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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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is the investigation into last night's catastrophic fire that chased 160 people into the cold night air. we have got "action news" reporters bob brooks and vernon odom on this story tonight. bob, let's begin with you at the burned out hull of the structure on the 700 block of north franklin street. first thing we need to know, has everybody been accounted for? >> reporter: well, jim, good evening. the answer to that unfortunately is no. everyone is not accounted for. and when we asked officials at a news conference earlier today has anyone been killed they couldn't give us a straight answer. behind me you see the work continues out here to make sure these flames do not reignite. without the help of neighbors aiding first responders many more likely would have been injured. it was a blaze so big, so hot that it still smoldering today. the barclay friends senior living communities went up in flames before 10:30 last night and then the mission to save
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seniors' lives began. >> they were running back in right into the fire. at that time it was raging. >> reporter: neighbor and witness larry kingsland says the fire crews never flinched. he says he and his neighbors knew they couldn't do it alone so he and others went in to help. >> instead of waiting i went in myself and other people just were going in the building, we were getting people out. >> reporter: he also describes a checks and balance system that was happening inside to prevent further confusion. >> one of the administrators from barclay was in there putting little red stickers on the doors as we were taking the people out just to signify that when the firemen came in, in case it was smoky. >> reporter: at a news conference about three hours ago officials told us at least 27 residents inside had been injured. no word yet if anyone was trapped and killed. at this point they're still trying to account for everyone after the chaotic night. you can see residents were wheeled out carried out on makeshift stretchers anything to get them to safety. >> as you can imagine, it's a little chaotic during the evacuation, there were some
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folks evacuated out to west chester university, some folks frankly family they went home with family so we're still trying to account for everybody. >> reporter: we're also told the next steps are to make sure that everything at the scene is under control and then send in a team of experts to figure out what happened and look for possible victims who may not have made it out. >> we got certified fire investigators, certified explosive specialists chemists fire protection engineers, electrical engineers. >> reporter: and a live look out here close up into the building, you see those windows burned out. jim, i've been out here pretty much throughout the day. this is the best it's looked. this is the most under control it's looked and we also do know that aiding those experts coming in are criminal investigators. officials say they want to unturn every stone to figure out what happened. for now reporting live in west chester, bob brooks channel6 "action news". >> thank you, bob. "action news" has learned the department of health has cited barclay friends for fire safety violations in the past. a building safety inspection
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in february of this year found the facility failed to protect openings with sealant. fire caulking helps prevent the spread of flames. the home also had passed citations for broken sprinklers and blocked emergency exits in hallways. those violations were quickly fixed according to those inspection reports. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at the pembrooke health and rehabilitation center, also in west chester. that received some of the evacuees from barclay and vernon you were able to talk to a woman who has seen a good deal in her life but nothing quite like this. >> reporter: jim, mary meacham at age 101 had never been caught in a fire before. she was stunned by its ominous fury as she watched it last night and escaped and she was not sure she was going to survive. >> well, the fire last night was horrible. all that smoke going up. couldn't believe it. >> reporter: mary meacham
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aged 101 was rust residents at the barclay center evacuated when this inferno erupted and went to five alarms quickly. she deeply appreciates the firefighters, the ems personnel, the red cross and the franklin street neighbors who came out last night to bring blankets, hats and whatever was needed to protect these senior citizens from the cold night air. she gave great thanks to her nurse who barreled into her room last night to save her life. >> and the nurse came in, she says, it's a fire, it's fire. she grabbed the oxygen off me. i was shocked. i couldn't believe it. and then from this she put me in the wheelchair went got out of there and everybody was following us and she kept saying come on, come on. >> reporter: it was a dangerous and difficult task for the center's employees but they performed their duties ever so well. >> didn't want to get out of their beds to come out. but, you know, we had to like really be a little stern.
