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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 29, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EST

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♪ a whole hazelnut, dipped in smooth chocolatey cream... wrapped in a crispy wafer... coated in milk chocolate... and covered in hazelnut pieces. ♪ ♪ ferrero rocher... celebration has arrived.
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♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ >> they are calling it a one-man crime spree. it's happened in the 14th police
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district in germantown and chestnut hill in philadelphia. it's a matter of robbery and rape. tonight lawmen say they have found the attacker and got him off the street. >> it's tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight, the arrest of a young suspect police say has turned washington lane, chew afternoon and east pleasant street into his stocking grounds. christie ileto is live at special victims in hunting park. christie? >> that's right, jim. an 18-year-old was arrested late this evening for sexual assault. it was a jacket scene and home surveillance video that helped police link him to the crime and possibly others. >> the cops are swarming around in that stuff looking, checking. >> police were searching for this 18-year-old seen on home
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surveillance. we learned late tonight he was arrested for forcing a boy down an alley way and sexual assaulting him. the err of east mt. pleasant street is still frightened. >> i walk this way. this is my neighborhood. >> days earlier and blocks apart, detect is believe the same suspect was behind a robbery on east washington lane making off with the victim's cellphone and three bucks. he also pulled a gun on another victim also getting a cellphone. it's possible the teen could be behind additional holdups. >> it's sad. ubyou should be able to go where you want to go without being harmed.
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>> i'm not trying to look over my back all the time, but it don't make me feel comfortable at all. >> now police say all of his victims including the armed robbery victims are young boys. he's being charged and once officially charged name will be released. jim? >> thank you, christie, a ntgomery county police officer is in the hospital after being hit by a vehicle tonight. the officer's injuries are not life threatening. police are investigating. the worst fears were realized with word that a hit and run victimyear-old jess kurtz died from her injuries. she and a male companion was struck last night walking back from a wawas in trivos.
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they were struck by a red 250 pickup truck. a passenger side headlight ffered major damage. >> philadelphia police made quick arrests of a suspect wanted for tossing an explove of an auto repair shop. the bomb squad dealt with the device at the shum's auto repair in homesburg. testify business didn't sustain significant damage and no one was hurt. >> chopper 6 was over the ed wane foresie national wildlife refuge in ocean county as investigators scoured the area evidence relatin to the experience of two boys, anderson then 17 an 17.
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>> they were both developmentally disabled of the at this int, officials are not saying if evidence was recovered today. today, philadelphia police are trying to track down the teenagers attacking kevin cullen sunday night in the neighborhood cullen lived his life. the tee slammed cullen's head against the side of a row home. >> cullen's brother says he and his other siblings can't believe whatppened. >> it's 6:00 at night. it's pretty hard to believe. >> police have a sketchy surveillance video showing cullen followed before the assault. police brought in two people for questioning last night. they have been released for nowe
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names of four people that parished in the senior home fire in westchester. mildred, teresa and doris and thomas parker in their 80s and 90s. all four died of smoke inhalation. federal investigators are working to determine why the senior home went up in smoke. >> there was a burned body on a septa rail train. they don't know how or why he ended up on the roof of the train. he was found in the jefferson station in center city friday>>t provocation could put philadelphia, new york and washington in the crosshairs. after a ten week pause, they
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launched their third ballistic missile flying higher than ever before, 2800-miles into space before sashing into the sea of japan. analysts believe it could hit the east coast of the united states. mike pence warned kim jung unnot to test the president saying america is looking at additional measures. earlier today the president said we'll take care of it. the u.n. security council is holding a meeting tomorrow imposing sanctions against the north korean regime. >> republics are falling into line over the senate reform t plan. the budget committee approved the bill today with republics in
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favor and all democrats against. the sound you hear is outside the hearing room, protesters crying out against analyst rejections that half of americans will see their taxes go up and the elimination of the obama care mandate wl leave millions off the insurance roles and cause prematur premiums to . the president says he'soptimist. >> i think it's going to pass and be popular. there will be lots o adjustments. >> later, trump blasted schumer and pelosi for failingo attend a meeting on funding the government next week. empty chair in the room. thatme hours after trump attacked the two of them on twitter. >> clear and cool from the city
