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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 23, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EST

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braving the chilly night air and rehearsing for the big parade. tomorrow, this will be for real in front of hundreds of thousands on the parkway and watching on t.v. it's wednesday night. the big story on "action news" tonight is thetry state area making last-minute preparations for thanksgiving. two of the most important components of the holiday are cooking and traveling. melissa magee will have the latest facts and figures from accuweather. dann cuellar is standing by for his parade preview extravaganza. christie, let's start with you. more people are traveling for the holiday. what is the situation tonight? >> jim, a lot of long lines and crowds we saw at the airport and train station have thinned out. people are still on the roads trying to get to their loved
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ones in time for the holidays. >> we are on the way to north carolina. we are from connecticut. we left new haven around 1:00 this afternoon. we are making pretty good time. we should reach our destination in about five more hours. >> they are part of 51,000,000 americans traveling 50-miles or more this thanksgiving holiday. 94% of us are traveling by car. >> it's expensive. >> gas prices are up there, though. >> yes, indeed, but still cheaper than flying a family of four. >> 86,000 flyers touched down wednesday alone. >> we flew into boston friday night. we stayed in new york three nights. we are here tonight. we leave tomorrow and go to washington. >> 30th street travelers found
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ways to cope with the clouds. >> i did it best i could with a margarita before hand, a drink on the train. >> and at the city's greyhound terminal crystal jackson took comfort in being driven to her destination. >> would you say the bus is the best way to travel? >> i like it. i get to meet people. i see the scenery and i can just have fun on the road. >> jim, if you thought today was or wasn't manageable, wait until sunday. that is considered another busy travel day as people return home. christie ileto, channel6 "action news." jim? >> let's switch live to meteorologist melissa magee. what can folks expect coming out early for the parade? >> you might need extra layers. it's chilly, but it will be dry. the chill is starting now. 32 in philadelphia.
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the current temperature in buffalo, 32. 33 in washington d.c. looking at satellite 6 along with action radar, the rain we had along the new england coast. we have a mostly clear sky on the way for the rest of the night with a nice brisk northwesterly wind. for the parade forecast for the duncan doughnut thanksgiving day parade, sunny and chilly. 36 at 9:00 a.m. lots of sunshine all the way through. 10:00, 38. 11:00 a.m., 40-degrees. mostly sunny and dry at noon. a temperature coming in at 42. we have you covered for the rest of our holiday tomorrow. as you gather around the table, temperatures seven degrees below average. temperaturesmaxing out in the middle and upper 40s. we have details on that coming up in the full and exclusive
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forecast, jim. >> the last opportunity for many of you to fill your fridges with all of the groceries you need for tomorrow's feast. supermarkets everywhere saw customers stuffing their carts, shopping up and down the aisles and registers. >> there it is. >> the holiday season is official lipon us. earlier tonight, adam joseph flipped the switch to light the christmas tree atop the steps of the art museum in philadelphia. the tree is ready for santa and mrs. clause when they arrive for the duncan doughnut thanksgiving day parade. the parade is a huge holiday tradition. another tradition not as iconic but almost is the parade preview extravaganza. let's go live to the parkway.
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you have been doing this for what seems like 25 years. what's new this year? >> i know. 19 year, jim. it's been a lot of fun. for many of us the thanksgiving day parade kicks off the holiday season. the tradition continues in its 98th year. my photographer and i couldn't be happier to show everyone a preview. let's hop on the holiday express for a tour. three, two, one, blastoff. come on, it's stuck. there we go. as you see, folks, they are putting on the finishing touches on the floats. they'll be working through the wee hours to get in shape for kick off tomorrow morning. we have a god bless america float. god bless america. god bless philadelphia. we have an underwater adventure.
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they put a lot of work into this float. it's go gorgeous. now, we are giving the kids a peak of the giant float mr. and mrs. clause will be on tomorrow. isn't she beautiful? a cast of a thousand people will be involved in the grand finale when mr. and mrs. santa jump on the float. a cast of thousands has been rehearsing for the big show. let's take you there. ♪ ♪ >> i want to wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ >> mari and the kappa dancers rehearsing for the thanksgiving day parade. it's an old classic.