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you got to come out because there's a fire. >> reporter: mary meacham was finally reunited with her daughter and granddaughter at the pembrooke center where she was taken this morning. they searched for her until 4:00 this morning and finally got a call from pembrooke. they had feared the worst. they're so grateful to all who pitched in. >> i can't thank them enough from my family to them to thank them for helping to save my grandmother and to help save all the other residents. >> reporter: jim, mary meacham is safe and found and healthy tonight here at pembrooke and we've been invited frankly to her 102nd birthday party next november the 12th. i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news" reporting live from west chester. >> we will be there, thank you so much vernon. our coverage of the inferno and continues on and right now you can find the latest updates from the scene along with more video from our crews on the
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ground and of course chopper6. stay with us all night for continuing updates on this devastating blaze. we have got the latest on the weekend forecast and you won't be terribly happy at least for the first part of it. meteorologist cecily tynan with the latest information from accuweather. cecily, what's the story. >> jim, i am tracking some rain on the way followed by some very windy weather. right now it's pretty quiet out there. it's kind of breezy its a little bit on the cool side, 47 degrees. we have a dry night. it will be cool, temperatures dropping down into the 20's and 30's and double scan live showing the system i'm tracking that will bring us two rounds of rain. it's moving out of the west right now. first there's a warm front. that will be moving through tomorrow afternoon. then there's a cold front and that moved through in the middle of the night. very late saturday night into very early sunday morning. so, the rain comes in waves. tomorrow morning it's dry in the morning. lots of clouds. and future tracker showing that warm front bringing us that showers tomorrow afternoon. then we get a break in the
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action before the steadier rain moves in after midnight saturday night. so, this is what to expect. tonight's going to be a cold night. the winds really diminishing so not a big wind chill factor, overnight low 27 to 35. that rain developing saturday afternoon. we dry out on sunday but the winds gusting up to about 45 miles per hour. that brings us much cooler air on monday. i'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast. jim. >> thank you cecily. vandals had their way with a couple of philadelphia police cruisers last night. even leaving a hammer stuck in a windshield and it happened right under the nose of police at ninth and south streets. live at that location tonight is "action news" reporter trish hartman. trish, what is the latest on this? >> reporter: well, jim, philadelphia police tell me that one of those vehicles was brand new just put into service this past week. surveillance video shows a group of 10 to 12 people fleeing the scene in dark clothing leaving paint, smoke and broken glass here on south street. >> threats and things like
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that, they come with police work. i mean, there's an inherent danger level with being a police officer so we expect that. >> reporter: what police weren't expecting was a smoke grenade set off outside the south street mini station and glass bottles of paint flung at the walls. the windshields and windows of two police vehicles were smashed with a hammer that was left behind on south street around 11:00 last night. >> there's certainly a group that has antigovernment antipolice anarchist ideologies. >> reporter: they know that because of the antipolice fliers left at the scene. we blurred out the profanity. part of it reads we don't want the change the system, we want to destroy it but police say the fliers and other forms of peaceful protest aren't criminal, it's the destructive actions that came with them. >> but what we don't tolerate is violent acts. we don't tolerate criminal acts, property damage and things like we saw whether it's at a police station or anywhere else, any government facility or any private property. >> reporter: people who live around here say the of vandalism is upsetting. >> you hear it all over the country.
