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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 26, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program, with gray hall, nydia han and meteorologist chris sowers. good afternoon, it is sunday november 26th i'm nydia han. tamala edward in for gray hall here's stories we are following for you here on
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"action news". holiday rush, home is on here across the country. the enjoyment of the holiday will be tempered for tomorrow day by travel headaches. and police hunt for four armed masked men who made a home invasion in the point breeze section. eagles hope to keep their eight game winning streaking we will be live at the linc. but first lets find out how weather is for tailgaters at the linc outside we will go to meteorologist chris sowers and accu weather chris. >> little breezy. that will be only issue for eagles game this afternoon. temperatures wise we are seasonal, numbers close to 50 but when you factor in that breeze it feels like upper 30 's lower 40's. lets take you on a tour around the viewing area. forty-six in allentown. forty-nine in philadelphia. fifty in wilmington. fifty-one in millville. fifty-one in dover. fifty-three in atlantic city. sustained wind speed are generally in that 10 to 20 miles an hour range out of the west northwest. 17 miles an hour in wilmington twelve in philadelphia. and 18 miles per hour in mount pocono but every now and then
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we are picking up gusts to 20 to 30 miles an hour. matter of fact we have a good gust over city avenue now. forecast for eagles game we are looking at mostly sunny skies really nice looking day it is just blustery with that wind. first quarter temperature 49 and, by the fourth quarter the numbers aren't moving much down to 48, and again feels like temperatures will range anywhere from 38, to 42 degrees throughout the duration of the game. looking ahead here it is chill toy day, wind chills upper 30 's lower 40's but we have a nice quiet weather pattern head here with two days, closing in on 60 degrees. matter of fact is there a good shot on wednesday we could hit 61 or 62. so when i come back in a few minutes we will focus more on that with the accu weather seven day forecast guys. >> chris thank you. post thanksgiving travel rush is on, more than 50 million americans are heading home this noon and that means plenty of traffic on the roads and rails and at airports. >> "action news" reporter bob brooks is at philadelphia international airport right now with the very latest that
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will be a packed and busy place, bob. >> reporter: hid nydia and tam airport is very busy. looking at one of the walkways in the baggage claim steady flow of people. they had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. that is making the travel home a lot easier. today is there a baggage claim and happy to be home in the delaware valley. feel good to be home. >> yeah, yeah, feels good. >> reporter: eagles gear on. eagles. >> reporter: happy to be back in philly? >> yes, tired though. >> reporter: millions of americans are either heading home or returning down at the airport and you can see it is busy. here it seemed hot sounds like a terrific thanksgiving. >> how was it? >> unbelievably great. >> that sounds good, why. >> because we were all together and the food was great. i think i'm all bloated i have to get me two seats. >> i like the weather. >> reporter: now back to the south beach. >> south beach sun and dry. >> reporter: this thanksgiving holiday was projected to be one of the top five busiest
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travel holidays on record with the around 2 million philadelphia residents delaware and new jersians combined going 50 miles or more. it is certainly a bitter sweet travel day lot of good byes but with the holiday season just kicking off there is a lot to look forward to. >> how was thanksgiving. >> awesome. >> reporter: where are you going back to. >> auburn. >> reporter: we're right here in philadelphia. hard to see him go, send him back. >> yes very hard but he will be back in three weeks and gets to spend a month with us. so we are excited. >> reporter: also sounds like thanksgiving might have been a little bit too much fun for some. >> i need r and r a vacation from the vacation right. >> yes, a few minutes right. >> i'm tired. exhausted. >> reporter: sounds like you and other people need a vacation from thanksgiving. >> yeah, i do. i'm going to sleep for 24 hours. >> reporter: we certainly hope everyone gets much needed rest from the holidays, and everyone i spoke to say that because of the great weather
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we are having to day smooth sailing into the air here in philadelphia reporting live from the airport bob brooks channel six "action news". nydia and tam back to you. >> bob that is way to end the holiday on a high note. let's hope that keeps going. where ever you go be sure to take "action news" with you you can get real time traffic conditions weather updates and storm tracker six from our free six abc app. we are watching a developing story a man a woman were injured during an early morning home invasion in the fill point breeze section. police said four men forced their way in the home in the 2100 knock of oxford street at 6:00 a.m. man beat up a paralyzed man and then shot a woman in the knee. woman was taken to penn presbyterian for treatment, it is unclear if anything was taken from the home. a man is in critical condition after an overnight shooting in fail's logan section. police were called to the 4800 block of north 15th street around midnight, when they got there they found a chevrolet still running with bullet holes in the passenger door opened. a man in his 30's was found a
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block away with multiple gunshot wounds and taken to einstein medical center for surgery and is there no word on a motive for that shooting. a 58 year-old man is in police custody this noon, he is accused of stabbing a 57 year-old man in the spring garden section of philadelphia police say that the victim was getting groceries out of his car when the assailant approached and began arguing with him. suspect stabbed the victim twice in the chest officers nearby arrested the suspect at the scene after they heard a commotion and then ran over. the victim is now in critical condition. state police are looking for witness west information after two bodies were found last night along i-95 in bucks county. the man and woman were found dead on the northbound on ramp both had gunshot wound and their bodies lying close together with the gun nearby. 911 call that came in a short time before reported seeing a woman running down access road the coroner's office will be doing autopsies so far the two people found have not been identified.
