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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00 a.m. on this thursday, november 23. tam is off, nydia han joins us, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. right now on "action news" they are putting the finishing touches on a philadelphia tradition. we're live getting ready for the dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. >> another holiday tradition returns to love park today, but the christmas village opens amidst continued construction. if you're heading to the benjamin franklin parkway way or seeing family bundle up. >> rogers soj -- karen rogers is at the parade, here's matt
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pellman and karen rogers. >> reporter: many will have their hats on this morning. >> reporter: they are veterans. we have clouds up to the north and west, we're expecting sunshine today, as expected we're starting out cold, 29 in allentown. 29 in trenton. 32 in beach haven. 26 in reading. 33 in philadelphia. which is actually a degree warmer than a half-hour ago. 26 degrees close by in wilmington. 28 in millville. not a lot of wind out there, the promise of sunshine coming up, but it is definitely on the bright side. let me get out of the way of the balloons there, happy little snowman. we'll look at the dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. looks like it will start out cold, 33 degrees by 8:00. 9:35, 10:38. lots of sunshine at not much wind. those of you who are veterans of parade, it could be worse when the winds are going.
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we're not expecting that. noon, 42. a little more comfortable as you make your way to the el station or the car. this afternoon, sunshine aplenty, 46 degrees, light wind which is below average as the 43-degree low. it's milder tomorrow and saturday. we'll have the details on that and the black friday morning call. >> reporter: we know people who will be out there bright and early tomorrow. good morning, everybody, happy thanksgiving. the vine street expressway, light volume. there you see the police officers moving around on the parkway. it's the secondary roads where we have restrictions because of the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade later on this morning. the parkway itself is still open that will close coming up in just a little bit. eakens oval is blocked off, jfk boulevard, market street blocked this morning in preparation for
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the parade. in fishtown by sugarhouse casino we're watching a bad crash along delaware avenue. this is the southbound side, sugarhouse is along the northbound side. frankford avenue the road is blocked with the vehicle facing sideways. seeing that on the big picture, not seeing slow speeds we're watching a fire location in brewery town, 24th and oxford. watch for the fire crews responding to that scene. we had emergency crews on the scene of a crash lower moreland and county line road. that has cleared out. we're watching a truck accident 322 in delco. slowing there this morning. >> the stage is set, in just a few hours, the benjamin franklin parkway will come alive with the sights and sounds of the season. as always 6abc is proud to be apart of it. katherine scott is along market street at inflation station
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where they are blowing things up as we speak. >> reporter: good morning, matt, they are blowing things up as we speak. they have been busy all morning long. we're standing by clifford, the big red dog. next to clifford we have the penguins from madagascar. i would be lying if i could tell you which ones they are. they are enjoying the view looking at the tall buildings. we see gingerbread man and daniel the tiger. crews were out here setting up the dollies and the plywood and the fringe at 2:00 a.m. they were back getting out the generators and stretching out tarps all over the streets. the helium balloons go on top of them, as a precaution if case there's broken glass or something on the streets to poke
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holes in the balloons. volunteers have been walking the balloons along the parade route. they are twirl and wave along the parade route. we caught up with the philadelphia fan thoms fan -- il team. >> reporter: the best way to stay warm is do exercises and stretches. >> and back here live, you're looking at the balloons they have actually deflated since we last spoke, there's nothing wrong with him, they are conserves gas for the generation before the parade. we're stangt next to bug -- standing next to bugs bunny. you'll see 17 floats and 17
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marching bands and 29 performances there's a lot going on and it gets underway in just a few hours. katherine scott. >> if you can't make it to the parkway you can watch the entire thing right here on 6abc with rick williams and cesily tynan. >> philadelphia detectives are looking for a killer involved in a deadly triple shooting on south 66th street near greenway, a 27-year-old man was shot multiple times and killed, 26-year-old man was critically injured and taken to penn presbyterian hospital. there's no word on a motive. this morning philadelphia high school counselor brian sever is facing a number of charges for having sex with the student. the victim and the counselor met at the creative arts school.
