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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 27, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, back to work in washington as capitol hill is swept up in a storm of sexual harassment allegations. senator al franken breaking his silence. >> i let people down. >> saying he's embarrassed by groping allegations while the longest serving member of congress steps down from his leadership position. a 15-year-old in florida is arrested in connection with the death of his grandmother. but this morning the boy's former nanny is coming to his defense. >> the boy i remember is not capable of anything so horrible. >> the new mystery surround the case. cyber monday. the deals already under way this morning. the retailers promising 50% off and the sales record expected today. health alert, a warning about the danger of mouthwash why rinsing too often is now
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linked to a deadly disease. and dancing with the players. pro football's top athletes get creative. >> he's burping the baby. >> the must see end zone parties shaking up the nfl. they've got some moves. >> we got to up her good morning game. >> next time we'll have a dance. >> electric slide. >> a good monday morning to you all. sorry we don't have a dance for you but we have stories including one starting with congress returning from the thanksgiving break with some sexual misconduct allegations. >> senator al franken says he's going back to work today feeling embarrassed but determined to regain the public's trust and he says that he can still be a champion for women. in the meantime, michigan congressman john conyers is stepping away from his key role on the house judiciary committee
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as he faces harassment claims. senator roy moore got another boost from the president and kenneth moton has all the details. >> reporter: good morning. yes, there's a lot happening in washington. tax reform, a looming government shutdown and, yes, the battle over alabama's senate seat. all of it happening under a cloud of sexual misconduct allegations. this morning president trump is back in washington and focused on tax reform. but he didn't answer questions about whether he plans to campaign for roy moore. the candidate accused of sexual misconduct with minors. >> well, he denies it. if you're talking about -- he said 40 years ago this did not happen. so, you know -- >> reporter: trump tweeted support for moore over the weekend and blasted his opponent doug jones. the last thing we need in alabama and u.s. senate is a schumer/pelosi puppet who is weak on crime, weak on the border. skwoefrns would be a disaster.
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>> more than 20 republican senators are calling for him to quit the race and capitol hill is still reeling from allegations from prominent lawmakers. senator al franken accused of improperly touching four women broke his silence talking to wcco. >> i have a long way back to win back the trust of the people of minnesota. i let people down. >> reporter: an 88-year-old michigan representative john conyers is denying allegations he sexually harassed women on his staff but stepped down as the top democrat on the judiciary committee amid an ethics allegation. trump who still needs to pass tax reform and will head to capitol hill to meet with senators about their version of the bill. >> they're hoping that pass that by this week. kenneth, thank you. president trump is set to be questioning the authenticity of
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the infamous "access hollywood." >> he is heard about his ability to grope women because he is a star. he acknowledged the comments, dismissed them as locker room talk and apologized but now sources say he recently claimed to several advisers that the tape may be fake. there's been no evidence to support that claim. well, the battle over who should lead a consumer watchdog agency created after the 2008 financial crisis is now heading to federal court. the official named director of the consumer financial protection bureau by the man who vacated that position has now filed a lawsuit to block president trump's pick from taking over the agency. the president wants budget director mick mulvaney you see there to fill the interim post. mulvaney is an outspoken critic of the bureau and democrats say he wants to destroy it. breaking overnight in southern california an hour's
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long standoff has come to a violent end. we want to view you some may find this disturbing. >> you can hear someone crying out my baby. people used flash bang devices after he barricaded himself in a car with his 7-month-old. he was holding her hostage with a knife and officers eventually ended up shooting the man after struggling to get the baby out of the car. he later died at the scene and the baby being evaluated at the hospital. a ninth grader from florida is behind bars as a person of interest in the death of a woman believed to be his grandmother. police say 15-year-old logan mott drove his grandmother's car from florida to the canadian border where he was arrested after both were reported missing. 53-year-old kristina french's home had been found ransacked but the teen's former nanny says
