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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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shot in the head. the circumstances are unclear. a number of distraught family members came out of the home including a woman believed to be the child' mother and other people rushed to the scene and they were clearly distraught. the child was reported to be shot at 2:15, and a number of family members were in the house along with the mother at the time. and the child was shot in the head in the basement and someone called the boy's father who came to the scene and transported the child to einstein where he was pronounced dead only about 15 minutes later. at this point a weapon has not been recovered. chopper 6 hd was live over einstein medical center where we could see the father's car was taped off with crime scene tape and eventually the boy's mother was transported by police to einstein as well. and as to what unfolded here the captain homicide was asked about
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the case a short time ago. >> police are on the scene and we are conducting the investigation at this point but it's unclear to exactly what happened. apparently an accident shooting shooting or reckless gun play but that is speculation on my part at this point. >> questions remain here and it's unclear at this point how this 2-year-old boy ended up with a gunshot wound to the head. adding to the mystery at this hour, no weapon has been recovered. live in olney, channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you. meanwhile, a man was shot to death in broad daylight today in west philadelphia. 29-year-old terrell shields was shot several times on mer yet avenue. two men approached his car and opened fire at 9:30 this morning. detectives are searching for the suspects and they are not sure what led up to the shooting and implore witnesses to please come
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forward. >> turning now to the warren and the major change that is on the way today. today is cloudy and seasonable temperatures but tomorrow will be a different story. >> arctic air is moving in and feeling like the heart of winter. meteorologist, cecily tynan, is at the big board with the latest word from accuweather. >> it's a shot to the system to' lot of us. not only cold but windy. right now it's seasonable. 57 degrees is what it feels like that is the air temperature. but if you look at this spot in north dakota. the windchill is 11 degrees that is the air mass moving our way and beginning to move into chicago and satellite 6 along with action radar showing the actual front is there moving across the great lakes and limited in moisture. it has showers, snow showers with it, but here it will likely be moving through dry overnight while most of us are sleeping and you step outside tomorrow morning you'll feel it. the arctic front is moving in from the northwest to the southeast from 1:00 in the
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morning to 5:00 in the morning. by day break it is past, and winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour. temperatures in the 30s at dawn that is where they stay all day long and windchills stuck in the teens and 20s not just for the morning commute but through the day and once the winds diminish i am tracking freeze warnings moving in by saturday morning. future tracker 6 showing 21 degrees and the windchill tomorrow morning. i'll talk about the freeze warnings and when more seasonable weather returns in the accuweather forecast. >> cecily thank you. with the cold weather approaching heating technicians are working in overdrive as customers prepare for the blast of winter coming. john rawlins is live at henderson heating and john you went along with the tech as he checked area homes there today? >> reporter: that is right. henderson had multiple crews out today to do heater tuneups and
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checkups and a lot of companies in this area that were out in force because of the time of year and the forecast. bob hunt is with william henderson doing heater tuneups like this for 14 years. >> the first thing is to go over and make sure everything has a tight seal. >> the process taking an hour or more. he inspected the electronic and mechanical elements to make sure it is reliable and safe. >> while a consumer can change filters a qualified tech should do the rest. the orange glow is from an electric coil that ignited the gas inside of the furn ago. using a meter hunt measures carbon monoxide from the flew to outside. >> we are well within our range if the ultimate goal is to headache sure the potentially co
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goes outside. if it cracks bad enough the blower comes on and pushes the flew gases into your house. >> that is bad. >> you start to get nausea and fatigue and headaches. and then in the worst cases especially if you are sleeping, and things of that nature you could potentially lose your life. >> this unit is a few years old and the homeowner says she replaced an older furnace when she was advised. >> you need to replace this because you have the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning down there. >> reporter: now the cost of the tuneup varies from company to company. and the type of equipment. it's safe to expect to pay $100 per tuneup per unit. but regular checkups like that can help the reliability of a furnish us and the longevity of
