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tv   Action News 7pm  ABC  November 25, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorology goodies, melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night i'm walter perez. in the news, colder temperatures are on the way for second half of the weekend also shoppers flocked to local stores supporting small business saturday. but the big story on "action news" is breaking news from bucks county where two people were found shot to death at park and ride on i-95 discovery was made a short time ago. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live at the scene with the details, annie. >> reporter: walter, that is right thinks still developing. we only have a few details at this time but sources say a man and a woman were found shot to death on 95 northbound
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, behind me. well, take a look at this video, video shot from a short time ago rest coup crews did arrive on the scene, in the past two hours, a body was found in the 95 northbound lanes, near the 95 on ramp from the cornwells heights park and ride. now police did focus their attention on a suv that was also parked on i95, still in the roadway. we don't know if the second body was found in the car or also on the highway, we do know that one body was found, near the suv. now state troopers also focused their attention further down the highway that was a short time ago, traffic has been crawling on this portion of the northbound lanes, and troopers are still out here, in fact, just moments ago more pennsylvania state troopers did arrive. now back out here live, you can see that traffic that is still happening here, on i-95 northbound, this traffic, is just north of the woodhaven
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exit. we don't have a timetable yet about how long investigators expect to be out here but again, this is still a developing story and this only happened within the past several hours. reporting live from bensalem, annie mccormack for channel six "action news". back to you. >> more to come for sure. two men were injured when gunfire broke out on a street in north philadelphia whole thing unfolded just after 11:30 on the 2800 block of north howard street. officers arrived on the scene, to find a 23 year-old man, shot in the leg, and a 21 year-old shot in the thigh. both were taken to temple university hospital in stable condition. so far no arrests have been made. investigators are piecing together a crash, that left a man injured in northeast philadelphia you can see the car there that cleaned on to the lawn of the home on the 1100 block of unruh avenue just afternoon time. in word why the driver who control. also no word on the extent of the injuries, for the vick tip delaware state police are mourning one of their own tonight. sergeant rodney bond, junior died unexpectly last night
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near his home. no further details have been released at this time. wand was a 14 year veteran of the force. he was only 40 years old. well, started out asiana tempt to do a good deed for one man has turned into something that will help many others. johnny bobbit and kate mclure are overwhelmed by public support to get bobbit's life back on track and now they want to help others. mclure's friend, clothing outside shop rite in burlington today. all the collected items will be donated to help other homeless men. more than $360,000 have been put in a go fund me account for bobbit ever since the world learned how he gave mc clure his last $20 when she ran out of gas. moving on to the accu weather forecast. today was a real winner but the even of the weekend will be a bit more on the chilly side. meteorologist melissa magee has our first check of the accu weather forecast, hi there, melissa. >> hi there walter. we had a nice start to the weekend at leon this saturday. temperatures were above average and we have seen a
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steady climb since thanksgiving, on thursday, we had a high of 42. yesterday's high hit 51. today in philadelphia we maxed out at 58 well above average of 52 this time of the year. looking at the numbers across mid-atlantic region it is 53 in philadelphia little cooler off to the north and west, buffalo 43. pittsburgh 48 degrees. syracuse also in the lower 40 's, we will let you know why that cool air ace arriving. satellite six with action radar showing we have got cloud building in the region, our tracking a frontal boundary that is currently moving in the northe, passing through the great lakes as we speak, very little precipitation associated with this but on the back side of it we will get wind coming from the northwesterly direction as we get in the ladder half of our weekend. we will talk about the weather headlines. it is chilly tomorrow. temperatures on sunday, 10 degrees cooler then they were today, it is breeze i had for eagles game at the linc's we have a preview of the travelers forecast, and as folks head home after enjoying the holiday. we have more details with the
