. you're watching "world news now."
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we're back now with a bit of a twist. harvey weinstein is now suing his former company, the one bearing his name, for records, including his e-mail and personnel file as he prepares to defend himself against allegations of sexual abuse. >> this as we hear from ashley judd in her first television interview since coming forward about harvey weinstein. >> reporter: she's a girl from kentucky. she's also written about the sexual abuse she endured in her young life before going to california just kwanting to be an actor. remembering when harvey weinstein called. >> i remember the lurch when they said he's in his room.
3:14 am
and i was like, uh. you're kidding me. >> reporter: but you went up because? >> i had a business appointment. which is, as that's his pattern of sexual presidentation. that's how he rolled. >> reporter: we've heard allegations from other women, asking her to give him a massage. asking her to watch him in the shower. >> he came at me with all this other stuff, and finally, i just said when i win an oscar in one of your movies, okay? he said when you get nominated. and i said no, when i win an oscar, and then i just fled. and i just fled. am i proud of that? i'm of two minds. the part that shames myself says no. the part of me that understands the way that shame works says that was absolutely brilliant, good job, kid.
3:15 am
you got out of there. well done. we all did the best we can. and our best is good enough. and it's really okay to have responded however we responded. >> reporter: a message for women across the country, some of whom sent us audiotapes. we promised not to reveal will tame -- their names. >> i have no face in this. but i'm still scared, and i can't lose my job. >> we're doing this for her. if this isn't her moment yet, we're helping create the moment when she can. >> reporter: should i go to jail? >> if he's a rapist, he absolutely should go to jail, yes. >> reporter: what would you say to harvey weinstein today? her answer surprised us, but she wants to make it clear she'll never forgive what he did to women, but something else comes from her deep faith. >> when i spoke at the united nations on the modern slave trade i said my prayers before
3:16 am
hand. and i said dear god, in case i forget to pray, please let this be the prasyer. and what i would say to harvey is i love you and understand that you are sick and suffering and there is help for a guy like you, too. and it's entirely up to you to get that help. >> not the usual response you would expect from a victim. >> no, not at all. weinstein has denied all the allegations. a spokesperson says any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied. >> you heard her encouraging him to get help. ashley judd said the only way this gets better is if men and women work together to try to achieve real change. but our thanks to diane sawyer for a great interview. coming up in the next half hour. stranded at sea. you'll see how two women managed
3:17 am
to survive and how they were finally able to be rescued. but first, on your marks, get set, and go! kind of. the race is on. and we'll see how kendis did this year. >> my calves look great. >> in the high heel race. >> my calves look great. >> we'll show you the epic rematch on "world news now."
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♪ the party's in houston this weekend, a little beyonce, houston native. as we check out a chopper shot over minute maid park. and you can see them getting the logo on the field just right. >> it looks kind of like the "world news now" logo, actually. they split the first two games of the seven-game series. but the time has finally come for the competition we know you really have been waiting for. we're just going to call it the
3:20 am
"rematch." >> we're not talking about the astros and dodgers. i had to redeem myself after my first pathetic performance in the high heel race. >> you'd think my experience in heels would give me a little bit of an edge, but this time. >> no, no, no. >> kendis came out for blood. ♪ >> from times square! >> i'd like to report a crime. i'm about to put a beat down on somebody right here yep side the square with these heels. all right, let's do it. >> woo! ♪ >> hot dog.
3:21 am
>> you got hot dogs? i love hot dogs. oh, no! i love -- >> and they're on sale! oh, the race! ♪ >> so i won again. >> i won! >> i won! >> i redeemed all those men.
3:22 am
>> a tie? >> looked like a tie from the videotape. >> we'll just have to do it again next year.
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just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. ♪ the "mix." we're going to start with a lovely desert ranch up for sale, an in-ground swimming pool, a barn. >> a rainbow. >> a rainbow. only problem, it is infected with extraterrestrials. by aliens. the owner says he has extraterrestrials who have been passing through a back yard portal there. so he's had enough. he's selling it for $5 million. takers? anybody? >> they just want to phone home and eat reecse's pieces. >> for anybody having a bad day at work, check out the car wash video that is making many people
3:26 am
laugh. >> oh. ♪ at the car wash >> he was working back there when a wire he was working with got caught in the bristles. then he got caught in the bristles. he's doing fine. >> and he's clean. >> he doesn't have to take a shower after work. time for the polka. >> introducing natalia, "saw lady." saw ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now," top secret files on the jfk assassination are now available to the public. they reveal the frantic efforts by investigators to track down possible leads. and that's not all. we have full coverage ahead. and the president calling the opioid epidemic the worst health crisis in history. how much the government will spend to fight this crisis. and new this half hour, rescued after five months at sea. >> how two american women and their dog stayed alive in a sailboat as they drifted for thousands of miles across the pacific, facing storms and sharks until finally being rescued. their incredible story ahead. ♪ are you ready for it >> we're not sure we're ready for taylor swift's new video.
