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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  November 25, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EST

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dead a man badly hurt after a car crashes in to a pole in the northeast overnight. we have new information, about the deadliest attack bias lamb i can terrorist in egypt. we now know that children were among more than 300 people killed. plus, holiday shopping frenzy takes a new focus today , small business saturday , and it is all about the mom and pop shops. and lets get a check first of your accu weather forecast especially heading out there to do holiday shopping today, meteorologist chris sowers has a look. >> you will need to bundle up. wearing gloves not the hat or scarves or anything like that but temperatures are very chilly. by afternoon not only will you be able to leave the gloves at home but might not even need heavier coat as temperatures, all of a sudden sky rocket in the upper 50's, lower 60's throughout the area it is a cold start looking over my shoulder here, grounds are frosty, windshields full of frost, temperatures in the 20 's and 30's. you may need to allow yourself
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extra time to scrape windshield, only 26 in coatsville. thirty-one right now in malvern. twenty-six in quakertown. thirty-two in kutztown. new holland and lancaster county 28 degrees and media checking in at 30. glassboro seeing a number, vineland 26, cold spot. twenty-seven in hammington. twenty-nine in tuckahoe and 35 out there in american aetna satellite six with action radar, show we're quiet up and down east coast from maine all the way down into the coastal areas of florida. it is expecting highs in the 70's and 80's. should be really nice down there. for us, back home we are watching this cold front out across great lakes states. that will get in here later this evening. it could trigger a shower in the poconos or perhaps as far south as northern portions of the lehigh valley. but here in the immediate philadelphia area we are looking at nothing more than just a increase in cloud with that approaching front. lots of sunshine to start. your noon time temperature 55. by 2:00 o'clock. fifty-eight. and then by 4:59 degrees. that is the forecasted high
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this afternoon. 48 degrees though for tomorrow you can see the difference behind that front. we are near 60 this afternoon. it will be a struggle just to reach that 48-degree mark tomorrow. with the wind whipping around anywhere from 20 to 30 miles an hour, it will put wind chills in the 30's most of the time. and then watch this it turns colder tomorrow. we will bounce right backup as we head into next week with three consecutive days, close to 60 degrees. i'll be back along in a few minutes and i will have more details on that warm up with the accu weather seven day forecast, a leash. thanks, chris. happening today holiday shopping rush, the locally owned stores, to what are has become known as small business saturday. millions of small retailers, particularly the mom and pop specialty shops hope you will knock a few things off your holiday list. shopping in their stores today many of them will be offering special deals and extended hours to attract bargain hunters, you know we have great local businesses here in the city and around another area.
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small business saturday, first began back on november 27th and 2010. if you prefer to do your holiday shopping in person, rather than on line, the city of philadelphia will make it easier for you. beginning today through january 1st, metered parking in the city will be free, on sat dates, after 11:00 a.m. on saturday and sundays you can park at six philadelphia parking authority garages between 11:00 a.m. and midnight for a flat rate of eight dollars. however, time limits on residential parking blocks, will still be enforced. following the shopping frenzy of black friday and small business saturday, it is , of course, cyber monday, the teams will keep coming as you shop from the comfort of your own home or right there on your cell phone. monday after thanksgiving has become a tradition for on line holiday shopping, amazon is one of the many retailers rolling out new offerings. the company broke a record last year with 740 items sold per second, per second, the on line retailer offers new deals every day throughout what it calls cyber monday deals, week
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some shoppers though, did the black friday shopping thing, it is expected that shopping, of course, will continue with 165 million people, looking for major deals this weekend. there they go they were first one in the store. you will get bargains good news with retailers, they didn't have a great first start to the unofficial holiday shopping season, macy 's had issues processing credit card transactions all across the country. customers at jc penny stores weren't happen bye a change to their coupon policy, and even lowes web site went down for part of the day. many shoppers, out yesterday, told thaws they had a game plan. >> i don't know what i'm going to buy people yet but i make a list, we go to the stores we plan to go to, we plan out the stores, and then, i have fund some good deals. >> whether you shop in stores or on line the national retail federation expects you will spend about $1,000, this
