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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this november 21st. we're following breaking news deadly pedestrian crash is causing on a south jersey roadway right we're live on that scene as less ar >> ning,firefighters battle huge flames that damage ore artments in west philadelphia. >> you won't have stand in line to seee' getting fancy. you'll have to call ahead for an appointment. do you have to wear a tie? will there be tea sandwiches? are we going high style to santa? >> it's not that complicated. we'll get to that. first david and karen. >> an appointment with the big >> or you can go to the deptford mall andhim whenever you want. storm tracker6 se dry this m. right now we've got some sunshine on the way a las loud cover really pushing offer the coast at this point and overwe are looking at a very -- fairly sunyht now ine. we have jumped to 36 in
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reading but not exactly balmy 33 degrees in trenton.on's improved to 40 iphiladelphia 42. there's a little bit of a bref there, though. you can see it coming up from actually calm right no trenton and allentown and only miles per hour in philadelphia. nonetheless, enough to add that reason or an extra reason for a slightly heavier coat. you're got going to -- not to need it alloo 55 d ing aees right aris afternoon. and still holding the mid to low as late as late clock tonight aing to illy overnight tonight. a lot of sunshine today too. we're looking at cooler air for thanksgiving. i'll have theumb ather. >> construc traffic is moving fine. this is traffic headed towards king o the schuylkill and delays are easin weocked for awhile. boulevard southbound to the schuylkill westbound. now we' to 39 miles an hour. for awhile traffic was stopped so that was a mess and it's looking a better right there. but we've got an accident happening here. it's stenton avenrive. watch fdent with police on the scene and i
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talked to the c they were outis ig one on stenton avenue. watch for crecene there. not that far off in german we've got one at germantown avenue at walnut lane with the crews there as well. katherine scott has been live on the scene in washington township doing a great job of helping you here with this traffic situation. an accident investigation after a fatal accid had closed down the black horse pike in both directions. katherine is now saying that even the northbound lanes are starting to get by but that would have been a big one if all morning for your commute, matt. >> thank you, karen. we're going to stick with that story, it's our breaking news story. ctim who was headed out to get an early morning bite to eat lost her lifersey roadway. the truck driver who struckne. "action news" reherine sive al the black horse pike where trying to sort this out. katherine. >> reporter: matt, this scene just cleared here in washington township. investigators had been on the scene thr bud the of 42 are getting by right now this is happened. right here at ganttown road on route 42 in washington township. i spoke to a friend of the victim who says he was walking
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with her when this happened. he said the victim was a woman in her 60's who was originally from barrington, new jersey. more recently she was stayingrby 2:30 this nd told me that he e victim had j left the nearby golden luck motel. that's where they say. they were walking to a denny's down the street here and they told me they were crossing at the intersection of ganttown road whenlight was red she was behind him and she was struck and thrown-- thrown after truck. she was pronounced dead on the scene. >> we was crossing the street. i turned around, she said i'm coming. i turned around again. i was at the cross street. around and she >> reporter: a routown road the northbound and the southbound lanes are now opened. that truck did stop. so far police haven't commented on the circumstances surrounding this accident. there are a number sinesses in t it's unclear if e that police have pulled that could help in this investigation. we're live in washingto town channel6 "action news." >> katherine, thank you for that. and police in plymouth
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ship montgomery county are investigating a possible homicide. a man's body was foundter on the 400 block of ridge pike yesterday evening. several for eencerie . at 6:3e'll hwith more on investigation. firefightetrol of a t ounon a store frontith apartments upstairs. the building suffered major damage but so far there are no reports of injuries. >> phila80-year-oldokilled him insid found stabbed to death last week. he had more 40 stab wounds. the vicion wednesday in the home he had shared with 21-year-oldiocson his granddaughter in the 2500 block of east lehigh avenue. sources tell "action news" that diocson has confessed saying she did it because her grandfather was mean to her. >> it is 6:05 and relimihalla cher d and flying just above thes surface just bthe crash. that witness ac the plane built tone is built to bele to handle these kintsb did not blame the plane maker for the crash. e investigation to rule on a cause could take them two years.
