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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 28, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EST

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comfortable, you can put your muffin top in yoga pants. two, caffeine, otherwise it's like -- >> yeah. i feel you. >> babysitters. babysitters are like little overpriced angels sent from heaven, especially if they do the dishes. >> one we're all grateful for. >> online shopping. i might have a problem there, but so do you, don't you? online shopping is the bomb. why would you leave the house if you don't have to? green time. greens are like free basters. >> particularly on 33-hour flights, or doing the cross-country car rides. those screens are useful. >> mom friends. who else will listen to you talk about your kid's diarrhea for 45 minutes. that is true. you have no advice to give when
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you're not a mom. >> texting. >> everybody's favorite since 1999. >> the ability to have a communication with someone so you're not running through the house trying to find a quiet place to have a conversation when you're on the phone. >> parents are thankful for these. >> bathroom door locks. peeing and audiences don't mix. >> going to the bathroom is a spectator sport when you have children for four, five years. >> dry shampoo. >> the ability to look like you washed your hair when you haven't for four, five days. genius. bedtime. husbands who do bedtime and don't leave their socks on the floor. if you find one of those husbands, let me know. >> we're locked down for a reason. >> and kids. i'm so grateful for my kids, what else would i have to
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complain about? >> thanks for watching. you're looking at surveillance video capturing a home invasion that didn't quite go the way this guy planned. it happened in new york, north of new york city. the burglar wearing a bathrobe and slippers had some difficulties as you can tell, squeezing through the window over the kitchen sink. the police are asking for the public's help in tracking down the suspect. too bad we didn't get a good enough look at his face and the lighting wasn't clear enough. and he didn't look at the camera, oh, well. all right, we turn now to the report, alleging sexual
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misconduct at the largest massage chain in the country. ask we're hearing from some of the nearly 200 women who say they were assaulted at massage envy. >> reporter: it's the large els chain of massage salons in the country. >> whether you're looking to relieve stress or pain -- >> reporter: massage envy, a company which has nearly 1200 spas, more than 20,000 massage therapists, $1.3 billion in annual sales and more than 1.6 million members nationwide is reportedly facing allegations more than 180 women were sexually assaulted at its locations. >> the day changed my life. forever. >> reporter: susan ingram says she was assaulted during seventh massage with james dater and she's now suing. >> i was just totally
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traumatized. with sadness, pain, sobbing. >> reporter: as part of her lawsuit, ingram alleges she called the salon after the incident once she got home and then learned dater was with another client but that the salon refused to interrupt the session. >> i said please, go down the hall, knock on that door, get that woman away from him. she said i can't do that. >> reporter: dater is now in jail after pleading guilty to assaulting nine women while working at massage envy. ingram alaenls she was put at risk because massage envy knew of at least one incident prior to her assault. daniel dick is suing for nearly $2 million after she says her massage therapist grabbed her bit hid, put his hands over her mouth and assaulted her. >> i was at a national massage chain, at a massage envy, and you never think something like this is going to happen. >> reporter: in her lawsuit, dick alleges she immediately reported the incident to the desk manager who said the
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massage therapist would be suspended. >> each time i said she needed to call the police, she responded by saying it would be handled again termly. >> reporter: she says she reported it to the police herself, leading to the arrest and conviction. massage envy claims it is not liable for sexual assaults at its franchise spas. >> the allegations in the lawsuit are really, really horrifying. >> reporter: massage envy told abc news each of these incidents are heartbreaking for us. even one incident is too many. we are constantly listening, learning and looking at how we can do more, including how we support franchise locations with best practices in handling these incidents and supporting their clients. helpsy davis, abc news, new york. all right, coming up, we're going to take a look at tech for your pet. the giz wiz is here with the latest gadgets for your furry
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♪ sometimes pet parents need a little help. and tech manufacturers are answering the call. giz wiz's dick debartolo is here with the latest gadgets to keep your furry friends happy, and we have a very special guest with us to demo one of our products. people are probably wondering what's on my shoulder. the answer is, it's a pet bag and guess who's inside! >> it's frank. >> frankster has been hanging out with me. >> there's a little pad in the bottom. mesh to look out. a pocket for your phone or food and an easy way to carry a pet and $18 on amazon. >> it's quite handy. frank, shall we bring frank with us to see the rest of the products. >> absolutely. >> here p here we have something called mud buster. this is not for frank but for
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dogs. >> to clean their paws? >> exact lay. you throw a little water in there, you dip their paws in, shake it around. >> that feels pretty nice, actually, a little massage. >> exactly. and three sizes and $11 and up, small, medium and large. this is really neat. this company said cats don't drink enough water, because they want clean, freshwater. >> they're picky. >> exactly. i think they said they want a menu. so this is the little cat-it fountain. and there are two filters in there so the water circulates. the cats have water to drink from. it's about $25. >> it entices them to drink more it's interesting. >> for $30 they make one twice as high with twice the amount of water. this is neat. this uses fiber optics. >> that's neat. it it's kind of like a grlow stick.