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the furnace. >> as the weather moves in, this cold weather coming you can find the latest forecast information including real time views from stormtracker 6 live double scan just by visiting you can also download the app for your mobile device. doctors removed a bullet from a wounded pennsylvania state trooper in critical but stable condition. corporal seth kelley completed a second surgery and he was shot in the line of duty on tuesday in a shootout with a dui suspect. and daniel clary is charged with attempted homicide. and matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> zipping towards the weekend but not zipping here along 95. an issue a broken down vehicle on the northbound side near the
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betsy ross bridge doesn't look to be here too long. penndot is out here and looks like they are hooking up the disabled vehicle and should be hooked up shortly and jammed solid from the betsy ross bridge and southbound you have police on the shoulder with the northbound situation and southbound is extra slow as well. heading towards 95 we are backing up on across town from the vine street expressway from the schuylkill to 95. didn't help us out we had a crash at 6th street at the ben franklin bridge and that is cleared out, and open on the eastbound side and congested. and westbound headed towards the schuylkill that starts to kick in as well. a crash to watch out for involving a overturned vehicle in haverford township, delco. and slow speeds along the blue route in delco as you head toward route 3. and 422 eastbound a crash at stow, looks like it's not too
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slow but westbound a gaper delay from pottstown and speeds in the 40s. lets grab the ipad and check your way home on this thursday with the waze app. a crash on 295 southbound side in lawnside camden county, close to wood crest station and the crash is cleared but as you see the red zone the slow speeds have not cleared. we'll check it again if the next half hour. >> next on "action news" at 4:00, senate republicans unveil their tax plan as pressure mounts for lawmakers to deliver, we'll look at the differences from their proposal and the one in the house. >> plus, a massive project to improve a local rec center and the improved facility that families will be edge to enjoy. sfwln and the story of the newcastle sheriff. he sits down to talk about his military service. and adam joseph on an outdoor adventure live in cherry
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hill. >> this is the section of the city known for their restaurants and shops, especially into the holiday season. the old cobblestone streets and a great theater we'll go in and check out a performance. we'll crash a performance and an ice-cre ice-cream parlor and bakery. >> yes. >> can i have some of that? >> no. >> will you help me decorate a cake? >> yes. i can almost smell the brats from here... ♪ ring in the holidays with buick. ♪ discover the new buick and get 20 percent below msrp on all 20-17 enclave leather models. that's over 96 hundred on this enclave leather. ♪
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we have got breaking news right now out of delaware county and a situation unfolding in haverford township. and that is where you can see a car has overturned. this happening in the 400 block of college avenue, many of you
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know connected to darby road and the driver lost control of the car and ended up on someone's lawn. the car overturned and we were told that there were reports of someone trapped and side. and not clear if the person was taken out or to free the person inside. again, developing situation a car has overturned on the 400 block of college avenue. all this have happening minutes ago and we are working to get the latest on this. and we'll fas along when we learn it. the pastor who lost 26 members in the texas church massacre says he wants the church torn down. frank pom roy says that the the bullet riddled house of worship is a painful setting and wanted to erect the memorial garden. the pastor who lost his daughter wants to erebt rect the center
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on the property but not where it stands. it would have to be agreed upon by the southern baptist convention that supports that church. the center's plan has key differences from a bill working through the house but similarities include easing the burden on the middle class. that is the goal and like the house plan, this senate one reduces the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%. but it delays that change until 2019 in the house the changes would take affect next year. and among other key differences the senate plans keep seven tax brackets and the house plan reduces the number to three. and speaker paul ryan is confident that the house bill will pass. >> we are doing this the right
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way and takes time but we'll get this over the finish line. because we need to get this done for american families and get this done for people that will be helped by simpler fairer taxes and today we take a big step closer to fulfilling that goal. >> if the senate and the house pass separate tax bills lawmakers will have to find a way to reconcile them. president trump is pushing lawmakers to get him a bill before christmas. >> all right thank you. meanwhile, president trump is in china today touting what he calls the growing friendship between the two countries. the president is working to establish a more balanced trade relationship and urging china to do more about the threat posed by north korea. to do that he has largely set aside the blistering criticism he often directed at china and once accused the country of raping the u.s. economy and today he said this. >> i don't blame china --
