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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 29, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. making news in america this morning, the search for a serial >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday november 29th and we're following breaking news. >> gunfire erupts near the campus of drexel university and a man has been killed and now police are questioning the suspected shooter. we've got new details. >> one of the teenagers who was struck by a pickup truck driver in bucks county has died while police search for the driver and the truck that has specific damage. >> it is another warm and sunny day before cooler more seasonal temperatures start to move back in. >> let's turn to meteorologist karen rogers in for dave
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murphy and ma and -- matt pelman. >> today is 62. like the way we're going. and we're looking right now with our sky6 camera at the center city skyline. we can see mostly clear skies above. it's a mostly good start to the day. numbers a bit milder than yesterday morning. in fact we're in the low 50's in cape may. 52. it's 50 degrees at the airport in plans and specifications, 47 degrees in millville. we dipped to 46 in the city. still just the 30's in allentown. that's one of the spots yes where you're below freezing. 37 in reading. we're seeing quite a range in temperatures this morning but if you're in one of the warmer spots, why not head out for a jog and you're looking at 6:00 a.m. we saw 45 degrees now and at 8:00 a.m., 46. by 11:00 a.m., it's up to 58 degrees so temperatures pretty quickly rising today and we're going to hit it up to 62 so it's going to feel good out there this afternoon. in fact, temperatures a little more than 10 degrees above average. hey, great day to do a little decorating whether you're
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decorating for santa, decorating for hanukkah, more sunshine today and a high of 62 degrees so good day to get outside. you're not going to see a lot of this as we're looking at this late in the season, matt. >> maybe i'll get my little charlie brown tree out and plug it in. maybe today is the day for that. good morning, everybody. we're live under 30th street station here along the schuylkill expressway, westbound overnight closure has been lifted. both lanes are opened in both directions. tonight we'll have work here in both directions but it's eastbound that will close during the overnight hours starting at 11 o'clock. nearby the vine street expressway had no overnight construction, nonscheduled this week and traffic here on the vine is looking fine as you head towards the schuylkill. if you're coming to the schuylkill via the roosevelt boulevard extension, already some slowing here on the southbound side from ridge avenue down to the schuylkill expressway. you know why. it's that ramp from one southbound to 76 westbound that's now extra narrow and so you really do have to slow it down as you round the curve there and go over that ramp.
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so, were he see extra early slowing here on the southbound boulevard these days as a result. things look gun control on the big picture this morning. we have a work zone in frankford, bridge street blocked through tomorrow afternoon. wakeling can get you around that construction. and we had a crash that we were watching in plymouth meeting along germantown pike. that's cleared out. as has road work nearby on the ramp from the turnpike westbound in norristown. everything's reopened on that ramp. but still a little bit of overnight work in delaware northbound side of route one near the biddles corner toll plaza but that should be clearing momentarily. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. we are following breaking news. there's been a deadly shooting near the campus of drexel university. an argument between a man and a woman ended in gunfire but police say the shots that were fired were not fired by either one of them. jeanette reyes is lie on -- live on the scene with the latest. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, tam t it appears things
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spiraled out of control. this morning a 21-year-old man is dead, a suspect right now being questioned by police. this all happened around 11:40 last night along the 3500 block of lancaster avenue here in university city. police say a man and woman were arguing inside of a pizza shop here. that argument continued just outside. another man intervened and not the shot the arguing man in the chest three times. he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. drexel university police quickly responded after hearing those gunshots and made an arrest. we understand philadelphia detectives are now interviewing the suspect. we're told he does have a permit to carry but there's still some questions as to what led up to those gunshots. the moments before. there are cameras mounted nearby here. those will likely give some insight to police as to what those moments were like. we do expect to learn more in the coming hours. again, that man being questioned by authorities this morning. we'll let you know as soon as we get some new information. reporting live in university city, jeanette reyes channel6
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"action news." matt. >> actually i'll take it, thank you jeanette. a montgomery county police officer is recovering after being hit by a vehicle. chopper6 was over the scene along south valley forge road in garfield a in upper gwynedd township just after 9 o'clock last night. we're told that the officer's injuries are not life-threatening. it's still not clear exactly what the officer was doing and why the vehicle ran into him. we'll bring you more as the details become clearer. >> an 18-year-old who was injured in a hit-and-run in bucks county has died. officials at jefferson torresdale hospital confirm jess kirtz died from her injuries. a pickup truck hit kirtz and an 18-year-old male companion. i know we're showing the wrong video here but we'll just continue with this. walking back from a wawa on street road in trevose on monday night. kirtz's friend was not seriously injured. police believe the vehicle was a ford 250 pickup with red and silver on the side. the passenger mirror broke off and the passenger side headlight suffered major
