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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  November 11, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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year, back-to-back, big stage, virginia tech and notre dame. dominating in both games. >> chris: wimbush over the middle. and the catch is made by claypool, who is knocked down. got deon mcintosh in the game for the irish. his bigger brother, r.j., one of the starting defensive tackles for miami, number 80. so, both getting in there. the ford wrapup show with cassidy hubbarth is coming up. highlights of that thriller, alabama surviving in starkville, in case you missed that earlier. fourth down and two in the final two minutes. handoff and nothing doing. i think he's going to be about a foot short. mcintosh stopped by chad thomas. and miami will take over in plus territory. just for fun, they'll bring the chains out, but this one doesn't look to be that close. i agree, it's a combination of
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upsets above them. but the strength of statement here -- if you ranked notre dame third and you did that with conviction -- they come in here, they were no match for miami. and the canes will take over on downs and just be able to grind out the final 49. 1:49, excuse me. >> kirk: mark richt and manny diaz may want to give the game ball to the defense, the way they played today, but especially the defensive line. they were challenged all week with this notre dame offensive line. and r.j. mcintosh, kendrick norton on the inside, played great. getting off blocks. chad thomas, trent harris, joe jackson, we saw jonathan garvin rotate a lot of bolds and all of them had a big impact on this game. >> chris: there's r.j. the brothers in this game, they have a younger brother kenny, who is a highly touted running
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back. the backup comes in to take a knee. and this crowd on its feet, roaring as it has been from well before kickoff. to show its appreciation for this miami team. >> kirk: and they're all coming back for the noon game -- >> chris: don't taunt. >> kirk: i'm not taunting. i'm saying, let's keep this party going. two great weeks. early kick next week. got to show up and support your team. serious business. >> chris: it is the home finale. >> kirk: you're in rarefied air now. clinch the coast tam, continal, win, stay in the playoff hunt. you can't let up now. >> chris: what a clean performance. miami, no turnovers. one penalty, was a delay of game. catholics versus convicts -- no.
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conviction -- conviction from start to finish. convincing dominance from the orange and green. diaz's defense was brilliant. the chain brought out four more times. rosier and the offense, efficient. balanced. and miami announcing itself as not just acc coastal division champions, but very strong playoff contenders. national title contenders in year two for mark richt. as kelly and the irish are sent home humbled. as the final seconds tick away. we'll get mark richt's reaction. with maria taylor. it's a final, officially. >> maria: thank you so much, chris. well, coach, you dominated this game from start to finish. what impressed you most about your team's effort tonight? >> well, i think it started up front on both sides of the ball.
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we know how big and powerful they are, but we were pretty decent, as well. i thought both the offense and defensive line took care of business. >> maria: before this game started, you knew that your team had clinched the coastal for the first time ever. what does that mean for this program moving forward? >> well, it's a big deal. it's a shame it was kind of ant anti-climactic. we didn't want to talk about it. >> maria: now you can. >> a little quite here and there, but we just wanted to focus on this game. but unbelievable job of winning the coastal, first time in the history of the school, as far as being able to represent in charlotte. and we're looking forward to that. >> maria: and your defense, we talked about them setting the tone. but how about both sides of the ball? i mean, offensively, zero turnovers. what came from that side for you? >> both sides of the ball did play very well, and specials, as well. and i want to say, praise god. >> maria: coach, thank you so much for your time. tom? over to you. >> tom: maria, thank you very much.
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malek, the question that always gets asked over and over, is the u back? what was the answer tonight? >> i mean, yeah. any time you put up 237 yards rushing on this defense, the line's doing a great job, so, they made the job easy on me. >> tom: what statement do you think you sent to the committee on a weekend when a lot of times above you guys lost. >> i think we just showing we can score. if we put up 21, we're going to win. they held them to eight and our defense is playing phenomenal. >> tom: tremendous performance. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> tom: chris? >> chris: the standard for being, quote, back is pretty high with the five national championships, but it's a big deal. and mark richt and his chilled out way says, we think we're pretty decent, too. they were pretty decent tonight. >> kirk: little thing there. i love what malik rosier said about, hey, i love how the offense and the defense sort of intertwine with this team.
