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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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halladay and maybe losing weight is not just how much you eat but when you eat, that's next. ♪ action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ this sort of thing is not supposed to happen in a rural community like this but when it did today frankly a lot of people panicked the body of a woman was found in a wooded area
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of birdsboro burks county not far from some homes. and now police must find out who, when and why. wednesday night the big story on action news tonight is the community shaken to its core and the police investigation now well underway. action news reporter christie ileto is live at the scene of this gruesome find, christie what is the latest there? >> reporter: well jim this particular area has a handful of businesses in this one parking lot and at nighttime there is hardly any foot traffic and not immediately clear if this woman died here or if she was dumped here. >> my house is directly behind where they had it quartered off today. i mean it's directly behind the house. >> reporter: state police spent almost 7 hours combing a wooded area nestled between pat's home a coffee warehouse and railroad tracks trying to solve what happened to a woman whose body was discovered late wednesday morning.
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>> very scary. >> nothing ever major happens. 316 west main street unconscious person. >> reporter: police have not revealed whether her body was dumped in the area or died in the spot where she was discovered by the birdsboro mayor tells us there have been no reports of missing people man or woman in the immediate area. so the discovery panicked parents who rushed to pick up their children from a daycare near the crime scene and other businesses were forced to temporarily shutter their doors. >> ask we would close down the facility and contacted us and asked if we had video surveillance of the parking lot. >> reporter: not clear if police found anything on tape and they are scared this could happen so close to home. >> we only dealt with minor vandalism and today we have a body. >> reporter: now an autopsy will determine if an actual homicide took place but state police are asking anyone who may have seen
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anything suspicious in the previous days to come forward live in birdsboro christie ileto channel six action news jim. thank you christie and deadly gunfire tonight just steps away from allentown city hall police say a 19-year-old man was shot to death in the parking lot a hamilton tour a half block away from the government building and shots rang out at 7:30 police have not identified the victim nor a suspect. authorities now say the pennsylvania state trooper who was shot during a traffic stop in northampton county yesterday likely saved his own life applying a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. 39 year-year-old corporal sell kelley shot three times and remains in critical but stable conditions in st. lukes in bethlehem and set to under go another surgery to remove a bullet another trooper 31-year-old ryan seiple suffered minor injuries wrestling with the suspect along route 33 in plainfield township as traffic was speeding by.
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both troopers shot and wounded the 22-year-old suspect daniel clary. state police say clary is not denying his involvement. the man accused of shooting a camden police officer last week was in court today for his preliminary hearing, the judge ordered 19-year-old mayhan held without bail for attempted murder 21-year-old officer patrick ohanlon was there for the accused attacker and plans to return to work as soon as he recovers. way it looked as crews entered the water and got a close up look at the wreckage of roy halladay's plane. that is the wrong video but let me continue to tell the story as annie mccormick is standing by give me a second halladay crashed his prized aca5 yesterday and he was killed and of course we know that and today authorities say it will be a week to ten days before they have an official cause of the
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crash, there are reports as you know annie from witnesses apparently c apparent apparently confirmed that he was flying several feet above the water in the gulf of mexico and annie is there in citizens park and you saw some expert opinion tonight about those reports what did you find out? >> reporter: jim, that expert we talked to was looking at the video speaking about it by "tmz" that shows his plane low over the water but expert saying you cannot say for sure because he is not investigator on the case but he may have been practicing landing on the water. this is a glimpse into roy halladay's last moments in the air before he crashed his plane into the florida gulf tuesday around noon. the plane an icon a5 a two seat light sport aircraft meant to land on water. >> it's really a very light weight, simplified airplane that
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has capabilities that are fun to use recreationally. >> reporter: arthur a licensed pilot and lawyer specializing in plane crash litigation says because of the type of plane a non-flyer witnessing this might misunderstood what is happening. >> it's normal for someone to be practicing approaches to landings on the water even if you don't touchdown. if he is trying to kind of get a feel for whether or not he wants to land on that water which has a little bit of a swell in it or whether or not he thinks that the water is smooth enough for him to land on. >> he says the company requires a strict training program, halladay a former star pitcher for the philadelphia phillies became licensed to fly in 2013 and logged 700 flight hours and he only had the icon a5 a month the boaters who captured this video rushes to the scene moments after the crash, there were no sign of survivors. >> oh, my god.
