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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 29, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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♪ . ♪ . action news delaware valley's leading news program. with gray hall, nydia han and meteorologist chris sowers. ♪. good afternoon, it's sunday, october 29th, i'm nydia han
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along with jeaneatte reyes, gray hall is off. here's some stories we're following. a tractor-trailer went up in flames after crashing in delaware. a look at the scene and the problems it caused. a community questions why two 16-year-olds were shot and killed i while the suspected gunman remains behind bars the eagles will take on the 49ers, in les conditions this afternoon. for more on that, let's go outside to chris sowers. >> less than perfect. we've noticed on city avenue over the last few minutes, rains continuing to come down, there's a flash flood watch. those are the area that is not only will see the highest rainfall totals but the heaviest downpour, smaller creeks and streams also low lying areas, and areas r poor drainage experience flooding. here's storm tracker 6.
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two areas of moisture, the first is in the process of lifting out now. if you look toward the bottom of the screen, that's the main area of low pressure. gets in later this afternoon and the rain and winds will start to pick up. this is the back edge of round one, we zoomed into the immediate philadelphia impel you could see the southern portion of lancaster, chester county, all the heavy rain starting to will have the out. look looks the timing for the eagles game may be ok for maybe the first three quarters. maybe it will be cloudy with lighter showers, the heavy stuff gone for the first three quarters. winds out of the southeast, ten to 20 miles per hour, it's a mild day, temperatures steady in the mid to upper 60's. soaking rain is in the process of ending now, we catch a lull
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or break through midday. up until about 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. and round number two will be much heavier than the first round. i'll be back along in a few minutes. we'll time everything out with future tracker 6 and potentially damaging wind gustses for tomorrow morning in the accu weather seven-day forecast. you can stay on top of the rainfall and the wind with, we'll have the up to the minute forecast with accu weather along with live storm tracker 6 radar. sure to follow our team of meteorologists on social media for the latest updates. developing right now, in delaware, i 295 northbound is back open after this fiery crash overnight >> it happened after 2:30 this morning. bob brooks is live in newport with details. bob, what do we know? . >> reporter: i want to say again, traffic reopened.
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you see a little bit of backup. this is some other sunday traffic and construction happening down here but again, as for this accident, still under investigation, it's very violent, we're very, very lucky this driver was able to walk away unharmed. the truck bursts burst into flames, smoke filled the air. a debris was scattered this was the scene on i 295 northbound just north of route 141. delaware state police say the driver of the tractor-trailer lost control somehow and slammed into the jersey barrier, how that happened is still under investigation. the driver was incredibly uninjured and managed to escape from the cab of the truck before it exploded into flames. according to police, he was hauling some type of machinery. emergency crews rushed in confronted with 18 wheeler fully engulfed and fix jersey
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barrier badly damaged. you see in that video a violent crash, the good news is the driver of that tractor-trailer was will have the escape. we're watching another developing story, governor of puerto rico wants an immediate cancelation of the contract with white fish energy to restore power on the island. ricardo made the appeal to the board this morning. he has become a political hot potato since the tiny company landed the $300 million contract. the company has ties to interior secretary, about 70% of puerto rico has no power. seriously injured following a crash in camden county new jersey overnight. the driver lost control of the vehicle flipped over on route 42 in gloucester township. crews arrived just after 3:15 be
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all three were taken to cooper university hospital. no word on what caused the crash. search three men who broke no a house in west philadelphia and stole several,000 worth of cash and cell phones. police say the men armed with handguns forced their way into the home around 3:30 this morning, at this point, it unclear who was inside of the home at the time. nouries were reported. officials say the suspects were able to run away. anyone with information is asked to contact police. one of the 15-yeaolds shot and killed last week in south philadelphia w this weekend. the lines for salvatore's dinubile's wrapped around the corner. him and 16-year-old caleer merely were gunned down at the intersection of 12ritner. those who knew the victims are asking painful questions. of brotherly be the city
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what happened? what down line really happened? >> why you got to take somebody's life >> police say the shot the two teens is 16-year-old brandon oliveri. he turned himself into police headquarters friday and is being held without bail. at this point, there's no word on a motive for the shooting. it is eagles game day and birds are taking on the withinless san francisco 49ers >> they're in a five-game winning streak and all eyes on carson wentz. who has been getting a lot of praise for his work this season. action news jamie apody is live with what we can expect this afternoon. hi, jamie. >> reporter: you can expect the team will be wet. how is that? it is really raining out here. and it's going to be a fun one to watch, those games you nert . the eagles taking on the winless 49ers. let me tell you something. the 49ers have lost five of their first seven games by three
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points or less. the only time in nfl history that's ever happened. you watch for these guys. there's no warming up and they're nfl the best record. trying to win the seventhgame. who would have thunk. talking about carson wentz who leads the nfl with 17 uchdown passes. you cannot turn on the tv without hearing his name. carson is staying humble and trying not to pay ait. >> just because, again, just the nature of the flow of the season and how quickly you g to turn around. i've been w block out as much as i can, to stay focused and can't get too high, too low and just keep going. >> the best thing about it is that he got one person or the e and he's going to exact same way. it'so really an issue for him.
