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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday november 15th. we're following breaking news. >> four juveniles escaped from a youth detention center in atlantic county new jersey and we're live on the scene where there's word this has caused schools in that area to be closed. >> friends, family and patrons will be lending a helping land to a popular south street restaurant that was gutted by fire. >> it was an emotional day as family friends and fans came out to remember phillies pitcher roy halladay. >> first up weather and traffic, david and karen. good morning. >> starting to get busy in some spots in the traffic department. >> in the weather department we're chilly again. it's pretty much a repeat of what we had yesterday. we're at 37 degrees right now in philadelphia. 34 is your current temperature up in trenton. 33 closer to the freezing mark in allentown and reading and in lancaster we are down to 32.
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26 in the poconos. 36 in wilmington. 42 in millville. winds are dropping down out of the north today but they're fairly light, only about five to 10 miles per hour winds overall. and as we go through the day it is going to be chilly and very similar to yesterday. 36 degrees by 7:00. by noon, 48 and a high of 51 degrees at 3 o'clock before we slide to 49. now, you'll notice one difference. we're not going to be dropping as chilly as quickly as we go into the evening hours. by 7 o'clock, not much different from the high. still holding 48 degrees. and that's because mild air is going to be coming up from the south overnight and we're only going to get to a low overnight probably in the mid 40's in philadelphia, the low 40's in philadelphia. look for a mix of clouds with some sunny breaks today. and then after midnight tonight, some rain arrives. we'll talk more about that coming up along with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, karen. that's ahead. >> all right, dave. you know when you travel early in the morning you expect a smooth ride. not the case. look at this traffic here on 42 northbound. are you jammed right now. this is a live look northbound near market street in camden county. the problem is up ahead on
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676. we have construction that's been blocking two lanes and that's what's creating the delay on 42 northbound. it's kind of spilling back on that. the construction is scheduled to clear right around now so we'll see if it clears on time and maybe this delay can ease. but in the meantime you're jammed on 42 northbound looking near market street. you can see how heavy you are at this point so careful for that as you're traveling through camden county, new jersey. here's a live look at 422 at trooper. no overnight work here so you're moving a lot better. that's your eastbound traffic right there headed towards king of prussia. maybe a little bit of building volume but not major problem. we have 422 eastbound reopened. it had been shut down. they had overnight construction that was running late. it just reopened now so if you're moving here between ben franklin highway split and route 100 it's looking better. upper gwynedd an accident just cleared on sumneytown pike at beaver street, tam. >> thank you, karen. following breaking news out of egg harbor city. four juveniles escape from a
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detention center crashed a car and are on the run. police and k-9s trying to get a he would ho ahold of them. the school district is canceling classes for today. "action news" reporter katherine scott is first with the details and she's live now with new information and exclusive surveillance video. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and that's right, the search continues for these four teens who remain at large. they escaped from a youth detention facility that's nearby to here overnight. we have been moved to a firehouse that's local out of the neighborhood where the search is ongoing. but as you said, the schools now in egg harbor city are closed today as the search continues for these four teens who are considered dangerous, though not necessarily armed. they were not armed at the time they escaped. let's go to surveillance video we obtained from the neighborhood and you can see in egg harbor city a speeding
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car, slams into a jeep and then it continues into a home on the 900 block of berger street. you see a vehicle with flashing lights after. in the top right corner of the screen you'll see what appears to be the teens getting out of the vehicle. police say shortly after midnight four teens escaped from harbor fields youth detention facility after overtaking correctional officers there. how they did it is unclear but they did get the keys to one of the personal vehicles of one of those corrections officers. one of the officers was injured. they were taken to the hospital and will be okay. one of the teens is 18 but he committed crimes when he was 17, so by law, law enforcement is not allowed to release his name. one is 17 and two are 16 years old. none are believed to have ties to this area. all are considered dangerous. investigators won't go into details about their past crimes but again, they are considered dangerous. they said based on those past crimes. numerous k-9 teams are sweeping the neighborhoods.
