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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 7, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, breaking news on several fronts. what we've just learned about the deadly church shooting in texas. what the gunman did before. and tonight, the stories emerging from inside the church. the suspect shooting into the church, even before he was inside. bullets coming through the walls. families, children on the floor, under the also tonight, the stunning number of mis signs. the gunman escaping a mental facileity in the past. he threatened military supervisors. he was convicted o domestic violence. tonight, president trump says extreme vetting would not have made a difference. breaking news as we come on the air involving harvey weinstein tonight. what the nypd believes is now coming. also just in the death of a former baseball star. the plane crash. the state trooper shot the highway today during a traffic stop. the hunt thatfollowed. and the teacher suspended tonight after telling a student,
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quote, that's how people like you get shot. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we are just back from texas tonight, where we have learned a chilling new detail. authorities say that gunman was at that very church just days before. the sheriff telling us the pastor had a bad the gunman beginni outside the church before h even entered. and tonight, for the first timewe're hearing fromurvi abc's senior national correspondent ma gutman leading us off from texas. >> reporter: as authorities continue to process the scene at the first baptist church, tonight, we learned that thesacre wasn't devin kelley's first time at the church. officials tell us kelley attend festival on halloween, october 31st. and when he came back on sunday he wore a skeleton mask over his face, blasting off deadliest shooting in texas history. >> there's a dead body right there. >> the wsheriff's four minutes. i can tell you, four a long t an active shooter situation.
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>> reporter: for the approximately 50 sure of 00 oers >> aiming at them, shooting them, ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta. >> reporter: rosa solis was among those inside for services when the bullets started coming through the windows and the walls. she's now among the wounded stashgtsing to arrive home weighed down by sounds she can't shake. >> people screaming and people crying. and momma,here are you, momma, the little kids. >> reporter: was anybody trying towas there anywhere to go? >> no. there was nowhere to go. >> reporter: you were all trapped? >> we were trapped inside. >> reporter: there was no mercy, said solis. >> when he started firing the shots, everybody was screaming.ybody -- but when they saw him go in nobody -- >> reporter: silence. >> nobody said n like i told my sister you could hear a pin drop in there. quiet, real >> reporter: so, the only sound was the sound of the bullets. >> yeah. him soting the reporter: how many times he said "you're going to die?" >> one time. "everybody's gonna ds played dead among the dead. as did dther
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shot in the legs. he just kept going back and forth? >> shooting everybod she laid on the ground the wholet saw his boots pacing, walking up and down the aisles. >> reporter: police say when kelley ran out of ammunition, he left. and that's when neighborhood stephen willeford opened fire on him. i am n i just wish i could have gotten there faster. >> just in incredible, those teams from inside thechurch matt. and stephen there saying he just wishes he got there he was hero driver more o moment. but first, talked with the sheriff said something hen theed that c few days before? >> reporter: that's right, david. i just got off with the sheriff, and he said the pastor told him he had andislike fo kelley when he met him at that church function. he thought maybe he was dangerous, but then he thought to himself, how do you turn someone your own church? it's chillays later, devin kelley would kill many of the peo there. david? >> matt gutman leading us off tonight. matt, thank you. next here toe. and so many redagon also lunching an investigation tonight. the gunman was convicted of
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e in a military court. he escaped a mental health facileity facility. and after all that, how was he able to get those guns? here's abc's correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: in apri devin kelley walk into this s the rifle used t kill all those parishioners. ancheck came back clean. that should have never happened. >> i canat is required afirearm. >> reporter: tonight, neunst than weew, raising more questions about how he was able to bule guns.ed police rerom a new mexico facility in june of 2012.the police report noting kelley suers," had "been caught king firearms onto holloman air force base" and was "attempting to carry out dey had made on this military chain of command." the escape came as kelley was ing his wife and hitting his infant stepson "on the head and force likely to produce death or grievous bodily harm." that domestic abuse conviction ld have been shared by the air force from the fbi, blocking guns.ibility
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what fix it.ter: the pentagon now reviewing what went wrong and falling through the cr as investigators dissect every de killer's life the fbi acknowledging they've yet to unlock kelley's smartphone. >> i you that we're working very hard to get into the phone. >> reporter: that's the same problem that frustrated the fbi in the san bernardino massacre for weeks. >> pierre thomas with us uestionconcerns many if h got racks, t many others could ther? >> reporter: gh and are pushing for specifics. gencies p domestic c the system f checks. da pierre thanks to entrump, meanwhile, th korea, mass church here last week aftheuck attack here new y hoursvetting. he was ask extreme vetting on guns would caught this abc's chief correspondent jonathan karl, traveling with theresident. >>iden in light otexas massacof extreme vettingts for immigration for those who w to buy guns. the answer? a definitive ndid what you'r suggesting, there would have been no difference three days ago. and you might not have had that veryson who to haver a rifle in and s
