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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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responded to the 800 block of north 12th street. no word if anyone was injured in this one and another scene we are watching closely. and a man was found stabbed multiple times in his allentown home. "action news" is learning that it was a delivery driver that found him and called for help. i'm sharrie williams. >> and i'm brian taff. the big story on "action news" is the stabbing investigation and the search for the person responsible. walter perez is live in the neighborhood and you spoke to a neighbor that jumped into action here. >> reporter: that is right. authorities say that timing and team work likely saved the victim's life he was found just minutes after he was stabbed and the most shocking part is that the investigators believe that the attacker stabbed the victim for dead just to steal the gold necklace around his neck. it was 9:30 this morning when a delivery driver was dropping off
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a package at the home and the front door was open and when the delivery driver looked inside he saw him on the floor bleeding profusely. the delivery manueled for help and the neighbor, julio came over and called 911 and held his hand until paramedics arrived. i asked him who did it and he said some young guy who rang my door bell asking for a cigarette and then pulled out a knife and stabbed him repeatedly in the upper torso. and he is listed in stable condition after undergoing surgery. she would not understand why someone would do this to a sweet and loving member of this community. he is a gentle soul that loves his family and says i will not feel safe until the person that did this is caught.
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>> once again it is believed that at tacker made away with nothing but the gold necklace around the victim's neck. anyone with information is asked to call police. reporting live from allentown, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have this into "action news." formal charges are filed in connection with the police involved shooting out sized the king of prussia mall. caleb jackson is facing charges after a shooting outside of the mall on sunday. upper merion police confirmed he is suspect for a carjacking and robbery in newcastle on friday. in pennsylvaniasville, investigators trying to figure out what led up to a murder at an apartment complex. that the suspect stabbed and attacked his victim last night.
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bob brooks is live now with the details on this story today. >> reporter: hi sharrie, we were here when the suspect came out of the police department and i got a chance to speak with him and asked him what in the world happened out there. >> coming out in an orange jump suit and handcuffs and officers on each side. pennsville police say he is 31-year-old dante spence and i got a chance to ask him about the accusations against him. >> police say you stabbed a man and beat him over the head is that true. >> that is not of your business bro. >> can you tell us why frnls that is none of your business brother. >> and police say that pence is responsible for killing gary carter last night in pence's apartment on meadow road and he stabbed and beat him to death. >> he would flip out sometimes and smash stuff in there.
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>> that is ann his next door neighbor. >> this is what she heard. >> like someone was smacking weights or something. like a bar bell set. boom boom boom. and i said what are you doing and he said i'm having an episode. >> she didn't think anything was wrong. that wasn't until police showed up later. >> she says spence was not hard to find and cooperative with the investigation. >> he knew something was wrong and spoke to us about what had occurred and advised of his rights and made some statements and brought back here and processed. >> right now there is no word on a motive but only an altercation between the two men, now pence faces murder charges. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. four people were rushed to the hospital after a house fire
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in the june yacht section of philadelphia. the flames broke out at 3:30 on the 3800 block of bennington street and firefighters got there heavy smoke was pouring from the row home and at least two children are among the injured and treated for smoke inhalation and the red cross was called to the scene to help people impacted by the fire. time for a check of the forecast on this halloween day. >> kids are eager to hear what awaits for them >> nothing too scary lots of treats and brilliant blue sky and windy this afternoon but that calms down this evening. 60 for a high temperature, one degree above the normal of 19 degrees and feels cool with the wind and turning cool as the trick or treaters head out in the next few hours. and up from yesterday's high of 57 degrees and high clouds early on whisk their way east of new england setting up for the clear sky this evening and no real
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complaints. if you head out trick or treating or giving out candy and opening up the door it's clear and cool and west wind is lighter this afternoon 5 to 10 miles per hour. and 53 degrees 6:00 is your average temperature and 9:00 temperatures dropping to 48 degrees. then the numbers plummet overnight from midnight to 9:00 a.m. wednesday morning, areas of frost in the lehigh valley and berks county and also interior south jersey and some counties could see frost tomorrow morning as temperatures drop into the 30s, one more chilly day and then a big recovery in the temperatures at the end of the week we'll show you the numbers in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. the nfl trade deadline came and went a matter of minutes ago. and the eagles made a move pickling up a running back from the miami dolphins. ducis rogers is joining us now. this has fans excited. >> part of the super bowl push, the birds we expected would update the offensive line and