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he's very level headed and humble. he deserves all the praise that he gets. p tonight on action will news sports sunday. eagles hopefully celebrating a big win over the 49ers. and jeff can and i will break it down. back to yo lincoln financial field, it is wet, soggy. we got the runningbacks and tight ends behind me getting ready and warming up.ou'll thin what were the ball more in situations, andy reid always threw the ball more. we'll see. corey clements be campily. he said he got me. incoming. good. guys. that's it from lincoln financial field. jamie apody back to you. time 12:09. much more on action news on this sunday afternoon. questions remain about how an inmate'ssce went unnoticed nearly 48 hours.
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temperatures drop as the cooler air make it harder for you to breath? how experts say you can avoid common problems >> chris sowers will be back with the full accu-weather forecast when action news continues.
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dinubile. with halloween just days away, everyone as you can imagine is breaking out the bet costume and we want you to join the action. decorations around your neighborhood, use #6 abc action on social media. >> there are many cute one, i could watch that board all day. >> i love when they dress the pets up. the little ones >> what is murphy going to be? >> chew backa but the problem is he doesn't like his outfit.
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he starts chewing at it. trying to get it off. i'll try and put it on. >> i don't know how long >> ours will be a pirate. >> i don't know why. ok, let's talk a little weather. this is a view actually in new castle earlier this morning, airport road in delaware. you can see how high some water is. some of the flooding problems we're talking about that we're expecting later this afternoon. a lot of it is ending in delaware and around the delaware bay region. however round two is waiting in the wings, pushing out of the carolinas and lifting north to the southern portions of delmarva and more flooding is pogets closer to the philadelphia area. with that said, here's storm tracker 6. there's the back edge just southwest of philadelphia from reading in a line southeast ward to atlantic city. south and west the rain coming to an end, north and east we're still seeing the heavy rain
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being indicated by the darker shades. we'll catch a little bit of break in the action before round two arrives later this afternoon and that right there is round number two. the virginia capes right here, cap hatteras, north carolina, lifting to the north. maybe we get perhaps a three-hour break where it's just cloudy and we're picking up drizzle or the occasional shower before the next round. it's 63 presently. philadelphia 64, millville 67, dover 66. cape may 67 and atlantic city. wind speeds still fairly light at this point. but the wind will pick up over the next 24 hours. currently out of the east southeast at ten to 15 miles per hour. we could see gusts as high as 50 miles per hour after midnight and through the morning tomorrow. so for today, round number one pushing through, round number two knocking on the door, we'll say a soaking rain later this afternoon, that low pulls north in the southern canada and
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pressure difference between the high coming in from west and this low strengthening that produce that is gradient and that develops those winds, they're roar first thing. here's future tracker 6. here comes round two. maybe the first three quarters of the eagles game. by the fourth quarter steadier rains margin in and reds and maroons and orange, that is probably coming you down at least a half inch an hour, maybe three quarters of an inch. it will be raining like that several hours. overnight we'll see the occasional rain shower after midnight. as the storm is exiting this is the last moisture left behind but it's at this point 7:00 a.m. we're concerned about the strong winds. isolated heavy amounts, the heaviest curse after 3:00, 4:00. evening hours flooding is
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expected. in low lying areas as well as the smaller creeks and streams. 68 in philadelphia, wilmington 68. millville 69 and atlantic city 69 and rain tapering off after midnight and it turns sharply colder, reading 45. allentown 44, philadelphia 49. millville 48. on top of that with that wind, we're talking windchills in the 30's, blustery tomorrow morning, speak of wind, gusts as high as 60 miles per hour according to this model by 9:00 tomorrow morning. the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast, everything quiets down by monday afternoon, we're at 58. halloween look nice, bright and sunny, chilly, 58. and then increasing clouds by wednesday, highs around 59. in today's health check, cooler drier weather can make it harder to breath because our nasal passage are designed to warm and humidify air before it gets to the lung, in cooler