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holiday season. where ever you go, this holiday weekend be sure to stay "action news" with you. you can get real time traffic conditions, weather updates and storm tracker six from our free six abc app. new this morning, investigators are trying to determine just what caused a deadly crash in the cities frankford section. a 21 year-old woman was killed and the driver, a 22-year old man, was injured. police say the driver who control of the car and ran off the roosevelt boulevard into a large tree. the woman was thrown from the car, and she died from her injuries. the driver suffered a broken leg. new this morning, a 22-year old man was hospitalized after he was shot in philadelphia's strawberry mansion section overnight. police say he was shot in the leg around 12:30 this morning in the 3,000 block of norris street. he was taken to temple hospital for treatment where his condition is not yet known at this time. so far police have not released a motive for the shooting. and a delaware county family is now out of a home for the holidays after their
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was destroyed in this massive, two alarm blaze. investigators will be back on the scene in clifton heights today to looker to just what sparked this fire. "action news" reporter dan cuellar has the details. >> reporter: chopper 6hd was over the scene of the fire, in the 200 block of south penn, thick billowing smoke and flames seemed to engulf most of the three story home. >> the house was pretty bad. >> it looked like it was bad. >> yeah. >> reporter: neighbors next door say fire was so intense they feared would it spread to their homes there was flames shooting out of the window. so my reaction was to grab my daughter. >> she was in a fire two years ago. we ran out of the house. >> reporter: shayne ferguson lives in the home with his mother, donna and grandmother mary. >> i was on the way to drop my mother off at bryn mawr hospital to visit my grandmother at the time which we didn't make it to a couple of my neighbors called me and let me know that the entire house was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: it took clifton heights volunteer fire fighters well over an hour to bring the fire under control. one fire fighter had to be
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treated for heat exhaustion. neighbors say the home was once owned by a well known candy shop owner. >> she had a candy shop in her attic and she had made chocolates and we used to hang out with her granddaughter, erika, and we used to go can we have some chocolate. she would give us some chocolate. that house was a icon. it used to be a haunted house when we were growing up. >> reporter: really. >> we were very excited to go through that house every halloween and go through the haunted house. >> reporter: but the house is heavily damage and unsuitable for habitation, ferguson says he's grateful that the two guys were on their way to a flyers game, noticed the fire and ran in and brought on it his two dogs and cats to safety but now they are without a home smack in the middle of the holiday season. >> i mean unfortunately it is not much holidays with the my grandmother in the hospital. we spend most of our time there anymore. >> reporter: this morning has been pouredded up as investigation is determine. the red cross is assisting the family with temporary house. in clifton heights, i'm dan cuellar for channel six "action news".
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fire officials in delaware county are also looking into what sparked a blaze in the basement of the home. chopper 6hd was above the scene as fire fighters doused the flames, inside of that home on the 200 block of haze continuation boulevard last night. but the fire fighters had to clear out furniture from the home in order to tackle the fire. it took more than a half an hour to get it under control. the search continues for the extreme is behind that massacre in inside of a months income egypt. we have just learned that 300 people, including 27 children were killed in the horrific attack. 130 people injured. witnesses heard explosions inside the mosque as people gathered to pray yesterday. the attacker also stood by the door deliberately killing people who tried to escape the building and they fired on ambulances, arriving to help. no one has claimed responsibility but the strike did happen in a area where there is a very large isis presence.
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this was the die yacht i can scene this holiday season a shoppers went running through the streets of long on after reports of fire. hundreds of people ran from the tube station and tried to extra shelter as police responded. at least eight people were injured in the stampede. police now say there is no evidence that shots were ever fired, but instead, they think that chaos was caused by two men who were fighting. upstate now to an incredible case of paying it forward. generous donors have now raised nearly $350,000, to help a home less veteran. by now, you may have heard this story of johnny bobbit giving his, last $20 to kate mcclure when she ran out of gas on i-95. kate was so grateful she started a go fund me page. kate says john i has just been overwhelmed by generosity and she's helping him set up a meeting with a lawyer and financial planner. all of this is for a guy who
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had nothing, now a nearly $350,000, and johnny also says he wants to donate some money to a few organizations and give back to the people hoff helped him, over the last few years. kindness. pretty amazing. still ahead on "action news" this saturday morning, wild about turkies, we will introduce to you a family in south injuries that i has been providing the bird for nine decade. plus, flooding wows, people in the pacific northwest are dealing with the deluge of rain this holiday weekend, hi there, chris. all right, good morning, a leash a we have got a warm up to talk about in the accu weather seven day forecast. it has been chilly over last couple days but we will make a run at 60 degrees later this afternoon. details coming up in the accu weather seven day forecast.