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full, exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. >> thanks, melissa. today was a big day for local businesses, a day after many shoppers flocked to the big box stores for black friday, today a spot light was on smaller stores for small business saturday. "action news" reporter bob brooks hit the local favorite to see how business is going. >> reporter: holiday spirit was alive and well in haddonfield and that is where we began our day. santa claus was on the street greeting children. >> ♪ >> reporter: jersey was out cariology and giving out hugs to their favorite people. >> anyone else. >> okay. >> reporter: festivity and good spirits in town all part of the small business saturday that was thriving, and our first stop was inside the happy hippo toy store, a local fixture in town. >> we have been here for 38 years. so we must be doing something right. >> reporter: store manager mar e ellen demill says this is
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what keeps them going. >> we know most of the kid in town, we know, the parents shopping here now. >> reporter: clearly kid love it. letting us demonstrate what they bought. >> wow. that was cool, um. >> yes. >> reporter: down into the city of manayunk more of the hustle and bustle of small business saturday. that is where we meet cristina and her mother. >> we find better quality presents, more personal presents and they also had some really like funny little cheeky things in these local stores. >> reporter: owner of the little apple in manayunk says the business today makes or break the year. >> this is our biggest day of the year, every year, we dot most sales, today, and it is kick off for the season. >> reporter: even mayor jim kenney got caught in the action shopping around in west philadelphia on 52nd street. >> small businesses are what matters in our city. they are in every neighborhood and they employ our population >> reporter: we head back out in haddonfield on top of the singing, shopping and horse and buggy ride, santa claus
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has a message to be good, to be good to each other. >> reporter: you can see we had a great time in haddonfield. we wish everyone a happy holiday season, happy shopping and shop local. bob brooks for channel six "action news". and with that said, communities across the delaware valley are getting in to the christmas spirit. that includes the folks in manayunk. >> four, three, two, one,... with the count down as you can see the tree was lit and canal 's youth park. sanity clause arrived shortly before the big moment to greet everyone. in camden county pennsauken township ushered in the holiday season with the annual parade. marching band, first responders, and even some folks from a galaxy far, far way made their way up redfield avenue. this is a now a 37 year tradition. much in other come on "action news" in just a moment stick around.
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a nationwide manhunt for a 15 year-old suspected of killing his grand mother is over. agents arrested the teenager as he was trying to cross border in to mexico or i should say canada abc's brad milkie reports. >> reporter: fifteen year-old logan m ot t is in custody suspected of killing his five three-year old grand mother in florida. he was arrested trying to cross border in canada near buffalo. logan had traveled more than 1,000 miles from neptune beach
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flashings in his grandmother's car. >> on friday evening, officers at peace bridge encountered logan, who made a wrong turn on the bridge. during the primary inspection, officers became aware that mr. e warrant for grand theft auto out of florida. >> reporter: logan and his grandmother were supposed to pick up his father, eric from the airport but they never showed up. later father discovered two houses had been ransack his mothers and his own. >> in processing of the home on thursday revealed evidence of the foul play, potential criminal violence inside, and then late in the day, a potential grave site outside. >> reporter: body found in the shallow grave in the yard, matches grandmother's description, but so far has not been positively identified >> mot t is being detained and currently being held by buffalo police department on the grand theft auto warrant. >> reporter: no word when logan will be returned to florida. brad milkie, abc news, new york. members of the congress returned to the capitol this coming week and they face plenty of unfinished business.
