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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and want that person to please come forward. >> they are recovering the wreckage of halladay's plane submerged in six feet of water most of it intact. >> a resident called 911 after seeing the aircraft that crashed in the water but no one heard anything trouble from the plane itself. icon aviation says it was specifically designed for entry level pilots like halladay but the plane's chief designer and test pilot died when they were flying one of them earlier this year. he once tweeted while flying the craft it felt like flying a fighter jet. >> vernon odom is live now outside of citizens bank park. >> good evening. all day long fans have been down here and dropping in and paying their respects here at the
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monument and makeshift shrine actually outside of the ballpark to pay their respects to a pro ballplayer that commanded a great deal of respect in this town of hard nosed fans and chris ims. >> he was a good player on and off the field. i met him five times. and he remembered me. >> she brought all sorts of items to adorn the shrine outside of the ballpark to remember the legend roy halladay who died yesterday when his small plane crashed into the gulf of mexico: he spent the last five years of his career pitching for the phillies provided thrills and for this young lady inspiration during a tough period of her life. >> my dad died in 2012, he was still pitching with the phillies and it kind of helped me cope with my depression. >> and the perfect game here and no hurter in the post season against the red are moments that david han holds sacred.
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>> his playoff no-hitter with the reds was the last phillies game i saw with my dad. i wanted to come down and say farewell. >> he certainly left an impression with the fans, he was a bull dog on the mown and everyone loves and admired his work ethic but in the last couple of years, specifically on twitter you got to see him as a devoted dad and baseball coach and the love of flying. >> >> reporter: in the wake of all of this tragedy here in the last couple of days, the legend of roy halladay will only grow further to mythic proportions. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" live in south philadelphia. >> thank you. has continuing coverage for you on the death of roy halladay including remembrances from former teammates a special look at his
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impact on baseball from "action news" sports director ducis rogers and of course read more about the plane that halladay was flying. in other news the suspect accused of firing at two troopers officially charged at two counts of attempted murder. trooper seth kelly remains in critical but stable condition and ryan stiple was less seriously injured and suspect daniel clary was shot by the troopers after a routine traffic stop in plainfield township. it led to the suspicion of dui and there was a physical fight before clary and the two troopers. >> meantime authorities say that trooper kelly saved his life by applying his own tornket to one of his own wounds. >> this is the 300 block of west main street in birdsboro.
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this remains abactive investigation tonight and an "action news" crew is on the way spot scene and we'll have a live report at can have. turning to the weather now what a difference a day makes. it felt cooler out there and the trend will carry out through tomorrow. cecily tynan is at big board with the latest from accuweather. >> reporter: nice to get rid of the rain and saw some sunshine today. high was only 52 today. and slightly warmer but still that is 7 degrees below formal. we dropped down to 47 degrees and if you look across much of the country there is plenty of cold air, you have to go down to florida to have warm weather and the real cold air, the arctic air is waiting in the wings. it's in the western ridge of the hudson bay and as for
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temperatures, baker lake 17 degrees below zero and cambridge bay 24 degrees below zero and by the time it gets here it will moderate but by friday morning the windchill in philadelphia 20 degrees and many suburbs windchills will be in the teens. here is what to expect a brief shot of arctic air the coldest air since march, saturday morning lows near record lows and winds are gusting on friday. i'll talk about what this means for the rest of your weekend and check your next chance of rain in the accuweather forecast. >> lets go to sara bloomquist with how folks are gearing up for the blast of cold weather. >> reporter: hi there, soon enough we'll be leer in south philadelphia doing live reports on snow covered streets, we have been so spoiled by these mild, warm temperatures now super cold temperatures are on the way and it's time to get ready.
