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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  November 8, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 4:30 on this wednesday november 8. >> and here's what we're following for you on "action news." remembrances are pouring in for former philly roy halladay who was killed in a small plane crash. >> a pennsylvania state police corporal shot during a traffic stop in the lehigh valley is fighting for his life this morning. >> in his victory speech new jersey governor-elect phil murphy addresses president trump. >> karen rogers is out. >> first morning for the overcoat can. >> very good.
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no kidding. chilly out there, right? as we take a look at the weather sent we have clouds across the region. there's the rain from yesterday. it did depart in the overnight hours. looking at the return of sunshine later today especially in areas north of now philadelphia and north i would say. 40 degrees in allentown, 39 degrees in reading right now and 39 in trenton. so, it is a cold start as matt mentioned. 41 degrees in wilmington. 43 in millville and 44 in cape may. and as we go through the day it stays on the cool side. 40 degrees by 7 o'clock. by noon 50. we may still be hanging onto a fair amount of cloud cover by about midday but after that we're expecting the return of some sunshine. the farther north you are through the region the more you'll see that. the farther south the more you'll just be stuck under the clouds and a high today of 53 around 3 o'clock. by 7 o'clock down to 45 degrees. if you're dressing the kids no need for rain gear this morning but you'll want to bundle them up. in philadelphia, 41.
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matt pelman it stays cool tomorrow. on friday we pge. i'll have details in the accuweather 7-day. >> oh boy david. this morning i don't think we're watching out for icy patches but we're watching out for piles of wet leaves which karen says can function as ice. take it easy as you head out this morning and of course there are a construction zones to watch out for like one on the schuylkill expressway eastbound side closed off once again this morning here at the vine street expressway, so you got two options. exit onto 30th street or the vine street expressway itself which is opened in both directions no overnight construction here on the vine. you're good to go and that eastbound schuylkill closure should be lifted in just about a half hour. on the westbound side of 76 there's work as well by south street taking out the left lane but on this side you can get by just a little bit slowly. no other zones to avoid along the boulevard or 95 this morning but a couple accidents i have to tell you about. pennsylvania turnpike westbound at willow grove there's one a vehicle hit the barrier there.
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and in lower gwynedd 202 is closed this morning because of a bad crash. plymouth road a local alternate in that location. tam. >> okay, thank you matt. well people across the sports world and beyond are remembering former phillies ace roy halladay. the 40-year-old pitcher was killed yesterday in a small plane crash. katherine scott is live outside citizens bank park with more on the beloved baseball star. katherine, when the news crossed on my and social media devices i didn't want to believe it. what a great guy. >> reporter: oh, no i was stunned yesterday, tam i'm stunned this morning. i think everybody is to hear this news. you can see here outside the ballpark a memorial is growing. candles, flowers a ball cap, all for roy halladay who died yesterday at only 40 years old. he was an eight-time all-star. he pitched a perfect game in a post season no-hitter in the same year for the phillies. he won two cy young awards. but to those who knew him those who loved him roy
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halladay's legacy extends far beyond baseball. >> he's a tremendous person that is going to be missed. he has left, you know, such an impression. >> reporter: former teammate cole hamels who is now a texas ranger joined phillies chairman david montgomery at the ballpark to remember halladay. >> all-star pitcher all-star person. and an an all-star father and family man. >> reporter: halladay developed a passion for flying. he would tweet about it often and bought his month. he died yesterday when his private plane crashed into the gulf of mexico. he was only 40. hamels said not just a colleague and mentor but also a friend. >> he made everybody better and that's i think what he noticed. it wasn't just, you know, roy halladay's coming in to pitch. it was roy halladay brought a team with him. >> reporter: heartbreak for fans who recognized his kindness his humility. >> devastated. just way too young to go. >> reporter: and back here live that's a sign lit up
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here at the ballpark this morning, roy halladay 1977-2017. a lot of fond memories of halladay. expect to hear the tributes coming in today. we are live outside the ballpark, katherine scott channel6 "action news." matt. >> many tributes beyond that. thank you so much katherine. pennsylvania state police corporal remains in a valley hospital. video shows the man suspected of shooting him speeding away from police minutes after the shootout yesterday. that suspect is now in police custody while the police corporal is fighting for his life. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live outside saint luke's hospital with the full story. jeanette. >> reporter: well, matt that corporal is in the hospital here right behind me fighting for his life. we're told he's in critical but stable condition this after a routine traffic stop suddenly took a violent turn. this is video of alleged gunman daniel clary speeding off along route three in
