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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  November 28, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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hello again, here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. the brother a homeless man beaten to death in philadelphia talks about the pain they are going through now. >> and two teens hit on a bucks county road and the driver took off. and nick lachey is helping police to find the person that killed a bartender in his home town. and police were on the scene where a body of a woman has been found. this is along the 200 block of south 49th street. we are following the story as it unfolds in south philadelphia. and we are live at the scene the body of a woman located here on south 49th street. you see the police cruiser there as the investigation continues to unfold look for updates here and online at from west philadelphia. in other news philadelphia police have made two arrests in deadly beating of a homeless man
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but are looking for more suspects, surveillance cameras captured the moments surrounding the attack on sunday night. now the victim's brother is speaking out. >> reporter: the victim kevin cullen grew up in may fair and people still know his family and i spoke to one of his brothers today that described the devastation the family is now feeling. 57-year-old kevin cullen was the fourth of six children and tom cullen says he was very loved. >> he got holder and was my right hand man. >> kevin cullen was assaulted sunday evening in may fair and died at the hospital early monday morning and police believe a group of teens are behind the attack. they had two in custody but today said there are no arrests. >> he was viciously assault bid a pack of youths. they beat him into unconsciousness from which he never recovered. >> police were called to the
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4200 block of lauering street for a robbery and officers found cullen lying on the ground unconscious and the seconds before the brutal beating they were caught on surveillance video and cullen calling out before it was cut out. >> they ran away laughing like it was funny and said we got him. >> they hit him so hard into the wall i felt it in my house. >> since his father passed away 11 years ago kevin had a particularly difficult time and had his demons but was in his family's hearts. >> we didn't see him too often he came in and out of our lives, he was not abandoned and not unloved. he was loved deeply. >> one teen had a gray camouflage jacket anybody with tips is asked to call the homicide division. police in lower southhampton
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are searching for a hit and run driver that struck two 18-year-olds on the road last night. they were hit around 8:15 on street road. and the victims were a male and female and believe the suspect was driving a late 90s model pickup truck with a ladder rack and he stopped briefly and then took off. both victims remain at the hospital and the woman is listed in kriltcal condition and it's man's condition is unknown. anyone with information is asked to call police. meek mills lawyers filed an emergency motion to get him out of jail on bail. the motion contends that the judge that sentenced the rapper has not responded to any post sentencing appeals, mill was sentenced this month to two to four year in prison for violating probation on a roughly decade old gun case.
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and this after al sharpton met with mill in prison in chester. we have another great day and lots of sunshine at this hour. we started off chilly and definitely warming up. sky 6 hd showing you the center city skyline at lunch time. accuweather says if you like today you'll love tomorrow. meteorologist, david murphy, on the terrace no heavy coat. >> coming out on a suit coat across the region and barely a cloud in sight. and looking at numbers you see how they are responding to a nice southerly flow today. and the closest cloud cover that swept through at dawn is way up by toronto and we expect sunny skies the rest of the way. we slipped to 49 in reading but you'll coming up a few more degrees and philadelphia 60 will be easy to achieve.
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nice and mild and not much wind either and helping the feel of things. the winds 8 miles per hour coming up from the southeast and calm now in cape may. we are not expecting the winds to be all of that bad at all. this model has us stopping at 58 where we are right now and we'll get up to 60 by 3:00 and fall to 53 by 6:00. look at how we even out 49 for a good portion of the overnight and we are probably only going down to an overnight low of 44 or something like that in philadelphia. speaking of mild, a lot of warm air out in cincinnati and places like st. louis and memphis and it gets cooler back by omaha, that is the next front coming through and as it passes, it cools us down and won't make ugg dramatically chilly. i'll have the seven-day forecast and where the number goes for the weekend. not too soon to talk about that.