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damage. >> now to some of the video you just saw. that was from the scene where a bicyclist was hit and killed in the city yesterday and today dozens of cyclists are planning to protest this morning in protest of that young person's death. this happened yesterday morning at 11th and spruce streets. the 24-year-old victim was on her bike on her way to work when she was hit by a private sanitation truck. now, her identity has not been released pending the notification of her family and it's still unclear if the trash driver is going to be charged. >> if you say bah humbug to the idea that you'll miss out on certain gifts if you don't buy them on black friday or cyber monday retailers are now saying i told you so. maribel aber is watching rising stocks on wall street live at the nasdaq in times square. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: hey good morning. stocks rallied as republican tax reform bill moved on a full vote by the senate. dow up 1 percent, blue chips at nasdaq s & p 500 closed at records. as for today right now futures
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pointing to looks like a higher open now. reports on third quarter gdp and pending home sales due out today. shoppers wiped out supplies of holiday season hottest items over the weekend. toys r us sold out of fingerlings by sunday morning. the tiny monkeys look like one of the season's most popular toys. all in one cooker called insta pot was not available on kohl's web site on black friday morning but it was available in stores and all about 174 million people shopped from thanksgiving through cyber monday according to the national retail federation and prosper insights and analytics. what did you get for me for my birthday. >> happy birthday maribel. we have to come up with something. >> in other words, we got you nothing. >> we got you lots of love, lots of love. >> she does lots for us. we feel guilty. i blame matt pelman. he's supposed to tell me when it's people's birthdays. let's take a look at storm tracker. we're dry right now. [laughter] >> matt just got under the
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bus. >> oh, man. >> let's go outside and show you what it looks like this morning. what a beautiful shot. hey, this is a nice day. looking live over the commodore barry bridge, nice day to bust on your co-workers, the sunshine is rising, temperatures are rising, feels pretty good out there right now, too, 46 degrees in philadelphia. it's just 31 in allentown, 37 in reading. you're waking up in the lehigh valley, saying what is she talking about with this mild air? we're in the 40's in philadelphia, 47 in millville, 50 degrees in atlantic city which is our actual high for this date, 51 degrees. satellite and radar showing clear right now over the region but we're starting to see some of these clouds try to move in. they're high clouds and i think they mostly fade as they come through. this is a very weak front that really isn't doing much to our region except switching the winds for us and providing a few high clouds. 62 degrees for your high today. it's mostly sunny, it's breezy. at 8:00 a.m., 48. at 10:00, 54.
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lunchtime 60. at 3 o'clock 60 coming down from your high of 62. staying mild today, rather breezy, lots of sunshine and lehigh valley you'll make it to the upper 50's. 62 in the city. 60 in cape may. 63 for your high on the boardwalk in a.c. tomorrow this high shifts to the east. we have yet another front coming through, kind of getting front after front. tomorrow's front provides a few more clouds to us and we can see some showers associated with that. we'll get a couple of showers as well. 55 for your high tomorrow. and those showers come through overnight thursday into the very early morning on friday. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day. it is breezy, it is mild its a pretty good day, 62 for your high. tomorrow clouds and sunshine, it's cooler with a high of only 55. we get a couple of showers, they're mostly late at night or overnight thursday into the predawn hours on friday. friday we're welcoming december with sunshine and a nice high of 53. saturday's the coolest day of the seven-day, partly sunny
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skies. if you're out there for sport activities early in the morning it's just 50 degrees for your high which is about average. sunday mild again, 55. so we are getting right up there. dry for the first weekend in december. monday partly sunny skies and 53. tuesday we cloud up, 56. it's pretty mild but we get a couple of showers around. overall as you're looking at that seven-day period you're seeing lots of sunshine as well so it's a rather dry period for the seven-day and temperatures trending above average. >> thanks karen. time is 6:10. a lone gunman pulls off a robbery at the bellagio in las vegas and remains on the loose. >> the one apple device that just about nobody has in the world at least not yet. we'll tell you about the secret invention from stove jobs that is now going up for auction. matt. >> tam, after a rough morning yesterday along 202 near west chester this morning we're off to a good start with no problems here but there's a new problem to talk about on 422 and several construction zones including one in moorestown today. details when "action news"
