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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  November 8, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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here's what we're following on "action news." >> a pennsylvania state police corporal hospitalized following a traffic stop that led to a violent struggle with the suspect. we're live in the lehigh valley where the corporal is being treated for critical wounds. >> remembering a philly fan favorite. roy halladay tragically killed in a plane crash. >> also grab a jacket. it's a chilly start. we're tracking another cold front heading our way. >> let's find out more about that cold front. i think everybody is scared of friday at this point, dave murphy. r karen. he's got traffic. good morning. >> i guess we had to take a turn for the chilly at some point. >> yes, we did. don't be squared. just make make... scared. just make your you got a coat ready. we're looking at the rain from yesterday popping through and getting off the coast so you're dry. you're still kind of cloudy this morning, though. we do expect the return of some sunshine starting in the northern suburbs and winding up down in phil not sure if you're going to get as much down at the shore. probably cloudier down there. 41 degrees currently as you step outside in philadelphia. 41 in wilmington.
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40 degrees in allentown and trenton. and we have slipped into the upper 30's. 39 degrees right now in reading and lancaster. 43 in millville. 43 in cape may. so a chilly start. as we go into the afternoon it stays cool. 40 degrees by noon. 50 -- or by 7 o'clock. 50 degrees by noon. still kind of cloudy in philadelphia by then, maybe a hint of sunshine. as we get later into the afternoon we'll see the return of some sun. 3 o'clock's high is 53 and then we begin to clear out this evening but we do get chilly, 45 degrees by 7 o'clock. again, the farther north you are today the more sun you're going to see late this afternoon. the farther south the tougher it will be to get that sun through the clouds. on the bus stop this morning 41 degrees in philadelphia, 38 degrees as they wait for the bus in the suburbs so make sure the kids are bundled up.thn for friday and saturday, matt. detail on the latest numbers from accuweather. >> we're bracing ourselves. good morning, david, good morning, everybody. we always brace ourselves for the morning commute as well. so far this morning not too bad in most spots. here on the schuylkill there was some overnight
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construction despite the rain and they had the eastbound side shut down here at the vine street expressway but as you can see, they cleared on time. it's shut down no longer, so you can get by heading eastbound towards south street everything is reopened along the schuylkill expressway. no big problems along 95 with speeds so far coming southbound in the mid-50's. so, not complaining about that either. and they've made progress on the pennsylvania turnpike accident. it's westbound past fort washington. now pushed to the shoulder. so, the lanes are opened as you head westbound towards 476, the northeast extension. but still have a crash in lower gwynedd this morning that's shutting down 202, dekalb pike. sounds like a pretty bad one. emergency crews are on the scene. it's blocked between township line road and schoolhouse lane. swedesford road, plymouth road are so local alternates. also a crash in east pikeland chester county in the neighborhood along periwinkle court so that's not a heavily traversed area but if that's your neighborhood, it is going to impact you just off seven stars road and we're watching
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some flooding still out there from yesterday afternoon on the a.c. expressway westbound approachi garden state parkway. left lane out of commission on this wednesday morning, matt. >> thank you, matt. a pennsylvania state police remains in thening receiving treatment for three gunshot wounds. new video from a semi truck shows the suspected gunman minutes after the shootouting ic on route 33 in plainfield township northampton county. now, the shooting happened after a routine traffic stop. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live outside saint luke's hospital in fountain hill where that corporal remains. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. we understand this corporal is fighting for is morning. he was in surgery much of theda. we know he was shot three time no word on where those injuries were. but this all happened after a routine traffic stop. >> right now our guy is up there fighting for his life. he is -- he's a warri like i said, he went through -- he went through a
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heck of a fight out there along the side of the road and -- and he has a will to live and god willing he is going to pull through this. >> reporter: this is video of alleged gunman daniel clary speeding off along route 33 in northampton after a shootout with state pol on truck driver robert stupors dashcam you can see the pontiac with its backndow bln minutes before this was recorded the 22-year-old was pulled over in plainfield township around 10:30 in the morning for what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop for speeding. he then failed a sobriety test and things suddenly took a violent turn. >> i'm being told cpr in progress on the trooper. >> the troopers were in a knock down dragout fight along the side of the road with vehicles speeding by them and it got very violent. the subject was able to free himself from the trooper while they were wrestling down on