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there's also officers from a number of departments. they're positioned at nearby bus and train stations as well, any of the arteries out of this area. state police helicopter was out trying to find them overnight. here is a description of the teens from the acting sheriff of atlantic county. >> first one's a black male about 190 pounds, last seen wearing white boxers, cream colored shirt, excuse me i can't see, flip-flops and the second subject is a black male five-seven, 160 pounds wearing cream thermal pants with white boxers thermal shirt possibly white t-shirt. third suspect a white mail, about six-two, 175, basically the same ekes description just wearing socks. the fourth suspect wearing khaki pants and a black polo ayc embroidered on it and
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possibly pink socks. they were last seen in the area of saint louis avenue in egg harbor city. >> and the acting sheriff says based on their clothing description it's very likely that those teens are cold and if they don't have a ride they might be looking for clothes making it possible they could break into houses. they really don't know what their plans are so they're just urging nearby residents to use caution and call 911 if you see anything suspicious but again, word has come down that egg harbor city schools will be closed today because of all of this. we're live in egg harbor city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thanks for all your great reporting there cath inare run and the greater egg harbor regional schools will be closed today for the same reasons. we'll see if they can find these juveniles. we'll check in with you in a little bit. the bullet went through her right leg and then through her left along the 1500 block of rosalie street.
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investigators say bad blood between the man and woman who is 21. the woman is now recovering. >> you will not have to go to a specialty butcher if you want an organic gobbler for your thanksgiving feast. this year big name in the turkey world is offering these kinds of birds for the first time. let's find out more with maribel aber live at the nasdaq in times square. i have decided to take on thanksgiving dinner. maybe this is the kind of turkey i should go for maribel. >> reporter: you should do this and you should brine the turkey in kosher salt. butterball will offer organic whole birds and ground turkey. consumer demand was behind the decision to offer organic turkey. let's talk stocks. stocks closed lower as uncertainty over tax reform and a drop in oil prices weighed on the markets. reports on retail sales and consumer prices due out today. right now looks like futures are pointing to a lower open.
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a 10-year-old boy was able to unlock his mother's iphone x using his face instead of hers. the family posted a youtube video showing the boy getting past the device's facial recognition technology. the parents say they didn't set out to trick the security feature but their son picked up his mom's phone glance at it and was able to open the device. this was after the mom declared she was not giving the boy access to her new phone. they better fix that. >> there's a lot of things they need to fix about this technology. it's quite frightening. we laugh about it but your identity is your identity. you don't want people to steal it. >> he's really a mama's boy. he looks like just like her apparent. [laughter] >> as we take a look outside we have sky6 and over the ben franklin bridge there's a hint of some clearing going on right now and we are expecting a mix of sun and clouds earlily and that probably more of a clouds and sunny breaks mix later today.
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temperatures are very similar to yesterday. we're at 33 in allentown. 34 in reading. even trenton 34 so pretty chilly out there and it's not like that 37-degree mark in philadelphia is much better. 42 degrees in millville and cape may so a little bit milder down in south jersey. winds are on the light side this morning. up in the lehigh valley, we're looking for some sun mixing with clouds overall today. cool conditions with a high of 50 degrees. down the shore same story. you'll have clouds, some sun at times and there could be portions of the day like yesterday where the sun really breaks out rather nicely. 55 degrees is the high there. and in philadelphia, clouds, some sun, cool conditions with a high of 51 degrees. and that's right around where we wound up yesterday. yesterday's official high at the airport was 50. again winds are going to be low today, six to 12 miles per hour. then overnight tonight more clouds build in. 46 the overnight low in philadelphia and 42 in some suburbs. tomorrow morning when you wake up unlike the last couple mornings it won't be as cool. however there will be rain arriving after midnight tonight and some areas could be a little bit damp in the
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morning. future tracker6 starting the story at 12:30 in the morning on thursday, this is overnight tonight, even when cecily is on at 11 o'clock, we probably won't have much going on in the way of radar but as we go overnight into 6:00 in the morning, we probably will have some showers to show you here on storm tracker6 live double scan. it looks like the best chance of that is in the northern half of the region but even if you're down south i would tune in just to make sure your roads are dry. looks like that gets out of here pretty quickly and then later in the day tomorrow we get milder and the sun starts to come back but it's also going to get kind of windy and that's the call for tomorrow, milder with a high of 58 degrees. that front pulling through, though. 35 miles per hour afternoon wind gusts so clouds give way to sun, it's milder but it will be on the blustery side tomorrow. and looking ahead, we're just eight days away from thanksgiving. we'll be getting that in the seven day for you pretty soon. 40 days away from christmas and 47 days away from new year's day. how about all that? it's all coming. 51 degrees is today's high in your exclusive accuweather 7-day, clouds mixing with some