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widespread flooding is impacting multiple communities in the western part of the washington state, more rain,
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is expect this afternoon, rescue crews have been out for the pennsylvania few days, looking for people who have to be evacuated from their homes. one of the rivers there rose to a highest point in 11 years , 33 feet, picture that, but it has already started to recede. if you are just waking up at 7:13 this saturday morning and -- >> cold. >> cold, right now. >> right now but by afternoon it will feel like spring all over again, temperatures in the 60's and with that said how about we go to the eagles forecast. that big game this sunday against pesky chicago bears. like a trap game, we should win this game easily but i hate games like this because these are games thaw always struggle with, right. forecast, nice. it will be breezy. that is only issue with this. otherwise sun, cloud, seasonal with temperatures in the 40's. 48 degrees for first quarter temperatures. then by 4:00 we're expecting temperatures somewhere around 44 to 46 degrees range but you factor in that wind and it
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will feel more like the 30's. so brisk, chilly tomorrow, sunny, absolutely gorgeous for today with a high of 59 degrees. look at that good 7 degrees above seasonal high of 52. started out at 37 degrees first thing this morning. we're down to 36 now. so i have to adjust that number. 36 degrees presently in philadelphia, 20's to the north wednesday millville 28 degrees. trenton 30, cape may 45. and then, dover, check in at 36. in case you were wondering why cape may is so much milder, then everybody else. your ocean temperature is still 50. winds out of the south so we are pushing in that milder ocean air. they are warm are. everybody else inland we are looking at really cold air this morning. wind speed are generally calm. we have to 5 miles an hour wind speed out of the south every now and then but most of us are seeing, calm wind speed we are not dealing with blustery wind chills. satellite six with action radar cold front quickly approaching, from the west, you can see lots of cloud, lined up here from charleston, all the way through pittsburgh
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to buffalo. even a couple of showers just west of the buffalo area this morning, and most of that will pass on by to the north, maybe getting as far south as interstate 80 here. the poconos and then northern portions of the lehigh veil. immediate philadelphia area will stay clear of any wet weather this afternoon. it looks like a pretty nice day overall and wider view shows absolutely nothing going on, across most of the lower 48 states. we are getting ready to move into a very quiet weather pattern here along thee coast with milder temperatures and a lot of sunshine. wait until you see this accu weather seven day forecast, it looks nice. here's that little warm, tunnel of era cross heart land of the nation, it is 49 in dallas, and 44 in wichita and st. louis. that moves in first. then we will tap into this colder era cross high plains as we get into sunday this afternoon we're looking at a lot of sunshine to start. a few high thin cloud start to over spread the area late in the day. that is out ahead of the cold front that will slide through during the evening hours, abe then it turns cooler overnight tonight but certainly nothing too terribly cold.
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overnight lows in the upper 30 's, lower 40's. big problem will be by 7:00 a.m. sunday morning here comes those gusty wind out of the northwest. sunday is a nice looking day here from start to finish. it is blusterly with that wind , blowing again, 20 to 30 miles an hour, putting wind chills in the 30's. so 59 degrees today, south and eastern you are touching 60. sun, increasing cloud late. wind southwest at five to 10. lots of sun to start. here come high thin cloud by one or 2:00 in the afternoon. your 12:00 o'clock temperature 58. by 4:00 o'clock 259. overnight tonight it is chilly but not as cold as what we are seeing this morning. 36 degrees outlining suburbs. forty in center city. then of course tomorrow is a huge travel day. could be a bumpy flight for take off. winds gusting. temperatures cooler. lunchtime temperature 47. by 4:00 o'clock 45. wind chills up in the 30s the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast look at all of this sunshine and then jackpot the warmer air, 59 today. forty-eight tomorrow. seasonal for monday, 53 and then near 60 for tuesday, and
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wednesday, and thursday. alycia? >> all right, chris, thank you in today's are the of the aging tamala edward meets a lehigh valley family raising turkies for 90 years and proud ly serving the first families, since the 1950's. >> reporter: 825,000 turkies a year, jaindl family farm today but when it started in 1935 it was just five bird that david 's father fred was showing at a local county fair when he was just five years old. >> my grandfather purchased five turning fridays my dad and five ducks for my aunt, it was my dad's sister. ducks died but turkey survived >> reporter: decade later his father and grandfather officially went into business together and it has always been very much a family affair >> my dad and my mother had eight children, they were all involved in the operation and at one time or another. >> reporter: david started raising turkies when he was just a boy. >> i went to work at 8:00.