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er background checks could have made the texasworse. korea threat, a dramthe expre wirecently calle >> i rthat it norte a deal thaeople eoplthe world. . but let' >> reporter: quite a shift n fire fury anfrankly, likes of which this world has never seen befntinued to boast about america's military dominance, heledged war wouldhave many thin -- we fact i'm go r, we hope to god we ne to use. >> jonathan karl with us tonight from seoul. and jon, the president in asia withthere, but also the mass shooting here at home. and jon, when it comes t suspect, despite that domolence conviction that escape from a mental facility the president insisting that extreme vettinyeah david. you heard him say it, but the bottom line is there are bipartisan calls in congress to streng the background check system, including john senate, saying he want as law s current background check system. david? >> jonatng on the president's trip in. jon,hanks to
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and there major ig adviser now changing his wh here's abc'st brian ross. >>web of lies, half-truths and memory failure involving russia and the trump campaign is growing the his congressional testimony about a trip to moscow to give a during the cam page told me he never talked mpaign with anyone in the kreml did you in the kremlin and discuss th >> not onerd. not and he said much the same to george stephanopoulos. >> i said hello, briefly, to one individual who was a board n econo gave myeech but oath, has now that one he russian deputy prime ministerdy dvorkovich. e e-mails to campaign offi about the meeting, promising "incredible insights and outreach" from "senior members of the presidential administration" in moscow.are directly contradictory, so you conclude that what he was sayingimply wasn't true. >> reporter: the president has denied again and againontact with the russian government. >> no. aware of contacts during the course of the look. age testified he w with at the trump campaignor jeff sessionscampaign
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aides corey lewandon and hope hicks, now the white house communications director, travelling with the president this week, seen here at the page'se now count at least nine figures in the trump campaign who have met with russians, including attorney general jeffsessions donald trump jr., son-in-law jared kushaul george papadopoul pleabout it the first criminal conviction in the russia investigation, david. >> brian ros tonight. brian, thank you. next this eve hard to believe, but it was just one ago, voters went to the poll choosing between donald trump and hillary clinton. tonight, two governors races being watched very cl here's abc's chief national correspondent tom llamas. >> reporter: tonight, all eyes on virginia. the ragillespie and the lieutenant governor democrat ralph northam, a testp's many see thection as abellwether for the midterm elections. the president busy on twitter, tweeting from south korea today, "ralph northam will allow crime to be rampant in virginia. he's weak on crime, weak on our great vets, anti-second amendment."
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even though northam is veteran who served in desert storm. >> we need healers. and that's a doctor to come in ht now, and not be someone that promotes hatred and bigotry. >> reporter: as for gillespie, who ran the republican national committee, he chose not to appear with the president on the something he didn't want to talk about last night. didn'tesident? >> thank youo much for being out here today. >> reporter: is there a reason why you didn't campaign with the president? new jersey another big chris christie era. in the race to replace him, the democrat far ahead. and today a vintage christie moment. >> the erld is to stand where you stand and stand on the sidelines and critique. lassic chris christie. back here in virginia trump may not be on the ballot but early exit show he and his policies are having a major impact. more than 30% of voters tell us today, they came out to voteshow opposition to the pr david? >> all right, tom llamas you'll keep us posted into the night. tom, thank you. we are also following a breaking headline involving harvey weinstein. the nypd believing the d.a. may present evidence to a grand
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jury. and here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, polices say the manhattan district attorney plans to ent its case against vae weinstein to a grand injury. at the center of the case boardwalk empire paz r twice in 2010. >> she put forth a credible and detailed narrative to us.ave an actual nd now, a shed in with allegations how far weinstein went to silence hisaccusers repdly estigate their personal lives. >> what this story pulls b the curtain on is a set of toolsw were available to theos they nt on stopping a against them. >> reporter: contributor rohat weinstein hired elite security agencies to gain and compile information to discreore their re made public. according to the artic, two investigators from black cube -- a company run by former israeli intelligence -- approached and became friendly with actress rose mcgowan. one disguising herself as a dvocate, pressing mcgowan for information. but according to farrow, that woman is actually a former officer from the israeli defense forces, who had been secretly recording her conversations and allegedly reporting back to weinstein's >> rose mcgowan said, "everybody lied to me."