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>> so you are seen and your pet is seen. >> and if you want to go to a race you're laalso prepared. >> this idea is very clever. they're called pet stachion. th they are to put pills in. my dog charlie -- >> they smell like a dog treat. >> yes, they are. my dog charlie likes the bacon ones best. he wolfed down a couple of these. give them one as a treat, then put the pill in and close it and they'll eat it like a treat. >> very tricky. do they have something like this for children, too? >> you could try that. this is invented by a vet. and the vet said that cats like to hunt. so this is a way for the cat to hunt in the living room. you get a trainer. >> frank wants to had hunt.
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. >> you put food in here, when they roll it around, they see, oh, when you push it, food comes out. then you start putting food in the little mice and hide them. and now they have a little game to go around the house, and when they hit the mice over. >> what do you think, frank? >> does he like, you want to see if he wants -- >> he wants the mouse to pet him. >> five mice and a little trainer thing. and that's -- >> i can see how that could be a lot of fun, too, to be able to interact with your pet. these are also great holiday gifts, little stocking stuffers. >> absolutely. i'll be back with holiday stuff. but i thought any one of these is a gift for, and that's a little gift for frankie. >> these are great, and frank very much enjoys his new bag. giz wiz, dick debartolo, it's always great having you. check out giz wiz or wnn >> bye, frankie, bye, frank!
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♪ we'll never be royals ♪ that kind of love just ain't for us ♪ >> true poet there, lourde. >> for one person, she can't be singing that. meghan markle will be a royal. we taking a look at presence charles and lady di. >> let's open up the abc vault for february 1981. this is the vault. >> i can't say they made a big thing out of it here in moscow, but the situation in britain, well, that's something else again. prince charles is getting married. in london, here's abc. >> reporter: prince charles proposed to lady diana spencer three weeks ago, and she
2:56 am
accepted. in a way, it's all in the family. she is a remote cousin of his, and he, like she, is from a very old, aristocratic english family. a perfect match like the diamonds and sapphire of the engagement ring. the future king of edngland sai that he met his bride to be just over three years ago. >> i remember thinking what a very jolly and amusing and attracttive 16-year-old she was. having great fun. full of life and everything. and i don't know what she thought of me, but. >> pretty amazing. >> it's a tremendous change for someone of 19 to make all of a sudden, the transition. >> it is, but i've had a small runup in the last six months. and charles and i can't go wrong. he's there with me. >> marvelous. beautiful. just what we wanted.
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>> i think it's marvelous. ♪ >> reporter: outside buckingham palace today, the scene of britain's monarchy, hundreds of well-wishers gathered while inside, the future king of england and the bride to be, a former kindergarten teacher looked ahead to a summer wedding and all the pageantry that will go with it, bob dike, abc news, london. >> the pageantry hasn't changed. in context, what a beautiful and jolly 16-year-old when he first met her. a little awkward, i'm sorry. >> they were 19 when she got engaged, too. >> that's true, that's true. they made some beautiful kids. we can't wait for the wedding. that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at
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this morning on "world news now," president trump's pocahontas remark. >> it's a comment that instantly went viral. the president making a joke while standing with native-american world war ii heroes. new reaction. ofrmts alabama senate candidate roy moore is back on the campaign trail after days away and is again denying sexual misconduct allegations against him. but this time he's taking a different tone. we'll show you what he has to say next. and breaking overnight, a major delay for hundreds of passengers headed overseas as two planes clipped their wings. the new images just coming in. and it's little announcement you probably heard, you know, just an american moving to london for a new gig. no big deal. we'll have new reaction to harry and meghan engaged on this tuesday, november 28th.
