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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 21, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EST

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>> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> it is monday night. the big story on "action news"
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is breaking news. the discovery of the man's body in a shopping center on ridge pike and plymouth township. lawmen suspect foul play. anniee mccormick is live on the scene. annie, what is the situation there? >> jim, at this hour crime scene investigators remain out here. at this point, they are treating this as a potential homicide. this is chopper 6hd with investigators around the shopping plaza in plymouth township. that is where the discovery of the body of a man was discovered 6:00 p.m. this evening. police roped off the shopping center. there is a blood trail. police appeared to concentrate on several vehicles. a tow truck was brought in to take away one vehicle as evidence. the coroner left an hour ago
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with the body. police are not saying how the person died. that is under investigation. we are hearing reports that the victim may have been stabbed. more reports to come as we continue to investigate. annie mccormick, "action news," back to you. >> police have solved murder of 80-year-old robert girard. homicide detectives say his granddaughter did it. he was stabbed 41 times. it happened in the home they shared on lehigh avenue. ppatricia dioxen confessed sayig she did it because her grandfather was mean to her. >> you can see first responders
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carrying out elderly residents . live in westchester tonight is "action news" reporter dann cuellar. officials have updated the investigation of this catastrophic blitz. >> that's right, jim. a federal national response team has been brought in to assist in what has become a major investigation into this horrific fire. details were given to those missing as well as rescue efforts. >> a large crane in place for demolition, but all was quiet tonight as the team that investigated the terrorist attack were brought in. >> minutes after the fire broke out thursday night surveillance footage shows an elderly woman
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walking out before being lifted and carried to safety by a firefighter. the wind swept fire believed to have started in the rear of the main building spread quickly through the living facility with five alarms as firefighters rescued 133 of 137 residents. >> the firefighters told me they kept going in their until their helmets were melting and cracked. police officers were running in there without breathing apparatus. four people feared dead were a married couple and an 85 and 93-year-old woman missing. >> we would have expect today lose 40 to 50 people in a fire like this. it was the heroic actions of the first responders that prevented
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that. we would like to tell you stories of hir heroism, but firt responders are not allowed to talk until the investigation is complete. >> 54-year-old vincent long was arrested this morning. an i.p. address trace today an apartment on the 300 block of tasker. long's victims were from lucerne count yi. a total of eight women went on the record and accused charlie rose of sexual misconduct. he has been suspended from cbs and pbs has removed him.
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>> in a statement tonight rose said he was deeply embarrassed and apologized for his behavior. a second woman accused al franken of inappropriate sexual behavior. lindsey pulled her in tightly and put his hand on her buttocks. he said i take thousands of photos at the state fair and i don't remember taking this picture. i feel badly that miss mens came away from our interact feeling disrespected. franken does not plan to redesign. >> the preliminary report on the investigation in the crash of roy halliday matches witness accounts and this video.
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the plane is built to handle maneuvers as promotional videos show. the transportation safety board did not blame them for the crash. the full investigation to rule on a cause could take two years. with the holiday week ahead of us, everyone wonders what the weather will be like thursday. first in the forecast, a change coming tomorrow. it could be the reason to give thanks. let's go to cecily tynan with the warm up from accuweather. >> it was on the cool side, temperatures in the 40s. there is warmer air in the wings. you can see the high, 48, six degrees below normal. to the west, temperatures in the 50s, 60s, and we'll be tapping into that in the next two days. satellite and radar showing there is no real organized storm on the way. there is a series of fronts
