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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 22, 2017 1:35am-2:11am EST

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with even more reasons to check your toll bills twice next. ♪ s delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ the late today 50 million uber rideat might wellyou and 7 millioad their and uber then a deal with a hackers for 100 g will see if it works.he big story on action news tonight is the cyber covered up that some are calling a uber scandal. word first broke this evening of the hacking attack dating back to october 2016 and in the past few hour theailing company admitted keeping it secret from the millions of potential victims. uber says it paid the hackers a bribe to destroy the stolen data
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but bloomberg reports the company was legally required to report the breach. the company's chief security officer has been fired. effected drivers will receive free credit monitoring and identity theft protection and there is no evidence the stolen data has been misused we will see investigation of easy pass found reports of bridges over charging tolls and regular folks paying the price of big rigs details are coming up in just a few moments. word came within the past hour that authorities have found two bodies in the rubble of last week's fire in west chester. the five alarm blaze at the barkley friend senior living facility left four people unaccounted for until today officials say one body was found thismorning. a second body wasoon. efforts two remaining victims willesume in the morning. traffic on i-95 in philadelphia was snaking i way through
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bridesburg tonight as thousands of folks getting anrly start the holiday away and standing orecast and dann cuellarternational dann we are expecting more holiday travelers improved economic jim and aaa is calling it turkey tr we a 12 not the tuesday before thanksgiving whi becomeore daythanksgiving. hdver free hvy fic e our s2005. nsl 600,000 cal 50 miles out 90% of those about 530,000 willo roa an w >> reporte many othsplane and benfl the? ing to get hoer travel > peggy smith through inati. getting here but my husband said he isit's awful so b gl to be home. ro mississippi for their cousin to pick you because o and it took here traffics b there. at 30th station there w long linedelays. >> hour many people traveli holiday to be with friends. areor theay? y reporter: you guys all >>s a big huh. >> real excited. >> reporter: why are record numbers of people traveling thise e seeing a strong economy, we are seeing a
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rebounding labor markethat means increases inpaych increases in consumerare willing to spend their money on. >> reporter: and tomorrow will theg second verse airport persne arle urgi get very early beginning at 5:00m. philadelphia r action news jim tha let's switch t tynan one smallliday snag and rain in the morning could make the rain to mom and dad's a little difficult. >> that i exactl scan live shows two syste converging over us in the morning that will bring usof t not a lot ofe if yooutheast the coa that is what will pull some moisture our way so furacker sho for the early birdsding out dealing with rain es well above freezing and no morningll be wet light generally for i-95 and areas southeast showers and areas to the northwest and key timing it back an hour 4:00 in the morning to 10:00 and mid morning looks pretty light generally a quarter to a half inch and dries out travel for the rest of get ready for a chill and i will talk about that in they forecast. >> thank you, it was a massive police response in new castle
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county delaware today after the call of shots fired.unfire came f inside a home on a unit block of lawrence avenue officers were there to make a welfare check on a distraught man, police instructed neighbors daycares and nearby businesses to shelter in place as they took cover. the situation was eventually resolved peacefully with officers taking the man into custody then to a hospital for self inflicted wounds. a beloved elementary teacher was rem peoough section of philadelphia gathered tonight for a in honor shawna her home o600renz s have not said how the fire broke came to an endhe of of misconduct both cb s&p bs cut ties hours after the washington post shted the claims of eight women who said they victims ofsallegedisconcluding groping them and walking naked in front ofery clos moorehe in alabama. trump was leaving for thanksgiving at mar-lago a seemed to discount claims of sexual assault against moore
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including the alleged molestation of a 14-year-old girl. >> he totally denies it he says it didn't happen and you know you have to listen to him also. i can tell you one thing for sure we don't need a liberal person in there a democrat. >> reporter: one reporter said better to have accused child molester than a democrat trump we responded jones is bad on law an order and bad on the border and bad on the second amendment jones and moore will face off december 12 to fill the seat left vacant by jeff sessions. a second woman accused congressman john conyers democratic from michigan of persistent sexual harassment and a document with the u.s. former scheduler claims she suffered unwanted touching quote repeatedly and daily at the hands of conyers. the conyers denied a report yesterday that he sexually harassed another female aid leading to agurepayout funding by action news investigation of easy pass