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>> the u.s. justice department is officially putting up a roadblock to a huge communications merger. maribel aber is live in new york with our market watch report. good morning maribel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, matt. the justice department is suing to block at&t's takeover of time warner. the u.s. says at&t would use control of time warners programming as a weapon to harm competition. time warner is the parent of cnn and other cable networks. the bill was announced over a year ago. at&t says it will fight the case in court. optimism over strong aren. we've got a report on exles due out later today. reservations are needed to sit on santa's happen at macy's flagship new york store this year. the popular santa land exhibit at the herald square location has seen long lines in recent years. macy's hopes this cuts down on the waiting. you can book a time with santa through macy's web site at no cost. you can cancel and re any time. matt and tam we did it with the grand kids last year well
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worth it. kids the around so you'll get a chance to see him. >> yes, he's everywhere. e. >> thanks maribel. >> yeah. >> so, chilly this morning. so this afternoon. m storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you that we're dry and as we take a look outside, we are getting ready for plenty of sunshine to come up over the horizon and bathe center city and the rest of the region. right now still a little dark of course because we're not quite there and it is a little bit cool in spots. up in allentown currently we're still holding onto 27 degrees so pretty cold on the way out the door there. 33 in trenton. 36 in reading another one of our chillier spots and in philadelphia 42. wion's now up to 40. 46 in millvill and 47 in cape may. a little bit of a breeze coming up from the south not all that strong but it'sa de coat jut everywhere especially in the northernnshine on the way though. as you can see a sweep of clouds from earlier is off the another one down to the south and west may or may not try to filter in as in generally we'll h a mostly sunny feel today and a little bit breezy. the winds down a bit from yesterday but a little movement in the air and a high of 56 in the lehigh valley.
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lder's which is where you've been a lot of recent weekdays. at the shore 58 deand breezy there. and in philadelphia t-we'll gogh ofs like nt this aftn mixing with some clouds, a little bit breezy with winds out of the southwest at eight to 16 miles per hour. yesterday we were at 10 to 20.i less on nthatrnigh that chilly. only goingn to with clouds increasing overnight t there is the chance of a little tonight this model has something that cecily might be able to start showing you. it's really in the overnight hours and into early tomorrow morning that we have a better chance o personally i think this model is overselling the intensity of this rain. i don't think it's going to be all that heavy. and it looks like it's going to get off the coast pretty quickly in. this model has it taking until about 10:00 to get off atlantic city. i thinkactually sunshine comes back pretty quickly tomorrow. so, if you have plans to travel or you're accepting roll -- expecting relatives to come in from out of town most of t early morning shower looks pr. by 8 o'clock. sun coming back by noonll get a and then sli lo go down to the bus station tomorrow afternoon. be fine for that.54 tosunny and fairly calm for thksgiving in a little bit more of a cooler flow from the north and that will chill us down a bit for
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thanksgiving day. 59 is today's mild high breezy milder than it's been the rest of the week. inkle or shower overnight that ends early on wednesday. wednesday clouds to sun 54 with ittle bit in the afternoon. on thursday if you're headed down to the parade, a sunrise temperature in philadelphia of about 32, the freezing mark. getting up to about 40 by the end of the parade. lots of sun. she winds to get the balloons up in the air and then later in the afternoon, 45 so chilly on thursday. that's the way it's going to be. partly sunny then on friday, 52 degrees. little milder, 30's in the morning if you're camping out in front of your favorite store and then on saturday, we have clouds and sun mixing, 55 y probably not until night and just a light sprinkle. back to 45 for the eagles on sunday. and monday sunny and 39. doesn't that sound n >> that might be the coldest yet. >> yeah, i think so. >> thanks 6:11. uber under fire. officials uncover dozens of drivers out west who should not have been cleared to work for the company. >> traffic turns into a real circus in tennessee when elephants are found roaming on the side of the road.
