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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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to the week. we'll be looking at the holiday forecast. >> e-a-g-l-e-s -- eagles bars the cowboys in their own house. fans are running out of ways to jinx the team. >> reporter: that's a shame, we feel so bad. >> reporter: a moment of silence. that's enough. great job, eagles, 9-1. not a bad job by mother nature in one way. we have clouds off to the west. these will evaporate we'll get plenty of sunshine. grab a winter coat on the way out the door. 38 degrees in philadelphia. 35 in reading. 36 in wilmington. 39 in millville. when you fracture in the wind it is a bit of a factor not as strong as yesterday when we had the wind advisory we're look at a 15-mile an hour wind in philadelphia. everybody getting into the double digits that's giving us
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raw windchills. feels like 29 in philadelphia. 29 in allentown. 30 in trenton. 28 in wilmington. so temperatures in the upper 30s in a lot of spots, but dress for a feel around the freezing mark. as we go through the afternoon, lots of sun, high of 47 degrees and probably feeling cooler than that because of the ten to 20-mile an hour breeze. karen, we have temperatures going up a little bit and down during the thanksgiving holidays, and we'll have rain later in the week, that's coming up. >> reporter: let's head to the schuylkill expressway, looking live near city avenue. traffic is moving nicely, westbound heading toward king of prussia. no weather-related problems impacting the road. no construction crews out there. looking at the big picture, blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 you see the green traffic flow wherever you're going, good there, but we have the fire location in gladwyn. i talked to police in montgomery county. they said it's a building fire
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on saint andrew's road calloway lane, they got it under control, but the leaves caught on fire, conshohocken state road, the road is open watch for that in gladwyn. i-95 southbound traffic heading toward center city. no big problems just yet, matt and tam. >> it's been four days since a massive fire engulfed a senior living facility in west chester, some residents are unaccounted for. agents for the atf are back at the barclary friends senior living community. they could not access the site over the weekend while the community has come together to help the victims and their family. jeanette reyes is live at the fire scene to talk about the outpouring of support, jennette? >> reporter: matt, the devastation at barclary friends senior living community is beyond words. we got a lot of requests and questions from people in the communities asking how they could help, just about a mile away from her goodwill fire
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company there's a glimmer of hope as people do what they can to bring normalcy back to the resident's lives. >> every little bit helps. i know how difficult it is. >> reporter: after barclary friends senior living community lost everything in the devastating five-alarm fire thursday night, an overwhelming response from community members over the weekend. the sheer number of donations has forced organizers to stop accepting any more. walkers clothes, toiletries and more were donated. >> communities is everything, when people lose things it's a reminder that we need to come together. >> reporter: the goodwill fire company president led the effort to bring normalcy back into the lives as the seniors who finds themselves in need even of the most basic things. it was heartening to see the community quick to responds. >> it was awesome to see everybody come together when
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something like this happens, especially this close to home. >> reporter: goodwill fire company will be open for residents and their families to come and come back and pick up anything they need beginning at 9:00 a.m. him they will close at 7:00 p.m. this evening. that information is at in the meantime, at the scene it's far from over there are many unaccounted for, we'll let you know as soon as we get an update on that, reporting live in west chester, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> karen has been mentioning the fire that's taking place in montgomery. we have video of that we'll get to that later. we'll get to this, grief counselors will be at shellmont elementary school after the teacher sheila hawkins died
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after being saved in a fire. four people were in the home hawkins her daughter-in-law and son they got out safely. we'll have more on the family in the next half-hour. >> new this morning, an investigation is underway after a woman was killed and man injured in a shooting in kutztown, berks county. katherine creeble was shot to death and gerald fuzzner was found with a gunshot wound to his neck. he was flown to lehigh valley hospital and expected to survive. it is believed they lived together, but did not release any details about the shooting. the the man hundred goes on for -- the manhunt goes on for a man who shot and killed a police officer in western pennsylvania. holts is accused of shooting
