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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon. new details about a salem county
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murder case. the men now charged in the deadly stabbing in pennsville. and the eagles make a deal just hours before the deadline, the new player coming on board and what they gave up exchange. a woman says a security camera caught the man looking into her window and police have lunched an investigation. we are live at the wilmington police station with more. >> reporter: well, this mother of two is living a real life nightmare, she just installed the surveillance cameras, one night browsing through the video and actually sees this man in real time perioding through her window look agent her at this very moment. look at this unsettling video for yourself. this is friday night at 11:15, the man is wearing a hoody be takes his time as he peers into the woman's bedroom window and
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at one point grabs a chair and stands on it to get a better view and he does this for over 45 minutes even looking straight into the camera for a few seconds and mystery man conscious you'lly looks away and walking off. and the woman lives in the moment for her two daughters, she installed the cameras when someone shattered the windows at her home last week. she doesn't know how long this is going on or who this young man is. but he keeps coming back. >> what is he going to do next? trying to rape me or kill me? it's just the unknown. >> reporter: and the victim tells me that the next door neighbor's daughter saw the man and lifted the blinds and came face-to-face with him before he
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ran off. a police report is filed and they are currently investigating this case. we'll have more on this story coming up on "action news" this afternoon. channel 6 "action news." police have made an arrest in the stabbing death of a 45-year-old man in pennsville, new jersey, 24-year-old dante spins is charged with murder and hit him of the head last night. and bob brooks will have the latest on the investigation into a possible motive. coming up in our next half hour. a former trump campaign manager and his deputy are under house arrest one day after turning themselves in to federal authorities and president trump is working to distance himself and a policy adviser after all three were charged in the russia investigation. the latest from capitol hill conscious. >> reporter: good afternoon. as americans and elected officials grapple with the news
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that president trump's former campaign chairman and his deputy were charged with fellfullies. perhaps the biggeris george papadopoulos, he plead guilty to lying to the fbi. robert mueller makes his first move on first charges in the russian meddling in the presidential election. charging former campaign manager, paul manafort with tax evasion, money laundering and fraud and a guilty plea from george papadopoulos unsealed. he admitted to having tying with the russian government and lied to the fbi. >> wri the president says theres no collusion and few people knew the low level volunteer. in this picture from the
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president's instagram. shortly after that meeting candidate trump told the "washington post." >> george papadopoulos, oil and energy countriant and a wonderful guy. >> and he traveled to lon and was offered dirt on hillary clinton from a russian operative. and offered advisement saying good work. >> the meeting doesn't take place. there is no crime of collusion. >> but it will be front and center with silicon executives testifying on social media russian connections. >> they say the ads referred as many as 126 million people during the election. "action news." >> we continue to cover the story from every angle on our website at right now can you get the latest details on investigation as it
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continues to unfold and learn more about the man targeted by the special council and read the indictment against the president' former campaign manager. and your halloween forecast a nice calm afternoon as we look live at center city from sky 6 hd and a chilly but dry night for trick or treating. david murphy in the weather center with the spooky details. starting out not to scary and dry conditions on stormtracker 6 live double scan we are off to that cool start we talked about yesterday. 56 if philadelphia and allentown 53 and 55 in trenton and 58 in wilmington and the breezes are picking up a bit and you will probably want a jacket. and i expect to not go far above the numbers, stopping at 57 or 58 for a high. and it does look clear and a friend of rick's here is helping me out. and by 9:00, 49 with the winds
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dying down. we are looking good but put a couple of layers under the kids costumes. and get warm new with the layers. you are in good shape. we drop from the mid-50s then has us at 39. another frost advisory for parts of the region tonight and i'll talk more about that and talking about the warm-up for the ent of the work week. in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast i'll check back in later thank you. we have breaking news from bensalem, chopper 6 hd soefr the scene of what was a bank robbery here this morning. the santander bank. no word if he escaped with
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money. again a suspect being sought in the robbery here in bensalem. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available to us. four people were injured in a rowhouse fire overnight in the juniata section of philadelphia. the blaze broke out on pennington street at 3:30, to children were among the victims taken to a local hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. well, the nine week construction trial of bob mendez. is nearing a final chapter. and now the judge is discussing jury instructions and closing arguments are about to begin this week. the democrat's attorney says that the government did not prove its case that he accepted bribes. >> it is trade deadline day in the nfl. and the eagles made a move to bulk up their back field.