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continues on this wednesday. >> ♪
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$50,000. >> for all those land line long-distance calls. >> for kids' phones that were actually attached to the walls >> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here sky6 looking out over the christmas display there at dillworth plaza at city hall. it is 6:13 and 46 degrees. >> all right, matt, things looking okay out there right now? >> yeah its not so bad. we go from cyber monday to giving tuesday and yeah just wednesday now but hopefully it's a good wednesday for you nonetheless. so far so good here along 422 near trooper. eastbound come the headlights
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in toward king of prussia with no delays. we know they'll come in just a bit but for now you're good on that chunk. however, new issues on another portion of 422 eastbound. it's a crash by stow taking out the right lane as you come out of berks county and head in toward pottstown. speeds like just 11 miles per hour right now with that right lane being blocked on 422 eastbound. my want to stick with 724, that's what i had been saying earlier when 422 was closed for overnight construction. construction is now gone. it's now this accident that's slowing us down on the eastbound side by stow and of course we'll keep you posted. uwchlan township chester county a new crash involving a deer at pottstown pike. luckily though it's off to the side so you can get around it without too much of a problem. elsewhere in chester county in west chester work started this week, it's going until the end of december along hannum avenue water installation from 9:00 until 3:00 they're closing that.
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locally market street could be an alternate. more work in chester county, newtown road at waterloo. peco work so 252 or church would be some alternates around that. in bucks county, we have restrictions today along easton road 611 northbound side from 9:00 until 9:00 untilo durham road can get you around that. in moorestown burlington county 8:30 this morning until 4:30 this afternoon they'll be blocking main street eastbound. i would just use 38 to the south as an alternate there. tam. >> okay, thank you. the city of tampa is overcome with relief this morning. police have arrested a man in connection with a string of killings that have terrorized the neighborhood in the florida city. this is brand new video of 24-year-old howell emanuel donaldson. he faces four counts of first degree murder. police received the tip yesterday from a fellow employee at a local mcdonald's that donaldson had brought a gun to the
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eatery. four people were shot and killed in a seminole heights neighborhood. this is not the kind of vegas excitement high rollers want to be part of. an armed robber held up the bellagio casino on the vegas strip. investigators say the man walked to the poker cage yesterday and demanded money. witnesses say he was wearing a wig and sunglasses hadn't bandages on his face but thankfully no one was hurt. >> happening today, president trump will push for tax cuts and tax reform while visiting missouri. the plan before congress could come to a vote before the week is through. the hill passed a major hurdle with it being approved 12 to 11. the congressional budget office says those earning more than $100,000 a year would see big tax cuts but more than half of americans would see their taxes rise within 10 years. also a government shutdown is looming. congress must pass legislation by friday of next week to keep federal agencies opened. republicans are also seeking to make deals on defense
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spending, how to grant legal status to dreamers and funding for the president's border wall. >> 6:16 and we're talking pomegranates. i got one at home. hopefully i can figure out how to cut it without making a mess. a family that loves olive garden will make part of it their first born's name. >> people come up with some really bad ideas. i got to say that's one of them. naming your kid off a restaurant. 46 degrees in philadelphia, 50 in atlantic city. they're not local, are they, tam? i hope they're not watching. 31 in allentown. we'll have that forecast coming up next. >> ♪ >> in today's tech bytes automation taking jobs. >> a new report claims automation will make 73 million american jobs obsolete over the next decade. thanks to everything from robots to self-driving cars. experts say maintaining full employment will require a major overhaul of the economy. mackintosh users may be at high risk. a security flaw in the system
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allows anyone to log in even without a password. >> well, the bug was made public on twitter by a turkish developer. apple says it's working on a software update to fix the problem. but the apple guys were once hackers themselves. >> steve wozniak and steve jobs developed the blue box in 1972 when wozniak was in college and jobs was a high schooler. the device let them make long distance phone calls for free. >> it's expected to get 30 to $50,000 at auction. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. but i didn't back down. i talked to my doctor. she said: one, movantik was specifically designed for opioid-induced constipation... oic. number two? my movantik savings card casave me big time over the other things i tried. don't take movantik if you have or had a bowel blockage. serious side effects include opioid withdrawal, severe
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stomach pain, severe diarrhea, and stomach or intestinal tears. tell your doctor about side effects and medicines you take. movantik may interact with them causing side effects. don't back down from oic. talk to your doctor about mo-van-tik. and how you can have a $0 co-pay.