3:01 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> they're engaged? i hadn't heard. >> grace kelly, going to monaco, are we still talking about that one? >> did you see the town cryer? hear ye! >> he's employed again. we have lots to talk about when it comes to harry and meghan. but we're going to start with president trump at the center of another racially-charged controversy. this time sparked by comments at the ceremony honoring native-american war heroes. >> he was paying tribute to navajo code talkers from world war ii when he resurrected his nickname for senator warren, calling her pocahontas. >> reporter: at an event to honor native-american heroes of
3:02 am
world war ii, president trump issued a racially-charged insult, labeling a political fa foe, pocahontas. >> you were here long before any of us were here. although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas. but, you know what? i like you. because you are special. >> reporter: the three navajo heroes, all in their 90s reacted with silence. the venue was new, but the insult is one the president used over and over again during the campaign to attack senator elizabeth warren. who came under fire in 2012 for claiming without any proof to have native-american heritage. >> did you ever hear pocahontas? it's pocahontas, elizabeth warren. >> reporter: the purpose of the event was to honor native-american war heroes. >> why did he feel the need to say something that is offensive
3:03 am
to many people while honoring the navajo code talkers, these jen wen american heroes. >> i think what most people find offensive is senator warren lying about her heritage to advance her career. >> reporter: warren fired back. >> it is deeply unfortunate that the president of the united states cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes, without having to throw out a racial slur. >> she said it was a racial slur. what is your response to that? >> i think that's a ridiculous response. >> reporter: in response to the president's comments, the president of the navajo nation said that he didn't want to get involved in the ongoing feud between the president and senator elizabeth warren, but add, quote, in this day and age, all tribal nations still battle insensitive references to our people. prejudice that native-american peoples face is an unfortunate historical legacy. jonathan karl, abc news, the
3:04 am
white house. >> gop senate leaders looking to pass sweeping tax cut are still scrambling to try to sway members of their own party. they can only afford two no votes. but several others have not yet signed on and a vote is expected this week. to win more support, republicans are considering a mess thur would automatically increase taxes if the legislation fails to generate the promised revenue. members of the senate finance committee emerged from a meeting optimistic about getting a bill to the president's desk by christmas. >> it will be the biggest tax reduction in the history of our country. it will bring jobs. it had briwill bring a lot of i coming into the country, buying product, et cetera. >> the president is heading to capitol hill to continue discussion with senate republicans. a new study says the tax bill will hurt low income americans while benefitting the wealthy. there are new signs that michael flynn is moving toward a
3:05 am
plea deal. sources tell abc news his lawyer met yesterday with robert mueller's team, that may be a sign that he would be a witness in the russia investigation. last week flynn's attorneys told prupts's legal team they would no longer communicate with the white house. that's another indication flynn may be looking for a deal with the prosecution team. alabama republican senate candidate roy moore is speaking out against his accusers, saying sexual misconduct accusations against him are not only flawed but malicious. moore says both parties are attacking him to hide the true issues. >> i'm going to tell you first, this hurts me personally, because besides my wife, my mother and my only daughter, we have five granddaughters, and it hurts to think that people would attack your character like that after 40 years, and it's a
3:06 am
little odd. >> moore also compared his situation to the russia probe. meanwhile, the white house says president trump is too busy to campaign for moore in alabama. that special election is two weeks from today. senator al franken is back on capitol hill, continuing his apology tour. franken says that he is tremendously sorry and trying to hearn from his mistakes. four women accused the minnesota democrat of sexual misconduct, including groping, franken says he is embarrassed, ashamed and even humbled and acknowledged he could not rule out other women coming forward. >> i know there are no magic words that i can say to regain your trust, you know, ask me two weeks ago, would any woman come forward with an allegation hili this. i would have said no. >> franken says he has no plans to resign from the judiciary committee or the senate. public schools in telluride
3:07 am
are reopening after closing because of a possible columbine-type threat. police say one student is in custody, five others are being questioned. they didn't find any devices or weapons. and breaking overnight, a murder suspect who managed to escape from authorities in mt. vernon, missouri didn't get very far. michael jones had attended a court appearance and was being led back to a transport van shackled when he bolted. he was rearrested a short time later les than later less than a mile away, he was booked last year in second degree murder. two wide-bodied jets in a collection at jfk. an egypt plane clipped the wing of a virgin air jet. the plane had to be towed back to the terminal it was so badly
3:08 am
hit. the egyptair plane got back on its own power to the terminal. none of the hundreds of passengers or crew members on board were injured. both planes are grounded for the time being. overseas, a young tourist in australia is recovering after being bitten by a crocodile. video online shows the moment the tourist was bitten. watch how quickly it moves. she later posted a photo of a bite mark on her leg. she was treated at a local hospital and released. >> did the crocodile take the tattoo on her leg to be an animal? >> it was afraid of the wolf! and an airport on bali is closed for a second day because of a volcanic eruption. ash reaching as high as two miles. thousands of tourists are stranded as well as 100,000 people ordered to evacuate. the is out
3:09 am
with its word of the year. >> woo. >> any guesses? >> drum roll. c c covfefe. >> you would think. complicit. >> they have to think played a big role in the year. complicit means choosing to be involved in an illegal or questionable act. they chose complicit, because it showed up in some of the biggest news stories of the year, like kendis was complicit in trying to feed my ryan gosling cutout to frank. >> and diane was complicit in trying to find me guilty of -- >> no. i think, i think they have the definition there. >> as avril levine says, you are very complicit. >> complicated. why do you have to make things so complicated.