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they inquired running back jay from the miami dolphins. he is only 24 years old and racked up 1300 yards rushing in 2016 and a year he made the pro bowl and his numbers are down and his salary is low making it cap friendly and the deadline is 4:00 p.m. today. children across the region are wearing their halloween costumes to class today and one group of students in bucks county reporting a special twist on the holiday. katherine scott has the story from bensalem. >> reporter: building costumes and vocabularies. students pick words be become them like this fourth grade watch dog with an affinity for puns. >> you end up having a dog that has a watch. >> halloween you can wear a costume.
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so they may get fun while learning about vocabulary words. the concept is inspired by a childrens book. for 15 years the school held vocabulary day on halloween a popular tradition that gets the whole student body involved. >> it's halloween and not all of our students celebrate that and celebrate what they are learning in school and is similar to halloween. >> they believe that exercises like this makes for a strong student. >> they get to look up a word and write the word and learn what it means and a fun way to talk about the words and their usages. >> kids learn about their own words and pick up others along the way. >> i love, love, love writing stories and a lot of my stories have dialog, instead of said said said. it's easier if you have a bigger
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vocabulary to know replied inquired. >> what a royal idea she exclaimed. and we are asking our viewers to send highlights from clever costumes to pets to decorations, use #6abcaction. much more ahead on "action news" at noon. an entire home washed away and why the owner says she is lucky despite the loss. there are new doubts about the case of two boaters rescued at sea. why the officials are raising questions now about their story. meteorologist, david murphy, is back with the seven-day forecast from accuweather when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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police are gearing up for a busy night in tampa, florida with a serial killer still on the loose at halloween. they are pouring through tips but did not find the person that killed three times in ten days. officers are saturating the neighborhoods with extra patrols and warning trick or treaters to travel in large groups. one family is mourning the loss of their long time home after it was swept off its
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foundation by flood waters in new hampshire. a neighbor captured the entire house floweding down the river. the owner says the home is in her family for decades. she is thankful nobody was injured. >> we were just there last weekend. thank god the storm happened yesterday because we would not be here talking about this now. >> the storm knocked out power to millions of customer the in new england and some towns delayed the trick or treating due to safety concerns. growing doubts about the story told by two boaters who left hawaii in may with the goal of reaching tahiti but they were found hundreds of miles off course near the sea of japan. they found they never activated
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their rescue beacon, the women says they didn't use it because they didn't feel they were in imminent danger and that they ran into a big storm on the first day of sea. records show no severe weather on their route at that time. and identifying bodies that were found years or decades ago. they are able to get quality matches from low quality prints of a finger or thumb. and now they are asking local police departments to search for old files and send them partial prints they could not previously match. you may monitor what your children are doing online but do you know who is talking to them. here is a preview of the special report tonight at 11:00. >> i'm "action news" investigate of reporter, chad pradelli. a delaware county family learned
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about the potentiaro -- kick. >> he was nice to her and befriending her on this application and a friendship that ended in an alleged rape. we'll show you how many older age men preyed on our decoy accounts. and words from a devastated family.