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shook everyone for picking up a pro bowl running back in jay ajay. he picked up 1200 rushing yards last seen and is on pace to go 1,000 yards again but this season no touch downs and he can be a hot head and could be disruptive and called out for the dolphins coaching staff for not being all in. the eagles say they have done their homework. >> in this league you do business with people you trust. and we feel like we have a good understand what was going on there. and also a good understanding what we have in our locker room and the chemistry on this team. we wouldn't bring anyone that would disrupt team chemistry and we feel confident and comfortable with the player. >> ajay is only 24 years old. and here is an interesting point. the eagles and dolphins trained
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together during the offseason, preseason and the eagles started to scout him back then. >> thank you ducis. >> time for a first check of the "action news" report. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> fire up the broom sticks time to head home for witches brew. looking live at the schuylkill expressway we start the same way we started yesterday afternoon with an eastbound accident around south street. the scene is at 30th street station and you see the major eastbound backlog behind that accident scene ahead at south, one of the two lanes is blocked and same as yesterday afternoon, you're parked from the eastbound boulevard to this point at the vine street expressway south. and westbound is backing up as well toward the roosevelt boulevard and then the northbound boulevard extension is jammed because of third rush hour in a row a northbound accident up near wissahickon.
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and it's the left lane. extra heavy on the boulevard extension off the schuylkill. and that is not all. northbound around c street a crash on the boulevard and the southbound side we had one at woodward and one southbound at rising sun. that is four accidents already on the roosevelt boulevard. and a broken down creek at the kelly drive. and the waze app on this holiday afternoon, and a crash along lancaster pike close to ole wilmington road and the old traffic flow it's jammed there as well. so already headaches and scary situations on this halloween. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. next on "action news" at 4:00. new questions for two boaters rescued after months at sea and officials are looking into details about their story that they say are not adding up. a clever halloween tradition at one school in bucks county
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the educational twist on this fun holiday. alright, off you go.
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i want to get back to breaking fuse out of new york city in lower manhattan where witnesses say that a man drove a rental truck down the bike lane and ran over several victims and at least two people are confirmed dead from all of this and at least four others injured as well. the governor, governor cuomo and the mayor of new york city are heading to the scene and the scene spans for blocks here and we are told that one person is in custody. and police recovered a fake weapon from the scene. there were reports from witnesses that the driver of that rental van shot something out the window and the police say the weapon was in fact, fake. all this have happening near the
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west side highway near tribeca. near the world trade center. a developing area. we'll bring you the latest as we get it. two hawaiian boaters that said they survived nearly six months lost at sea are answering questions about their story. the coast guard says they never activated their emergency beacon that would have brought them to their location in minutes. they chose not to use it because they were not in imminent danger. even though they said they were close to giving up and would have died had it been one more day. and adding to the list weather experts have no record of the big storm the women claimed they sailed through at the beginning of their trip. >> president trump took to twitter to try to distance himself from a campaign adviser that admitted to lying to the fbi about his contacts with
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russian intermediate areays. in respond to president tweeted this. few people knew the young low level volunteer named george who has already proven to be a liar p details of his guilty plea and arrest were revealed in court documents unveiled yesterday. meantime, trump's former campaign manager and his business associate rick gates were charged on money laundering. >> and fema official says they have nothing to do with approving a pricey no bid contract to restore power in puerto rico. that contract is at the center of a controversy asking if political connections came into play here. the head of the agency brock long told congress that there ways lot wrong with the controversial $300 million
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contract that was awarded to white fish energy holding. it's based in a small montana townhome to interior secretary ryan zincy and that they only learned about the deal after it was signed by the board of the puerto rico electric power company last month. just days before hurricane maria hit. >> fema would not have agreed to the language let me be clear about that and raised the red flag and said we are not sure if this is a sole source contract -- >> and long stretched this was not a fema contract and now become the subject of an fbi investigation. white fish has denied any wrongdoing here as has zincy. >> thank you. new jersey state police officially have a new leader. lieutenant colonel patrick callahan is sworn in today.