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karen. >> 95 at girard, we're switching our camera all around but southbound traffic is starting to get heavy even though it's a little hard to see right there. we're going to take you to 422 and talk about a new problem with a water main break next. >> ♪♪ ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (vo) going on now, share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
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>> ♪♪ >> dawn it is a breaking the horizon under the commodore barry bridge. it is 42 degrees out so you pa day whenly. look at coffee. >> and they're like, all right, snooze. >> i was just going to say lly it. you could just l picture later but anyway, ifo get up earlyest part is gel on 422 without a major thatd right? but we can find it right now. this is 422 eastbound traffic at oaks and yes it's kind of
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slow as you head towards king of prussia but not a jam. six minute ride in either direction of 422 so you're really good to go. we've got a new problem just coming in to us now. we're hearing about a water main break in university city. j.f.k. boulevard shutting down between market and 30th street. stick to market as your alternate. a water main break in university city on j.f.k. boulevard. also in chestnut hill have an accident and we're hearing a big accident on stenton avenue at cresheim valley drive so police responding to the scene of that one right now. looking at your majors right now, everything looking good. 42 currently showing a little problem there but kill and 42 are all moving fine. of course the black horse pike and that's why that'se there in y it is reo ka 30 nly 29 in bethlehem. 42 degrees in ce c 30 in bmills dover,ware. it's a cold it gets a high good amount bit of abreeze. we can handle that one matt. >> i think we can. thank you, karen. heerson or people wh ambushed nts a well known drug smuggling route in west texas.
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agent martinez died sunday andhis partnern remare y werefbi rocks. president trump cited the attack as a reason to build ag thexico. >>giocrts facebook for helping to save pastor francine sims ges leadiily prayer service on facebook live when a neighbor watching saw what was that rushed to hospital where doctors say they are blood pressure was sky high and she had blood clots. >> thankful. i'm thankful to all eyes. >> doctors were also able to use the xa maknt plan. firefighters were caught off guard when they arrived at the scene of a tractor-trailer fire in chattanooga tennessee three afan e escaped the fire unharme owners were able to get another truck and to the an sarasota florida. >> 6:16. today's fitness tip is next and we also have an sliving separately thanks to suful surgery atchildren's hospital of philadelphia. david. >> guys we're off to ahilly neighborhoods but it is going to ge later and we're expecting lots i'll have your 12-hour forecast coming up next. ytes a
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>> mpay $9 million as state found uber green lighted thousands of drivers even with histories that were riddled with felonies assaults fraud and dui's. >> "time" magazine out with its list of the top 10 gadgets from 2017. microsoft surface laptop number three. >> apple's iphone x is number two and number one is nintendo's switch that lets you play your games at home or on the go. >> still hoping that was a 10. >> not so much. >> well, paris hilton sparking a debate about who invented the selfie. >> hilton tweeted a photo with britney spears from 11 years ago saying that's when they invented the selfie but her followers were quick to send this in a much older one from 1839. >> and remember buzz aldrin in space in 1966. >> and then there's this one on our page. >> those are your tech bytes. ship in juice from overseas. only florida's natural
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blinds to go. blinds for life. it's the big sale our biggest sale of the year! select from... rollers, cellulars, romans, sheers, woods, faux woods, verticals and so muc the more ye! up t blinds to go. blinds for life. >> hi everyboat soul beats stu "actionfitness tip. i'vt a plank challenge with a twist. hold it for as long body in one li you're onor arms.
