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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 22, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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it's the big sale our biggest sale of the year! select from... rollers, cellulars, romans, sheers, woods, faux woods, verticals and so much more. the more you buy the bigger you save! up to 30% off! that's big! blinds to go. blinds for life. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara bloomquist is off and in the
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news crews have resumed their search for two missing residents for rub arele in the seep you're center fire. and confirmation that congressman bob brady is under investigation by the fbi. and the big story on "action news" at noon is the thanksgiving travel rush. millions of local families are heading out for the holiday and those that hit the roads this morning ran into a bit of rain. we are checking the conditions and showing you the wet weather has moved out and traffic is moving on the platt bridge. "actn news" reporters therine scott wil bring uspeed . but first forecast from meteorologist, david murphy. >> starting out with rain and now it's almost gone and we see sunshine return in a majority of the region. a close view on stormtracker 6 live double scan cape may drying out and atlantic city seeing sprinkles and light showers, it won't be l that.
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so the next 15 to 30 minutes all of our local shore locations are drying out. 54 in trenton and 56 in millville and 52 in cape may. 49 inn reading and these numbers are about where we will stop. down here we may add more degrees in the south jersey locations but cooler air is starting to me in because a turn in the winds from the northwest. 53 by 2:00. a good drop over tt couple 4:00 down and 6:00, 45 degree. this is one of those odd days where you are not getting the high temperature at the 3:00 the way down to 36 d. a lot of folks traveling and if you are planning on traveling or flying, up by boston at 4:0ook
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north vermont and new hampshire may have a lit b snow and everybody else to the east coast to florida looks good. it's coldreat lakes and 31 in chicago. basically dry across the region. if you head down to the airport or bus station to pick someone up. by 2:00, 52 and by 4:00, 46 and a little bit breezy out there and blustery but at least we are dry for all of those folks coming into town. i'll have more on the parade forecast for tomorrow and your black friday call from accuweather.that is all ahead. >> thank you. well, an estimated 51 million ams e busst givice 2005. and cheaper airfare has drawn people to the skies. jeanette is checking out the
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philadelphia internation airport this noon. >> reporter: hey rick, we are talking about record breaking numbhe nuers of travelers. i was here for the morning rush and boy were the longs line. they nearly stretch add cross the ed al. travelers had an early start at the philadelphia internional airport long lines stretch add cross the terminal just before the first flights took off. >hathin long lines. >> they are awful. really long. >> already this morning we see longer lines to get through tsa than what we saw last year. >> they are predicting a 3% increase in travel this year because o consumer confidence. >> we see the highest ngole due that airfares are considera lower than last year early were
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anxious ahead of their flights. they are going to l.a. to be with family for thanksgiving. >> it's an incredibly long line. we hope we get through it before our flight leaves. >> i'm not working and i'm vacationing it's great. my first atlanta for a specialreviewon. >> my cousin returned from afghanistan and i'm going to surprise her. >> one way to keep lines shorter and running efficiently is by packing smart and leaving behind any prohibitive items we have a requirement. 3.4 items or less and take it out. if you don't you have to come back out and put it in a n. >> it's busy busy as this morning. but this is like a practice run, you think it's bad today sunday
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will be the busiest day of the week. if you headed out early or plan on doing so make it earlier for. e cha "action news." >> thank you. lets switch live to 30th street station where people are coming and going train. katherine scott explains what amtrak is doing to keep up with the rush today. >> reporter: hi rick, yes it was busy here yesterday and busy here again today as people try to get out of town and get to their families. >> thank give is the busiest time of year for travel for amtrak. >> at 30th street station is amtrak's third busiest station nationally. as the number of passengers swell for the thanksgiving rush they are boosting capacity at their major hubs. >> we added every available passenger car from our fleet to accommodate all the extra travellers coming through. >> last year during the
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thanksgiving travel period amtrak carried$7760 thousand customers. and expect the same this year. >> she is in boston in college and we live in new hampshire and we havilly. >> early risers can beat the crowds. >> the the alarm clock may have sounded before sunrise but those customers found bates and less comtitionorseats. >> there is a seat available. okay that works. >> early and convenient. not crowded and no hustle, and just sit and enjoy the ride. >> and back here live you take a look at the boards. there is actually some delays up there. quite a few of them actually. the hope is that they get back on track because there say lot of people coming through the station today. live at 30th street station. channel 6 "action news." >> katherine, thank you. we invite you to take us