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sun, light rain overnight tonight into thursday morning and then thursday windy and milder with a high of 58. 50 sunny and cooler on friday and saturday still our big ticket precipitation day. not that it's going to be heavy rain but at some point clouds will build in the morning and then we'll see rain arriving during the day. it will be light probably arriving before the end of the temple game. we'll see about that. and then on sunday, 50 degrees with clouds in the morning for the philadelphia marathon and some sun coming back in the afternoon. down to 45, brisk and chilly on monday. >> there it goes again. >> yup. >> thank you david. 6:11 now. florida authorities worry a serial killer has struck again. s.w.a.t. teams are now going door to door conducting an armed search. >> new this morning a trendy clothing company is warning shoppers about a security breach. karen. >> we've got a new accident just popped up on the schuylkill expressway eastbound near gladwyne. we can see it right now blocking the left lane and quickly jamming up traffic. it's not our only new accident. i'll have the rundown for you next. >> ♪
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>> because of the escape of four juveniles considered to be dangerous from a youth detention center egg harbor school district and greater egg has been bore regional school district closed today. these four attacking a corrections officer stealing his personal vehicle hitting other cars before smashing into a wall fleeing the car. they've got police and k-9 out there trying to catch the four but they are considered to be violent and dangerous so again, the egg harbor city school district and the greater egg harbor regional school district they are both closed. our katherine scott is on the
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scene gathering details. she was first to get there. she's got exclusive video. she'll be bringing you a live report shortly. >> karen rogers has a problem on the schuylkill. >> yeah, an accident that just popped up on the schuylkill involving it looks like three vehicles. police are now on the scene. they hadn't yet arrived when i showed you this shot last. this is the schuylkill eastbound. the accident was in the left lane. they just pushed it off to the side but it doesn't take much to get a jam on the schuylkill so eastbound traffic on the schuylkill is already jammed from conshohocken to gladwyne. the accident is on the schuylkill eastbound at gladwyne so as you head towards belmont the left lane was blocked. we see now they've pushed it off to the side so watch for that one on the schuylkill. also another new accident just popped up in upper providence township and this in montgomery county as we switch over to second street and old state road. watch for an accident that just popped up there. we had a delay in new jersey on 42. as we look at this traffic you can see it's still pretty jammed on 42 northbound. this is a live look near market street and i'm
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wondering if there's a new accident within this. let's take a closer look. i know it's at the bottom of your screen so it's a little hard to see. you see what i'm looking at right here? all of a sudden in the center lane we're seeing these cars not move. i think an accident might have just popped up here. 42 northbound. we had construction blocking the two left lanes at 676. so it very quickly led to a delay. the construction has since cleared but 42 northbound is jammed looking live at market street and it looks like we have an accident in one of the center lanes so just kind of adding to the delay on 42. things are starting to get busy here. also in mount laurel, burlington county, an accident southbound on the new jersey turnpike past exit four. traffic at times is slowing past the scene. so, if you're on the new jersey turnpike heading towards route 73, you're dealing with that. we also have report of an accident i found on the waze app here on i-95 southbound near caster and we're looking at some slower speeds on i-95 southbound near caster because of that. so, a few problems coming up to us right now, matt. >> thank you, karen.
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this was the scene several weeks ago as strong and intense flames destroyed one of the most popular restaurant's on philadelphia's south street. now the community is coming together to help the owners and employees of bridget foy's. dozens of restaurants have planned a fire relief benefit. it will happen from 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock at headhouse square. tickets are still on sale. go to my twitter feed and you can go a link where you can purchase them. investigators are still looking into how the fire started. >> former philly roy roy hallady was remembered as an even better man. a celebration of life was held at the phillies spring training facility in clearwater florida yesterday. many spoke about halladay's on the field accomplishments and all remembered him as an amazing husband father friend and teammate. >> he was beautiful inside and out. without saying a word seems always to have just the right thing to say. when he did speak, people
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listened. >> halladay died last tuesday when a private plane that he was piloting crashed into the gulf of mexico. he was just 40 years old. >> in today's tech bytes, the drone on this year's list of worst toys. >> the group called world against toys causing harm is highlighting the danger of 10 popular toys. among them this spider-man drone. the group says moving blades could be dangerous for children. no comment from the toy's maker. forever 21 is warning customers their credit card data may be in the hands of hackers. >> the retailer investigating a data breach between march and october of this year and there's new evidence just how tough go pro cameras can be. >> this stunning video was taken by a camera that moments later was engulfed in lava from a volcano in hawaii. the owner apparently then retrieved the go pro chisel owed off the hardened lava and then took the memory card out and as you can see, the video still works just fine.