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an investigation continues in the police involved shooting in trenton new jersey it began when detectives sought several men on the pennington avenue at around 5:15 last night. they discovered one man had a handgun in his waist band. police say he tried runaway reach for his gun and turn his body toward the detectives. two officers then shot him. the suspect is now hospitalized but his condition has not yet been known. handgun was recovered in the nearby yard. workers head back in the office tomorrow but those at the top consumer watch dog will face a curious situation it is not really clear hoist the boss, richard, stepped down as director of the consumer financial protection bureau and named his chief of stanley and contract english the acting director. president trump also named his own interim chief in this case white house budget director mi icq full vein. consumer financial protection burroughs or cfpb has been a total disaster as run by previous administration's pick we will bring it back to life. the president will ultimately nominate a permanent director
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to the confirmed by the senate cowboys tearing apart last weekend eagles hoping for another win today this time begins the bears. >> but let's not assume, youknow what mom and dad used to say about that bird are not taking anything for granted. sports reporter jamie apody live at the linc with the preview. it is hard not to salivate about a win but we have to play the game, first. >> reporter: yes, they really should win this game handily tam and nydia but as you said anything can happen on any given sunday. the eagles hoping to move to 10-one. can you believe that? they want to keep pace try to earn home field advantage in the playoffs. lets take a look earlier carson wentz warming up on the field behind me. of course wentz world these days and we're just living in it. he has got to be leading candidate for nfl mvp. he will pose rookie mitch tru bitsky that is a lot like wentz but he shouldn't be able to do anything quite like wentz today on the field. now here's the deal.
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the eagles looking to win move to 10-one. they know they are just playing a lowly three-seven chicago teams, but they cannot afford to overlook them. >> listen this is national football league. you see it every week. if you don't come ready to play you will get your tail beat. this is no different. this is a good football team we are playing. their record might be different way but you know, they have had some injury particularly on defense now, and it is still a good football team. >> i think that is something we have done so well just staying in the moment, winning every day winning the week sometimes it is cliche and redundant but it is what we do it is mine set we have around here. every practice, every rep guys are going all out locked in and focused. i don't think we have guys that will let that slip away. >> reporter: that is the key stay in the moment, win the week. we will have much more tonight on "action news" sports sunday joined by former eagles great running back brian westbrook, ducis rodgers
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in the studio to break down hopefully another eagles win no tray burton at tightened, so who for more brent celek. here's an interesting stat eagles won three straight games by 23 or more points, the last time they have won four straight wins by a margin that big in the 1950's, and expect them to do that again today because really the game should not be close. i hope i'm not jinking it but just telling what i think. we're live at lincoln financial field, jamie apody channel six "action news". >> only the s word, i think you can hope for a win. i will be back here tomorrow morning with matt o'donnell, everything big and happened in the game, we will be breaking it down. so machine mornings you want to be on "action news". >> we will be watching. is there still so much more to come on "action news" this sunday afternoon egypt strikes back after a slaughter in a mosque and amid growing signs that isis was involved. is there a new warning about alcohol for woman who had weight loss surgery. meteorologist chris sowers will be back with his accu
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weather forecast when "action news" continues.