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most of the encounters were at his home, but one was inside the high school counselors office. happening today another holiday tradition returns, christmas village will open at love park in center city even though the construction is not complete. crews have been working extra hard to get the open-air market built and in place by 9:00 a.m. this is the 10th annual christmas village. last year's edition was moved next to city hall due to construction. you may like the thanksgiving feast, but not everybody likes making it, that includes the turkey. cash's bakery is in south philadelphia. many people are in line, they are there to get their turkey cooked in the famous brick oven.
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it's an annual tradition. people are getting their tickets to come back. >> reporter: i feel like i can taste it. wish i i could. >> that's got to be really -- >> reporter: they have to be organized to get all the turkey at cooked. >> i feel like my turkey is not worthy, it's inferiorer -- inferior to their's. >> reporter: stepping outside, looking at the commodore barry bridge, sunshine and few streaky clouds. the camera rock-steady, so there's not much wind. 29 in allentown. getting ready to make your way down to the parade route from the lehigh valley. 26 in trenton. 26 in wilmington, philadelphia, 33. 28 in millville. everybody starting out on the chilly side. there's plenty of sunshine on the way, though, grab the sunglasses on the highways and by ways, clouds suppressed to
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the south. you can see them in southern delaware and extreme south jersey. this stuff out to the west is falling apart. overall we'll go with the idea of mostly sunny skies. for the parade itself, lots of sun, winds not bad, bundle up. 33 degrees by 8:00. 10:00, 38. after that we'll get into 40s and by noon, 43 degrees, it gets better. we had chillier and windier and more overcast days along the parade route. nod -- not today, just a little cool. down the shore, 45 degrees. in philadelphia, 46 winds on the light side out of the northwest. overnight tonight, 34 degrees, cold, early tomorrow 29 in the outlying suburbs. in the afternoon tomorrow, that's when we kind of get on the other side of the deep chill and we wind up with a better high of 54 degrees, warm front
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off to the north, high pressure off to the coast, we'll get a southerly flow that abundances the -- bounces the number up. sun gives way to clouds and we could have a sprinkle around late in the day or at night. wind on the breezy side. in terms of tomorrow morning if you're getting up early and getting the black friday tradition going, 34 degrees at 7:00 a.m. it's a quick response with the temperatures tomorrow, 43 by 10:00. 50 by 1:00 p.m., 53 at 4:00 p.m. coming down from a high of 54. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, thanksgiving, 46. mostly sunny for black friday, 54. sunday, 48 is the high. bluster winds looks like we get precip it's up in the poconos. could be a snow shower. monday, cool, 50.
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58 on tuesday an wednesday, we're bouncing back with more mild numbers, looks like fummer is back. >> reporter: i remember it. >> i like that. thanks david. new information is coming to your facebook feed we'll tell you about a new tool to tell you if you liked russian backed content during the election. it's started out as a prank, but jumped started a generous food drive. if you're starting out in new jersey by the ben franklin bridge, good to go this morning. we're watching accidents including one that's closing a major roadway in delco. we'll talk about that when "action news" continues on this thanksgiving morning. >> welcome back it is
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67:14 a.m., thanksgiving morning -- 6:14 a.m. sky6 live hd looking at the ben franklin bridge. it's cold out there, bundle up if you're heading outside today, especially for the parade. >> matt pellman how does one get to the parade? >> reporter: well, there are a variety of options, you could take a train, you could drive your car, but there are some streets that are going to be closed because of that parade. let's talk about where the parade is going to go. if you want to go out and watch major drumstick and all your closest friends at 20th and jfk. starts mannerring at 9:00 a.m -- marching at 9:00 a.m. and makes
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a left on 16th street to jfk and to eakens oval. the parkway itself we expect it to close after 7:30. there are closures at this hour including eakens oval itself in front of the art museum. jfk boulevard and market are blocked, as is 20th street. we have the ramp from 676 westbound to the benjamin franklin parkway the ramp westbound side of 676 to get to the benjamin franklin parkway already closed. if you're coming in to the parade via car exit the schuylkill expressway at vine street and walk over to the parade route. the highways are nice and clear with light volume. on the secondaries, in fishtown we have a crash along delaware avenue southbound at frankford avenue. the fire location in brewerytown
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at 24th and oxford by the oxford market. delaware county along 32 concordville 322 involving a box truck and tanker truck. they have closed 322 totally. concord road are the alternates. 322 blocked in delco. we have information about a baltimore police detective gunned down in the line of duty. the city commissioner revealed that detective sean suiter was a witness into a an investigation into fell police officers. he was shot and killed a day before he would have testified. however, investigators say they have reason to believe suiter was killed because of his status as a witness. the longest serving member of congress from texas as apologized for a nude photo that surf you surfaced on social media. joe barton confirmed he took a
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picture when he was separated from his wife. overnight he learned barton asked the capitol police to investigate who posted the picture and why. several have under barton not to seek re-election. >> today's fitness tip is next. if you're planning to raise a glass this thanksgiving. find out which types of booze may make you onery this thanksgiving. >> reporter: we have temperatures around the freezing mark we'll be right back. >> reporter: samsung's plan to show off the new phone before expected. fans could get a sneak peek this coming january at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. facebook is adding a tool meant to weed out fake news. it will be available by the end of the year. facebook estimates 150 million
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users saw russian linked posts during last year's election. retailers are getting ready for the black friday deal hunting. best buys is kicking off at 5:00 p.m. with deals on tv. target and walmart are offer $300 in gift cards with the purchase of i phone 8 and 8 plus. >> what about the ten? >> reporter: i don't think you'll be getting a gift card there. >> those are tech bytes. enamel is the strong, white, outer layer of your tooth surface. the thing that's really important to dtists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be.
