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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 19, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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good afternoon it is sunday november 19th i'm nydia han with jeanette ray necessary for gray hall. >> here are some of stories we are following on "action news" three people including an 18 year-old was critically injured during a shooting outside a north philadelphia sports bar. and days after a devastating fire, in west chester an update on the challenges investigators continue to face. and our viewing area is under a wind advisory this news, causing some chilly conditions out there. >> meteorologist chris sowers is outside with the exclusive accu weather forecast. wind is how long, chris. >> they are but everything has quieted down out here this afternoon. i'm finally catching i break. earlier this morning i was standing out here winds whipping around 40 to 50 miles an hour. there tree branches every wher avenue. wind add triedry continues until 4:00 this afternoon. so from this point on we should see gusts, ranging between 30 and 40 miles an hour. so things are starting to ease up a little bit but look at the gusts we have had bursting
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this morning. tropical storm force wind begin at 39 miles an hour and reading, atlantic reported a peak win gustsf53 mi. wilmington 48. doyletown 43. and then philadelphia is 43 miles an hour. also delaware bay and oceanfront recording gayles over last several hours. s have been whipping. philadelphia atlantic city still at 46. wilmington 40. millville 31 miles an hour. allentown is 36 miles an hour. so temperatures are pretty much held steady over the last couple of hours. we're sitting at 50 in reading fifty-three in philadelphia. millville 55. with those strong gusty wind it feels likely to mid 40's this afternoon. our high for the day believe it or not is going to go down in the record books at 62 actually an hour afteridnight. now numbers continue to fall.o y windy, 54 degrees is the forecasted high with gusts ranging between 30 and 40
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miles an hour. and then, this settles in. overnight tonight through the day tomorrow, cold pockets of air. it gets cold tonight. temperatures below freezing. wind cllhifirrrow morning waitir that schoo bs are in the 20 bacn the accu weather seven day forecast, guys. >> chris, thank you. >>you can keep up with any changes to including real time views from storm tracker six, just visit six or down load free six abc app. three men were shot around 12:45 this morning in the 3300 block of north third street. and victims age 18, 37, temple university hospital where they are listed in critical but stable condition. at the scene police found more than a dozen shell casings, so far there is no word on a motive, and no arrests have been a men, were during
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shooting we will expect more information in the hours. some residents of a senior living facility in west chester remain unaccounted for following that horrific five alarm blaze three days ago. officials with the barclay friends senior living community say their topiority qs ways been th health, well- resis this weekend agents with the atf local field division and national response team arrived at the scene, but were unable to access the building because it is still considered too unstable. >> now of the 160 residents and staff members at lee 27 were injured in the blaze and at this time it is unclear just how many people a unted for. >> today, a community is coming together to help the fire victims with a donation e at goodwill fire company that is where "action news" reporter bob brooks joins us now live with details on the volunteers, the difference they hope to make today, bob, good afternoon.
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>> reporter: good afternoon, nydia and jeanette. they are making a tremendous impact. it ist to step out of t way all morng long. omingve been here since about community. the parot has been. they are out her directing traffic on the road because volunteers more and that have come out here. they are loading up a truck here and they will take to it a warehouse because so many donations have come. it is spilling out of the firehouse here. we spoke with so many great people who made donations, helping out, sort all of th takd much needed donations coming n wes friends sen livinis past thursday night. guys like mickey mccoup, he brough his>> eveor 45 years. i have been to theseow i
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brought a forite c >> one of my favorites, a classic, very nice, long, real warm coat. >> reporter: but she knows one of the seniors might need it a little bit more now. >> community is everything. when people lose things it is a remind their we really need to come together. >> reporter: this idea was made possible by goodwill fire company president ted heart. >> it is just awesome to see everybody coming together when something like this happens. you know, especially this close to home. >> reporter: on ton of everything given, plenty showed up to help, from the young. >> come out here to help? say yes. say yes i came to help. oh, come on. >> reporter: to those who know how much thinks all needed. >> i'm a nurse at west chester university. they lost everything. they just did. they had to get people out. we need things like dentures, dentist to help with dentures and things that cannot be replaced. >> reporter: who knows, maybe they are into dentists out there to help out with that process. you can see process here.
