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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> also, a water main break knocks out service to a neighborhood in bucks county. action news is next. ♪ action news. delaware valley's leading news program. with meteorologist melissa mcgee. jeff skversky. sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night, and the big story on action news is an accuweather alert. we're tracking freezing
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temperatures to the north and west, which could cause some slippery travel for the morning commute. >> that's right, meteorologist melissa mcgee with the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> yeah, walter and sarah, a concern early tomorrow morning. a winter weather advisory has been posted for up montgomery, upper bucks, north hampton, lehigh and burkes county. the advisory goes up at 3:00 through 8 a.m. on monday. because so the north and west there is concern for freezing rain, some flurries, light mixed precipitation. here is the reason why. storm tracker 6 live double tracker 3d showing an area of low pressure across the great lakes and the ohio valley. the bulk of this energy rides off to the north and east. but tracking this batch of moisture through the virginias and north carolina. this heads our way from a southwest to northeast direction. and at the onset, temperatures will be cold enough north and west to find mixed precip. for the rest of tonight, mostly cloudy, tracking the
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precipitation, closer to dawn. but look north and west. the overnight low in allentown, dips down to 29. 30 in reading. 31 in lancaster. as that precip moves eastward, and the numbers stay below freezing, we have the concern north and west. future tracker showing 6:00 in the morning, fixed precipitation for allentown and reading. but rain for philadelphia and points south and east. we'll talk about what we can expect and why we issued the accuweather alert. light precipitation closer to dawn, philadelphia, points to the south and east, light rain. but brief mixing north and west. look out and use caution on the overpasses. we'll have the full details on the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> tune into action news tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. for the latest on the potential for freezing rain. and as well, the traffic and transit information to start your day. now to a developing story,
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an 8-inch water main break creating problems in east bucks county. working between oxford valley road and lake view drive. we find christie ileto with details. christie. >> reporter: walter. we learned that service is being restored. all of the township felt this in some capacity. >> went to take a shower and it just didn't go. i thought it was just our house. i tried it a few times. and then i tried the sink. and then i, like -- i just tried everything that had water. >> reporter: with no warning, residents in lower makefield found themselves with no water on this frigid sunday night. emergency maintenance crews with pennsylvania american water department raced to valve off the break location on an 8-inch pipe. part of the challenge, we learned, is that the street was
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recently repaved and the valve covers were paved over. crews haven't begun excavating to make repairs. >> i see a lot of water across the street. and it makes me think that it's going to be hard to get that fixed. but we're hopeful. >> reporter: now, no word on the cause, but, again, service is slowly coming back. the water department, though, is asking customers to be patient. live in bucks county, christie ileto, channel 6, action news >> christie, thank you. one person is in custody after a young woman was found with a gunshot wound in southwest philadelphia. police called to a home on the 6800 block of dicks avenue before 6:30. there was a gunshot wound to the head. from our new jersey news room, a person hospitalized after being stabbed repeatedly in beverly, burlington county. the victim was stabbed at least seven times and collapsed near the intersection of cooper and front streets just after 3:00.
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the victim was rushed to cooper hospital. no word on the condition and no arrests made. >> tonight police offed the man killed in a crash that shut down route 202 for nearly 12 hours yesterday. action news reporter, annie mccormack, live in chester county with more on the victim who is well known in local politics. annie. >> reporter: and, walter, the chester county district attorney's office says there's still an ongoing investigation into the exact cause of the crash. police did identify the victim in this fatal accident adds 38-year-old adam swope. we are told by friends he was well-respected in political circles and the community here. the firey crash happened on busy route 202 just after 12:30 saturday afternoon. a tractor-trailer traveling northbound carrying frozen turkeys collided with a vehicle when the tractor-trailer overturned and fell into the southbound 202 lanes. in total at least nine vehicles involved.
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38-year-old adam swope was killed. his friend in the car survived. >> adam has been around our family since 2005. he had a large impact on everything that my wife did -- kathy did -- politically. >> reporter: swope ran five campaigns for kathy, now running for lieutenant governor. he also worked as her chief of staff. >> he was a solid person. he was just a good person to have to run a campaign. very even. not mercurial at all. always steady. >> reporter: he was well known and well-liked among democratic circles. >> he got to see democrats get elected on tuesday in a historical fashion and he was proud that have. >> reporter: at the time of the crash he was enroute to westchest erunit to watch a championship game with friends. the crash was so violent, vehicles involved were left strewn on the roadway until the cleanup, almost 12 hours later. chester county district attorney's office is handling the investigation with the >>
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township police. the tractor-trailer driver suffered head trauma and was taken to the hospital. and the d.a.'s office says as part of the investigation they have to wait for the black box to be downloaded from the tractor-trailer. and waiting on driver logs and blood test results to be returned. also police are asking for any witnesses to come forward. reporting live, annie mccormack. back to you. >> thank you. from our delaware news room now, a heartbreaking loss for a delaware little league team after a fire destroyed their concession stand at a loss of about $50,000 to the team. fire broke out just before 3 a.m. the at the stanton little league complex. the building is a total loss. thankfully, no one was hurt. state investigators are still trying to pinpoint the cause. the search continues in newark, delaware, for a service dog that's been missing for three weeks now.
