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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  October 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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olivieri and just a short time ago law men obtained a warrant for his arrest. he is no longer a person of interest. he is now the suspect in the killings of salvatore dinubile and caleer miller. bob brooks is live in south philadelphia tonight. bob, we have late breaking developments. >> reporter: jim, that's right. again, 16-year-old brandon olivieri, he is the suspect now in this case wanted for murder so here's what's happening tonight. police need some help. they need to locate him so if anyone knows where he is, pick up the phone, call police. again this all comes after his home was shot up down here in south philadelphia early this morning. today there's a lot of neighbors in south philadelphia who are scared. >> how much worse does this got to gettism and shocked. >> it's just horrible. it's got to stop. >> reporter: above all worried that whoever shot up their neighbor's home in the 1600 block of juniper street might come back. that's because police say the person who lives there is the suspect wanted in connection
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to the murder of these two south philadelphia teens. >> sure i'm worried. i'm concerned. these are children up the street. these are all people young, babies, toddlers. >> reporter: it happened around 1:30 this morning. shortly after we caught up with police commissioner richard ross who has asked for the suspect to turn himself in. he's 16-year-old brandon olivieri. >> come down and have a talk with us before this gets out of hand. >> reporter: also today a possible threat via social media caused a lockdown at roman catholic high school. it, too, was in connection to the suspect olivieri. we spoke with many parents who were upset and pulled their kids out early today because of that. >> they did the right thing. they let the parents know. they locked the school down in a timely manner. everybody is aware of it. nobody got hurt and that's all that counts. >> reporter: four days ago tuesday evening when 16-year-old salvatore dinubile and caleer miller were shot and killed at the intersection of 12th and ritner. commissioner ross says he's confident an arrest is going to be made soon.
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>> clearly they're making significant progress. >> reporter: he's considered dangerous 16-year-old brandon olivieri the suspect wanted in this murder case. if you know where he is immediately right now call the philadelphia police. for now reporting live in south philadelphia, bob brooks channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, bob. we will continue to follow this story as it unfolds at right now you can find the latest details on the probe along with more from those who were mourning the loss of the two teenaged victims. prosecutors are reinstating charges against 11 members of the now closed fraternity at penn state over the death of a pledge during a night of drinking earlier this year. the charges including aggravated assault and manslaughter were thrown out by a judge nearly two months ago. the 11 defendants are among 18 initially charged in the death of 19-year-old timothy piazza. piazza died of a fractured skull and damaged spleen after drinking during a fraternity pledge ceremony. and sunday will be the five year anniversary of the
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day that super storm sandy crashed ashore and destroyed almost everything in its path. this is what ortley beach looked like after sandy ravaged that ocean county community. it is also where new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live tonight. nora, it is tempting to view sandy as past history but unfortunately for many people that's just not true. >> reporter: that's right, jim. five years ago today many of the houses you see behind me were wiped out in the storm. some of them have rebuilt and are back home but for others the last five years have been a struggle to do that. >> you don't know, you know, what you count on, who to count on. >> reporter: after five years of living with friends and struggling with red tape 70-year-old linda roberts has just recently moved back into heresy side -- seaside heights house. >> turn it and you'll be able
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to walk into something that you can be proud of. >> reporter: this sunday marks the five year anniversary of the storm that caused $29 billion in damages to new jersey. many of the 365,000 buildings that were damaged or destroyed have been rebuilt or are still in the process. for victims dealing with years of insurance companies and government red tape has taken its toll financially and emotionally. >> mentally going through five years of sandy recovery and then also seeing all these recent storm activities, it -- you know we have a coastline of ptsd. >> reporter: a soup line is still serving people. >> i thought after six months we wouldn't be in business. here we are five years later and i'm still serving the same amount of people. >> reporter: in toms river 10,000 homes were affected. ortley beach section nicknamed ground zero has seen a building boom but you still see some reminders of 2012.