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[ applause ] >> after all who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens, i give china great credit. >> a stark reversal there and meanwhile the president heads to vietnam before wrapping up the trip in the philippines. >> and the closing numbers, three down arrows, the dow falls 101.5 and the dow off about 35 points and the s&p down 9.5-points on the day. and work is underway on a recreation project in east mt. airy. officials broke ground on that project today and by the time it is wrapped up there will be another playground, another spray ground and tennis and basketball courts. and better lighting and cameras. time for another fall
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advantage and the accuweather forecast. adam joseph also known as the birthday boy. live in chester hill. >> you can sing to me. >> for the sake of the viewers i will not. but i'll say it. happy birthday. >> thank you so much. there is a reason i picked here it's a bakery and i'll be decorating my own cake. and the kids are having fun at the stage crafters theater. a great cute theater here for almost 90 years, you may know or not know. look at the girls having fun. this is called an easy roller. >> is it all that easy? >> no. >> good christmas president if you want to check that out. >> where is my buddy with the orange face. you want to say hi? >> think he had too much sugar. i need what he is eating. >> it's a little cool out here today with the cloud cover and temperatures 47 or so in
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lancaster, and 50s for the rest of the region, like philadelphia 57 degrees right now and it is 55 in cape may. and allentown 51 degrees. there are a few spotty showers around on stormtracker 6 live double scan mainly south and east of philadelphia. but we are seeing a couple of the showers falling right now even here in chestnut hill. we are not going melt out here we are still having a good time. a lot of clouds along the east coast here and the arctic front is in the eastern great lakes and passing from 1:00 to 5:00 and most of us are sleeping and that is when the winds kick up. overnight tonight windy near dawn that is when the temperatures crash late tonight and 32 in the suburbs. and 38 for center city. and look at the wind tracker here hour by hour into the day tomorrow and in philadelphia. 7 to 21 miles per hour sustained throughout the day and 20 miles per hour between the lunch time period gusts 30 to 45 miles per
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hour. and creates windchills 7:30 in the morning, philadelphia 16 and in the afternoon temperatures stay in the teens to the north and west a bitter blast coming in here for the end of the week. your fourdy at 4:00. windy and winter like, 39 degrees for a high tomorrow. and still cold saturday and no wind at 41 and sun on sunday. 49 and breaks of sun on monday better at 53, and speaking of winter at 11:00 p.m. get your winter weather outlook. what is it like the entire winter season? cecily tynan will let you know. i have phillip dawson here director of the chestnut hill district. you guys are big here for the holidays in chestnut hills. >> chestnut hills is getting ready and kicking it off with the circle of trees and december our businesses will be staying open late to welcome shoppers for the holiday season and
4:20 pm
looking forward to our traditional house tour on the 9th and parade on the 16th. come here to enjoy the holidays. >> when the snowfalls cobblestone street is awesome. what are the kids doing now? you guys having fun? we'll go inside of stage crafters and they having performances and we'll interrupt one. how fast can you go? >> adam thank you. >> still ahead on "action news" today as we approach veterans day we introduce you to a decorated veteran for years that never talked about his time in the military. and this veteran is also the newcastle county sheriff. he says never underestimate the impact of five simple words, thank you for your service.
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students in langhorne, bucks county held a special ceremony to honor the veterans in their
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community. ♪ oh say can you see >> sounds great. the maple point middle school choir kicked things off with the national anthem in their school's auditorium. and dozens of veterans stood behind them on the stage and each vet was recognized one by one withstanding ovations from the crowd. >> november is about the salute to service and two military vets got is the keys to their own cars, kenneth houston was the first to accept his gift in honor of veterans day and he was overwhelmed as he checked out his new ride at progressive center in malvern and donald travers scoped an suv. they were refurbished by local repair shops and gave both veterans a prepaid six month insurance policy. >> and we honor u.s. service members and take time to thank them and let them know their service and sacrifices are
4:25 pm
valued. but vietnam veterans remember a much different time when no one was thanking them. this is the story of one such soldier from newcastle county. >> it was like we were the bad guys. >> samuel pritchard jr. is the newcastle county chief. -- we we will get you back to that story in just a moment. but we want to tell but this at the university of delaware they planted 694 flags today on the green of that university one for each service member that made the ultimate sacrifice since 9/11. and 6 abc is saluting our men and women in uniform. send us your videos and pictures and tell us the story using #6abcaction. we'll get you the story in just a bit. >> we want to hear about it.
