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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  November 12, 2017 11:30pm-11:45pm EST

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memorabilia from a hallowed sports arena went up for sale today in king of prussia. the villanova graduates who bought the contents of the pavilion held a warehouse sale. they were there waiting for eager wildcats fan. mike and his wife, had season tickets for 35 years, bought a section of bleachers to remember the fun they had at the pavilion. >> i have two brothers, a sister, and three nephews that have gone there. and we sit with our brothers at these games. we have 11 tickets now. >> now, we should mention that most of the items are being sold online. meanwhile, the $60 million renovations to the pavilion should be finished next fall.
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>> jeff with the sports. eagles with the day off, looking ahead to dallas. >> things worked out well. the cowboys, redskins and giants lose. it appears that the eagles could run away from the division assuming everything goes their way. bring on the boys. the eagles return to work tomorrow still as the best team in the nfl. they want to keep it that way. keeping that edge, keeping that you thinker coming out of the bye week. it is crucial against the cowboys next sunday night. >> our opponent, starts with the offensive line. regardless of whoever -- with their running back, those guys, once they get rolling, they're a hard team to stop. guys are ready -- >> ready for it? >> ready to get back to work, for sure. >> jerry jones and the cowboys without ezekiel elliott in atlanta. dak prescott, sacked eight times. what are the eagles thinking? the most a cowboys quarterback has been sacked in 26 years when the eagles did it 11 times to
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troy aikman. matt ryan throws two touchdowns for the falcons. cowboys lose 27-7, falling to 5-4. next up, the eagles sunday in dallas. teddy bridgewater, active for the first time since the injury. and he doesn't play, but playing out of his mind against the redskins, four touchdowns. they win 38-30. they won one, two, three, four, five in a row. things are marching straight for the eagles. today, beat up on sean mcdermott's bills. and mark ingram, three touchdowns. he jumps into the stands. bills mafia, don't like that. he gets beer tossed on him. new orleans, 47-10. tied with the eagles for the longest streak in the nfl. rams fans in l.a. know what it feels like to be an eagles fan. the rams quarterback, the kid taken ahead of wentz.
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the 94-yard touchdown. rams roll. they have scored the most points in the nfl. a tough road game coming up next month for the eagles. the rams, vikings and saints all winning today, they're on the eagle's tail for the number one spot in the nfc. the eagles have the best record. but seven games left, four against teams with a winning record including the seahawks and rams, both on the road. more on the eagles coming up in about ten minutes on action news sports sunday. ducis and i will be here to talk eagles and more. well, there's no more moral victories. that's coming from sixers head coach brett brown not for the sixers team. despite hanging with the defending narcotics champs two f quarters, they were blown out. hopefully brown has cooled off. warriors teaching the sixers a lesson.
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embiid and simmons, 29 points and 11 turnovers. but the way golden state is playing is the way that the sixers will look in the near future. >> that's part of what to watch. that's what i feel like we are going to be too with the way we move the ball and the way we pass the ball to each other. >> how great does that sound? the sixers are going to look like the warriors soon? >> either way, the sixers are a lot better than they have looked. >> absolutely. and the key is on embiid. >> thank you. lifting weights helps boost physical fitness, and lifting books will apparently help your mental fitness. reading for pleasure helps your brain stay sharp and youthful, slowing cognitive decline. reading on a regular basis or playing mentally challenging games cuts the risk of alzheimer's dramatically. and improves social skills, empathy and social awareness. george clooney has company
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in being an older dad. more american men are becoming fathers later in life. but doctors caution that the risk of health problems in children rise for fathers in their late 50s and beyond. >> there is an increased risk of genetic problems in offspring for older men. that risk is not as severe as we see with women's age, but we see it. >> those potential problems include more autism, psychiatric and neurological disorders. older men aiming to become fathers should keep their weight down, exercise regularly and eat more antioxidant-rich foods such as green vegetables. >> much more to come. in honor of this veterans day weekend, we'll share the story of a marine who lost his legs in battle, but about to complete 31 marathons in 31 days for his fellow soldiers.
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a marine veteran is inspiring people across the country. running 31 marathons in 31 days >> and we should mention middle east a double amputee. we have more. >> reporter: to his fellow marines, rob jones is the fiercely loyal brother who kept them going in their most dangerous moments. >> rob brought a spirit to the
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unit. he was always on the -- the tip of spear, per se, on the front line. >> reporter: as combat engineer in afghanistan, in 2010 rob stepped on an ied, losing his legs. months of grueling rehab, learning to sit, stand, and finally walk again. but rob didn't stop there. eventual becoming a paralympic rower, now pushing himself to the limit. running 31 marathons in 31 cities in 31 days. all to raise money for wounded warriors. his wife, pam, by his side. >> i have heard him say in the past, thank god it happened to me and not someone who was not capable of dealing with it. >> reporter: in every city, strangers inspired to join him. 812 miles later, on veterans day, in the heart of the nation's capital, an emotional end to his remarkable journey. what is this moment like for you? >> i want people to know that a wounded veteran is not a broken veteran. a wounded veteran is just somebody that needs to find
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their new path on how to keep fighting. >> reporter: an american hero living his mission to serve the country he loves. >> usa! usa! >> reporter: abc news, washington.
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action news sports sunday is next here on channel 6. >> good night.
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♪ tonight on sports sunday: it may be the bye week, but the birds are still our hot topic. >> cannot be bought. >> while the eagles off, cowboys picking up ground in the nfc east? >> hey, knocked out of his hand. again. >> and look around the league for the top place of week 10. >> fires on the run. it is caught. unbelievable. >> and a look back at the life and career of phillies pitcher roy halladay. sports sunday starts now.


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