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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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vanished in 1975. bob brooks live now in stafford township. you have the full story -- >> reporter: well jim, the investigation as you can see brought us deep into the woods tonight and the fbi is hopeful this is where they will make a break in this case. i want to step out of the way and show you this is where the fbi is going back to dig sites, that piece of tape hanging on the tree. we start with the view from the sky earertoday. >> from chop 6 we watches as dozens of fbi came into stafford township. tucked back in the woods they woing for hours and a line of vehicles left at 4:30 the investigation wrapped up. they said it's part of a potential break a case of two missing boys from 1975. it's report that back in april
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1975, the boy were last seen nar their residence at 4:00 p.m. they were heading home after playing at a ball field. >> that is maybe margaret daily this is chilling news and likes toalk her dog back in the woods. >> and people that walk their dogs or running that come across pretty tragic circumstances. >> once the investigation wrapped up before it got dark we were able to look at what they were doing in th woods, they were digging up a few areas, one of them behind me the ground is overturned and then i want to show you a second dig site it gives you a good idea how they were going about their business and this one is next to a stream and also stray paint that outlines the area they were focusing in on. we are waiting for word on what they were focusing in on. the pictures show what the two
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boys may look like today. we'll wait and see if anything is recovered. >> the fbi was using the path to get to the dig sites. now we have to wait and see what if anything was recovered. reporting live bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a trash truck struck and killed a cyclist in center city philadelphia this morning. it happened at 7:25 at 11th and spruce. chopper 6 hd was overthe scene as police spoke with the driver of the private sanitation truck. police say that the 24-year-old victim was taken to jefferson hospital where she was pronounced dead. the woman's identity has not been released. pending family notification. it's unclear still in the driver will be charged. police tonight are trying to track down the driver of a pickup truck that struck two pedestrians last night in bucks county on street road in the area of fillmont avenue.
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the hit and run driver fled along street road into ben salem. john rawlins is live in lower southhampton police. what is the latest here? >> reporter: well, a half hour ago the police released photos of the kind of vehicle that they may may have been involved in the hit and run and they believe it was a 1992 to 199 7 ford f 250 pickup truck red with a ladder and missing a side mirror and broken passenger side headlight the result of hitting two 18-year-olds and leaving a young woman in critical condition. >> next door neighbors cathy and fred clayton watches the female victim grow up and are praying for her recovery, they want the hit and run driver and those that know something to know something. >> jess is a very good and
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righteous girl. that she would want them to do the right thing. that she would forgive them. >> it was shortly after 8:00 last night when a pick up traveling eastbound on street road hit two 18-year-olds they were returning home after buying ice-cream at a nearby wawa. the girl was badly injured and the boy less so. as for the pick up driver. >> he helps the male pedestrian victim, carry the female over to the side of the road and then he jumps in the truck and leaves. >> he renders assistance he does the right thing initially. >> as little as he could have gotten away with but initially he did the right thing. and then doesn't do the right thing, he leaves. >> does he say anything? >> not that i am aware of now. >> all that remained on the highway were tire marks and paint markings. police are looking at camera sit
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tims near and far. we have tips on this already and we are sending guys to investigate the tips and from businesses that are farther away maybe the off chance he pulled over and made a phone call or anything like that. we'll try to capture this guy on video. >> again, the south hamilton township police asking for the public's help to find the driver who fled is a 1992 to 1997 fort f 250 with damage to the passenger side particularly the mirror would be missing and damage to the passenger side headlight. live in feasterville, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. sources are telling "action news" tonight that a man is in custody for allegedly killing his girlfriend. the victim who is in her 20s was found in a lot near the suspect's apartment complex on south 49th street in west philadelphia this morning. the suspect apparently told his parents about the crime and alerted police to the body.
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and investigators are trying to notify the victim's family. philadelphia police are searching for more suspects in the wake of a robbery that turn nood a homicide once the victim was declared dead at jefferson torresdale hospital. sara bloomquist is live on the 4200 block of may fair tonight. sara, what is the story? >> jim a memorial is growing here at the spot where 57-year-old kevin cullen was so badly beaten he later died from his injuries. cullen grew up here in may fair and was well known around the neighborhood and his brother told us he will be sorely missed as the police work to identify the teenager that assaulted him. >> posters and flowers mark the spot where 57-year-old kevin cullen was so brutally sauled he suffered injuries he would not survive. police believe a group of teenagers targeted cullen with
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the intense of robbing him and they were stunned this could happen in the neighborhood they grew up. >> this is 6:00 at night. it's hard to believe. we walk down the streets hundreds of times. >> at tack happened sunday evening and witnesses told police that the teens slammed cullen's head against the side a row home. >> i heard employee loud thumps. >> this neighbor came out side to help. she could tell he was badly hurt. >> my thing is, it's not right. it's quiet and hurting me to know that they were pounding his head into the side of the wall and he is only 57 years old. >> a home surveillance camera captured cullen being followed before the assault. and his brother says he suffered from personal problems in recent years and drifted from home to home and added he may have had
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his demons and didn't deserve to die like this. >> we didn't see him often and came in and out of our lives. he was not abandoned he was loved. he was loved deeply. >> police brought two people in for questioning last night but they were released as detectives worked to put together a bitter picture as to what unfolded here and who exactly did what. they expect to be make ago rests as they have good direction and a vigil is planned for the scene at 6:00 tomorrow evening. live in may fair, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> it does not appear that wrapper meek mill will be leaving prison any time soon. state superior court denied his request for bail. the judge directed the case back to a philadelphia judge, mill's attorneys argued that the judge that sentenced the 30-year-old is biassed and refuses to
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respond to their appeals. and meek mill is spending 2 do 4 years behind bars for probation violations. and an "action news" update officials released the names of the victims that died in the blaze at a senior center in westchester. mill tread gatty and teresa malloy and del or as and thomas parker died in the blaze and they all suffered smoke inhalation. coming up on "action news" tonight and honoring a darker ra in history, they break ground on the holocaust memorial plaza in center city philadelphia. and the eagles look to take their winning ways on the road and tackle a tough opponent in the seattle seahawks. and lots of sunshine and the high 61 degrees that is a full 10 degrees above normal and we do it again tomorrow and i'm tracking a cool down for your
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weekend. >> naturally, those story and much more when "action news" continues tonight. sorry. i c't make it. it jusmy eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine.