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shoshanna with "action news'" fitness tip him we're doing booty bridges his against the wall. back is flat, both feet flat against the wall. push into it, push the hips up activate the glutes.
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drop the hips down, press on up into the glute. booty bridges for 15 and give me 15 pulses at the top. don't forget to do the other side you'll feel the booty burn. >> you're covering up her face there [laughter]. >> i was distracted by that. >> reporter: feeling the booty burn not turkey burn. >> reporter: watching 422 in after the turkey you'll head to the philadelphia premium use they open at 6:00 p.m. you'll see traffic on 322. 42 as people head to the premium use as traffic opens in gloucester at 6:00 p.m. trains running on holiday schedule in most cases that's a sunday schedule. 14 different septa bus routes on detour because of the parade.
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>> reporter: cold as expected, 33 degrees in philadelphia. in the 20s in allentown and trenton. 26 in reading and lancaster. 28 in millville. not a lot of wind out there, but sun coming up nice and strong. it's cold enough for coats and extra gear. if you're heading to the parade, 33 degrees. the parade start, 35. 42 at the end of the parade at noon. light winds lots of sun. bundle up it will feel better toward the end. 0 high of 46 degrees, it's below argue, but we can take it -- which is below average, but with low winds we can take it. no rain in our major destinations and the rain in orlando dried up. >> thanksgiving is a holiday that we overindulge with food an also with alcohol. be aware what you drink, you may feel different emotions. researchers found that when people drank wine they feel
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relaxed. beer makes people feel relaxed and drowsy. drinking hard liquor makes people feel wrest restlessness and sadness. dink beer or wine over shots. sixers scored the first 16 points against the trail blazers and held a double digit lead. they won. they host orlando saturday night. charity for a homeless veteran shatters expectations. >> it's the longest running parade in the country. katherine scott is along market street with the dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade, katherine? >> reporter: we're live at
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inflation station watching the balloons going up, we'll give you a live look at the action coming up at 6:30. >> a man turned a prank into an
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opportunity to help his iowa community. he said someone put his phone number on a fake ad promising turkeys to 30 people in cedar rapids. he said it break his heart to see how many people needed a turkey. he and his friends bought 80
6:27 am
turkeys for 80 families. they plan to make it a yearly tradition. a homeless man helped a woman when she ran out of gas on i-95. he used his last $20 to get her gas and make it home safe. kate was determined to pay him back. 4,000 people raised $110,000 for johnny. >> i love that story. >> great to hear. bundle up if you're heading to the parkway for the morning parade. david murphy has the call from accuweather next. >> we'll take you to another thanksgiving day tradition to a south philadelphia bakery where they will do dinner for you. we'll be right back.
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>> developing on "action news" a tragic loss right before thanksgiving. we have an overnight update on a fire in west philadelphia.
