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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hit by something and a little bit of swaying, a 5.1, at first usgs said it was a 4.4 and revise tropical disturbance to a 5.1 magnitude. and 10 kilometers northeast of dover air force base. we have some fault lines in this region but don't get a lot of earthquakes. we had a little bit of shaking. people blew up on facebook saying did you feel that? we are getting more details. just how deep the earthquake was and we are getting details if you had damage 5.1 was low on the richter scale and people in california laugh. but we don't get earthquakes in our region that often. a lot of people are calling about this and the closer to dover, delaware you are. the more shaking you felt. we'll get more information in
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and have it on "action news." >> 10 kilometers east of dover, delaware. >> and 5.1 on the richter scale. that is relatively low. the higher the number the much bigger it is. 5.1 pretty low but here in philadelphia we did feel it. so folks near dover probably felt it a lot more. >> you mentioned several fault lines under pennsylvania. can you tell us more about is this historically a place that had fault lines but not active. >> we don't have a fault line like they have in california that typically active. three years ago we had one and a lot of people felt it. it's not that unusual that we get the small earthquakes but don't typically get the big ones fort fatally that cause a lot of damage.
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we'll share the messages through the evening. thank you meteorologist, cecily tynan for that update. in other news a horrifying end to the life of a young girl that met a man online. we are learning more about a murder victim in west philadelphia. she was only 15 years old and she may not be her suspected killer's only victim. >> new information on the brutal murder of a teenager. identified as 15-year-old saabri axe mcclain. and met the suspect on monday. her body was found behind herring's apartment late tuesday morning. sara bloomquist is live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: it took the medical examiner until mid-day today to identify the victim.
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police say she met her 23-year-old killer on facebook. 23-year-old cole hairing is behind barring since the body of a female was discovered behind the apartment building where he lives with his parents on the 200 block of south 49th street in south philadelphia on tuesday morning. today we learned the victim was sabrina mcclean. she was reported missing from newcastle, delaware by her family. police say she met hearing on monday and ended up at his apartment on monday night and within hours stabbed to death and her body set on fire in the rear of the building. >> the coroner's report has her being stabbed well over 50 times and set on fire in the yard of that apartment complex. >> sources say she was stabbed close to 80 times and that the
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suspect's parents were both out at the time. when they returned home he told them what he had done and the next day they alerted police. given the violence of this crime. investigators want to know if this suspect has killed before. >> it was a very violent act we are looking at him in connection with other possible cases we had. >> homicides? >> yes. >> reporter: the police are going back and looking at prior cases to see if swearinger haring may be ties to them. and he is charges with murder and other offenses. and adding to the mcclain family's anguish her brother was also the victim a homicide. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the former radnor township
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board of commissioners president went back to court. phillip ahr had waived his preliminary hearing. and the 66-year-old is facing multiple charges related to child pornography. he resigned from the board following his arrest in object. we know the face of the man accused of killing another man near the drexel campus earlier this week. the 24-year-old is charged with murder a drexel graduate but shot and killed the student allegedly on the 30 hundred block on tuesday. the vehicle tim was arguing with his girlfriend a current student and he came over to check on her and the two men got into a fight and he stepped back and fired his gun at him three times. the pennsylvania state trooper hit by gun fire during a highway gun battle is doing better tonight.
