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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> a shooting involved with police king of prussia mall next. >> announcer: action news delaware valleys leading news program with metrologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. ♪ a stormy sunday night with heavy rain and high winds expected in the coming hours looking live at
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sky six here from dilworth and city hall and you can see rain still coming down sunday night and big story on action news an. that is right the flash flood watch remains until 2:00 in the morning and replaced by a wind advisory later on tonight. t joins usist melissa magee now live for the first check of the accuweather forecast melissa. >> sarah and walter we have been tracking that rain heavy on-and-off throughout the day and look at storm tracker six live double scan radar you can see the pockets of heavy year moisture lifting to the north and east and along the i-95 corridor but pressing into our northwest suburbs and go in tighter on street level with storm tracher six and quacker and allentown on i-78 westward in ham burg we have pockets of very heavy rai andn and route 2 to potsville in a of heavy moisture so the rain is starting to depart in new england but on
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the backside we have a big issue with the gusty winds and the rain we hav seen sor thre qualo that 2 1/2"n morris twn atlantic city 3ia so far 1.66 a delaware we have the flood flash watch up until midnight and flood advisory for green shaded counties and could pick up additional inch or so of precipitation and heavy rain lifts to the north and additional 1-2" of rain overnight and pour drainage flooding is a big concern and the strong winds pick up on the backside overnight tonight and as we go throughout the day on monday, in fact, as you wake up tomorrow morning future tracker wind gusts showing you at the coast as high as 48 miles per hour in wild wood and 36 miles per hour wind gusts there in philadelphia we have more detailack to work tomorrowi w the accuwethsend it back overou sar. >> okay melissa thank you the rain pounded much of the delaware valley today but severe
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weather coming five years to the day since hurricane sandy made landfall in new jersey. this is new video out of camden the action cam caught a new jersey transit bus picking up a to hgh water nded at the train because delaware avenue is flooded the river line is suspended in that area until further notice. despite flash flood warning the action cam caught cars traveling through high water this is video from penn's landing of cars on summer and delaware avenues driving through flooded roadways the wat n look d the waterway may be compromised in a way that may make it unsaf always concern about flooding at theshore. action news reporter mccormick has th atlantic city. an soaker on the atlanta city boardwalk and thisea rainfall brought back memories for some and tonight also happens to be the five year
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anniversary of when sandy landfall across the jersey shore in atlantic city you can see rhode nkered down casino tavenue bo in floodingcontinued vehicles a navigated the ponding and and student said the conditions on the atlantic city expressway caused delays. >> it was actually really hard you could barely see but we got through it thank god. >> reporter: the beach the storm caused rough waves but that didn't keep fishermen away from the jetti and on this five year anniversary of sandy tonight's rain conjured memories and for some concerns. >> it's nerve racking sometimes because you never know when it will happen again or whatever and you know we had pretty high tides lately. >> reporter: still on your mind it can happen. >> yes. >> reporter: this couple
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remembers two anniversaries on this day. >> hurricane sandy hit that was our anniversary when it hit. >> reporter: five years ago they missed their anniversary trip to atlantic city not this year. tonight they are celebrating 23 years. >> we always come here for our anniversary so when i heard about the storm coming i'm like oh, boy should we go, shouldn't we go, we decided to come. >> reporter: the rain is pretty much subsided but there is still a flash flood watch that has been issued ford r atlantic county until midnight reporting in atlantic cy annie mccormick channel six action news. the high winds expected to kick invernight and set the urging riders to check for updates before they head out in the morning if there are delays because of the weather they will be posted on septa website and twitter and septa will be placing personnel throughout the system in the event it needs to respond to any downed trees and as we track the storm be sure to tune in action newst
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4:30 for the latestecast and re effect your morning commute. montgomery county and police say now the suspect shot by everal tay at the king of crimes and action reporter christie ileto is at the mall with details. christie. >> reporter: that's right walter police say the suspect is behind three armed robberies two of which happened in wilmington delaware the other happened yesterdayt a king of prussia mall when officers tried to approach the suspect today in the very same parking garage that is when he bolted. >> he intentionally ran into to attempting to run down officers from merion township police on foot. >> reporter: that is when police fired at the armed suspect stopping him in his tracks this is exclusive video of detectives combing the second floor of the green parking garage at king of prussia mall
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recovered was a nine millimeter handgun and a stolen car police say he carjacked from an 87-year-old man in wilmington delaware on friday. police say he was in that exact vehicle in the mall's parking garage on saturday when he committed another armed robbery. >> during that robbery the suspect jumped into the back seat of her vehicle put a gun to her head and demanded her purse. >> we park there every single time we come here so it was bizarre that that is exactly where it happened. >> reporter: the injured suspect was arrested and taken to a nearby hospital the mall confirms no customers or employees w >> oh, my goodness that is horrible. >> that is crazy because this is like the biggest mall around or whatever and should have more security you never see them around. >> those who frequently shop here calling for more security others are hope ing this is isolated. >> it's too incidents i've been working here for ten years in king of prussia mall and i've never really heard anything like that until now so hopefully it's like it's own instance.