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it is underway. they have made an assembly line so to speak but moving donation from his out of the firehouse, and out to a truck here, and if anyone out there would like to make a donation they will be out there until 7:00. the address at goodwill fire company, 552 east union street , i was also just told by the president here, that they need a u-haul truck to take all of this stuff to a warehouse, because this has also been donated where they can store anything f anybody has a truck, bring it down here and assist with this one, to get those donations to that warehouse. reporting live from west chester, bob brooks, channel six "action news". bob, i know i got a lot of people asking how they can help. here's your chance. thank you so much, bob. our coverage of the inferno continues on six abc .com. right now you can find the latest updates from the scene, along with more video from the action cam, and chopper six. and details on how you can help. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has ordered flags at half staff to honor a police officer killed on the job in
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west moreland county on friday night. this is as investigators identified suspected gunman as 29 year-old rockmel sal holt. holt is accused of shooting that year-old brian shaw in new kensington. police say officer shaw pulled him over for a traffic stop and then ran aim half and some point shots were fired. the town's police chief had a direct message for holt. >> we will find you. we will arrest you. we will prosecute you so that you are held accountable for what has occurred. >> investigators say they know why holt was pulled over, but have not revealed the reason. a $40,000 reward is being offered for information, leading to his arrest. nearly two weeks after being shot during a traffic stop in northampton county, pennsylvania state trooper set h kelly remains hospitalized. retired state police association has organized a card drive to help lift corporal kelly's spirits during the holidays.
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greeting card can be sent for card for corporal kelly, care of the pennsylvania state police. at dress is 654 bangor road, nazareth, pennsylvania, 18064. we will powe that address on six your time 12:09. thanksgiving is just days away and that means we are in the biggest travel week of the year. triple a projections 50.9 million americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home, that is a 3 percent increase over last year. in fact, this holiday weekend will see highest thanksgiving travel volume since 2005. of those traveling, 600,000 people are from this philadelphia area, and, of those travelers, nearly 88.4 percent, will travel by car. and if you do plan on traveling this holiday, experts say price of gas is expect to, fall, a few cents as we draw close tore thanksgiving. but right now national average gas price is about the same as last week, around $2.55.
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that is 40 cents more than motorist were paying this time last year. in our area, the average price of regular gas has gone down a few cents and state. in philadelphia it cost an average of $2.76, a gallon. in new jersey it is $2.51. drivers in delaware are pagan average of $2.45 per gallon. six abc is proud to partner with dunkin' donuts for our annual food d. local bow scouts spent time this weekend volunteering. medication of the pack 367 went door to door in the somerton neighborhood yesterday to collect bags of food. donations will go to philabundance and other local charities to help families in need. >> we want to feed the poor and, for thanksgiving so they can have a feast and so they can have some for thanksgiving. >> such an articulate young man, thank you. if you would like to donate we have a list of ways to do so on six
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we hope you tune in, thanksgiving morning to six abc dunkin' donuts parade here on sixbc. boy scouts will once again be taking part and rick williams and cecily tynan lead our coverage from the philadelphia museum of art. our family will be on the float, as well. >> always something to look forward to. your time 12:11. so much more to come on "action news" this sunday afternoon, a sign to find a missing submarine begins to run out, new clues investigators have now discovered. if you are debating a side or salad, and who to, make it even easier. meteorologist chris sowers will be back with the full accu weather information cost when "action news", continues.