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>> impressively. >> those are your tech bytes. they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but... at the very end of it all, my agent... wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy. but if i wasn't happy with my claim experience for any reason, they'd give me my money back, no questions asked. can you believe that? no. the claim satisfaction guarantee, only from allste. switching to allstate is worth it.
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only from allste. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> a little frozen. >> yes. >> but we're moving. >> chilly this morning so why not. >> let's take a look outside and check the roads for you this morning. we're live on the schuylkill approaching the conshohocken curve. look at that jam on the schuylkill eastbound as you head towards gladwyne. jammed from conshohocken to the gladwyne on-ramp and that's because of an accident that we had blocking the left lane. they pushed it off to the side but you are still jammed. police are on the scene with that. construction on 495 northbound cleared as well as on 12th street there. so traffic is moving a little better in northern delaware, dave.
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>> all right, chilly to start out this morning, karen. we're at 37 degrees in philadelphia. still 33 up in allentown. 34 in reading. 34 trenton. 36 in wilmington and across south jersey it's the low 40's from millville down to the shore. on the el station platform this morning or the bus stop it's going to be cool. 37 degrees by 7 o'clock. by 8 o'clock up to 40. the afternoon will be very similar to yesterday. yesterday we got a high of 50. i'm going to go 51 today with a mix of clouds and some sunny breaks. and then later in the evening it won't be as chilly. we're still going to hold onto the upper 40's for your evening commute and that's because milder air is coming in. the overnight lows tonight are not going to be nearly as chilly as they are right now this morning. all green aircraft at the big board so no major delays at any of our big travel destinations but we have some rain that has now popped up in chicago. matt and tam. >> all right, thank you, david. it is now 6:22 and we're following several new and breaking stories for you coming up in our next half hour. >> katherine scott is live in atlantic county, new jersey, where four young fugitives are on the run.
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katherine. >> reporter: the search continues in egg harbor city for four teens who escaped from a youth detention facility nearby. schools are closed today. we'll have all the breaking details coming up at 6:30.
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>> imagine going to answer your door and you see that. fbi s.w.a.t. members with automatic guns in their hands. the officers are going door to door talking to residents in a tampa neighborhood on edge as police continue to look for a serial killer.
6:26 am
a fourth person seems to have been shot and killed at random in seminole heights in that area. police think it could be linked to three previously unsolved murders in the area that have happened since october. latest victim was a 60-year-old man on his way to feed the homeless at his church. surveillance cameras have captured a possible person of interest but as of now police have no leads on the kills identity. >> troubleshooters saving you money pie exposing a little known law. nydia han has a special report. >> reporter: how can a two dollars fine end up costing you more than $300. tonight the troubleshooters have the answer in a seller beware. this one's sure to be a big talker and have you saying, i didn't know that. don't miss the troubleshooters tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> austin at whole foods market philly with your "action news" produce tip. one of my favorite green vegetable side items is baby
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broccoli or broccoliini. i'll shop off the bottoms saute them for about two minutes until they turn great green throw a quarter of a cup of water into the pan and cook those for about six to eight minutes add a little bit of lemon and garlic. wonderful side dish for any meal you're making. >> sounds good. >> it does. it is now 6:27. we're following breaking news in new jersey where police are searching for the juveniles who broke out of a detention center. >> the search is impacting students all over that community as police warn the escapees are potentially dangerous.
