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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  November 15, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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detention facility in egg harbor city this morning. the teens stole a video and crashed trying to get away from police and three teenagers were recaptured in bridgeton. but huggins is still on the run. trish hartman has the latest. >> reporter: rick, police are still on the hunt for the one suspect, michael huggins, considered to be dangerous and we learned he is charged with a murder from last year in cumberland county and the other three escapees are in custody. this is the street where the four teens crashed and ditched the stolen car in this neighborhood less than a mile from the harbor field youth detention facility. >> members of the new jersey state police task force scoured the area in bridgeton looking for michael huggins. looking at maps as they searched for the escapee. huggins is charged with the
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murder of devon lee. huggins is the last of the teens that escaped from egg harbor city overnight. they took the other three into custody around 9:30 a.m. in bridgeton more than 30 miles away from the harbor fields correctional facility. >> we got the information out and dispersed it statewide with the track flyers and everything else and developed information and managed to pick up three of the four individuals. the teens overtook several correctional officers and escaped stealing a personal vehicle belonging to one of the officers, this video seen first on 6 abc shows the car sideswiping a jeep on a neighborhood street before hitting a building on the 900 block of burger street and you see the teens flee from the car
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before the flashing lights appear. >> heard a big crash and went to investigate and this car was there smashed against the building and i walked up to it and the doors were open and nobody was inside. that became a search of the neighborhood and beyond for hours. >> it's a big neighborhood and we set up a grid search yard to yard checking the house making sure no suspects were hiding under the bushes or anything like that. >> now, it's unclear exactly where the three suspects were apprehended or how they got to bridgeton and the acting sheriff says they have an idea where huggins is, but they are still looking. if you see him do not approach him call 911. reporting live, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. has complete detail oz and this developing story from egg harbor city. get the latest on this ongoing investigation. the gunman that shot and
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killed a patron in a mercer county restaurant remains on the loose. a vigil took place at the applebees last night to remember 23-year-old devon smith. the detectives said he shot smith while he was sitting at the bar. they are not revealing a motive but making progress toward an arrest. this was lawrenceville's first murder in 16 years. >> authorities in upper more land are investigating a murder in an apartment complex along easton road near allison lane. detectives are not releasing a lot of details but "action news" was there as they were gathering evidence at an entrance here. we don't know who was shot or the person's condition. three people had to be cut out of this car in springfield overnight. this is along the 500 block of bethlehem pike. officers say that the driver hit part of the front of the house
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and caused the car to topple on to its side. the passengers became trapped and were rescued by police and firefighters, the crash is still under investigation. >> there are details about the victim and gunman during the deadly shooting spree in northern california. four people were killed and police say that the shooter targeted at random across seven different locations in town including near a school. here is more details. >> reporter: authorities are now saying that kevin neil is the man responsible for a deadly shooting spree in northern california. >> individual shooter was bent on engaging in killing people at random. >> for more than 45 minutes the gunman shot at people with no rhyme or reason at seven different locations in town. the violent spree starting at 7:52 a.m. when he shot people at a local home and then the suspect drove while shooting as
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he drove to the local elementary school. >> the teachers came out around the building and said there is a shooting coming. >> one 5-year-old is shot but expected to be okay. the shooter's plan was to get inside and kill as many students as possible but thwarted by a quick thinking principal that put the school in immediate lockdown. the gunman left and continued shooting around town until he was killed by authorities. he had a domestic violence dispute and facing prosecution for stabbing a neighbor. and they believe a neighbor may have been his original target. and the mother says her son called her before the killings and said it's all over now i'm on a cliff there and there was nowhere to go. >> he had no license to carry a gun but had three of them on