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oh, my god. >> reporter: the ntsb spent the day on the water recovering two data recorders, they know this much so far. >> looked like a high energy impact but all the pieces were there, most everything was attached but it was a high energy impact. >> reporter: now halladay was actually one of the first to fly a model like this one. it was only in may that the designer of this model actually died in a crash while flying the plane and in that case the ntsb ruled it as pilot error as you said jim 7-ten-days until they figure out a cause and could be two years until they finish the entire investigation reporting live outside of citizens bank park annie mccormick 6abc action news back to you. >> accuweather front tonight a seasonable start in the morning but not going to last tomorrow night an arctic blast will begin blowing in and metrologist cecily tynan now here with a very chilly outlook from
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accuweather cecily. >> i want to show you the air mass i'm tracking west of hudson bay and beginning to pour into central canada. temperatures 18-24 degrees for low those are the temperatures not the wind chills and air mass heading our way and moderating as it does but future tracker showing the combination of the temperature and the wind, the wind chill will make it feel like 19 degrees on friday morning and wind chills will have trouble struggling out of that as we head through the day on friday so this is what to expect friday into saturday a brief shot of arctic air, it will not last long the coldest air since last march near record lows and the winds are going to be a big issue on friday, i'll have more details on that in the accuweather seven-day forecast jim. >> thanks cecily and wilmington police agrees to a new four year contract the fop and mayor mike today announced the deal has been ratified by the city's 304 ranking file officers, it runs
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through june of 2020 it provides 2% pay raises annually and starting salary next summer begins at 51,445. police will have to pay more for their healthcare and more officers will be available for patrol. ♪ vice president mike pence prayed with the people of sutherland springs texas tonight as they continue to give and to grieve for the 26 people killed in sunday's mass shooting. during the vigil pence insisted that the act of violence would not diminish their spirit or faith and had more personal conversations with the families of the victims. meanwhile investigators have reviewed video recorded inside the church in southern land springs, officials say some of the footage shows the assailant shooting victims in the head during sunday services officials also say the video is consistent with statements made by survivors of the attack, the
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church regularly records its services for the internet. in response to the texas shooting and on the heels of a las vegas massacre today democratic senators introduced a new assault weapons ban. the last ban expired in 2004. the senators the democratic senators tried a similar bill after sandy hook but that failed 60-40. the lawmakers say they are sick of the argument that nothing can be done or that it's too early to discuss gun control. however the bill is unlikely to even be put up for a vote. still to come on action news tonight an emotional mother goes public with explosive claims about what hollywood star kevin spacey allegedly did to her son. plus getting into the holiday spirit we are there as philadelphia's tree arrives tonight and we have the run down of all the impressive statistics. and it sounds simple enough eat less or not at all and health reporter and registered nursz
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ali gor man joins us if the latest weight loss trend is safe. >> a diet trick that celebrities swear by and studies show it may improve your over all health we will show you how intermittent fasting sheds pounds and what they have to say about the feeding plan and cecily tynan returns for accuweather and ducis rodgers hears from row howard about the roy halladay tragedy more when action news returns. there are new allegatio
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tonight of sexual assault against actor kevin spacer a former boston television news anchor says her 18-year-old son was accosted at a bar in 2016 and heather described what she says happened. >> space si stuck his hand inside my son's pants and grabbed his genitals, my son panicked he froze and kevin spacey left to use the bathroom