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if you are heading outside today take your winter jacket and helmet. >> that is right. >> i needed one this morning,
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>> a big bottle of hair spray. >> we were worried but. >> all right. hey, you know it business four days away right now. >> yeah. >> thanksgiving. >> and of course we had that all important thankiving da forecast which, right now, there is then. >> yeah, right new. >> everything looks okay, it looks mostly sunny, a little cold but, seasonal. temperatures should be where they are expected to be in the 30's here to start the parade. 8:00 a.m. 34. by 9:00 a.m. 36 degrees. by 10:00an nydia will be wearing a scoff on the float. 11:00 a.m. 41. lunchtime around 43. we are expecting a ton of sunshine. it should be a really nice day , seasonal temperatures. we are sitting at 53 degrees right now in fail with a dew point of 30. this is deceiving because of the wind whipping around. they are sustained at 22 miles per hour but we have gusts closer to 40, this 53 feels more like 41 or 42.
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blustery. pressure 29.59 inches and rising and visibility is okay. as we look at gust as cross the region. forty's across i-95 corridor. we are reporting a 46-mile an hour gusts, right around midday in atlantic city. twenty-six in cape may. 33 miles an hour in dover. 36 miles per hour, out there in lancaster. satellite six with action radar it should be an interesting game in cleveland today. they will pick up lake effect rain, snow showers and gusty breeze at 40 miles an hour there. buffalo there will be weather there as well. the storm is spinning up here across new england. all of the moisture is long gone. we are seeing mainly clear conditions at this point with just a few cloud but we are still feeling that icy cold wind out of the northwest, and wider we will go once that system clears once it pushes north and just clears the canadian mar times there is clearly not much going on across most of the lower 48. that means a nice week ahead. should stay nice and tranquil. future tracker six this afternoon again mostly sunny skies, puffy cumulus cloud from time to time no big deal.
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gusty breezes though. those winds sun side overnight tonight. we will see winds in the five to 20 miles an hour range but that is a whole lot better than 53-mile an hour gusts we saw earlier this morning. by 6:00 a.m. we are looking at clear conditions, just a couple of cloud and still a breeze. northwest at five to 15 miles an hour. but by afternoon that should subside. your wind tracker looks like this gusts through 40, 45 miles an hour. through about one or 2:00 this afternoon. then everything starts to calm down a little bit. by 7:00 o'clock 16 miles an hour. by 9:00 o'clock 15. by 11:00. you get the idea. things will gradually improve over next several hours. forecast for today 52, 53 somewhere in that ballpark. temperatures study. mostly sunny skies, windy. lower 50's for everybody. fifty-five in millville. cape may 54. overnight tonigh the cold air 31 in reading. thirty in allentown. and philadelphia is 34..trenton. but, you factor in the winds and this is what it will feel
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like first thing tomorrow morning, 6:30 a.m., 15 in the poconos, 22 in reading, and 26 trenton thenia, and millville wilmington 25 degrees. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 52 , 53 degrees today, strong gusty breezes continue through three or 4:00 this afternoon and then everything gradually wind down. mostly sunny tomorrow, cooler, 46 degrees is forecasted high with morning wind chills in the 20's. and then tuesday, breezy, mild with a high of 58 degrees. wednesday, sun, cloud, 51. turkey day looking g mostly sunny ses, tranquil, 45. >> back to you. >> sound good, chris, thank you. in today's health check a national survey about healthy eating habits found that nearl are not getting enough fruits and vegetables. the sury found nearly one in eight pp meet recommended guidelines when it comes to greens. on the whole women do a better jonathan men and adults over 50 tend to eat morevegebles then young people. ung adults in their 20's dot
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worse job 6 percent getting their dose of l my husband should here here this if you are looking for an excuse to own a dog how about your health. it might help you live long's cord to go a new study on it on you sweder. researchers say those who live with a dog even if they were single were 33 percent less likely to die from all causes, and 36 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. study found that even if you lived with other people, owning a doggies, still lowering your risk of death by 11 percent.