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callahan enlisted in the state police in april of 1995 and served as deputy superintendant of operations. and led the recovery bureau after super storm sandy. members of the philadelphia city council are facing a harsh reality. five councilmen and women spear abced the life of a poverty stricken family to understand what it is like to survive on minimum wage salary. and he played the role of a 17-year-old boy with a single mother that earned $278 a week. >> we are here to experience what we don't have to experience but many of our constituents live every single day. >> the organize irs of today' events say that philadelphia has a poverty rate of 26%. now to the accuweather forecast on this halloween. we spent a good bulk of the morning figuring out how to bundle up and preserve the
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integrity of the holiday. >> under the costume some how. it's going to be chilly but typical. not raining and the winds are calm down so pretty good. outside of the window here in the weather center live on sky 6 hd penn's landing you see the tint to some of the trees there. finally in center city trying to get a glow, very late this year in kind of heading into the fall season. but there was quite a chill setting up tonight especially in the suburbs. 54 degrees in the lehigh valley. and same for reading and 57 trenton and 58 in philadelphia. and 61 degrees in millville and dover 61. as we look at the evening here hour by hour with the temperatures, the trick or treat forecast again the winds will calm down and stay clear and temperatures start in the 50s and as we get later into the evening hours, you see about 7:00, 8:00, near 50 degrees and
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near 40 in the suburbs by then and midnight temperatures around 45 degrees for the city and already in the 30s for many of the suburbs. satellite 6 along with action radar the high clouds continue to move to the north and to the west and northeast. so we are setting up shop here for that clear sky. front to the north and west remains there but tomorrow it will throw more clouds our way especially in the afternoon. for tonight mostly clear and chilly at freezing by morning in allentown, 33 reading and that is where there will be wide frost around and 34 in trenton and 42 in philadelphia and 42 for dover. as we look at the calendar for the month. the last day of october. and quite a warm month it has been. today one of the abnormal days where temperatures in the afternoon were below normal. the month running 6.5 degrees above normal. tied for the warmest object in philadelphia's history.
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but after today's cool down, it could be the second warmest outside of 2007. the warmest october on record tomorrow november the new month. could be showers and cool with temperatures in the upper 50s and there is some of that sun first thing in the morning between 6:00 and 7:00 and high clouds take over north and west around lunch time and then into the afternoon we are socked into the gray here and again could be a spinning shower around but nothing too heavy. the four day at 4:00, tomorrow 56 for a high. cloudy with the afternoon shower in spots and milder with sun returning thursday afternoon back to the 70s and mid-70s for friday, very warm could be an isolated shower in the afternoon and then cloudy and cooler come saturday maybe a late shower, 60 degrees and sharrie a reminder that we turn the clocks back an hour before you head to bed. >> see you in a bit. you may monitor what your
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children are doing online. do you know who is talking to them. "action news" goes inside of one particular app posing as a teenager, here is a preview of the special report at 11:00. >> i'm "action news" reporter, chad pradelli, a delaware county family learned of potential dangers of the social messaging app kick. >> he wooed her and was nice to her. and was befriending her on this application. >> a friendship that ended in alleged rape. we'll show you how quickly older men preyed on our decoy account and the warning from a devastated family. tonight on "action news" at 11:00.