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northampton after a shootout with state police. on the dashcam you can see the back window blown out police say just minutes before this video was recorded the 22-year-old was pulled over in plainfield township around 10:30 in the morning for what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop for speeding. he then failed a sobriety test and things suddenly took a violent turn. >> being told cpr in progress on the trooper. >> the troopers were in a knock down dragout fight along the side of the road. with vehicles speeding by them and it got very very violent. the subject was able to free hi the trooper while they're wrestling down on the ground goes back to his vehicle and retrieves a gun takes the weapon out and shoot -- fires several shots at both of our troopers. >> reporter: the unidentified trooper was hit three times and was airlifted to saint luke's university hospital in fountain hill where he remained in surgery
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through much of the afternoon. he is in critical but condition. the gunman drove himself to a nearby hospital where he was later taken into custody. >> right now our guy is up there fighting for his life. he is -- he's a warrior. and like i said he went through -- he went through a heck of a fight out there along the side of the road and -- and he has a will to live and god willing he is going to pull through this. >> reporter: and the gunman is facing several charges, two counts of criminal homicide and one count of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. we do expect to get some additional information in a presser scheduled for 10 o'clock this morning. reporting live in fountain hill jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> all right jeanette, i will take it from here, thank you. democrat phil murphy soundly beat republican kim guadagno in the race for new jersey governor. the former goldman sachs executive and obama
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administration diplomat. >> we will stand with steeled spines and simply say and firmly say, with all due are mr. president you will not do that in the great state of new jersey. [cheers and applause] >> murphy promised to raise state income taxes on millionaires increase funding for public schools and pensions and legalize marijuana for recreational use. democrat larry krasner soundly defeated beth grossman in a wide margin in the race for philadelphia district attorney. the civil rights lawyer called his 50-point victory a mandate to transform the d.a.'s office. he even called on his supporters to submit their resumes to apply for new jobs in his administration. krasner will replace seth williams who pleaded guilty to bribefice. >>f the vote 2017 continues on
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see results for several other races including pennsylvania supreme court and several ballot questions that. the results in several local mayoral races is coming up. >> president trump is in china as he continues on his tour of asia. trump met with chinese president in the forbidden city. the two sides are starting two days of meetings that will be centered on trade area's weapons threat. trump addressed the south korean parliament before he late last night and he directed part of his speech rs of north korea saying "don't underestimate us and do not try us." >> the weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer. they are putting your regime in grave danger. >> trump also called for article complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> communities just to the north of us are beginning to see s >> a transit worker is caught on camera dragging a passenger from a new york city subway car. >> a retired sailor called for
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help when his own boat begins to sink. david. >> it's a chilly start this morning with temperatures in the low 40's across much of the region. and in the upper 30's in some spots. trenton will be one of those right now. we are really looking at cool air, though coming in on friday and saturday. i'll have details on that coming up in the exclusive accuweather 7-day.
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ring in the holidays with buick. ♪♪ discover the new buick and get 20 percent below msrp on all 20-17 enclave leather models. that's over 96 hundred on this enclave leather. ♪♪ >> it looked more like winter than autumn. weren't you just saying you wanted this to happen the other day. >> no. >> if you were -- well, this is northeastern penn. light snow and sleet fell yesterday afternoon in luzerne county. the snow was melting quickly as it hit the roads and sidewalks but it did stick to the grass. >> wow. >> you were asking for it tam. >> no, no, remember i'm the one who likes it hot, no the cold. >> oh, that's true. >> i get things backwards. >> i have you mixed up with someone else.