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biggest items include tax cuts , a potential governmental shut down and left over spending bills. the christmas deadline ace month away. president trump and congressional leaders, plan to meet on tuesday to discuss how to sidestep a shut down and get some items checked off their legislative to do list. and president trump spent part of the weekend golfing at his course in florida but back at the white house a battle is developing in the west wing. overnight president announce that had mick muscle veney will lead consumer protection bureau but man who just resign already named a successor. time magazine says that the president was not correct when he tweeted that he what he is probably going to be named person of the year, but took a pass. magazine said, that statement is inaccurate and there are actual choice will be announced sometime next movement. sports is coming up next on "action news", eagles face the bears at the linc tomorrow , and it shouldn't be much of a contest but the bird are not taking this game
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lightly. jeff skversky has details when "action news" comes right back
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holiday season is always a very popular time for craft markets. the annual tibetan bizarre opened at philadelphia ethical society in rittenhouse square. all of the hand made items and food are inspired by tibet culture. bizarre will open again tomorrow 10 to 5:00. time for a check of sports jeff skversky and sixers at home tonight. >> trying to win their third straight they are shorthanded they don't have one of their best players in ben simmons. ben simmons has looked like magic, to start his nba career but the star rookie out tonight against magic and he may miss monday night begins
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lebron james and cavilers too because of swelling in his left elbow. sixers are underway tonight. is there ben simmons in street clothes on the bench. sixers they do have joel embiid, and even though he is probably with a cold. early on sixers down, and in trouble early on. vukovitch getting on the board early on. right now sixers down, a few point. four games over 500 for first time in five years. beware of the bears, that has been message in eagles locker room this week. eagles know they are the best team in football facing within of the war teams. even though eagles are 14-point favorites. eagles coach doug pederson is trying to keep their eye on the prize that number one spot in the nfl to lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. winning their ninth straight tomorrow against chicago would be another step in their right direction. >> it is feeling good, but at the end of the day we have to play hard. we have to play hard on sunday you have a big x on the back
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of your. it is a home game. we have to protect the nest. >> main thing that is something we have done so well here is just staying in the moment, winning every day, winning the week. i know, sometimes, it is cliche but it is what we do and mind set we have here every practice and every rep guys are locked in, focused and i don't think we have the guys, that are going to let any of that slip away. >> let's hope so. nearly five years after eagles lured chip kelly out of college, chip is going back to school. ucla has hired former eagles coach today on his birthday. he gets a five-year deal worth more than 23 million-dollar, today over ucla football program, kill difficult not coach at all this year, after getting fired in each of the previous two seasons, by the eagles and 49ers. kelly went to four straight major bowl games while coaching at oregon. penn state wrapping up regular season today and with the national championship and conference championship out of the question what are they playing for? an elite bowl game. penn state on the road against
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maryland, trace mcsorely and nittany lions making themselves right at home. tommy stephens throws for one and then runs for one. 21-yard score right here, seven to nothing penn state. and it is only the beginning. second quarter mcsorely hooks up with him twice, the most impressive, one handed, wow, penn state up 31 to nothing at the half. second half, yes, they runaway saquon barkley runs for two touchdowns. up 52 to nothing. penn state wins 66-three. their most points since joining the conference, that is back to back, double digit win season for the first time in, eight years. >> you look back and there is some plays and there are some games would you like to have back but i'm really proud of our staff, i'm proud of our program and our kid. we made made a lot of progress , last year winning 11 games this year winning 10. we have another game left to play. we will see what happens. we are excited bit. >> with a win today tell could be bowl eligible for fourth straight year which would be longest stretch in school
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history. even though it is a stretch, to even make it. how about this, temple, tulsa, tulsa's dog colby retrieving kick off holder. well train. some of the owls, first quarter frank newtile to adon his jennings, temple takes the lead. they never looked back. check this out in the second. armstead bouncing off a defender like a pin ball, the kid from millville, scores. and temple up big right now 43 -20, late in the fourth quarter. they are a win away from becoming bowl eligible. college hoops, penn, trying to avoid looking ahead to their match up with fifth ranked villanova on wednesday, quakers facing monmouth tonight they are just underway drexel on the road facing new jersey institute of technology , talk about nothing going drexel's way. anthony tarkey, slams it down, misses and still goes in. drexel loses their third
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straight 65-53. this is a tough loss. >> sure is. >> all right, thanks, jeff. much more to come on "action news" it will feel more like november tomorrow. taking a live look right here from sky six city hall camera. see holiday tree lit up looking festive tonight. meteorologist melissa me gee has exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back
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the sit of wilmington held its 54th annual christmas parade this afternoon hosted by wilmington jaysees. host of characters dances an band teams made their way through downtown wilmington. also there was "action news"'s own alycia vitarelli on a float with her old friend tiger. it was designed to travel pennsylvania local business ness recognition of small business saturday. now time for a final check of the accu weather forecast. >> it was very mild today. >> lovely today. >> temperatures well above average in the upper 50's. we will cool down into our sunday, walter. we will talk about the details show you picture outside, action cam outside earlier today looking at the schuylkill river in fairmount park, you can see we had some sun earlier today and enough sunshine to get your on temperatures above average. cloud are starting to roll in and they will continue to so do so as we get in the rest of tonight and into the rest of the overnight hours as well, and cold air arrives as we get into our sunday. speaking of sunday eagles at home at the linc taking on the bears. kick off around 1:00.