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with you through the holiday. can you get real time traffic updates on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download. in other news authority have resumed searching for the two people still missing from the senior home fire in westchester. they discovered remains of two missing residents yesterday. the effort to find the final two resumes this morning. chad pradelli will bring us a live update in the next half hour. newly unsealed federal court documents that pennsylvania congressman, bob brady, is under investigation by the fbi. the federal agency has reason to believe that brady unlawfully concealed a $90,000 payment to get an opp primary race. two other people have been charged and ad
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>> we are getting ready for the offici tree lighting ceremony at.philadelphia museum is of hart later tothe large white ba dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade tomorrow and we'll today tonight as our own adam joseph flips the switch on the color display and we hear from members of our 6 abc family part of the parade every year, find out why they love being involved in the annual tradition. coming up in the next half hour. >> and of course, to tune in and watch is the here on 6 abc. cecily tynan and i are proud to be your hosts one and if you can't make it to the parkway you have the best seat in the house. join us at 8:30 tomorrow morning. much more ahead on "action news" at noon. the search for the navy personnel still missing after a plane crashed in the pacific ocean. also, dramatic new video of a
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soldier escaping north korea, see him racing for the border and running for his life and the travel website is accused of -- changing reviews. and david murphy has a closer look at the accuweather forecast.
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developing right now. crews are searching for more survivors after a u.s. navy plane crashed in the pacific ocean and a total of is he people were on board and 8 are found alive. >> reporter: overnight a desperate search for survivors after a plane with 11 military personnel on board crashed about 500 miles off the coast of the japanese island ofe my thoughts and prayers. eight of the 11 sailers are snd reagan we continue to search three. abc news learned at the time that was used to transport people and supplies was on its way to the uss ronald reagan the ship taking part in a training
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exercise between the u.s. and japan. the u.s. seventh fleet is involved in two deadly collisions in the past 15 months killing 17 sailors and 10 sailers died when the uss mccain collided with a tanker. navy sa investigating what caused this morning's plane crash. president trump tweeted. the u.s. navy is conducting search and rescue with the aircraft. we are monitoring the situation and prayers for all involved. here is new video of a soldiers dramatic escape from north korea. inside of a ben on crossing into south korea and the jeep crashes into a ditch and he runs his life shos
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hit several times but makes it across the line and he is in the hospital getting surgery and showing signs of improvement. a form ser sports doctor with team usa gymnastics and michigan univeity ple g to several counts of sexual assaults.that means he f5 years in prison and the judge could change that to 40 years, michaela maroney and gabby ere that said they were publically among nasaa's victims. and a breakfast held in northeast philadelphia this morning. meals on wheelsos in honor of those officers killed in the line of duty. and the families were presented dinners for thanksgiving and a motorcade delivered to fallen pennsylvania state troopers as
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trip adviser users that say their reviews about safety issues were deleted or not posted at all. those that said they suffered a rape or blackouts at a resort. >> i heard from person after person to warn travelers. and they tried to post it on trip adviser but their post was taken down. >> trip adviser says the reviews about safety are important and will update their guidelines. walgreens installed time delayed safes in pharmacies after a rash of thefts targeting prescription pills. once it's activated it stays locked and gives police a chance to respond. >> a person has been fired from a minnesota hospita refused to get a flu shot.
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they were told to get vaccinated or provide a religious or medical exceion. at least 50 people have lost their jobs so far and two labor unions are fighting the decision on behalf of the workers. and the "action news" team is working on news stories for today at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is live with a preview. >> reporter: hey rick, coming up today at 4:00, adam joseph will be at the philadelphia museum of art for the annual tree lighting ceremony. we'll take you there as they flip the switch today at 4:00. and he went from not being able to communicate at all to being in a marching band and holding down a job thanks to a special kind of thersey. we'll show you how a young man with autism managed to turn his life around. tips families goinstruggles.