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transfer on to right hand behind that rgive me that twist tor and back up again. doing it.15 to start to a plank an the. plank challenge get to it. >> you're on. makes it look so easy. i don't know if i could -- >> i think you could. >> i would fall over. >> we'll give eight try. >> okay. >> let's take a look at the blue route past mid-county. thffic on your right towards nicely.t's clearthere and at now one et's check mass transit. delay out newark line all right, on the big boardy this mo7 degrees in allentown. 36 in reading and lancaster. 33 in trenton.wilmingto we've been fluctuating there a 42 ville. not much of a brefrom the south but pretty chilly on the el stop and the bus station stop and just walking to the car so a decent coat required this morning. but things change. chilly, probablys onstopse are getting gh of afmilder later today than it's been recently and the evening commute doesn't look that bad. we're in the mid-50's for the five and 6 o'clock period. lots of sunshine today too. and just a little bit of a breeze. if you're headed to the airport all green aircraft, no
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major delays at any of our big travel destinations and right now we have no sign of rain in spots, either tam. >> thank you david. after spending more than 485 days at the children's hospital of philadelphia formerly conjoined twins are finally going home and look nd aey were july 24th 2016 joined at the top of their heads. nearly a year later a team of about 30 doctors and specialists separated the 10 month old girls. they're now they're now headed home to north carolina in time for the thanksgiving holiday. doctors say the girls will require additional surgeries as they grow up but everyone is really optimistic about their progress. >> the flyers return to action tonight with the vancouver canucks. the flyers are coming off foursses the latest sixers center joel embiid was declared fit to play against the knee. the fired up big man add points and 10 rebounds andy rookie donovan mitchell's layup. mitchell then shoved embiid to th embiid got the last laugh, though. laugh with him because mitchell drew the technical
6:19 am
foul. the sixers win 107-86.
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my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usua everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
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d an update on philadelphia rapper meek mill sentenced to two years in prison for a pro violence. kaepernick tweeted he has been humbled by the support he's shown him. he goes on to say mill will fight against harsh sentencing practices. he says the sentencing involved a personal vendetta adding the district attorney didn't recommend any jail time. fans and celebrities have beenl'sth
6:22 am
rallies and billboard. >> it's gruesome shocking and pushes the boundaries but the question is does it go too far when it comes to posting pictures on social media. here's brian taff. >> i'm posting like bloody things but they're not andudity. defends her alarming and controversial social media post. she says she's playing by all the rules but at least one doctor calls it unethical and maybe illegal. so we're asking how far is too far online? and is this over the line? that's tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> time right now is 6:26. meteorologist, david murphy is tracking a brief warmup. the thanksgiving outlook is coming up next. >> dramatic new footage from the frantic moments residents led a senior living home in chester county. we'll have the latest on the investigation into the fire coming up next. >> ♪♪
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>> a dead man is discovered in a shopping plaza. police suspect foul play. we're live in montgomery county. >> the city of philadelphia continues to get into the spirit of the season and you will be, too once you see this dazzling new display that we here at 6abc are proud to be a part of. >> good morning. it's 6:30 on this tuesday november 21st. it really is starting to feel like the holidays. >> i know and we have been oohing and ahing over that new display. >> as we take a look at the weather sent we have plenty of sunshine on the way. about an hour ago there was a sweep of clouds pushing off the coast. there it is now off the coast so bright conditions to start out and probably maintaining mostly sunny skies today. we're starting out cold in some spots, though. allentown just 27, reading 36 33 currently in trenton. and still 37 degrees in wilmington. 42 in philadelphia.