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i was 19 i was a productive worker at lee part-time in the summertime. >> reporter: david ace sister in law, nephew, his wife and five children also work on the farm. >> following in my fathers, grandfather footsteps. it wasn't a second guess. >> family takes their turkey raising business seriously. david's feet are fred put hits bird autopsy begins championship breeders in competitions throughout the 1950's. >> my dad was a grand shepherd each and every year n1959 national turkey federation asked him if he would supply two turkies to the white house >> reporter: jaindl grand champion brand has been served at the white house every thanksgiving, ever since. two of david's sons show off this years presidential turkies. the bird are sold under both the whole food and wegmans store brand. for thanksgiving their turkies will find their way to 150,000 tables. >> it is important, it is what gets me out of bed in the morning is coming here and working with the family and my friend that work here on the
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farm. >> reporter: tamala edward for channel six "action news".
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here's a look at is what happening in and around the delaware and lehigh val thinks weekend. the sit of wilmington kicks off holiday season with its, 54th annual, jp's christmas parade. it gets underway at 11:00 at fourth and market streets and then proceed north to rodney quarter. from there the parade travels to 11th street. the king, returning to for the street. the parade features marching, string band, of course, santa claus and hey you guys i will there been today. say hi. main street manayunk will light up for second annual promenade of trees tonight this years theme will be stories of the season. so, 30 trees will be decorated by businesses, a beautiful event, start agent 5:00 guest and panel of judges will be
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led by carrollers to see each of the beautifully decorated trees. be sure to stop and get a picture with jolly old saint nick in front of the holiday tree. it is one of the months beautiful tree lighting ceremonies in the region, american heritage grand illumination tree lighting and fire works symphony. on the 2,000 block of red lion road, in the bustleton section festivities kick off at 7:00 with the sounds of the philadelphia boys choir and five and drums of the old barracks. it all counts down to the lighting of the 40-foot tall christmas tree and spectacular fire works show.
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saturday morning, what a saturday, this will end up
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being we're expecting a lot of sunshine and a few high cloud, mixed in, very, very mild. 60 degrees at new jersey shore , 59 in philadelphia. fifty for poconos, with an on you are outside shot of a couple showers after let's say two or 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. everybody else is staying dry. all right. as we get closer and close tore december, is what on everyone's mind what is weather going to be like around christmas holiday. last two christmases it has been almost a hundred degrees. i'm almost positive it will be cooler then. that this is what i'm seeing in some of the long range modeling, it looks like, the month of december will actually open up mild, with a lot of temperatures in the 50 's, lower 60's but should end on a colder note. jet stream overall, looks like this, as we head into at least first week to 10 days. this is all mild west to east pacific air. first week to 10 days, cold stuff locked up here to the north. then we will get in the 15th, 16th, something like that and then this will change. we will see this dip and all
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combed air drops from canada across northeast states with the mild air retreating to the west. milder start and then cold to finish. a leash. chris, thank you. turning to sports eagles are gearing up to face bears at the linc tomorrow. sixers will face orlando without a key player tonight. villanova is red hot. here's jeff skversky with your saturday morning sports. the eagles will not have a linebacker playing kicker sunday against chicago bears, eagles will have rookie jake elliott, who has been cleared from his concussion. with elliott's help eagles scored most points in the nfl adding up to the best record too. that does not mean quarterback carson wentz and company are satisfied, listen to this statement. >> i think we have had a combination, i think one game we have had good passing game, another good game we had a running game but we have not had a truly complete game, 500-d bit. i think that is why we are excited because we have in the played our best and we are still playing really good
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football. >> nine-one and they have not played their best game. flyers have in the played well either. they are ice cold. they ever hit their war stretch in 10 years. flyers who seven straight games, and their confidence, too. flyers fans have in the had much to be thankful for the last two weeks, zero wins, second period begins islanders , flyers, sticking it to them scoring four times, shayne gostisbehere, flyers up , by one. just 19 seconds later sean couturier, bang, bang flares up four-two. they blow it. new york comes back in overtime jay voracek, and bad defense, watching the puck too much, and, wide opened past brian elliott. flyers lose five-46789 they have dropped seven in a row for the first time in about a decade. >> we have to find a way, to get confidence. we have to believe what we are doing and what we are doggies going to work. when we will start believing that we're a good team, and we can finish games and we can, the way we play will win us
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game, we will start winning. but until then, stuff like this can happen. >> hopefully they will get that confidence by monday against penguins. sixers star ben simmons will in the play tonight against orlando magic because of swelling in his left elbow. sixers say they don't believe it is serious but it is just another injury this team has to overcome. >> this team has responded without joel, and now we will see, the team respond without ben. it is, highly impact full all over the place, both side of the ball. >> college hoops, villanova in the bohamas and they look as good as this shot of the beach battle of atlantic, against northern iowa, tournament mvp, jaylen brownson sets up donte devincentso, they are six-zero to start the season. that is sports. i'm jeff skversky, have a good day.