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corporal seth kelly is doing well enough to be moved out of icu. the accused gunman was arrested that same day. a camden county man is facing aggravated manslaughter charges stemming from the death an atlantic city lifeguard. johnny morgan was charged three weeks later. the two got into an altercation if the area of north virginia avenue in atlantic city owe on november 3rd. that he suffered head injuries and died from the injuries on thanksgiving. a house went up in flames in newcastle, delaware. this is how it looked when firefighters got it under control and crews were ordered out when one wall collapsed and two residents were inside of the home when it starts and made it out all right because the smoke detectors were working and sadly their dog died. the cause of the fire is under investigation. turning to our weather you will feel a bit of chill in the
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air overnight with a little bit of rain and don't worry the sun will return for the end of the work week. cecily tynan has the latest from accuweather. >> we are saying good-bye to november and saying hello to december and starting to feel more like december. today 56 degrees, which is quite a bit cooler than the past two days. that is still 6 degrees above normal. relatively warm but temperatures fall more. and a cold front moving through the ohio valley and temperatures ahead in the 50s and 60s and behind it 50s and 40s and not a big drop in temperatures but temperatures step down into the weekend. double scan live radar showing that this cold front coming with an area of showers, the thin band of showers working towards us and moving through between about 9:00 and 11:00. not everyone will get them. but we see a band of light showers, the key time between 9:00 and 1:00 along the coast.
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not going to drop much rain generally less than a .10 inch of rain and by day break the sunshine is back. i'll talk about cooler temperatures especially in the long-term in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. this reminder you can keep up with the forecast using our 6 abc app and logging on to it gives you access to real time views. and morae allegations againt matt lauer. today he released his own statement apologizing for what happened. >> reporter: once the face of nbc, matt lauer is no longer even on their social media feeds or websites. now for the first time since he was fired over an accusation of sexual misconduct on wednesday. we hear from the former network
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tv anchor. >> we received a statement from matt, some of what is said about me is untrue or mischaracterized but there is enough truth in the stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed i regret that my shame is now shared by the people i cherish dearly. repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching. >> and during a call nbc news president declined to get into details but mentioned there was a power dynamic at play and called the employee that came forward a brave woman. since then two other women made formal complaints to nbc about lauer and variety explains the complaintses of current and former nbc staffers. >> dozens of interviews and we investigated for two months and were told shocking and disturbing stories, that are in stark contrast to the matt lauer
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that everybody has known for 20 years. >> some women said they complained to executives to no avail. >> this was behavior that he didn't do on his owner away from nbc. this was done within the halls of the newsroom. . meantime music mogul russel simmons stepping away from his company. he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman. screen writer jenny lamet back in los angeles. she without in a guest column and simmons denied the allegations but agreed to step away from various companies music film and fashion, to avoid distraction. it's the second such allegations against simmons this month. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night.
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>> lets go live to matt pellman. >> the ground is shake, rattling and rolling and we are trying to shake lose a delay on the schuylkill expressway we had it because of a broken down vehicle east of the 202 and working itself out but still the travel time is double from the blue route to 476. still a tough time getting to the schuylkill off of kelly and rin done drive and a crash on the ramps. and villanova watch for a crash along 320 that is sprawl road at conestoga road. and a crash in south jersey at the pennsauken christiana assembly and a gas main break along 70 eastbound. use 38 instead of 70. had a crash we were watching on the white horse pike but that is cleared out but west depford a
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crash at crown pole road and 45 through woodbury could be an alternate. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> all right thank you. much more ahead on "action news" thursday night. we are continuing to follow our breaking news story. a moderate earthquake near dover, delaware. you are looking at the geological survey website. the earthquake shook the ground just after 4:30, no reports damage or injuries, an "action news" crew is headed down there right now. we'll keep you updated.
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. we have an update or big story. dover delaware was the epicenter but a woman in claymont, delaware says she felt the earthquake and barbara shepherd is on the phone now. tell us what you felt. >> good evening monica, i had just come in through my garage and the whole house shook. there was an awful tremor, i mean terrible. so i ran back outside and all the neighbors were also out there. and everybody is saying what was that? what was that?
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and so nobody knew. i came back in and text my daughter, who works at the hospital in kent in dover. and asked her if she felt and she said yes, they think it was an earthquake. at that time i turned on earthquake and heard cecily talking about it. >> sounds like you are okay was there damage to your home. >> no, as far as i can see rick there is no damage, nothing fell off the wall or anything like that. the whole house just shook. i am shaken up because i never felt anything like that. i guess tomorrow i'll go and look around and see if there is any cracks or anything. nothing fell and nothing fell out of the cabinets. >> have you ever felt anything like that before? i don't know what was shaking?