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officer brian shaw who pulled over his vehicle on a routine traffic stop. at some point it turned into a foot chase and shots were fired. $40,000 reward is being offered to find holts. eagles are the-1 they remain the best record in the league and they could clinch a behave spot this this weekend. carson wentz rebounded from a slow first half and kept the cowboys from scoring in the second. kicker jake elliot suffered a head injury in the opening kickoff missed a field goal and did not return. the eagles will be back in lincoln financial field on sunday to take on the bears. hear from wentz and coach peterson in the next half-hour. a minute -- minivan is having serious injuries. let's go over to maribel aber
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with our market watch report. >> reporter: honda is recalling minivans due to the adjustable second row seat from 2011 to 2017. they are working on a fix for fr the problem. stocks closed out the week with losses as investors kept an eye on tax plans. that's the latest in biz back over to you. chopper 6 hd live over a fire that's burning in montgomery county. this is over the condo buildings on the 1100 block of saint andrew's road in bryn mawr. there was a fire burning and there were leaves at the scene this may have caught fire and it
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is bringing up smoke from the scene. looks like firefighters have a handle on this, we'll keep watching it from chopper 6 hd karen will have update on the road areas that might have delays there this morning. >> we'll turn to david murphy, it's a little chilly out there, but it's what to expect the last week of november. >> reporter: basically, testers going up and down again, a little bit -- temperatures are going up and down again a little bit of a rollercoaster. we had snow showers in the peculiars, that have moved on. as we look outside we have clear skies over philadelphia with clouds dissipating out to the west and evaporating. in terms of how it looks, it's going to be a good looking morning and afternoon. unfortunate it's cool. 38 degrees in philadelphia. 37 in allentown and trenton. 36 in wilmington, 39 in millville. you 0 notice how the winds are coming in from the west. they are noble, a little -- nota
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little bit of a breeze, we're looking at a windchill of 30 degrees in philadelphia and upper 20s in allentown. definitely a morning for winter coats. there you see the lack of cloud cover it's evaporating locally. the stuff coming in off the great lakes. along with lake-effect snow is falling apart. get the shades ready we'll see plenty of sunshine today. sunny and breezy in the lehigh valley. 46. 50 at the shore, breezy there, as well. in philadelphia, breezy with the winds out of the west at 10 to 20 miles per hour, overall high of 47 degrees. probably feeling like the low 40s when the breeze kicks up today. overnight tonight, the windsese back a little bit. clear skies for the most part, but 39 degrees and cold in philadelphia, some suburbs getting down to 34 for the overnights lows. tomorrow a warm front winds up to the north and beneath it a
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southerly flow kicks the temperatures up to 58. it will be above average tomorrow. sunshine to start out, as the frontal boundary gets closer we'll see more clouds develop later in the day and at night. in terms of precipitation from the front, it's just a little bit, it's tuesday night when you're asleep and wrapping up wednesday morning. there's a lot of holiday travel involved especially wednesday. today looks dry, tomorrow, dry. wednesday looks dry once we get rid of the early morning shower. thanksgiving, dry, sunny, but that turkey is dancing around a little bit because it's going to be on the chilly side. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, high of 47, brisk and chilly conditions today. lots of sun partly sunny and milder on tuesday, 58. the rain arriving late at night and ending wednesday morning. wednesday, clouds to sun, 54. thursday, thanksgiving, sunny and chilly, 44 degrees, if
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you're heading to the parade it will be light enough winds to get the balloons up, it will be chilly to start out, 32 at the sunrise period. 53 saturday, getting chilly on sunday. >> it is what it is. >> reporter: it is. >> 6:11 a.m., trouble for transparent the star of the hit series threatens to quit over sexual harassment parade. american music awards has a stunning solo from a berks county native. >> reporter: we're seeing a jam up on 202 southbound at 29. we'll talk about this and have a wrap up of all your majors coming up next.