3:10 am
we'll work on that. we'll work on that. >> i lost this game. >> you did. miserably. coming up, the royal engagement. >> huh? >> complicit. how prince harry's engagement to american actress, meghan markle is complicit in changing the british royal family. >> no. >> i think it works. what they're saying in their first tv interview. >> oh, boy, this is going to take a while. and later, decking the halls of the white house. see how melania trump is honoring the last 200 years of white house holiday tradition inside her white house. and be sure to check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram. wnn fans. you're watching "world news now."
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so that is meghan markle, along with her new fiance, prince harry. who will make her the first american to officially join the british royal family. >> you don't say. so prince william made history when he married a commoner, kate
3:14 am
middleton. this time, presence harry is rewriting the rule bhooook. >> meghan is not even british. that doesn't matter to harry. he's head over heels. here's terry moran. >> reporter: it's love story made for the movies. meghan markle newly engaged to britain's most eligible bachelor, prince harry. their engagement breaking all the traditional roles of the british monarchy. meghan is divorced, from a mixed race background and an american commoner. starring in "suits" for the past seven seasons. >> i want to get married but really care about what i do. >> reporter: show business is in her blood her father is an emmy-award-winning lighting director. her mother is a yoga instructor
3:15 am
and social worker. >> megan comes from humble beginning. this is one of the most ordinary families we've seen marrying at a high level in the royal family. >> reporter: there was also attention in the tabloids about the fact that meghan has been married before. not long ago, that would have prevented a royal engagement. back in 1936, king edward abdicated the throne because he wanted to marry. prince harry's great grandfather. the scandal immortalized in the film "the king's speech." >> a few hours ago, i discharged my last duty as king and emperor. >> reporter: meghan says she's felt very welcome by the royal family. the official announcement coming from her soon to be father-in-law, presenince charl. she's even met the queen. >> it's incredible. a, to meet her through his lens,
3:16 am
not just with his honor and respect for her as the monarch, but the love that he has for her as his grandmother. >> reporter: meghan's parents also approving of the match despite all the unexpected attention. >> i'm sure at the onat the time, both my parents and close friends were concerned, but they also had never seen me so happy, and i think also once my friends were able to really meet harry and my mom, we spent a lot of time with. he was so much fun. >> meghan's mom is amazing. >> reporter: she will be giving up her acting career for a bigger role on the global stage. . >> as you said, the causes that are very important to me, i can focus even mosh energy. >> it's not easy for anybody. whatever we have to tackle individually or together will always be us as a team. >> reporter: the wedding will take place sometime this spring. royal watchers wondering if they will hold out for a late spring
3:17 am
wedding after the duchess gives birth to their third child in april. >> i think, you know, one step at a time. we'll start a family in the near future. >> reporter: terry moran, london. >> how cute. >> they're glowing. >> you know who's excited about this? >> everyone. >> everyone is excited. but black marijuanamericans ark we're going to the royal family. we got us a black princess, y'all, you really can't tell me a damn thing for the rest of the day because it won't matter. >> and the eagles. >> that's how black twitter reacted to the announcement. dunn, dunn, dunn, dunn, dunn. >> doo, doo, doo, doo. >> do you think there will be a line dance at the royal wedding now that there's a black --
3:18 am
>> i shush houre hope so. i know the cupid shuffle if it happens. and by the way, i feel very grateful i was able to buy my dress for the occasion. so harry, meghan, we're ready, ready to go. coming up in the next half hour, the road hazard that can only happen this time of year. see how police stepped in to solve this one. >> but first, the people's house is in the holiday spirit with the first lady opening the doors to show off all of the halls and all of the decorations. that's next on "world news now."