3:31 am
it dropped overnight with so much imagery, we're still trying to figure out some of the symbols. we'll do this together when "the skinny" hits hyperspeed. on this friday, october 27th. from abc news, this is world news now. >> no doubt, future country music classic that she just put out there. >> her genre's changed a little bit over time. >> just an a little bit. so we begin this hour with the release of the jfk files. >> but some of the jfk papers are still being held secret at the request of the cia and fbi. president trump placed the remaining records under a six-month review saying he has no choice. that decision is stoking some conspiracy theories. let's get more details now from abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: more confusion and
3:32 am
drama surrounding the assassination of jfk. president trump announcing some of the secret documents scheduled to be released will not be, because they pose a danger to national security. 2800 other documents just released to shed more light into the killing. >> and mrs. kennedy -- >> reporter: on november 22nd, 1963, president kennedy and the first lady arriving in dallas, that tragic trip to dealey plaza. the first couple, riding through that winding road in dallas, the president an open target for shooter lee harvey oswald. >> president kennedy has been shot in dallas, texas. >> reporter: from the get-go, the news was so hard to believe. a single man, with a rifle, killing the protected leader of the free world. then just two days later on live television. >> there is lee harvey oswald. he's been shot. >> reporter: the man who pulled the trigger, shot and killed in the custody of police officers.
3:33 am
all of this sparking intrigue and doubt. this newly revealed document says investigators looked into claims oswald was working with the fbi as an informant. they concluded he was not. >> assassins need pay rolls, schedules, times, orders. this was a military-style ambush from start to finish. this was a coup d'etat. with lyndon johnson waiting in the wings. >> reporter: the film "jfk", fueling even more speculation and in part, leading congress to pass a law to release all federal assassination records. experts say some of those secret documents concern oswald and his trip to mexico city seven weeks before the killing. and everyone will be mining the documents for any clues to the big question. did oswald act alone? >> i would like to think that these documents would be a final answer, where americans could look at this case and say, okay, this is what happened.
3:34 am
but realistically, that's never going to happen. >> reporter: the president felt there was a danger to national security with the other secret documents. they're going to be re-examined and possibly released at a later date. but the incredible thing that happened was congress initiated that act to make sure all those documents would go out into the public to clear the air. but with what happened with this holding back of some documents, this is going to add more labeling it the worst drug crisis in history. the declaration allows the government to redirect resources to combat opioid abuse but does not earmark new money. to address that growing problems. recovering addicts and parents who lost children to drugs gathered at the white house as the president signed the declaration and called for a massive advertising campaign, similar to the "just say no" campaign from the '80s.
3:35 am
>> it is time to liberate our communities from this skurnl of drug addiction, never been this way. we can be the generation that ends the opioid epidemic. we can do it. [ applause ] we can do it. >> the president's commission on opioids, which is chaired by new jersey governor chris christie is promising to put forth a comprehensive plan next week. defense secretary jim mattis was at the dmz overnight. during his brief visit, he looked into north korea and received a briefing from the top u.s. military commanders. mattis says the u.s. stands shoulder to shoulder with south korea. his visit to the region is laying the ground work for president trump's upcoming asian tour. and the prototypes for the president's proposed border wall are now complete. next up is testing. workers will use sledgehammers, torches, climbing gear and other
3:36 am
tools to determine how they will hold up, even testing against dragons. a dragon can get over any wall, can they not? >> they can freeze it. >> the results will determine whether any of the mockups are chosen for possible wall construction which has not yet been funded by congress. a military judge is hearing emotional testimony in the sentencing hearing for bowe bergdahl. he pleaded guilty to desertion. the desertion then led to his capture by the taliban. he was held captive for five years as his fellow soldiers searched for him. and those soldiers testified about life-threatening injuries thi they suffered while searching for bergdahl. monday, the wife of another soldier will testify on behalf of her husband who was so badly injured during the search he lost his ability to speak. bergdahl could face a sentence of up to life in prison. and a 10 year old with
3:37 am
cerebral palsy is facing deportation. she was brought illegally from mexico to the u.s. as a baby. her status was discovered at a check point as she was being taken for emergency gallbladder surgery. she is now in a san antonio refugee shelter in the custody of border patrol agents. homeland security will determine whether she goes back to her parents who are also undocumented. and lovers of the iphone are up right now. very excited as apple begins taking preorders for the new iphone x. they're being accepted on the website and on the app. >> the problem is, analysts say supplies are limited. if you miss out, you can try again next friday, when sales of the $1,000 phone will begin at apple stores around the world. >> did you get your order in already? >> i am not going to buy that. i got suckered to buy the 8. and amazon ceo jeff bezos could replace bill gates as the
3:38 am
world's richest man today. his personal fortune grew by $7 billion to $90 billion. gates was worth $88 billion when the stock market closed last night. now if the gains hold through today's trading, bezos will have another reason to smash a champagne bottle on top of a wind turbine. this has happened before. he didn't hold it very long. >> yeah, it was very brief, and then bill gates came roaring back. >> briefly, i'd take that title. pope frances has spoken to the heavens, and someone actually answered back. >> the pontiff held a video conference with astronauts on board the international space station. wednesday's chat lasted 20 minutes. there was a glitch when the call dropped. >> an italian member of the crew served as a translator, as the pope posed for celestial questions. to nasa commander, randy bresnick. >> translator: what do you think about referring his love as the force of the universe?