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a man is shot and hurt when robbers try to take his money overnight. the official holiday tree, philadelphia city hall is now brightly illuminated, ushering in the holiday season. plus, it is shaping up to be a beautiful, warmer, saturday. the sun, rising there, again, looking at your accu weather
7:31 am
forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. chris, it is starting to warm up a bit. >> a little bit. temperatures bottoming out now most of the suburbs in the 20 's. city of philadelphia 36. later this afternoon my good ness with the southeasterly breeze some could reach 60 degrees. it should be nice. here we go 26 in reading. twenty-six in allentown. millville 28. atlantic city 29. wilmington checking in at 33. then as we look toward bottom of the screen cape may is doing its own thing and has shot up to 45. part of the reason is believe it or not it is not a misprint part of the reason is ocean temperatures still 50 degrees and we are seeing a south southwest southwesterly breeze at this point. we are seeing ocean air. all inland locations are stuck below freeze agent this point or very close to the freezing mark. believe it or not we are three to 5 degrees warmer then this same time yesterday. so yesterday, or yesterday morning it was really chilly this morning, still cold but getting a little bit better. looking at satellite six with
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action radar we have cloud approaching from the west and a couple of showers near buffalo area, fingerlakes and upstate new york. that is cold front sliding through late in the day. it will produce nothing more than a little cloud cover for us later on. those showers should stay north of interstate 8o poconos and northern portions of the lehigh valley could see wet wet they are afternoon but it will only be a brief shower. call from accu weather sun, increasing cloud late, very, very mild with a spring-like high of 59 degrees. and then tomorrow we will turn the page a little bit, it will feel more like winter with high temperatures only in the 40's and wind chills, stuck in the 30's. i will be back along with more details with the accu weather seven day forecast in just a few minutes, a leash. chris, thank you. new this morning a 42 year-old man was shot during an attempted armed robbery in the frankford section of philadelphia investigators tell us that two men approach ed the victim on the 4800 block of frankford avenue and demanded money. police say he didn't have any.
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one of the suspects shot the victim in the thigh. both suspects ran away, the victim was taken to aria torresdale where he is in stable condition. we're also following a similar but unrelated shooting in the port richmond section of philadelphia around 12:30 this morning. police say a 30 year-old man was sitting in front of his home in the 1800 block of east ontario street when two men came up to him and demanded money. at some point, one of the suspects shot him in the thigh the suspects ran off, man was transported to aria torresdale where he is stable. this morning just what led to a man's death on a septa regional rail, yesterday remains under investigation. the unidentified man's burned body was found on top of a railcar as a train pulled into jefferson station in center city. police say that man was electrocuted. "action news" reporter wendy saltzman has gruesome details. >> reporter: it is unclear how this person got on top of the train or why but what we do know is family has lost a loved one in the terrible accident this holiday weekend. the day after thanksgiving
7:34 am
started with a gruesome discovery at septa's jefferson station at 11th and market. charred body of the man was found lying dead on top of this train just before 8:00 this morning as it pulled into pick up holiday travelers the young man was apparently electrocuted by the wires above. septa spent the morning reviewing surveillance footage on the tracks to piece together the details, about how, and when this all happened. but they have yet to discover where the male got on top of the train or why. so philadelphia police have taken over investigation and they say body was lying on the rear portion of the train near the train power lines and said that the male has severe burns owe his face and body. man's clothing and belongings were burned beyond identification. septa sources tell "action news" that the man was killed instantly. high power wires above the trainee myth 11,000 bolts of electricity, that can kill someone, without even being touched. the man was pronounced dead by medics who responded to the
7:35 am
scene. now, law enforcement are trying to determine if this was a suicide, someone stealing copper from the train or a case of trespassing. incident which remains under investigation resulted in delays on the regional rail line to fox chase this morning septa says that a death like this is highly unusual. >> this unfortunate accident is a sad reminder about potential dangers of the trespassing or crawling on top of the train, police say they cannot identified the male at this time, in center city i'm wendy saltzman for channel six "action news". philadelphia police are looking for a grinch who took off with a donation jar. this theft was captured on the store's surveillance video, police say the man paid for an item at porter street beverage on the 700 block of west porter street back on november d the donation jar and then took off. if you recognize this man you are urged to call the police with the details. and police are also on the search for a bank robber who hit a center city wells fargo in broad daylight. the thief was wearing a red hoodie when he held up the