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>> ♪ >> breaking now on "action news" four teens escaped a new jersey detention center in stolen car. police say they are
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potentially dangerous and schools are closed. >> man is left for dead in an alley. >> students from the lehigh valley are on alert. where police are investigating several attempted abductions at area schools. >> good morning, it's 6:30 on this wednesday november 15th much let's find out about your accuweather and traffic. we've got dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning. we've got a handful of accidents even though roads are dry and clear this morning. >> yeah, chilly out there, too, so hopefully the heater is working on your car. here are the numbers across the region. philadelphia is 37 degrees this morning, 33 degrees up in allentown and right around the freezing mark in reading and lancaster as well. 36 in wilmington, 34 from in trenton. in south jersey looking at temperatures in the 40's, 40 in dover, which is delaware, 40 in ac. cape may not reporting. 53 degrees in the ocean water in case you want an early dip, i don't but there you go. 7 miles per hour winds. they're not all that strong so
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bundle up similar to yesterday and you should be okay and the numbers are going to treat us very similarly as well. 44 degrees by 10 o'clock. 50 by about 2 o'clock. i'm going for a high of 51 around 3 o'clock and then notice how it doesn't get as chilly later on in the evening hours. we're still holding onto 47 as late as 8 o'clock. overnight we're only expecting to go down to about 46 for a low. some rain arrives overnight. karen, when i come back we'll show you that and show you how much of the morning rush hour is affected by that tomorrow. >> all right, we've got problems really both directions of the schuylkill expressway now. this is new coming in. this is the schuylkill expressway here at gladwyne. eastbound traffic as you head towards belmont, you see this accident, looks like three vehicles, it's off to the side. it was blocking the left lane. police are on the scene. eastbound traffic jams from conshohocken to gladwyne but the new issue looks to be westbound. we now have a 46 minute jam from the vine to the blue route on the schuylkill westbound. we can't see an accident from this camera view but we were not seeing traffic move very
6:32 am
well in this area and we think there's an accident up ahead causing problems. something on the schuylkill westbound causing an issue. kind of problems in both directions on the schuylkill expressway. a new accident here on the northeast extension. it's southbound past lansdale. this is just coming in and it's -- smoke is coming from a vehicle after this accident scene here. so, we've got slow traffic in this area on the northeast extension southbound heading past lansdale, an accident with a car smoking out there. in upper providence there's an accident here. second avenue at old state road. in gloucester city, an accident here as well. it had been blocking the left lane. we showed you live as soon as it happened. it was -- traffic was already backed up on 42 northbound because of some construction on 676. within that backup there's an accident right in the center lane. now we see flashing lights off to the side but nonetheless a jam this morning on 42, 76, the northeast extension you name it it's jammed right now.
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>> a daring escape from a juvenile facility a car crash and a massive search that has schools closing en masse in atlantic county new jersey. "action news" has been gathering new details all morning long including new video that shows a portion of the teenagers' escape. katherine scott is lively in egg harbor city where police are searching homes, train stations and just about everywhere else. later we'll get to "action news" reporter jeanette reyes but first let's talk to katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt, they're looking for neighborhoods, they have people positioned at train stations, bus stations. they want to try to find these four teens who escaped from the youth detention facility overnight which is less than half a mile from where we're standing. right now we're at a local firehouse. they moved us here out of the neighborhood as the search continues. but law enforcement is still positioned there trying to find these teens. let's go to video from that neighborhood overnight. this is the 900 block of
6:34 am
berger and you can see that stolen vehicle. this is where those teens ditched that stolen car. police say shortly after midnight, four teens escaped harbor fields youth detention facility in egg harbor city after overtaking correctional officers. how they did it is unclear but they got the keys to one of their personal vehicles. one of those officers was taken to the hospital with injuries but is expected to be okay. one of the escapees is 18 but he committed crimes while he was 17 so law enforcement can't provide his name. one is 17 and two are 16 and they're in various states of undress. one was that in boxer shorts and flip-flops. another just in socks. because law enforcement has concerns the teens may break into a home to find clothes if they don't have a ride but they say they don't know what their intentions are. none have ties to the area. investigators won't go into details about their past crimes but they're considered dangerous. >> we're not sure what -- what their plan is at this point but we've been in contact with
6:35 am
new jersey transit. we have officers at the bus station at the train station, all the main arteries out of this area and again, as the sheriff said we have roving patrols scouring the area looking for them. >> reporter: just a quick recap. these four teens escaped from the juvenile facility overnight. they apparently overtook corrections officers, assaulted at least one of them, stole a personal vehicle and then ditched it in a home at a nearby neighborhood and the certain continues right now. they were last seen in the area of saint louis avenue. if you have any tips, call 911. we do have a full description of them on our web site at we are live in egg harbor city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> you were first to the scene with so many details there, katherine. thank you for that. now let's switch live to jeanette reyes live in our satellite center with dramatic surveillance video of the