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i don't want to leave them out there once it hits 50 degrees. >> here at the urban jungle a gardening spot the house plants have coming inside for the winter. >> i'm starting to bring them in and it's getting chilly quick. >> with temperatures plummeting it's time to protect them from the cold and frost. if you put the cover over the plant it saves them from the frost but they are not happy with the temperatures. she suggests hardier varieties such as evergreens and holly. >> it's going to be very cold. >> are you ready for that? >> yes. >> no. no. i like the way it was last week. >> over at the farmers market the sun was shining and everyone is well aware that this weather won't last. >> the weather has been nice and i'll be stuck in the house for the rest of the winter and frank berk helps out an amish farm herb and their growing season
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ended earlier because of the unusually warm weather. >> because of the weather patterns, the stuff he planned on having in november was grown out and sold but a good growing season. >> wacky but a good one. the rain and sun all summer long it was nice. >> reporter: so the good news we'll get the blast of winter weather and at least winter temperatures by the end of week but the end of the weekend temperatures start to rebound and hopefully you found your hat and mittens. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> i got my hat and mittens ready. you can keep up with changes to the forecast on your phone or tablet including real time views from stormtracker 6 live double scan and the 6 abc app a free download. president trump is in china for a two day visit and this stop on his five country tour is considered to be the most
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critical. trump and his wife melania were welcomed there with an elaborate ceremonies, greeted by chinese and dignitaries and soldiers. and a band with children waiving miniature chinese and american flags. the visits come with mounting u.s. trade complaints. >> there is now a gag order in the case against trump campaign operatives paul manafort and rick gates and they sealed the case preventing them from making statements to the media to guarantee that the defendants get a fair trial. and robert mueller unsealed an indictment charging the men with financial crimes. >> time for the "action news" traffic report wednesday night. matt pellman is live in the traffic center. >> we had seven different problems this morning on 95 this afternoon not that many but so far two of them. this is the second one
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southbound side approaching the walt whitman bridge and this vehicle we are seeing smoke coming from it and looked like a vehicle fire and now everything is out and they will toe it out of the way and slowing southbound on 95 away from penn's landing and farther south you hit the brakes from the airport 420 and the nasty crash taking out the left lane. delco word of a crash on the pike near chuck e. cheese and the crash by gulph mills has cleared out but delays have not cleared there. and a new wreck on the platt bridge that taking out one lane near the mid spanx and a crash in berwyn near tio mexican and in willistown township one on route 3 westchester pike at 352 and trying to exit the turnpike at morgantown watch out there is emergency construction blocking the off ramp to go northbound on
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route 10. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. more "action news" coming your way stick around. we'll be right back.
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they hoppered our veterans today in montgomery county. students in fort washington elementary school dressed up as members of the military. they were all represented and put on the show for family members of students that served or are currently serving. they were invited to speak to the students at the veterans day atemably. >> that was nice. former vice president joe biden and dr. jill biden were in philadelphia on a personal mission, fighting cancer. ali gorman has the details at the big board tonight. >> the bidens cochair the cancer initiative an effort to get the researchers to share their finding and turn it into treatments faster and took part in a discussion about new ideas in cancer care and urged the audience of oncologists and bio companies executives and survivors to push for a greater
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exchange of information and spoke about progress with treatments like therapy. the bidens lost their son beau to brain cancer urge everyone to always keep the patients in mind. a scary situation if your child is rushed to the hospital to be treated for trauma most parents are not allowed in the room and a push to change that. they found that 90% of parents should have the option and separate reef search from hospitals in philadelphia and washington, d.c. says that having parents in the trauma room did not interrupt the child's care and gave emotional support and valuable information. and one has their social worker goes between. >> they are finding out what allergies they have chronic medications and illnesses and guide our care which we never had before. still as it stands now few hospitals allow parents in their
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trauma rooms. and coming up tonight at 11:00. a diet trick that many celebrities swear by and doctors even support. we'll introduce you to two local men that used on and off fasting to help them lose weight and improve their health and what experts have to say about the eating style the benefits and draw backs tonight in a special report on "action news" at 11:00. >> thank you. working together to improve character and skills, jimmy white iv talk to the students in the school library an ambassador for the travis manon foundation, he was killed in the iraqi war in 2007 and the foundation helps to lead our future generations in the right direction. >> darts thanksgiving food drive is underway across delaware the annual stuff the bus campaign aims to collect 20 tons of
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nonperishable foods for people in need. donations were dropped off today and collections will be taken at rodney square and wilmington as well tomorrow and friday and everything will be given directly to the food bank of delaware. (avo) if you've been struggling with belly pain
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he is one of the most popular books of childrens brooks today. what is why kinney got the reception today. he is the author of diary of a wimpy kid. he shared writings and illustrations and told the children his dream was not to become an author but to be a cartoon artist. philadelphia residents can now get their amazon packages delivered right in side of their front door with amazon key. to get in home delivery amazon prime deliveries you need the amazon smart cam and lock. they scan the bar code on the package and the camera turns on and unlocks the door and
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customers can watch the in-home delivery on an app of their smart phone no keys are provided to the delivery drivers. and they celebrated ten years of shopping in limerick where there are 150 outlet stores and opened in 2007 and expanded in '08 and they are proid that the out lit is a proud shopping decision for the philadelphia area and apply hundreds of area residents. singapore airlines is offering a new level of luxury for first class travellers, how about plane suites, they can be individually closed off from the aisle with half height sliding doors and they can get their work done on high speed internet and fine dining food and tv and entertainment system and comfort in the skies costs a pretty penny a round trip ticket from
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singapore to australia starts at $66 hundred.
