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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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hours of freedom he managed to get his hands on a handgun. >> he did in fact have a gun in his possession and that is further investigated as to how he came into possession of a handgun good although armed, 18-year-old michael huggins did not resist arrest after he was located on north carolina avenue in atlantic city. and authorities did not say how they were tipped off. >> the i opened the door were cooperative with law enforcement many and at this time there is no penning charges again th ndividuals. and huggins one of four escapes from the did he sense center. they stole a car and crashed it in their haste. and the search centered in on bridgeton huggins home town and they hinted he may have gone
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towards his home but reverred his travel. >> during the course of the day the defendant huggins ultimately made his way back to the atlantic city area. not giving details about the actual escape that triggered the manhunt or the assault on the guard was inside of the secure area. >> was it in a secure area or none secure area? >> i don't have that information at this time. >> we don't know if it was in a secure zone? >> i do not have that information to disclose to you. >> a state agency, the juvenile justice commission operates the juvenile detention center only to say that it remains under investigation. we won't get quick answers as to what went wrong but all the escapees are back in custodies. john recall rawlins, channel 6 "action news."
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>> and the jury trial against bob mendez ended in a hung jury. mendez teared up talking about the outcome out sired of the courthouse in newark. he says while he made mistakes in his life none have been a crime. >> want to thank the jury. 12 new jerseyans that saw through the government's false claims and saw through their common sense to rejeb it. i appreciate their service and their sacrifice. >> he looks forward to get can back to washington and working for the people of new jersey. prosecutors have not said if they plan to retry the case. >> former national security chief tom ridge is in the hospital after undergoing an
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emergency procedure at the ub vertof texas. he called for help at 7:00 this morning and was rushed to the hop and underwent a cardiac catheterization. >> and this could be a historic night for the reform commission in philadelphia. the commission will vote whether or not to abolish itself. dann cuellar is live at the school administration building in spring garden. the expectation is that the philadelphia school district is returning to home rule? >> reporter: that is right and a majority of the board members said they would vote to dissolve it. and it seems to be a foregone conclusion and the federation of teachers rallies outside and called it an end of the 16 year takeover of philadelphia schools by the commonwealth of philadelphia and called for a
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people's school board. commissioner bill green who is against dissolving says that changing governance does not face the challenges. they are calling for $150 million deficit. that could require real estate taxes to go up. if the vote goes through mayor jim kenney will appoint a 13 member nominating panel in december for new board members and they would be late february or early march, the first meeting will be prior to july 1st. we are expecting the vote here very shortly and we'll have more on this tonight here on channel 6 "action news." live at philadelphia school headquarters, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. two pennsylvania state troopers were justified in firing their weapons when a traffic stop turn nood a shootout in plainfield township
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earlier this week and the district attorney announce that decision this morning and that video clearly showed the suspect daniel clary resisting arrest and initiating gun fire on corporal kelly. he is still in the hospital. and an 80-year-old man was indeed a victim of foul play. the man's body was found in his residence in the 2500 block of east lehigh avenue in his kitchen amid a great deal of blood. sara bloomquist is live now. >> reporter: jim, late this afternoon the autopsy results came back and showed that 80-year-old robert gerard suffered multiple stab wounds and police have to do a lot of work now to investigate what they now know to be a homicide. this afternoon neighbors on the 500 block of east lehigh in port
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richmond waited for word as to how exactly 80-year-old robert gerard had died. and late this afternoon the medical examiner came back showi showing gerard was murdered. >> the granddaughter came home and found her grandfather naked and blood throughout the house. >> and the postmortem shows -- >> he died of stab wounds. >> there appears to be nothing missing from the row home and there was a white van outside with a man living in it for weeks. >> we have nothing tie him to this. gerard was thought to may have died of natural causes like an accident falling down the steps but relatives didn't believe the death was any accident and the neighbors worried about the victim as he grew older.
