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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 2, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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the city of camden where a police officer has been shot at ninth and chelten. christie ileto is live at the hospital. what do we know? >> no word on his condition or what led up to the shooting. it appears this was the police car the officer arrived at the hospital in. it's been taped off with yellow crime scene tape as officers guard the emergency room. he was shot 10:15 this evening near ninth and chelten and rushed to cooper university hospital for care. we are told he has nonlife threatening injuries and the suspect is in custody. officers are near the car he arrived in and in front of the emergency room.
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a suspect is in custody. channel6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, christie. there is no information tonight about alleged new york terrorist and his mile long ride of death in manhattan. investigators were scouring the bicycle path where 20 people were run over in the afternoon. eight were killed, five argentinians, a woman from belgium and two american men. 112 injured, 9 in serious or critical condition. federal agents raided sayfullo saipov's most recent home in new jersey where he's been living with his wife and children. lawmen removed trash and cellphones. there were videos, many isis
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inspired pieces of propaganda. >> the officials learned that sayfullo saipov had been planning the attack for the last year. at one point he wanted to mount isis flags on the death vehicle but decided against it so he wouldn't attract attention. in course he founded charges that could put him in prison for life. he is a legal u.s. citizen who came here in 2010 from the visa lottery program signed into law by president bush. president trump lashed out calling on congress to scrap it. on the streets of new york, they hailed police officer ryan nash who was off duty when he fired
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the shot that brought the murderous ride to an end. now to dann cuellar, a day filled with emotion and anxiety in lower manhattan. >> that's right, jim. walking or cycling was the last thing on people's minds that normally use the bike path. they were reflected on the act of terrorism, what this means and can you stop future terrorism. >> some new yorkers were thinking about what a scary prospect this attack brings. the terrorists didn't use hijacked planes as on 9-11. they are using rental trucks. >> anyone can do that. that's the scariest part. >> five blocks away where millions flock to play homage to
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the twin tower victims, some were thinking about those killed yesterday. i think everyone is soul searching, wondering why we have togo through this in our count country. >> in order for them to appease their god, they have to kill anyone that doesn't agree with them. that's not the god i know. >> it's reassuring to see the cops out and choppers up. we feel safe. >> scott lawson is the president of the bike path. >> they expect authorities to turn the park back over to them
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tomorrow. >> there will be memorial stops to pay respect to where the victims passed. we'll finish up on chamber street, expect a number of officials and religious leaders to be there as well. >> the vigil is expected to be at 6:00 pier 40. that's where the terrorist attack began. we are live in lower manhattan new york, channel6 "action news." >> our coverage of the terrorist attack continues at "6abc".com and the morning team has any overnight developments beginning at 4:30 in the morning. we have more breaking news this time from the state of colorado. a shooting in a wal-mart in suburban denver, thornton, colorado. two men are dead. one woman is wounded. police are not releasing
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information at this time including whether the assailant has been taken into custody. it's no longer an active shooter situation. we'll continue to follow this on air and online. a delaware county health and rehab facility is the target of an all day raid today. while no one from the state is talking, agents from the state attorney general's office and darby boro police have been bringing things out of the nursing home all day. it lasted more than 12 hours. neither agency is commenting on the reason for the raid. the st. francis facility has been cited for healthcare for its residents. parents in camden county are on alert after a trick or treater found a sewing needle stuck inside a tootsie roll.
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fortunately, she noticed before eating it. police found nothing else. >> a man turned himself in after seeing himself on our program last night. >> we are digging out of our recent chill with temperatures higher tomorrow. meteorologist cecily tynan is outside with a look at the accuweather forecast and unseasonal warmth coming, cecily. >> this week temperatures are slowly warm, a gradual process. yesterday, 60.
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today, 64. three degrees above normal. tomorrow, temperatures jump another 10-degrees. tonight, step outside, it's warmer than yesterday. temperatures running 9-degrees in lancaster to 15 in philadelphia to 20 at the atlantic city airport. warmer than this time 24 hours ago. future tracker showing it is here tomorrow afternoon. instead of temperatures in the low 60s, we'll be up to 73 by 3:30 warmer by friday. i have the details in the accuweather forecast. jim? >> thank you, cecily. in philadelphia, they came out to honor a man who died while trying to keep the city safe. walter perez is live at the police district. tell us about the tribute for chuck cassidy. >> jim, it's hard to believe it's been a decade since chuck cassidy was killed in thee line
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of duty. in the end, chuck died doing what he loved to do and the community he loved just as much. >> it's been ten years since officer cassidy was killed in the line of duty. as they have every year since that day, family and friends gathered at the location it happened to ho honor his memory. his widow can't believe how many people show up for the event. >> every year it gets bigger and bigger. it hurries, but it's a good hurt when you see everybody. >> officer cassidy's colleagues say that the people that came is a reflection that he didn't just work in the district, it was the community he was born and raised. >> tonight we were introduced to a new member of the community, 18 month old charlie lapera,
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chuck's first grandchild named after her grandfather. >> i'm still getting stories from people that knew chuck that i didn't know. when i meet them, they always have another story about chuck we didn't know. >> they find peace in the gathering serving as proof that chuck cassidy is remembered as he would have wanted to be. >> family man, commit today thee community. >> we are happy to report that his family is getting bigger. along with his granddaughter charlie, we learned that his daughter katy is getting married in two weeks. walter perez, channel6 "action news." >> the sugar house casino
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congratulated those that improved their neighborhoods. the honorees shared in $1 million donated by the casino, funds used to install security cameras and improve parkparks. >> pennsylvania's newly expanded gambling industry is raking in revenue for the state just two days after the law was signed. the resort paid a $1 million fee to open gambling to the public. until now only people that stayed there as a hotel guest were allowed to gamble. >> more big names in hollywood accused of sexual impropriety. >> and alicia vitarelli takes us for a look at qbc. >> cecily? >> 70 to the south, moving our
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way. i'll let you know how long the warm weather sticks around. and the eagles taking on the hawks and a new running back at
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>> the floodgates are opening with the me too hash tag as more women come forward with allegations of sexual impropriety. in hollywood two more men accused including dustin hoffman. he apologized to a woman that said he groped her when she was a 17-year-old on the set of death of a salesman. >> si on health check at 11:00,s
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of today you have to be 21 to smoke in new jersey. the garden state becomes the third state after hawaii and california to raise the legal smoking age. it has been 19. the change was made this summer and signed by governor christie. it applies to tobacco and e-cigarettes. >> the federal reserve has agreed to keep its rates the same until tomorrow when president names his new person in charge. >> qbc is using media to expand
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its footprint. alicia vitarelli went behind the scenes. >> qvc has been home shopping since 1986. it's kind of like its own city and it never sleeps. -- there is one day. >> you have production aw all dy and all night. >> we get christmas off. >> they employ 17,000 worldwide. 2,000 at the headquarters in westchester, the second largest employee in chester county. >> the way we describe it is a cocozy setting.