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when we come back inside we'll see if there say chance of a chilly shot in the seven day. >> thank you. in washington, president trump is expected to visit capitol hill today to discuss his tax plan with senate leaders, senate republicans have less than three weeks to get the bill passed and on to the president's desk. senate republicans have raises concerns. the latest estimate is that it will hit lower income americans the hardest and in 10 years middle income americans will be worse off as well. and indications that the former national security adviser, michael flynn may be trying to make a deal with robert mueller, he faces jail time for lying -- >> the early supporter of president trump. now it appears that michael
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flynn may be making a deal as flynn faces the prospect of jail time and he and his son could be prosecuted. on monday morning flynn's lawyer met with the special counsel's team. and the president has supported flynn in the past. >> don't think he did anything wrong if anything he did something right. >> defending him even after he was forced out for lying about his contacts with the russians. >> and former fbi director, james comey said that the president in private asked him to let the russian investigation go. >> he wantsed me to drop any investigation into the account of flynn's interactions witness russians. >> and now they believe that flynn is ready to talk. they recently cut off communication with the white house and general flynn certainly has a story to tell. and wants to tell it should the
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circumstances permit. >> the special counsel is expected to question another long time member, white house mune cases director hope hicks. you put that credit to work yesterday scouting out the cyber monday deals and now delivery drivers are preparing to work in overdrive to get the packages to your doors in the coming week and we caught up with mail driver berman this morning. they will deliver 14 million pieces of mail including 850 million packages. merman says over the past three years the postal services saw a 40% increase in packages because of cyber monday. >> big big increase, i think the internet is taking over and retail stores, people going in and buying but more online. the convenience of crick click and it arrives after your doorstep.
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>> the postal service expanded sunday deliveries for the season. more ahead on "action news" at at 12:30. the female manager of an ohio bar is shot and the search is on for the gunman. the owner of the business is a well known singer trying to help police. and holiday lights are nice but if they disupt an entire neighborhood do people get upset?
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a convenience store collect in california stood up to an armed robber. the robber walked into the 7-eleven yesterday morning in n san diego and pulled out a gun and demanded money. and he said to. >> i said i'm not taking money out. you can take something out of store. >> he went to leave and demanded his i.d. and he said no and then he took off. an avid hiker is safe 13
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miles from where she was lost. the woman suffers from dementia and was reunited with her family after being found at a local restaurant. the woman told reporters she was walking and couldn't give back. pop singer, nick lachey issued a plea for help. asking the public to help find the gunman that shot the manager at his cincinnati bar on thanksgiving. >> we know nick and drew lachey from the boy band 98 degrees but they appeared in an. and e show about the bar. and now this morning a growing mystery that has the brothers asking for the public's help. early thanksgiving morning at 3:00 a.m. the manager of that bar, ely rich ard son was shot
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in the face leaving the bar. >> it's hard to say if there say relationship between the suspect and victim. it's a rare incidents. the area where this bar is located. >> police are searching for the man driving this van. they say he started to yell at the 27-year-old and as she approached the window he opened fire severely injured her. >> a male african-american in his 20s and slight build wearing glasses and a slight beard seen driving a maroon conversion van. richardson is the mother of a 3-year-old boy and is in stable condition and her brother telling abc news she is making progress every day. >> ely lights up any room she is in. she is a fighter for sure. >> and this morning nick lachey turning to his twitter followers to find the attacker. ely is the brightest light and will find a way to shine through
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the darkness anyone with information help us find justice. well, not everyone is feeling the holiday cheer when it comes to elaborate christmas decorations, a neighborhood controversy is brewing in brooklyn over this dazzling display. the annual tradition say hot spot for locals and tourists, the lights are so elaborate that even tour buses roll in and they keep watch over the traffic over the coming weeks and the neighbors are complaining that the visitors are blocking their driveways and honking their horns. the there are new rules this year the lights have to go off at midnight. >> what about this guy's electric bill? pretty high. coming up normal check of your accuweather forecast. >> and this is the ben franklin parkway from the city hall camera. david murphy has an update on the mild accuweather forecast.