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there's the whole, you know, movement against police, against plaque people. it's horrible. >> i don't think going and vandalizing breaking windows or spray painting really has an effective message as would be trying to open the lines of communication between the police and the citizens. >> reporter: police say the group fled westbound towards 11th street. if you have any information, detectives ask that you call the tip line (215)686-8477. reporting live on south street, trish hartman, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, trish. better news here. thousands of runners and spectators have arrived in town for the philadelphia marathon weekend. the three-day event kicked off this morning at the pennsylvania convention center. competitors started picking up their race bibs and shirts at the health and wellness expo. mayor jim kenney welcomed runners this morning. >> our stunning views and stark backdrop of philadelphia makes this one of the best
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marathons in the country and we're very proud of it. if you're a returning runner we would like to welcome you back and if you're a first time runner we know that you'll be back next year. >> the american association for cancer research is the new title sponsors for the race this year. the 8k and half marathon are tomorrow. the marathon takes place sunday. you can find a full list of road closures by the way and there are a number of them at coming up on "action news" tonight dozens of children are spending their first official night in their forever homes. we'll take you to the adoption ceremonies in camden today. jeff skversky with an eagles injury update as the birds get ready to take on those dallas cowboys. cecily. >> it was cool and breezy day today but now that the sun has set the winds have really died down, only about three to 7 miles per hour. i'm tracking some rounds of rain on the way. i'll have more details on the timing of that, a windy sunday and an update on your thanksgiving forecast in the accuweather 7-day. >> those stories and much more
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>> philadelphia's police athletic league opened its newest center today in kensington. mayor kenney and police commissioner richard ross spoke about the positive impact pal's free programs have on children's lives. channel6 general manage and president bernie prazenica happens to be the chairman of pal and he was there as well of course. pal now with 19 centers across the city. today is national adoption day. more than 40 adoptions were finalized in camden county today. some of the parents met their children through the foster care system. camden county surrogate
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michelle genentech mayor says the process can take some time but it's important to ensure the children and parents are well matched much she also says the reward is well worth the wait. >> to think that there's children out there who don't have a family and a permanent home is really sad. if you have it in your heart to bring these children into your home and i guarantee it will bring you lots of love. >> more than 6,000 children in new jersey are in the foster care system. and many of them, of course, are hoping to be adopted. these students are eight hours into a 12 hour dancing mini thon at lower moreland high school raising money to support the fight against pediatric cancer. there are games live performances and guest speakers to help students stay on their feet. of course the mini thon is modeled after penn state university's 48 hour thon. >> ♪
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>> you know what's great about sunday night football? you can watch red zone all day catch all football and have a little dinner and then watch the eagles. >> national spotlight for the eagles once again and hopefully they can put on a show down in dallas. carson wentz is number one receiver alshon jeffery listed as question for sunday night's eagles game in dallas against the cowboys. coach pederson says he's optimistic he'll play. jeffery a full participant. pederson revealing it's been a lingering issue forever re. with or without him the first place eagles have a tough stretch coming out of the bye. four of their next five games are on the road starting with the boys. >> it's a tough stretch but at the same time it's one that we welcome. if we want to separate and become a good football team and a consistent winner in this league these are the stretches that you have to go through and find ways to win games. it kind of goes back to your comments or your statement, you know, about the learning from last year. you know, and this time of the
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year and the way the guys prepare, but, you know, we got to take them one at a time and, you know, again it starts -- starts this weekend. >> the eagles offense will now face sean lee. all eyes will be on the quarterback. dak prescott and carson wentz will be in the spotlight. both drafted last year both off to terrific starts. >> two pros, you know, talented, have great instincts intangibles that you want and even better than that they're just great leaders, good people. they work at it, they study it constantly trying to get better so, you know, it's great for our game to have young players at that position. >> sixers forward robert covington scores a massive payday. sixers resign owed him it's a four year deal worth 62 million. the deal prevents their
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longest tenured player from becoming a free agent this summer. remarkable story. covington was undrafted and out of work when the sixers gave him a shot in 2014. gm brian colangelo says robert covington is a prime example of what hard work dedication can lead to. justin anderson will miss a month with shinsplints. sixers host golden state tomorrow. flyers defenseman gudas facing suspension after getting ejected for slashing a winnipeg share in the head. gudas has been offered a face-to-face meeting with league officials to explain himself for this hit on matthew pirolt. lamar kimball will miss the rest of the season after breaking the fifth metatarsal. it's the same injury ben simmons had. temple off to a terrific start. today against auburn in south