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>> welcome back taking a live look here, down the parkway, it's a chilly start to your workweek, 6:14 a.m., 38 degrees. >> things are jamming up in the suburbs, karen. >> reporter: they are, we have an accident popped up in malvern, 202 southbound. there's a vehicle off to the side. emergency workers arrived look at how backed up traffic is, 202 southbound. we have a vehicle on the scene, more police coming up as we speak. there's an ambulance partially blocking the ramp to 29. another penndot vehicle here. look what this guy is doing, i think he is sweeping debris right there, blocking the right lane. you have the left lane blocked,
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the right lane blocked. makes me nervous with the guy standing right there. looks like the car ran side ways into the wall. 202 southbound jammed up in malvern, the left lane blocked, right lane blocked, traffic squeezing by with one vehicle faces sideways. the roads are clear and dry, there's no weather-related issues. yet we have vehicles spinning sideways, just an example of a nastiy accident out here. you have to take it slowly on the roads. in bryn mawr we're talking about the fire location on saint andrews road calloway lane. the fire was under control and started to rekindle. leaves on fire and smoke blowing around. naamans road in in delaware is closed. look at the majors, green traffic flow, i think a lot of
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people having the week off for the this late hour for the morning rush, things are looking good overall. >> in new york city there's always people out on the street. the high winds took down scaffolding, broadway and soho. you know that's a busy area. wooden planks smashed to the street. social media video shows bystanders helping to dig out the people from the rubble. there was no train stop there at the time, which was a good thing because many more could have hurt. jeffrey tambor said he cannot go back to transparent after alleged sexual harassment.
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a model has come forward to accuse russell simmons of sexual misconduct when she was 19. simmons said everything that occurred between them was consensual. >> bruno mars was the big winner at the american music awards. doylestown native pink divide gravity during a heart stopping performance, the sinker who is known for acrobatic skills dangled from a 34 story headlights. she sang the track from her brand new album. >> she is amazing. >> she is real. >> up next, by doing chores could be good for your health. glrmingts later on we're gearing up for thanksgiving tradition at 6abc. >> we're looking at a chilly start, at least it's going to be sunny, i'll have the 12-hour
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forecast next. >> reporter: in tech bytes, alexis i will not have to battle out with sira. they said they needed more time to get the voice assist answer ready for -- assistance ready for customers it will be ready next year. elon musk said can use the car to fly in short hospitals. those are tech bytes.
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morning, the eagles won! we're wearing our green, traffic yourself is okay, but not here, look at this accident here, 202 southbound right as you approach 29. we have penndot and police on the scene. looks like they are holding up traffic with one lane getting by. the vehicle kind of facing sideways, looks like it ran into the wall there. minutes ago i saw people walking across the roadway dealing with debris out there. 202 southbound at 29. looks like they are partially if not intierld -- entirely blocking the off-ramp in malvern. major problem on 202 southbound in malvern. jamming at the scene. >> reporter: bad morning to have a fender bender because you have to get out of the car and deal
6:22 am
with this. 36 in allentown. winds from the west in the teens in a lot of spots feeling like below freezing. grab the winter coat and drive safely. if you're taking the el or the bus, 37 degrees by 7:00. 39 by 8:00 a.m. high of 47 degrees in the middle of afternoonful for the evening commute we're back down in the mid 40s, chilly all the way today, a little bit breezy all the way, as well. not as windy as yesterday. at the airport, no major delays at at any of our big travel cities and no rain in these spots, either. >> to get chores done could help you live longer. women 65 and older who engage in household chores and errands live longer and have healthy lives. the risk of mortality fell by 12%. every 30 minutes of moderate physical activity dropped the
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mortality risk by 39%. >> sixers host the gentleman's by season long 6 game home stand continues. the sixers sent out a notice out on markell holts injured shoulder saying it could be be two to three more weeks.
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"action news" is supposing a car hack that thieves are using to steal vehicles. wendy saltzman has a preview on special report "action news"
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11:00 p.m. as car gets smarter, so do the car thieves, i'm wednesday we know we'll show you the -- wendy saltzman, we'll show you the hitech way crook are stealing your wheels. >> i never experienced anything like this it was surreal. >> reporter: why it's hard for police to detect. don't miss my special report cyber car hacking tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade is days away, participants are putting on the finishing touches. action cam stopped by the hilton hundred of dancers packed the ballroom perfecting their steps on the parkway. rick williams and cesily tynan lead our coverage of the holiday tradition, our live coverage from eakens oval will get going at 8:30 thursday morning. jeff skeverski filed a
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report for us in dallas of the full recap of the eagles win. up next, a pilot crash lands into on coming traffic. ♪
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♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. kills a philadelphia teacher, hear from who neighbors who made a desperate attempt to save her life. breaking overnight one of the most notorious killers in american history is dead . eagles are celebrating a blowout win clobbering the cowboys on their home turf. >> morning everybody, 6:30 a.m., david and karen have weather and traffic. >> reporter: nice morning out there, dropping the clicker on the floor. cloud cover out to the west is
6:30 am
eroding. 38 degrees in philadelphia. 37 in allentown and trenton. 35 in reading. 35 in wilmington, 39 in millville. with the winds blowing a little bit it feels chillier than that. here's the current wind, is a miles per hour in philadelphia. even in spots where you are lower, say 8 in reading. check out the windchills. right now it feels like 29 in philadelphia. 29 in allentown and reading. 28 in wilmington, and 30 in millville. so chilly out there this morning, temperatures in the upper 30s, but dress for temperatures that will feel more like the freezing mark. as we go through the afternoon it's sunny be and breezy, high of 47 degrees around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. winds running ten to 20 miles per hour. it's a good day to keep a decent coat handy all the way. we'll have the accuweather seven day and the thanksgiving call coming up. >> reporter: all right, dave we're live in malvern with the accident. look at the backup we have already and the number of emergency workers as well.