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the rise of ant violence. kevin boyle held a hearing response to attacks in philadelphia and elsewhere i pennsylvania. and members of the commune discussed how to stop the hurling of rocks and the overturning of 270 tombstones at
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mount cemetery. a holocaust memorial plaz construction today on the ben vernon odom was there. the holocaust memorial plaza on the parkway t its type back then. and now plaor redevelopment is ramped up to remember the 6 milln jews murdered by the nazis, including six pillars th sidelines to remember and do our part to bear witness and d our part to teach the next generation. >> mayor jim kenney seized the platform to talk about the toxic national atmosphere coming from
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the top of the american government. >> we must be vigilan especially with th government we have in americaoday that kind of fters and allows that type of hatred to identify itself and come out publically. >> susie is an auschwitz survivor and hopes this plaza will be an enduring symbol. >> i hope it's here for future genetions andy learn not to commit thexperience again. >> the new cstruction on the completion sometime next year. the planners want it to serve as a quote, living classroom. vernon odom, channel 6 " frankl parkway. i read some piece that some
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analystics company says that the eagles have a 35% chance to be in the super bowl. >> why are they so pessimistic.
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>> there are a lot of tes. >> put that number higher. >> 75% jack it up. >> what got into your coffee today. they are 10-1 and the haters say the eagles have been played they visit seattle. ges when >> things are easy for the eagles maybe tooasy andhey won the last two games by a combined 84points have not had y ones, so playing the seahawksn seattle is a huge test. own mth o. -- >> we'll reserve t ps on the back son is over. and i like the personalp our guys that way. they live in the present and don't live in the past. and they are ready for a new challenge. >> the seahawks are that
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challenge. 7-4 they play 3,000 miles away in a notoriously difficult stadium for a visitin gets into they take pride in it. the team is confident and well coached and they have players zm eagles are off until tomorrow and get set to work on seattle when they head to the west coast they will stay there for the week and go to los angeles to play the rams. and frank wright thinks the team can handle it. >> a business decision and business trip. how do we put ourselves in the best environment to succeed on a business trip to get ourselves plenty and physically ready to play and there is a lot of trust to leadership of the team. and the players to say, that is what it's going be. >> in south philadelphia, jaime thelining man era in new york may soon be over. the team announced that manning ll not start in oakland but
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gino smith gets the call. 31st >> ses will wrap up the six game home stand against washington. the sixers have gone3-2s far a to cleveland, lebron jes was bet. 30 points and 13repounds este the hop sided score james likes wixers are building in philia. >> these corner here in the nba and eastern cone andheve some g. great wins this year and played well against bosto and well against golden state. we had to come in of this is nothe sixers of three years ago or four years corner. they started to turn the >> stop mf you this before -- the flyer need a
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victory. we say that a l lately. the flyers blew another lead and they held a and then overti the longest losing skid in more. tiger woods at other ce back woods is 199th in the world set to ak par hero world challenge in the bahamas out of golf because of back issues but >> honestly i'm looking forward to getting through the four rounds and having a better understae i'm at. i don't know where i'm at. i mean by that i don't know how ha c. w shots can i play? >> it's been aong time sin he has been competive but you t
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the latest from accuweather here is cecily tynan. >> warm today and another one tomorrow. the action cam taking a look at not only was it warm but we had the blue skies and sunshine and leaves left on the trees. that is a sign we are close toward december and winds from the southwest pulling up the
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warm air. this is the sky 6 hd shot of the center city skyline shortly after 5:00 twilight the sunsetting at 4:37 and not a cloud in the sky, if you lik today. you'll like tomorrow. the accuweather highlights show you tomorrow another warm and very mild day, temperatures runngrees above normal. and then i'm tracking a round of showe late thursday night into early frida morning and that opens the door for cooler air and a seasonable start for november. 54 in philadelphia and cape may 53 degrees. if yo hadn't done it yet a decorating alert. get oside and put ts on your house if you plan on decorating, more sunshine and temperatures again in the 60s abou10 degrees avebo peratures start to trend farther down as we head toward
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the weekend. satellite along with action radar showing not a cloud in the sky andure is in control of our weather and this is the first ofronts this moves through late ithe tomorrow and the moisture is trng north a it through just with the wind shift and cloud c le in the day and tonight w have clear skies a moon lit sky with winds from s last gh 34 and just 45 degrees tonight annd and allentown 38 degrees. wednesday it stays mild. 62 degre 11 ave average and this slips through dry and kicks up the windnd on thursday another fnt pusng a mixture of clouds and sunshine nd 52 degrees,tsqck hit of ree hourof f when mt of us are sleeping aroun2:, aine of
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king a i-95 cridor and the sun isrisin quickly. so the exclusive acceaseven-days sunny and very mild andgain a taste spring. 62 degrees and thursday we drop
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