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animal control experts in virginia say this is a miracle a bobcat survived a 50-mile ride after being trapped in the grill of a car. he figured out how to get in the car for 50 miles month. man driving to work thanksgiving morning knew she hit something but could not figure out what. when she got to the word she discovered bobcat that was really unhappy with her stuck in the grill of her prius. wild animal was still alive but she called animal control and took three work tours do it but they freed the cat. >> must have taken two out of the nine lives. >> yes that is right. >> geese. >> that makes me sad but glad he survived. all right. we're surviving. gusty winds out there to day lets look live sky six in cape may, yesterday was a
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tranquil avenue. we had high temperatures close to 60 degrees not much of a breeze, lots of sunshine, cloud rolled in later on. looking at sky six we have pretty much the same thing. lots of sunshine this afternoon. breezes have pick up. as we look at that beautiful shot a quick remind their christmas is only 29 days away can you believe that? right around the corner old saint nick, he will be arriving very, very shortly. temperature wise it feels chilly out there right now. we have a number for the most part in the 40's but wind chills are stuck in the 30's. 49 degrees, here in philadelphia, we have a dew point of 26. winds are blowing out of the northwest at 12 miles an hour, some gusts are as high as 20 or 25 miles an hour and pressure reading rising from 29.99 inches. 49 degrees in trenton. forty-six in allentown and reading. thirty-five in the poconos. fifty's to the south lower 50 's, 50 in wilmington, 51 in millville and dover, 49 in cape may and 53 degrees in atlantic city.
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here's wind gusts where we're not seeing a number just means that they are not reporting the gust at this point. generally we are seeing 25 to 30 miles an hour gustness specific locations here like philadelphia millville, 25. twenty-nine in the poconos, and atlantic city 24 miles an hour. it is all thanks to the cold front that came through last night that is so far out to sea now it is barely on the screen. is there low in the gulf of maine. we are looking at mainly just sunny conditions the rest of the way and a breeze out of the northwest at 15 to 20 miles an hour gusting as high as 25 and elsewhere it is very quiet across lower 48. perfect weather for this busy travel day, couple of showers down here across southern tip of florida and more heavier wet's cross pacific northwest. get on the west coast from san francisco to oakland northward through the state of oregon washington is there rough weather out there lots of wind advisory, high wind warnings and period of rain expected throughout the afternoon. we do have a couple delays mainly at newark international
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airport because of the wind, they are starting to mount up an hour and six minutes on arriving flights but everybody else we will see green plains. all of the flights are on town most of the major hubs across lower 48 same thing all of the flights are on time. right now it is just newark reporting delays. here's future tracker six the rest of the way looking at chilly breeze, mostly sunny conditions just a couple of cloud mixed in from time to time easy piece i and then overnight, same thing, mainly clear, quiet, winds ease up a little bit. tomorrow morning still perhaps a little breeze but not as gusty as what we're seeing right now and skies really open up nicely tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny skies wall to wall blue skies should be really nice out there, that will set up a gorgeous week, next chance of rain isn't until friday. so get used to this lots of sunshine here in the foreseeable future. forty-seven today in reading. we have bum topped day's high up to 51 in philadelphia 50 in wilmington. millville 53. cape may 52. overnight tonight it is cold but not terrible, redding 32.
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allentown 31. philadelphia 36 is millville 33. numbers air cross freezing in the most part and factor in the wind and it will feel like upper 20's across eighty-first thing tomorrow morning. reading 26. allentown 26. philadelphia 28. freezing mark of 32 in millville. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 51 degrees breezy cool tore day wind chills in the upper 30's and lower 40's. monday quiet. tuesday warm, 57, wednesday is there that 60 and then thursday increasing cloud with some rain arriving on friday, 56 and 50. nydia. >> looking good chris, thank you. in health check this noon women who had gastric sleeve surgeon troy lose weight might want to limit alcohol. new research from two western universities show after operations women became intoxicated after having half of the numbers of the drinks before. gas surgeries and other weight loss operations speed up alcohol absorption in the bloodstream so levels rise. they are the most common weight loss operation.