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drier air, the nose overcompensated and may starts to run when the extra mucous is produced. steam from a hot shower can help loosen congestion. drinking water at night and humid fire to add moisture. tan salon laws aimed at protecting are poorly enforced. they contacted over 400 tanning salons in the 42 states that have restrictions and asked if minors could tan. more than 37% of the salon contacted failed to comply with the rules. pennsylvania and new jersey do have some restrictions while delaware bans teenagers from indoor tanning altogether.
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somalia government fired the copy police and intelligence chief in the wake of an extremist attack. at least 23 people including police and hotel guards were killed. 30 others wounded in the car booming and 12-hour siege. al shabab group claimed responsibility. more than 350 people died in a massive truck bombing there's been more than 900 cremations in puerto rico since hurricane maria made landfall. the number of deaths remains at 51. any increase in the number of deaths hurricane related would
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happen only if the body was september to san juan to be examined. the 911 cremated bodies were not physically taken to san juan. those deaths are designated as being from natural causes. inmate who escaped from the west virginia jail has been recaptured in texas. the questions remain about his escape. security images show 43-year-old todd boys walking out of the jail wednesday morning, despite multiple head counts, the staff didn't notice he was missing until thursday night. boys was supposed to be in court friday morning facing three to 20 years for a car jacking. how he escaped unnoticed remains under investigation, four prison guards have been suspended without pay. tropical storm philippe unleashed at least one tornado as it approached south florida. a camera captured this view of a funnel cloud forming near west
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palm beach. it may be to blame for destructions to nearby boynton beach. officials are looking at damaged trees and furnitures for signs of a twister. still to come, joel embiid under went x-rays following last night's game against the mavericks, next in sports. night's game against the mavericks, next in sports. steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up. why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers, and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side.
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a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this.
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i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward. the eagles are less than an hour away from kickoff. penn state fans not happy against ohio state turned out. jeff skversky has more. >> reporter: the eagles had the best record in the nfl. it's an easy win, that might be the attitude of eagles fans but that's not how the eagles are thinking. they're not taking this game against the winless 49ers for
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granted. >> you don't think that's a winless football team. we got to stick to what we do best. make plays, stay on the field and convert key situations but we definitely can't sleep on these guys, they're a good football team. joel embiid has a right hand contusion after last night's win over dallas. x-rays were negative on embiid's hands. sixers in dallas and talking to his best friend nerlens noel. first 23, ben simmons dropped 23 as well. it's a career high for the rookie. how about in the third, the steal, the slam. sixers have as many as 13 and embiid trying to put it away. the hand looked fine there, simmons closes the door, '6ers hang on to went 112-110.
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second win. floors in toronto. shane gostisbehere out. er body injury.the team says is flyers tied up at one left in the first, jake vorachek giving the flyers a two-one lead. second period, flyers up two-1. just four minutes later, claude giroux finishes. flyers five and 0 and the captain scores, flyers win four to two, ending the two-game losing streak former phillies closer ken giles has a bad case in his mouth, he has a nightmare of a world series. he blows it in game two and in game four he gives up. get this, has allowed ten runs in this post season alone. we are not too happy.