7:36 am
bank on the 2,000 block of market street yesterday afternoon. police say he handed the teller a note demanding money. the teller complied. the robber ran off. so macy's found a glitch in the credit card system during black friday, it was due to over capacity. registers at macy's stores and on line too stopped processing credit card yesterday afternoon. it caused major delays and lines. glitch made it impossible to process some gift card transactions. macy's put additional association in stores to to resolve the long wait times. happening today, small business saturday, replaces mad rush to the big retail stores, today holiday shopping rush focuses on locally owned stores and businesses and we have great wonderful around our area. millions of small retailers, particularly mom and pop specialty shops hope you will knock a few things off your list by shopping in their stores today. many stores will offer special deals and extended hours to attract bargain hunters. small business saturday first
7:37 am
began november 27th, 2010. city of philadelphia is helping local mom and pop stores by offering free meter parking on saturdays after 11:00 a.m. through the holiday season. it begins today and runs through january 1st. you can also park at six philadelphia parking authority garages between 11:00 a.m. and midnight for a flat rate of eight dollars, but time limits on residential parking blocks will be enforced. this morning philadelphia city hall is a glow with the holiday spirit, the cities official christmas tree was lit last night, adding, beautiful color to the holiday landscape. "action news" reporter jeff chirico was there a monk many -- among many families that make this a holiday tradition. >> three, two, one. >> wow. >> reporter: with that city hall's holiday tree was set a glow ushering in the holiday season with fanfare and fun. >> let's get in the holiday spirit. >> does this do the trick. >> it is starting to, yes. >> ♪ >> reporter: the night started with performances by recording
7:38 am
artist kathy sledge and other local singers, mayor kenney offering a reminder for the season. >> thinks an important time of the season for to us renew ourselves, renew our commitment to each other, peace on earth, peace on the street and peace in your hearts. >> reporter: star of the show, this 52-foot tall canyon fur from york, pennsylvania, decorated with thousands office lights and a familiar logo on its stand. the horsen family came from delaware county to get a early taste of christmas. >> we come up here to see the season kick off. >> sam a lot of food over there and buy some gifts and look for things for everybody for the holidays. >> reporter: there is ice skating at rothman rink enjoying hot chocolate by fire and shopping in the christmas village. >> it is art of the word, everything has like right here is every eagle from 1933. >> reporter: jane fullnor says shopper are out in force. >> it is amazing. today was really busy. tons of people here. we did great.
7:39 am
>> reporter: and every 30 minutes a treat for the eyes, cell phones point up to capture the dancing lights, the deck the halls light show on city hall a sight to be hold. >> i think they are really pretty. >> atmosphere up here is so awesome. we love it. >> reporter: here's another look at beautiful holiday tree at the base of city hall. six abc is media sponsor of the entire philly holiday festival which continues through january 1st, hope to see you out there. at city hall, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". i just can't wait to see that. where ever you go this holiday weekend are sure to take "action news" with you. get real time traffic conditions, weather updates and storm tracker six from our free six abc app. those who wanted a piece of love park history found themselves temporarily empty handed. "action news" was at the christmas village where dozens of people lined up to put their names on the waiting list to purchase a love park granite block. granite was preserved when the old love park was demolish and
7:40 am
saved for this fundraiser but the city says problems delayed the official roll out of those keepsakes. so far only 250 were made for the first go around. they are pretty cool. another honor for president trump by a prestigious magazine? maybe not. why the president had to say about this when he might be time person of the year. plus look who is moving his way across the ice, hey, santa claus mingling with those at rothman ice rink before he is busy filling those holiday wish lists. meteorologist chris sowers will return with the exclusive look at your forecast. we're looking live at wilmington this morning. they are gearing up for a big christmas parade today. i will be on hand for. that meteorologist chris sowers has the weather. he will be here to break it down for you.