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if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. time now for a check of the chilly accuweather forecast. meteorologist, cecily tynan here with how low will we go? >> near record lows saturday morning very code air on the way. lets go to the "action news"
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weather center this is a great shot showing the sunshine and cool enough that the horses need their coats and need their thick coats as we all will by friday and saturday morning. saturday is on the chilly side 41 degrees but the coolest air as far as the windchills will be on friday and saturday morning near record lows and sunday we begin to moderate but it comes at a price. a lot of clouds streaming in and a high of 50 degrees and that leads to the potential of rain monday morning. right now we are dry and cool, philadelphia 47 degrees and hit 52 earlier today and now that the sun has set the temperatures are dropping and temperatures 47 and pomona 46 and allentown 48 and wilmington 49. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we got rid of the rain but have lingering clouds across south jersey and delaware those are just ground clutter and not actually rain.
5:25 pm
high pressure is building in and it's a chilly night. overnight low is 40 in philadelphia and 32 in allentown with a touch of frost and 33 in reading and cape may not as intense close to the ocean a little bit warmer 26 degrees and trenton 36, throughout the day we are clouding up and temperature as head of the next cold front climb a little bit more. 9:00, 47 degrees and by 1:00. 56 and holding at 56 at 3:00 and the average high is 59 so slightly below normal but future tracker 6 shows windchills at 7:30 philadelphia and wilmington feeling like 20 degrees and trenton feeling like 18 and allentown and reading in the teens and the poconos windchills in the single digits the coldest air since last march. and as we head through the day the winds stay with us and temperatures barely move on in the afternoon windchills in the
5:26 pm
teens and 20s you need the winter gear. so the five-day at 5:00, not a bad day tomorrow. more clouds than sunshine and the low saturday morning 25 and the record for philadelphia is 21 set back in 1961 we'll be close for veterans day on saturday it's cool but not as intense. 41 degrees and winds diminish and cool for the unity cup at the link and sunday mostly cloudy and 50 degrees and sunday night and monday a possibility of rain 53. we get a preview of winter on friday. but what will the winter season bring? tune in tomorrow on "action news" at 11:00. for the winter weather outlook talk about the pattern we are in and what it means for temperatures and also what it means for snow. something everything wants to know tomorrow night. >> may have to skip our saturday morning run -- >> bundle up. layers, we have to go to commercial, thanks.
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more to come on wednesday night. chilly details about just what happened inside of that church sunday morning as the gunman took out so many people. there is video of the massacre and shows the horror was more calculating than originally thought. and inmates that pulled off a daring prison escape. officials now how they got free. and we all have to do it and it was former president obama's turn for jury duty. we'll show you how that went.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what it happening on "action news" tonight. chilly new details about the gunman's actions in the church on sunday morning. there is a video that shows exactly how he targeted his victims and a surprise for potential jurors, former president obama did his civic duty and whether or not he was picked for a jury and if you through away your shot there is a chance to see lin-manuel
5:30 pm
miranda to see him in hamilton. but have you to get on a plane to see him. and new details showing how calculating devin kelley was after committing mass murder in a church. it shows that kelley walked up and down the aisles to execute parishioners one by one. maggie ruly is live now with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: rick, the description of that video is hard to hear and authorities that watched it says what shocked them most is that everyone survived the shooting and vice president mick pence is now here in texas to comfort the victims. mike pence is heading to texas after the worst mass shooting in the state's history. to comfort this small community
5:31 pm
where everyone knows someone that was killed. the names of all 26 victims, were released including one family that lost three generations including an unborn child. pence asked the nation for their prayers. saying at this moment of heart break and loss in the southerland springs community what most americans are able to do is pray for the families. families that lost everything. after the 26-year-old gunman opened fire inside of this small church and now reports show that the shooter should not have been able to buy the guns in the first place. >> this is clearly a problem. the shooter an air force veteran was convicted of violent domestic abuse and tried to escape from a medical fashion ilt in 2012 and was caught sneaking firearms at the air base and trying to carry out death threats on his military chain of commands but never sent the information to the fbi.