3:39 am
>> your holiness, in my personal opinion, what gives me the joy every day is to be able to look outside every day and see god's creation maybe a little bit from his perspective. >> so the commander, bresnick, said from space there are no borders and no conflict. >> the tlael italian astronaut told the pope, he made them think of things that are bigger than us. so when's the pope going to space? that's got to be where we're heading with this? >> no, not quite yet. lance bass has to get to space first. coming up, the survival story of two women and their dogs on a sailboat for months at sea. they faced life-threatening storms, even shark attacks. now they're heading home. >> and later in "the skinny," what chris hemsworth reveals he might have done if he didn't go into acting. the sexiest man alive's first passion. but first, a look at today's is brought to you by united healths
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you see that car speeding through the ditch on the right? ohio police say the driver was a 10-year-old. the boy's mother told officers her son had stolen the family car for the second team this month. he took them on a chase through two counties at speeds near 100 miles per hour. it ended when he tried to get back on the road and officers boxed him in. how do you do it twice? >> not exactly as planned. now to the astonishing rescue of two american women stuck at sea for more than five months. >> this week they were finally spotted when they called for help and were rescued. a u.s. navy ship was heading their way. we'll take a look at the rescue. >> reporter: for months, jennifer and tasha and their dog were alone, drifting in the mass of the pacific ocean. after their sailboat engine broke around memorial day. they had set sail from honolulu in the spring, headed for tahiti. but with no engine and a broken
3:44 am
sail rigging, they eventually drifted 5,000 miles to a completely different part of the world. hit by three massive storms and survived two shark attacks. >> and both of them, we actually thought it was lights out. and they were horrific. >> reporter: jennifer says in one attack, seven tiger ships came at night, slapping their tails against the boat. meanwhile, the women kept using their marine radio to call for help, but there were no boats in range, until this week when the fishing boat heard their distress call and the "uss ashland" was sent to pick them up. as the small navy boat approaches, you can see the pure joy. clapping, huge smiles. even the dogs, valentine and zeus seemed excited. they survived, thanks to having water purifiers on board and a year's worth of food like oatmeal, rice and pasta. the rescue crew welcomed zeus,
3:45 am
still in his life jacket, shaking hands with officers. jennifer describes the moment they finally realized they were safe. >> it was actually quite mind-blowing. and incredibly humbling. >> humbling is right. they're on that navy ship now until it reaches the next port of call. and then they're planning to get back on their sailboat after it's repaired and sail back to hawaii. >> wow. i spent a semester at sea once. >> oh, yeah? how did it go? >> college. >> were you at sea for the entire semester? >> no, you know one of those traveling semesters. i assume it's similar to their experience. >> i think it's probably a little different. not quite, we drank something different than what they were drinking. >> different kind of purifier. coming up in "the skinny," taylor swift's eye-popping video just released overnight. and pamela anderson bears it all once more. >> wonder how -- wonder how --
3:46 am
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♪ are you ready for it
3:48 am
♪ are you ready for it >> are you ready for it? we have breaking skinny news right now. >> okay, so it's the mid night release of what some are calling taylor swift's whileild els mus video to date. let's get right to it. are you ready for it? >> i am ready for it. >> no, that's the name of the song. >> but we're ready for it? roll it, just roll it. ♪ >> is that what you were looking for? ♪ are you ready for it ♪ begin, >> ooh. >> it's like thor. >> i like it. ♪ i see how this is going to go ♪ ♪ catch me and you'll never be alone ♪ >> she's walking like naomi campbell. >> i'm surprised you're not a sports announcer with these narrations. ♪ in the middle of the night >> tony romo. >> ooh, i like that, too.