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we spotted lots of mini superheroes in t. airy showed
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off their costumes on parade. all the eager trick or treaters had their candy bags out and ready to collect. >> kids across the area wore their halloween costumes to class and one group of students in bucks county that put a special twist on the holiday it's about creativity and vocabulary. katherine scott has the story. >> reporter: building costumes and vocabulary at charter school in bensalem. edible electricity students pick words and become them. >> you take it literal you have a dog with a watch. >> halloween you can wear a costume but you're not allowed to but can you have fun learning about vocabulary words. it's inspired by a childrens book and for 15 years the school
4:26 pm
has vocabulary day on halloween the popular tradition that gets the whole student body involved. >> it's halloween but not all of our students celebrate that, and give them a chance to celebrate what they learn in school. similar to halloween. >> and they believe that the addition after exercising like this makes for a strong student. >> they get to look up the word and write the word and learn what the word means. >> and a fun way to talk about words and their usage and sentences. >> it's number and an educational opportunity. kids learn about their own words and learn about others on the way. >> love love love writing stories. and a lot of times my stories this dialog, instead of saying said said said. if you have a bigger vocabulary you know replied and inquired.
4:27 pm
and we continue to get new information about the unfolding situation in new york city this afternoon. we learn that at least six people are confirmed dead as a result of this incident. the truck driving down the bike lane in the city's tribeca section. a massive investgation is underway and we'll have the latest coming up after this break. (ai device) welcome home, gary, how was your day. and like this. introducing specifi, our digital investing platform that's built around you. just answer a few questions, and specifi will provide a tailored investment portfolio. it continually manages it, so if the market changes, it adjusts accordingly. ask us how specifi can help you reach your potential. ♪ ♪ ask us how specifi can help you reach your potential. he stood up to north jersey special interests nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax,
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saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share.
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"action news" continues. it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with breaking news from new york city. that is where at least six people have been struck and killed by a truck and several more have been hurt. this happened on a busy bicycle path at the city memorial this afternoon. witnesses tell police that the driver got out of the truck after hitting people and screaming something and appears to fire something that appeared to be a gun. he is in police custody now. stick with "action news" on air and online at for the latest. we turn to south philadelphia where a community of animal lovers are coming together to protect a community of stray cats after a makeshift colony was burned to the ground three separate times over the
4:30 pm
past three weeks. john rawlins talked to investigators about this and those caring for the cats. >> reporter: hi sharrie, this is known as pier 70 in south philadelphia. authorities believe that someone set three fires here destroying a small ad hoc shelter for both abandoned and feral cats in this area one with of several along the river here. >> for years along the delaware river, police have placed containers stuffed with straw to help shelter colonies of feral cats. on most days folks like jim petes stop by with food. >> they are true to life animals, people sometimes aren't and we rather go with the animals. >> down the street a fire the third in less than three weeks. there is no official declaration of arson this compound is in ruins. authorities believe it was
4:31 pm
deliberate. >> there san active investigation into fires being set at the pier. >> among the concerns if someone harms animals they could harm people some day. >> this is someone that does not care about the will haves of these animals and may at some point place that lack of empathy on to people as well. >> on an emotional level, i mean, anger for sure. >> alexa is on the board of the stray cat relief forum. they plan to rebuild the structure. >> our organization has stepped in within the past four to kind of manage it and get feeding and neuter and control the populations. >> reporter: a little black cat on halloween night here. here in south philadelphia. the stray cat fund is 501 c 3,
4:32 pm