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in delaware can buy the coveted five digit license plates. they become available tuesday november 7th at several locations inons in delaware cit dover and wilmington and georgetown. the supply is limited. the plates cost $110 each plus fees. health check this noon. a new study looks at the affectiveness of narcan. they looked at 12,000 overdoses in massachusetts. 93% of the patients survived when given narcan but those same people had a one in ten chance of dying within a year of being revived. narcan does not treat the underlying prom and now doing more to engage those and get them into treatment as soon as possible. and a way to avoid tobacco
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but it may be a gateway drug to cigarettes. teens that tried cigarettes were more likely to begin smoking regular cigarettes in a year compared to peers that didn't try vaping at all. the "action news" team is out working on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> it is halloween and there is a sign that is slamming certain trick or treaters that is sparking quite the conversation on social media. coming up today at 4:00 we'll show you the message and let you decide where you stand on this one. we have new online shopping strategies especially if you get ready to do holiday shopping and just wait you'll want to see this before you do anymore. and hate the sound of people slurping raman a japanese
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company has the way. to put an end no what is calleds into -- is called noodle harassment. >> thank you alicia. we'll check accuweather when "action news" comes right back.
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david is back with another check from accuweather. look ago head to halloween night. it's chilly and a lot worse if it was raining. and if it was snowing. there is a lot of possiblities. stormtracker 6 live double scan right now we are looking at dry conditions, looking outside. bright blue skies, sun mixing with the sunshine and the affect down below. sky 6 hd showing beautiful conditions, bright sunshine across the delaware river to
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camden to penn's landing. as we look at the numbers. the temperature in philadelphia is cool. 56 degrees, the winds are noticeable. 15 miles per hour. and gusts go up to the 20s and i even caught one around 30 in allentown a while ago. so it's blustery. 53 in allentown and 53 in reading and 55 in trenton and 56 in cape may. here are the gusts and there is that 31 miles per hour gust. and they are not gusting everywhere. but sustained winds where you don't see the pop-up numbers and blustery during the daytime period. the cloud cover has pretty much evaporated out and cloud could have in place. we expect to maintain sunny conditions and lehigh valley breezy and cool with a high of 55 degrees and at the shore a co bng and lots
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of sun otherwise and 58 degrees there and philadelphia a high of 57 right where we are now. we'll hold there for the next several hours and sunny and breezy and pop-up clouds and gusts at times during the daylight hours 25 miles per hour. we expect the winds to ease back after the sun goes down and we get into evening. and what a big evening it is. clear and cool weather for trick or treat forecasting tonight. winds from the northwest easing down to 5 to 10 miles per hour. and philadelphia about 54 at 6:00 and by 9:00 when things are wrapping up in most neighborhoods. we could drop into the upper 40s and some suburbs the cooler areas you'll start close to 50 and wind up in the mid-40s tonight. not a lot of wind but killy and layers beneath the costume and you are good to go. and chilly overnight. 49 in philadelphia and 54 in the suburbs. and more clouds and winds continue to die down that say
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combination for frost. and the frost advisory supfor the lehigh valley and pennsylvania and then a lot of rural south jersey including parts of camden, gloucester and northern burlington county into cumberland county. tomorrow another chilly high of 56 degrees and the warm front comes out tomorrow and triggers an afternoon sprinkle or shower and warmer air on the other side. chilly for halloween, 57 degrees and lots of sun and cool and breezy during the daytime. mostly cloudy tomorrow and 56 with a late shower and shower thursday and the front gets past us and we zoom up to 71 for the high. and mostly cloudy skies on saturday and set the clocks back an hour before you go to bed. the high is down to 61 and any precipitation it's probably spotty drizzle and mainly dry
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and worlds better than next week. >> thank you david. more ahead on the next half hour of "action news" at 12:30. find out who is filling in as jimmy kimmel's host all week long. and a shocking double elimination on dancing with the stars. hear from the two celebrities now out of the competition.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again here are the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:30. a man is accused of a deadly stabbing in salem county and we are live with the latest. the man is seen lurking outside after delaware home and police want to find him and cowboys running back ezekiel elliot finds himself once again kicked off the field. and the murder happened late last night in pennsville and police made an areceipt this morning. bob brooks is live outside of the pennsville police department. >> reporter: sara and rick he is 31-year-old dante specs. and he just walked out of the police department and he was not happy we were here. his hands were cuf


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