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>> aer verbal slam from -- a verbal slam from city hall. mayor kenny criticizes president trump for decision regarding thousands of refugees. we have more coverage on the thanksgiving day parade. from all of us to all of you, happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: what a way to warm up along the parkway than to eat turkey, too. >> reporter: and hot cocoa on the parkway of we have sunshine on the way, cloud cover off the coast, this stuff to the west having a problem materializing and moving east. 29 degrees in the lehigh valley. 29 in trenton. 26 in trenton and wilmington, 33 in philadelphia. 28 in millville. 36234 cape may. not a lot of wind out there, the promise of bright sunshine coming. as i step back and let these
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guys go by, we're looking at a chilly start to the day that's means chilly conditions for the dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. it's coming not too much farther down the pike now. 28 degrees as you set up your blanket. 9:00 a.m., 35. 10:00 a.m., 38 as soon as 11:00 a.m., we're breaking into the low 40s and by parade's end at noon, 42 degrees. we've had worse conditions down the parade, but the sun will feel good and the lack of of wind will be nice. you'll knee need the scarf anne mittens. this afternoon, 56 is the high. tomorrow, we have a chilly start to black friday, but warmer air comes back. i'll have that coming up in accuweather. >> reporter: we're thinking about a couple of unfortunate issues on the roads like a crash in fish down, southbound side of
6:32 am
delaware avenue at frankford avenue where the vehicle is facing sideways, northbound side is where the sugarhouse casino is. this is the southbound side of delaware avenue. police on the scene. if you want to stay on i-95 southbound no issues there, really on the stretch of i-95 this morning, it's looking good. we have a fire location in brewerytown at 25th and oxford by the oxford market. big problems in delco an accident involving a tanker truck and box truck shutting down 322 south of route 1 baltimore pike in conquered township. concord road a local alternate or stay on 202 through paint's crossing. eakens oval, kelly drive, jfk boulevard, market street, 20th street blocked off. after 7:30 a.m. we expect the parkway to close. it is open now, but it will
6:33 am
close later. if you're heading to the parade, use the highways and walk over to the parade. >> we're getting ready to kick off the dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. katherine scott is live along inflation station on market street. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: these are the final hours, they put so much work into this. now the balloons are going up. you can see clifford being pulled up market street right in the middle there. phil-adoptables will be leading clifford. we have a full tackle all women's team prepping for their first walk down. looks like they are leading going to be leading a toy soldier. they are helping with clifford.
6:34 am
i see a gingerbread man and daniel tiger and wreath and christmas things. we're getting ready, looks like clifford is on the move. you can see clifford is on the move. there will be 18 balloons in the parade. there are helium balloons like clifford and cold air balloons. a lot of cold air balloons are up and back down to preserve them as we await the parade. crews were setting up the dollies and fridge -- fringe and they put out plastic tarps and the helium balloons go on top of them, just in case there's glass that could poke holes in the balloons during the parade. we don't want that.
6:35 am
phil adoptables always ask for a dog or cat. >> we want a dog or cat, because it brings awareness today. >> reporter: in addition to the balloons you'll see 17 floats, 17 marching bands from across the country, there are 29 performances people are starting to gather, the parade is just a couple of hours away from now. it is chilly out here, it just feels a little windy at times, i'm told the wind is perfectly safe and the conditions are perfectly in line for flying the balloons. live along market street at inflation station, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> the skies are safe to fly. thanks katherine. if you can't make it to the parkway we have the best seat in the house on 6abc.
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our live coverage starts at 8:30 with rick williams and cesily tynan. >> developing overnight we learned a person was killed in a house fire in west philadelphia. a charred mattress and other belongings remain scattered outside the scene. the flames erupted on the 5800 block of delancy street. the fire marshal has not released the identity of the victim or the cause of the fire. final two victims were found inside the barclary friends senior living community in west chester. the bodies were found in the south wing where two other victims were located on tuesday. the fire destroyed the facility one week ago today. investigators have yet to announce what sparked the place. philadelphia mayor jim kenny launched a verbal attack against president trump's decision to deport haitian refugees they are announcing an end to protected status for
6:37 am
59,000 asians. with the white house decision they will be forced to leave the country by july 2019. this was the mayor's reaction. >> i'm just beside myself with sadness, our president is a bully, he is a punk, he just doesn't get it. i don't know where he was raised, his family didn't do a good job racing that job. >> mayor went on to describe his first year in office as nonsense and chaos. >> you may be waking up early to get your bird in the oven, but in south philadelphia there's a place that will do it four. action cam is live in south philadelphia hit and -- ritner . folks bring their turkey to be cooked in the brick oven.