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and a woman came to my shaken son's side and asked if he was okay obviously she had seen something and she knew that he was not. she told him to run and he did. >> reporter: admits her son told space si he was legal drinking age and did not immediately file a police report until this week because of embarrassment and fear her claims follow other recent allegations against kevin spacey. president donald trump and the first lady melania trump received the red carpet tring in beijing the china president and ping and first lady also hosted the trumps on a rare tour of the forbidden city. but the two day stay in china will involve some very serious business especially potential tension over trade and china's willingness or lack there of to pressure north korea to pull back on its nuclear weapons program. former president barack obama did today what most private citizens are called to do show
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up for jury duty. it happened in chicago. other folks in the jury pool were wide eyed when obama walked in accompanied by his secret service detail and obama shook hands and chatted with some folks heard the words then that many perspective jurors want to hear, you're dismissed. health check at 11:00 it's a diet trick that some celebrities swear by even some doctors support it is known as intermittent fasting, health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is here with a closer look what is it and does it work. >> some say it's a fad or a lifestyle and on-and-off fasting can help prevent inflammation and that may lower your risk for chronic illnesses but the research isn't definitive yet and right now most people try eating this way for the purpose of losing weight keep in mind it's not for everyone. ♪ celebrities such as jimmy kimmel and terry cruise reportedly
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follow intermittent fasting plans, weight loss doctor charlie says it can be an effective what loss tool. >> intermittent fasting has a higher probability of working for people more than most plans out there. >> several ways to do it the popular 5-2 plan means five days out of the week you eat normal but for two you only eat about 500 calories. greg with bird alley in philadelphia follow the 16-8 plan they work all morning only having water and coffee then at noon it's time to eat. typically it's lunch, a snack and dinner then the fast starts again at 8:00 p.m. >> through the course of about eight months i lost 12 pounds. >> reporter: he kept it off and still tries to eat healthy but feels intermittent fasting gives
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him a bit of wiggle room. >> not as big of an impact if you do eat occasional cheat meal or sugar or pizza once in a while. >> others were tedious counting calories and this gives him more flexibility. >> i don't have to worry i can have this but tot -- not that. >> reporter: it's nice for people with busy lifestyles. and a dinner with your family and allows more calories in the meals you do eat and do not waste them during the day when you are not thinking about food. >> reporter: he and registered dietician say intermittent fasting has drawbacks. >> hunger major drawback. >> reporter: also warns this plan can be dangerous for some people. >> for example if you are a diabetic if you have low blood pressure, if you are on certain medications that it's not recommended for. >> reporter: she also said
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anyone who had an eating disorder should not do intermittent fasting and it can be tricky when you add in intense exercise plus it's not good for certain life changes. >> pregnancy happens or you know you are nursing or you go on vacation or celebration comes up. >> reporter: greg and adam admit they had to ease into the eating style, over all they say the biggest benefit is learning to eat only when hungry and to slow down. >> you want it to last as long as possible. >> reporter: now it still comes down to calories in verse calories out this man just seems to help some people manage that easier but for others it won't work if you get too hungry and over eat it will back fire. as always everyone should talk to their healthcare provider before starting any new diet plan to make sure that it is safe for them. >> this doesn't give you license to eat anything you want. >> no. >> during those times when you eat. >> you still should eat healthy that is the thing it can back
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fire. >> healthy meaning low fat. >> i would say high protein healthy fat and maybe lower on the carb side but a good balanced meal and still want your knew nutrients. >> once every four days i get it thank you and philadelphia holiday tree stands toll tonight at dilley worth park and action news outside city hall at 7:45 as the 50 foot tree came from southern pennsylvania this is time lapse photography as the crane company of northeast philadelphia lifted the tree into place a top of 30,000 pound custom steel base and now let's take a look from sky six and next step installing lights and decorations powered by 100% clean wind energy. the tree lighting ceremony will take place the day after thanksgiving.