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moving through over the course of the next week. no big rainmaker. tuesday, wednesday and thanksgiving will be dry. i amtraking a narrow window of showers early wednesday. we'll talk about that, and talk about the coolest air mass so far this season moving in, in the seven-day forecast. jim? >> channel six is delighted to be part of a holiday tradition that debuted tonight and is spectacular if we say so ourselves. it's called the deck the hall light show. in this case, it's city hall. "action news" reporter christie ileto was there. >> it's beautiful. you don't feel it's cold outside because you are watching how pretty the lights are. >> colorful lights danced along the west market street side of city hall. the blue cross deck the halls
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light show. >> we are looking to align ourselves closer with our viewers and the people that support us. >> every hour on the half hour, crowds swelled dill worth park trying to capture holiday magic. even the youngest spectators were mesmerized. >> what was your favorite part? >> the songs. the music. it was so colorful. >> couple of years ago none of this was here. now all of a sudden everything is here. >> we are getting things done in the city. come on down and bring your money and shop and eat and dine and have a couple of classes of wine. enjoy the holiday. >> i don't know how they'll top that. i'm sure they'll think of something. >> the light show runs through the new years. christie ileto, "action news." >> rehearsals have begun in the
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parkway for the thanksgiving day parade. >> one, two, three, four -- >> we caught up with several groups practicing in front of the art museum. thursday, they'll perform in front of thousands of spectators. it's the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country, 8:30 hosted by rick williams and cecily tynan. if you can't get to the parade, watch from the comfort of your home here on channel6. >> still to come on "action news" tonight, vacation nightmare. a local family of four poisoned by pesticides at a luxury resort. a local pest control is paying the price. >> and concussion screening for young athletes. cecily? >> we warm things up before temperatures crash right in time
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for thanksgiving. i have details in the seven-day forecast. >> the investigative reporter wendy salzman is here exposing a hack that is being used to steal vehicles. >> we'll show you how thieves break into your car and drive off with it. >> ducis rogers with the sixers taking on the jazz and eagles flying high after last night's victory. flying high after last night's victory. you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it.
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with strayer university's mba program today. >> are you ready for this? an "action news" investigation is exposing a digital hack used to steal cars. the technology is constantly changing which makes it harold for car manufacturers to get the upper hand. wednesdayy saladsmawendy saltzml
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us about this one. >> the key to be starts the ignition making for an easy get away. a family says it happened to them. >> it's impossible to think our vehicle was stolen. >> impossible, but lisa says that's what happened to her on a weekend away with her family in south florida. >> we value ya valeted the car. we sent the attendant down. >> then the valet told her the family's rental car, a $50,000 suburbing was gonsuburban was gr the eye of the valet. >> he had keys the whole time.
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>> there was no broken glass, nothing. >> today's cars are compute ires on wheels. >> car thieves have essentially become computer hackers and are using a relay attack device to mimic your key to be, sending it to a box like this one which takes control. >> it's built to intercept the cars that use that technology. >> to show how easy the hack is, they tested 35 vehicles. it opened the doors on more than half. 18 of the cars, the ignition starts and they are able to drive away. the car hack is on the radar of law enforcement. it can be hard to prove. >> the only evidence you have of theft is surveillance camera. >> these were posted to youtube. look how easy it is for the
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crooks to walk up, and speed away. >> most modern vehicles are vulnerable. >> the electronic features are the most vulnerable. >> he's using his skills to fix flaws in their system. >> i can unlock the vehicle and start the ignition. >> he says because they working with manufacturers and should make it harder to steal new models on the market. the car was never recovered and they'll likely pay the bill which will increase their insurance. >> take a step back in time. >> the trump administration placed north korea back on the
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list of countries of state sponsored terrorism. north korea was removed during the bush administration saying north korea's nuclear ambition didn't work. we have just learned one person died in an explosion at a new york cosmetic's plant. 33 others suffered injuries including seven firefighters. you can see smoke in new windsor where they make nail polish. new york's governor launched an investigation. >> flattened in 15 seconds to a pile of rubble, it took 5,000-pounds of explosives to bring down the stadium today.