raised $20,000 plus in the last couple of days. given news of the fire here. the goal is to rebuild this location but to improve the fencing around it and improve the security around it as far as lighting and possibly live cameras as well. that is the hope at this point in time. live in south philadelphia. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news.." >> yes, citizens stepping in big time for the cats. at least two people were hurt when two cars collided in chester, delaware county. chopper 6 hd was over the scene at franklin and second street after 2:00 this afternoon. police have not released many details we know that one person was rushed to the hospital. we are waiting for information about the second person as well as what caused the wreck. detectives in philadelphia's fe feltonville section are looking for the man that fired four shot as long the 4600 block of
4:33 pm
whitaker avenue. it happened after 4:30 last sunday afternoon. investigators found a number of .45 caliber shell casings but no victim. if you recognize the gunman contact east detectives. police officers across philadelphia are pausing to remember one of their own. chuck cad cassdy was shot in the head 10 years ago today. the veteran walked into on a robbery on halloween in 2007 and without warning the gunman opened fire leaving officer cad difficulty in grave condition and died from his injuries on november 1st. the devoted husband and father and officer is greatly missed. the state of knowledge is now suing the company that makes oxycontin saying there is a direct link with the opioid crisis and purdue parma. he claims that the firm used
4:34 pm
deceptive marketing to boost profits by targeting the elderly and naive. and they vigorously deny the allegations there are a lot of kids watching television now just eager to get outside. >> i think the adults may be in the category too. >> halloween night. adam joseph with the forecast. when is the sunsetting we want to get outdoors. a bit chilly and the winds are going to calm down and the numbers are where they should be this time of year and we are extremely spoiled and typical super 50s and low 60s is where we should be this time of year and feeling cooler at 59 in wilmington and 54 in allentown and trenton 57 degrees. a lot of sun on sky 6 hd duplicated across the area and looking at cape may now.
4:35 pm
there you see the blue sky above and at the shore in the city and up in the lehigh valley. and a really nice evening on tap. again, winds are a bit gusty sustained 15 to 16 miles per hour across much of the area. as we head out the winds turn light and skies clear and temperatures 53 at 6:00 and at 9:00, 48 degrees. we'll chat about that seven-day forecast where temperatures turn around big time. we'll have the numbers in the full accuweather forecast. >> sounds good thanks. >> a man standing on a west philadelphia street corner is attacked in broad daylight and the entire incident captured on video. rick williams is here with more. >> investigators released the video today in the hopes that someone comes forward with more information on this case. here is what happened. a man is confronted by two people in a van and then
4:36 pm
suddenly the van runs the man over and takes off. police wrapped up a news conference and we'll have the latest on the search and investigation coming up tonight at 5:00. also coming up tonight the eagles make another move to boost their offense but also given something away for it. ducis rogers has the story in sports. and it's halloween and doctors have a warning for all the folks out that love black licorice. those stories and more. sharrie you like black licorice? >> i like star bursts and sweet candy. i'll find out what you like later. see you at 5:00 rick. a new set of eyes and ears have arrived to help police in newark, delaware, the department welcomed a new police dog. bark the dutch shepherd joins the force thanks to the nonprofit police friend k-9s.
4:37 pm
they purchased the dog from a kennel in colorado. certified to search for people and drugs after he completes his training at the delaware police academy. the halloween design contest today. they strolled before judges for a chance to win prizes some wore wearable art it was part of the spirit week. >> a cast of characters was the stars of the parade in abington, montgomery county. pizza slices and sponge bob. making for great pictures outside of mckinley elementary. and the teachers got into the act showing off their halloween spirit. we want to see your ghouls and goblins, send us your cute costumes and decorated dogs and anything else post them on the facebook wall and on instagram. >> i saw my niece there.
4:38 pm
she is a genie this year. pretty cool. stick around we have tip to help you save while shopping online. and a sign slamming certain trick or treaters is sparking the controversy today. we'll show you the message from kids from other neighborhoods and decide where you stand. >> and are you a victim of noodle harass many. the $130 fork can solve your problem but the noise replacing it may not be much better. we'll explain coming up next.