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>> ♪ >> this is austin here at whole foods market philly with your "action news" produce tip. i've got a great fruit for the holiday season. the pomegranate. now, we're eating pomegranates for the seeds and a great way to remove the seeds without making a mess all over your kitchen, cut them in half or
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quarters and break up the insides in a bowl of water. the seeds will sink to the bottom, the pith material will float to the top. you can strain it. >> good tip. >> i like that. >> you can make a martini with that. >> or margarita. >> oh, yeah. >> good morning . >> [laughter] >> you put it in your coffee. >> it's a lot better this morning than it was yesterday because look closely, those traffic lights are working. unlike all of yesterday morning so this morning you're good to go here on city avenue at 23 conshohocken avenue. elsewhere on route one down in delaware, overnight construction has cleared. all lanes opened now in both directions between the ross bridge and biddles corner. and mass transit just a couple delays so far this morning. no big deal. the latest is a trenton line train about 11 minutes late. karen. >> a range in temperatures this morning. it's chilly out there in lehigh valley actually down right cold, 31 degrees. but we're at 46 in
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philadelphia. while it's only 39 in wilmington, we're at 53 in cape may so some of us especially south and east seeing a really mild start to the day. in fact along the coastline it's about 18 to 21 degrees warmer than it was yesterday morning, so on the mild side for most of us this morning but all of us get to enjoy the sunshine today. breezy conditions. and temperatures above average. by lunchtime it's 60 degrees. at 3 o'clock, holding that high of 60, we'll have a high of 62 coming down from that at 3 o'clock with sunshine. 5 o'clock quickly falling down into the 50's and low 50 by 7 o'clock this evening, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. being married does have its benefits and that seems to include another health perk. it may reduce the chances of getting dementia. they found that people who never married had a 42 percent increased risk of developing dementia many people who were widowed had a 20 percent
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higher risk as for divorced people researchers seem to find no increased risk. however researchers still do not know what specific factors relate to marital status and how they affect the risk of developing dementia. >> sixers host the wizards tonight but they might be short-handed. the team still has not cleared joel embiid to play on back to back nights. they'll be in boston tomorrow night. lebron james was ejected from a game for the first time in his career. after getting a steal from miami last night james dribbled up court and missed a lay up. he then argued withhe referee fitzgeral that he had been fouled. the referee gave him a technical foul and ejected him from the game. james never had ejection during his 15 year career. ne to infections.
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needles. a must for vinyl. but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. >> two french daredevils suited up in their wing suits. they jumped off the top of a mountain in switzerland then chased down a plane and were able to safely swoop in through the opened door. even though they made the stunt look easy it took them to two months to prepare for it. >> i just imagine being their mothers. well, the next couple must really love the never ending pasta. the arkansas family has named their first born child olivia
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garden. the couple admit they're quite fond of the eatery and have always wanted an italian name. >> we just fell in love with the name instantly and so we just knew that was going to be it and then we were like oh, yeah, we can still totally make the pun. >> the gardens spent seven straight weeks eating nothing but olive garden. the chain has reached out to the couple promising to give olivia an early birthday present. she's due on december 7. >> at least it's a real name unlike apple or espy. >> espy? >> 6:27. how do the 60's sound? well meteorologist karen rogers has the warm outlook next. >> a fight between some people causing a third people to step in draw their gun and open fire. >> ♪ ♪
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♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
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>> braking now breaking on "action news." shot and killed near a college campus. drexel police rush to the scene of deadly gunfire. >> a police chase ends in a fiery crash on 95. >> powerful show of force. a u.s. missile expert says north korea just launched a rocket that can reach any location in the mainland united states including the nation's capitol. >> good morning, it's 6:30 now on this wednesday november 29th. david is off. let's head over to karen for your accuweather and matt pelman for your traffic. good morning. >> that hour of the morning when we start to like the speeds a little less but we're liking the temperatures today. >> at least i've got good news, that's all i can say, people, i'm helping you out today. satellite and radar showing we have clear skies. we can watch these high clouds out to the west press closer to our region. we have a cool front slipping through but all it's going to do is change the wind direction for us a little later on today. we're starting offer pretty nice. now, if you're in allentown or reading, lancaster you're still in the 30's.