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she doesn't believe he's capable of killing. >> the boy i remember is not capable of anything so horrible. i grew to love him as if he were my own grandson. until he prove it beyond any shadow of a doubt i will not believe he had anything to do with it. >> they're waiting for autopsy results on someone buried in a shallow grave before they confirm it's french. experts predicting this willing the biggest online shopping day in history. about 16% more than last year. clothes and electronics expected to be big movers. walmart is heavily promoting headphones and am zone pushing voice assistants like the echo. here's a sample of the discounts that are available. old navy, talbots and cole haan has 40%. express, kenneth coal and the body shop offers 50% off and abc
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news contributor becky worley says it's important to take advantage of deals quickly. >> retail is performing above expectations so there's no reason for these retailers to slash prices to try and cut inventory or get you into the store. >> experts are recommending using a price comparison app or website like to get the best deal and not just clothe and electron ins cheaper today many hotel chains are offering discounts up to 40% on future bookings. time now for a look at your weather on this monday morning. the storm system will bring rain and heavy mountain snow to much of the west. a winter weather advisory in effect for california's sierra nevada mountains where up to a foot of snow is expected. more snow and rain in the rockies despite that it'll be mild and in the high plains with the denver reaching 74 degrees. parts of the midwest will be 15
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degrees above normal. near normal temperatures for the northeast, miami and phoenix in the 80s. 49 in new york. coming up right here, the famous brothers behind the sale of one of america's best-known magazines. first the evacuation is now being ordered with a volcano ready to blow. see how tourists are planning to get out. the nationwide spa franchise ♪ music
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level possible. the volcano spewing ash more than two miles into the air shutting down the main airport stranding thousands of tourists many of them americans now waiting for ferries. the main resorts are about 40 miles from the volcano and not in danger. a texas man charged with attempted murder accused of shooting at two people in the car in the middle of the florida turnpike. he told police somebody had been shooting at him during his trip to texas and thought he recognized the car and reportedly said he was sleep deprived at the time. despite 12 bullet holes the man and his niece who were inside suffered only minor injuries. police opened fire inside a shopping mall in arlington, texas, saying a suspected shoplifter pulled out what appeared to be a gun. shoppers fled the mall and the whole building was evacuated. the gun turned out to be a fake. the man is reportedly in critical condition. two publishing giants preparing to merge. meredith corporation has
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announced it's buying time incorporated for nearly $2 billion. the investment arm of the koch brothers industrial empire is financing nearly one-third of the purchase. meredith hopes to save up to half a billion dollars in costs in the first two years. and there is a new winner at the movies. the animated film "coco" posted one of the best thanksgiving openings ever. >> oh, it's you. you are going to get me in trouble. someone is going to hear me. i wish someone wanted to hear me other than you. >> reporter: it earned more than $71 million, the third best thanksgiving movie opening on record. about $11 million more than "justice league" made this weekend. a pixar and disney movie. former president george h.w. bush reached a new milestone and became the longest living former president in u.s. history. at 93 years and 168 days old he has now surpassed former
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president gerald ford in longevity. jimmy carter isn't far behind. like president bush he was also born in 1924 but four months younger than mr. bush. when we come back the new warning about mouthwash and the health risk it could pose. >> have you been using too much of it. >> i used a little too much. coming up, the bright lights in the sky seen by millions of people. what is it? the new video of a truck slamming into a gym as people were there working out. what we're learning about the driver. hi, mr. powers, thanks for calling unitedhealthcare. hi, i need your help. i've been trying to find a knee specialist... but nobody has an opening for months! uuuggghhh!!! uuurrrggghhh!!! mr. powers? you can't always control your feelings... i found one in-network next tuesday. but choosing unitedhealthcare can help you control your care. thanks, stephanie. i see on your preventive checklist, you're due for a colonoscopy.
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survived their plum at the time to earth. the largest chain of massage salons is accused of sexual assault. one woman says she was traumatized after being assaulted by a therapist and she's now suing. >> i said please go down the hall, knock on that door, get that woman away from him. she said i can't do that. >> the company says it's not libel for sexual assaults that take place at spas because the individual locations are owned by franchises and in many states massage facilities have no legal obligation to report sexual assault claims. in health news a new study warns using mouthwash twice a day could increase your risk for diabetes. researchers say the mouthwash kills beneficial bacteria in the mouth which produces a chemical that helps regulate ibs lynn levels in the body.