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and, two families, 7,000 miles apart but now linked forever finally got to meet. ia from due by brought her son in law to the cleveland clinic which helps deliver was failing. just days after registering as a living donor becky cable of new york learned she was a match. she donated a piece of her liver and never knew who received it until last week. >> oh, sweetheart. >> i feel like i just wanted and hug him. >> she saved my son's life. >> gives you chills. he's thriving in his new liver will grow with him. becky's liver has regenerated back to its normal size, and his mom now calls becky now part of her family. >> i cou picture all day. generally found upon to decorate for christmas material i in the season but new study says is there something to it, early decorating can make you happier. researchers found that the
12:19 pm
decorations make people feel nostalgic because it takes you back to the childhood and extends excitement of christmas into november while early decorations have a good effect researchers say christmas music can lead to stress anxiety especially if your sons refuse to let you change the station. >> i do believe those of us we decorated just before thanksgiving it was nice not to rush and you had it all in place for the holiday. >> it is beautiful, christmas has started. 12:19. just ahead is there a manhunt in florida avenue a car, riddled with bullets in an apparent road rage incident. later sixers pulled out a win, despite an injury to a key member, we will tell you about it when we come right back.
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welcome back 12:21. 49 degrees. sky 6hd looking live at rothman ice rink from our city hall camera. you can see loves people on the ice there nice day for it sure sign of the holiday
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season. and war planes conducted air strikes on what they suspect are terrorist out post for those who cared out the bombing at a mosque on friday. witnesses saw one of the nearly 30 gunman carrying an isis flag. they entered the mosque and killed 305 people gathered for prayer. another 128 people were wounded. the dead includes 27 children. one survivor said he lived only because he was shielded by bodies piled on top of him florida highway patrol is looking for a man driving a gray toyota camry involved in the possible road rage shooting near orlando. a bullet riddled chevy shows evidence of the shooting yesterday morning on the florida turnpike in lake county. occupants of the car 35 year-old man and a 17 year-old girl were not hit by bullets but they were injured by bullet fragments and flying grass what we now know is they are in an orlando hospital. and a volcano in bally indonesia erupted for second time in less than a week.
12:23 pm
it rumbled to life in a big way sending plumes of black ash and smoke in the sky. yesterday's eruption was larger then the one on tuesday 25,000 people who live on the volcano have been evacuated to shelters and many flights from bally, one of the indonesia's busiest airports have been cancelled. former president george hw bush can check off anotherf yesterday, he is longest living president at age of 93 years and 166 days. the forty-first president surpassed gerald ford who lived to be 93 years and 165 days according to a political newsletter which pointed out the record. former president jimmy carter is behind the record at 93 years and 55 days so far. we will be right back.
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eagles go for their tenth win of the season when help host chicago bars ate the linc that have noon. >> bird are 14-point favorite victory would pretty much clinch eastern division championship. >> and the sixers had to play last night's game against orlando magic without ben simmons. the point guard is nursing a sore elbow but team was just fine without him, joel embiid was sharp despite a cold scoring 18 points and grabbing 14 rebounds, the big man does not disappoint. jj reddick hit eight, three pointers a wells fargo record. they breezed pennsylvania magic 130-111. sixers will be without simmons tomorrow night and win will be harder to come by, they will be facing lebron james and the cleveland cavilers. all right probably too late for penn state to make a bid to be national championship picture this year but that hasn't stopped lions from putting on quite a show past three weeks. their latest victim maryland. penn state scored at will against maryland yesterday as they rolled to a 66-three win. they have not scored that many
12:27 pm
points in the single game in 23 years. lions have racked up more than 100 points against their last three opponents. holiday season was celebrated with a bang last night in bustleton fire works were part of the celebration outside american heritage credit union on red lion road, large crowd came out to watch local officials turn on a december play of 35,000 lights and there was a performance by philadelphia boys choir. >> great turnout. >> it looks like a great turnout. >> so many people coming out to enjoy. another half an hour just ahead. >> here are stories we are working on for you congress returns with tax reform at the top, on the very long to do list. pope checks in on a diplomatic humanitarian tangle when he leaves for asia. those stories the exclusive accu weather forecast and much more when "action news" continues.