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today volunteers brought drones to scour the neighborhood around lori's home. the army veteran's dog suffered a seizure last month and was scared and bolted. she relies on ozzy to help her deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. >> we have had a lot of sightings. one of the problems we're having is trying to suss out real sightings from false sightings. >> the two were paired two years ago when she returned from afghanistan. in a show of love and support, dozens gathered outside of st. luke's hospital in honor of pennsylvania state trooper seth kelly. >> kelly is hospitalized after being shot repeatedly last week during a traffic stop in north hampton county. bob brooks has the story. >> reporter: the gathering you see is a sign of many things, like respect and honor. just to name a few. the dozens of local fire department trucks and ems gathered to ride by st. luke's
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hospital to support seth kelly. it started with a facebook post by bob comer. >> it was to tell them we're behind them all the way to make sure he recovers 100% through this. >> reporter: the first responders say they had to do something for corporal kelly. >> we're just driving by the hospital silently saying, hey, we're here. we support you. >> reporter: and when the trucks and crews went by the hospital, they did, in fact, remain silent. it was a quiet, but vivid show of support. the street was lined with a few neighbors who wanted to wish the corporal well. >> we are all praying for you to get well and to walk again and go home to your family. >> reporter: it was last tuesday morning when she was shot three times on route 33. responding to help back up fellow trooper for a dui arrest. police describe a knockdown drag out fight between the suspect and the troopers and a gunfight broke out and kelly was shot
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three times. the suspect, 22-year-old daniel clary was shot. he drove himself to the hospital and remains under guard until he can be taken to jail. >> if he could watch the newscast, what would you tell his family? >> wish him a speedy recovery. he's a hero. >> reporter: we were told he was moved to a vantage point so he could see the procession as it went by. and the good news is throughout the week he's had a couple surgeries and his condition is steadily improving. reporting in bethlehem. bob brooks. still to come tonight, more than a dozen allegations of unwanted advances. now actor kevin spacey is the target of a criminal probe after a teen accused him of sexual assault. and a week after the mass shooting in texas, parishioners returned to where it happened. how they're hoping to make a place of healing and hope. >> and the eagles had the day off, but lots to talk about in sports.
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jeff skversky has the details when action news comes right back. ♪
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president trump on the last leg of his tour of asia. with trump enduring backlash over a controversial neating. meeting with rodrigo dutarte, accused of human rights violations. he reiterated that he met with putin and russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election being a topic that they discussed. >> table he feels that he and russia didn't meddle. i'm with our agencies, especially as currently substituted with their leadership. >> meanwhile, the former leader of the cia is criticizing the president's trust in putin, saying that putin is playing trump by stroking his ego. the president responded to his critics saying those who want to
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investigate his ties were, quote, haters and fools. >> calls growing for roy moore to drop out of the race, following allegations of a relationship with a 14-year-old decades ago. he denies knowing the accuser. and sent out a fundraising pitch. calling them vicious and sleazy attacks. so far he's refusing to drop out of the race. new developments tonight in the allegations against kevin spacey. abc news confirmed that prosecutors in massachusetts plan to meet with a teenager who claims spacey sexual assaulted him last year. the teen was 18 at the time and is the son of a former boston tv news anchor. he says the house of cards star assaulted him in a bar. so far 15 men have come forward accusing spacey of sexual misconduct. thousands of people took a stand in hollywood today against
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sexual assault and harassment. they took part in the me too march to show it doesn't just happen in hollywood, but every community. some are telling their stories publicly for the first time. >> i was sexual assaulted when i was 15. and i was raped when i was 25. and both were by men they dated. >> these women say they found strength because so many others are sharing their specialses. #metoo has become a social media movement since harvey weinstein was accused of sexual assault allegations he denies. liz smith has passed away. she started writing her gossip column more than 40 years ago. along the way, earning the nickname, the grand dame of dish. her column was syndicated in 70 newspapers. and she started as a producer for mike wallace. smith was 94. this has been a day of mourning in sutherland springs,
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texas. family and friends joined the church for the first worship since the massacre last week. >> reporter: a standing ovation sunday for pastor frank pomeroy who lost more than two dozen members of the congregation, including his 14-year-old daughter, anna bell. >> our country was attacked, our state was attacked, our church was attacked. our people were attacked. >> reporter: he was traveling out of state, leading an emotional sermon asking them to worship in the face of evil. >> rather than choose darkness as that young man did, choose light. >> reporter: the first church service inside a white tent erected in a baseball field, packed with hundreds of people, all sharing their grief. including the mother-in-law of 26-year-old gunman, kelly.