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a explosive cause aid scare at my aim international airport last night. airport employee found un intended bag in a conference rest room and looked like a grenade inside the bag. the area was cleared and bomb squad was called in. two hours laters investigators
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determined it was not real and allowed pass evening tours reenter. seven flights were delayed because of the incident. police do not know hot bag was placed in the rest room or purpose and have not announced whether they will file charges there are new signs this hope in the hunt for submarine that disappeared off the coast of argentina on wednesday were 44 people on board. emergency signals been detected and investigators believe that they may be from the missing vessel. seven failed satellite calls were picked up. this is as one of the u.s. navy's most sophisticated under water rescue system travels to argentina to help look for that submarine. >> the problem here is that although the navy is sending its best rescue gear if you don't know where submarine is you cannot effect that rescue. >> argentina navy says it lost contact with the submarine on wednesday while it was on a routine trip to its home base, and investigators believe that there may be a fire that knocked out power on the submarine cutting off their
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communications systems. and, families living on opposite sides of the u.s. mexican border were able to re unite for a few minutes. u.s. border patrol opened up the gates at friendship park, as part of the sixth annual opening the door for hope event. the event allowed a select number of families to embrace their loved won for three minutes, and for the first time in the event's history a couple took the opportunity to get married, in front of their family.
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you've worked hard.
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busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. 8 turning to sports it is dallas in texas. football team's perfect record , this season. jamie apody has
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sports. >> we have been patient hopefully good things come to those who wait. eagles finally set for their sunday night date with the cowboys. bird fans all the way down in force when it comes to traveling for this rivalry. bird looking to move to nine- one buried their arch enemy even before thanksgiving rookie corry clement grew up a cowboys fan. in glassboro. i don't get it either. this is his first tasteof rivalry. he has change allegiance, of course. >> it is fun to be part of. it is even more fun when you are winning. so it brings something special back to philly. we have to answer this. you know, we will do what we ha to talk about this rivalry, man. you can feel it coming into dallas today. >> you can hear fans overing thering crazy. for sure it is a big rivalry. >> jeff skversky will be live later today. sixers start a six game home stand with the warriors. they are happy they don't see these guys again. weird game. sixers on fire early.
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ben simmons, who had six sixers in double figures with 23. robert covington five for five for three from the first quarter. sixers put up 47. they were up 18. joel embiid all over again, he had 21. sixers bias many as 23 points but tail of two halves, steph curry and warriors out scores sixers 47-15 in the third quarter. they come back to take the lead. steph cure which 35 points, and warriors when 124-116. they sweep season series. they beat sixers for second saturday in the row. they ever eight-seven. flyers hosting 45 year-old jaromir yagr and the flames. great first period for the flyers. sean couturier, with the sweet spot and three-one after word. they one not extinguish flames who came back and forced overtime. michael frolick, wins it. they lose five-four. they have dropped four in a row. tenth ranked penn state hosting nebraska, in happy valley. lions have not who at home in
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two years. senior day. james franklin enjoyed this stellar class. and saquon barkley not a senior but, probably his last home game too. so, he went out in style. third play from scrimmage 65- yard to the house. barkley three touchdowns braking school record for rushing touchdowns in a career and, trace mcsorely threw for 325-yard and three scores and ran for another. ring gameions beat nebraska 56 in beaver stadium history. temple owls looking to be bowl eligible on senior day. ucf got in the way. it was a game for a while. second quarter frank newtile, for an 8-yard touchdown. all ucf from there. mckenzie milton through three touchdown passes and ran for another. they average 50-point a game. they put up 45 on temple. forty-five-19 the final. owls fall to five-six. and now we will get set for eagles, and the cowboys. that is sport. have a great sunday. and another half an hour of "action news" is just ahead
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here some of the stories we are having for you. reputation tour, will come to philadelphia as she brings us closer to breaking a sales record. and black friday, less than a week away, the available set, to our viewers like you ahead in our black friday play book. >> oh, yeah. those stories and exclusive accu weather forecast and more when "action news" continues.
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happening right now the community is coming together for a donation drive to help seniors displaced by that five alarm fire in west chester. latest would the man severely burn during a fire in philadelphia section. faith leaders in alabama rally with a begins senate candidate roy moore following allegations of sexual misconduct. meteorologist chris sowers starts us off with a look at the weekend forecast. chris, you have to hold on, best i can say. >> i'm used to this at this point. not quite as strong as gusts we had first thing this morning but we are still seeing winds from 35 to 40 miles per hour. but i want to start off this time around with the temperatures. if you were out late last night and saying my goodness it is extremely warm out here and it was, midnight temperature 62 degrees. that will go down as high for the day. by 5:00 a.m. still mile we were sitting at 60. then front came in. by 9:00 a.m. we have dropped down to 51.