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happening right now on "action news" it is scrapple tomorrow get back home, after the thanksgiving holiday. protect the nation's rails al qaeda calls for attacks on the system. and pennsylvania takes action against two home improvement contractors it says left consumers in the lurch. but first meteorologist chris sowers starts off with a look at accu weather. people traveling heading out to the linc and it is chillier then yesterday a lot cooler then yesterday. yesterday was balmy. almost spring like with highs close to 60 degrees. decent sunshine to start. today completely different story. we have wind how long out of the northwest at 15 to 25
12:30 pm
miles an hour and numbers are actually down in the 40's. quite a bit cooler. speaking of cool thanksgiving the high was only 42, normal is 52. we were good 10 degrees below average on turkey day. friday better but still chilly , 51 and then there isdawe will shoot up to 58 degrees. numbers right now are six or seven or 8 degrees cooler then this same time yesterday. again that is all thanks to a cold front that swept through yesterday evening and winds shifted direction. we were no longer seeing southeasterly breeze. now out of the northwest bringing that cooler air down from canada when you factor in the wind is it feels like mid 40's and upper 30's across the area feels like 39 in lancaster. forty-one allentown. forty-four in philadelphia. and a very blustery chilly 24 degrees up there in the poconos. satellite six with action radar outside of a couple high thin cloud this afternoon we are looking at mainly sunny conditions the rest of the way all that cloud cover that you see toward left hand part of the screen majority of that should
12:31 pm
stay out there through the west. call from accu weather today looking for mostly sunny skies with just a couple cloudhe day, breezy blustery and cool, with a high of 49 degrees wind chills in the upper 30's, lower 40's and another quick check across the region here the major hubs, travel forecast everybody is on time, only airport that i have seen right now reporting crazies newark international airport to the north. right now they are reporting flight delays of an hour and six minutes and that is because of the gusty winds. they are seeing winds up to 30 miles an hour and mainly affecting the arriving flights outing flights are okay but arrivin delayed. all right. quick check of the forecast for now. when i come back in a few minutes we will focus more on that warm up in the accu weather seven day forecast guys.hanks, chris. big exodus home from the holidays is underway and this year more people are traveling then in over a decade. >> let's check in with "action news" reporter bob brooks at philadelphia international airport where we are seeing meeting up with travelers bob
12:32 pm
hopefully everyone is doing well out there. >> reporter: hi nydia and tam it is busy down here at the airport, as you said but it will be a record holiday season for travel but those i spoke with said they had such a great thanksgiving riding those good times all the way home. this thanksgiving holiday was project to be one of the tsa top five busiest travel holidays on record, with around 2 million philadelphia residents delaware resident and new jersians combined, going 50 miles or more. now given that do you think things might get feisty at the airport but it sounds like everybody had such a great holiday, that is not the case. feel good to be home. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: got your eagles gear on. >> go eagles. >> i like the weather the weather. >> reporter: now back to the south beach. >> back to south beach, sun. >> reporter: heading home for a lot of young people it is took school and that means a bitter sweet time for families but with the holiday season just kicking off they say more family time ace head. hard to see him go send him back yes, very hard but he will be back in three weeks
12:33 pm
and he gets to spend a month with us. we are very happy. >> reporter: now that some made it home to philadelphia they have been traveling all morning it is also time for some much needed rest. >> probably need r and r a vacation from the vacation, right. >> yes, sure. >> a few minutes. >> i'm tired though exhausted >> reporter: sounds like you and other people need a vacation from thanksgiving. >> yes i do. i'm going to sleep for about 24 hours. >> reporter: we hope everyone gets much needed rest that they need. we certainly wish everyone a happy holiday season and safe travels back to where they are going or if they are returning reporting live from the airport, bob brooks channel six "action news". nydia and tam back to you. >> a vacation from the vacation i get that feeling bob, thank you. it has been a busy morning at amtrak's 30th street station. amtrak added extra service for this weekend in anticipation of the 750,000 passengers or more. 300,000 are expected to travel the northeast corridor alone. the thanksgiving holiday is amtrak's busiest period of the year. and the transportation
12:34 pm
security administration has sent out a warning to law enforce b. a new al qaeda threat targeting u.s. rail lines. warning is in response to the latest issue of al qaeda's magazine inspire. in it the terror group calls on follow tours derail trains. the article also shows how to build the necessary tools to carry out the attacks. philadelphia's immediate reaction to the federal warning launch a drone the chief is using drone to get high resolution video of the 2200 miles of track in our area. >> this is a great way for us to patrol a track without walking on the tracks. >> it is up to local police agencies to guard train stations and rail lines a monumental job. there are more than 140,000 miles of track in the u.s. hazmat crew had to be called in after a car crash in burlington county, new jersey. police say a woman in her 30's lost control around 2:30 this morning on route 130 near chase-in delran.