6:31 am
below freezing in fact in allentown. basically everywhere else we're looking at mild temperatures. 46 in philadelphia, 47 currently in millville. we're up 51 in cape may. 50 in atlantic city where temperatures are about 20 degrees warmer than they were yesterday along the coastline. at 7:00 a.m., the mid 40's and by lunchtime, lots of sunshine, 60 degrees. we'll see an early high of 62 today and temperatures will drop kind of quickly this afternoon as the wind shifts to the northwest. at 3 o'clock though we'll still be holding it's a 60 but by 5 o'clock 55 and at 7 o'clock at night 51 but remember, that's our actual high for this date. not bad we're going well above it. our high today 62 degrees above our average high of 51. not touching the record high of 70 but it's nice to get out there and enjoy it, matt. >> yes and we'll try to. a lot of people getting out on 95, not sure they're enjoying it at this point karen because it is slow now here on the southbound side from this point at cottman on into the work zone at girard avenue.
6:32 am
this is normal morning stuff, about a six minute delay so far on the social media travel time. no accidents there and no accidents on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard extension but it has been slow because of the construction on the ramp from southbound one to go west on the schuylkill, westbound 76 that ramp is narrow now and so people have to go more slowly over it. that's the reason for this extra southbound slowing from ridge avenue down to the schuylkill expressway. getting word of a new serious crash in lansdale montgomery county. want to avoid line street at sixth street and we had a crash along 422 eastbound side at stow. multi vehicle accident taking out the right lane. coming out of berks county speeds like 10 miles per hour so i would still use 724, construction's gone there but now it's a crash along 422 eastbound. also watching an accident involving a deer near exton, sherri boulevard at spots town pike it's off to the shoulder and a live look at our good buddy ben, the ben franklin bridge nice and clear if
6:33 am
you're coming into center city this morning. no delays here. matt. >> thank you, matt. breaking overnight a fight between a man and a woman near drexel university turns deadly when a third person armed with a gun shows up and intervenes. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live where this happened overnight along the 3500 block of lancaster avenue. good morning, jeanette. >> goodgood morning, matt. this fight, this dispute escalated quickly and now this morning a 21-year-old man is dead. we understand the suspect is being questioned by police as we speak. this all started at 11:40 last night along the 3500 block of lancaster avenue here in university city. police say a man and woman were arguing inside of a pizza shop here. that argument continued outside. another man intervened and shot the arguing man in the chest three times. he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after. drexel university police first responded after hearing those gunshots and quickly made an arrest and we understand that suspect again is being
6:34 am
questioned by detectives as we speak. we do understand that he has a permit to carry. in the meantime we have seen a couple of surveillance cameras here. they will likely lend some insight into what happened the seconds leading up to those gunshots being fired. an investigation is under way. we do expect to get additional information as the morning progresses. we'll make sure that pass that right along. reporting live in university city, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> all right, jeanette thank you for that. now on to a developing story. two teenagers are accused of stealing a car. that then turned into a police chase that ended in a fiery crash on i-95. both 15-year-olds were taken to children's hospital of philadelphia and that's where we find katherine scott who has got more information. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, those two teenagers were taken here to children's hospital. they both had minor injuries. the investigation into this crash continues but let's start with that video of that fiery crash in south philadelphia, very early this
6:35 am
morning. firefighters had to shut that ramp down as they put out those flames. you can see the car was completely engulfed. this happened around 1:00 a.m. in the northbound 95 -- at the exit ramp to the airport. police say this all started in tinicum township, though, when two 16-year-olds stole a car. a brief police chase ensued. police say it appears the 16-year-old driver lost control of the vehicle and then crashed it into a concrete barrier. the fire quickly broke out. the driver had head injuries and cuts and burns on his wrist. the 16-year-old passenger had facial cuts and bruises. both were taken to children's hospital in stable condition. there's no word yet on what charges these two teens will face. we're live in university city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thank you, katherine. president trump is vowing to take action against north korea in response to the rogue nation's most powerful missile launch to date. the test was the first in months and came just one week
6:36 am
after the president relabeled north korea a terrorist state. now the missile shot 2800 miles into space flying for 50 minutes. a u.s. scientist that tracks north korea warns if angled for distance instead of altitude that same missile could reach deep into the u.s. mainland including washington, d.c. >> we'll only tell you that we will take care of it. we have general mattis in the room with us and we've had a long discussion on it. it is a situation that we will handle. >> the united nations security council has scheduled an emergency meeting today. it last toughened sanctions against north korea back in september. >> a philadelphia man is under arrest wanted for both robberies and the sexual assault of a child. investigators say the 18-year-old suspect forced the boy down an alley on east pleasant avenue in east mount airy and sexually assaulted him. days earlier police say the same suspect was behind two armed robberies on east washington lane and chew avenue.