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to the suburbs, tomorrow brings another dose of sunshine and 60-degree temperatures. meteorologist adam joseph is in for cecily with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> little to complain if you like the warmth and want winter to hold off longer. 61 in philadelphia. 60 wilmington. g the 60-degree markose to trenton and atlantic city airport. 80 in jacksonville. numbers above normal. bismarck not bad withures theret 50-degrees. high pressure is off of the coast. high pressure bringing a southerly wind our way. as you can see, moisture starved. may bring clouds our. overall, sunshine will dominate
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during the day tomorrow. alert for the holidays if youn want to decorate the odoors or get yard work done, do it tomorrow. there is a slip in the temperatures later in the week. we chat about that in the seven day. we'll did you sawe'll discus >> soundsd. we have a story about a homeless man helping out that wt viral. 34-year-old johnnyo junior's jens rosty despite his own misfortune has led to an out pouring of financial support. the homeless man used his last $20 to buy a woman gas when her car broke down. she set up a go fund me page to pay him back. it's raised $385,000, enough to
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provide him a salary, buy him a home and a dream truck, a 1999 ford ranger. >> the philadelphia rangers on field all sas. tight end zach ertz is one of the team's most productive players. toghni he was on a different field but no less important. chad pradelli has the story. >> zach delered for the youth of camden. he and duncan doughnuts donatedl given mso muchn the five years i ha been here. anything i can give back, i love doing it. >> it's part o the touchdown for kids program, $250 is donated every time thescore a t. ertz is matching the amount for
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every time he hits pay dirt. >> youth sports isaramount. the parents should know that their kids are safe, first and foremotion. in years past they have turned away upwards of 100 kids. now with all of the new gear, the kids are going to get on the field. >> the last thing we want to do is send kids back on the streets. it hurts when we send the kid away. >> tackle wan wayne >> john: johnson donated from histhing line. the potential future stars are ready for their new gear. >> they say i'm going to play
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linebacker this year. >> you areo going to look good, aren't you? >> yeah. >> ch pradelli, "action news." >> coming up on "action news" tonight, we'll hear the 911 k up a an inmate convicted of murder escapes from aersey lockup. adam? >> it was warm this afternoon and not bad now, 51 philadelphia. the airport, 53-degrees. these numbers are running 7-15-degrees above where they were last night. we'll talk about more warmth ahead in the seven-day forecast. >> it's a horse, of course, causing commotion in downtown phoenixville. >> the flyers try to break their losing streak. ducis rogers has t story when "action news" continues.
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>> tonight for the first time we are hearing the panicked 911 calls made when four young prisoners overpowered a guard and escaped from the egg harbor detention center. we need help. my coworker, it's only us t. bleeding. there are two inmates trying to break fwe need help. >> november 14th, ss than a minute later, two juvenilesesca. three were captured that day and a fourth the next day. a corrections officer didn't follow the rules and opened a locked cell without back up
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resulting in the teen's escape. a man that robbed a port richmond saving bank is a serial bank band it. he gave the note to the teller on east allegheny avenue. he heldp the prudential a block away on the 28th. >> meek mill will not be getting out of prison any time soon it would seem. the pennsylvania court denied the appeal to grant bail. instead he told a lower court to handle the case. the judge ordered the rapper to spend two to four years behind bars for a parole violation despite the da's recommendation that the suspect not be sent to jail. >> the horse on the lamb bucked
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a 16-year-old girl and got away from a farm on route 113 in chester springs. officersrecorded video of the equine eluding authorities on "bridge street." the long arm of the law rangeled the trotter outside of the landmark colonial theater. okay then. >> health check at 11:00 tonight. they'll soon sell viagra over the counter in great britten. pfizer announced it will no longer require a prescription making people safer.
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prince harry and actress megan markel will walk down the aisle in may. they'll get married at windsor castle, the queen's primary residence. they announced their engagement yesterday after a year and a half of dating. >> three, two, one -- >> in philadelphia, rittenhouse square is all aglow tonight. a crowd gathered for the tree-lighting ceremony. santa claus was on hand as thousands of white lights were turned on. there was plenty of entertainment for the crowd and the mummers. these are the philly pops. the mummers performed holiday songs and the philly pops were also there. >> two good traditions there.