6:36 am
crash involving these escaped teens. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. "action news" has obtained exclusive moments after the teens fled the detention center. take a look at the footage. you can see the teens lose control of that vehicle sideswiping a jeep in egg harbor city. now from this camera angle you're about to see here you can see the teens ditch the car and take off running just before flashing lights come into view. those teens as katherine mentioned are still at large and though they are not believed to be armed, they are considered dangerous. this ongoing search is now having ripple effects. it's forcing several schools in that area to close for the day. at this point we know the egg harbor school district aren't the greater egg harbor regional school district canceled classes today because of that ongoing search. this is of course a developing story. we'll stay on top of it. as soon as we get an update we'll make sure to pass it right along to you. reporting live in the sat center, jeanette reyes,
6:37 am
channel6 "action news." matt. >> thank you jeanette. time is now 6:37 and chopper6 is also overhead in egg harbor city monitoring the seven efforts. you see the staging area there with so many police fanning out in just about every direction to see if they can find these four teenagers and maybe even prevent them from trying to leave the area. they've been going to train stations and other transit hubs to make sure that they're not trying to get out of the region for good. so, we will continue following what is going on there. we'll update the story every few minutes with updates here on 6abc and also, so stay with us as we continue to cover this story of the four juveniles who have escaped from that a detention center in atlantic county. also breaking now a man is gunned down in southwest philadelphia. police found the victim near a car in an alley way on the 6200 block of ellsworth street. the shooting happened at 2:30 a.m. the victim was pronounced dead a short time later. no arrests have been made. >> new here on "action news," police are on the lookout for the suspect in several
6:38 am
abduction attempts in the lehigh valley. investigators say a man approached an 18-year-old moravian college student in bethlehem yesterday morning. he touched her arm then grabbed her hand and wouldn't let go until she started screaming. the man ran to a light blue older model car and drove off. and then a few hours later the bethlehem area school district reported a man had approached a liberty high school student. >> i don't feel unsafe but i would just prefer to like walk with someone else or always like be prepared just in case it happens. >> call bethlehem police if you think you've got some information. and new this morning, three people were hurt when a vehicle slammed into a building. in fact firefighters had to cut the roof off the car in order to rescue the occupant. this happened around midnight on the 500 block of bethlehem pike in springfield montgomery county. the driver is okay. three passengers are now being treated at the hospital. bethlehem pike was closed in the area of gordon lane overnight for this investigation. >> ♪ >> police are planning an event to honor a wounded pennsylvania state trooper today. there will be a blood drive in
6:39 am
corporal seth kelly's name at the bethlehem barracks from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. kelly remains hospitalized one week after he was shot in the line of duty in plainfield township. the accused gunman, daniel clary is behind bars charged with attempted homicide. >> let's turn to dave murphy. we made it to the middle of the week. go outside for lunch today. >> today pretty much a repeat of yesterday is what i would say. storm tracker6 live double scan shows we're starting out dry. as we take a look outside we have some sunshine getting ready to come up over the horizon mixing with some clouds. pretty picture from sky6 looking southology broad street from temple university. we're at 37 degrees in philadelphia, winds on the light side northeast at 7 miles per hour and some of our outlying suburbs are closer to the freezing mark places like reading, lancaster the lehigh valley. 37 degrees in philadelphia by 8:00 a.m. chilly straight through the morning commute. then by 10 o'clock, 42 and by
6:40 am
48. and the high 51. notice we have clouds mixing with sunny breaks clouding up more as we go toward evening. one difference today is that 6 o'clock temperature. we're not going to be dipping as quickly as yesterday. we have an overnight low of 46 degrees. it's going to be milder tonight and tomorrow morning than it was this morning and yesterday this morning. this afternoon's high in allentown is 50 degrees, a pair of 51's in philadelphia and trenton and 55 in millville. little milder down in cape may, too, 54 degrees along the ocean front. future tracker6 shows us the next round of precipitation and it's probably after midnight. tonight at 11 o'clock when cecily tynan will be giving you her evening forecast you can see that there might be a little sprinkle showing up on storm tracker out to the west but most of us are still dry. it's really in the overnight hours that we get a couple light showers popping through and for the last couple days the models have been wanting to trend this in the northern half of the area versus the south. even down south there could be
6:41 am