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[laughter] >> you're not mixing it up with me either. storm tracker6 live double scan a little bit of scant precipitation still moving away from that atlantic city. just barely see it being picked up on radar but we are drying out. still kind of cloudy as we take a look outside on sky6 and it does look like today will feature clouds to start out and then some sun ting to drive in from the north and west as we go through the morning and afternoon. your temperature right now is chilly out on the bus stop 41 degrees in philadelphia. some spots in the upper 30's and winds out of the north at 12 miles per hour still a little bit breezy. i'm going to show you future tracker6. not that there's really a little bit of rain in the picture, maybe a sprinkle down in atlantic city does look like most of that's off the i want to show you what's happening with cloud cover. about 2 3 o'clock this afternoon we're looking at i think sunshine actually starts to come then up in allentown and reading but we are looking the the clouds beginning to thin out this afternoon. obviously as i continue this up until 6, 7 o'clock, if you're going to see sun today it's mainly to the north if you're down south you're going to see probably more clouds
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through the day. today's forecast overall is cool. 41 degrees by 8 o'clock in philadelphia. 45 by 10 o'clock. 50 by noon and then 53 which is on the seasonable side by 3 o'clock and we will see that mix of clouds and probably a little bit more sunshine around philadelphia by 3 o'clock. 47 degrees by 6 o'clock. again, more sun up north, more clouds down south. high temperatures today 52 degrees in allentown, 50 in trenton and toms river. 53 in reading. 52 in wilmington. a little better in millville 54. really not much difference in these numbers and then 53 in cape may this afternoon. after that we're looking at a extremely shot of cold air coming in an extreme cold shot i guess is what i wanted to say. we have a cross polar flow coming across a very cold air mass up in canada and this is going to transfer over to the northeast over the next 48 hours and by friday we're going to feel the difference with that cold air moderating not as chilly as it gets here but we're looking at temperatures 20 degrees below zero. if i take a look at future tracker on thursday night
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you're looking at temperatures that are fairly comfortable. 53 degrees in the evening but then that cold front comes in and by 7:30 on friday morning we're looking at temperatures down around the freezing mark up and down the i-95 corridor and a strong wind too. we'll get back up to the low 40's, upper 30's around the region but it will feel cooler than that because of the wind coming out of the northwest. today 53 fairly comfortables considered clouds more sun more clouds down south. partly sunny on thursday getting up to 57 as that front approaches but behind the front look for a blustery and colder friday with a high of just 41 degrees. wind chills at the best of times in the 30's. and again an overnight low of 25 degrees so on saturday morning if you have plans early on vet's going to be very cold. then mostly sunny and still on the chilly side in the afternoon with a high of 41. one thing i will say about saturday, the winds probably aren't as harsh. on sunday, more clouds build in ahead of another frontal boundary but we could get up to 52.
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chance of an an afternoon or evening shower o cloudy skies rain possible the best chances in the morning as that's a sunday night-monday morning affair. 56 on monday and 54 and decent on tuesday. generally cooler in this seven day but friday and saturday are going to take the cake. >> thank you. new video shows coast guard crews rescf the coast of southern california. ed gilchrist called for help on monday when his 18-foot began to sink. he's a stronger swimmer so he jumped into the water. a crew hoisted him out of the drink. gilchrist says he's thankful and it was a textbook rescue. new york city transportation worker was caught on camera dragging a man across the floor of a subway car like a bag of potatoes. the incident happened saturday night after the train made its last stop in brooklyn. cell p video shows the mta worker dragging the sleeping man by his arms and kicking him.
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the man sits up an walks off the train. the mta employee has been removed from service. >> 4:47. up next in business a new report that shows a benefit to switching jobs. >> museum workers find a tiny creature embedded in a van gogh painting. we'll take a closer look up next.