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she said it was like the movie "gaslight." she said that she was living for a year in a world of funhouse mirrors. >> and linsey is with us now. any comment from harvey weinstein's team? >> reporter: yes david. his spokesperson says it's fiction to say any individuaed. and as for black cube, they say it's their policy never to discuss clients with any t but they say they operate with high moral standards and the law. and the manhattan district tonight, they decided definitively. >> keeping it close to the vest. all right, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. breaking now, the former baseball star killed. the deadly plane crash. his plane found in thea. details after the the shootout in at american highway. the state trooper shot and the hunt that followed. and the teacher suspended tonight after telling a student, quote, that's how people like you get shot. a lot more news ahead, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain these feet... liked to style my dog as a kid... loved motherho anwere pumped to open my own salon. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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established by metlife. when you have a cold.. stuff happens. st ngth alka seltzer plus liquid gels. sore throat? get long-lasting relief for up to 6 hoursew alka seltzer plus sore throat relief. next this evening, theaseball star killed in a plane crash off florida. and abc's victor 0oquendo. >> reporter: tonight, one of the best pitchers of his generation roy "doc" halladay killed when his plane crashed into the water off the coast of florida. >> we know roy as a person as a caring husband who loved his wife, randy. he loved his two boys tremendously. >> reporter: the eight-time all-star and two-time cy young winner played 16 seasons with the toronto blue jays with the
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philadelphia phillies. he retired four years ago, with this big playoff no hitter. >> roy halladay! >> reporter: and this perfect game on his resume, done in the same season. >> spins, fires -- a perfect game! >> reporter: after leaving the game, he took up flying frequently posting photos and videos from the skies. >> i grew up around airplanes. >> reporter: this video from the manufacturer's website shows roy inside the plane he was flying alone when his plane went down. he was 40 years old. david, the ntsb is investigating the crash. his former teams saying they are overcome with grief and numb. major league baseball shocked by the news. david? >> victor thank you. when we come back the state trooper shot and then the manhunt. and the teacher suspended tonight after his own words in the classroom. we'll be right back.that can make you sad, feel tired and have difficulty concentrating. trintellix is a prescription medication for depression. it may help you take a
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wounding the gunman. the suspect driving himself to the hospital. he was arrested there. the trooper is in critical but stable condition tonight. the teacher under investigation in georgia. paul hagan, a physics teacher, accused of threatening one of his african-american students for latching in class. >> don't smile at me man, okay? that's how people like you get shot. i bet that by the time you're 21 somebody someone's going to put a bullet in your head. >> that teacher placed on administrative leave tonight. and twitter is giving everyone more room this evening. the company officially doubling the number of characters that you can tweet, to 280 now. tweet me. when we come back here tonight, we do have news coming in on that 5-year-old boy shot five times in texas. we'll be right back.
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finally tonight, in texas a hug seen by the whole community. overnight, a town united. arm and arm at a vigil in sutherland springs. meridith cooper and yv gonzalld sophia martinez offering a prayer. who tr suspect, meeting up with jonnie they chased the suspect together. a hug amid so much heartbreak. >> mr. willeford, i believe that he's a hero. how could you not love that guy? you know that guy w he done. >> rep saw it first-hand. everyone in the f them. >> reporter: johnnie told me, he's not they needed to do. mean have been able t >> it's y is. it's a tough blow to anyone -- anyone involved. the whole these ar these are family. >> reporter: and tonight, an update on that 5-year-old boy shot five times, ryeland ward. hit in the arm, the leg, the stomach. he's in the hospital in stable condition tonight. his mom and dad by ryland's side.
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and now here is the host alex [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome again, folks. ing and competitive quarter-final match yesterday to kear. i hope today's game is its equal. jason, lilly, tim, good luck. here we go. i hope you're ready to do your stuff with these categories... we're
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