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itven more are being charged at the lls. happening at the delbridges. investigative chad breaking details widening ♪ after an action news investigation a new jersey look a their easy pass bills from late august to mid november the fam bucks to cross delaware river port authority bridges on two dozen occasions. 20 o they charged 15. according to drpa the family ford f250 pickup had sensors and kicked the charge to an odd in the drpa ceo john hanson say he doesn't know why the audits ended uarges. >> it could be human error, it could be he did view. >> reporter: he says in yearsoll discrepanciestoll sensors photos and our transponders never god audited d not provide enough time but 2017 it does and hanson says
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under the tolerate schedule in place for years weight not axles can kick you in a more expensive class of vehicles regardless if you have two axles. so if you drive a veh 2017 chevy tahoescalade or to that secowaou bucks to pass the bridges. >> as i became ofeveral months ago beuse of theseestions i ed our inspector general to audit at the department who does this work. >> reporter: hanson says the final determination when there are varying factors to to the registered weight on the vehicle registration. in this case our family was refunded 260. >> i would encourage people to check their bills. we want to chargetolls correctly. >> reporter: hanson says the inspector general's report should be completed sometime in early 2018flemsays he willix them and make changes along the are river chad pradelli with action news news.
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we are about 33 hours from the start of one of philadelphia's great tradition the 6abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving parade performers were out in force ton rehearsing for the big show thursday morning action news annie mccormick is liv the parkway as they say annie practice makes perfect and also gets you in the mood. >> reporter: that's right jim they lfect tonight and watched majority of the rehearsals tonight. they have been rehearsing since sunday they wrapped up tonight just before 10:00 and they will be rehearsing right up until the big day. a bird's eye view of dancers practices on the parkway for 6abc dunkin' doughnut thanksgiving parade and excitement is building are you ready. >> ted. >> we are prepa practicing th today. >> earth wind and fire is ourte dance the dance we do with our school. >> a lot of new balloons new floats all newusicals and 15
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the >> reporter: painters finished the design here in front of the art museum steps where new and old numbers will be performed. >> then the finale this year 1800 performers and that is a holiday medaly and santa up the steps as he does every year. >> reporter: look in the warehouse. >> the new items are festive and people will like it and brightened it up. >> reporter: this one is an alicorn a unicorn with wings and old favorites being assembled here. >> the river boat and the dunkin donuts float and turkey float. >> reporter: jim you might be able to get a glimpse of the floats tomorrow when they make their way to get in position they will be on the roadways around here they will be parked and ready to go by wednesday night for now live on the parkway annie mccormick channel six action news and back to you jim. if you can't make it down to the parkway we have the best seat in the house right here on channel six we invite you to
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join us beginning at 8:30 thursday morning as live verage kicks off with your hosts cecily tynan and rick williams now to an action news special report, a social media account based in south jersey drawing both diverted fans and disgusted critics from across the country. the posts graphic pictures taken during autopsys and surgeries. action news bryant tap joins us and brian you tracked down the woman behind the morbid curiosity. >> she is unapologetic saying her instagram account is all about education but an outraged doctor who complained to us about it says it's literally a gross invasion of privacy. so does it cross the line? an ode to our viewers we heavily edited the obscure the gory images. one glimpse on the south jersey house and passi f becomes apparent. >> i'm a p assistant and i also work in the morgue
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doing autopsys and determining the cause of death. >> reporter: a job she quite literally takes home. >> and breasts and we get leg amputations. >> reporter: all of it preserved for posterity in places where most people might just display family pictures. >> gallbladders and appendix. >> reporter: not just decorating her house with body parts but posting them on social media her instagram is af gruesome pictures either she has taken or sent to her to post she calls it educational and amber thacker calls it something else. >> they are shocking. >> as a doctor herself amber found the posts not just inappropriate but potentially illegal a violation of the trust between provider and patient. >> there is a fine line between education and exploitation of our patients. >> reporter: instagram has deleted the account four separate times but each time she started again confident that by obscuring patient identities she is not breaking any law and this lawyer for one seems to agree.