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him. turning to the forecast we have sunshine today. but it's still feeling cool and you may want to keep the umbrellas handy as well. sky 6 hd showing you philadelphia international airport not a lot of reports to report for folks heading in or out. a nice day but if you head out you may need a jacket and some rain is headed our way as well. david murphy is outside on the terrace with the latest from accuweather. >> reporter: hard to imagine rain bright blue skies and cloud cover over by the coast. looking at satellite there is thicker cloud cover to the west, coastal clouds coming in on an easterly flow but the stuff to the west will thicken up if the afternoon and evening and rain on the other side of pittsburgh plowing into ohio and it take a while for that to get here and die down into our area but light showers starting sometime after midnight tonight. and sunshine currently and 50 degrees cool enough for a jacket as you step outside and pleasant
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overall and similar to yesterday. upper 40s in trenton, allentown and reading and lancaster 46 degrees and 53 in millville and 53 in atlantic city. winds are not really a factor. they are coming more or less in off the water helping to form cloud cover along the coast but single digit winds across most areas, accident is 12 miles per hour. as we go over the next several hours, 2:00 i expect a high of 52 degrees and by 4:00, 51 and the difference this evening compared to the last couple of evenings is the temperature. we won't drop like the last couple of nights. today is holding close to 50 and overnight low of 46 as milder air is coming in and along with that, comes a frontal passage that brings overnight rain. 52 is the high today and it's a
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few degrees below the average high of 56. details are coming up in the seven day. wilmington mayor, mike per discy traited city hall for habitat to humanity they were put to work for a project called hope run and it's going up along the 900 block of north church street. dozens of volunteers are spending the day giving back to their community. if souderton they cleaned and organized the boys and girls club of indian valley, part of the united way's day of care. and it's through montgomery county throughout the day. here at 6 abc we are lending a hand to raise money for neighbors in need for the holiday season. join us for the annual food drive food bank. sara bloomquist is hosting the live event as volunteers and
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special guests will be on the phones taking your donations from 4:00 until 6:30 this evening. lets look inside of the studio where all of this will happen. i'm there on the left at the first phone. see the cans of food i brought them in, that is where i'll be sitting. just kidding, it's our opportunity to connect, share and give and log on to our website at and join us for our holiday food drive phone bank beginning at 4:00 today. the eagles will face their rival dallas cowboys on sunday night and this morning doug peterson talked about the importance of protecting quarterback carson wentz. >> part of carson's strength is his ability to run and his toughness early on has shown. and we just continue to have conversation with him and make sure he is protecting himself and we need him for all 16
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games. >> after a week off the philadelphia eagles are still on a role one of only two teams on a seven game winning streak and they continue to be without ezekiel elliot serving a suspense for alleged domestic violence. terry cruise is speaking out with an alleged assault and taking the role as an advocate for victims of sexual abuse. those storiys and more when "action news" continues.
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actor, terry cruz is speaking out about a high powered executive. saying he was sexual assaulted by northern man at a party of the former nfl star turned actor spoke with abc news and lindsay davis has his story. >> reporter: fans know him as
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loveable jeffers in the brooklyn tv show brooklyn 99. >> i am a loveable person. >> this morning terry cruz the former nfl player turned actor is taking on a new role as an advocate for sexual harassment. the linebacker one of the first male celebrities saying they too were harassed in tinsel town and says he was globed at a party last year. this whole thing with harvey winestein is giving me ptsd, why? because this thing happened to me. my wife and i were at an event and this guy came and groped my privates. >> i said what are you doing? what are you doing? and he wouldn't stop. i got forceful and pushed him
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back and he starts giggling and laughing and let me tell you, i have never felts more emascula e emasculat emasculated. >> and he has been suspended as an investigation into the matter and tmz caught him leaving an lapd office after filing the police report. >> why file today? >> you know people have to be held accountable. >> i understand that are you planning to file a lawsuit as well. >> yes, we'll go all the way. >> multiple men in hollywood have shared allegations about different men coming forward as cruz spoke out. abc news new york. a kentucky man made his situation a lot worse after trying to make a run for it after learning he was sentenced to prison.
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derek wright was convicted of domestic violence as deputies were taking him into custody and wright tried to break free and took off. they broke out the taser and managed to get him under control and is now facing new charges for hitting the officers. and the camera caught a blind man stepping in the path of a train in denver and a passenger pulled him back in time. nobody was physically hurt but shaken up from the scare. updating the breaking news from south jersey where the state police fugitive task force are searching for 18-year-old michael huggins. he escaped from the correctional facility in egg harbor city. you are looking live as they search in bring ton, new jersey.