5:32 pm
>> now, there are concerns that other cases may be slipping through the cracks. >> when you only have one instance since 2007 of a domestic violence reported by the military there is a problem. the pentagon is calling for a full review on how the cases are handled. >> reporter: the biggest problem for investigators right now is getting into the shooter's heavily encrypted cell phone and desperately trying to reach the emails and contacts and could take them weeks to break in. maggie ruly, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in the wake that deadly shooting, democratic lawmakers are again introducing a massive gun control measure it seeks to ban the sale or transfer of any military assault weapon the last time it was the wake of sandy hook massacre in 2012 and that was defeated 60-40, now senators all democrats have signed on and
5:33 pm
last assault weapons ban expired in 2004. developing news tonight from tennessee where three inmates including one suspected in the brutal murder had to escape from the county jail. the three were imprisoned in the macon county jail and removed a speaker and crawled into the wall and out of the prison. one of them dillon ferguson was awaiting trial for the murder of a man last year and that the escaped inmates left in a truck belonging to an uncle. new rule from the trump administration are restricting commerce and tourism in cuba, companies will no longer be able to do business with a list of companies that the administration has ties to intelligence or security -- including hotels and shops and american tourists will no longer
5:34 pm
be able to travel to cuba on an exchange program. president obama returned to chicago today to do something that all of us have to do eventually. he flew in for jury duty. >> good to see you. how you all doing? >> took time to shake hands at the daly center in the chicago's loop. and was chosen to serve on a panel not picked to hear a case but the fellow potential jurors were excited to rub elbows with obama and used it as a lesson in public service. >> it shows us all i don't have a good excuse and an important duty for all of us. if he shows up we all have to show up. the former president surrounded by secret service there, will be paid a little over 17 there's for his day of service. back here at home a fire in wilmington we learn that a second victim died of her
5:35 pm
injuries and the woman was rescued from the home in norway avenue yesterday morning, another resident a 60-year-old man died and a third man is in critical condition. still no word on what caused it. pennsylvania's medical marijuana registry launches one week ago and already 3800 patients have signed on. and in addition 200 care givers registered for the program. it offers medical marijuana for people suffering from illness and expected to be immated by next year. a 97-year-old with a special story is honored today with the south philadelphia alumni association. charles was never able to graduate because he was drafted into world war ii and got his honorary diploma with the class of 2017. he was forced leave his junior
5:36 pm
year and got four purple hearts and four bronze stars in the war. what is next for him? he has not ruled out college. how about that. >> time now for a check of the highways for your wednesday night. matt pellman has the details for us. >> and if you want to drive 95? you'll have things in your way rick and monica, a new crash on the northbound side by ridley park a southbound one by 420 blocking a lane and this one is northbound coming away from the blue route and new accident taking out the left lane as well. plenty busy northbound in delaware county away from the commodore barry bridge the accident is on 95 and one on the platt bridge as well heading eastbound away from the airport. luckily that has cleared out and one on the schuylkill eastbound side near vair taking out the right lane there. and accidents and broke ebb down vehicles and one on the admiral wilson boulevard approaching the
5:37 pm
circle. right lane out there. new crash where you turn to go in the wegmans, morehall road as matthews road. and crash in berwyn along lancaster avenue has cleared out as has the emergency construction off the pennsylvania turnpike it was blocking the ramp and go ahead and use that ramp again. you can't use 422, closing during the overnight hours starting at 9:00 tonight until 5:00 tomorrow morning. the next few nights for overnight constructions coming out of berks county to pottstown use 724 as the alternate. >> all right matt thank you. still ahead on "action news" the phillies are paying tribute to former pitcher roy halladay who died yesterday when the plane went down in florida. details on the memorial coming up in sports. and major star power on stage during tonight's country music awards and we'll have the preview coming up.
5:38 pm
and adam joseph tracking the latest in the "action news" weather center. you have coats and scarves ready? >> they are ready. i hope yours are ready. you'll need them friday and especially on saturday. temperatures came up from yesterday's 49 degrees and today 52 degrees but the highs won't get out of the 30s in the seven-day forecast. we'll let you know when. >> thank you. more when "action news" comes right back. she never let anything slow her down.