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>> i am sick and heart broken and bob is a good friend and i lived around him for 40 years. it's tragedy. no not a tragedy, a disgrace whatever happened to bob. >> and police want to hear from anybody that was seen coming and going from the row home in east lehigh. and want to know if gerard had ongoing disputes with anyone. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." thank you. a bill aimed at ending discrimination against minorities and women passed unanimously in philadelphia city council, it gives the council the authority to terminate city contracts if they fail to meet equal opportunity require manies. david oh introduced the bill. with thanksgiving one week away some local college students
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are showing their appreciation for philadelphia's finest. the la salle university embarrasses are hosting their annual police and fire dinner at the 14th district in german town the students are serving a full meal to officers and their families and community leaders and the same at the 35th district that covers the la salle campus and in all they plan to serve 400 meals today. and they are toasting the grand opening of the brand new yards brewery and tap room in philadelphia tonight. joel embiid puts on quite a show in los angeles. we'll hear wa he has to say about the big win against the lakers last night. >> we hit 60 degrees last night and it felt cooler when you factor in the winds and wind gusts 31 to 37 miles per hour and those winds pull in cooler air overnight and all the details and the details on the
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timing of the weekend rain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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a car flipped over when a car collided in again mills, happening at spring valley and temple roads. chopper 6 hd was overhead when they removed the wreckage. none of the injuries are thought to be life-threatening we don't foe what caused the crash. leaders are remembering the brave local students that fought for civil rights and
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commemorated the 1967 student walkouts an estimated 3500 children marched to student headquarters and demanded quality and their protest was met with police violence but had an enduring impact and led the district to include african-american history as mandated curriculum and activist for generations to come. and a new exhibit set to open in center city philadelphia features two celebrated artists the rodan exhibit opened and there were works by august rodan and never before seen pieces created by rodan. and a nonprofit organization wants to set the table at the homes of seniors this thanksgiving and volunteers at
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the new courtland senior center bagged 1300 seniors this afternoon and will be given to seniors in the coming days. and bishop prep school in pennsauken are doing their part to make sure those in their community have food on their table over thanksgiving and they collected all the staples for 200 meals and they packed up and delivered the meals that are distributed through camden by a number of churches.
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on the business front a local beer maker is home to the largest craft brewery in philadelphia. and jim kenney joined customers and owners of yards. they opened their new tap room in northern liberty. it's located on the 500 block of spring garden street and yard
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embodies the spirit of philadelphia. i had a chance to watch the last couple of minutes of the sixers game in los angeles. this is a different sixers team. >> it has to do with one guy. a star power on the court last night in los angeles. one was far brighter than the rest. joel embiid hut on a show against the lakers. he scored a high 46 points of 14 of 20 shooting and grabbed 15 rebounds and blocked seven shots and assists. and embiid let his star shine in hollywood. >> it was great and i love l.a. and love the staple center and i wanted to come out here and put on a show. and i just wanted to be aggressive and that is my new mentality. especially i felt like i was not
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aggressive at first and i can't wait to keep the same momentum. >> sixers will host the warriors on saturday. it's like a slow drip coming out of the faucet but i promise the eagles cowboys game will get here eventually sunday night at 8:30 to be exact. we get this alshon jeffrey was limited in practice with an affectle issue and a homecoming from jay ajayi, and he grew up in frisco, texas outside of dallas. >> in texas it was like a split household and my dad was on the cowboys side and my mom loved donovan mcnabb and that was her guy and i when to the dolphins and they were dolphin fans and now an eagles household all the way and my mom is excited and to
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get to come back where i played in my senior year it's like a special homecoming. >> the flyers skate in winnipeg. patrick missed the past nine games with a suspected concussion. the flyers have been shut out in the past two games and have not scored a goal in the last sex periods. to college basketball. welcome to the party temple. the owls finally open the season this afternoon with old dominan and it was held in charleston, south carolina. and one of the five three shooters as team temple connected on 10 of them and later in the half ted rose they expect him to chip in more in his sore more season and tighter in the second half but tem people was able to put it away thanks the rose three and the
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owls play auburn tomorrow. that is sports. operation warm is underway in philadelphia. first responders from union local 22 and members of city council raising money to buy new winter coats for children that need them. operation warm is a nationwide effort and provided coats to more than 2 million kids.