3:19 am
3:20 am
♪ washington is getting into the christmas spirit. check out the capitol christmas tree, arriving all the way from montana. the tree lighting ceremony there is set for next week. >> that's always a pretty one on the capitol. so down pennsylvania avenue about a mile, the first lady is showing off the decorations at the white house. >> mrs. trump started planning back in june for this. the theme is time-honored
3:21 am
traditions as a nod to the previous 200 years of white house holidays. >> there are dozens of signature christmas wreaths, 53 christmas trees in all. more than 12,000 ornaments, 31,000 cookies, by the way. >> now we're talking. >> and the gingerbread house weighs weighs 200 pounds. >> so will i after i eat it. >> the christmas tree in the blue room all the way to the top. >> and fake snow and ballerinas dancing to the nutcracker suite. >> first lady walked through several rooms filled with children. she reaches out her hand and one kid says huh-uh, i'm going for a hug. he says, you hook like look lik. >> merry christmas at the white house. >> we'll be right back.
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ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪ okay. it is time for your tuesday mix, and we're going to start with something a little trippy or a lot trippy. you know, there are some people who take psychedelic drugs. we're not going to judge them, but you know who you are, to try to get, you know, into a different world. >> that might be right now. >> might be watching us right now. which, if you're tripping while watching us, wow. okay, so, anyway, in edge la en they have an experience of hallucination that you would get from tripping on mushrooms. >> you feel like you're tripping without actually tripping. >> exactly. so puts you through this 360-degree panoramic sort of
3:26 am
sense of what it is like to be tripping in this environment. but, except you don't have the drugs or the hallucinogenics. >> this doesn't look very fun. >> this is a normal little courtyard, but hard lly when yo are tripping on the themes. . >> you see puppies everywhere. >> you see light? >> that one's walking. i don't like that. let's move on. most people go out and try to find the prettiest christmas tree they can. >> yes. >> one user on reddit decided to have the opposite mission, to find the ugliest christmas tree they possibly could. mission accomplished. >> ooh. >> they said the tree was so ugly, it cost them $10. they say i'd like to think that we gave the ugly duckling a chance. >> wait, they paid $10 for that? >> yeah, they did. >> they got ripped off at the
3:27 am
corner store. >> charlie brown's like, yes! i no longer have the ugliest tree. how about the ugliest burger, there's a pizza burger that has been introduced in japan. it is a margarita-style pizza burger. you see it there. it features bread crumbed, deep fried block of gooey mozzarella cheese, hamburger bun. >> like a burger with two giant mozzarella sticks on it. i'm in. >> okay. >> did you bring me one? >> no. >> okay. over to a dog making the best of things. he was surprised with twins who he says can get a little crazy, but rather than get overwhelmed he decided to totally embrace the crazy with photographs. here are his twins, he
3:28 am
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this morning on world nows now, as prince harry put it, the stars were aligned. he and meghan markle are engaged to be married. we have new reaction plus a look at meghan's family here at home. new this half hour, fears over a possible north korean missile strike are prompting the state of hawaii to update its siren system. it has not been used since the cold war. this half hour, the new numbers just in. >> cyber monday was a blockbuster. but there are more days ahead to save big. we'll let you know what savvy shoppers need to know about. and a message from snooki and the situation. it is tuesday, november 28th.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." something special when you get to report on the royals and the jersey shore cast in the same headline. >> yes, it is "world news now." but i am looking at all the uk papers, and they're all like aglow. the "sun" newspaper saying "she's one" and "she just tripped and fell into my life". that's sort of how people think when they get on tinder. >> this withinone's quoting har. the stars were all aligned. this beautiful fell into my life. >> and the guardian newspaper saying the mps are angry over the brexit. they're clearly excited about meghan. way down there, there's a tiny article. >> a royal wedding like no other. we're seeing a little rivalry here? we're going to compare one brother's wedding to the other? >> can't wait. that is our top story.