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thank you. more "action news" coming up after this.
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"action news" continues with breaking news from west conshohocken. right now several agencies are investigating a gruesome discovery near the four fold corporate center where someone that was cutting through a wooded area found human skeletal remains and a pocketbook, the discovery was made about 50 feet from the railroad tracks near
4:28 pm
the banks of the schuylkill river, we'll continue to monitor the story and bring you the latest here and online at >> meanwhile police are dealing with the death investigation right now, officials are trying to figure out how a 49-year-old woman whose body was found in birdsboro yesterday ended up there. jeff is there live with an update on this case. have we learned anything new at all here? >> reporter: today police side if ied the victim as michelle amos. at this hour we are waiting for autopsy results to find out how she died. >> we have identified the person from yesterday as michelle amos, 39 years old. and now this is the mother of five whose death is considered suspicious, her body was found behind a wooded area near
4:29 pm
businesses in birdsboro. and police cordoned off the property. and the unclear the injuries or if she died at the scene or was dumped there. >> the autopsy will tell us what happened. i will not speculate how she died or any injuries or anything like that. >> the gruesome discovery led parents to pick up their children early from the daycare center and other businesses closed their doors as detectives investigated and detectives spoke to the victim's husband about anyone that may have seen amos to give them a call. >> insignificant to you may be significant to us. let us decide what is good and what is not. >> the autopsy was scheduled to begin at 2:30 and i just checked with the state police at the barracks and so far no update. jeff cher co, channel 6 "action news."
4:30 pm
>> thank you. we turn now to exclusive details about the man wanted in connection to a violent rape in a montgomery county park this past summer. this happened at norristown farm park in westnorityon. a fwirl was outing -- and a man approached her with a hood up despite it was near 90 degrees and kevin steele revealed that the attacker pulled out a gun and sexually assaulted her and pinpointed the exact location of the crime for the very first time. >> this happened on stoney creek road between upper and lower farm roads in the park. and that is a portion of the park where we see people exercising a lot and anybody that came through that area, may have seen something or heard something. >> citizened crime commission is offering a 10,000 there's reward
4:31 pm
for an arrest for anyone with information is asked to call police. meanwhile philadelphia police are asking for the public's help to identify a young man accused of stealing laptops back on object 21st. and it shows the suspect pulling up in the chevy impala and walking into the school on north 63rd street and leaving with the bag filled with computers. if you raise the alleged thief contact southwest detectives. a dedicated group of veterans working to keep the memory of one here oh alive. post 29 filed paperwork asking to rename the va hospital in memory of sergeant james connor, he was given the service medal in world war ii injures three times leading his fellow soldiers, one of 15 recipients of the destination statewide as
4:32 pm
and has a personal connection. >> he worked here after he got out of the service when this hospital was built if 49. he is of the greatest generation. >> sergeant connor died in 19 4, there are no surviving medal of honor recipients. and they are trying to hopper the sacrifice each one made during their lives. and roman catholic high school had a ceremony dedicated to the parents that have or do serve. well, the franklin institute is celebrating the next phase of an international partnership. today the museum signed a formal agreement with the terra cotta war museum in china and this will make it easier for the two institutions to share ideas and artifacts and already has ten warriors and 160 artifacts on
4:33 pm
loan from china to help tell the terra cotta army story. it was a dog lovers dream today. the preschool interacts with all different kinds of pups at pet plans headquarters and preview the national dog show. a big great dane named captain is one of the dogs entered into the competition and 191 different breeds are part of the dog show beginning on november 18 and. at the expo center. and a special woman from delaware county has a lot to celebrate. she has been alive for more than a century. marion ross got all dressed up and donned a tiara to celebrate her 109th birthday. she only had one birthday wish to go on a boat ride and the newtown native boarded the spirit of philadelphia penn's landing and toured the delaware river.