12:31 pm
then we had wind chills in the upper 30's, lower 40's. we are up to 53. that is where we will top things out rest of the way. reading, allentown, lancaster holding steady at 50. millville, atlantic city 55. dover 54. cape may 53. we are still reporting a current wind speed of 22 miles per hour in philadelphia, that is sustain or constant. 29 miles an hour in wilmington twenty-three reading. trenton 23. every now and then we will see a sudden rush of air and that puts gusts in the 40 miles an hour range across i-95 corridor. forty-six to be exact in atlantic city. thirty-three in dover. twenty-nine in cape may. forty-one for philadelphia wind advisory will remain in effect until 4:00 this afternoon but wins are expect to begin to die down just a little bit as the day wears on so instead of the 50 let that we rest of the way. satellite six, along with action radar showing cloud to the west.
12:32 pm
we have turned on lake effect snow machine. that game in cleveland today will be interesting. they are seeing snow out there right now. also buffalo reporting a few snow showers. we won't s any white stuff here but just a remind their old man winter's right around the corner. very windy for remainder of the afternoon. combination of the sun and cloud. 54 degrees is forecasted high.lw minutes in the accu weather seven day forecast and outlook for thanksgiving, nydia. >> take a look at this video strong wind bringing down a large tree. crew where is called to the 200 block of bishop hall owe road, around 7:00 this morning there they found tree resting on wires. it had apparently snapped, two telephone poles and dropped a high power lines on to the road. bishop hill and gradyville road was closed while crews clear the area. you can keep up with any changes to these windy, chilly forecast including real time views from storm tracker six, visit six or down load free six abc app. at lee one person was
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injured during a serious house fire in the roxborough section of the philadelphia. crews were called to the 600 block of, this street just before 8:00 this morn has damage lee two homes and woman was transported to temp for third degree burns. no word if this noon what sparked this fire. our coverage of the devastating five alarm blaze that destroyed a senior living facility in west chester, continues this noon. the fire at barclay friends senior living community began thursday night. threeays later officials tell "action newscene is still e for investigators to enter. this weekend, agents with the atf mobile field division and national response team arrived at the scene. this noon questions remain about what caused the fire, and if all of the 160 residents and staff members made it out. investigators are still working to account for everyone involved. at lee 27 people were injured in the fire.
12:34 pm
"action news" has learned some residents are now living with relatives while others have been transferred to other facilities. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live in west chester this noon with details on a donation drive being held right now for victims while the community is showing an outpouring of support, bob? >> reporter: nydia, help was needed and help has definitely arrived. we're at goodwill fire company , amazing outpouring of support and donations has come in. incredible. take a look there is a line of cars waiting to get in the parking lot here. this is what it looked like here all morning. i have been here since 9:00 a.m. there have been cars, packed in here, they are waiting out on the street to get n take a look at this right here couple hundred walkers donated and wheelchars, been off to the side you will see volunteers here now having to sort through all of this. i'm told this stuff will be taken to the warehouse where it is stored and this is just turned into an amazing story of a community rallying together. lets look and listen to those
12:35 pm
making this possible. >> walkers to clothes, toilet ries you name it, much needed donations are coming n we are at goodwill fire company in west chester and everything you see is made available to the residents who who everything at barclay friends senior living community fire this pennsylvania thursday night. terry bruno brought a favorite coat. >> one of my favorite, classic , very nice licensing, real warm coat. theseniors mighw >> community is everything, and when people lose things it is a reminder that we need to come together. >> reporter: this idea was made possible by goodwill fire mpant tedeart. >> awesome to see everyboy coming together when something like this happens when it thinks close to home. >> reporter: on top of everything that has been given plenty it out from the young. >> did you come out he to help? say yes, say yes, i came to help. oh, come on. >> reporter: to those who know how much this is all needed. >> i'm a nurse at west chester university. they all lost everything. reallyd just had to get peopleut.