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the study found people who used mouthwash at least advertise a day were 55% more likely to develop diabetes than those who used it less frequently. >> okay, so that will be my excuse for bad breath. tobacco commercials are returning to network tv. the major cigarette makers were ordered to run the ads 11 years ago to admit they intentionally lied about the dangers of smoking. but 11 years of appeals and legal maneuvering delayed the release of ads until now. >> more people die every year from smoking than from murder, aids, suicide, drugs, car crashes and alcohol combined. >> the american cancer society calls this a significant moment. the tobacco companies are also running full page newspaper ads in major cities. now frightening moments at a gym near fresno. you see it there. a truck losing control crashing through a wall coming to a stop inside the real fitness gym in
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california there as people were working out. the driver reportedly had a medical condition. amazingly he suffered only minor injuries. no one else was hurt but if they needed help getting the car out of there, i'm sure there are a few folks who were lifting and could just -- >> i pick things up i put them down. >> take a look at sports. sunday night football. >> the packers and steelers were tied when chris boswell hit a 53-yard field goal just as time ran out and steelers won 33-28. >> more highlights. >> i'm john anderson. that's kenny mayne, the green bay packers lost to the steelers. >> i do like the town called los angeles and that team won also. new orleans down 10-0 trying to come back, alvin kamara is going places, to the place of dwelling. 74 yards. he had 188 all purpose yards. a couple of touchdowns. jared goff, looked bad ace
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rookie, looks good in his second year. 354 yards, a couple touchdowns. >> big basketball tournament in portland. finals. duke and florida, baggily iii play lays it in. his team late would take the lead on free throws and florida get off a horribly tough shot to try to tie it. no, coach k wins another game and wins a ton of games. has a thousand of games and a lot of trophies. dan mullen hired as the gators head coach and leaves mississippi state where he won more than most thought possible and returns to florida where he was the o.c. for four seasons, helped them win two national titles and got tim tebow a heisman. tennessee backed out of a memorandum of understanding with greg schiano to be the vols' next football coach. when the news broke tennessee was close to finalizing the deal
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but there was a public outcry citing his connection to penn state during jo paterno and jerry sandusky's time. >> enjoy your news. the newly crowned miss universe. >> we'll's hear from the miss usa contestant with down syndrome blazing tales and inspiring millions. nfl players put on a dance show in the end zone. we'll show you the best so far. , but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill. (avo) and for people with type 2 diabetes treating cardiovascular disease, victoza® is now approved to lower the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. (avo) victoza® is not for people with type 1 diabetes
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miss south africa. the 22-year-old will be given a one-year salary, luxury apartment in new york, a personal wardrobe, invitations to just about every gala and major event and steve harvey -- >> didn't mess it up. >> didn't mess it up. >> didn't mess it up. at the miss minnesota competition event. >> mikaela is the first woman with down syndrome to compete. >> she says being on the stage is her passion. >> it's been fun and i am doing more pageants and my parents are already crying because it's my dream. >> she didn't win the pageant but did take home the spirit of miss usa award. pretty cool. >> inspiring others. it's clear that nfl players are happy with the league's decision to ease rules on celebrating after touchdowns. take, for example, the eagles. >> they marked one of their touchdowns with some bowling, receiver alshon jeffery rolling
4:24 am
a perfect strike knocking his teammates. it's pretty good, actually. >> later the eagles defense got into the act busting out the electric slide after an interception. >> so the vikings were in the holiday spirit on thanksgiving and marked a touchdown with an end zone feast in detroit pretending that they were sitting down for turkey. >> robby anderson went for the nap using football as a pirlo. >> the patriots do not do these celebrations or they had's be in trouble. ♪ then we are told it's braver to go it alone. ♪ but there is another way to live. ♪ a way that sees the only path to fulfillment- is through others. ♪
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country, rain and snow in the west. the weather in the midwest warmer than usual, 54 in chicago and northeast will see typical late november weather. and finally a 12-year-old's tough road to recovery that led him to take center stage at
4:28 am
carnegie hall. >> the piano prodigy survived his battle with cancer. tom llamas has more. >> reporter: a 12-year-old made his carnegie hall debut. ♪ >> reporter: that's daniel coliner from akron, ohio, leading the audience through chopin's "fantasie impromptu." playing piano part of his treatment to beat cancer. >> who would have thought an exercise in just helping him develop normally after just being brought to the brink of death as an infant would amount to this. >> reporter: as an infant he was diagnosed with stage four neu neuroblastoma. at one point his family says he was only given a 25% to live. to keep his brain developing the family says deers encouraging
4:29 am
playing music and once he started he couldn't stop. mastering the piano and even the organ when his feet could barely touch the pedals. ♪ all that practice and the early years of chemotherapy made this moment even more incredible. [ applause ] backstage his parents in tears. >> it's just a miracle he's here today. that's it. not here at carnegie hall. i mean just here with us. >> reporter: even daniel who practices four hours every day couldn't believe it. >> i think it's amazing. i never imagined getting here. >> you just thank god for every moment of every day. truly he has taught us that everyone's life is a gift. every life is a gift. ♪ >> reporter: tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> he is also playing at st. patrick's cathedral. >> wow, it's a miracle he's here as his parents sa
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good morning, it's 4:30 a.m. on this monday, november 27th. >> here's what we're following for you. deadly crash. two people are killed when their cars collide on a south jersey road. >> a ranking member of congress steps down from his leadership post as lawmakers return to capitol hill to work on tax reform. >> and the eagles and the holidays go together like fine wine and cheese. send the bears running back to the woods. >> i have to tell you the last


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