6:31 am
here's a vehicle with police and penndot. the other vehicle is facing sideways, looks like the two hit each other and bounced off the wall there. we can see how backed up traffic is, number of police and penndot on the scene there was an ambulance here earlier, they are partially blocking the ramp to 29. it's jammed on 02 southbound at 29 with the accident scene blocking the right lane and the left lane. there's a lot going on with that one. look he at the big picture, though, not many issues. we have the blue route flying by just fine. the schuylkill expressway 21-mile an hour westbound approaching the boulevard. i-95 southbound slow near girard, 28 miles per hour. we have an accident that popped up in middle town, township. 452 at west baltimore pike. outside live in delaware county, i-95 northbound as you head toward the blue route at highland avenue, building volume, but no major delay just yet on i-95. we've been watching the building fire in gladwyn on saint andrews
6:32 am
road calloway lane. somebody has been calling police because theyre seeing smoke, it's not affecting route 23. u may see the smoke as you drive by it. >> let's stay on that, we want to show you what chopper is taking a look at over that scene what you were just talking about, the 1100 block of ain't ain't -- saint andrew's road in bryn mawr. we can see fire crews on ladders. it's a devastating fire there. it's taking out the condo buildings burned to the ground there. what they are told they had gone it under control, there was flames sparking about in the winds that was causing fire with the leaves, so they need trying to make sure they get all the hot spots out. they have a number of fire instruction out there and crews out there, looks like it was attached in the middle, the whole mid section gone as we see
6:33 am
crews out there on the 1100 block of satan drew's road -- saint andrew's road in bryn mawr. staff and students are back to school today with heavy hearts after the tragic death of a teacher killed in a house fire. katherine scott is live in roxborough with the late he is on -- latest on the story, good morning. >> reporter: sheila hawkins worked here since 2004 and been with the school district since 1992. 62-year-old sheila hawkins a long time teacher lost her life in the fire early sunday morning. she was a mother and grandmother. >> everybody that came in contact with with her was happy to be around her. >> reporter: shortly before 8:00 a.m. a fire trapped hawkins and other family members
6:34 am
including antwan steeples inside the home on wren street. >> there was no flames, it was all smoke. >> reporter: neighbors heard screams for help. >> you can see them hanging out the window. and then we grabbed the extension ladder because there was no fire department at that time. >> reporter: they put up the ladder rescuing steeples and his son. crews rushed hawkins to temple university hospital with third degree burns, she went into cardiac arrest and died at the hospital. within hours neighbors filled bins with new clothes and shoes and gift cards to help the family. >> everybody pulls together and i am not surprised at all. >> reporter: the red cross is offering assistance to the family. the cause of the fire is under investigation. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. the fire department in west chester is opening its doors today to offer more help to the
6:35 am
victims of the thursday night's senior home fire. families can stop by the goodwill fire company to pick up donated items residents may need. they are telling the public not to bring anything new in. the outpouring from the community has been so great that the station is filled to capacity. atf is involved in investigation into what happened. it's unclear how many more people may be unaccounted for. breaking this morning, cult leader charles manson has died. the california department of corrections said the 83-year-old mass killer passed away from natural causes yesterday. manson and his followers killed sharon tate and 6 others in 1969. manson said he did not personally kill anyone, but prosecutors said was the leader
6:36 am
who orchestrated the gory simulation. man suffered -- manson suffered health problems in recent years. 27-year-old noelle powell was taken into custody yesterday, he is accused of walking up to a bar in lawrenceville and shooting the bartender in the head. police have not released a motive. the eagles dallas showdown it was utter domination. eagles routed the cowboys 37-9 all but wrapping up the nfc east. here's jeff skeverski with more from dallas. >> reporter: what a scene in dallas. the eagles return from the bye week and they pick up where they left off. they have won 8 in a row.