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what happened to penn state? they blew an 18-point lead. unreal. james franklin has never beaten a top 25 team on the road. looks like saquon barkley headed down the road. barkley bye-bye. 97 yard return, the heisman trophy candidate scored 15 straight games longest streak in the country, penn state is out scoring teams 104 to three in up as many as 18 including an 11-the point lead with five to go. it goes the wrong way. buck eyes come back in the fourth, johnny dixon lead up five. james franklin not going to like this. under two to go, barrett, oh, no, marcus. wow, penn state loses by one. they're 16 game regular season winning streak is over. that is sports, i'm jeff skversky have a good day.
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. another half hour of action news is just ahead. here are some stories >> debbie levato is saying sorry, not sorry about her upcoming tour. >> less than a week, a community comes together to support a landmark restaurant. >> these stories as the exclusive accu-weather forecast and more when action news continues. flush on your action news n
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interstate 295 was shutdown for hours this morning, a look at the what caused the problem >> an arrest in connection with the ongoing russia investigation could come as soon as tomorrow. customers in south jersey are raving about a citrus beverage that most people never heard of. we will introduce you to fruit. meteorologist chris sowers starts us off with a look at the forecast. i thought you'd be outside in this great weather >> my shoes are getting wet. >> all right. here's storm tracker 6. you have a couple rounds of rain, the first is pushing thousand now, and the second one is just starting to get better organized. the actually center of low pressure itself off the coast of the carolinas and the virginia capes, that is lifting to the north and this rain is impacting several football games, for the just eagles, the new england chargers game will be in the rain, the falcons jets will be played in rain and cowboys redskins could be can see rain,
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it's the entire corridor all the way up to new england seeing periods of rain. this is the back end of period number one, the heavy round of rain, the first one as you can see from reading through philadelphia and through atlantic city south and west starting to dry out. cloudy skies, little bit of patchy drizzle left over. allentown still raining steadily. trenton same thing, and seaside heights both reporting moderate to occasionally heavy rain, another look on satellite 6. round number one there. here comes round two this afternoon off the screen. forecast for today, cloudy skies, it will be damp. soaking rain at times. it will not be raining every hour of the day, when it did rain, it will come down steadily street flooding is possible and flooding in low lying areas. areas of poor drainage. temperatures are mild today, 68 degrees is the forecasted high. overnight. here come the big winds. wind could exceed 50 or 55. this model has some locations up
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to 60 miles per hour first thing tomorrow morning, i'll have more on this with the seven-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. jeaneatte? >> can't complain. thank you, chris. you can stay on top of today's heavy rain with we'll have the up to the minute forecast from accu weather along with the live storm tracker 6 radar and be sure to follow the team of meteorologists on social media for the latest updates. good news for drivers in delaware. traffic is slowing as usual on interstate 295 northbound after a stretch of it was closed for several hours following a fiery crash. >> bob brooks is live at the scene in newport with an update on the crash that caused it all. bob, how is it looking? >> reporter: looking a lot better than it did few hours ago. traffic is slowing again. 295 has reopened after this crash, really, it was pretty bad. of i want to bring up the video and show everyone. you'll see this was around 3:00 a.m. this morning, there were flames shooting out of the
12:33 pm
truck, it exploded. into the jersey barrier, smoke filling the air down here, causing visible -- limited visibility. debris was scattering all over the highway. this was on i295 northbound near route 141 in newport. at this point, the cause of the crash is still under investigation. here's the good news, you'll see how bad the accident was but the driver of this truck, he's ok, he was able to get out, he was able to escape just before it burst into flames. bob brooks, channel 6. six people were hospitalized after a gruesome crash in wilmington, delaware. police say two vehicles crashed head-on at the intersection of 12th and bowers street around 2:15 in the morning. action news learned one of the vehicles was carrying a u-haul trailer. both had to be rescued by firefighters. the extent is not yet known.