6:37 am
police have not prelease -- released the name of the suspect. fbi agents following new leads in a cold case from the 1970's. chopper6 was over the edwin forsythe national wildlife refuge ocean county yesterday steven anderson who was then 17 and david williams then 12 went missing in april of 1975 from the new lisbon state school in burlington county, new jersey. they were both developmentally disabled. at this point officials are not confirming what, if any, evidence was recovered. eagles tight end zach ertz paid a surprise visit to some future football stars. ertz and dunkin donuts paired up top to donate $15,000 in new football gear for the whitman park youth football program in camden part of did you know don't's touchdown for kids program. every time the eagles score a touchdown dunkin donuts donates $250. ertz is matching that amount. >> philadelphia has given me so much since i've been here
6:38 am
for five years now so every opportunity i have to give back i love doing it. >> eagles offensive tackle lane johnson one of the meanest players in the league also has a kind heart it turns out. he took part in giving tuesday yesterday by donating all future proceeds from his clothing line lj65 to the philadelphia school district. 6abc is getting into the spirit of the season. join us tonight for philadelphia celebrates the holidays. rick williams and cecily tynan host a magical night at dillworth park featuring the amazing new deck the hall light show and other festive celebrations. it starts at 7:30 right here on 6abc. >> you couldn't ask for a better evening. >> have you seen that deck the hall light show. >> it's incredible. >> it's really cool. if you haven't done it yet, see it. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan, we are dry, we have no issues with rain today. let's go on outside. it's starting to look pretty out there this morning. as we look live on sky6, it's
6:39 am
a little green at the moment on the ben franklin bridge. we've got some sunshine working its way into the picture and it's going to be a good start to the day. 45 degrees currently in the city. the dewpoint 43. so, there's a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere. it's not so terribly dry. we had a little due out there this morning. the winds out of the southwest, the pressure is falling. visibility is okay in the city but lower than that, a touch of fog in wilmington right now. here's your satellite and radar image. you can see we have clear skies except for this, just this band of high clouds that are slowly kind of pushing through the area and that's associated with a little cool front that's really not going to do anything. you can see it's moisture starved no rain. just going to switch our winds a little bit later today. we've got bright sunshine today and it's a nice one. you see how these temperatures are going from the mid 40's at 8:00 a.m. to the low 50's at 10:00 a.m., just 60 degrees at lunchtime. we'll hit a high today of 62. but with that wind switched to the northwest, the temperatures are pretty quickly going to drop into the 50's so at 4 o'clock you're in
6:40 am
the 50's, 58 degrees. still above average. and at 6 o'clock, 53. at 8 o'clock tonight 48 degrees. it will be a little cooler tonight than it was last night. here in the lehigh valley you'll make it to the upper 50's, the low 60's for highs along the i-95 corridor but 64 for a high in dover, 63 in millville, 63 also on the boardwalk in a.c. so it's a mild one today. tomorrow the high shifts to the east. we have yet another little cool front that comes through tomorrow. it's going to spill more clouds into the region and you can see a little bit of rain associated with this. not a lot. so tomorrow's high 55 and those showers hold off until the overnight hours. i can show you what that's going to look like on future tracker here. so, this is 2 o'clock in the morning, friday, and you see some showers in the lehigh valley try to work its way through the region. friday at 5:30 in the morning, if you're traveling early roads might be a little wet but we see how it pretty quickly clears out of here and we get bright sunshine after that. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast and it's a pretty good forecast starting with today, 62 degrees. it's nice and mild. bit of a breeze this
6:41 am
afternoon. and then tomorrow clouds and sunshine, a bit cooler but still above average, 55 for your high. a few showers overnight and very early on friday. then friday we welcome december with sunshine and 53. saturday the coolest day of the seven-day but it's around average 50 for your high. it's mild again on sunday. we get another mild shot at 55 degrees. on monday partly sunny, 53. on tuesday, mostly cloudy skies and 56. looks like not only do we cloud up tuesday but we're tracking a few showers as well but we're pretty moisture starved this seven-day forecast. we have two days where we've got a chance for a shower and that's it. lots of sunshine. >> okay, thank you, karen. it is now 6:41 and there could be a break in a missing child case. there's been a possible sighting of the three-year-old girl who vanished from her north carolina home. >> coming up new here at 6:30, talk a carb. an uber rider loses $700 in a car and actually gets it back.