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carolina rose top of the key. one of his five 3's. rose with 19 and they're keeping track on the temple bench. obie with 19 as well. how about the double double for the temple big man. temple 88-74. they are two and o for first time in three years. and check out a playoff addition of high school huddle tonight here on 6abc after "action news" at 11:00. number one seed springfield delaware county facing upper dublin in our game of the week semifinals going on in pennsylvania just a few teams left in our area. >> exciting time. i can't believe you didn't do this story but the fact is the sport of pickle ball is picking up in popularity in this area. so much so that new courts were built to accommodate those who want to play. the new pickle ball only courts opened today at mercer county park in west windsor township. the game combines elements of tennis badminton and ping-pong
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>> always supremely important accuweather weekend forecast. >> pressure is on for the weekend. not going to be one of our best weekends. won't be the worst weekend though. lots of sunshine, the action cam what a great looking shot down by independence hall. the high 51 degrees. it was breezy. but are you ready? because we only have six days before thanksgiving. the turkeys are getting nervous. an update on the thanksgiving forecast is looking really nice. it will be a bit on the cool side, temperatures only in the 40's for highs but high pressure will be in control. so, what this means, it should
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be a dry day, good amount of sunshine. winds light with of -- which of course is very important for the thanksgiving day parade. when means the balloons are a go. temperatures a bit on the chilly side 47 degrees currently in philadelphia. allentown, millville and reading 39 degrees. trenton 44. and pomona right now is 42. so, satellite and radar showing loads of sunshine through the day. we have high thin clouds moving in right now. more clouds across the ohio valley and they will be filtering through as we head through the late overnight hours. so tonight partly cloudy, winds continue to diminish. going to be a chilly night. 35 in philadelphia, 27 in allentown, 33 in wilmington and 35 in cape may. so, if you're heading out on this friday night, you definitely do want a winter coat. future tracker showing could see a few areas of filtered sunshine in the morning but by 8 o'clock, the clouds are beginning to really thicken. the day starts out dry.
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if you want to maybe go for a run, go for a walk, do it the first half of the day. by the afternoon, a warm front moves in. so, by 4 o'clock, we do have some showers developing and then a lot of it kind of shuts off for the evening hours. a lingering shower possible but a lull in the action 8 o'clock. a cold front pushes in after midnight. so we have a steady rain developing in the wee hours of the morning around 3 o'clock and as long as this front keeps moving, we should be drying out in time for the philadelphia marathon sunday morning at 7 o'clock but behind this front the winds are going to be whipping, winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour in the afternoon and these are the sustained winds all day long we have sustained winds 20 to 25 miles per hour. so, it's going to be a very blustery day on sunday. now, moving ahead to wednesday, big travel day. the latest european model is showing some showers wednesday morning. temperatures around 50 degrees, not all that cold.
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as we head into the afternoon, if you're doing any traveling late in the day, the showers will be moving out as that high pressure builds in and again, that should bring us a dry thanksgiving. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, it's cloudy tomorrow, showers developing in the afternoon, could be wet for the end of the temple game. 55 degrees the high. some steady rain late saturday night into early sunday morning. then we dry out with those 45 miles an hour wind gusts, 54. monday will be sunny but chilly, 48 degrees. we bump it up to 58 degrees on tuesday. wednesday again for traveling some morning showers and then partly sunny, 54. still looks pretty nice for thanksgiving, light winds, partly sunny, a bit on the chilly side, 46 degrees and right now black friday is looking partly sunny and dry, 50 degrees, pretty nice weather for shoppers. >> thank you cecily. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers and then please join us for a special report at 11:00 here on
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channel6. "action news" troubleshooter nydia han has a story that is bound to resonate with drivers on the road. >> you don't expect driving down roosevelt boulevard to be hit by a flying piece of sheet metal. >> sliced it like a but knife. thank god that we're alive because her head could have literally been decapitated. >> all right. look forward to that. four cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, jeff skversky, and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight the major storm about to hit the midwest, chicago at this hour. then headed east, dangerous driving, winter storm warnings in effect. just as millions begin travel for the holiday week. president trump blasting senator al franken tonight. but remaining silent nothing on roy moore. and roy moore's wife tonight, saying the president should thank them. the five alarm fire, the race to get to seniors who were trapped. and authorities a short time ago -- and what they've now revealed. ing. breaking in new york city more than 200 firefighters battling a four alarm blaze ripping through an apartment building. the urgent hunt tonight. the veteran detective shot in the head and killed. a major reward tonight. the submarine missing tonight beneath the sea, authorities waiting for any signal. dozens on board. outrage over killing


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