6:38 am
it's a great way to get your turkey done. >> you can put anything in that oven and it will taste good. >> reporter: like a cardboard box. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we're looking at dry conditions. as w l sunshine up over the horizon, we expect it to stay bright today. notice how the camera is rock solid not being moved around by the winds. the winds are light. it's cold as expected. we're at 33 degrees staying on or about that until the start of the parade this morning. a couple of degrees milder at 8:00, 8:30 a.m. when are you're getting your blanket ready to start off. cloud cover in south jersey and
6:39 am
delaware. this cloud cover is having a hard time coming over the mountains. 33 degrees by 8:00. 10:00, 38. noon, the parade is wrapping up. 42 in philadelphia. sunshine and light winds it gets better, bring the coat and the gloves and all the extra gear. 3:00 p.m., 46 that's the high this afternoon and back down to 40 by 6:00 p.m. high temperatures across the region not much range today. 44 in allentown and trenton. 45 in reading. in lancaster, 43, 46-degree highs in philadelphia. wilmington, philadelphia and roughly the same 45 in cape may. on the boardwalk in atlantic city. if you have plans to travel to other locations or if you have people driving in from some of these spots, no weather-related issues along i-95 up to new york, down to washington, the turnpike to pittsburgh and the northeast extension to scranton. you can't rule out accidents or
6:40 am
heavy traffic. no weather issues, other than sun glare early. 45 degrees up to the north. saturday with a cold front coming, we're up to 53 degrees increase in clouds and late in the day or at night, sprinkle or shower. if you have plans to get up and do your black friday shopping camping out in front of a retailer, 33 degrees is the morning low. bundle up for the wait for the opening. 51 degrees coming down from the high of 54. here's the seven day, sunny, chilly, not much wind, high of 46. all things considered not bad for thanksgiving. sunny and milder tomorrow, 54. 58 on saturday, late day or nighttime sprinkle or shower. front gets through on sunday, look for it to be brisk and cooler for sunday, 48 degrees, winds gusting to 30 miles per hour so you will want to bundle up. looks like if we see any precipitation on sunday it's up in the poconos that could be a
6:41 am
snow shower. 50 degrees and sun on monday, the mini cool snap gets out of here, we're back up to 58 for highs tuesday and wednesday, and thursday, too. >> reporter: thank you. >> 6:41 a.m. dedicated to the discount. even in the age of digital shopping people are still spending days in line for door busters. later we have important cooking tips to save you from this on thanksgiving day. matt. >> reporter: that would not be a happy thanksgiving. good morning to you, nydia. we're by the shops at briton lake in delaware county. down route 1 is 322 which is blocked because of a bad truck accident. we'll talk about that and parade closures when "action news" continues on this thanksgiving morning. dilworth park, ready o
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on this thanksgiving, should be some ice skaters there near the christmas village that will open at 9:00 a.m., dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade starts at 9:00, as well. bundle up if you're heading there in person, it's going to be in the mid 40s, it's going to be chilly. >> reporter: the parade means road closures, matt. >> reporter: we talked about them before, but first, what are we excited about today? it's thanksgiving, but it's national eat a cranberry day, national cashew day and natural espresso day which you might need after you stuff yourself
6:45 am
with turkey this this afternoon. roads are clues and clear, many speeds in the mid 50s. crash in fishtown delaware avenue at frankford avenue that cleared out of the way. we have a fire location brewerytown 20th and oxford fire crews blocking the intersection there. we're watching this event, the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade starting in a couple of hours. eakens oval in front of the art museum has been blocked off all night as they have been busily prepare for the parade later on. jfk boulevard, market street, 20th street are already blocked with more closures coming in the coming hours just after 7:30 a.m., just about an hour from now they will be blocking the parkway off as well. at this point schuylkill expressway and vine look good with speeds in the 40s and 50s. in delco we have a major issue
6:46 am
with the tanker and box truck blocking 322 south of route 1, concord road or 202 alternates in delaware county. firefighters in southern california demonstrated how not to fry your turkey. orange county fire commissioner said thanksgiving is the busiest day for fires across the country. if you plan to deep fry your turkey use a fresh or thawed turkey and don't overfill the frier with oil. for many retailers, the holiday shopping season kicks off this evening. some stores stay open through black friday. you can find out which chains are open at where you will find nydia han's black friday playbook. i tweeted out a link. despite the effort by brick and mortar stores, amazon is expected to grab half of the sales growth.