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>> reporter: now the suspect was taken to the hospital. the da's office won't be identifying him until he has beneficially charged. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave live in king of prussia mall christie ileto channel six action news. >> christie thank you still no word if today's rainy conditions played a part in the crash in spring field township montgomery county six injured when two vehicles collided head on on ridge pike late this afternoon and ridge pike is closed tonight as police piece together what happened and no word yet on the victim's condition an update on a story we brought you as breaking news this morning authorities in delaware have now charged a tractor-trailer driver involved in an early morning fiery crash. he has been charged with dui this was the scene around 3:00 a.m. in new port on i-295 police say 55-year-old jeffrey moser from south carolina lost control and slammed into a barrier. they say he managed to escape the truck before it went up in
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flames but police arrested him for allegedly drinking and driving. authorities say this is his fourth time being charged with dui. all right the eagles now off to their best start in a long time. the birds are now riding a six game winning streak. birds dominated the 49ers at the linc and jeff skversky is here with the highlights for us. >> dominating the nfl and won eight of the last nine games going back to last year and won six in a row this year longest streak in the nfl how much longer is it going hopefully to the way to the superbowl and the rain could not reign on the parade 7-1 best record in nfl tied for the best start in team history and last time they got off to a start like in the eeks come up just short of a superbowl parade. it's a great time to be an eagles fan millville native mike trout with a great view of this game today against the 49ers carson wentz is the most touchdowns in eagles history to start a season and to his
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favorite tar guilty zach ertz who gets the game ball who else mike trout and eagles fan a lot to cheer about and score twice in a 31 second span in half, the delights out and jalen mills aka t lynn on halloween weekend he becomes a ghost to the defense reappears in the end -10 and are 7-1 for the first time since the 2004 superbowl season. >> to be 7-1 we like that, we like that, that is a good place to be. you know i think it's something we just got to keep building. there are a lot of things we got to keep cleaning up. staying there four quarters and not overlook the team is a tremendous effort obviously by the players in that locker room and you know that is the one thing i've really appreciated about our guys is they just kind of one week at a time one game at a time and they did it again today. >> more coming up, from the eagles coming up, in sports and
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after the game they are not satisfied with the way this played out today even know they won plus the phillies identified their next manager and talk about that coming up, later. >> lots to talk about. >> jeff thank you the weather couldn't get eagles fans down after today's win and many are talking about the superbowl. >> superbowl 100%. >> superbowl. >> one game at a time. >> electric carson wentz sell electric this is the year 2018. >> reporter: there are some really high hopes for fans for the post season. right now the birds have moved up to the league's best to 7-1. meanwhile this weekend a very dedicated eagles fan marked an impressive milestone rick green from lumberton new jersey attended his 200 consecutive eagles home game and attended every single home game since september 12 of 1994 and loyalty has its rewards. rick received a t-shirt with the
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words the streak in blaze on the back. >> this is pretty much we are coming to the end that is why we brought everybody together i'm getting a little old to come out here especially in weather like this but if this team keeps the run it's on i will at least finish this season out. >> reporter: all right green told action news it's not just the team that keeps him coming back it's the whole nfl experience. there is much more to come tonight on action news tomorrow could be crucial day in investigation in russian meddling in the u.s. election the very first arrest will be made. also a family awakens to find a stranger sleeping inside their home, a stranger dressed as a clown. details coming up. stories and much more when action news comes right back.