12:35 pm
car hit two utility poles, which then came crashing down. fluid from the transformers attached to those poles began to leak out so a hazmat crew had to be called out to clean up the chemical. the driver suffered minor injuries. and philadelphia police are questioning a woman after her 30 year-old boyfriend was shot in the cities mayfair section overnight. police say couple was driving near intersection of the welling ton avenue and glenn knock street around 2:30 this morning when they net is ed a car with two men was following them. they pulled over month. man's boyfriend got tout approach the men. police say one of the men shot the victim three times. suspects then fled. the victim is now in critical condition at aria torresdale hospital and there is in word on a motive for the shooting. singer nick and drew lachey are calling for justice after manager of their bar in senate was shot in the face on thanksgiving morning. police say a man in the stand started yelling at elizabeth richardson as he left around 3:00 a.m. when she approached the vehicle the driver shot her. richardson is hospitalized in serious condition.
12:36 pm
lachey using social media to urge anyone with any information to call the police congress returns this week from its thanksgiving recess and president trump plans to greet them on tuesday with a visit to capitol hill to lobby for passage of the tax reform bill before christmas. trump is expect to join the senate republican policy committee for group's weekly lunch. the g.o.p. cannot afford to lose more than a couple republican votes on the tax plan and several senators are still holding out. >> we're going to give the american people a huge tax cut for christmas, hopefully that will be a great, big beautiful christmas present. the house sent senate $1.4 trillion tax cut that experts say favors corporations. critics charge that the senate 's only version favors high income earners as well. also renewing funding for health care for low income children and lawmakers have less than two weeks to approve a funding plan that avoids a partial governmental shut down an explosion in the port city south of shanghai china
12:37 pm
this morning killed two people and injured 30 others. blast which struck a factory in the river front area knocked down buildings and left streets littered with damaged cars and debris. now the death toll would have been higher in the residential buildings were not vacant and being demolished, however, cause of the blast may have been a gas pipeline damaged in that demolition. pope francis leaves tonight for his first visit to myamar and is there controversy bring he takes off dilemma whether he will use the word rahija referring to the, minority muslim population in myamar. they refuse to acknowledge them as citizens instead of calling them migrant from bangladesh. 600,000 have fled myanmar toes scape what the u.n. and other humanitarian groups are calling ethnic cleansing. it was black friday and small business saturday down retailers are looking forward to cyber monday. some experts predict it could be bigger than black friday with as much as $6 billion in on line sales, that is 16
12:38 pm
percent american last year and not bad for an event that started over a decade ago, in fact, cyber machine began in 2005 as a way to promote what was then the relatively new concept of on line rye tail. now to a story we will see only on "action news". the pennsylvania attorney jennies suing, two home improvement contractors, accusing them of losing consumers homes in shambles. they brought this story exclusively to us, wanting to send a stern warning to other homeowners. >> the tank was here, range was here and refrigerator was here. >> reporter: donna hired cml construction llc in 2014 to renovate this rental property. she said owner left her with just a shell of a home, after she paid him $47,000. >> cut circuit breakers took copper tubing, damaged stair ace. >> reporter: lawsuit filed by pennsylvania attorney general
12:39 pm
says, laratonda never returned after tearing the house apart. and, neither cml construction or laratonda's previous company mirage construction inc. ever registered as a home improvement contractor. lawsuit claims complaints from other consumers. >> we're here to go after nem and hold them accountable and get restitution for people your hurt. >> reporter: pennsylvania attorney general says his office is receiving a growing number of complaints, against home improvement contractors. 2500 this year alone. >> we have placed your priority on going after, you know protecting people from scams,ing having these users are no the acting properly. >> reporter: ag has taken action on 500 case these year looking the laratonda filing and lawsuit against brian mcgee junior of pottstown. >> they just left these homes in shambles. we're talking between these two contractors a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of damage or worth of added costs.on of the best but he is still
12:40 pm
hoping to get her money back. >> i'm hopeful. i'm hopeful but i'm grateful to attorney josh shapiro for filing this attorney general josh shapiro for piling this on behalf of me and many others. >> now laratonda says he knows nothing about the ag lawsuit and denies allegations made by ag and the woman about her specifically he said i wanted to continue on and make it right and she said i'm moving on to someone else. brian mcgee junior did not return my call. for help finding a contractor or if you have had an issue with the contractor go to six and uber is hoping to help customers make it easier to find their drivers the ride sharing company, has rolled out new glowing windshield called beacon that is will improve customer pick ups particularly in crowded area. customers can look for their driver by selecting a color via uber app and it will glow accordingly. they are introducing a live location feature that customers must turn on in an effort to address privacy
12:41 pm
concerns. is there still much more to come on "action news" for this sunday, we will explain why an event 10 years ago is affecting this years christmas tree crops. a local dance troop takes a fresh look at tiny favorites in six abc loves the arts. looking at sky 6hd, ben franklin bridge looks beautiful, how does it feel? chris sowers will be back with your full accu wet forecast.