3:49 am
>> great effects in all of this, i would say. >> directed by joseph khan. >> who of course has done -- >> not my area of expertise. >> well-known director. >> a big music video director. >> exactly. let's go to news about my other boyfriend, chris hemsworth and the revelation that he's a man of many talents. >> turns out the mortal behind "thor", could actually swap out his war hammer for a sewing machine. >> he recently revealed in a magazine interview that he once did cross-stitch and considered a career in fashion. he says at one point he was determined to be a designer, even picking out different rolls of fabric for his designs. >> and speaking of fabric, lucky for us, hemsworth says the
3:50 am
fashion designer thing did not end up going anywhere, so he soon followed his older brother luke into acting. >> and then he decided that fabric stuff isn't so cool, i'll just stop wearing it. >> and less and less clothing. >> no one's complaining. >> we are not shameless at all. speaking of less clothing. pamela anderson is back in action. she's doing something we've never seen before. >> even though the "baywatch" movie was a flop, her swimsuit can be studied for science for how it has defied the laws of science. >> so like kendis you may also remember anderson doing nude photo shoots for "playboy", and now she is going nude for the cover of "king kong" magazine for its monumental, fourth edition. >> to which you are probably wondering, what the heck is "king kong" magazine? i guess it's like modern-day "mad" magazine. she is seen posing with a royal ballet dancer there, often dubbed the bad boy of ballet, which is a phrase that sounds
3:51 am
slightly paradoxical. >> bad boy of ballet. >> yeah. >> i like it. >> sergei. finally, patrick stuart wants to remind everyone that he's been going apple picking long before it was cool on instagram. his words, not mine. >> he posted a pic. and his devoted fans got busy with their meme workshops. so here he is as red riding hood. >> and the captain from "star trek", with the whole world in his hand. >> check him out holding a skull in homage to "hamlet." >> and the evil queen lurking around snow white. we had a big competition yesterday. >> where's mine? >> pumpkins, we did a pumpkin carving. >> this is really heavy. >> i think mine came out great. >> no contest. >> and wait, especially when you see what it is.
3:52 am
>> mine is so much better. >> who has a better pumpkin. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really need...
3:53 am
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one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. ♪ my emmy pumpkin. so as we get ready for the weekend, it is time, so classic, for our weekly look back at the headlines, and the brighter spots in the news this week. >> including the greatest airline employee we've ever seen. here now, your friday rewind. >> serial killer on the loose. authorities racing against time to find the murderer, terrorizing a tampa neighborhood. >> we will hunt this son of a [ bleep ] down until we find him. >> gunning down three people in ten days. the mayor says that he and the chief will be out on the streets during halloween. there will be an extra police presence. they know how scary this is, and they want to do everything they can to make sure everyone is safe. >> what he said was -- >> the president. >> yes, the president, said that
3:56 am
he knew what he signed up for, but it hurts anyway. he couldn't remember my husband name. >> i respect her. i respect her family. i certainly respect la david, who, by the way, i called la david right from the beginning. >> two top senators turn on president trump, jeff flake delivers that stunning speech on the senate floor. >> i rise today to say enough. >> calling the president's behavior dangerous to democracy after bob corker accused him of debasing the nation. >> the final batch of documents from the assassination, teams of reporters waiting more to find out about that fateful day. >> more confusion surrounding the assassination of jfk. president trump announcing some of the documents scheduled to be released will not be because they pose a danger to national security. 2800 other documents released tonight.
3:57 am
to shed more light into the killing. >> am i mad at god? yeah, i'm mad at him. i wish i had more protection. >> bill o'reilly now blaming god. for his troubles. he's facing renewed scrutiny over a "new york times" report that he settled a lawsuit for $32 million. o'reilly insists he did nothing wrong. >> it needs something else. >> yeah, it's missing something. ♪ everybody dance now >> there we go. >> yeah! he also scans boarding passes in the terminal. ♪ >> who's worried about his pat down at tsa? that would be -- >> he's still, that's my favorite video of the week, i think. >> that is the most awesome guy there on the tarmac. >> almost as awesome as my pumpkin. >> let us know on facebook or on the twitter machine who won this contest. mind you, this is my first time ever carving a prime minister kin. >> oh, i couldn't tell.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the jfk files. revealed. overnight historians poring through thousands of previously secret documents about the kennedy assassination. what we've learned. ceo busted. on the same day president trump announces a health emergency, a billionaire drug company's ceo is arrested accusing bribing doctors of overprescribing painkiller. ashley judd with a surprising message. >> he kept coming back at me. >> as another scandal explodes and two more actresses coming forward. new this morning, we hear from the boaters stranded at sea with their dogs for nearly five months. >> i have tears in my eyes as i say this,


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