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a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward. we want to get back to the breaking flus we are following outside of new york sfcity. the tribeca neighborhood at least six people are killed and officials are arriving on scene. the governor and the mayor expected to go to the massive scene. where now six people are confirmed dead after a man drove a rental truck down the bike lane and ran over people in that
4:41 pm
area. and this happened on the west side highway in lower manhattan. six people are confirmed dead and many more injured in the massive scene and investigation. >> among those injured is the shooter, they put the shooter into custody and believed he was shot before being taken in. sharrie mentioned the governor and mayor on the scene and police officers. and there is no active threat that is the word but police are of the belief that this was an intentional act that the suspect drove the car down the bike path with the intention of hurting people and did. six people dead at least, and numerous others hurt. well, other news knew amid a damaging storm that hit new england, an entire home was swept off the foundation and carried down the river. a neighbor captured the video of the home floating away and eventually crashing into the bridge in new hampshire. the owners just spent the weekend there and left the day before the storm truck.
4:42 pm
they feel fortunate nobody was hurt but mourn the loss of a home in the family for decades. >> devastating, it's only a summer home to people. but what is our home we have been going there our entire lives it's just awful. >> the storm is responsible for ruining the home knocked out power to 1.5 million customers many town his to postpone the trick or treating because of safety concerns. big talkers now, and speaking of trick or treating, apparently it gets a little well, tricky in neighborhoods. there is a sign outside of a home going viral. creating quite the conversation on social media many here is what it says, due to the fact that people from other neighborhoods truck their children into this neighborhood by the dozens this house will no longer be handing out candy thank you for ruining halloween for us and the children that actually live here.
4:43 pm
thank you for understanding and now go away. it was posted -- back to you. >> all right. alicia thank you. we want to go live to our sister station in new york. wabc covering this unfolding situation of six people killed in new york city today. >> heard gunshots. and it was five or ten gunshots going off and cops ducking down and police came running toward us i was and they didn't know what was going on and confused as much as everybody else was. >> how many bodies would you say you saw? >> i saw two. and they weren't here no more, they were dt. >> men and women or children? >> two men. run over by the pickup truck. >> sadly that number now dead we are being told is up to seven day and at least 15 injured. we'll continue to follow the latest as that scene starts to
4:44 pm
unfold for us. we are joined by former police commissioner jay kelly. i am wondering we heard jim talking about the mind set of this driver. this terrorist. the idea that they went down the bike path and crowded with people with bikes and the idea that the high school is down the road from there and would have been letting out. >> want to interrupt. this was just told to me. the police are treating this officially as an act of terror. that plays into why the fbi may be involved in at this point. >> and eugene was the one that told us early on that possibly it was a dispute. eugene was telling us that this guy was driving intensely over people and knew what he was doing. >> given you have the big high school down there. give us an idea when a person commits a terror act like this, was he out to get as many people
4:45 pm
as possible do you think? >> that is the assumption kill as many people as possible. we saw it in nice and barcelona and london. and a few occasions what is the new method. the available weapon to use. it's very to get. ubiquitous any vehicle will work. >> go and rent a truck. this individual made statements that indicates it's a terrorist attack. when interacted with the police. >> can you share with us -- what those statementses were? >> we'll let the -- >> it's coming out at 5:15 you think? >> we have seen this pattern an individual deceased. muhammad albany the spokesperson for isis and put out this plea to do what you can wherever you
4:46 pm
can. throw them off a high buildings run them down with the car stab them whatever you can do. and wherever you are. we see the manifestation of this. we see this in other places of the world it's not a surprise that we see it here in what people consider to be the world capital. the mind set of all of us is it can't happen here and won't happen here and we don't want it to happen here. >> we don't want it. two major terrorist attacks starting in 1993. several, many plots against the city that are thankfully thwarted. we had a bomb go off last accept on 23rd street in manhattan. >> in a case like this, you'll be looking back as well to see, did we miss something? could we have caught this guy sooner right? >> that is part of it. caught him doing what?
4:47 pm
lets say he was on the internet -- >> what do you do? that is the dilemma for investigators you condition follow someone like that you can for a small am of time. it's manpower intensive. it doesn't work. >> bring the audience up to speed the type of resource the n nypd deploys. >> uniform counter terrorism police officers that respond and crime scene unit and detectives do the investigation and intelligence division. it will be very important. going through the files. do they have anything individual at all and also check with the fbi and international sources, what do we know about this individual. has he done anything like this? >> and how fast has communications been. if you need resources from the fbi to get questions answers.