4:34 pm
friends and family wished her a happy birthday in the water today. >> on that note it's time again to head out to chestnut hill. adam joseph who i think turns 80 today. >> did you have to say it? >> my 19 and anniversary of 21. >> he is 40. >> have you to do math i am live in chestnut hill a section of the city that people know forever the cobblestone streets and know the restaurants and know the shops. but you may not know there is a theater here the stage crafters theater here for 89 years and have 542 performances and we'll meet the meiser and his crew in a bit. take a look at temperatures it's cloudy here and temperatures in the 50s for philadelphia and new york city and also in charleston west virginia, 52 degrees and as we fly to the northern plains, 20 in minneapolis and 20 in
4:35 pm
bismark, this is the cold air coming in late tonight and tomorrow. a freeze warning for philadelphia to all points to the south, that is where the growing season is still ongoing but will end here tomorrow morning with the bone chilling numbers. this theater is beautiful and a lot of history in chestnut hill. and we have the crew behind me here. the actors and actresses we have barbara mills the director of the meiser, you guys are still within the practice stage. >> we are still rehearsing and rehearsing since october. and we open the day after thanksgiving and run through december 10th. >> how many fit? >> we have a packed house. >> the meiser is someone that does not want to give away any money at all. in this play he doesn't care he doesn't want to give the money away and then the money is stolen and the plot thickens and
4:36 pm
wants to hang everyone in town. he doesn't care. >> my match maker -- >> we are going to head inside and check it out in the seven-day forecast. maybe we'll interrupt the performance. is that okay. >> sure. >> we'll see you in a bit with the seven-day forecast. >> he is making a lot of requests on his birthday. >> thank you. still to come on "action news" at 4:00. child charged why a diner in new jersey says it's completely fair to add gratuity on the bills of up attended kids. i'm nydia han if you plan to make photo holiday cards or make a framed photo as a holiday gift we have the top services in what's the deal. >> and three words for you. olympic pole dancing.
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that was just a'ight for me. yo, checi mean,t dawg. you got the walk. you got the stance.. but i wasn't really feeling it. you know what, i'm not buying this. you gotta come a little harder dawg. you gotta figure it out. eh, i don't know. shaky on the walk, carriage was off. randy jackson judging a dog show. i don't know dawg. surprising. what's not surprising? how much money lisa saved by switching to geico. wow! performance of the night. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. authorities have shut down the new york city day care accused of killing a toddler
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with a grilled cheese sandwich. the family of 3-year-old elijah maintains that his pre-k had a severe dairy allergy but served him the sandwich any ways. the family says that the day care also failed to call 911 or an ambulance instead waiting for elijah's mother to drive him to the hospital where he died. the care giver that allegedly provided the sandwich to the child is now under vest gagts. and the city of las vegas had high hopes for the driverless bus but were dashed soon after the debut. a semi truck crashed into the bus two hours after it hit the road and the driver behind the wheel of the truck was actually at fault. he backed up into the moving shuttle and was issued a ticket. it was rolled out from n-front of celebrities.
4:40 pm
and gratefully nobody was injured. big talkers now and gymnastics, diving track and field, and -- pole dancing? it's one step close tore becoming an olympic sport because the sports federation recognizes it as a provisional sport that checks off the first box to eventually qualifying as an olympic event for those questioning the status as a sport. consider this from those who train they say ita ag athleticism and poise and they say they are excited and the potential for one day going for the gold. this is the first step. at a diner in north jersey if kids show up without their parents a tip is added to the
4:41 pm
bill. why? because young ones come in for fries and milk shakes and this diner has had it. if the kids come in without an adult. they are adding a 18% gratuity to the check. they come in large groups and say for hours and most don't leave a tip unfair to the wait staff. she says her daughter works hard and taught how to properly leave a tip. >> even adults don't always tip, it's not anything against the servers but you can't assume. >> and kidded end up tipping twice, the diner post aid picture which clearly states saying management reserves the right to add a 18% gratuity. >> and they don't know to check and some leave extra money. >> a teen tax. >> milk shake extra. >> thank you.