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>> ♪♪ >> you may not have liked that cold rain yesterday but you can thank it because it canceled a lot of our overnight construction last night. except right here. they were working on the schuylkill expressway and they still have the eastbound lanes blocked right at the vine and 30th street still forced off but they should be out of here in the next 10 minutes. they have cleared from the westbound side at south street. both lanes are reopened there and there was no overnight work on the vine 95 or the roosevelt boulevard. but several accidents to watch out for already this morning. it is a little bit slippery out there with the wet leaves and someone slid right into the barrier along the pennsylvania turnpike westbound. location's changed on this. it's now past fort washington where the two left lanes are blocked, already a slow zone there as you come west of willow grove. and in lower gwynedd there's still a bad crash hutting down 202 dekalb pike near township line road. swedesford road or plymouth road would be alternates there. in the neighborhood in east pikeland chester county a new crash along periwinkle court at honey locust drive and in newtown bucks county overnight construction until 6:00 that's
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closing state street. sycamore or court streets can get you around that tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. it is time to get going on your first look at business. switching jobs seems to be key to boosting your pay. the payroll company adp reports workers who switch between jobs saw bigger wage increases rather than their former colleagues who tended to stay in the same place. now the news comes as there are more job openings and a lower unemp level pay might not be a bad time to think about making a jump. let's numbers from the closing bell. the markets were mixed yesterday. though the dow did manage to gain nearly nine points but it's looking like we're in for a mixed open later this morning. when it comes to twitter you can now write twice as much. the social media site changed its 140 character limit on tweets to 280. don't get yourself in trouble. there's more room for that. however, people writing in japanese korean or chinese will still only have the 140 limit that's because in those languages one character can
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contain twice as much information. >> a grasshopper that has been dead for more than 120 years is the buzz of the art world. a museum in kansas missouri found the tiny creature embedded in one of van gogh's paintings. the museum made the discovery during a thorough examination of its french paintings. it is only visible with a microscope. van gogh who often painted while outside amongst the grass hospitallers i guess checked himself into a mental health asylum in 1889. >> fascinating. >> the grasshopper. >> the grasshopper. >> it's a mixed media piece. multiple things. okay. it's 4 penn state disciplines seven students after investigating the death of fraternity pledge timothy piazza. details on what they decided to do at 5:00 a.m. >> a transgender woman unseats one of virginia's most socially conservative lawmakers. that is next. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> new this morning, voters elected the nation's first openly transgendered candidate to the virginia house of dell indicates. danica roem beat 13 term incumbent robert marshall one of the chamber's longest serving and most conservative members. roem ran a campaign in centered around jobschools virginia's traffic congestion. >> allentown voters elected their mayor to a fourth term even though he'acing federal corruption charges that could land him in prison. new video shows ed pawlowski's victory speech last night.
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the democrat beat republican challenger matt hyman.ted pawlowski over the summer claiming he was part of a pay to play scheme. pawlowski denies the accusations. his trial is s january. the democratic surge across new jersey put frank gilliam in the mayor's office. he out of thed don guardian. guardian says he could not get the turnout he needed and willwith transition. frank moran celebrated at the victor's pub on the waterfront. he won 90 percent of the vote but vote. city council president received the backing of the democratic party to replace retiring mayor dana redd. >> see the moment a plane engine catches fire right as it's about to take off. >> and new information on the gun battle that left a pennsylvania state trooper badly injured. >> and a woman is thanking the officers who arrested her for shoplifting. she'll tell you how that ended up helping her family.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday november 8th and here's what we're following on "action news." >> a pennsylvania state police corporal hospitalized following a traffic stop that led to a violent struggle with the suspect. we're live in the lehigh valley where the corporal is being treated for critical wounds. >> remembering a philly fan favorite. roy halladay tragically killed in a plane crash. >> also grab a jacket. it's a chilly start. we're tracking another cold front heading our way. >> let's find out more about
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that cold front. i think everybody is scared of friday at this point dave murphy. r karen. he's got traffic. good morning. >> i guess we had to take a turn for the chilly at some point. >> yes, we did. don't be squared. just make make... scared. just make your you got a coat ready. we're looking at the rain from yesterday popping through and getting off the coast so you're dry. you're still kind of cloudy this morning though. we do expect the rturn of some sunshine starting in the northern suburbs and winding up down in phil not sure if you're going to get as much down at the shore. probably cloudier down there. 41 degrees currently as youstep outside in philadelphia. 41 in wilmi


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