3:32 am
we're excited about it. >> luckily, meghan markle is used to be in the spotlight. otherwise this might have been a little difficult for her. but she did make her debut alongside prince harry at first american to become a member of the royal family. abc's terry moran has more on that. >> reporter: hand in hand, they stepped into the sunken garden at kensington palace. prince harry and meghan markle almost giddy it seemed. >> how are you guys feeling? meghan, how are you feeling? >> reporter: and later, they talked about the big moment harry popped the question. >> it happened a few weeks ago. earlier this month. here at our cottage. a standard, typical night for us. >> a cozy night. we were roasting chicken. >> chicken. >> and it just an amazing surprise. it was so sweet and natural and very romantic.
3:33 am
he got on one knee. >> of course. >> was it an instant yes from you? >> yes, as a matter of fact i could barely let him finish proposing. i said, can i say yes now? >> reporter: for months they've been the focus of rumors and speculation, but they just seemed like two young people happy in love. >> at the end of the day, she chooses me. i choose her. and therefore, you know, whatever, whatever we have to tackle together or individually we'll always be us together as a team. so i think, i think she's -- >> so nicely said, isn't it? >> reporter: and meghan seems ready to become one of the family, talking about meeting queen elizabeth who gave her blessing and speaking about her own family. >> are they worried at all about the state of what you're getting into? >> i'm sure the onset, both my parents and close friends were concerned because we got very quickly swept up in a media storm that was not part of my life before that. but they also had never seen me
3:34 am
so happy. >> her mom's amazing. >> reporter: they remember how they met last year. >> it was definitely a setup. it was a blind date. and i didn't know much about him. and so the only thing that i had asked her when she said she wanted to set us up, one question, is he nice? >> i'd never heard of meghan before, and i was beautifully surprised when i walked into that room and saw her and there she was sitting there, i thought i have to up my game. >> reporter: all of that leading up to that proposal and that ring. >> the ring is obviously yellow gold, because that's her favorite. and the main stone itself a source from botswana, and the little diamonds either side are from my mother's jewelry collection, to make sure that she's with us on this crazy journey together. >> mm-hm. it's beautiful, and he designed it. it's incredible. i think everything about harry's
3:35 am
thoughtfulness is, and the inclusion of that and obviously, not being able to meet his mom, it's so important to me to know that she's a part of this with us. >> reporter: the palace has announced that the wedding will take place sometime next spring. that's a busy time for the royal family. prince william and kate are expecting their third baby in april. so the royal wedding is on a schedule for may. terry moran, abc news, kensington palace, london. >> you have the queen's birthday celebration that takes place in june and in april. >> their social calendar is very full. there's a lot going on. you have to schedule that. >> but we had this debate here in the newsroom. is she the first american royal? does wallace simpson, is she considered an american royal? >> great granduncle's wife whom he left the throne for to marry.
3:36 am
she was an american divorcee as well. she did receive the term duchess, but she was never welcomed into the royal family. it wasn't really a royal wedding, so. >> exactly, so this will be the first american in a royal wedding? >> we're giving this careful analysis. >> we have plenty of time to talk about it. it does appear north korea may be betting -- getting ready for another nuclear test. >> japan has received signals that suggests another test in the next few days. north korea has been relatively quiet since mid september but it has been picking up since the president put the country on the list of terror sponsors. >> well, with all of this happening, hawaii is preparing for the worst. the aloha state is installing
3:37 am
a nuclear alert warning system. sirens will alert residents that a missile is heading toward them. the test will continue once a month for the foreseeable future. tv and radio announcements are being prepared to tell people what to do in the event of a nuclear strike. president trump is under fire this morning for a comment he made at an oval office ceremony for native american war veterans. >> the president honored navajo code talkers who were critical to the u.s. victory in world war ii. but in the ceremony he started talking about senator warren, calling her pocahontas, a name he's used on the campaign trail to bash warren for her claim to be native-american. >> we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas. >> well, senator warren fired back, saying she couldn't believe the comment, calling it a distraction from the issue. gop leaders are working on changes to the tax cut package that may get some republican holdouts on board. they are considering a provision
3:38 am
that would ought kmat matically increase taxes if revenue wasn't generated as expected. that would address fears about a ballooning deficit, but some republicans have different concerns. two say they won't vote for the bill as-is. president trump is meeting with senators today and hoping to hold a vote this week. alabama republican senate candidate roy moore is promising a tough fight in the final weeks of the campaign. moore's campaign has been plagued by accusations of sexual misconduct with teenaged girls. he told a rally last night the charges are false, and he compared his situation to the russia probe, and he says he doesn't know any of the women who are accusing him. >> as a former judge and prosecutor, i know the seriousness of charges like this, and they should be serious. if it happens. when a young lady is abused and i've represented many victims in cases such as this, i have not seen one who wants her picture posted on national tv,