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>> social media pushed the boundaries because there are no boundaries right now now boundaries to push. specializes in first amendment law and what you think of the posts we can all learn something from them if not what she intended. >> that freedom of speech that freedom of expression, that first amendment right also comes with individual responsibility. >> reporter: first and foremost your privacy is not always guaranteed if it's not malicious they can take your picture and post it you are entitled to privacy if there is reasonable expectation in your home or office and her subjects most of them dead can't consent so she says she protects their privacy for them. >> in the photos you don't know what year it was taken or the sex or what country it was taken in you don't know anything about the patient. >> reporter: in the murky world of what is acceptable on line it may be all that is needed for now the only thing that may out number the critics are her fans.
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>> remember when i hit 10,000 followers i was i thought that that was huge and i kind of jokingly said to my husband i will hit 100,000 followers watch that is my goal. >> reporter: well that goal is now a distant memory as of today on her account now boasts 1.4 million followers. again she insists this is all about teaching people about death and the physical effects of our decisions in life. if nothing else she has given birth to a lively debate not likely jim to end with this story tonight. all right brian thank you. 70s teen heart throb david cassidy died and played keith partridge on the partridge family and sold millions of records as the group's lead singer and announced earlier this year he was suffering dementia and ending his 50 year arrear career and he died at a florida hospital and surrounded by his family. you saw it live just minutes ago
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the dancing with the stars finale is the coveted trophy handed out to the champions and want to go live right now and want to stay here to hollywood where abcs tonya is on the dance floor as the celebration is on the way, tonya an exciting end to another season. ex extreme exciting end and came down to the wire at the very end and there could be one season 25 champion and that was jordan and lindsey. ♪ the season 25finale kicked off with a christmas reunion with the season stars. and then the final competition started with lindsey and mark doing their favorite dance from the season. >> a real power player of a guy. >> reporter: landing a perfect score. >> here we go again.
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♪ frankie and whitney wowed with judges with argentine tango. >> fantastic. >> reporter: landing a perfect 30. jordan and lindsey turned up the competition with a red hot zumba. >> every bit of movement. >> reporter: with another round of ten. and all three couples had one last chance to win the mirror ball performing a 24 hour challenge. ♪ but in the end the judges and fans voted and there was one champion. >> the winners and new champions of dancing with the stars are jordan and lindsey. [ cheers and applause ] and it's always very exciting to see when they win the
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championship and there is not going to be any sleeping for jordan and lindsey they are still going to be catching a plane heading to new york for a special appearance on good morning america reporting live from los angeles tonya channel six action news. >> tonya thank you so much but the person of the week in philadelphia has to be a young man who is a student at temple university. his name is hardeman and won the most prestige academic honor in the world and gets to study for two years at oxford university he is a road scholar action news reporter christie ileto has his story. >> i did not think something like this would happen to me. >> reporter: it did a 2017 temple university grad became the first student from the school to become a road scholar. of the thousands of nominees he is one of 32 winners to get the prestige accolade. >> the first to go to college i think i'm the second generation literate in the family so the
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trajectory has been and uncontinuable in ways. i'm confident in myself but things like this were not on my radar. >> reporter: raised by a single mother and youngest of four and grew up at 23 and diamond a product of philadelphia public schools he admits he struggled in high school and didn't have the grades to make it to itemel, instead got an associate degree from philadelphia community college before transferring and becoming an owl do you think you would have done anything differently looking back? >> i think in everything there is a lesson so that motivated me to go even harder and for me it's really crystalized the fact that the outcomes are not about ability. >> reporter: meaning it's not what you know but hardeman says it's also about your drive that will ultimately get you to your end game. >> i'm no more exceptional to anybody in my neighborhood i just have been granted some opportunities that are not always granted to people who look like me and come from places where i come from so this is possible for anybody i truly believe that. >> reporter: he plans to attend