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he threw three picks last week and the defense went out of their way to come down to him and to him, say, it's good, we got your back. that items tells us about what'g on here. that's not always normal on teams. and miami has that right now. you just heard him tell tom, that was in play again tonight. defense said, hey, if you score 21, we got this. >> chris: the winning streak stretches to 14 games since that heartbreaking loss in south bend a year ago. coastal champions. playoff contenders. what a night in miami. the rebirth of this rivalry in a big six game was a beatdown. 41-8 for the u. notre dame's second loss of the season will have them scratching their heads as they head home. what happened tonight here in south florida? well, the canes took a huge step toward being back. the ford wrapup show is coming up next. this game directedly derek mobley, produced by bill bonnel.
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so long from south florida. cassidy? >> thank you, chris. miami, with a decisive win, which leaves tough decisions for the playoff committee. especially since that number one spot is open for the taking. after it seemed like georgia decided not to bring their a-game to auburn. auburn up big. jarrett stidham, screen pass to johnson. 23-point win is the largest over the number one team in the college football playoff era. 40-17, the final on the plains. number one goes down. mississippi state had number two alabama southwesting all game. 20 seconds left. tied at 24. devonte smith's first catch of the game. bama survives despite giving up three rushing touchdowns for the first time in the nick saban era. number six tcu at number five oklahoma. baker mayfield to rodney anderson. sooners up 38-20 with 48 seconds to go.
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two contenders clinched spots in their conference championship games. number four clemson beat florida state and will play miami for the acc title, while number eight wisconsin is 10-0 for the first time in school history. and today marked the seventh time all three service academies have played on veterans day. duke/army. from 18 yards out. and army ones to finish unbeaten at home for the first time since 1996. how about smu and navy? six seconds to go, tied at 41. j.r. osborne gives navy the win. midshipmen win 43-40 and qualify for a bowl game. and go check out wyoming/air force over on espnu right now as a falcons win would make this the first time that all three service academies won on veterans day in the same season, but right now, they're trailing 21-0. and coming up at 12:30 on "sportscenter," the impact of georgia's loss. is mayfield the main man for the heisman? and ben simmons versus steph in the association.
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♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. ♪
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>> a nine vehicle crash ends with one person killed and shuts down a road in chester county 12 hours ago on route 202 when a tractor trailer full of frozen turkeys slammed into another vehicle leading to a series of other collisions. tonight the road remains closed as crews clean up. >> the big story is developing news, hours after a nine car cash route 202 is still closed. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has details from the scene. >> crews worked through the night picking up the accident scene piece by piece. one person was killed and two taken to hospital. >> it was a firey crash saturday afternoon. a tractor trailer collided with
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a vehicle. nine vehicles were involved in the crash. >> there were cars everywhere. it was a lot. >> it was terrible. i have never seen one this bad. the mccalls live half a mile away. video captured the tractor trailer on fire. authorities confirm one person was killed. several people had minor to moderate injuries. late into the night crews were cleaning up the accident. northbound and southbound remain closed south matt lack and 202. marybeth mccall says this is a dangerous intersection. >> i feel so bad for the people and families who, you know, are going to get the repercussions
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of all of this. this is horrible. >> at this point police say the cause remains under investigation. reporting in west goshen township, annie mccormick, "action news." >> moving on to the forecast, you want to crank up the heat before you go to bed because it's cold out there. melissa has the forecast. >> we started with temperatures well below average and closed to the freezing mark in philadelphia, 33-degrees, 33 in new york city. pittsburg, 26-degrees at this hour. satellite and radar, high pressure to the north. cold canadian winds drifting southward. tomorrow, the ridge of high pressure offshore. winds from a southerly direction.