6:26 am
and mid 40's as we head down through millville and cape may. cool enough for a coat this morning certainly. as we take a look at the winds not too bad. calm in a couple of spots and only about as high as eight to 10 in the windier spots so a little bit of a breeze to add to that chilly feel but nothing like yesterday when we had those more severe wind chills and this afternoon things are getting better. 42 degrees by 8 o'clock. 51 by 10 o'clock. by noon up to 55 and 58 degrees by 2 o'clock. i'm expecting a high of 59 right in there around 3 o'clock and maybe even 60 in couple urban centers like center city. this evening not that bad only getting down to 53 as late as 8:00 p.m. mild tomorrow and chillier for thanksgiving. karen rogers i'll have details on that coming up. >> we have breaking news. hearing reports of a water main break. chopper6 is headed to the scene. this is in university city. j.f.k. boulevard closed between market and 30th. it's that little loop of the boulevard that's right outside of 30th street station so just stay on market to avoid it but watch for water on the road
6:27 am
and crews on the scene. they had to shut down that portion of j.f.k. boulevard near market street. look for that closure and stick to market as your alternate. an area of yellow on the schuylkill expressway approaching belmont. that's your westbound traffic here headed towards king of prussia. pretty jammed already on the schuylkill from approaching the boulevard to past gladwyne. overall your travel times aren't too bad. there you see some of those slow speeds 20 33 miles an hour right now in that area. on the boulevard southbound, still jammed as you head towards the schuylkill expressway. we had a mess overnight when the boulevard was shut down for awhile very early this morning they shut down the boulevard ramp to the schuylkill and since that has reopened traffic moved better but now you're slowing down just 'cause of your morning commute. also an accident in germantown on germantown avenue at walnut lane so watch for that one right now tam. >> thank you karen. breaking this morning a truck hit and killed a woman who was
6:28 am
crossing a roadway in washington township gloucester county. it happened around 2:30 this morning at ganttown road and route 42. the truck remained at the scene and a friend of the victim says he and the victim were walking from a nearby motel and he says they were crossing the street trying to get to a denny's when the woman was hit and thrown. the victim who is a woman in her 60's was pronounced dead at the scene. and police are still investigating. and new this morning, police say video told a disturbing tale showing a day care owner in delaware physically abuse the little ones in her care when they were done watching they put her under arrest on the spot. angela flewelling is now charged with dragging and kicking children. she runs the family day care in middletown. detectives showed up at the center and demanded to see that surveillance video and when they were done they took flewelling into custody yesterday. parents who send their children to that center have been notified about this arrest. >> 6:33 now. a man turns up dead in a montgomery county shopping
6:29 am
plaza. police are still trying to piece together how he ended up there and what caused him to die. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live at the scene of this discovery in the 400 block of ridge avenue in plymouth township. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. we know that police are looking into this as a possible homicide. they were here late into the night yesterday collecting evidence, really sifting through this scene here trying to find some clues that would give them some answers. take a look at the scene from above with chopper6 hd. this is above the shopping plaza where i am right now in the 400 block of ridge pike in plymouth township. that gruesome discovery was made just before 6:00 monday evening. now, the scene is fairly large. it took up about two parking lots so this shopping plaza as well as the outback that is right next door but police seem to focus their efforts on several cars here. we do understand a blood trail stretched from one parking lot to the other. in the end they ended up
6:30 am
together one of the darker colored cars there after inspecting it for any evidence. no word this morning on whether they were able to retrieve from that car anything of significance. and also no word on the cause of death, although this man was possibly stabbed to death. we are still getting some information on this developing story. as soon as we get that we'll make sure to pass it right along to you. reporting live at plymouth township, jeanette reyes, channel6 "action news." matt. >> thanks jeanette. this is surveillance video from just outside the burning senior living center that went up in flames on thursday night. you can see first responders carrying out elderly residents from barclay friends senior living community in west chester. more than two dozen people out of the 137 residents in all were hurt. a 92-year-old man his 89-year-old wife and 85-year-old woman and a 93-year-old woman remain unaccounted for. >> the firefighters told me that they kept going back in there until their helmets were
6:31 am
melting and cracked. police officers were running in there without any breathing apparatus. >> federal investigators believe the fire started in the rear of the main building but they don't know how. >> 6abc is delighted to be part of a new holiday tradition in philadelphia. the 6abc blue cross independence. now the light show will run every hour on the half hour and you'll be able to watch the free show nightly through january 1st. >> one two, three, four five six seven. >> and rehearsals have begun on the parkway for the 6abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. "action news" caught up with several groups practicing in front of the art museum last night. thursday's parade will kick offer at 8:30 hosted by our very own rick williams and cecily tynan. you can watch it from the comfort of your home or down on the parkway but if you're
6:32 am
watching it of course it's only here on 6abc. >> before we get to that thanksgiving business we'll enjoy a warmup. >> mild this afternoon still chilly right now. we're dry. taking a look outside we're expecting plenty of sunshine coming up over the horizon, you're getting a sense of that maybe a few clouds around early but overall mostly sunny and still chilly to begin as i mentioned the temperature right now in philadelphia is just 42 degrees. and in some suburbs, like allentown, we're still in the upper 20's and some other spots like trenton and wilmington still in the 30's. so a jacket a pretty good idea this morning. the winds are light but at 8 miles per hour breeze when you're starting in the 30's and 40's is enough to add to that chilly feel. there are those earlier clouds now sweeping away from us so get the sunglasses ready as you head out on the highways and byways. a little additional cloud cover to the south and more to the west. it's possible that we'll see some high cloud cover increasing as the day goes on especially later this evening. but in general we're going to go for a breezy milder and fairly sunny day ahead. 42 degrees by 8 o'clock.