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>> we've really made a remarkable recovery. >> reporter: that iconic rollercoaster that washed into the ocean in seaside heights, the pier has been replaced and there's a new ride there now. five years out the journey to recover has been exhausting and for some, it's not over. >> it was a life altering struggle for me, it absolutely was. >> reporter: jim, the recovery at the shore has been amazing on many levels but it's not complete yet. live in ortley beach, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> thank you very much, nora. let's go live to meteorologist cecily tynan. cecily, we have observed sandy's five year anniversary on sunday with some stormy weather on sunday. >> that's right jim. i'm tracking a system that will be pulling up some tropical moisture. satellite and radar showing right now we have high pressure in control of our weather. this is what brought us the bright blue skies, the sunshine, comfortably warm conditions. if you look to the west though you can see this ribbon of showers. that's a cold front.
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it's moving in. it doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with right now but there's some tropical moisture in the western caribbean and this actually could be named tropical storm phillippe later tonight or tomorrow and what that front will do is pull up some of this moisture and bring us a soaking rain for the second half of the week. so, future tracker timing it out. tomorrow we're fine. that front still out to the west. that moisture just beginning to move into florida. tomorrow around 70 degrees. increasing clouds late in the day but sunday is when we get some of this heavy rain moving in, especially later on sunday, even the morning, though, should be wet and this also will really be kicking up the winds. so, this is what to expect on sunday. it's a good amount of rain. one to 3 inches of rain, isolated areas could get up to about 4-inches. the heaviest will be sunday afternoon, sunday evening. not good timing for the eagles game. we're looking at the potential for some localized flooding, ponding of water on roads and wind gusts sunday night into monday morning up to about
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50 miles an hour. more details on the weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. jim. >> thank you cecily. our coverage of super storm sandy's five year anniversary continues at you can find some of the iconic images from the storm's impact along with videos from our nonstop "action news" coverage from 2012. you can find that right now at 10 years after the murder of a rowan university student, police are still trying to track down his killers. 19-year-old donald ferrell -- farrell died on october 29th 2007. investigators say he was attacked near his apartment in glassboro. surveillance cameras from a nearby store captured an image of one of the suspects before the attack. but police believe several people were involved. digital billboards are posted in new jersey in an effort to generate tips. there is a $1,000 reward in this case. and we want to update you on the condition of that six-year-old boy struck by a
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school bus yesterday in camden. also the status of the police investigation. "action news" reporter vernon odom has that story. >> the good news is that his condition is not life-threatening. but it will be life altering. >> reporter: the camden county police chief paid two visits to cooper hospital today looking in on this critically injured six-year-old boy who was run over yesterday by a school bus in fairview. moments after he gotten off his own school bus. the child had extensive surgery overnight for fractures to his pelvis and all the way down to his feet as their investigation goes forward, police say they have not found any evidence of driver negligence. they are waiting blood test results however. police reconstruct the tragedy this way. two school buses traveling from opposite directions in fairview. both stopped and let children off around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. >> no texting. it seems to be more of it was a situation where the two buses were letting children off and they were facing each other. they were going in the opposite direction. they both apparently gave time
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for children to cross and they were starting to move 'cause the children were up on the sidewalk and our little guy started to run out in the street. >> reporter: some at the scene claim they saw the driver texting or reading. police say they have found in evidence of this. >> haven't reached any conclusions but there does not seem to be anything that would cause concern for us of wrongdoing. it really looks like as though this was just a tragic accident. >> reporter: at this hour sources tell me the six-year-old victim will face more surgery tomorrow. as doctors here try to determine the exact extent of the injuries to his leg and foot. i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news" in camden, new jersey. >> and coming up on "action news" tonight, the eagles get in their final preparations for the matchup with the 49ers on sunday. a senior center in south jersey is flooded with youngsters for an early trick-or-treat. cecily tynan returns with that weekend accuweather forecast and immaculata university
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inaugurates its tenth president when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> narcan. county district attorney jack whelan honored the officers for their efforts. delaware county was the first county in the state to train and equip officers with narcan. in the past three years, those officers have saved more than 920 lives. immaculata university inaugurated its new president this afternoon. barbara la tear is the
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school's tenth president and first lay president in the school's 97 year history. they held a ceremony in alumni hall. she's a 1972 graduate of the catholic women's college. she most recently served as the vice president of finance of trinity washington university. this will be the scene along the 7-mile stretch of philadelphia tomorrow as pedestrians and cyclists get dozens of streets all to themselves. it is all for the city's second annual philly free streets day. the route runs from third and chestnut in olde city all the way up to fifth and indiana in fairhill. there will be all kinds of activities along the way, zumba classes boot camp workouts even pin ball games and the city of wilmington is launching a similar event this week. here is a look at the streets that will be shut down for the open streets wilmington tomorrow morning. the route will restrict vehicle traffic from the edge of the brandywine park for more than a mile through the adjacent neighborhood.