4:42 pm
lets get a check of the roads right now. matt pellman back now with the update. as always i have tips for you as you head home on a thursday evening and vehicles taxing along 95 two of them in fact. one of them cleared by the northbound lanes of allegheny avenue and the backlog on the northbound side is substantial from washington avenue from this point to the betsy point bridge where we have the first broken down vehicle and southbound side is busy traveling through the work zone at girard avenue if you head into that flyers game in south philadelphia this evening and plenty of speeds in the teens and vehicle that flipped over along college avenue at cooperstown road and you want to avoid that cut through darby road and lancaster avenue and the crash at business park clearing out at old eagle school road and one at montclair at jacob east of the schuylkill river are.
4:43 pm
and we are dealing with downed wires in lower providence, closer to where german town pike meet up. some sent to ridge and stay on 33 or 422 where the typical volume is kicking in and eastbound crash 422 near stow has cleared. we'll check it again if the 5:00 hour. >> meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the exclusive accuweather forecast next.
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
thursdays are all about fall adventures and adam joseph is out on one today in the lovely chestnut hill where a play is underway. >> no, whispering. no no. they are loud enough believe me. they are fantastic doing one of
4:46 pm
the scenes of the meiser. and you may not know there is a theater here and it's 200 seats and very intimate. you feel like you are on the stage with them and cool to see and all the history that has been made under this building for almost 90 years. as we look at the temperatures outside. nice and toasty in here and i got to take the jacket off 51 in allentown undover coming in at 56 and hit a high of 59 in philadelphia this afternoon. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a lot of clouds across the east coast and then a break and then another round of clouds with a few scattered showers with an arctic front and that is the boundary that is going to drop the temperatures by tomorrow morning. in fact, with that arctic front at midnight not bad. 50 degrees and 6:00 in the morning 38 degrees and 37 at 10:00 and we kind of even out and don't move much tomorrow in the upper 30s.
4:47 pm
so as we take a look at the bus stop forecast tomorrow morning, find the layers for the kids and howling winds and windchills in the teens and 20s and a temperature of freezing and 38 degrees and the highs for tomorrow we don't break out of the 30s for allentown and places north and west like trenton and 38 and 41 in millville and 30s in the city with winds gusting 35 to 40 miles per hour. and by saturday morning, near record low temperatures, the record is 21 and going for 25 and if we hit 25 that is the earliest time we hit that low of a temperature at this point in the year since 1976. the exclusive accuweather forecast windy winter like tomorrow at 39 degrees and cold no wind and 41 degrees and a little better on saturday with sunshine and clouds come back in sunday at 49 degrees and monday breaks of sun and 50s make the returning and stick around for the rest of next week and
4:48 pm
tuesday and wednesday it's dry and the storm stays to the south and thursday seasonable temperatures of 58 degrees, but as we mention winter and cold make sure you tune in tonight at 11:00 p.m. for the winter outlook with meteorologist, cecily tynan, she will let you know if we have more than the 15 inches of snow we had last winter and how cold it may get in the favorite winter months january, february and march. we are coming back here and these guys are really masters at their own crafts here. and i think we'll go up here and see what they are up to and what they are doing. >> can i interrupt you? a scene, brooms and canes -- what? are you going after him the meiser? because he stole your money. >> i stole his money. >> it's my money. >> i better stand back. >> you guys got to check out the meiser that begins on black friday here in chestnut hill.
4:49 pm
>> i was here first. give him his money back. you give your money back. mine. mine. i'm all about love. happy birthday. >> thank you so much. you need a bigger broom than this. take that back. come over here. you guys look fantastic, how many have you guys performed if this theater before? a couple of you. some of you are new. >> what do you think of this intimate theater. >> absolutely wonderful. >> you guys have warm clothes and you'll need it here tomorrow. good luck with the performance. everyone out there give a round of applause for these guys. >> ha, ha, ha. >> i'm heading next door to make a birthday cake. >> very dramatic forecast. adam thank you. >> what's the deal is coming up next.