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topping our people scene bruce springsteen is the boss of broadway. the singer announced that he is extending the broadway show in june. the tickets for the new springsteen broadway show goes on sale next month and fans that have already tried to get tickets and registered with the fan verified service are eligible to purchase them. i do this to try to do as much as possible. >> you sit here and realize the stakes -- >> the final year goes inside of the last 12 months of barack obama's white house and state department tells the store why i have the inner workings of the obama administration, the document hits theaters and home video on january 19th. >> david is back with another check of the accuweather forecast. we have bright sunshine out there. >> lots of sunshine and also certainly getting mild across the region, as we take a look at
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stormtracker 6 live double scan we have to rain and in the same view, sky 6 hd showing you plenty of fine and there you see radar is backing up the idea that there is no precipitation. we look at temperatures, first of all giving your forecast highlights. said sunny and mild and tomorrow mild again but breezier and thursday cooler. 58 degrees currently in philadelphia. winds from the south-southeast at 8 miles per hour. and spin those around and become more southerly into the afternoon and should help out that number in spots where it is cooler and 58 is close to the high in philadelphia and i think we may add a degree or two before we are done. 49 in allentown unthese are one of the cooler areas and spin these winds around from the south and bounce them up a bit. and 51 in reading and 54 in wilmington and trenton and 59 in millville and 60 in dover and 56 in cape may. satellite showing you cloud
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cover sweeping through earlier this morning and got off the coast and evaporated and now the closest cloud cover is on the other side of toronto. and bright sunshine in store for us the rest the way as a result. and we'll go 62 in wilmington and millville. and up north 54 in allentown and reading and 58 in trenton and 58 degrees down the shore in cape may. here is how the numbers roll the rest of wait 2:00, 59p the high around 60 at 3:00, and 58 at 4:00 and light winds and sunshine for the rest of the afternoon and the sun goes down and we cool a bit. 47 by 8:00 and by 10:00 done to 44, and we sit close to that for an afternoon low because of the southerly flow overnight and bumping up over the descending temperature and keeping that from going lower and sunny and mild in the afternoon. the mild stretch continues for the rest of the work week and
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you see in the seven day the way the numbers come down a bit. and most of the days ahead are a little bit above average. and the cooler air locked in with the jet stream. and a trough by sunday. and this is a great day to get out and get the christmas lights up. some start to go up in my neighborhood. i say that because it's sunny and mild and there are light wins. and tomorrow is a mild day and temperatures have a tendency to fall in the afternoon and it's breezier so better to get up on that roof and put the reindeer in this afternoon versus tomorrow afternoon. all right, 60 is today's high and mostly sunny and milder and a nice afternoon. tomorrow sunny and milder breezier and a high of 62 early with the temperatures falling a bit in the afternoon. thursday clouds and sun and cooler and 54. and rain thursday night and not a whole lot, it's done by the
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time you wake up. friday partly sunny and 52. for the coming weekend sun and clouds and it dips a bit. high of 50 and that is not all that far off the average high for this date and this week. and we get back up to 53 on sunday. think there may be a shower e popping up and we'll keep you posted on that as we get closer. and no real big cold snap in our future. >> it thanks david. the duchess of cambridge has commoned publically fors first time of the engage. of prince harry and meghan markle. she spoke today visiting the founding museum. the news comes not too long after kate and her husband prince william announced their third babe in april. >> we are thrilled. and really happy time for any couple and we wish them all the best and they enjoy the happy
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news. >> i tried to warn -- prince harry and markle, an american ac stress met through a friend and they plan to wed at windsor castle. and the engage many created what some call the meghan markle effect and it sparked huge sales like kate middleton did years ago and still does today. >> reporter: the meghan effect in full force as the princess to be steps into the spotlight wrapped in a sheik coat by line the label over a green dress. and the fashion frenzy intensifying as the website for her belted white jacket crashed in less than an hour and the coat renamed the meghan retails for $600. and the world taking notice of the future royals bare legs
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typically a big faux pas and the queen is sporting stockings for 91 years and kate follows suit the young duchess rarely scene without panny hose. with meghan's an oversight or a statement from the laid back california girl. >> like to look polished or put together but an effortless quality to it being from l.a. >> she sat down during fashion week and spoke about about her tips. >> the most important thing is tailoring. if it fills you to a tee, you look a million times better and so many people try to jump on to a trend. not every trend is right for you. >> and during a spring 2017 collaboration for canadian department store, which featured
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align dresses inform $100. and this button down and denim look created a hoopla, because of the ripped jeans andcate opts for more conservative looks with budget friendly looks and her go too favorite. the sensible closed toe pump from a.k. bennett. and the first american to take on the princess role since grace kelly from monica. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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if you spit blood you may have gum problems,s and could be on the journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste. closing in on the 1:00 hour lets get a check from meteorologist, david murphy.
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>> we are getting up into the mid to upper 50s and not a lot of wind and lots of sun. wind 6 to 12 miles per hour on average and right now not anything as high as 12. 60 is your high in philadelphia and not surprising to have spots 61's and 62's. and down the shore a couple of 61's and light wind and get out and enjoy. >> why not thank you. that will do it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> i'm rick williams we'll see you later right here.
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