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the first indictment and arrest in connection with the russia investigation could come as early as tomorrow. special counsel robert mueller and team seeking charges against unidentified target with arrest said to be implement and trump
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took to twitter referring to a quote witch hunt but a white house lawyer says the president's comments are unrelated to the investigation. the u.s. military is looking into allegations that two navy seals may have killed a green beret. it happened back in june in mali in africa the alleged victim is staff sergeant logan melgar found dead of possible asphyxiation the two have not yet been charged they are members of the elite seal team six special operation force the same team that killed osoma-bim-laden in 2001. an inmate who escaped from west virginia and made it to mexico before he was caught in plain clothes casually walking out of a jail wednesday morning and guards did not realize he was missing until thursday night and this morning he was captured 1400 miles away in larado texas and four prison guards suspended
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without pay. a teenager from vermont called police this morning after finding this man asleep in his home police say the 43-year-old man was intoxicated and dressed up like a circus clean and also in possession of some cocaine. shawn barber arrested and detained until he sobered up and faces drug position and trespassing. track what is expected to be a very windy night. that is right metrologist melissa magee has the exclusive seven day forecast when action news comes right back.
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accuweather forecast after a nasty end to the weekend. >> yeah i mean the rain for philadelphia is starting to pull away now it's pressing into our northwest suburbs but the winds are going to pick up and you are going to notice a bit of a difference with the temperature tomorrow afternoon it's going to feel cooler and picture outside sky six live in hd from temple university camera looking at the center city skyline lots of clouds around, the rain is starting to let up as far as the
11:21 pm
intensity is concerned but still pretty damp outside here is a picture outside from city hall camera if you are out and about on the streets or walking around you certainly need the wet weather gear through the rest of the overnight hours and here is live double scan radar and you can get a better look to what we are tracking and steady in philadelphia but the heaviest moisture pressing into our northwest suburbs along route 209 to the north and east of potsville we have pockets of very heavy rain same in slating and allentown and lehigh and in between easton and quaker town and 611 we are in and out of moisture and will continue through the overnight hours then the change comes in the form of the winds and the wind is going to drop the temperature, in fact, look at the numbers north and west lancaster right now you are down to 49 degrees that is cold there chilly in reading 51, 61 in philadelphia, 59 dover and 59 degrees in cape may satellite
11:22 pm
six with action radar tracking pressure making rapid pace and rapid progression off to the north and east so as it pulls away the winds pick up from a westerly direction throughout the overnight hours and we will track the moisture pressing in our northwest suburbs and departs overnight and the wind on the backside and future tracker six 2:00 a.m. in the poconos and allentown and lancaster south and west of bloomington and pockets of heavy moisture and allow extra time for the commute and 6:00 a.m. showing light precipitation across the region this rain will start to m out at 11:00 a.m. but thes will pick up that is why that wind advisory goes up at 2:00 a.m. right through noon on monday winds across the region gusting as high as 50 miles per hour and slightly stronger across our coastalel communities and overnight future tracker showing 3:00 a.m. with gusts in philadelphia of 36 miles per hour gusts for reading and lancaster as high as 41 miles
11:23 pm
per hour at the coast nearing 50 miles per hour and this continues early tomorrow morning look at the gust 8:00 a.m. in atlantic city 56 and 44 miles per hour wind gust there in philadelphia. we will talk about what we can expect overnight into monday the heavy rain lifts to the north with a strong westerly winds on the backside and winds gussing 50 miles per hour and a big drop in temperatures overnight into early tomorrow morning, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showing you light rain and windy through the afternoon and high temperature at 58 a cool treat tuesday on halloween chilly 58 and clouds and milder on thursday with some sun with temple at home a high temperature of 68 clouds and sun on friday in at 72 cooler next saturday with a shower possible 61. partly sunny next sunday with a high coming in at 63 degrees so the winds will be whipping early tomorrow and feel cooler too. >> all right thank you. >> action news investigation
11:24 pm
exposes a loophole in the law that allows assault rifles similar to the ones used in las vegas to be easily accessible without a background check and we have a preview of tomorrow night's reports. untraceable no serial number and how surprised how easy it is just about anyone to get their hands on a high powered weapon often called a ghost gun. >> these types of firearms actually purchased in under cover capacity by under cover officers right on the streets of philadelphia. >> reporter: how felons and other criminals can easily access these firearms like those used in the las vegas massacre. they only cost about 600 and took us four hours to assemble. some law enforcement believe this is a national safety concern but gun activists say it's a protected right. >> people should have the right to be able to produce their own firearms. >> reporter: could the semiautomatic weapons end up in the wrong hands only on action news monday at 11:00.