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>> those 26 no longer with us are dancing in his presence today. >> reporter: after the service, people lined up to see the newly opened memorial inside the church where the tragedy happened. 26 chairs sit empty to honor the men, women and -- including an unborn baby -- who died in the hail of gunfire. one red rose on each chair. >> where each member was. and it just -- it's heartbreaking. it's -- and breathtaking at the same time. >> where they find the strength to carry on after such a terrible tragedy is truly remarkable. >> reporter: funerals for the victims will continue to be held this week. richard cantu, abc news new york. next, tracking what could be tricky conditions for the morning rush in parts of the area. >> looking at have the city skyline, looks pretty. cool and cold. waiting on the rain,
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meteorologist melissa mcgee has the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast when action news comes back
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how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway.
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♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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the ninth annual lemon run philadelphia 5k run/walk held this morning. hosted by alex's lemon aid stand foundation. brings athletes of all ages and abilities together. a common mission to support the battle against childhood cancer. the course was stroller and dog-friendly. so entire families could participate. there was even a kids dash for the smaller athletes. despite the chilly weather, hundreds of people laced up their shoes for this fun event. >> very cute. time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa mcgee. it's cold outside. >> it is cold outside. and that's the concern north and west. we have to track the arrival of the precipitation and see how it goes to the north and west. that's the winter weather advisory across the region. sky 6 live in hd, city hall
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camera. if you're out and about, might be needed. temperatures on the cold side and below average. here's the picture from philadelphia international on this sunday night. it's dry, calm. it is quiet for now. but tomorrow morning it might be a good idea to check ahead with your carrier for some minor weather-related delays. it's dry along the i-95 corridor and points to the south and east. pop this out full and you can see a little bit of the precipitation starting to organize. you can see some light rain there? lancaster and also for points to the south and west. so we're tracking an area of low pressure that moves in from the southwest to northeast direction overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. making things tricky for the commute tomorrow. 39 degrees in allentown. 37 in reading. 40 degrees in philadelphia. after a high of just 47 today in the city. 34 in dover. and 42 degrees in beach haven. we're tracking some changes. you can see it on satellite 6
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along with action radar. there's an area of low pressure across the great lakes and the ohio valley. the bulk of this energy rides off to the north and east. but notice down to the south across the virginias virginias s of the carolinas, we're tracking another piece of energy. this works its way into the delaware and lehigh valleys overnight tonight into the day tomorrow. that's why that winter weather advisory has been issued for points to the north and west. for the rest of tonight, mostly cloudy, and the precipitation arrives closer to dawn. the big problem, overnight, drops down to 29. but 35 in philadelphia for the overnight low. here's future tracker 6. timing out the precip for you. 4:00 in the morning, you notion for philadelphia, points to the south and east. it is all rain. but look at these temperatures to the north and west. it's 32 in reading. same thing in lancaster. allentown, 33 degrees. and as that precip moves on through, temperatures will be hovering right around the freezing mark. that's why there is that concern for some flurries or light
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frozen precipitation. same thing at 6:00 in the morning. it's a fast-moving system. by lunchtime, a lot of the precipitation off to the north and east. lingering showers across coastal sections of new jersey. so we'll talk about what we can expect and why we issued that accuweather alert as we're tracking that precipitation. light rain along the i-95 metro. but temperatures close to 32 degrees or right around that in the northwest suburbs. so freezing rain and drizzle is a concern for the lehigh valleys up through the poconos. watch out for slick spots in those locations. glaze is likely on the bridges and overpasses to the north and west. so allow some extra time tomorrow morning. here's the exclusive accuweather forecast. high temperature of 51. tuesday, northeastly sunny, 51 for a high. on wednesday, clouds and some sun, sharing the sky. a high 54. breezy and milder. and more seasonal on thursday, high of 57. friday, rain arrives at night.
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high of 51. 57 on saturday and chilly next sunday as the high temperature of 56 degrees. and we know it doesn't take a whole lot of precipitation to cause some problems. so be careful tomorrow morning. >> all right, melissa, thank you. >> students from arcadia university were busy packing boxes today bound for puerto rico. non-perishable snacks for victims of hurricane maria. an african-american organization launched the drive after federal efforts left something to be desired. they are ear-marked for the remote, mountainous regions of the island. hundreds chilled the chase center today to give time and love to children in need. helping the kind to kids foundation by gathering and organizing whys for the blue duffels program. program helps children entering foster care in delaware, giving them a duffel bag filled with teddy bears and other comfort items. it is a small way of helping
11:27 pm
these kids feel comforted and loved through the foster process. a philadelphia school reached out to help neighbors in need today. long lines outside of friends select school in center city for a winter coat giveaway. the recipients included the homeless and families going through tough times. all were grateful to get extra protection against the winter's cold. more help fourth homeless in center city. the helping hands event offered clothing, food and other winter gear to help the homeless for the cold winter to come. dozens of organizations and businesses donated the supplies and the time. and others helped serve the hot food. drivers may be paying more than expected at the tolls. here's chad with a preview of tomorrow's story. >> reporter: the ez pass is supposed to be quick, convenient, and cost effective. but it's charging different amounts at the same toll.
11:28 pm
>> consumers should know what they're paying and it should be noted quite clearly. >> reporter: where ez pass and charging double or triple >> it's a 50 cent toll. i was charged $1.25 and $1.55 other times. >> that's monday night, action news at 11:00.
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