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the ground. he goes back to his vehicle weapon out and shoots - firese several shots at both of our troopers. >> reporter: the unidentified trooper was hit three times and was airlifted to saint luke's university hospital in fountain hill where he remained in surgery through much of the afternoon. he's in critical but stable condition. the gunman drove himself to a nearby hospital where he was later taken into custody. the gn is charged with two counts of criminal homicide and one count of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. we do expect to get additional information at a press conference that's scheduled for 10 o'clock this morning. of course as soon as we get that new information we'll make sure to pass it right along to you. reporting live in fountain hill jeantt reyes channel6 "action news." matt. >> we hope he pulls through. thank you jeanette. you can find extended coverage of the state trooper's shooting a we have more video from the scene and social media updates. >> baseball fans continue to mourn the loss of one of the game's all time greats. former phillies pitcher roy
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halladay, the likely futue of fd yesterday inne crash off the coast of florida. "action news" reporter katherine scottis live from citizens bank park in south philadelphia. katherine, he'll always be in our hearts as part of a time and a team that meant so much to this town. >> reporter: oh, tam, people are just shocked, they're heartbroken that this happened. here outside the ballpark you can see a smiling picture of roy halladay in lights, in his red phillies cap. the somber dates, 1977-2017. he was one of the best players to ever put on a phillies uniform. an eight-time all-star who pitched a perfect game in a post season no-hitter in the same year for the phillies. he won a cy young award each le. certainly roy halladay was a legend on the field. but he's remembered for so much more. >> all-star pitcher, all-star person, all-star father and family man.
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>> reporter: dedicated to his wife and two boys, an athlete that gave back to the community, at the ballpark phillies chairman david montgomery joined former teammate cole hamels who is now a texas ranger. >> i know these things do happen but you don't know how you're going to feel in those moments, you know, especially for somebody that's, you know, touched my life, my teammates' lives, these fans. this is -- he's a tremendous person that is going to be missed. he has left, you know, such an impression. >> reporter: halladay developed a passion for flying. he would tweet about it often and bought his own plane last month. he died yesterday when his private plane crashed into the gulf of mexico. he was only 40. fans are stunned and heartbroken. >> i was at work when i heard the news and honestly i cried. i mean, he was amazing. >> reporter: and back here live outside citizens bank park, you can see there's a memorial, candles in the shape of a 34 for number 34 roy
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halladay. there's flowers, a ball cap. expect this memorial to continue to grow as fans come by to pay tribute. live outside the ballpark, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> katherine, thank you. firefighters quickly knocked down a smoky house fire in wilmington, delaware. the plays the blaze broke out on north dupont street just after 8 o'clock. no one was hurt. it is 5:08 and penn state university has completed its investigation into the now banned beta theta pi fraternity. seven students will be disciplined. the students were found to be in violation of penn state's student code of conduct in connection with the death of fraternity pledge timothy piazza. piazza fell several times and was left unconscious for hours before efforts were made to get him help during and after an alcohol fueled pledge party back in february. some of the students are on probation while others have been expelled. penn state student conduct
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probe is separate from the criminal proceedings related to piazza's death. >> philadelphia's newly elected district attorney promised to fight for reforms. democrat larry krasner defeated republican beth grossman by a wide margin 75 to 25 percent in yesterday's election. krasner told supporters his victory was a mandate for tons formational change. >> this is a moment that says we are not just voters. we are the -- >> the long time civil rights attorney says it is time to end the death penalty, mass incarceration. phil murphy won the race to be new jersey's next governor. the former u.s. ambassador during the obama administration defeated current lieutenant governor kim guadagno. this returns the state to democratic control after eight years under republican governor chris christie. full results on >> it's already pretty chilly out there. you say it's going to get even
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chillier than this. >> it is. we're going to get down right cold on friday, friday night especially and saturday morning. >> whew. >> whew is right. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you the rain is off the coast. looks like there's a sprinkle not too far off the coast of atlantic city but we are drying out. we have cloudy skies over the airport and elsewhere across the region. we are expecting the return of some sun today but you'll see more of that up north than you will down south and philadelphia is kind of on the bubble in the middle. 41 degrees right now in philadelphia. 41 in wilmington. 40 in allentown. and in reading and lancaster we have dipped into the upper 30's. 39 degrees there. 43 in millville. and 43 as you step outside in cape may. so, certainly chilly enough for a jacket. future tracker6 not showing a lot in the way of precipitation. maybe a little bit of stuff dancing down close to atlantic city but what i wanted to show you here is that between noon and 3 o'clock, we are looking at sunshine returning out to the north and west and there may be some thinning in the clouds in and around philadelphia. so that down in through this area we start to see some sun