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around 12:30 this morning, they found a trail of blood and a bloody sweatshirt. officials tell action news, the teen and an 18-year-old man was brought to einstein hospital with multiple stab wounds, the 16-year-old is critical condition and 18-year-old is stable. no arrests have been made. the search is on for the person who shot and killed a man in southwest philadelphia overnight. shots were fired around 2:00 this morning west passyunk avenue. the unidentified man was rushed to pen presbyterian with gunshot wound to the head. he died a short time later. no word on what spanished the shooting. sources confirmed to abc news that special counsel robert mueller's team has filed
12:35 pm
charges. >> reporter: call it russian roulette. the first criminal charges imminent. in the independent counsel's investigation of the russian meddling in the election and possible collusion by trump associates. >> we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. >> reporter: abc news confirmed a senior prosecutor who specializes in fraud cases was at the federal courthouse in washington friday where the grand jury was in session. mueller's team filed papers with the court. and sources tell abc news an arrest could come as soon as tomorrow. but who? the special counsel's office declined to say. >> abc news reached out to former trump former campaign trail manafort. manafort has no indication any charges against him could be
12:36 pm
imin the event. we also reached out to form national security advisory flynn. no response >> president trump has dismissed it as a politically motivated witch hunt. >> it was an excuse for the democrats losing it's election >> his alleys are on the war path, former campaign director corey loon do you doski on fox and friends. . >> we should be focused says on the continued lice of the clinton administration >> his language, to derogatory and in some cases homophobic that twitter suspended him. >> in an interview with "new york times," before news of the indictment broke, the white house lawyers said the president isn't worried. >> the president has no concerns in terms of any impact as to what happened to them on his
12:37 pm
campaign or on the white house. >> days after a fire destroyed a landmark restaurant in philadelphia's queen village section, community members came together to support the employees. bridget foy is is a popular restaurant at 2nd and south devastated by an early morning fire wednesday. no one was injured. two dogs were killed. the restaurant's annual halloween part would have taken place this weekend and nearby businesses decided to help. >> one of the first things they said they were story halloween dance party was being cancelled. we thought it's only a block away, let move the party down here to the sham bells. >> the party was turned into a fund raiser for the bridget foy staff, about 30 who have been out of work since wednesday, more fund-raisings are planned for the employees. it's a drink that is uniquely south jersey. produced locally more than a century. but chances are if you're not from the handful of communities that sell the drink, you've
12:38 pm
never heard of it. new jersey correspondent norah nora muchanic introduces it. >> reporter: let me introduce you to this drink called boost >> i've been drinking it all my life. my dad all his life and he's 72. it was in his bottle as a baby >> i don't drink soda because i was raised on boost. i don't like the car bin nation. >> reporter: where the citrusee sweet juice is manufactured have been known to compare boost to crack. >> how many a day >> four quarts a day, it's bad. it's good but bad. >> got a lot of caffeine in it. >> it lives up to its name. >> reporter: delran they serve 30 gallons of it a day to a constant stream of customers who come in for the daily boost.
12:39 pm
it's usually served on ice or mixed with water or in the popular slushy form. you can take your own jug of it home >> some people come in two, three times a day, take it on vacation >> boost was invented by a riverside pharmacist in the early 1900s and only available in a few dozen delis and stores in the burlington county area. >> i'm kind of numb to the caffeine, it's the sweet taste of it. refreshing and it's -- something we've all grown up and gotten used to. >> reporter: it tasted to me like flat soda. people in south jersey just love their boost. in delran, nora muchanic, channel 6 action news. i want to try it >> i think i'd like it in the frosty form. so much more to come on action news for sunday. from home to lifestyle. where you can find innovative
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beautiful class. >> changes how much you pay at the movie theater. why some films will cost you more and others a little less. commodore barry bridge, it is dark and you can see the rain on the camera. meteorologist chris sowers will have the full forecast when action news continues.
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he's a husband, father, veteran... but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th,fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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this is a family you want to be a part of. a couple in utah makes halloween a family affair. they were the characters of pixar's inside out. and 16 they took on the characters from peanuts complete with snoop me and this career, they debuted their portrayal of the iconic scooby do. how do they get the picture perfect poses each time with the kids? the couple said the trick is to take photos of each family member individually. and use photoshop to combine the images.