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guess what we are getting close to the holidays. >> yes and it's really going to feel like it by the end of the week friday actually not just in the morning but really all day long the wind chill is pretty brutal and tonight the action cam looking at university city where there is a bit of a chill in the air but this is about what it should feel like for this time in november and sky six taking a look at center city skyline the view from temple nothing more than a few fair weather clouds out there and temperatures about where they should be for this time of the year a little bit cool this afternoon reached a high of 52 that is six degrees below normal right now philadelphia slipped down to 47 degrees, the same in pomona cape may 45 north and west suburbs little cooler with a touch of frost and 34 allentown and reading and lancaster 35 degrees so tomorrow temperatures climb up a little bit more, should make it up to about 56, 57 degrees, we won't see a lot of sun though best chance of seeing sun will be about mid morning around 11:00 and then the clouds roll in, it will be a dry day though and
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temperatures seasonable but this is ahead of a cold front that will bring us that really cold air by friday so satellite and radar showing right now we are in between systems in the boundary to the south and this is the front and the low pressure that brought us the rain yesterday that one low pressure moved on and another one that will stay south and clouds our way tomorrow and then there is an arctic boundary you can see it right here that line of clouds right there near minneapolis yes that is a little bit of snow that is what will open the door for polar air to move in by friday so tomorrow in between the systems good amount of cloud cover but temperatures seasonable up to about 57 degrees, that front moves through thursday night could touch off a shower or two i think for the most part it comes through dry behind it though the afternoon high only 39 degrees, you factor in the wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour wind chills will not be climbing out of the 20s all day long, the winds diminish by saturday morning but this leads to near record cold,
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these are the records philadelphia 21 allentown 19, trenton 25 wilmington atlantic city 22 temperatures will fall very close to those record lows so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow mostly cloudy a high of 57 degrees look at the blast of winter though on friday 39 degrees, wind chills in the teens and 20s and overnight low 25 by saturday morning for veterans day the winds ease not as harsh but still cold 41 degrees bundle up if you are heading to the lync for the unity cup then on sunday temperatures moderate 50 degrees bump it up to 53 on monday with a chance of rain and some of that rain could linger into tuesday morning 54 and gradual clearing on wednesday with a high of 54 degrees. tomorrow night i will be talking about snow and cold, yes, my winter weather outlook airs tomorrow night at 11:00, at 6:00 at night you asked me for a hint i said it will be colder than last winter. >> you did.
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>> another hint we will likely get more snow than last winter so all the details tomorrow at 11:00. it's almost winter better to know ahead of time be prepared. >> i can't go on. >> you can you are a pro. >> all right, tonight in center city philadelphia gathering for women from philadelphia who have served in the armed forces councilwoman brown and women veterans center hosted a dinner to thank the women for their service. and representative 8% of america's veteran population. ♪
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trying to deal with this whole roy halladay situation it just has to be unfathomable. >> roy halladay friends and teammates are trying to cope with his death yesterday and the marquis at citizens park has a tribute to the late pitcher and makeshift memorial has popped up there as well and roy howard was his teammate for four seasons and reflects on the loss of his friend. >> roy halladay is a person you know he was quiet initially like in the clubhouse but then he started to really open up and he was a guy when he smiled you know it could definitely light up the room. he could definitely play a trick on somebody and you not see it coming. he was a very selfless guy,
11:29 pm
loved his sons, loved his sons to death, you know, he was just a very giving open person, very just down to earth guy. >> reporter: halladay's death resonated across all sports and he grew up in ontario canada and saw the mastery on the mound firsthand. >> very big blue jays fan and things he did for toronto and nobody said a bad thing about him and you know when he was a very focused guy and did a lot of good things for baseball. >> reporter: the flyers will be back in action tomorrow night at home against the blackhawks chicago blanked them last night 3-zip and talk about the sixers after the break. getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult.
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west coast road trip will continue tomorrow in sacramento after taking a night off and joel embiid will return to the line up and with utah the longest win streak in five years but only now are the sixers allowing themselves to feel good about it. >> winning streak is not a winning streak until it hits five games so we are day one of our winning streak. three games four games that is not a really winning streak so five games is sort of the minimum cutoff so i think we are good. i think he has done a great job all season of just sort of focusing on where we can improve. >> reporter: kind of raising the bar there. >> he is teaching the other guys how to win and play in the mba.
11:34 pm
>> he is a good player and philadelphia police athletic league taking time to mentor young men across the city more than 100 young men were guests at the dinner at the palace center in north philadelphia they engaged in discussions with the officers about achieving their dreams and having strong self-esteem. jimmy kimmel live followed by night line and guests tonight and action news continues at 4:30 can family ed war wards o'donnell and murphy and and for cecily tynan and the entire news action team i'm jim gardner. good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- dax shepard. from "grey's anatomy" jesse williams. "mean tweets country music edition" -- and music from luke combs. and now, stay focused -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. very nice. a warm welcome. to those of you who are joining us following the cma awards tonight on


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