6:33 am
49 by 10 o'clock. and by noon, 55 degrees with a high around 59 degrees. i could see 60 on some thermometers briefly this afternoon. and we're looking at those highs more or less around 3 o'clock. even by 6 o'clock that 54 isn't bad. high temperatures across the region today 56 in allentown and reading 57 in trenton. we'll go 59 in philadelphia wilmington and millville. and 58-degree readings on the boardwalk in atlantic city and the promenade in cape may. future tracker6 later tonight at 11 o'clock, this is a new model run, it does show you the possibility of a little blip of precipitation beginning to develop while cecily tynan is on the air tonight and then in the overnight hours into 4:30 in the morning when we're on the air, there is the possibility of some rain. this makes it look like it's real heavy rain not sure that's going to be the case. might be more light to moderate rain but still it's going to be there and it does look like it gets off the coast by about maybe 8, 9 o'clock tomorrow morning and of course it will be drying out a lot sooner than that in philadelphia. and you can see the clouds quickly breaking up too so we'll introduce sunshine into play tomorrow. tomorrow is a big traveling day.
6:34 am
other than that real early morning shower it looks like a decent one to get stuff done and to get on the move 48 degrees by 8 o'clock. by noon 53. sunshine of course following those early showers. a high of 54 early in the afternoon and then temperatures may cool a little bit as we go later into the day. still, not bad overall. so, 54 is tomorrow's early day high with temperatures drifting down a little bit in the afternoon. for thanksgiving high pressure comes in making for a sunny and calm thanksgiving. but that high is also going to direct some cooler air in and we are going to get chilly on thursday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, breezy and milder today 59. sun, perhaps giving way to some late day clouds. a little bit of a shower overnight into early tomorrow morning and then it's clouds to sun with a high of 54. for thursday if you're headed down to the parade, look for a sunrise temperature in philadelphia around the freezing mark and then getting up to about 40 by the end of the parade. lots of sun. i don't think the winds are going to be that bad so the balloons should be able to fly and then an afternoon high of 45. chilly but you can definitely get down there and continue your family tradition of
6:35 am
watching the parade live if you like or tune into 6abc of course. partly sunny on friday, 52. it will be in the 30's in the morning for those of you camping out in front of your favorite retailer and then on saturday we've got a mix of clouds and sun 55 maybe a sprinkle at night and 45 for the eagles game on sunday. sun mixing with clouds there. monday really looks delightful. 39 degrees. some people get mad because they're like hey, i like tcold weather but -- >> bundle up. >> when i say delightful -- >> different things to different people. >> right. >> all right. it is 6:39. and new this morning, a gas leak sparks a massive fire that continues to burn right now. >> a driver gets quite a surprise when she finds a tiny but creepy and uninvited guest riding shotgun. >> oh my goodness. >> karen. >> that's not tiny. [laughter] >> that's huge. look at how creeped out i am i can't do traffic. 422 eastbound approaching 29. we've spotted a new accident although off to the shoulder it's creating a little bit of a delay and we have a new problem with malfunctioning
6:36 am
traffic lights in norristown maybe spiders in cars all that coming up next. ahhh! pass
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6:38 am
>> ♪♪ >> 6:42. how about that? chopper6 live over eakins oval and the art museum steps, all ready, all set for the 6abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. nice and colorful. right now a little cold. >> i know. and guess who else will be making your thanksgiving parade special? that would be one karen rogers. >> i am going to try my hardest to make your thanksgiving special. yeah, i'm super excited to be out there on the parkway and
6:39 am