3:39 am
especially in a political advertisement. >> moore says democrats and the republican leadership oppose his religious-themed politics and are trying to hide the true issues facing the country and the state of alabama. well, senator al franken is apologizing once again for those allegation of sexual misconduct. the minnesota democrat returned to capitol hill, vowing to regain the trust of the people he serves and his colleagues. franken says he's embarrassed and ashamed. and humbled. four women have accused him of inappropriate sexual contact and is facing an ethics investigation. and we're learning about a close call between a navy plane and a russian jet. the navy plane had an unsafe interaction over the black sea. the jet crossed 50 feet in front of the navy plane with its afterburners on causing violent turbulence. the interaction lasted for 24 minutes. police outside of boston
3:40 am
have posted a friendly reminder of how not to transport your christmas tree. >> yeah, the sudbury, massachusetts police department posted this photo. it looks like a scene out of national lampoon's christmas vacation. >> is that so wrong? >> it is. >> the car is engulfed in greenery. blocking the car's rear and passenger window, even most of the license plate. if you're just going forward, there's nothing wrong with this. >> no, it's so unsafe, what if you have to apply the brakes. the tree's going to fly forward and hit the car in front of you. you can't see anything. also. >> don't stop. >> the capitol building already has a christmas tree. rockefeller center already has a christmas tree. the white house already has all 53 trees, where are they putting this massive tree? coming up in "the skinny," the big news for jersey shore fans. >> plus the holiday alert for holiday shoppers.
3:41 am
your next time to save big. we'll tell you which days you need to know about for good deals. and the holiday light display that fans are loving, neighbors not so much. >> that's where the tree's going. first, here's a look at today's forecast. forecast.
3:42 am
3:43 am
3:44 am
so this could end up being the last christmas for this holiday tradition in a neighborhood in fairfield, connecticut. check out this display. incredible. well, the neighbors don't think so. the connecticut post reports complaints about heavy traffic and parking restrictions from neighbors could force the holwell family to turn off their 300,000 lights for good. so they've been doing this for 18 years now. but last year, the display drew 30,000 visitors, not counting those who just drove by without stopping. so it's clogging up the neighborhood a bit. neighbors are pissed. but what if they put in a tollbooth and the whole community could make money and then they'd be all like, yay, let's get the lights out. >> until you get all the drones flying above and skipping the
3:45 am
tolls. >> there's that. the numbers are in. cyber monday, we told you would be the largest sales day. and it was. >> shoppers spent more than $6.5 billion. that's a billion more than last year. the other big change, shopping by smartphone reached an all-time high. 40% of shoppers were using their phone to search for or buy an item. >> next month we'll be telling you about all those people who got hacked on their cell phone. >> i missed it. >> i missed it as well. but now that cyber monday is history, here are the next deals for you. >> i'm listening. next time i'm going to get it right. >> it's travel deal tuesday. they need to work on that name. when travel deals spike. travel demand is low right now. so airlines want to appeal to people who haven't yet planned their winter get aways. also, green monday, december 11, like on cyber monday, be on the lookout for major discounts. and finally, december 15th, that's free shipping day, at
3:46 am
least 1,000 retailers are offering free shipping and delivery by christmas eve, but i thought a lot of them did that anyway for cyber monday and, for -- you can book me a flight while you're at it. >> travel tuesday. >> it needs work. travel deal tuesday. >> you got this. when we come back, two words, jersey, shore. >> "the skinny's" next. >> oh, you nailed that one. an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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3:48 am
♪ ♪ get crazy ♪ get loud ♪ let's party ♪ get loud ♪ if you want to have fun do something ♪ >> breaking, breaking, breaking skinny news straight from the garden state parkway, is that the one on the east coast? mtv just announced that the jersey shore gang is getting together for family vacation. >> snooki, and mike the situation will be returning
3:49 am
sometime in 2018. and just in case you forgot who these people are, let's take a look back at some of their best antics. >> tee shirt time? >> tee shirt time. >> oh, yeah, wakeup. >> what is your name? >> situation. >> huh? >> situation. >> i put water on my face. ah, we got grenades, man. >> so sammy sweetheart is the only male cast member who isn't coming back. the show ran for six seasons and spawned a number of spinoffs as well. but this is one of those shows i thought it was so dumb, i couldn't believe people watched it and one day mtv had one of those marathons and it was just on. and the next thing i knew, seven hours had passed and there i was watching the "jersey shore." so i have to say, i'm a little bit excited.