a sprinkle. i'll be along tomorrow morning with double scan to show you where your roads might be wet. this looks like it's gone pretty quickly. 10 o'clock down to just a sprinkle. later in the day tomorrow we'll get milder, a high of 58 degrees. the trade-off, as that front pushes away from us the winds will build in. we'll get 35 miles per hour afternoon gusts so look for clouds in the morning a little early sprinkle or shower and then more sun in the afternoon and milder but those strong winds building in. looking ahead we're eight days away from thanksgiving. 40 days from christmas and 47 days from new year's. can you believe how fast all that stuff is coming? your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 51, clouds today, showers light stuff, spotty stuff overnight tonight into thursday morning and then thursday afternoon, sunnyier, milder, 58. sunday milder and cooler 50 degrees. for the weekend 55 is your high on saturday with the rain approaching the area, looks like it will probably get here during the afternoon. it's mostly light to moderate rain, not a real driving
6:42 am
rainfall but it could potentially come in during the temple game. that's a noon game at lincoln financial field and then we dry out overnight and on sunday clouds in the morning for the philadelphia marathon but sun in the afternoon, a high of 50. back to 45, brisk and chilly on monday. we're not quite done with that stuff on the seven day. >> i got to get that turkey cooked and then christmas -- i haven't bought a gift. >> lots of stuff. >> it's around the corner. 6:42. when we come back school bus rescue. a driver, risks her life to make sure all of the students on board survive a serious crash. karen. >> we're looking live right now on the schuylkill expressway. remember a couple minutes ago i told you about an accident we thought was happening westbound on the schuylkill near belmont. we found it up here and another new accident on the schuylkill eastbound. everything is a mess. including a 56 minute drive. i'll help you through it coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> 6:45. let's get you an update on our breaking news story that we are covering extensively. more and more schools respect closing today. let's see if we can get them back up on the screen there. some of them not even in atlantic county. i have them here on the -- i'm going to read them off to you. these are all the school districts that are closed. great egg harbor regional, egg harbor city, galloway township, hamilton township and mullica township. mullica, that's in gloucester county, so more and more schools and not even those in atlantic county are closing today. chopper6 is up over the command post that's been set up in egg harbor city as they look for these four teenagers who escaped the juvenile detention center at 12:30 this
6:46 am
morning. they're still trying to find them. again, those are the schools that are closed today. just because police are telling those school districts that it is dangerous to have students out there while they're trying to find these four juveniles who may be dangerous. >> let's go over to karen rogers to give you the latest look on your traffic right now. good morning. >> yeah we have more news coming in with the traffic department. the schuylkill is a mess this morning. i'm looking live here. it looked almost like the shot froze for a second but it's just because nobody's moving. this is the schuylkill expressway westbound at city avenue. wow, look at this travel time. it just jumped up. takes an hour and six minutes now to travel on the schuylkill westbound between the vine and the blue route. you're jammed approaching the boulevard here to past belmont. as we switch our camera scene and show you what's happening at the schuylkill expressway past belmont, we've got an accident there that's blocking a lane that's creating the problems right now and i know you kind of have to look through the trees to show it, but the accident is up ahead on the schuylkill westbound here. you can kind of see the
6:47 am
flashing lights and we have another accident on the schuylkill eastbound it looks like here are near gladwyne creating problems as well so eastbound we've got two accidents, westbound an accident and that's creating the huge westbound delay. now, a 66 minute travel time between the vine and the blue route. switching over to the schuylkill at gladwyne we can show that you multi-vehicle accident. the other accident on the schuylkill eastbound that's causing problems. it was involving three vehicles. it was blocking the left lane. they've pushed it off to the side right now and that one has created some big problems as well. so, watch for that as you're heading out. looks like that froze at the moment right now but we have other issues around the area that has been causing problems including on the waze app an accident on the blue route northbound near broomall, an accident here reported on the waze app so all kinds of delays this morning. meanwhile it's cold and dry, 37 degrees right now, no problems weather-wise on the roads but a lot of accidents especially on the schuylkill, matt. >> thank you, karen. authorities in northern california are still withholding the name of the
6:48 am
gunman who killed two neighbors and then went on to kill or wound many more apparently shooting at random sites. a total of four people were killed and 10 others were wounded including a student at an elementary school in corning. police say the attacker started firing his rifle at the building, so quick thinking staff members locked the outside doors. officers eventually killed the gunman at another site. now while there is no clear motive police do know the gunman was arrested in january for an assault case involving one of the neighbors he ended up murdering yesterday. >> we have new surveillance video showing a georgia school bus driver helping to save middle school students from a fiery crash. a pickup truck slammed into the bus in douglassville on friday. bus driver sharonda crawford richardson says her first concern was for the three children on board. >> the bus actually went over. we thought it was going to roll. i could only think about the children because i didn't have time to warn them or tell them that this is happening. it just happened.