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a new exhibit at the please touch museum is teaching healthy habits to half mine pints. this section teaches kids to stay active and manage money and
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has social interaction and mental well being. it's the first of two phases in the reimagined 2020 play space. the please touch museum. >> so cute. >> not windy inside but really windy outside. >> wind gusts to 37 miles per hour and that wind is pulling in cold air tonight and the action cam hanging out in the navy yard and taking a look at the delaware and the water definitely on t thanks t the gusty winds today and a few scattered showers and a touch ofaupel, ice pellets mixed in. and this weekend is a big weekend it's marathon weekend and 30,000 runners between the three races this weekend. look at them go -- running me over. and weather wise it's looking pretty decent. saturday the half marathon kicks off at 7:30 it will be mostly cloudy and a little bit breezan
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warm up at rac and you want it a bit on the cool side temperatures in the 40s for the rothman 8 k and a saturday night and should be out of here for the full marathon to kick off at 7:00 on sunday and temperatures are perfect for running, 48 degree and partly sunny and the issue on sunday will be the winds. we'll have winds sustained up to 25 miles per hour gusting around 30 miles per hour and if you run the marathon a good idea to run in packs and that can really help protect you from the wind and drink lots of water and you don't realize the temperatures around 50 degrees and the wind will dehydrate you. you want to stay hydrated. good luck to the runners this weekend. 52 in philadelphia down from the high of degrees above north carolinaal and felt cooler with the winds, the first time in a week and a half with
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temperature as above average. allentown and reading 47 degrees and cape may 54 and trenton 50 and wilmington 50 degrees. even now the suns set typically that is when the winds diminish and we have win gusts 28 mil per hour in iladelphia 33n all ton and 30 in lancaster and we won't be able to shake the wins all night long, they will diminish and with us through the night and the day tomorrow. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we'll be able to shake the cl they and lead to a chilly night. overnight low 38 in philadelphia and 33 in allen ton and 35 in wilmington and mostly clear skies and the win tomorrow morning, you want to bundle up. future tracker 6 showing 8:30 in the morning kids are at the bus stop and people head to work, 29 is the windchill in philadelphia and even cooler in reading and the windchill 25 and poconos windchill 12 feeling like winter tomorrow and through the day
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tomorrow. despite all the sunshine, the afternoon high only 50 degrees, that is 10 degrees cooler than today but you factor in the winds and the windchill will be in the low 40s. bundle up tomorrow and loads and sunshine and bright conditions, saturday a warm front that moves through during the day and brings us clouds and could have an afternoon shower and the best chance of that in the lehigh valley and the poconos. the high 57 degrees and mild reaching that on saturday night and the cold front moves through on saturday and brings us the round of rain and drops temperatures back into the low 50s on sunday and kicks up the winds, looking at thanksgiving an earlier look. the jet stream is to the south and what this will do it keep the warm air down to the south and the cool air across the great lakes and that means temperatures are seasonable for us and should be dry looking really nice. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mostly sunny with a chilly wind and 50
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degrees and shower possible during the day and at night. and sunday the wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour in the afternoon and 53 and that brings down cool air on monday and 47 and tuesday we bump it up to 58 degrees and wednesday smooth travel and 54 and early look at thanksgiving, right now it looks nice and dry and partly sunny and not too windy with a high of 52 degrees and a week away that could change. >> the balloons don't lightning too much wind. >> we don't want anymore than 18 miles per hour. >> it should be good. >> it's looking good. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 with brian taff and ducis rogers. and join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. and a member of the "action news" family suffered a medical crisis on the air and turned the cameras around on one of our own. here is brian taff.
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>> for "action news" viewers it was a confusing and concerning several minutes but for an anchor it was painful and confusing. and we turn the cameras on one of our "action news" family that suffered a medical crisis live on television. and was going about his routine when he developed a crippling headache and started to stumble over his words, he thought it was a minor concern turn nood a threatening complication and i sit down with gray as he recovers at home and takes me behind the scenes and along his road to recovery. and an important message for you at home. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news. the explosive allegation against senator al franken. the radio anchor making this photograph public, accusing franken of forcibly kissing her during a uso tour. tonight, the senator responds. also tonight, senate candidate roy moore. what he now says amid new accusers. including a woman who says she was just a teenager when he called her at her high school. the vet tran detective shot in the head and killed. there is an urgent manhunt at this hour. your money, yourtaxes. plan. but tonight, the huge stakes for president trump. senate republicans now can only afford to lose two where is the math ri the powerful storm sweeping across the country. holiday travel will be effected this weekend. the house explosion, just as police


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