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the engineering challenge was protecting the falcon's new home next door 30-yards away, so they built a five story tall industrial think curtain and it worked. >> a family of four from killed by toxic pesticides in the cayman islands. meth el bromide paralyzed steve and his two sons. term next will pay $10 million in fines an restitution. >> diagnosing a concussion in children could be easy as taking spit. a study by penn state researchers found five molecules in saliva with the ability to identify concussions and how long they'll last. sometimes athletes don't know
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they have a concussion. the tests were 95% accurate showing symptoms a month later. >> today marks transgender day of remembrance. people gathered outside the district attorney's office for a silent march. they held signs in memory of those that lost their lives in suicide. >> hundreds of families will have a holiday field. they went from station to station packing bags with all of the trimmings needed for thanksgiving dinner. in the morning 800 meals will be stribu camden bags were handed out with macaroni and cheese and
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stuffing. >> the important thing there, a lot of food going to people that will be very grateful. >> thanksgiving week, we want quiet weather. that's pretty much what we have. chopper 6 taking flight tonight. after the sunset, winds die down. a bit of a chill in the air. that's the theme of thanksgiving. here at "6abc," we are counting down the days firefighter the de thanksgiving day parade. the weather is nice. however, if you are heading there, you want to bundle up. it's going to feel like winter at 8:00 in the morning, 34. 9:37. as the parade winds down by noon, 43-degrees. the good news is, winds are on the light side, five to ten miles per hour. shouldn't be a problem with the balloons. if you are home watching, wall
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to wall sunshine and blue skies, it's going to be beautiful. right now, philadelphia 41. trenton 38. cape may 47 and reading 33. satellite and radar showing blue skies, wall to wall sunshine, a batch of high thin clouds out of the southwest. that's the direction of the wind flow. with the direction, it's warmer the next two days. mixture of sun and high thin sirius clouds you typically get with warmer air. friday morning, this front is bringing us showers between 3:0. quick return of sunshine, 54-degrees. that brings us cooler air for thanksgiving. if you are traveling at noon on
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wednesday, we are dry across the mid atlantic and england. temperatures 68 in savanna. chicago, 31. minneapolis, 26, but it's try, so it's a nice day for traveling. the seven-day forecast, on the mild side tomorrow, five degrees above normal. wednesday, sunshine returns, seasonal, 54-degrees. thanksgiving, cold turkey, it is going to be chilly. 45-degrees, black friday, 52 and we do it again over the weekend. another cold front ahead of it saturday, 58-degrees. windy, chilly for the eagle's game at the link. monday, the coldest air mass of the season. temperatures not even getting out of the 30s. temperatures stepping down. thanksgiving cold but dry. >> thank you. >> the homeless and less
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fortunate were treated to an early thanksgiving feast tonight. the great family gathering was he would in west philadelphia. 5,000 people were invited to fill up on turkey and stuffing and potatoes. fill up on turkey and stuffing and potatoes. it's blinds to go's big sale what's the big idea? only big time savings on every item in the store. and the more you buy the bigger you save. up to 30% off! that's a really big deal. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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,$8drw it's the big sale our biggest sale of the year! select from... rollers, cellulars, romans, sheers, woods, faux woods, verticals and so much more. the more you buy the bigger you save! up to 30% off! that's big! blinds to go. blinds for life. philadelphia eagles, vinny curry is making sure people have a thanksgiving people. 200 families in need were invited to pick up a package tonight. they met curry and posed for pictures. >> sixers and all that jazz. >> i like that. sixers are a fun team to have watch. joel embiid made us wait. it was a game time decision against the jazz due to knee soreness.
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after pregame warm ups, he declared himself ready. >> sixers win 107-86. here's embid. >> the whole game i thought i was flatn a i wasn't having fun. i needed that, so. >> the eagles are 9-1. let that sink in for a moment. they have the best record in the nfl. whatever you do, don't say those two words begin with sb. >> eagle fans were out in force in dallas and saw the eagles
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dominate the cowboys. birds have won eight straight games. >> we have something special going on. if it's uit's up to us to captud make sure we don't take it for granted. >> i love winning in this league. >> we keep stacking up wins. now we are looking forward to the next, we'll put this one to bed. we'll be hard on ourselves. >> jake elliot was injured while attempting a tackle on a kickoff currently in concussion protocol. >>
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>> college basketball, penn beats northern illinois, 93-80 in florida. >> delaware taking on unc greensboro. a great gift idea for jim. eric carter puts his hands up 10. 32 points. delaware goes down, 79-56. love to see you there. >> you will. finally tonight, local chefs are serving up dishes for a good cause.
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they took part in the taste of south jersey. benefiti f promise, the organization provides homeless families with shelter and food and helps them get on their feet. channel6 meteorologist karen rodgers one of the speakers tonight. >> "action news" continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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