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12:43 pm
there is a shortage of fur s and pines this season. national christmas tree association says that the recession cost growers to cut back planting for those trees and now intend to harvest there are not as many available. at so, expects prices to be five to 15 percent higher. >> interesting. well aloft people are out there, they want to have their beer and they don't want to be too cold. >> well, they are out of luck. it is not crazy cold but it is chilly. lets go outside, winding are
12:44 pm
blowing and that is putting wind chills in the upper 30's to lower 40's. is there a beautiful shot of penns landing as we look live on sky six, and you can see we have a couple ripples on the delaware here, winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour, those wins will continue throughout mess of the day. probably beginning to die down right around sunset. 49 degrees is going for the forecast high and some may be as warm as 50 and 51. normal 52. below seasonal averages. we will start off at 44. numbers have not climbed too much from there. still 44 in slating ton. forty-nine in coatsville. forty-seven in malvern warminster. thirty-five in lake harmony. newtown 48. a lot of these numbers yesterday at this same time were easily up in the mid 50's you can see there has been a change now that the cold front punched through. glassboro 50 degrees. fo forteskew tuckahoe 51, ewing 48 and cinnamon son a blustery 49. winds look like this the rest
12:45 pm
of the way. generally 15 to 20 miles an hour sustain winds expected through about 3:00 this afternoon with gustness that 20 to 30 miles an hour range. closer we will get to sunset those winds ease up, a little bit. by 7:00ment to morning, eight or 9 miles an hour. strongest is right now and things will get better from this point on. satellite six with action radar nothing going on a gusty breeze couple cloud across great lake states, we are getting ready to take the lake effect snow machine on lake erie and ontario. they have lake effect snow warnings on eastern shore. they will pick up good accumulation out there for us, back home nothing going on. only problem is out here a crock northwest from seattle all the way down to san francisco. as a matter of fact these football games on the west coast could be interesting with the heavy rain and driving wind off pacific. and elsewhere, we will cross the country and in the much to talk b is there a huge area of high pressure right like that. it will slowly drifte and
12:46 pm
where ever we get those highs, one wind fall under the high and we will get clear skies and diverts jet stream to the north. that is where storm track will be this week. so to the north up into canada another quick look here, showing, rains could be heavy along the west coast through four or 5:00 this afternoon and then things wind down for first thing tomorrow morning. future tracker six for us back home outside of the chilly breeze we're not tracking much of anything at all mostly sunny skies high thin cloud that is it clear skies overnight tonight, tomorrow morning, perhaps a few high thin cloud to start but by afternoon skies open up nicely and should be another fantastic day with lots of sunshine, just chilly with the win, wind chills tomorrow morning ranging from 26 in allentown to closer to 30 across south jersey and delaware, wildwood 36, millville 29, and then philadelphia 29. even through afternoon we are looking at wind chill values close to what we're seeing right now in the low to mid 40 's. call from accu weather for today mostly sunny breezy. high thin cloud 567891 degrees
12:47 pm
is the forecasted high. with that breeze this number will feel like summer 30's lower 40's. speaking 306's tonight mainly clear cold dropping down in the 30's. 31 degrees in the suburbs. thirty-six for center city and the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast looks absolutely gorgeous for this time of the year. fifty-one today. fifty-two tomorrow. look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday. my goodness. fifty-seven, 60 and 56 degrees all three days we are looking at a lot of sunshine even though we are increasing cloud on thursday, that isn't until late in the day and that system gets closer on friday, rain at times 50 and then saturday blustery and chill which highs only in the 40's, wind chills in the 30's. in case were you wondering december looks like it will open up mild at least first week maybe longer. >> good news there chris. >> yes. >> i know i like that. >> thanks chris. there were classic african-american dance artists live through fill dan co but the famous dance company is shedding new light on them. karen rodgers has more on six abc loves the arts. >> reporter: program is called