3:50 am
>> they call it family vacation, because a lot of them have families now. >> that's the thing. they're grown now, some of them say they don't drink anymore, they don't do any of the things they did on the show. it will be interesting to see how the jersey shore crew has grown-up. maybe they'll revert back. >> we need some fighting, drunkenness. >> i don't know if we'll get that. we'll see. speaking of people who haven't aged, jenny from the block is going from fly girl to guess girl. check her out in this 2018 guess campaign ad. at 48, she is the oldest guess girl but looking phenomenal. >> she rocked several guess looks in her video. you're watching, listening to it right now. it came out earlier this month. the outfits included a crop top we're told with the guess logo as you can see. and a little jumper. >> i wonder if she was trying to sort of send some subliminal messages or audition for the role by rocking guess.
3:51 am
hey, guys. you think i'd make a great guess girl? >> in her next video, she'll be rocking something else. gap or something else. it's a beautiful day for the band. u2's latest album is a hit even though it hasn't been released yet. "rolling stone" magazine announced songs of experiences number three on the best of 2017 list. >> this isn't the first time the magazine added a band to the best-of list without hearing the work first. this happened in 2014 when "songs of innocence" was declared number one so the magazine has heard the music, we have not. katy perry got a little carried away in salt lake city when she accidently hit the fan in the face with an inflatable eyeball. >> hit the concert-goer right in
3:52 am
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lysol. what it takes to protect. ♪ love and marriage ♪ love and marriage ♪ go together like a horse and carriage ♪ ♪ this i tell you brother ♪ you can't have one without the other ♪ >> ah, yes. it's a new theme for "married with children." different found tape as well. britain's prince harry changing the course of history by asking meghan to marry him. >> meghan markle is a commoner, an american, a divorcee, but there's a lot more to do with her family. that song has a little something to do with it. >> reporter: she's the 36-year-old american actress who stole prince harry's heart. >> you told me you were going to sign the letter. >> reporter: that means meghan
3:56 am
markle's family is bringing new american flair. to her royal in-laws. her mother is a yoga quinn strucker and social worker, her father is an emmy-award winning lighting director. she often posts throwback photos with her parents on social media. >> sheila be -- she will be the first biracial princess. >> i think that is a fascinating development. >> reporter: she has a half sister and half brother on her father's side though she reportedly isn't close with her siblings. though her parents split when she was 2 she is close with them, telling vanity fair, i never saw them fight, we would still take vacations together. my father and i would watch jeopardy. eating dinner on tv trays, the three of us. we were still so close-knit. the actress even grew up on tv sets, often visiting her father on the set of "married with children." her parents had been supportive of her wanting to act. saying my father knew how hard it was for an actor trying to get work. he was so proud that i was able to beat odds. >> meghan's family is a very
3:57 am
ordinary family, an i have working class family. she's had to herself do many jobs in order to support herself as she's becoming an actress. >> reporter: and meghan reveals more of herself in this rapid-fire q&a originally filmed for "suits". >> favorite pizza topping. >> chili peppers. >> your favorite phone app. >> heads up. >> how long can you last without your phone. >> a scene. >> reporter: a true american success story. but in the past, someone with meghan's background would not have been able to marry into the royal family. >> she's a divorcee. and in the history of the royal family that has been a big problem. >> reporter: she has been enough to win over the royal family and her future husband prince harry. >> a little fun trivia. up to sixth in line for the throne has to ask the queen's permission. harry's number six. so
3:58 am
♪ music guys, i'm good. say goodbye to distractions. now you can last longer with new k-y duration spray.
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the white house fights back against claims that president trump's pocahontas remark during a ceremony to honor native american vets was a racial slur. >> we have a representative in congress, they call her pocahontas. but you know what, i like you. >> this as the president makes a new push for tax cuts and the plan they say would hurt poor americans than first thought. breaking news. a 3-year-old girl missing reportedly abducted from her bed. her mother's desperate plea. >> please bring her back and i love her. >> where police are searching for the young girl. license fight of the a judge rules whether a doctor can keep her medical license even though she won't use a computer. >> the american


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