you don't have to freeze, you can watch it from home. aren't you lucky? we're looking outside live here. this is markley street at main street. you see police directing traffic because we have malfunctioning traffic lights. a new problem that just popped up in norristown. we spotted police directing traffic. already seeing quite a backup in a busy area in norristown markley street at main street traffic lights on flash and police doing a great job, fire police directing traffic. chestnut hill an accident on stenton avenue at cresheim rally drive. police confirm they're on the scene with that accident. boulevard has been jammed up all morning. for awhile they shut down that ramp from the boulevard southbound to the schuylkill. that was earlier this morning. and now that's opened but nonetheless you're jammed right now on the boulevard as you head towards the schuylkill expressway that southbound traffic is jammed with that morning volume kicking in. and looking at the travel times throughout the area right now 95 southbound, 26 minute ride not bad. schuylkill eastbound, 21
6:40 am
minutes, 20 minutes westbound between the vine and the blue route and no delay just yet on the blue route southbound. it is cold out there though, this morning. it's only 28 in bethlehem. 30 degrees in pottstown. 38 in malvern is a little better. 42 in center city. suburbs in new jersey and delaware are showing for the most part 30's. 41 in hammonton and glassboro. 42 degrees in dover delaware. gets milder a bit this afternoon, matt. >> sounds good. thank you, karen. happening right now, a massive gas line fire is burning itself out in michigan. people in the area just northwest of detroit reported hearing an explosion and then seeing giant fire balls light up the night sky over orion township. police blocked off the surrounding area and ordered temporary evacuations. so far no injuries have been reported. the trump administration has placed north korea back on america's terrorism blacklist. the country had been designated as up for two decades until 2008. that is when the george w. bush administration removed it
6:41 am
in a bid to salvage international talks aimed at ending its nuclear efforts. the talks collapsed soon after. president trump also promised a new wave of sanctions as part of a maximum pressure campaign against north korea. >> the show will go on today without charlie rose. he is suspended from cbs news amid the latest sexual misconduct scandal. a total of eight women have made claims against the veteran journalist published in the washington post and business insider. their accounts range from rose groping them in his car and home office to presenting himself to them naked and in one case telling one woman he dreamed of her swimming naked in his long island pool. rose has issued a statement and apology saying he's deeply embarrassed but he does not believe all the allegations are accurate. latest word is that cbs will have no filling this morning purposely leaving his seat empty. as for pbs it halted distribution of his trademark interview show. the second woman has come forward to accuse senator al franken of inappropriate sexual behavior.
6:42 am
lindsey meannesses franken pulled her in tightly and put his happened on her rear end as they posed for a picture. franken issued this statement saying i take thousands of photos at the state fair surrounded by hundreds of people. and i certainly don't remember taking this picture. the democrat says he does not plan to resign.
6:43 am
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>> tuesday morning. are you ready to help everyone through their commute. >> let's go. >> it's a team effort. let's take a look outside right now. this is 95 thanks dave already left me, at cottman that's your southbound traffic right now heading towards center city and pretty jammed from academy to girard. i've got to say though no major problems on i-95, 26 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. let's check some of your other areas around the region. i want to take a look at the south jersey overview because we have been talking a lot about that fatal accident that was closing the black horse pike northbound early this morning. that has reopened if you're on 42. you can see 40 miles an hour, 23 miles an hour in washington township, the black horse pike is reopened. 15 miles an hour though still jammed as you're approaching 55 northbound to into so kind of 42 so kind of the usual spots.