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there's plenty of living room space. eventually, we are outside where there's a garage and vehicle. >> there are 20 sets in all to showcase food to fashion and hosts like jennifer do it off the cuff with more off the floor. >> we have easy pay option for you. >> meet the line producer. >> he's monitoring the response of our customers, online, how many phone calls we are taking. >> 24 they get high-tech help. >> they are managing every camera for the show with her right hand, lef left hand and rt foot and left foot. >> items on air are kept in product central.
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because we have to have at least two, we call it noah's ark. 300,000 products pretty much always at the ready. >> the items are then sold on the qvc channels. including beauty iq broadcast online and facebook live. the host let me share hisco hosting duties. >> like we are live now, that's how it is when we are on our broadcast. people can chime in and ask questions live. we can ask our experts. >> it's a new premise qvc has been operating on three decades. >> the parent company announced they are buying their rival, home shopping network. alicia vitarelli, channel6, "action news." >> thank you, alicia.
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>> a fundraiser for those that protect us. cecily tynan was among the heros in the benefit center city for those injured or killed in the line of duty. all proceeds go to the police survivor fund. you did good work. >> it's my third time it's been going on five years. they have raised $660,000. 50 not too shabby. >> very important. >> wonderful work. >> weatherwise, we are warming things up. the action cam in center city where you can go out for a walk without bundling up much. a lot warmer than this time yesterday. sky 6 showing city skylines, clouds cutting off the top. we have a cloud deck. we could have patchy fog
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overnight. if you are hoping to enjoy the warmth over the weekend, not going to happen. we have a cold front moving through friday night dropping temperatures to seasonal levels. saturday, a nice day. clouds and sunshine, 62. sunday for the eagles game, we cloud up with a possibility of drizzle. a high of 67-degrees. until then, we have warm air on the way. temperaturesright now, 61 in philadelphia, cape may, pomona, 63. allentown, 52. you have to head to the poconos to have temperature in the 40s. satellite and radar showing a warm front bringing clouds, spotty sprinkles and moisture to the north. lots of crowds and mild.
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50-degrees. future tracker showing by the morning, 62 already, warmer than the normal this time of year. 3:30 temperatures in the 70s. friday, warms up more, 76 in philadelphia, record high 80 set back many 1990. the exclusive accuweather forecast, 74 tomorrow, 76 friday. behind it, sunny. 62, ending daylight saving time so set the clocks back an hour sunday night. >> 63, spike back monday with the afternoon shower and a cold front, 58 tuesday and wednesday, 54 with rain, wednesday not
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looking nice. saturday looking nice too. >> the foods of puerto rico were featured in bux county. guests enjoyed the buffet, puerto rican inspired art pieces were auctioned off and proceeds go to the island. >> students in gloucester county are using art skills to buy food for those affected by hurricane matthew in texas. money raised at the event is being donated to the houston food bank. ♪ ♪
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>> we are not used to the sixers
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winning three games in a row, that's what they try to do tonight. >> sixers look tremendous and pedestrian in the same game tonight. they are able to top the hawk in double figures. >> jalil okafor wants out now. sixers off to a hot stop. a 17 point lead. second quarter, robert covington scores 22. sixers are up two at the break. to the fourth, joel embiid scores 14 of 21 points in the second half. >> ben simmons, 19 points, 13 boards, 9 assists, sixers win 119-109. that's three wins in a row. >> we are getting better, coming together second half and making choices on defense and less mistakes. >> a stretch of two tough games
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for the fl flyers. tonight in chicago. chicago and the powerplay, black hawks 1-0. 20 seconds later, black hawks lead 2-0. corey crawford, 35 saves. flye
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>> the eagles newest acquisition is here and ready to work. jay aghaei practiced with the team for the first time. it seems strange miami would give up the 24-year-old probowler for a fourth round draft pick. there is talk that aghaei is not a great locker room guy. >> he's going to do everything he can to buy into the program. that's what you have to do to win. >> astros, up 5-1. game seven in the eighth inning.
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>> you have to wonder if la garrett blunt is onboard. >> we'll see. >> november is craft month in philadelphia. the proclamation is mayor kenney's way of recognizing the work of the city's many crafters whose work reflects philadelphia through the ages. "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." channing tatum is hosting tonight. "action news" at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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