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there was a chill in the air. looking at the weather center, live on sky 6, a nice evening with temperatures above average, little in the way of wind. we continue the streak of nice weather in the seven-day forecast. we are at 51-degrees at the 11:00 hour. 50 in reading, 40s for allentown. 50 in millville, right along the shore in the mid 50s. as we look at the next several hour, going to the early morning hours tomorrow. notice there is no big drop. it holds steady here. tomorrow morning, 6:00 or 7:00 a.m., 46, 45-degrees with the average being for high just
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above that 51. low pressure off the coast. it's starting to move away. high pressure continues the journey to the east. we have a southerly wind because of the high keeping the warmth. there is a front here limited moisture with it, dropping through tomorrow. before it does, we are going to see a lot of sun again and temperatures, because of the southwest wind, back to near 60. it's a chilly start. don't need the hat or scalf scarf. 39 for center city with mostly sunny skies. afternoon tomorrow, touching 60 most locations, trenton, toms river, millville, 63-degrees. 11-degrees above average. after the front passes tomorrow, it's a wind shift. we are not going to see primtion. precipitation. we wrap the winds off the chilly
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ocean going down to 52-degrees. sun and clouds thursday. next front thursday night moisture with it, a hit of showers early friday morning, 4:00 a.m. they quickly push off the coast. sunshine north and west and temperatures not bad 3w450eu7bd the front. the explowsive accuweather forecast, 62 tomorrow, sunnynd y into friday, low 50s for highs. we say hello to a new monthnd s, 50-degrees, sun and clouds sunday, 52, hding steady with sun and clouds monday. temperatures should be in the upper 40s for highs, 56 a week from now. a good looks seven-day forecast, take advantage of it. i'm sure we'll pay it back in the month of december.
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>> the holocaust memorial plaza center city is getting a makeover. the memorial wasuilt in 1964 and is about to be turned into a public space to remember the 6,000,000 jews murdered by the natzis. on the parkway, six pillars, symbolizi the martyrs of the third reich. completion is
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stepping into the unknown. it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and security of independence blue cross, obstacles become openings. we have of for nearly 80 years,oss, we'll continue to light the way, with the card accepted in all 50 states. giving you the power to shine forward to whatever awaits tomorrow. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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independence blue cross. >> flyer's nightmare season continues. >> it was bad tonight, jim. ifou are coach hexal, you have two choices. eight straight losses, make it nine. claude giroux, second goal in three contests, 1-0 flyers.
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midway through the period, san jose evens it up. 1-all. > joe thornton finds the back of the net. flyers play lackluster hockey, lose 3-1, nine loss in a row. after the game, flyers held a closed door team meeting. >> a frustrated position. it's really frustrating. it's not the position we thought we would be in right now. the only way out of it is to go back to work. scram wilscramble it out more. >> 7-4 seahawks, visiting the 8-3 rams. >> a lot of things have to go right in terms of traveling and preparation and recovery stuff.
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these two games are important. they are the next games on the schedule. the seahere we want to. go. ift's a good test for us. >> stillenn
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>> the sixers have the night off, taking on the wizards tomorrow. joel embiid not clear back to
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back nights. tomorrow.ns questionable for he left last night's game with a sprained ankle. he had just come off of an elbow injury. >> tiger woods is attemptinge b. he's set to take part in the challenge in the bahamas. he's baseball of been off ten mr back injuri he says he doesn't know what to expect when he tees off. >> i'm looking for a better understanding of where i'm at. i don't know where i'm at. i don't know how hard i can hit it, what shots can i play? tuck at 14 majors. stuck at that number some time. >> thank you, ducis. the philadelphia orchestra is giving back on this giving
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tuesday. tonight the musicians put on a free concert at the kimmel center. assistant conductor led the family friendly performance, the philadelphia kimmel center. immmel live" is next on channel6 followed by "nightline." jimmy's show, bono, brian cranston, ashton kutcher andb.j. "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell and karen murphey with traffic. for cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night. ♪ ♪
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