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and a little bit more of it late today. down the shore, though, even as late as 8 o'clock, well after sundown still looking at a decent amount of clouds. more sun to the north, more clouds to the south today. lehigh valley chilly, 52. down the shore 54, mostly cloudy and cool there. and in philadelphia, kind of in between. clouds mixing with some sun later today. a bit breezy with a high of 53 degrees. and the winds running about eight to 16 miles per hour. so, somewhat moderate breeze out there is the way i'd describe that. overnight tonight skies clear. the winds ease back a little bit and the temperatures dip. we get down to 40 degrees in philadelphia. some suburbs down to around 34. and there could be another round of frost in the northern and western suburbs. look out, though. friday is when we really start to see arctic air arrive for the first time this season. we've got a cross polar flow that is going to grab onto some of this extremely cold air that we see in canada, northern canada actually and bring that right down into the northeast. now, obviously it moderates. you see the color changes from purple to blue as it gets down
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to our latitude but we're still looking at high temperatures about 20 degrees below average and overnight lows pretty severe, too. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day. 53 today, clouds, some sun. tomorrow partly sunny and 57. ahead of that rush of cold air. then a front comes through and on friday we start out in the 30's in most neighborhoods, wind up with a blustery high of 41. it will feel like it's in the 30's and then at night 25 degrees and on saturday, mostly sunny and cold, 41. there won't be as much wind but it's still going to be pretty uncomfortable if you're not dressed appropriately veterans day. sunday cloudy 52 degrees, chance of rain later in the day and at night. monday a little bit better. 56 degrees for an afternoon high. and on tuesday, clouds and sun, 54. hey, remember tomorrow night here on "action news," we are -- >> uh-huh. >> the winter weather outlook from accuweather. cecily tynan at 11 o'clock. we'll let you know if it's
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going to be a colder than average or warmer than average winter and we'll take a shot at snow totals. >> three college basketball players could be facing jail time in china. we'll give you details on why they were arrested. >> new this morning, terrifying moments captured on a cell phone showing a plane bursting into flames moments before takeoff. >> a woman arrested for stealing tells us why her arrest was a miracle. >> traffic is getting by but we've got some issues on the turnpike east-west and issues coming to the northeast extension. details are coming up when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:16. boy is it chilly. 41 degrees. we're not used to this. wait until it's like in the 30's when you wake up. hopefully that's not going to be for awhile but we're only getting up to about 53 degrees today. bring the jacket its feeling like fall. >> it's that time of year. let's go to matt pelman. at least that looks pretty decent if you leave early, a good commute. >> at least somebody likes this. i don't think it's any of us. >> not any of us. >> hopefully in you like it you're enjoying it. it is chilly and still a little bit damp. you could find some slippery patches as you head into work this morning. but what you're not finding is a lot of overnight construction. a lot of it was rained out. because of the inclement
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weather. no overnight restrictions by trooper road. eastbound towards king of prussia moving just fine. work crews return later today. they'll work on the westbound side of 422 in pottstown between sanatoga and 724 starting at 7:00 this morning they'll block the right lane. and then overnight tonight, starting at 9 o'clock, they're closing the eastbound side of 422. they do this sometimes coming out of berks county toward pottstown. all lanes will be shut down. at that point i would use 724 as an alternate to the eastbound side of 422. some more construction to warn you about on the northeast extension today from 9:00 until 3:00, they're going to shut down the e-z pass only exit northbound at lansdale. you'll have to use the traditional exit 31b instead of 31a. that will be closed from 9:00 until 3:00 today. watching an overnight crash with a downed pole in lower gwynedd. 202 is blocked. crash on the turnpike westbound past fort washington
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is off to the side. not too bad there at this point. tam. >> thank you, matt. today vice president mike pence and his wife karen will travel to sutherland springs texas, the site of the mass shooting. the massacre there at a church left 26 people dead and 20 more injured. as investigators try to piece together a picture of the suspect devin kelley we're learning more about kelley's past. he escaped from a mental health facility five years ago after sneaking guns onto a air force base and making threats against commanders. that happened just months before kelley served time for abusing his ex-wife and her child. the fbi is hoping to learn a little bit more about his motives. they do have kelley's cell phone but they have not been able to access some of the information because it is an encrypted phone. 10 of the victims are still in critical condition. and this is some new video of a plane's fire respect landing at seattle tacoma airport last night. the faa says the right engine on the hawaiian airlines plane caught fire but was
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extinguished. none of the crew were injured. >> the sixers won their fifth straight game and did it without joel embiid in the lineup. that's a big deal. they beat the utah jazz 104-97 last night. the winning streak is the sixers longest since the 20 11-2012 season. honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new
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>> all right, time to plow our way over the hump on this wednesday. here we go. if you're headed out, not a lot of overnight construction to watch out for which is good news. 95 in bucks county, there we go, it looks pretty good. just a little bit damp this morning. all lanes are opened in both directions here by business one. and down in the first state in delaware no overnight construction along 95, 495 or 295. so, as you can see speeds are mostly in the 50's and 60's, which i don't think we're going to complain about that, right? yeah, no complaints so far on mass transit, either.