12:48 pm
history, and it took a spotlight on iconic african-american choreographer s and artists distributed to the world of dance and theater. >> ♪♪. the program will revive the artists work and shed new light on their untold stories. >> our kid don't know. they don't get taught about our history. if you don't tell our history it it doesn't get cold. >> reporter: special artist is carmen, the 87 year-old is this years kennedy center honors recipient she will be performing a piece called the creation. >> she's just a beautiful in mover, she just took it to his first dance class. >> reporter: dance was choreograph by her late husband jeffery holder. >> jeffery holder is a movie star, artists, a poet, lot of people remember him from the seve cooler man. >> reporter: they will also perform a company favorite forces of rhythm by tone wa johns choreographed the film version
12:49 pm
of the wiz. >> it shows that the african dance ballet and the social dance. he was first black dancer in the movie. he is 88 now. he is still here. he does great work. >> reporter: group is playing honor to august wilson where world premiere works. he poetry that people didn't know about poetry. entertaining the audience and letting people know some of our history. >> reporter: they will perform history at kimmel center pearl man theater december 15th through the 17th for tickets and show times go to thein for si the arts i'm karen rodgers.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
welcome back everyone. looking at city hall from the temple university camera, big game, will be starting soon, and eagles will go to win, that is my prediction as i look out over sky line that is what is on my mind. police in wisconsin went to great lengths to recover a stolen police hat. it turns out hat was stolen from a display chase at hartford police station that
12:52 pm
belonged to the only officer ever killed in the line of duty officer died in 1904 while checking on a disturbance. after months of detective work police found thief and he admitted he thrown it in a retention pond. after pumping out nine and a half million gallons of water the department now has its hat back. iowa man is turned a prank in the opportunity to help a less fortunate in their community. and, austin posted a note saying someone put his phone number on the offer of free turkies. he got so many calls he wanted to doomething. so he and his friend, launch operation give birth. >> that is where we came in and said look, let's help them out and help anybody out that we can. >> so, through their facebook raised $1,300 from friends and family in a matter of days. it was enough to give 80 families, complete thanksgivingat operation give is not over, the annual tradition and with morem they will see en more families. how about. that. >> all right, it is now 12:53.
12:53 pm
we will be right back.
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> recapping our top stories to day is one of the busiest travel kay of the years. hundreds of thousands of visitors are leaving the delaware and lehigh valleys or returning. 30th street station. a man and women were injured during an early morning home invasion inphiladelphia's point breeze section. police say four masked gunman forced their way in the home oflock and they say man beat a man and then shot him in theit is unclear if anything was taken from car kick off is just aes away, chicago bears, the bird are heavy favorites as they go through their tenth win of the season. a win would almost guarantee a trip to the playoffs. and you have to notice carson wentz he is wearing a long sleeve shirt nothing heavy no sweat shirt. >> he is one cool dude isn't he. >> yes. >> when you are eight-one.
12:56 pm
>> i got 41-10 eagles. here's your exclusive seven day forecast breezy and cool tore day. 51 degrees is forecast ted high but with the wind it will feel like lower 30's and 40's and still a heavier sleeve out there 52 degrees tomorrow. mostly sunny brisk with the breeze and then clouded tuesday, wednesday, thursday, 57, 60 and 56, the highs wow. >> that is it, it will feel so good. >> it will. >> and finally this afternoon for the 64th straight year small massachusetts town is turning night in today for christmas. they have flipped on the for annual oflife at national shrine of our lady in adelbureau. hates 300,000 lights. during days heating up to christmas they will hole daily mass and confessions and welcomes people of any religion. happiest people in places on hand, and "action news" will continue for you at 5:00 tonight. >> for for chris sowers, tamala edward gray hall and
12:57 pm
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