6:49 am
>> she saw smoke and so did other people who stopped to help. everybody did make it off the bus safely. the driver of the pickup truck as well survived aren't and the douglas county school district plans to honor crawford richardson for her life saving action.
6:50 am
6:51 am
>> good morning, everybody. man, do we have problems on the roads. let's take a live look right now at the schuylkill expressway. we have three different accidents on the schuylkill. you're seeing a multi-vehicle accident eastbound on the schuylkill expressway. that's the westbound accident past belmont.
6:52 am
we've got a big jam right now. westbound a 66 minute travel time from the vine to the blue route. we have two eastbound accidents, one at gladwyne, one at belmont so eastbound and westbound you're seeing a lot of slowing here but especially that westbound traffic jammed. there's i-95 southbound near the betsy ross bridge. jammed here as well, dave. >> busy indeed out there and also chilly, karen. all of us are in the 30's right now in southeastern pennsylvania. as you go down towards the shore a couple spots in the low 40's in south jersey. on the el stop, 37 degrees this morning at 7 o'clock and still 40 by 8 o'clock. i'm going for a high today of 51 so essentially today clouds and sunny breaks, very similar to yesterday, a high temperature just about on the same button. the difference will be later this evening where we're not going to get as cool. we'll still be in the upper 40's and only going for an overnight low of 46 degrees. after midnight there will be some rain arriving. we'll be right back with our top stories. >> ♪
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6:55 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back to our break, news. you're going to see a list in a moment of the schools that are closed, egg harbor city school district, greater egg harbor regional school district, galloway hamilton mullica township, this is all over four escaped juveniles from a youth detention facility. police and k-9s trying get ahold of them before they may somehow run into somebody else who may get hurt. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live there where police are searching
6:56 am
homes, train stations and just about everywhere else. good morning. >> reporter: good morning tam, that's right. local schools are closed while the search for these four teens continues. they escaped overnight from harbor fields youth detention facility here in egg harbor city. it happened around midnight. authorities say that they overtook some correctional officers there. one of them was assaulted and went to the hospital. they stole a set of personal car kearse and then stole that vehicle and they ditched it in the neighborhood. what you're looking at right now is surveillance video from that neighborhood where they sideswiped a vehicle, they ditched the car in front of a house and then they took off. their ages, 18, 17 -- and two are 16. investigators say based on their past crimes they are considered dangerous. we have full descriptions on matt and tam. >> katherine thank you. one last look at the schuylkill expressway because we've got a nightmare of a ride. a 69 minute travel time westbound from the vine to the blue route. there are three accidents eastbound and westbound, dave.
6:57 am
>> got some sun in that shot this morning, karen. it's going to be chilly today. starting in the 30's and low 40's across the region, a high of 51, clouds, some sun. >> stay with "action news" and as they continue to search for those juveniles in atlantic county, new jersey. full details on the web right now. for karen rogers, dave murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. "gma" is next. >> ♪
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaks news in the deadly rampage. the first image of the gunman who went on that wild shooting spree in california killing four, wounding nearly a dozen. attempting to attack this elementary school. how the quick-thinking staff protected their students and what the shooter's mother is now revealing. new overnight, not backing down. roy moore in church refuses to drop out of the race. >> why do you think they're giving me this trouble? >> as even his stronger supporters give him an ultimatum. who is behind this phony robo call. >> hi, this is bernie bernstein. >> offering to pay women to come forward with new allegations. murderer on the loose. this man seen escaping from a


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