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the city plans to shut down these roads every saturday from 7:00 a.m. until noon through the end of november. there was a princess parade along with lots of other costumed characters today to brighten the day of residents at the spring hills assisted facility in cherry hill. the youngsters got a jump start on their halloween festivities as they went trick-or-treating throughout the building. they also had a chance to meet and play some games with the residents.
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>> don't fall under the trap of being complacent going into this 49ers game. >> they didn't do it against the chargers on that west coast game. they look at this game the same way. they're not taking this game lightly. eagles coach doug pederson says he will not change the eagles game plan against the 49ers despite heavy rain expected during the game but he is reminding carson wentz and company be careful with that slippery ball. speaking of wentz lane johnson will stay at right tackle on
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sunday. andal vaitai. their best record in the nfl is among the priorities. they cannot take the winless 49ers for granted. >> it is my job to make sure that, you know, i hold these guys accountable, kind of keep their feet to the fire myself included, coaching staff included and guard against any letdown. you know, it's -- we've got our own issues obviously that we're trying to fix and correct each week and we need to focus on that and make sure we're doing things right on and off the football field. >> that's our mind-set in this team. we don't take any opponent lightly and we prepare as such and so i have complete confidence that guys are going to be ready come sunday. >> well, there is no brotherly love in philadelphia right now for jahlil okafor. how about this? sixers coach talk about this. brett brown says okafor is not
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in the sixers rotation right now. the sixers of course are still trying to trade jah. he's not expected to play tomorrow in dallas but for everyone else brown is focusing on how to close out games in practice today. it was a major issue against washington and of course houston the other night. >> closing games out, how can we have closed it out better? all of us led by me you invariably go to the end of the game and zoom in there and, you know, there's lots going on in periods one through four, you know, one through four short of like the last two minutes that also have value but really the message and the mind-set today was close them out. >> speaking of closing out games, boy did the boys have an issue with that last night or what. and where do you point the finger? everyone including the flyers pointing the finger at the refs. hopefully things will bounce their way tomorrow in toronto.
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third period brandon manning's shot scores but jordan weal called for interference with the goalie. the goalie bumps into him so that is no goal. final minute sean couturier appears to score on the rebound but the ref will say it's dead because the ref lost sight of it and therefore the play is not reviewable. the nhl today stands behind the ruling. the flyers loss and you can tell dave hakstol wants to lose his cool. >> i don't get involved in second guessing them or anything like that. i thought it was a goal but they got to make that call when they watch it and that's a judgment call but the last one though i mean i watched it, i watched the puck go over the line and it's 100 percent a goal and i don't know how that's missed. that bothers me 'cause our guys fought their rear ends off tonight to get back into this thing. >> finally the rowan university soccer team is ranked sixth in in the country
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for among the reasons they can score. unbelievable goals. shane doherty from delran new jersey dribbles past two defenders without the ball touching the ground and scores. take another look. what a move, passes to himself, doherty, whew, he should be credited for two assists and the goal on that play all by himself. unbelievable. >> nice play. >> not bad. >> all right. thank you jeff. the independence blue cross women of independence held its leadership conference in center city today. "action news" anchor tamala edwards served as the event's keynote speaker. the conference brings together women from throughout the area for a day of inspiration. today's sessions focused on boosting skills, seizing opportunity, adopting the right attitude and getting results. >> ♪