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sunshine and cloud but keep in mind it will be quite blustery out of the northwest. wind gusting to 30 miles an hour by the afternoon, 1:00 o'clock we have a number coming in at 48. by 4:00 p.m. still plenty of sunshine but temperature in at 46 degrees. our high today, 58, well above the average, right now, and still pretty comfortable in the city 53 degrees but to the north and west numbers are in the 40's. forty-six for reading. same thing in allentown. up in the poconos right now 42 trenton up to 95 corridor coming in at 54. down in cape may 55. dover in at 53. satellite six with action radar showing you we're tracking the frontal boundary that is making progress to the e, lots of cloud are working their way in to the mid-atlantic region. little precipitation associated with this. a lot of this rain will fall apart as it continues to travel, eastbound, in the wake of that, however we will get those winds out of the northwest and that will cool us down into sunday. for rest of tonight partly cloudy, turning breeze that is
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front gets closer. we will drop down to 36, in the suburbs and 450 degrees in philadelphia for the overnight low with that westerly wind at six to 12 miles an hour. set up for our sunday that cold front moves off shore, not a lot of precipitation associated witt. high pressure returns but it will be a chilly day tomorrow. high temperature in the 49 degrees. we will tap into cooler air but the real shot of cold air stays locked up in to canada it will cooler feeling tomorrow and, in the sense that today's high of 58. forty-nine, not too far away from our average of 53 this time of the year. future tracker six showing you other part of the story tomorrow wind blustery out of the northwest. 8:00 in the morning we have winds gusting in philadelphia in at 27 miles an hour. same thing in the poconos, up to 31 miles an hour in wildwood. by 1:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon when eagles will be playing the bears we have got winds close to 30 miles an hour along i-95 corridor. travelers forecast, however, if you may be getting back home after enjoying nice
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holiday, we are dry across the northeast and down across the southe we have really comfortable conditions albeit a bit on the cool side, 40's and 50's across that region. up in the great lakes we will cool but dry if you are traveling by air, or by car, as bee get into sunday afternoon. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. it is brisk, chilly tomorrow, high temperature up to 49, below average of 52 this time of the year. on monday a seasonal afternoon coming in at 53 degrees for a high, tuesday it is sunny, milder in at 58, and then warm for late in november by wednesday, we have got a high temperature up to 62 degrees. on thursday partly sunny, high of 58. friday cloud and some sun in at 54, and then can you believe it on saturday, the first week end in december a high temperature coming in at 52, nice mixture of sun and shining cloud. not a bad week with temperatures warming up as we get into tuesday and wednesday >> looks good to me.
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>> yes, it does. north shore animal league and depos are teaming up to help dozens of pets find new homes in time for holiday. group sponsored free adoption at several spca location is today including those in hunting park and fishtown, in philadelphia. both dogs and cats were available for new loving homes fyi philly is next here on channel six. also, be sure to tune in tonight for "action news" at 10 on phl17. then we are back here after the game. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you after the game >> ♪
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm jeannette reyes, tonight on fyi philly. >> "6-feet under." >> we're celebrating the city's best bars! >> "ready to party." >> and modeling the trendiest fall fashions. >> "that's the sercret recipe." >> plus, we round up a few comfort food favorites. >> yum! >> and new healthy spots with >> hi everyone and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at friday saturday sunday in the city's rittenhouse neighborhood. >> this was voted philadelphia magazine's best bar on their 50 best list. >> quite an honor for owners chad williams and his wife hanna. >> and, since they just re-opened in december, they were one of the "newcomers" to the list. >> so, we rounded up a few more spots on the philly bar scene that cracked philly mag's top 50 for 2017.


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