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trains and buses are on time. at least at this point, david. >> 41 degrees right now, cool to start out, matt in philadelphia. 41 in wilmington and 39 degrees in reading and lancaster. 40 in allentown. 43 in millville. similar numbers to yesterday. it's definitely a chilly start. and on the el platform or perhaps the bus stop, we are going to stay cool today. 40 degrees at 7 o'clock, 41 by 8 o'clock. looks like we'll get up to 53 degrees for a high this afternoon at around 3 o'clock and then we dip back to 46 degrees by 7 o'clock. the evening commute probably in the upper 40's. not a lot of wind today. a little bit of a breeze obviously cool. at the airport all green aircraft, no major delays, no sign of fog or any rain in any of our big travel destinations, tam. >> okay, thank you, david. going on to take a look at your health check, are you trying to drop a few pounds before we get to the holidays? perhaps you should consider intermittent fasting its an ancient practice gaining popularity with some scientific backing. on "action news" at 11:00 health reporter and registered
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nurse ali gorman explores exactly who might get the most out of the diet. >> it's a diet trick some celebrities swear by. and some doctors even support it. >> it makes sense to try something that gives you a more probable chance of succeeding rather than not. >> i'll explain why intermittent fasting works, who it's for and the best way to do it tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪ >> 5:23 now. taylor swift's album is expected to score one of the biggest chart debuts of the year when it is released this week, but you'll not be able to listen to it everywhere. boo-hoo. details in the morning buzz. [laughter] >> also disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein could soon face criminal charges. the latest on the investigation into allegations that he sexually assaulted dozens of women but first up here's "gma"'s first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, three u.c.l.a. men's basketball players are in possible legal trouble in china including the son of big baller brand founder levar
5:24 am
ball. freshman liangelo ball codey riley and jalen hill arrested in china for shoplifting reportedly stealing from a louis vitton store. >> there were 20 police officers around yelling screaming. >> overnight laugh bar telling espn he was advised not to speak about the incident due to the legal nature of the matter. his son and other u.c.l.a. players had been preparing for their game against georgia tech saturday in shanghai documenting their week long trip to china on twitter. u.c.l.a. telling abc news it is aware of the situation and cooperating fully with local authorities. and we'll have more on their arrests coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your january 1st "gma" first look, gio benitez abc news, new york.
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>> ♪ >> in the morning buzz, we're talking about t swift. the anticipation is growing for her newest album set to be released this friday. last night swift released the track list so you'll know the name of the songs on the new album reputation. it's reported that the album will not be available on streaming devices for at least a week. you got to decide do you want to buy it. despite its absence from streaming services reputation will still be available via digital retailers like itunes so we'll see how she does. she's really done a lot matt to try to take on the
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traditional streaming industry. >> time is 5:27. see the moment a retired sailor is saved while his own boat is taking on water. we're also remembering baseball pitching great roy halladay. more on the tragic death of the phillies fan favorite when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> now on "action news," phillies fans mourn the passing of pitching great roy halladay. we're taking a look back on his life both on and off the field. >> a state police corporal critically injured during a traffic stop. we're live at authorities prepare to deliver an update on the shooting. >> good morning everyone. 5:30 on this wednesday november 8th. karen is off. matt and david are here and it is cold out there. >> yes, it is. >> it's national cappuccino day. >> all right. >> good morning for that. >> could we put that the that to friday. that would be better. it's chilly though. in the weather sent you see how the rain from yesterday pushed off the coast. maybe a couple sprinkles around down by the shore but that's about it. we're expecting some clearing as we go through the day. best chance of surgeon later today is north of philadelphia, the best chance of not seeing as much sun is south of philadelphia and the
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