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alicia. quick break and your acc fo the corner with meteorologist, david murphy. 
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david murphy is back now with a closer look at the wintry forecast. going to be sunny and dry. stormtracker 6 live double scan. speaking of dry most of us morn. the last of the sprinkles pul ago way from sea isle city. and before too much longer, you should start to brighten up the skies. and may have to wait longer down at the shore. taking a look outside. we have sky 6 hd and there is sunshine and blue skies over the commodore barry bridge you have to go all the way down the shore to get the clouds. and hopefully everybody sees sun before we are done. temperature 57 degrees, that is
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as mild as you will see today. pretty soon over the next 35 to 40 minutes, this wind building at 17 miles per hour will start to draw cooler air and this number will plunge, by dinner time we'll be down into the mid-40s. if you want to get outside and get something done you are at the mildest portion of the day in philadelphia. 57 in the city and 56 in wilmington and 54 not bad in trenton and 56 in millville and the numbers closer to the shore will drop and take longer. you probably have another hour or two before the change. and then in allentown 49 and the numbers expected to dip pretty quick. and cloud cover we have a decent amount of sunshine mixing with clouds and i think that clouds and sun mix is likely the rest of the way. and some of the clouds you see on the model is high and thin enough to allow sun in. and future tracker 6 likes the idea of sunshine late in the day. 6:30 that is what it looks like.
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temperatures are dropping. here is where we go by 6:00. by the dinner hour mid-50s in reading and allentown, that chilly air moving in overnight and stays with us tomorrow. in the lehigh valley. we are generally speaking dropping from the upper to low 40s and the upper 30s that northwest wind noticeable today. clouds and sun at the shore. once the rain get as way from you. a high of 56 degrees and that number drops in the afternoon as welin iladelphiadegrees, more or less your high. you may hit 58 briefly but the general trend is cooler air driving in on the northwest blustery breeze. overnight tonight, we get all 30 in out lying suburbs sometimes down in the mid-20s and tomorrow we bounce back sunny tomorrow and a lot of wind. the proximity of the high
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pressure center and chilly. if you have plans to head down to the par the shadeand good co. 8:00, 34 degrees and 10:00, and better by 11:0041 there and 43 at noon. the exclusive accuweather high 57 degrees and notice the g arrow a the numbers over the next 35 to 40 minutes start to descend and sunny and chilly on thursday and thanksgiving is bright and cool and high of 46 black friday if are you camping out at your favorite retailers, dress warmly in the afternoon we go to 52 and 58 on saturday a shower at night.sunday aiv and and cooler, a high of 48 degrees, if there is a sprinkle or shower it could be brief and
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spotty. and then on monday also brisk and chilly 47 and tuesday partly sunny and 56 and looks like a warming trend the second half of this week. >> not a bad forecast. >> thank you. students at the gertrude school in mount holly new jersey, took time out to honor military members ahead of the holiday. they invited them to join them for a one mile turkey trot and gave the students a chance to say thank you and promote a physically active lifestyle. still ahead, it take a village to make the thanksgiving day parade happen. and coming up we hear from the 6 abc family, why the holiday event is special to us and the viewers. and jordan fisher won season 25th of "dancing with the stars" last night. and why he says his big win is more than getting the mirror ball trophy. in just a moment.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. here are the stories we are following for you. if you travel by air or rail or on the road people are heading out to get to their holiday destination. and also they continue to sift through the rubble of the scene
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of the devastating fire at a westchester senior home. we are live with the latest. and two thieves decided to smash their way inside of a store in order to steal. now the details -- >> more than 50 million americans are expected to travel by plane, train and automobile for the thanksgiving holiday. that is the highest number of travelers since 2005 according to aaa. "action news" is at philadelphia international airport this morning, as folks stood in long lines waiting to get through security. and at 30th street station where the travel scene was busy as well. and train travel may be the west way to go, we have the highest average gas prices since 2014. and meanwhile, sky 6 hd showing you the rothman ice skating rink and the rain moved out and clearing skies and the cold is coming. meteorologist, david murphy, joins us on the terrace with the details on your accuweather forecast. not a bad day for ice skating,
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in the shadows it feels chilly but a lot of s


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