12:36 pm
we need things like dentures. n dentist to like help with dentures and things that cannot be replaced. >> reporter: if there is somebody out there that makes dentures they are neede among many other things. you can see the are stilleet, wg from all over the place coming down here to the fir toher hlp sort things out or make aation. couple things here i wil out e address of the goodwill fire company in ace someone wants to come down here. it is 552 east union street and also because so much stuff has come down here the president says they need to some trucks. people with pick ups, u-haul to transport to a warehouse where they will store things, until they can ge the residents who need it. reporting live, bob brooks, channel six, "action news", jeanette. >> hopefully somebody will answer that call, thanks very much, bob. for more video of the scene, from this fire, detailed on how you can help head on tour web site at six
12:37 pm you can watch raw video from chopper six and action cam, plus see more "action news" coverage of this massive blaze no arrest have been made after a driver was shot and killed behind the wheel in west philadelphia victim a 29 year-o was shot twice in the side at r salon the man was rushedopresby allegs rocking senate racen alabama faith leaders gathered in birmingham this w having sex contactn accused o 14 year-old. abc's david wright is at the white house with the story. than 0 alabama pastors have now signed a letter to declare him unfit for office. >> what is happening right now in alabama, matters for the soul of the nation, just like the march across the bridge >> on saturday former head of
12:38 pm
the north carolina naacp, addressed an anti moore rally in birmingham. >> he haseenmpowered by folks like steve ban on white national list, white >> reporter: roy's campaign is raising big bucks off the controversy, reportedly collecting more campaign donations, since the scandal broke then in the six weeks since moore won the republican primary. that was abc david wright. we are counting down to black friday and once again local businesses are offering discounts just for our viewers our black friday play book is back with exclusive deals, just mention or enter promo coat six abc. >> on black friday, and small business saturday our six abc viewers will receive a special gift with in store purchase at el le laurie boutique. it includes a pair of earrings , a t-shirt and coffee tumbler. at marilyn shift jewelry in ardmore get 40 percent off after you spend 350 or more.
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finally for food is in your life head to this restaurant and get 20 percent off gift card on black friday, at cope a banana on south street buy two, $25 gift certificates and get a third for free and while you are shopping get a complimentary hot cocoa at christmas village or, this shop and free hot apple cider at made in fill holiday market at dilworth park at city hall. again prom mow code for all of these deals is six abc on line and in person. we are continuing to add, exclusive deals, to our black friday blay book. there are tons of them. keep checking back on six abc .com for the entire updated list. >> to things there that caught my attention. >> tons of stuff. go check it out. >> 12:41. still much more to come on "action news" for this sunday. it opens up about a work of the ground breaking artist and humanitarian in philadelphia details on the show and upcoming concert head in six abc loves the arts.
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matel introduces a barbie inspired by an american olympian. >> taking a live look outside we have sky 6hd at the platt bridge, meteorologist chris sowers will have your full, gusty accu weather forecast when "action news" continues.
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the bethenny united church of christ wrapped up its 110th anniversary celebration this morning. a special service of re dedication was held at church on the 6500 block of rising sun avenue, current and former church members and their families were invited, back home, for this celebration. and, the beau biden foundation held first 5k run walk for children's protection this morning in wilmington delaware. foundation was created to continue, the work of the beau biden, former vice-president, joe biden's late son. beau biden spent much of his life working to protect, children from the threat of abuse, and neglect.