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online ordering might have put a dent in the black friday lines, but not killed them completely. mr. car see i -- garcia has been in this line since saturday he is rotating his family in and out to keep his spot. everybody is looking for a discounted 4k tv.
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special preview of "g.m.a." right here in philadelphia. lara spencer joins us live from the parade route right here in philadelphia. hello, lara. >> reporter: good morning, i'm so happy to be in philadelphia, i usually cover new york parade, yours is older and more fun. where i am right now, at the beginning of the parade is this is good spot for me to be in? >> perfect spot. >> reporter: the balloons and floats are ready to go, clifford floating by, you can see them lined up behind me, stretching down 20th street. the floats down jfk all the way to the train station, all be here all morning long i'll be checking in live. thank you for having me.
6:51 am
>> the eagles cheerleaders, the 9-1 philadelphia eagles cheerleaders. >> congratulations on your record, you guys. >> reporter: thank you. we play the bears on sunday. >> reporter: it is a good thanksgiving this year and good on the roads as we head outside on the schuylkill expressway, nice and clear, plenty of elbow room this morning, they have not yet blocked the eastbound off-ramp at spring garden, they may do that in the coming hours as we get ready for the parade. in wilmington, they will block 9th and orange, 10th and orange. dart buses are not running because of the holiday and other buses and trains are on holiday schedules for the most part that's a sunday schedule on 14 of the different septa bus routes. we have detours because of the parade. >> reporter: lara spencer dressed appropriately with the
6:52 am
hat and gloves. it's cold, 33 degrees in philadelphia. 29 in allentown. 26 in reading and lancaster. 29 in trenton. 26 in wilmington, 28 in millville. cool as you get into the cars and trains and all that, making your way to philadelphia for the parade. for the parade, 33 degrees by 7:00. 42 by noon. light winds, lots of sun, bring the extra gear and maybe you can she had a little bit of it by the end of the parade. later today, 46 degrees and back to 42 by 5:00 p.m. as we look at delays, there aren't any with any local airports same to the west and down south. nydia, if you're waiting for your relatives they will be in on time. video shows u.s. troops celebrating thanksgiving overseas in south korea. they enjoyed a traditional holiday meal with turkey, mashed
6:53 am
potatoes and stuffing. they are thousands of miles away from their families and say the meal was homey, cheers, we'll be right back.
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>> top stories 6:55 a.m., dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade is ready for the annual march down the parkway.
6:56 am
there's inflation station live on the action cam. live coverage starts at 8:30 with your hosts cesily tynan and rick williams. action cam stopped by cash's bakery in south philadelphia this morning. people started lining up before dawn to get their turkeys killed in the famous brick oven. they will pick them up and oh, so delicious they will be. >> reporter: ready for the parade around eakens oval, more closures coming in the 7:00 a.m. hour. no longer a closure here, 322 opened in concord township. >> reporter: 33 degrees in philadelphia. a lot of suburbs in the 20s. the good news, the winds in the single digits not that strong as we prepare for the parade this morning, yeah you got to bundle up for the temperatures, but you'll have sunshine often your shoulder and noon 42 which is
6:57 am
not bad. i can remember being on the float years ago in much worse conditions. >> nydia will be on it. >> reporter: the whole family will be on it. >> we want to thank you for being loyal to "action news," happy thanksgiving everyone, enjoy the parade!
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enjoy with you and y good morning, america. holiday on high alert. security tighter than ever at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 3.5 million people expected to line the streets weeks after that terror attack in manhattan. sand-filled sanitation trucks becoming barriers. thousands of officers and bomb-sniffing dogs in place. new sexual assault allegations sweeping washington. the members of congress accused and refusing to resign as president trump celebrates his first thanksgiving in office with his family at mar-a-lago. what's on the president's agenda that he hopes to accomplish before christmas? paying it forward. homeless hero. the veteran who spent his last $20 to help a young woman get home safely. how that random act of kindness transformed into over


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