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well can lots of us use our phones as photo albums but the holidays may be a perfect time to print them as cards or frame them as gifts. if you plan on doing those things you'll want the advice from nydia han. >> consumer reports tops which ones top their list. which photo is worthy of your family holiday card. consumer reports checked out ten online photo service from the ordering experience to editing options to cost. and the trained experts rated each print for quality. >> the big take away is price does not determine quality. >> walgreens had the best quality for 30 cents for 4 by 6 print and amazon and wal-mart
4:53 pm
had excellent quality for 9 cents each and at the bottom were end photos from m prints. >> the lower quality prints were less saturated and clear and muddy. but they were all cheaper than using most home printers and cr looks at auto cropping a feature that could enhance a photo but some were cropped so severe it cropped off people's heads. check it closely before you buy and should not make a decision solely on how much each print will cost. review shipping cost too. cr says check for free shipping offers or free in-store pickup. and they rank highly in similar tests and tightly regularly calibrate our equipment. i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news."
4:54 pm
>> we'll get you back to that story now of a soldier and now sheriff in newcastle delaware. one that reminds us just why veterans day is so important and saying thank you to every service member seems so much especially to vietnam veterans like the one you are about to meet. >> it was like we were the bad guys. >> samuel pratt jr. is the newcastle chief. and he was the gunner and facing the unimagine on march 29th, 1967. >> we were on a rescue mission hovering over a special forces camp and picking up wounded soldiers and we got shot down rmt. >> they were under heavy fire for hours and although he was hurt he and another soldier carried the mortgagely wounded
4:55 pm
pilot to another landing zone for evacuation and even then he made sure others got out before he would leave. >> doing the rescue mission i was able to assist maybe 15 or 20 people and get them out before i got out. this is the silver star -- >> for his actions he was awarded the silver star and puple heart but nlts unless you have been in his office you wouldn't know it. >> it was not a popular war. so you know, it was almost like so what? you were in vietnam. so what? you got a medal. but that medal and 25 cent you can buy yourself a cup of coffee. but 50 years later he finds it heart warming that people are more appreciative of military service. >> that people are thanking our service people for their service.
4:56 pm
we didn't get that when i came back. >> just five simple words, thank you for your service. and to the sheriff and every other man and woman that wore the u.s. military uniform we say thank you and encourage you to please share photos and videos of the service members in your life. we'll use them on the air as we head into veterans day. >> humble soldier and now a humble servant still. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. coming up a philadelphia neighborhood becomes a shooting gallery and when authority as arrive a man is found dead. what detectives are saying about the murder mystery. but the pastor of the texas church attacked by a gunman talked about the future, while the gunman's father shares
4:57 pm
thoughts about the tragedy. and it takes skill and talent to play in the national football league and one is the size of their heart. health reporter ali gorman will explain that one. >> those stories and more next at 5:00. eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. more than three dozen bullet casings and crime scene tape fill the 3500 block of marion avenue outside a man was found critically wounded and now detectives are trying to find out what happened in west philadelphia today. it's thursday night and the big story is murder on a west philadelphia street. detectives say that the man was shot execution-style and paramedics rushed him to the hospital but efforts failed. vernon odom was there at the news conference, he joins us live with more. >> reporter: good evening hanukkah monica and to you rick.
5:00 pm
police are asking you to help them fine a pair of killers that struck gang style killing a man named terrell shields. >> volley of shots. >> that is what one neighbor at 45th and marion heard around 9:30 this morning down the block from his home. 34 to 35 shots fired in all. >> a lot of ammunition and guns on the street. >> the victim terrell shields was hit multiple times including once in the back of the head. >> came out afterwards and saw a guy on the fence. >> a 29-year-old male by the name of shields getting into the auto and two men approached and opened fire with handguns and hit multiple times and pronounced shortly thereafter. >> they are looking for two gunmen that fled the


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