12:44 pm
event organizers also collected, used shoes for those in need. he did so much for those, continuing to do things in his name and his honor. >> yes. >> time for accu weather. it is cold out there. >> it is chilly. looking at temperatures as we go outside and say 50's, not too bad but this wind is really making it feel cooler then what it actually suggests , numbers wise and feels more like low to mid 40 's with those gusty breezes as we look at parkway flags whipping in the wind but gusts are in the quite as strong as what we saw first thing this morning. things are slowly starting to improve, 62 degrees, that is what will get down as a high for today. when we look back five years from now we will say 62. that was nice. that occurred right after midnight. afternoon highs will be somewhere in that 52, 53- degree range. fifty-five considered normal. low temperatures so far is 50. that will go way down overnight tonight. 22 miles an hour, sustained in
12:45 pm
philadelphia. twenty-three in reading. twenty-nine in wilmington. twenty-three in millville. 18 miles per hour in cape may. but we are still picking up gust from his 35 to 45 miles an hour, and we are seeing temperatures holding steady in the low to mid 50's. 50 degrees right now in reading. fifty in allentown. fifty in lancaster. fifty-three in philadelphia. and then mid 50's showing up for south jersey and delaware. fifty-four in dover. fifty-five in millville. atlantic city also 55. cold front through, temperatures are icy cold back here to the west. good thing we are on the other side of the appalachian mountains because mountains are trapping that cold air, to the west, it is 37 in pittsburgh. we have a wind chill of 19. thirty-seven in buffalo. thirty-five in syracuse, and then you can see on the coastal planes we are showing 50's and 60's. we didn't have these mountains here these are numbers you will be seeing this afternoon. we will get further out, look at this cold air green bay frozen tundra living up to its name 27, 14 at international
12:46 pm
falls and 25 in sue saint marie. good news this cold air is not diving south but it is pushing e like this so it should stay north of the u.s., canadian border here. it will be cold enough by the time we get into tomorrow afternoon but nothing outrageous. we are talking about highs in lots of cloud cover out here to the west, lake effect snow machinist on, detroit reporting snow, cleveland, detroit, buffalo, toronto they are all reporting light snow. california a my sue on the eastern lake showers there reporting a lit built of lake effect snow this afternoon. for today low pressure pulling away. it is windy, sunshine mix with cloud, wind gusting to 40 to 45 miles an hour. tomorrow the low falls even further away. high starts to get closer so the winds begin to ease up. we will see gusts up to 15 or 20 miles an hour tomorrow. still chill which highs in the low to mid 40's but better then what we saw this morning. speaking of the numbers, wind chills, not too bad for
12:47 pm
remainder of the afternoon but once we lose sun, once the sunsets, hello, 33 in reading. by 6:00 o'clock this evening. allentown 34. philadelphia 38. millville 39. and then tomorrow morning icy cold, 20's for just about everybody. by 6:00 a.m. reading 21. philadelphia 26. even throughout the afternoon hours tomorrow no better than upper 30's throughout the area , maybe 40 degrees, down there in dover. again those are feels like temperatures. for today sun, few cloud, windy, 54 degrees is the forecast ted high. clear, breezy overnight tonight, 30 degrees in the suburbs. perhaps as low as 29, places like quakertown, chester springs, or, allentown but generally 30's is your lowest number. thirty-four for center city. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast nice and quiet. fifty-four today. forty-six, still breezy for tomorrow. 58 degrees for tuesday, breezy , mild, warmer win. wednesday, sun and included. latest forecast modeling coming in shows a little bit of light rain or perhaps a few
12:48 pm
showers, first thing wednesday morning, but that should clear out quickly. afternoon looks okay and then thanksgiving looks nice as well, chilly for thanksgiving day parade but 45 by afternoon is not that bad but a lot cooler then recent thanksgivings that we have had >> bundle up. >> thanks, chris. >> holiday season is upon us and national marion anderson museum has a new px that re visit singers favorite yuletide traditions. karen rodgers has more in this weeks six abc love the arts. >> marion anderson was ground break nothing her career as a performing artists and humanitarian. museum invites visitors to experience the holiday season through her eyes, and a special exhibition called marion's home for the holidays marion anderson was born in philadelphia in 1897 and broke through racial barriers to become one of the most celebrated singers of the 20th century. >> there is never been another voice to match hers, and i don't believe there ever will
12:49 pm