6:37 am
9-1. what a start by this eagles team. >> we're having a blast, we're having a blast, i love winning i love winning in this league and i love doing it with these boys. >> i love winning i'm having a lot of fun, i'm happy. very special team, i think it's rare that you can come into the league and be able to not play in the fourth quarter dominating the teams so much, the game is basically out of reach. >> we got something special going on, it's up to us to capture it and make sure we don't take anything for granted we're doing a good job of that. >> the players have a confident mindset when they take the field on game day they are not going to be denied. that's something special this group really has. [cheers and applause] >> we definitely feel like we have our best games ahead of us.
6:38 am
[cheers and applause]. >> reporter: eagles are the-1 for the first time since their super bowl season of 2004. how about these odds, 9-1 teams have made the playoffs 100% of the time. and they made the super bowl nearly half of the time. with the eagles and dallas jeff skeverski channel 6 "action news." >> >> if everything goes right they could clinch a playoff spot by winning the bears on thursday, that's game 12. >> reporter: they have seattle and the they have the rams -- but that's great. >> reporter: we have dry conditions in right now in philadelphia. we had snow showers in the poconos, but they are gone. it's cool out there and staying chilly this afternoon. the temperature 38 degrees in philadelphia. the winds out of the west at
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15 miles per hour. that's making it feel like it is 29. that's the current windchill. the suburbs below that. winter coat gear as you head out. newly yes, he did the shades, too, cloud cover off to the west eroding as it bumps into dry air in our neck of the woods. sunny and chilly, 36 degrees by 8:00. 39 by 10:00 a.m. 43 degrees by noon, 47 degrees at 3:00 p.m. sunny and breezy and chilly today. allentown, 46. 47 is the high in reading anticipate trenton. 48 in wilmington, 49 in millville. more of the same 48 degrees in cape may. about 50 up the coast on the boardwalk in ac. tomorrow things change for the better. we have a warm front off to the north. the low out of the south will bring milder air out of the south that will bump us up to 58
6:40 am
tomorrow that's above average. as the front comes in from the west, we'll see clouds increase through the afternoon and in the evening. there could be a little light rain along the front, but i don't think it arrives until after most of you are asleep in the overnight hours, it's done early wednesday morning that's the only chance of rain during our big holiday period. tomorrow looks dry, wednesday a big travel day, once you get rid of the early morning shower it's dry for most of the your travel. thanksgiving is dry, you can see the turkey hopping around that may be because it's going to be chilly thanksgiving. if you're heading to the parade a little hopping might be necessary. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and dry today, brisk and chilly. tomorrow, 58 degrees rain overnight into wednesday morning. wednesday, mild, 54 degrees. thanksgiving, it's sunny and chilly, sunrise temperature around the freezing mark and
6:41 am
afternoon high of 44 degrees, probably light winds that will allow the balloons to fly, but it's going to be chilly, bundle up if you're heading to the parade. at least it's sunny and dry. 50 on friday, 53 on saturday, 46 on sunday, starting to see the shots of cool air coming into the seven day. >> mystery at sea, a boat spins out of control with nobody on board to stop it. >> it's not a bird, it's a plane coming right for a sheriff's patrol car. >> reporter: it's cold out there, cars don't want to work, i can relate. we have two problems with disabled vehicles, one on the boulevard southbound at broad street. i like when i bring you problems and solutions, moving better on the boulevard. we'll check the schuylkill expressway and the other disabled vehicle next.