6:42 am
matt. >> here into your uwchlan chester county along 100 pottstown pike southbound pretty much right under the pennsylvania turnpike. involves this van into a pole. we'll talk about the the other one and check delays another schuylkill. you know they're out there by now when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪
6:43 am
6:44 am
i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding >> ♪ >> couple low clouds flying over the commodore barry bridge as the sun is about to come up on this wednesday morning. 6:44, 46 degrees on city avenue. getting up to 62. another unlikely warm day in late fall. >> matt off in the distance you see a plane having an easy go of it. probably not so easy down on
6:45 am
the roads. >> usually there's a dark cloud hanging over the schuylkill expressway for one reason or another. this morning it's just some volume that we're watching so far here on the eastbound side right by the blue route. you can see the police officer sitting off to the side waiting for someone to go too fast but, oh, no, don't worry, you won't be because it is backing up now on the eastbound side of 76 from the blue route into the conshohocken curve again from the roosevelt boulevard on into girard avenue. westbound side normal slow stuff with speeds like 19 miles per hour from the boulevard on out to gladwyne. on 95 even a bit slower in spots. 17 miles per hour as you travel southbound from cottman into girard. and don't forget that in frankford bridge street is blocked until tomorrow afternoon for some construction locally wakeling would be one alternate. we're watching two accidents in the uwchlan township chester county area this morning. one is along 100 southbound at pennsylvania drive right under the turnpike. that's where a van ran into a pole so emergency crews are on the scene there. the other is just a bit south along sherri boulevard at 100.
6:46 am
that one involves a deer but it's all off to the side so you're squeezing by okay there. still squeezing by in only the left lane on 422 eastbound and that means speeds like 17 miles per hour coming out of berks county heading toward pottstown, multi vehicle accident there by stow. i would continue to stick with 724 as an alternate. lansdale a bad crash along line street at sixth. i would use broad street to get around that. an ambulance is now on the scene. in doylestown bucks county construction today along lower state road. i would stick with 202 or business 202 state street during the midday and in moorestown, main street eastbound going to close during the midday today, 38 can get you around that, tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. there's some new developments in the search for a missing toddler in north carolina. the fbi has just released these photos of a woman with a child at a moorehead city wal-mart. investigators are trying to identify whether or not this girl is three-year-old mariah woods. mariah disappeared from her
6:47 am
mobile home on sunday. the woods family lives in jacksonville about an hour's drive from the wal-mart in moorehead. police dashcam video shows troopers in connecticut rescuing a man trapped inside a burning car. the fiery crash happened on the side of the interstate in middlebury. the officers with help from a few strangers pulled the driver from the vehicle. he had become wedged under the dashboard and the steering wheel. the man was then taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> it is that time of year when you see freshly cut christmas trees traveling on the tops of cars on the roads. a police department in new england wants to make sure they are transported safely. officers in sudbury massachusetts shared this photo of a massive fir covering almost the entire vehicle. the caption below cautioned drivers to take their christmas trees home in a responsible manner or just get a smaller one. if not, sudbury police warn they will pull drivers over. >> ♪ michael: i'm thankful that
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>> less than 10 minutes away from "good morning america." >> we're checking in with robin roberts. robin you can imagine just how relieved people in one tampa neighborhood are this morning. >> reporter: you're right about that, matt and tam. an arrest was made in the tampa serial killer case. what we're learning about the suspect now. 51 days after that first murder. we're going to speak with the mayor of tampa and the police chief there. we'll find out what this means for their city. the search for that florida teen who officials believe is with a 27-year-old soccer coach from her high school. our experts are going to join us live with what they say is making finding this pair
6:51 am
difficult and why the fbi is now involved. and we have the exclusive world premiere of the trailer for the new marvel studios movie avengers affinity war and one of its stars sebastian stand is here live. he's also here to talk about mocumentary that he's in i tonya harding. >> i loved my winter soldier. he's up there with captain america. i can't wait to see this. >> thanks robin. karen is a superhero. >> i am. [laughter] >> i'm just agreeing with you. i'm super woman. >> she is. >> she really is, super mom for sure. >> super woman. >> let's head outside. 422 eastbound side coming out of berks county, speeds in the teens heading toward pottstown because of a crash at stow that continues to block the right lane. but taking off of two, this is 42 in south jersey, northbound just sluggish from blackwood-clementon road up to 295. not too bad.