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high today tonight the eagles players themselves are like it was okay. >> they are not satisfied which is a great statement about this team work the halfway marker of the season and as many wins as last year and the riding top spot in nfl still not good enough for the guys and felt like we lost we were sluggish and played poorly believe it or not is how the eagles are talking tonight guest record in the nfl tied for the team in history and still not good enough yeah the eagles want more and a run in the sixth straight win and carson wentz is on fire most completions in nfl history to start a career. here is one for you end of the second against the 49ers zach ertz touchdown how does he celebrate? well the most famous eagles fan on the planet mike trout you love this 31 seconds later and picked off jalen mills and leading third interception and watch the green gob lynn go and
11:29 pm
dresses up for the 49ers and eagles up 17-0 and third quarter also on jefferies hey carson whether i look open or not throw it up there you go, what a catch what a move 53 yard eagles win 33-10 they are 7-1. it is their best start since the superbowl season of 2004. >> they have the best record in all of football for many of these guys the first time they ever tasted this kind of success and yet they are acting like they have been there before. >> 7-1 we like that. we like that that is a good place to be. you know i think it's something we just have to keep build there is a lot of things we have to keep cleaning up. >> we are never going to get complacent because it's exciting for us and it's a new thing and not that we have done this for ten years aaccustom tomorrow to it and defense did not play well
11:30 pm
and wentz sacked 14 times and feels like a loss. >> when the offense does not play the way we are capable of it feels like a loss for us but you know we found a way to win. >> reporter: speaks to how far they have come just winning is not enough that said winning sure is fun and these guys are having a blast just take a look at the weekly celebration. >> who scores on the big play we are going to hit the batter and hit the guest so it worked out. >> it's a blast right now and having a lot of fun and playing extremely lse and confidence each week we go out there and a fun group. >> reporter: and ertz gave mike trout the touchdown ball because trout wishes he was a football player and hoping that kind of treatment maybe helped him become a phillies some day maybe by then both team also be good and financial field jamie apody channel six news. >> thank you jamie and despite the win eagles and former star
11:31 pm
westbrook will pick apart the game on sports sunday coming up, at 11:35. gabe kapler is set to be the phillies next manager according to reports and kapler played 12 years in the major rs but has 0 major managing league experience and 42-year-old kapler is currently the dodgers player development director who was a finalist for the managerial job next year and could come as early as tomorrow an off day during the world series so the phillies heading in that direction finding a new guy and we will see if this they will interview jarardi is available what do i know. >> action news continues in just a moment we will be right back.
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and patients of children's hospital philadelphia and they were able to decorate pumpkins participate in arts and crafts and pick out costumes other festive thetys included face painting and the phoebe fanatic stopped for some sun and sports sunday is next and action news continues tomorrow with matt o'donnell and tammy edwards karen rogers and david murphy
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and from walter perez, melissa magee jeff skversky i'm sarah bloomquist have a great week ahead. >> good night. ♪ any time obviously you win a game in this league it's a special thing. >> in fact, he goes to jeffrey who has it. touchdown. >> if you think i'm covered i'm not covered. >> that is why he brought him here brought him here to make the big plays. >> having a bunch of funs. >> four sacks in what six and seven three outs today. they got him and it was brandon. >> never feel bad for a quarterback? >> that is a good one. >> b line plays off the line backers linebackers plays off the db. >> mills cuts back and running across the field, he comes back and he is in for the touchdown magnificent.
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