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that's a loot of work for halloween. we want you to join in on the act, send us photos of your costumes, pets and kids and decorations around your neighborhood. use #6 abc action on social media and if your family looks as good is this we want to check it out >> our family dressed up we have a pink mermaid and spider man. i'm a spider girl and my husband is king neptune >> we wanted to do a 70's family. our kids had other ideas. let's go live on sky 6. this is looking at at the ben franklin bridge. the heavier rain is starting to come to an end. at least the first batch is pushing north moving out of philadelphia and into the northeastern suburbs central new jersey and here's a look at storm tracker 6. there's round one right here. the actual low was down here to the south off the coast of the
12:44 pm
virginia capes. we kept a little bit of break in the action before the next rebound moves in say 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon, that's the tail end right there. it's still raining steadily right now in trenton, wrightstown, medford lakes, moorestown, steadier rains and getting into gallagher borrow and hammonton. we have the heavier band pushing out of southeastern burlington county and eastern portion of ocean county. a flood advisory has been issued for this area until 4:30, poor drainage flooding is likely of the rain coming down with that particular cell is coming down at a clip of about an inch an hour and not moving quickly. that's why the advisory has been issued. presently in philadelphia it's 64. it's extreme mild for this time of year, the due point sitting at 63. winds starring to pick up a little bit. out of the east at 13 miles per hour sustained with gusts closer to 20 and reading continues to fall off at 29.59 inches, very mildly you can see the blues up
12:45 pm
here to the northwest. that colder air won't arrive until after midnight. so for today, pretty much expecting very baumy summer like conditions upper 60's close to 70. it's 67 in millville, atlantic city cape may and dover 66. here's future tracker 6. 4:00 lifting north and west pulling out of the carolinas and virginias. look at this band of heavy rain, the winds are already starting to pick up by 7:30 on the back side. but the strong powerful winds, the 50 to 55 miles an hour winds, if not higher don't arrive until first thing tomorrow morning, storm lifts away. this is the backlash rains on the back side then we get into that west northwesterly wind. first thing tomorrow morning. your timeline looks like this, right now, the heavy rain is ending at least the first round coming to an end from 1:00 to 3:00 or 3:30, give or taking mainly left over clouds dreary,
12:46 pm
by 3:00 to 10:00, that the when soaking rain round two come in. 50 miles per hour. a solid one and a half to two inches of rain, if not more, i've seen other forecast model that is have allentown over four inches of rain when all is said and done in philadelphia. this is just one model's take, but the get the idea. a lot of rain still to come. soaking rain, that's a call from accu-weather forecast for today and breezy with a high of 68 degrees, wind out of the southeast at ten to 20 miles per hour, overnight, sustained winds pick up 25 to 35 miles per hour, after midnight we start seeing the 50 to 55 miles an hour gusts with rain tapping off after midnight. wind advisory goes into effect first thing tomorrow morning, the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast. the accu weather alert for the possibility of miles an hour flooding in low lying areas and areas of poor drainage as well
12:47 pm
as the smaller he creeks and streams and the gusty winds for tomorrow, 68 today, left over morning rain for tomorrow and then clouds breaking through a ton of sunshine but it's chilly, 58 for the high with the winds it will feel more like the 40's. tuesday, the kind of chilly for halloween. 58 but a lot of sun, thursday, clouds and sun, milder, look at friday. 72 degrees. seems like we've seen a lot of those numbers over the past couple weeks. >> and halloween will be dry >> it will be chilly, supposed to feel chilly for halloween. >> it can be warm through november for all i care. >> i agree with you. philadelphia museum of art crash show is making a return to the convention center, karen rogers has more in this week's 6 abc loves the arts >> this is the 41 year for the
12:48 pm
craft show. a $12 million for the philadelphia museum of art. >> you can find that piece that eitheri into your home or fits into yourlifestyle. >> reporter: roberto mathist will be selling a hand made pot re. >> functional ware and small collection of my sculpture work >> ready to ware and made to measure line. >> and marie icy makes jewelry with a 3d printer >> one of the best things is having the ability to talk to the artists and asking them what it is they do, how they did it and what inspired them to do it. >> reporter: the show is run by the women's committee of the philadelphia museum of art. they sift through more than
12:49 pm
1,000 applicants and choose about 200 >> we're looking for new and innovative types of artists that really showcase what's happening in the world of crafts. >> reporter: they're bringing in 25 guest artists from korea. and design and students from local colleges >> that's the beauty from the smallest to the most beautiful piece of jewelry. >> reporter: opens november 8 and runs the 9 and through the 12th at the pennsylvania convention center. for 6 abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. for 6 abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome.