4:48 pm
>> pretty fast. we have so much technology and the contacts the nypd has. >> is it generally a known person when this happens. >> barcelona in resrow inspect they may have known something about them. >> it's very, very difficult. this is sort of a classic lone wolf situation and identifying them and following them. these days is no easy task. you got to think they will communicate to other people. guess what -- >> are they more sophisticated. >> they use encryption modern day technology. we don't know specifically with what this individual had but the environment that the police and federal investigators have to work in. so many lives impacted by the one incident the latest number
4:49 pm
we have is seven dead and at least 15 injured. lets go into the field we have tim fleischer on the scene. can you hear us and give us an update? >> i k. we told you there were two people on stretchers over here a short while ago and now three ambulances that just pulled up here and one of the two injured was put in the second ambulance presumably they were pedestrians on the bike path as well and close to the end of this crash. they were not seriously injured we could see that because the one man was responding to else ems works at the time and not seriously injured as a result. most of this is a tree only area stretching down the bike path north of murray street. with 15 injuries we are hearing
4:50 pm
at this point. they have their work cut out for them trying to get them to nearby hospitals. we understand a number of the first seriously injured were take tonight bellevue as well. just a short time ago we were watching this stretch here along west street we saw the governor and we saw the mayor. they are heading to a news concerns that will take place at one police plaza at 5:15. we'll bring that to you live and get the latest information from them. again, they were briefed here on the situation and right up near it as well. and they got a good glimpse of what we are dealing with at this points. they will catch us up in a short while. finally, we are getting more ambulances down here for some of the lesser injured people here and we'll continue to watch the situation from this perspective as well. back to you. >> jim, can you give us a sense of the mood down there right now.
4:51 pm
>> reporter: well, we are seeing a couple of thing going on. we see a number of people heading back into battery park city where they live. they are not stopping to look or if they do they stop quickly and keep on moving. some people coming out from a number of the buildings here as well. there are curious and they are gathering their kids and making their way back home. there are not many people around where i'm standing other than a large crowd of media folks. there aren't many onlookers, many people sense the urgency and heard about it or want to get home and find out what is happening. certainly they are not panicking certainly by any stretch of the imagination but looking at this large police and fire department presence and wonder what could be going on and people picked up their information on social media as well. they are moving through the area and not stopping to watch at
4:52 pm
this point. >> yes. i'm just kind of wondering how people have to be certainly reminiscing about that time so many years ago. when that -- >> i just want to follow-up real quick, you were saying -- >> you are watching breaking news conference from our sister station wabc in new york the unfolding situation being officially investigated as an act of terror at least seven dead. we join abc news special report in progress. >> they are looking at this as a possible act of terror. and law enforcement is getting briefings in washington and the fbi director is briefed and in contact with the attorney general jeff sessions, this is the getting the highest level of attention. >> lindsay jennings is on the scene in manhattan and that
4:53 pm
entire area is on lockdown swarming with police. >> that is right george, moments ago we saw the fbi evidence response team pull upright here and head towards the scene. the fbi evidence response team -- headed toward the scene. police are crawling all over this area, and there are dozens and dozens of bystanders just standing here on the street corner, looks of disbelief on their face. people were out with their children trick or treating and school was letting off across manhattan as this incident unfolded and we got a video from one bystander a pedestrian walkway across the west side highway and had a clear view of the incident a student -- just north of chambers street. and he showed us that video of the perpetrator standing in the middle of the street not sure which way to go holding the object that looked like a gun
4:54 pm
and now heard some sort of fake gun. >> we have that student on the phone. tebow rice 15 years old. we are watching the video now and see the gunman running through the street surrounded tell us what you were seeing and what you were thinking at the time. >> i actually -- and i [ inaudible ] i think we lost tebow there, we'll try to get a better phone connection and on the scene -- >> reporter: hey there, here what we are seeing is this road is completely blocked off and this happened two blocks from here. what we are seeing is more police and more police coming sx we see ambulances come through here. and we are just seeing a massive police presence and trying to get a handle too.