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he is charged with the murder of last year the murder of dante lee. do not approach if you see him immediately call 911. we'll monitor this story and bring you updates here on air and online at
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plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. david murphy back with a check of the accuweather forecast. >> not bad for a day in november. we are dry and as we look outside we have lots of sun down at independence mall and sky 6. and the sun fades behind clouds and later this afternoon we'll city more clouds with sunny breaks and it's cool and grab a sweatshirt as we head outside. tonight light rain spilling into early wednesday morning and it gets milder and windy in the
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day. here is the current temperature. 50 degrees and winds east-northeast at 7 miles per hour. just breezy out there kind of like yesterday and temperatures across the region not bad. 48 in allentown and reading and 46 in lancaster, and maybe an extra reason to grab a jacket up here. and 50 in wilmington and milder in south jersey, 53 in cape may. and the onset of the clouds, they are filling in quickly into central pennsylvania and areas just to our west. at the same time a survey flow from the east is pulling in the cloud cover off the ocean and we'll be cloudier later tonight and tonight. and the rain to the west will not be here until after midnight. high temperatures across the region and the clouds move in as sara mentioned, 52 in wilmington and 50 in allentown and reading and 54 down the shore in cape
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may. here is how it rolls the rest of the way. clouds increasing and 52 is your forecast high at 3:00 and 51 by 4:00. and 48 by 8:00 and a low around 45-46 degrees. somewhere in there. it won't be as chilly tomorrow morning the last couple of mornings. cecily probably has clouds and dry conditions for you tonight. and by the time i come in at 4:30 in the morning some roads will be wet with spotty wet weather around and we see the return of sunshine tomorrow. however, despite the fact that the sun comes back and the temperature rises to 58 and milder tomorrow we look at building gusts later in the afternoon. it gets blustery as we go into the second half of the afternoon and evening tomorrow. a little reminder as we look ahead. we are eight days away from
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thanksgiving and 40 from christmas. and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sun and clouds and 52 degrees. and then some rain tonight into early tomorrow morning. not much as you just saw. and windy and milder on thursday afternoon high of 58. and friday schoolwer a high of 50 and rain is approaching during the day on saturday and mostly cloudy skies and 58 degrees, maybe we get the noon temple game in dry before the light rain arrives. it won't be a heavy rain either way. and clouds for the philadelphia marathon but sun in the afternoon a high of 50 on sunday. and monday 45 and 52 on tuesday. >> 40 days until christmas? and 39 days until i start shopping. >> good for you. >> you got it. >> thank you.
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inspiring kindness that is the goal of the film wonder that hits theaters this friday based on the best seller of the same name. it tells the story of a boy with facial differences that attended mainstream school for the first time. alicia vitarelli is joining us with more. >> a special story. the film's tag line reads no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. the story of augie pullman inspired by something that happened to the author in real life when her son was just 3 years old and she were in an ice-cream shop when her son had an unexpected and embarrassing reaction to a little girl that looked different. >> in my haste to keep her from seeing his reaction to her face, i regretted it and i should have turned to the little girl and
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start aid conversation. >> rj's book became a best seller and feature film. the director steven, says the goal is to get everyone of all ages to have all the feels watching the story and of course the all important talks afterwards. >> look at haddize face. >> if i looked like him i would put a hood over my face. >> are you not ugly augie. >> have you to say that because you are my mom. >> because i'm your mom it counts the most because i know you the most. >> i wish i could hear all the family discussions driving home from the theater because it's about something and you walk away with something. entertainment a trojan horse to something serious. >> powerful stuff here, rj is amazed how her words and characters translated to the big screen. an all-star cast julia roberts
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and owen wilson. and wonder hits theaters this friday november 17th, and to sit with them and how it hit the silver screen is a special story and one that started with a real life experience from a real life mom. >> thank you. "action news" at noon will be back after this.
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closing in on the 1:00 hour lets get a final check of the accuweather forecast. david murphy -- >> as we look outside at the temperatures we go up to a degree or two better than now. 52 in reading and sunshine gives way to increasing clouds in the north and west and the same story along the i-95 corridor. a lot of 51's and 52's. and clouds are building and at the shore sun giving way to
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clouds. and 51 in sea isle city. we continue to follow breaking news as police search for an escaped suspect in bridgeton. michael huggins one of four that escaped from the detention facility in egg harbor city overnight. the three others were captured and he is still at large. we'll have nor coming up at a live report at 4:00. that does it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us today for more at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon.
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