12:50 pm
lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
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legal entertainment might have a solution. the company will try demand based pricing for movies at some theaters in 2018. customers will pay more to see hit movies and less for flops. they're partnering with the on line ap. movies playing at less popular times during the day would also cost less wal-mart may soon see robots in the aisles. right now, wal-mart is testing roboting in a couple of stores. and they hope to have robots by at least 50 stores by the end of january. they told righters robots are quicker and more efficient
12:52 pm
demi lovato will play next year and she's making a stop in philadelphia. the singer announced plans for had he 201820 city north american store. she'll perform at the wells fargo. tickets go on sale this friday. tell me you love in in september and this month she debut add new documentary called simply complicated, and that's on youtube. >> an action news investigation exposes a loop whole in law that laws assault rifles similar to the ones used las vegas to be sold without a background check. >> they're intraceable, have no serial number and may be surprised how easy it is for just about anyone to get their hand on these weapons often call a ghost gun >>here's being purchased in an
12:53 pm
undercover capacity by undercover officers on the streets of philadelphia. >> reporter: how they can easily access these firearms like those used in the las vegas massacre, they only cost about $600 and took us four hours to assemble. of some law enforcement believe this is a national safety concern but gun activists say it's a protected right >> people should have the right to be able to produce firearms. >> reporter: could be semiautomatic weapons end up in the wrong hands. only on action news monday at 11:00. 12:53. when action news continues, an update >> final look, in just a moment.
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. 95 and 295 in delaware is reopening after this morning fiery tractor-trailer crash. all northbound lanes closed more than six hours after a truckloaded with construction material caught fire two teens are hospitalized one in critical condition after an early morning stabbing in olney section of philadelphia. when police arrived in the 5600 block of park avenue, they found a baseball cap and jacket and the victim had been taken to hospital in a private car. they turned out in force in head house square to support the staff at bridget foy's restaurants. 30 workers lost their job. other fund-raisers for the staff are in the works. the weather today, one word? rain? >> fright full. the seven-day forecast periods of rain, some of it will come
12:57 pm
down heavy at times, especially after 4:00 when the second round starts to lift north, it's warm up two 68. winds pick up overnight. that will be the big. could be gusts up to 50 or 60 miles per hour, then things clear out nicely by the afternoon, and halloween looks nice, everything calms down and quiet down, 58 degrees under a blanket of sunshine. >> thank you. the phillies may not be in the world series but baseball fans in our area can still beat the benefits from the playoff games, including free tacos. taco bell agreed to give every person a free burrito for the first stolen base of the world series. astros outfielder stole second a base in the 11th inning that means diners can pick up their free tacos on november 1st from
12:58 pm
2:00 to 6:00 p.m. fyi philly is next on channel 6. action news continues at five. for gray hall, chris sowers and jeaneatte reyes, i'm nydia han, have a great sunday, we'll see you back here next weekend. steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up.
12:59 pm
why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers, and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jes- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side.
1:00 pm
>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee. tonight on fyi philly. >> this place is gorgeous. >> we're moving on up in one of the city's newest high rises. >> here we go. >> get served at a club putting a fresh spin on your night out. >> mmmmm. >> we visit a restaurant founded by farmers. >> wow. really, really good. >> and some new mouthwatering café's. >> can't go wrong with sparkling wine ever. >> plus, a local business delivering wine to your front door. >> hi everyone and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are on level 28 at the brand new aka university city. >> the views are breathtaking here. >> if you've driven through the city on the schuylkill over the last year, you've seen the evolution of this building at 30th and walnut. >> now, alicia gives us a first look inside. >> this is gorgeous. >> thank you.


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