6:46 am
regional rails, we did spot a couple of delays. 19 minute delay with a train on the paoli thorndale line. a train on the cynwyd line 23 minutes late and it is cold to be waiting for your train. >> that's too bad because it is chilly out there this morning, not horrible. 42 degrees in philadelphia. not too bad if you're dressed appropriately. allentown 26, 36 reading, 37 currently in wilmington and 33 degrees in trenton. as you head down through south jersey and delaware it's mostly 40's. millville actually holding onto 46. these are some ofilder spots down here. there's a little bit of a breeze not as much as what we had yesterday morning and the morning before but an 8 miles per hour breeze adding to that chilly feel another reason to grab a coat but as we go into the afternoon we may be throwing that coat over our shoulders. 40 degrees by 7 o'clock. not a bad morning for a chilly morning workout. by noon 55. and a high of 59 degrees by 3 o'clock. that means some spots like center city could actually go as high as 60. not bad. and then by 5 o'clock 55 degrees and down to 53 by
6:47 am
7 o'clock. a few more clouds building in later tonight. a little breezy today, not quite as much as yesterday. mostly sunny skies overall with a few more clouds later tonight and mild this afternoon. matt. >> thanks, david. a woman in australia was horrified to discover a giant spider clinging to her visor above the driver's seat. instead of freaking out, she was able to calmly drive her 20 minutes until she reached home. i don't know how she filmed this too. >> i know. [laughter] >> the driver says she didn't pull over because she didn't know how she would get the spider out. she returned to her car the next day armed with bug spray. maybe want to take a bat next time too but the spider was nowhere to be found. >> beachgoers in south florida found themselves sharing the surf with a crocodile. lifeguards kept back a large crowd that gathered to take a look. the 6-foot crocodile disappeared into the water and returned a little while later. the large reptile eluded trappers by going in and out of the waves but the state wildlife officers eventually were able to capture it.
6:48 am
>> former vice president joe biden turned 75 yesterday and former president obama proved their bromance just gets better with age. obama wished his number two a happy birthday in meme form. he is shown giving his 2014 state of the union address as biden grins and points in the background. the former president also wrote a more sincere note that biden is his brother and the best vice president anybody could have had. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. here are your top stories. a truck hit and killed a pedestrian in washington township new jersey. investigators say the woman who was walking along the east black horse pike near ganttown road when she was hit. the driver in this case did stop. a man's body was found in a shopping center in plymouth township montgomery county and it's still not clear how the man died, though authorities are thinking that it may have been foul play. smoke and flames damaged a building in west philadelphia. the fire broke out at the store front with apartments upstairs on spruce street near 60th street. as of yet there are no reports of injuries. >> we're scanning our hundreds of cameras and found an accident here on the schuylkill expressway. this is eastbound past the boulevard. you see it blocking the left lane. when we saw it earlier it was in the center lane no police on the scene, now penndot is here, they pushed it off to the left side but still
6:52 am
jamming up currently on the schuylkill eastbound heading past the boulevard. boulevard itself has been a mess all morning. southbound pretty heavy as you head towards the schuylkill. for awhile they shut that ramp down. >> had little cloud cover going through earlier. but it's gone by about 4:30. now it's 6:30 and we're getting ready for sunshine out there and it's going to get milder later too. i know it's chilly as you step outside this morning, you probably want a coat maybe that extra gear but this afternoon you stuff the gloves in the pocket. 59 degrees is your high mostly sunny skies today. >> this morning would be good practice for if you go to the parade on thursday. >> yes. >> really chilly. >> chilly. >> it's going to be cold. i got a heavy coat. i'm set right. >> bright sunshine. [laughter] >> prepared is what we are. >> yes. >> right. >> for karen rogers, dave murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. "gma" is next. >> ♪♪
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that's my giant. good morning america. new sexual harassment bombshell shell. charlie rose now at the center of accusations. at least eight women reportedly saying he made unwanted advances. one even calling him a sexual
6:56 am
predator. his response and the new fallout this morning. on capitol hill senator al franken faces a new accuser. a woman says he groped her while they took this photo while he was already in office and the firestorm over roy moore and the white house's response. holiday travel trouble. as more than 50 million people start to hit the roads and sky, snow hitting the northeast. this school bus crashing in new york. and now a new coal blast moving in while out west new concerns about flooding from seattle to portland. ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪
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