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not as harsh as sunday afternoon. the rest of tonight, partly cloudy. 21 allentown, 30 in philadelphia and 29 in cape may. yesterday morning, once again, we could be within reach of records across portions of the lehigh valley. philadelphia 30. not close to 26 but allentown, trenton, even reading within reach of record-low temperatures sunday morning before numbers rebound. we look at that in the full and exclusive forecast, walter. >> thank you, melissa. for the latest on chilly conditions and code blue alerts in the area, please go to "6abc".com. >> a man in his 70s was rushed to hospital after being struck by a car at 19th street in tyga nicetown. another car hit his vehicle and
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a third vehicle was involved a short time later. police are looking for a man that opened fire in strawberry mansion. a man and another man were chatting just before 7:00 when the suspect walked up and shot the victim three times before taking off. the 24-year-old victim remains in critical condition. the other man was not harmed. >> the body of a little boy found in a box in 1957, the youngster's remains have never been identified. tonight the case is gaining renewed interest cutery o courta local boy scout. >> a little boy dead in a box left on the side of the susk has
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susquehanna road. no one knows who he is but now no one will forget it thanks to nicholas cish sh bomb. >> he needed an eagle scout service project. he could have picked anything but picked the case of the unknown child through his father a former cop. >> i considered it and looked into it reading about the boy. >> it was 1957. two philadelphia police officers respond today the call about a body in a box. he hopes this will bring leads to the 60-year-old case. >> a small possibility that someone could walk by and in the back of their mind, remember something.
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>> a group of forensic experts try to piece together "cold cases" like this one here. they think this case could make progress in the future through dna. >> he vows his group will never stop working on who could commit such a disturbing crime. >> in my view, he want beaten, but neglected to the point his flame went out. >> this case is the longest active open investigation in the philadelphia police department. bob brooks, channel6 "action news." >> tomorrow marks a week since a man went on a killing spree in texas. first baptist church will open their doors to the public. there will be a memorial to the
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victims. it was put up by those that say it's a way to help heal the community. services will be held at the community center next door. devin kelly went on a rampage killing 26 people including an unborn child. he later killed himself while being chased by two men. >> tonight donald trump is trading insults with kim jung un. why would kim jung uninsult me by calling me old when i would never call him short and fat. >> the president arrived in the palace at vietnam for a final news conference before closing out his tour of asia. >> mike pence laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. mattis and skull ken were also
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in attendance. mr. pence and his wife joined volunteers to spruce up the memorial. still to come, a look at how the men and women served our country. we pay tribute to our veterans. and a special day at lincoln field as two dozen people became u.s. citizens. a full slight of games in our area. jeff skversky has highlights when "action news" comes back. ♪ ♪
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>> 25 men and women from 21 countries around the world are america's newest citizens tonight. they spent the night swearing loyalty to the u.s. last year pennsylvania welcomed 19,000 new citizens. >> today is veteran's day and several local communities are paying tribute to the men and women who served our country. >> the action cam is there at the united methodist church where a dance was performed for once members of the u.s. military. members and guests were invited to take part in the ceremony.
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>> a tribute to the men and women of center city. today's ceremony took place at the tomb of the unknown soldier in washington's pae memorial. in bucks county, northampton township to honor veterans this afternoon. this took place at the memorial monument. a color guard was provided.if ya picture of your veteran, we
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would like to share their photo and thank them for their service. >> police need your help finding a serial bank robber. >> police are looking for the man they say is responsible for robbing four banks and a wawa in north philadelphia over the past three weeks, freedom credit union, t.d. october 28th, wawa october 31st and citizen's bank november 4th and pnc bank november 6th. in each case he displayed or referenced having a gun and demanded cash. >> he shows the teller a gun and before someone does something stupid we need to get this guy apprehended. >> there is a good sizereward. >> $10,000 reward for
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information leading to the arrest of the individual. give us his name, location, whereabouts. 215-546-tips. >> all calls remain anonymous. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight. it could be the most famous christmas tradition in the world. the rockefeller tree is in place. we'll tell you which pennsylvania town it came from when "action news" comes right back. ♪ ♪ we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank.
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>> oh boy, the rockefeller center christmas tree arrived, the 12-ton spruce came from state college, pennsylvania cut thursday and transported by truck to midtown manhattan where a crane put it into place at the rockefeller center. it will be decorated with 50,000 lights ahead of the lighting ceremony november 29th. that can only mean christmas is around the corner. >> just like december. >> it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas. >> what's going on? >> i think it's the cold weather. we are looking at a cool shot around city hall. if you are out and about, extra layers are needed tonight. tempat


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