6:52 am
if you're hopping on 295 northbound in mount laurel there's a crash but it's on the shoulder so not a big delay there, either. karen. >> all right, flying in my invisible plane in bethlehem it's 36 degrees right now in bethlehem. you know what, it's chilly in some spots. allentown 31. but in quakertown 42, in pottstown 45. 45 degrees, pretty mild in center city. 36 in browns mills. but it's 51 in brigantine, 52 in cape may, 46 in glassboro near rowan university, 48 in smyrna and remember normally our average high for this date is only 51 so those are mild temperatures. we had some fog in wilmington that was causing some issues but we see now 10-mile visibility, no problem. let's look at this day 'cause it's a good one. mostly sunny, breezy and mild, an early high of 62. temperatures will fall later this afternoon, so at 3 o'clock, 60. at 5 o'clock, 55 degrees. at 7 o'clock, 51 and enjoy the mild day, matt. >> okay, thank you, karen. now if you've ever left something mind an uber ride, you know it can be pretty tough trying to get it back
6:53 am
especially if it's cash. it happened to rogelio garcia who lost more than $700 earlier this week. now, he accidentally left his money clip behind in an uber he had taken in houston texas. garcia turned to the app to report a stolen item and was connected to his driver,. the drivers for uber cannot contact former passengers so an honest driver had been waiting for garcia to call and return the cash. garcia ended up giving him an extra large tip, $100 as a thank you for saving the day. >> ♪ a region where fungal infections
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are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, >> ♪ >> welcome back. here are your top stories. a 21-year-old man was shot and killed near the campus of drexel university overnight. police say the victim and a woman were arguing when a third party, a man, intervened and shot the victim in the chest. the suspect was taken into custody. a 16-year-old driver was fleeing police in a stolen car when the car crashed on i-95 in south philadelphia and then burst into flames. the fiery wreck injured both the driver and a 16-year-old passenger. >> biggest traffic trouble right now in is a multi vehicle crashn 422 eastbound at stow. head for ben franklin hih stree. karen. >> cold in parts of the lehigh valley where you have allentown and reading 31. it's 46 in philadelphia, 52 in cape may. hey, we're headed up to 62 for
6:57 am
an early high today with lots of sunshine. can't beat it. >> all right. >> you cannot. >> look at the time. we got to get to "good morning america." it is in seconds for matt pelman dave murphy karen rogers tamala edwards i'm matt o'donnell. thanks for watching. we'll see you with updates throughout "gma." >> ♪ mpa police say 5,000 tips finally led to the arrest of a suspected serial killer. howell donaldson iii will face
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking news, caught, police making an arrest in that serial killer case terrorizing a tampa neighborhood. this 24-year-old found with a gun at work at mcdonald's. now in custody. how police finally tracked him down. the city's mayor here on "gma." also breaking north korea says their new missile could reach the entire u.s. mainland aking off from the west coast said they could see flashes from the missile test in the sky. president trump called it a grave threat to the entire world. >> it is a situation that we will handle. >> an emergency meeting at the u.n. this morning. on the run, the desperate search for this missing 17-year-old disappearing with a high school soccer coach erasing her cell phone. where the pair was


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