4:55 pm
we see major traffic on this street. right now george we have the major road here in downtown new york. downtown manhattan just completely shut down at this point. >> completely shut down. the high school was on lockdown and a report that some injured. some students, special needs student in the school bus that were hit by the pickup truck? >> we have been seeing so many school buses come through here this is a street that many school buses typically go through the west side highway, for those that don't know new york city, it's one of the biggest thoroughfares in new york were some many cars go along literally the west side of new york city. and that is where you would find school buses and people leaving from work and find so many bikers there. they have a massive bike lane there to use. and so that is what is used right now in new york city and that is what is shut down at this point. i'm trying to see if we can see
4:56 pm
beyond it, so many police there. >> try and find out more we'll bring back tebow roy. the student that shot the video. >> can you hear me now? >> tebow are you there? it's george steph noplous -- and this is not my video i got it from a friend but i saw the shooter come outside of his car and saw him exit and run towards a group of kids and then i went back into my school. >> the police said he was waiving an imitation gun. we see it in the video. >> they looked real too me but was waiving them around and sprinted towards a group of kids. >> towards the group of kids? >> yes, that is what i saw. >> how long did it take place? >> how long were you watching it for? >> i was watching them for about
4:57 pm
20 seconds i had to run back in for my own safety. >> you say they looked real but could you tell or hear if any kind of rounds were ammunition or you couldn't tell? >> i did not hear shots and i didn't see him fire at anybody. >> was he saying anything? >> he did not. that i could hear. >> when you when back inside before he was apprehended by police? >> yes, i did. >> what can you tell us about who shot the video? >> i got it from a friend who was walking on the bridge farther down from where i was and from what i could tell they just sprinted from the end of the bridge and left the vicinity. that must have been a terrifying 20 seconds. >> it was scary, and we are all safe now. >> we are glad you are okay now. thank you for sharing that
4:58 pm
story. and this video with us. brian ross is here. new york is always on high alert. new york city. >> always. >> we have not had an incident like this. they took steps to block off pedestrian walkways but not this bike path. they are on gourd but with the suspect in custody he was shot but described as alive. they will be able to quickly determine who he is and his background and social media he may have. >> and if he was acting alone. lets go to john carl at the white house. the president has been briefed? >> directly by his chief of staff john kelly and kept up to date as further developments come out. and the first lady response, my heart breaks for new york city today hearts and prayers with the victims. >> this is an attack in the
4:59 pm
president's home town something that hits close to home for the president and his family. >> very close to home and a hard hit. seven dead and 15 injured after an incident that unfolded at 3:00 p.m. here lower manhattan when a man driving a white rented pickup truck from home depot and started to mow down pedestrians and cyclists and hitting a school bus carrying special needs children. this is now being treated as an act of terrorism. lindsay jenis is on the scene. everybody preparing for a briefing from the governor and mayor. >> we'll hear from them about 5:15 eastern and we see more police vehicles coming towards the scene of the crime. we saw the fbi evidence response team headed that way a few moments ago and this is treated
5:00 pm
as an act of terror. just to tell you a little more about that bike path that runs along the west side highway. after 3:00 this afternoon it would have been packed, joggers and bikers and people walking this is around the time just after 3:00 p.m. that school gets out and halloween and parents getting out early to gather their kids and take them trick or treating. i'm on the corner of a major street. chambers in downtown manhattan in tribeca. people are all over standing here with looks of disbelief on their faces. a lot of people saying it was only a matter of time. it appears that terror struck here once again in the heart of manhattan. >> that neighborhood there not all that far from ground zero, the site of the 9/11 attacks? >> reporter: that is right we are very close to the 9/11 spot, and memorial museum


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