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recording artist ty herndon also on hand. parade favorite fan tab lus, tap dancing to bruno mars tap magic. ♪ >> behind the scenes in the control room -- >> three, two, one -- >> an army of technicians and camera folks working out the glitches and making sure everyone is on cue for the thanksgiving day parade. >> we have moana from disney on ice and spiderman and ironman make their first appearance on the parkway. >> cast members from across the delaware valley and beyond. >> i gather you have been here several times? >> this is their first time. you are in for a treat. are you ready for this?
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>> yes. >> how about you? >> yeah. >> where are you from? >> florida. >> you came all the way to see the parade? >> yeah. >> usually i'm home cooking for everyone. >> you are the cook? ie can cook. >> with that, there's only one more thing to say. happy thanksgiving! >> there you have it. two years shy of a century and the parade is going strong. all systems go. you don't want to miss it. happy thanksgiving, everybody. jim, back to you. >> if you can't make it to the parkway, you have the best seat in the house. live coverage at 8:30 with your hosts, cecily tynan and rick williams. wherever you go, take 4abc with
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you. you can find a list of stores when they are opening for thanksgiving and black friday shopping. there is other news at this hour. it's not good. authorities have acknowledged the discovery of the remaining two victims inside the barclay friends living center. they were found in the center where two others were found yesterday. the five alarm fire destroyed the place last thursday. >> detectives are looking for the person responsible for a triple shooting tonight on south 66 street near green way in southwest philadelphia at 6:30 tonight. a 27-year-old man was shot multiple times and killed. a 26-year-old man is fighting for his life at penn
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presbyterian hospital and a 31-year-old has gunshots to the leg. there is no word on motivate. >> a drug deal gone wrong, and now a married couple is under arse. lana and austin are accused going to the parking lot to buy heroin. they stabbed and robbed chad kinata instead. they are being held without jail. >> there is a conviction in the rittenhouse square murder. he was found guilty of first-degree murder for stabbing to death collin mcgovern march of last year. mcgovern was wearing a new jersey devil's hat and the victim's friend testified that a fight started over an insult about the hockey team.
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simmon's attorney argued that the stabbing was in self defense. eh be sentenced in january. >> a suspect gave a teller a demand note just before 5:00 and got away with cash. no one was hurt. >> a counselor faces a slew of charges for allegedly having sex with a student. the arrest of brian seavor. the investigator and he met at the performing art school and in february began having sexual relations when the young man was 17. most of the encounters were at the home but one in the office. >> bob brady is under investigation by the fbi. they have reason to believe that
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brady ununlawfully concealed a $90,000 payment to an opponent in order to get that candidate to drop out of the primary race 2012. brady's attorney says the congressman has done nothing wrong. mayor jim kenney la law launchea verbal response to president trump over the plan to deport haitian immigrants. the trump administration has ended temporary status for haition immigrants. they'll be forced to leave by july 2019 which prompted this irate reaction from the mayor. >> i'm just beside myself with sadness because our president is a bully.
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our president is a punk. he doesn't get it. i don't know where he was raised, but his family didn't do a good job raising that guy. i tell you the truth. >> mayor kenney described the trump administration's first year in office as nonsense and chaos. >> a story of paying it forward is going viral and with good reason. >> a homeless man that helped a woman who ran out of gas has raised thousands of dollars for the good samaritan. a homeless veteran named johnny used his last $20 to give her gas. kate created a go fund me page to help johnny out. tonight it's raised over $100,000 with 3,000 people making contributions. >> still to come on "action
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news," he is accused of molesting and killing some 2500 women. today, justice is served. you might want to serve coffee after turkey tomorrow. the latest benefits on health check. >> melissa? >> jim, we have temperatures that will be cooler as we get to our thanksgiving. today's high 57-degrees. tomorrow, 7-degrees below average with the high temperature just 46. we have more details for thanksgiving coming up in the full and exclusive forecast. >> plus, ducis rogers with a commanding performance when "a
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can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on. us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it. strayer university. another a former doctor for the u.s.a. gy gymnastic's team pled
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guilty to sexual assaulting seven girls. in court larry masser said he was soifer an sorry and prayed r forgiveness. the victims say not only were they victimized by their doctor, but revictimmized by other officials that didn't believe them at first. >> dean williams sent an e-mail to provost and mocked my e-mail. this is how sexual assault is handled at msu. >> the plea deal calls for 25 years behind bars.