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winter holiday attraction is now opened for this season. "action news" was that the folks laced up their skates and took to the ice at river front rink. it officially opened for the season yesterday. there they go. this is fourth season for river rink opened until early march. sky 6hd now taking a live look for you at blue cross river rink there at penns landing, it is also officially opened for the season. it is largest outdoor rink in the city of philadelphia rink opened up at 11:00 this
7:44 am
morning. nice day to head outside there. >> yes, it is funny, i told this story last year. first time i ever ice skated i didn't fall in the one time. ever since i fall every time, i just can't keep up. i just can't stay up. >> they call that beginner's luck. >> is that what it is. >> all right. lets look live on sky six, from our city hall camera. you can see christmas tree all decorated. what a nice day it is. it is certainly pretty. temperatures today in the upper 50's, close to 60. tomorrow will feel more like the holiday season with highs in the mid to upper 40's and wind chills in the 30's. so, today will be a good day to put up christmas decorations. 36 degrees in philadelphia dew .33. winds south/southe at 3 miles an hour and pressure 29.84 and it is falling, number all over the place this week. chilly on monday, very mild tuesday and wednesday and then on thanksgiving day only 42 degrees with wind chills in the upper 30's. yesterday was chilly as well
7:45 am
rebounding slightly but below seasonal average. we had a high of 51. today southwest fish and we should get up to 58 or 59, south jersey and delaware more line like 60, 61. delightful afternoon on the way. twenty-six to the north allentown and reading. thirty-six in philadelphia 28 in millville. cape may 47. atlantic city 29. trenton checking in at 30 degrees. here's today ace warm weather here across the lower great lakes, northern portions of the ohio valley, temperatures are already in the upper 40's, close to 50. that moves in today. then some of this actually moves in on sunday. but just like last weekend talking about something very similar this cold air is pushing by to the north. not really digging in the lower 48 but we have 30's and even some 20's to the west. we will turn cooler as we head into tomorrow afternoon. here's the front. this is why, cold front will slide through, most of the shower activity should stay to the north. we will pick up cloud cover later this afternoon but
7:46 am
behind it, it is nothing going on but blustery and chilly. for today speaking of sun, a cold day. blue skies until one or 2:00 in the afternoon. as front gets closer the cloud start to increase, we will go mainly cloudy and first part of the overnight as well and then after midnight once front clears skies opened up again, tomorrow is nice, lots of sunshine blue skies to start and chilly conditions, this cold front here this real cold arctic air mass again stays to the north across lower providences of canada future tracker six timing it out for you. mostly sunny skies, high thin cloud, no big deal. weather will in the turn threatening to day. by 8:00 o'clock front crossing the area we will pick up cloud cover this evening with the front and then we will get into tomorrow morning and everything clears out nicely. we are looking at mostly sunny skies, a lit built in the way of included. to have afternoon same thing lots of sunshine. only issue testimony will be this, those gusty breezes, wind sustained from 10 to 15
7:47 am
miles an hour, strongest window curing during the morning hours and then tailing off a little bit by afternoon. gusts from 20 to 30 miles an hour. that will put feels like or wind chills in the mid to upper 30's all day. we have highs near 60. feels like temperatures in the mid to upper 30's for tomorrow almost like tail of two seasons. look at these numbers 60 in wilmington. sixty in dover, millville. sixty in atlantic city. sixty-nine in philadelphia and trenton. fifty-six in allentown. overnight tonight fairly mild considering how cold it has been, 40 is number for philadelphia, dover, millville , 36 in allentown and reading here. we go exclusive accu weather seven day forecast blustery, chilly tomorrow high of 48 in the city. north and west it is more like 44, 45, wind chills in the 30 's. for monday 53 degrees, mostly sunny skies. then look at this stretch, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sunny conditions, high temperatures near 60 all three days.
7:48 am
>> wow. >> i know you are happy. >> i am love it. >> chris, thank you look who showed up at rothman ice rink at dilworth park yesterday, santa claus, he has moves on the ice. santa laced up his skates and hit wind where one there, wow, how exciting. jolly old saint nick gave his rain gear a break to get ready for christmas eve. he took a septa train to the city hall station. septa spruced up several routes to put riders in the holiday spirit.