be. >> she was a embraced as peoples princess and great philadelphia success story. >> reporter: after her death in 1993 her philadelphia home near 19th and fitzwater street s was transformed into a museum, for the holiday exhibition, each room has a theme. >> music was number one, home for the holidays, and that details marion's birth, music room number two is marion in new york for the holidays. >> reporter: treasure room highlights anderson's friendship with former first lady elinor roosevelt and includes photos from her historical lincoln memorial performance in 1939, the first opened outdoor concert. >> first open outdoor concert of this time in the u.s. to a crowd of 75,000 people. >> ♪ >> reporter: december 23rd museum is hosting a concert carols in the city, at philadelphia ethical society on rittenhouse square. >> marion, holds the candle that lights the greatest part of our lives and you will get
12:50 pm
it all here at marion anderson museum. >> marion's home for holidays is on display at the anderson museum through new years day. find details on both exhibition and the concert, at six the arts. for six abc loves the arts i'm karen rodgers.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
when it comes to the new york city subway there is in such thing as ladies and gentlemen. conn dunkers on subway trains have been told to stop, begrudging passengers as ladies and gentlemen making a announcement, so they are now to use the genter neutral term , passengers, riders and everyone, instead. officials say it is first substantial change to the blue book which governs how to communicate with riders in almost 30 years. matel has unveiled a new bash any honor of olympic fencer, mohammad. last year she was first american olympian to compete while wearing a hajab. it created a within of the
12:53 pm
kind doll in her likeness thaw can see right here, new induct e in the barbie hero series. the doll will be available next year. taylor swift has announced first round of her days for reputation stadium tour. singer's scheduled to perform in philadelphia at lincoln financial field, on saturday, july 14th, and ticket will go on december 13th. swift's fifth album sold more than 700,000 copies released on friday and it sold more copies than that one day then any other album, sold in an entire week. so far this year.
12:54 pm
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it's the big sale our biggest sale of the year! select from... rollers, cellulars, romans, sheers, woods, faux woods, verticals and so much more. the more you buy the bigger you save! up to 30% off! that's big! blinds to go. blinds for life.
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recapping our top stories police are looking to what led to the triple shooting in north philadelphia gunfire broke out at around 12:35 this morning in the 3300 block of north third street. the minajs 18 to 47 are in critical but stable condition. and police in western pennsylvania are looking for 29 year-old rocknel holt, he shot and killed 25 year-old officer brian shaw after a traffic stop in new kensington governor wolf has ordered flags at half staff in shaw's honor. help is on the way for vick advertise of the devastating fire at barclay friends senior living community. today goodwill fire company in west chester is collecting toiletries, bathrobes, pillows , blankets and other items for the residents. fire scene is too unstable for investigators to examine. officials say not all residents are accounted for, just yet. >> okay. and bring a helmet and anchor to the weather today, is that right. >> you will be just fine
12:57 pm
because it is wind advisory will remain until 4:00 this afternoon. winds, still gusting to 30 to 40 miles an hour but it is a little bit lighter of the gust then what we saw first thing this morning. 54 degrees and falling later on. forty-six tomorrow. wind chills in the 30's mess of the day. tuesday we are back up to 58, and then wednesday is cooler again, 51, wind chills in the 40's, thursday quiet and tranquil but cold for thanksgiving day important raid so certainly need to bundle up. wear layers. forty-five by afternoon. black friday looks nice with a high of 50. >> good for shopping. >> thanks, chris. >> "action news" continues at 5:00, tonight. >> now for jeanette reyes, chris sowers, gray hall and entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday. >> ♪
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. what a spectacular sunday it is in naples, florida, the final event of the 2017 lpga season and great crowds have gathered. they have seen spectacular golf all weekend long. the final round with so much on
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the line. not just the tour championship but the race to the cme globe comes to an end. a $1 million bonus will be awarded at the end of this final round of the season. what great conditions we have here at the tiburon golf club in naples, florida for our final round of this final event of the season. dave flemming


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