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>> flags on the benjamin franklin parkway blowing in the wind live on sky6 live hd. 38 degrees on city avenue. it is monday, 6:44 a.m., an this action is on thursday. >> all right let's take a look at traffic and go over to karen rogers. we had a number of issues and that doesn't look good. this is south broad street near snyder avenue, we can see we have fire crews on the scene. there's a fire location they are blocking one lane of south broad. be careful as you travel one lane blocked at a fire location on broad street near snyder. crews coming out, looks like the dunkin' donuts building. traffic is getting by on south
6:45 am
broad, but it will be slow with the fire crews on the scene. three vehicles are helping. this is a problem on the schuylkill expressway eastbound approaching montgomery drive. a disabled vehicle off to the right shoulder, penndot off to the left lane. looks like they are getting ready to pull out a leave, speak. schuylkill expressway eastbound approaching montgomery drive. two morea disabled vlower merioe at indian creek road. 202 southbound, a vehicle is facing the wrong way. looks like a fuel spill, as well. looks like a vehicle facing the wrong way. i told you about this guy he is facing sideways like he ran into the ramp right there. police and penndot on the scene, 202 southbound malvern with the
6:46 am
right lane blocked, left lane blocked. making it tricky. malvern a messy accident. overall it's quiet out there with some of the majors a lot of people having off. 33 in quakertown. 38 in center city. 34 in media. 39 in brigantine. 36 in hammonton and vineland. 38 degrees in dover, delaware. bundle up, tam. >> do, thank you karen. a crazy and wild scene on a flew road a single engine plane coming in for a landing over the roof of cars. a sheriff's office in florida released dash cam video as they rushed to the crash site yesterday. the pilot and passenger walked away from the wreckage, as well. >> u.s. navy is helping in the search for a navel sub from e i navel.
6:47 am
seven failed satellite calls went out on saturday, they cannot confirm it was from the san juan. one of two men fell overboard leaving their boat spin in the pacific ocean. the boat is designed to circle like this when the operator loses control at the helm. the waters were calm yesterday, what happened is a mystery. officials do not believe either man was wearing a life jacket. time for a preview of "g.m.a."
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>> robin roberts joins us live in time square at the "g.m.a." studios, she is getting us ready for thanksgiving. gobble, gobble. >> reporter: gobble gobble gobble, matt and tam. ginger is tracking three trouble areas across the u.s. that could affect your holiday travel. abc news exclusive, brian ross sitting down with the american mother and her husband who were held captive by the taliban for
6:51 am
five years and protected their children born in captivity. i don't know if you can see all the stars i have my shirt. , we have denzel washington, garth brooks, all live on "g.m.a." >> is kelly going to talk about the wedding this past weekend, with serena, i want the digs. >> that was a surprise wedding. she pulled that off without anyone knowing. >> no, people knew. >> reporter: nobody here was getting an invite. [laughter] >> reporter: if matt didn't know know -- >> reporter: let's look outside, montgomery drive, disabled vehicle blocking the lane has been pushed off to the side, some slowing now on the
6:52 am
schuylkill expressway, looking good earlier starting to slow down in both directions on the schuylkill expressway him mass transit we have a couple of delays we have a train canceled on the chestnut hill east lane and train overcrowded on the west trenton line. route ten trolley is shuttle busing. >> reporter: we're 38 degrees in philadelphia. 35 in wilmington, 37 in trenton. 37 in allentown. 39 in millville. winds out of the west that's giving you windchills making it feel like it's below freezing across the region. 29 degrees in philadelphia. allentown and reading right now. feeling like 30 in millville and trenton. here's how it will go today. sunshine that's going to be a problem, we'll see plenty of that. chilly, 37 degrees by 7:00. noon, 43. high today 47 at 3:00 p.m. it will be breezy with winds running t to 20 miles per hour. a day for coats, tam. >> queen elizabeth marks another milestone celebrating
6:53 am
her 70th wedding anniversary. buckingham palace released photos. she was 13 when she met and had a crush on 19-year-old navel office. they started dating and they were married when she was 21. the royal couple is celebrating with a private party at windsor castle.
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>> top stories at 6:56 a.m., grief counsellers will be at the elementary school in roxborough today to help in the death of a teacher sheila hawkins who died in a fire. eagles beat dallas cowboys last night. they could potentially get a post season bid if they within against the bears here at >> reporter: we're watching an accident in malvern, 202 southbound at route 29. still seeing a number of police and penndot. we have an ambulance on the scene, a serious accident that's scramming traffic up. >> reporter: sunshine over the horizon, cloud cover off to the west, it's falling apart, it
6:57 am
will be bright. we have windchills 29 degrees across the region him grab the winter coat. this afternoon it will breezy, sunny, 47.
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