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being an adult come as long with financial responsibility and that was the lesson taught today to local high schoolers, they call it the financial reality fair in warminster. from the true mart credit union and pennsylvania foundation were there to teach basic budgeting and skills and other high schools took part in the fair. furry and green and the most beloved mascot in baseball and maybe all of sports. we are talking about the philly phanatic the gold medal award, you see mayor jim kenney to honor the phanatic they took a look back at the mascot's career
5:42 pm
entertaining baseball fans since the last 1970s. >> probably the most popular mascot in sports. >> i think so. we love it. the tributes keep pouring in in memory of doc halladay. >> it's almost unreal this happened. i talked to fans and nobody can believe it. we are in shock over the sudden death of roy halladay, he was only here for four seasons and made such an impact every phillies fans has a memory that includes roy halladay in it. the marquee is still lit in his honor and memory and i paid a visit to the makeshift memorial. fans continuing to leave memorabilia and notes and teammates continuing to remember their friend ryan howard the last to touch the ball after the
5:43 pm
epic to hitter. >> ryan howard was a person, quiet initially in the clubhouse but started to really open up and he was a guy when he smiled, you know it could light up the room. he could definitely play a trick on somebody. and you not see it coming. he was a very selfless guy. loved his sons. loved his sons to death. you know he was just a very giving open person. very just down to earth guy. >> the flyers in a bit a rut at the wells fargo center with only three wins and in seven games at home. how do you turn that around. dick vermeil gave the team a ra ra speech before the game against chicago. they have not won a game at home in almost three weeks and trying to snap a skid in philadelphia.
5:44 pm
they play five games the last 21 days and that sounds overwhelming and they are trying to stay focused on the present. >> you can't look too far ahead and take it game by game and we have a lot of games coming up and a layoff now but the biggest thing for us is just to take it game by game. >> the flyers are faltering the sixers are streaking. winners of five in a row and face the kings in sacramento now. last night no joel embiid no problem. simmons a beast. shy of another triple-double and many of those finishes on the steals were monster jams. dario had a series high 24 points helping the sixers to the win against the jazz and the first five game winning streak in almost six years and back to roy halladay i had a chance to talk to thompson he was the
5:45 pm
hitting coach and we'll have more from ryan howard on halladay and what he remembers about his friend. >> more coming your way including five local athletes that knows what universities they will be playing for. signing day for the prep school seniors. ed cross well plays basketball at la salle and four others play baseball. quinnipiac and look at university of massachusetts and dominic at montclair state. good luck everybody. that is exciting. the exclusive accuweather forecast it's not that exciting. >> looking live at the sky 6 hd at the philadelphia international airport a beautiful night. it's chilly. and adam joseph has the details when we come right back. before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben
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meteorologist adam joseph is here now with the changing forecast and we mean plummeting. >> we are spoiled by how warm it's been. this will shake us to the core. as we get into friday and saturday and a beautiful shot here at the the vineyards in hammonton, new jersey, the vines are starting to change color as well as we head into fall. but what is more like winter in that seven-day forecast. as we look at sky 6 hd in the
5:49 pm
weather center here. temple university showing a pretty crystal clear picture here of that skyline. no strong winds today but those winds will howl again as the cold air floods in from canada. temperatures are seasonable as we get into the day tomorrow for your thursday and an arctic blast comes in first thing friday morning and you hear the windows rattle and quite a bite to the air and near record lows as we get into friday night. and saturday morning. right now we are in the 40s across the entire area. we have fallen out of the 50s where we were for most cities this afternoon 48 in allentown and millville and 47 for dover and 44 degrees in cape may county. as we look at satellite and radar there are no major storm but a front to the south that is what brought the rain yesterday. that front pushed far enough
5:50 pm
south we cleared out the sky temporarily. and low pressure near dallas and memphis that and skirts to the south and close enough to bring us clouds tomorrow and here is the arctic front marching in the u.s. and canadian border towards chicago and aims in here friday morning. for tonight partly cloudy and frosty north and west by the morning, freezing there at 32 degrees and 40 for center city with winds northeast 3 to 6 miles per hour. and as we look at your day tomorrow for your thursday, clouds and limited sunshine as the low is just to the south, 52 in allentown and 55 in trenton and 57 in philadelphia and 60 millville, dover and right along the shore cape may and the boardwalk. that is seasonable for november 9th. as we get into friday though, this is when the door opens up to the canadian air and strong high pressure comes in over the great lakes, and the arctic blast is here and winds gusting 35 miles per hour. and only 39 for a high. that is typical for the middle