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>> on health check at 11:00, you might want to give thanks for coffee. researchers poured over previous studies on the subject and found coffee drinkers were less likely to die of heart disease, cancer or early compared to those that didn't drink coffee. the right amount appears to be three cups a day. >> a spelling error on the streets of new jersey was stopping people in their tracks and spreading good humor online. the stop sign is fine, but the typo on the ground not so much. sotp, in the parking lot. the property owner was not happy and blames a private contractor for the error.
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it's since been fiked. what about the accuweather forecast for thetry state area? >> sunny tomorrow, lots of sunshine. temperatures cooler than average, but we are dry, especially for the parade. chopper 6hd high above the sky, folks are out and about, getting ready to hit the roads or maybe they made it to their destination. we'll show you as we walk to the weather center to get ready for the "6abc" duncan doughnut thanksgiving day parade, a lot of folks out on the parkway tomorrow enjoying calm conditions across the region. 8:00 in the morning, as we look at the day planner, temperatures 34. 9:00 a.m., sunny. 36, lots of sunshine all the way through. 11:00 a.m., 40. full sun by noon with
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northwesterly winds and temperatures, 42-degrees. good news tonight, winds diminished from where they were earlier today. we have a sustained wind in philadelphia. 17 in the poconos. nine in wilmington, 13 miles per hour there and 11 in beach haven. 32 in the city, 28 lancaster at the coast and cape may, a windchill of 36. the rain we had earlier today well off the new england coast. we have high pressure working its way to the mid atlantic region. we have mostly clear skies tonight. for travel, perhaps if you are doing the travel and hitting the road tomorrow for thanksgiving, we have dry conditions. good travel weather as well. i-95 north to new york, southbound to washington d.c.
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i-76 west to pittsburg or i-76 north to scranton. 50 to 99-miles across the region, good driving conditions. black friday, sunny skies and milder with high pressure in control and saturday, looking good. here's the seven-day forecast, dry and chilly tomorrow for the duncan doughnut thanksgiving day parade, high of 46. milder friday at 54. saturday, 58, cooler on sunday. the eagles may have to deal with winds. and 50 for monday, jim. >> thank you. >> the able bodied christian men's group served a pre-thanksgiving dinner tonight. the dinner was held at the agape
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baptist church southwest philadelphia. helpings of food and faith serving thanksgiving dinner to the homeless. places were set for each guest at the outreach center in west philadelphia. organizers hope the hot meal will make them feel cared for during this holiday.
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>> so the sixers are one of the most exciting teams in the nba. >> they are. they play defense. they are exceptional. they have a lot of weapons. if one guy is off, someone else will pick up the slack. tonight the big man's turn. sixerses up by 15. later embid position down low. 28 points, 30 minutes, putting
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on a show for his mama who is in town. fourth quarter, kareem, sixers never trail in this one, 101-81. >> we are getting better second half. being more committed to defense and staying focused. >> the flyers need a win like every turkey needs a pardon. pick this one up, tied early in the second period. michael, first goal in 22 games this season, flyers up 2-1. 3-2 islanders, later, flyers on the powerplay. equalizer there. tied at 3. we eventually go to overtime. 32 seconds into the extra period, josh beyly, beats brian
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elliot. flyers dropped six games in a row, 4-3 final. eagles and bears sunday from the link. one team won eight games in a row, the other lost three straight. >> the bears may have only three wins, but they came against pittsburg, carolina and baltimore. eagles don't plan to take them lightly. >> this is the national football league. if you don't come ready to play, you will get your tail beat. this is a good football team. their record might be a different way. they have had injury. it's still a good football team. >> we are not sure if jake elliot will be available. he did practice today. coach indicated
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>> villanova got off to a slow start in the bahamas. the cats are there for the holiday tournament. they pick up in the second half. nova up three. david brunson leads with 18. nova 66-58, improving to 4-0. >> penn beating kansas. >> la salle facing miami and reading. lanny walker from reading,
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scores five points, la salle falls 57-46. that's sports. >> thanks, ducis. tonight the opening of cirque du soleil. it is told through music and acrobatic dance. performed through december 26th. "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." for ducis rogers, melissa magee, cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night. have a great thanksgiving day tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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