7:49 am
7:50 am
gorgeous view of the commodore barry bridge, through sky 6hd, kind of looks like a powe card this saturday morning as we wake up, to temperatures that are going to get warmer throughout the day. chris tells us. hey time magazine has responded now to president donald trump after he claims he reject their offer to be its person of the year. the president took to twitter yesterday to say magazine told
7:51 am
him he would quote probably be given the honor but would have to do an interview and photo shoot. trump said he passed on the idea. but time magazine says that trump was incorrect on how it chooses its person of the year , and time says it doesn't comment on its choice until publication, which is december . trump was named time 2016 person of the year, one month after his upset win against hillary clinton in the presidential election. meanwhile first daughters are showing united front to defend malia obama. chelsea clinton and ivanka trum have standing up for barack obama's oldest daughter after video became public that shows 19 year-old harvard student blowing smoke rings in the bathroom. clinton and trump said she's a young adult, private citizen and should be given her privacy. health check, you might want to think twice before lick ago this spoon as you prepare cake batter or cookie dough this holiday season. a new study find e co i in un
7:52 am
cocked flour may are more common than thought. sixty people have gotten sick from uncook batter, 17 had to be hospitalized, experts say even one taste of uncook batter or dough could make you sick, so maybe, just wait until they come out of the oven. it is officially cold and flu season so health experts are reminding you, how to stay healthy. first and information mess wash your hands, frequently with warm, soapy water for at least 202nd n our house we tell our daughter sing happy birthday. that will dot trick. also, frequently clean surfaces touched often like tv remote controls and take care of your immune system by making time for exercise abe try to get enough sleep. next up, meteorologist chris sowers with the final look at your forecast this saturday morning, stay with us , we will be right back.
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7:55 am
oh, yeah, santa claus traded in the sleigh and reindeer for some speed, here at children's museum in indianapolis in the indy racing experience, two seater indy car, listen, he is having some fun ahead of the hard work he has ahead of him, after he took time to meet with the kid, find out what was on their holiday list and he has the moves like jagr. >> yes. >> i was trying, i don't have no moves. >> okay. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, we are warming it up, 59 degrees this afternoon. sunshine starting, increasing cloud later on, tomorrow, brisk and chilly, it will be a struggle to reach 48 in the city. cooler north and west. wind chills stuck in the 30's all day especially for eagles game. bundle up. five monday. fifty-eight tuesday. sixty wednesday and then another 58 degrees for thursday. so we will get in a real nice
7:56 am
stretch next week where it will feel like spring. >> all right. >> thanks, chris. >> okay. well, we are just a few minutes away from saying good morning to good morning america. here's dan harris with a preview. >> alycia, good morning coming up, president trump weighing in otter or attack at a months income egypt that killed more than 200 people at prayer at the time. overnight egypt military striking people they believe were behind the attack. plus manhunt for a 15 year-old boy suspect of killing his grandmother has now ended, authorities detaining suspect overnight as he tried to get into canada clues he left behind at his father's home as his family speaks out. finally the black friday frenzy, millions in search of the best deals, dealing with tough crowd and technical glitch that he is resulted in hours of delays. we have got best deals that are still out there and still up for grabs, all coming up on gm a, we will see you soon. "action news" continues at 9:00 here's stories we are working on. new report claims dangerous toys are being sold in dollar stores, big box stores and also on line, we will explain
7:57 am
why, they pose a hazard to children. and the inspiring stories surrounding a young man and his life, coping with autism, find out how a local organization helps him realize and reach his potential. you won't soon forget this story. now for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm alycia vitarelli. have a great saturday. we will see you at 9:00 o'clock. >> ♪
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good morning, america. this morning, the bargain battles. shoppers storming the stores counting on deals. >> there's a lot of 50% off. >> customers frustrated when systems go down at macy's while walmart takes heat for running out of popular products online. where the deals are this morning. mosque massacre. retaliation overnight with air strikes hunting down the militants who set off explosives in egypt during friday prayers. they blocked exits and gunned down men, women and children. who is suspected of carrying out this horrifying assault? "time" out. president trump claiming that he turned down a potential offer to be "time" magazine's person of the year. the magazi


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