5:51 pm
of january, february and factor in the winds it feels more like the teens to 20s the entire day. then by saturday morning dipping down to the record low of 21. in philadelphia set back in 1961, 19 in allentown and 25 trenton is the old record and 1987 and break or tie records in wilmington and atlantic city. the exclusive accuweather forecast savor tomorrow despite the limited sunshine and the blast of winter on friday and teens and 20s and still cold but less wind on veterans day saturday of 41 and clouds come back in and dry sunday of 50 degrees and sizable storm with the soaking rain and temperatures there in the lower 50s and wednesday gradual clearing and 54 degrees and yes winter is knocking on our door and if you want to know what the true winter season has in store
5:52 pm
for us. tune in tomorrow night as 11:00 p.m. on channel 6. meteorologist, cecily tynan, will give you complete break down with snowfall and rainfall. all of that stuff. she'll have it all. >> 15 inches last winter? >> that is it. >> that was 14 too many. >> in my book i agree. >> if you missed super store form lin-manuel miranda on board way there is another chance to catch the show but have you to travel to puerto rico to see him. the show opens in january of 2019 and runs for just a month. the composer himself will star in the title role since the first time since ending his run last year it was made before hurricane maria damaged the island but has sent a message that puerto rico will recover.
5:53 pm
both of his parents are from the island. a big night in nashville tonight. the country music awards, the cma's will be handed out. miranda lambert is going with the most five. and brad paisley back as cohost along with carrie underwood and honor the lives lost in the mass shooting in las vegas during a country music concert. >> there is no ignoring what we have been through in country music and in america this year so -- good you can see all the country music excitement here tonight on 6 abc. a very special thank you event still ahead on "action news" tonight. why the men and women are honored for helping children that need it most. that story when we come right back. eligible for medicare?
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volunteers for helping children. the recognition luncheon for the foster grandparents, older adults that serve as extended family members to special needs youngstered. they volunteered close to 95,000 hours of service in philadelphia and offering love and wisdom to any child in a needs it the seniors went through orient aches and training. >> that is a lot of hours. jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories. the police identify the corporal shot during the traffic stop and that he made one important move that may have saved his life and developing news from berks county a body found in the woods new details in a live report. >> and remembering roy halladay, fans head to citizens bank park to honor the former pitcher killed in the plane crash yesterday. that and more coming up next at
5:57 pm
6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice evening. good night. christie: this is governor christie. new jersey is facing an epidemic fueled by addictive opioid painkillers. codeine... oxycodone... fentanyl... morphine. these are just some of the medications prescribed for pain relief. these pills can be highly addictive, and the addiction doesn't end when the
5:58 pm
prescription runs out. many times, people turn to a deadlier option - heroin. addiction is a disease, but help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night south jersey students get a lesson from veterans and a major development project breaks ground in university city but the big story on "action news" is the new information about the shooting of a pennsylvania state trooper, we now know the trooper's name is he corporal seth kelly age 39 a 13 year
5:59 pm
veteran of the pennsylvania state police and tonight he is in critical but stable condition. after being shot three times on the side of route 33 in plainfield township. "action news" lehigh valley correspondent walter perez is live at the hospital. what is the latest on kelly' medical status and the suspect daniel clary? >> the details of this story are nothing short of jaw dropping and then we learned that the injured officer apply aid tourniquet to himself to stop the bleeding likely saving his own life. >> corporal kelly is identified as i officer shot in a confrontation in northampton county. and the suspect is identified as daniel clary. and he was pulled over by corporal siple with kelly
6:00 pm
arriving as backup. and then what is described as a knock down dragout fight after the troopers decided to arrest the suspect. >> he returns an the vehicle and reaches into the drivers side window and pulls out a gun. the fist fight turns into a gun battle and the suspect is shot repeatedly but able to drive himself to easton hospital and it shows the vehicle zipping through traffic an fleeing the scene. corporal kelly was hit at least three times in the leg and the area around his shoulder and neck. kelly then immediately started to administer first head on himself. >> he carries a tourn


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