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>> weekend accuweather forecast. we have one of those 50-50. >> definitely 50-50 week. starting off beautifully and ending windy and rainy but let's go live on sky6 right now. what a great looking shot. the sunset at 6:05 and you can see not a cloud in the sky now. not a cloud in the sky all day. and keith posted this drone shot from doylestown. you can see that the colors are really starting to peek here. so, if you want to go leaf peeping this weekend, saturday definitely the better of the two days. saturday warm. our high up to about 70 degrees. we'll see a good amount of sunshine early. the high thin clouds moving in in the afternoon. winds out of the southwest. it will be on the breezy side
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but sunday is when we get a cold front with tropical moisture, rain heavy at times especially late in the day and sunday night. the winds picking up, wind gusts of about 50 miles an hour and the high on sunday 66 degrees. but then we dry out next week. so, the halloween forecast looking nice, clear and cool for trick-or-treaters at 6 o'clock, 56 degrees and then down to 50 by 9 o'clock. that's the running man. you can do that, right, jim? [laughter] frankenstein is dancing. his halloween is going to be so nice. he does a good job but sunday not so much. but today certainly a beautiful day. and temperatures on the mild side. currently 62 degrees in philadelphia, down from our high of 65. that's 2 degrees above normal. allentown also 62. wilmington 61 and cape may 62. so, satellite and radar showing this is the front that will be moving in on sunday. right now not a lot of moisture. just a thin band of showers but this is what could become
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tropical storm felipe later tonight and that is what has all the abundant moisture. so, sunday is when the heavy rain moves in really in the afternoon hours picking up that moisture. one to 3-inches of rain, isolated areas up to 4-inches. that could cause some localized flooding, some ponding of water on roads. the winds sunday night and monday up to 50 miles per hour. so, future tracker showing 11 o'clock in the morning, we will have some showers but the heavy downpours move in during the afternoon. 2:30 it's going to be wet at the eagles game. some heavy rain continuing through sunday night even monday morning some rain but at that point it will be light, it will be moving out during the day. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast for tomorrow, a really nice day. 70 degrees. high thin clouds moving in in the afternoon. it will be on the breezy side. sunday that rain heaviest in the afternoon and evening hours, 66 degrees the high. winds picking up through sunday night. monday the first half of the day could have wind gusts up
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to about 50 miles per hour. then the winds begin to ease, sunshine late in the day, 59 and again on tuesday for halloween, looking really nice. lots of sunshine. it will be seasonably cool with a high of 60. we keep that 60-degree temperature on wednesday, add a new clouds. our next chance of rain comes thursday. not looking anything like sunday, just a few showers developing mostly cloudy skies. it will be mild, 68 degrees and friday pretty decent. partly sunny, could have an isolated instability shower in the afternoon with a high of 67 degrees. so, if you have outdoor activities that you're able to schedule this weekend, definitely schedule them on saturday, not on sunday. >> thank you, cecily. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for a special troubleshooters investigation at 11:00 here on channel6. wendy saltzman is on the trail of a local travel agent.
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her customers say they paid for trips that went nowhere. >> reporter: this didn't just happen once or twice. there are 15 lawsuits against this travel agent whose alleged victims include single mothers and the elderly. >> that's the only way she's going to stop if she is in prison. >> reporter: some of these women say they turned over life savings on deals that that sounded like a steal. we're tracking her down to ask her if she's lining her pocket with other people's hard earned cash. only on "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> for cecily tynan ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight several developing stories as we come on the air. major new questions about puerto rico and your money. the small montana company that handed the $300 million contract with two employees at the time. we asked the white house can you definitively say the company did not land the contract because if connections or donations to the trump campaign. the snowstorm turning deadly and the other system moving up the east coast. a possible nor'easter. our team on the ground tonight in niger. new reporting on what happened to the special ons soldiers. the memo from jay edgar hoover saying at the time the u.s. must believe oswald acted alone.


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