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oxford next fall and go on to get his ph.d. and if the opportunity presents itself he would love to come back here to item teach in north philadelphia christie ileto channel action news. >> one heck of a story. accuweather forecast for the holiday what do we got? >> a little bit of a hurdle tomorrow morning with some rain on the way. the rest of the week is looking pretty pretty good sky six right now looking at center city skyline we have some clouds that are growing ahead of a system that will bring rain and the coolest off for thanksgiving and thanksgiving only two days away some turkeys get away others don't but the weather certainly will not be foul it's looking really nice for thanksgiving although it's going to be chilly if you head to the 6abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade bundle up morning temperatures stuck in the 30s afternoon highs only in the mid 40s so running close to 10 degrees below normal but the good news it will be dry and abundant sunshine breezy but not all that windy winds generally out of the northwest
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about 5-10 miles per hour. right now temperatures really show you where we have been seeing the thick cloud cover this is where we are still in the 50s philadelphia 53, cape may 56 atlanta city airport 59 but allentown and reading has been under clear skies 36 degrees but satellite showing the clouds are beginning to intrude up to the northwest and this is all ahead of low pressure down to the southeast and a cold front and what the two will do is kind of merge and bring us some rain in the morning and you can see that is the cold front that is the moisture beginning to ride up from the south so future tracker showing the problem is it's coming during the morning commute and people heading out early tomorrow a big travel day the day before thanksgiving and plenty of rain around 6:00 a good slug of moisture and moves out pretty quickly by 10:30 the rain is moving off the coast and sunshine returning so the rest of the day is looking pretty nice for traveling lots of sunshine and it will be kind of bumpy of the flights taking off
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or landing at 50 and by noon 53 and by 4:00 52 degrees. so exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast morning rain afternoon sunshine 55 degrees on the breezy side thursday thanksgiving a chill in the air but sunny not too windy 46 degrees. a nice rebound for black friday. 53 degrees and then saturday we have another cold front moving through ahead of it it's mild 59 degrees and breezy, behind it it's blustery and cold for the eagles bears game at the lynx and 45 and wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour and winds 46 and tuesday partly sunny another rebound with a high of 54 degrees so rain tomorrow morning, allow time for that and clearing and thanksgiving cool and dry. >> good. >> not bad at all. wishes do come true just ask a four-year-old from delaware county county. >> want to give her a hug. >> reporter: she was grinning from ear to ear as cinderella
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greeted her at the country club and she suffers a neurological condition and just found out she is going to disney world next month and employees at breakthrough beverage donated 10,000 to make a wish foundation to make this magical ride possible. ♪
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flyers trying to get two points against the canuks at the center. >> not in a while and sports philadelphia has been good aflyers are in danger of being left behind and enters the flyers lost four and nine of the last 12 and off to a good start 16 shots on the goal and off the stick of ivan-provorov good start and vancouver scores and
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breton the power play his second of the night. hid way through the second period another power play for vancouver and michael is pulled and the flyers lose 5-2 and that is five losses in a row. >> right now we are a frustrated team you know, we just need to get out of this and we will be fine. it's just we are going through a tough stretch right now where we have to figure out our stuff and start winning again. >> reporter: on a better news nine wins and counting the eagles on quite the roll and host the bears sunday afternoon and might not admit it but means more for alshon jeffrey and at the end of last season as a bear he said quote i guaranty we will win the superbowl next year did it at a bear and his thoughts today. >> i never said a team. never said a team. carry over to this team. >> i never said a team.
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>> reporter: are you holding true to that prediction. >> never said a team. >> reporter: temple football
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temple is getting ready for the season finale saturday on the road at tulsa, five and six on the season a win would likely send them to a bowl game but not looking ahead yet. >> the same mindset for the past
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four weeks and championship and want 1-0 and take business and let the seniors go out the right way and win the game and execute. >> we will get you set for temple talsa on the play book saturday during the 9:30 a.m. half hour of action news in college basketball penn looses 79-71 and franklin the dog was in a good mood that is because he and is sixers are doing good things today. the sixers teamed up with toyota and sent holiday care packages to service members in iraq and afghanistan including stockings and hygiene kits and box lunches. >> good on-and-off the court and finally people gathered in burlington county to welcome in the holidays and hosted an inner faith thanksgiving service tonight people of christian jewish islamic and native
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american faiths came together a night of prayer reflection and of course some music. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line and action news continues at 4:30 with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers, dave murphy. for cecily tynan ducis rodgers and the entire action news team i'm jim gardner.
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