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>> down here in the clayton dover area, it's always windy and get bad thunderstorms and the house will shake but nothing like that. >> all right barbara we are glad you are doing okay and thank you for calling in. once again that earthquake was near dover, delaware. as you can tell from the screen there 10 kilometers from dover delaware enough for folk oz react. and we hear there is no damage reported. according to dover city fire they have not found any damage to that area yet. but they are continuing to look over that area. and make sure everyone is doing okay. but again it was, epicenter east-northeast of dover delaware just after 4:30 this afternoon. in other news arthritis in the united states is vastly
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underestimated especially in people underage of 65 years old. that is from new research from boston university. the center for disease control estimate that 55 million americans have a form of arthritis, it's total they say is more like 290 million. and the boston team wants current tracking methods changed. the university of massachusetts amherst is dealing with a meningitis outbreak. health officials think there could be more cases or more carriers of that bacteria on campus. >> they are not in the clear they could occur one or two months apart. >> because of the outbreak the
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newman catholic center decided not to pass the wine chalice during the daily masses and the clinic will run for another two weeks for vaccinations. jim neighbors who played gomer pyle died tonight. he joined the andy griffin show as the loveable gas pumper, he was so popular he was turned into a marine on a separate show and did voice overs recording two dozen albums and an alabama native and 87 years old and leaves behind his husband, stan. (avo) if you've been struggling with belly pain
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stomach-area pain and swelling. ask your doctor if 90 days of linzess may be right for you. back to the top story. the 5.1 magnitude earthquake. we want to go the phone and talk to a state geologist. dave are you there. >> caller: yes i am. >> what did we feel almost an hour and 20 minutes ago? >> caller: well, it was indeed an earthquake it appears to be centered just a few miles from dover, delaware. about 8 miles northeast and
5:23 pm
appeared 8 kilometers deep. and it was south and interesting the people that are reporting having felt the earthquake it ranges from washington, d.c. to new york. >> and what -- >> that is interesting my colleague in maryland had news here recently a week or so ago they had small tremors in maryland not too far away as well. we don't know if there is relation to what we felt here today in delaware or not. but it peeks the curiosity of scientists. it's interesting that the hits or people that felt it the most, runs in a line from washington up toward new york city. and that is it not surprising,
5:24 pm
that is where we call the fault line where the peidmont rocks are the more dense hard to erode rocks and they tend to transmit the earthquake energy a lot. rank than the coastal plain sediments we see toward the beaches. an interesting setup as of right now. >> as you mentioned from washington, d.c. to new york it certainly rattled the entire east coast. how common is something like this to be as widespread as it was this afternoon? >> caller: any time you have an earthquake of that magnitude we upgraded 5.1, from the usgs. they typically do processing and they will get a better number
5:25 pm
they will announce at sometime. but the virginia earthquake that happen aid few years ago that was felt, i think even farther up along the coast. so if you have a magnitude of around 5, it's going to be felt in a multistate zone for sure. >> should people worry there would be other tremors or a precursor that is common in california. that does damage or possibly could possibly take lives? is it the tip of the iceberg or just an isolate event? >> caller: too early to tell but we are kind of in the middle of the earthen plates on the east coast. they are not that active but continually being stresses and
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strained and the oceans split us apart and it builts up pressure in the rocks way deep below us over long periods of time and every once in a while it has to release the energy in the form of an earthquake. it's too hard to tell. interestingly, the delaware geological survey which i direct we play part of a national study that had sensors that moved across the country and took the biggest picture that was done ever. and they are still processing that data and hopefully that will give us a better idea of what the geological structures we can't see or drill to. but can infer from geophysics like taking an mri of the earth. the deep layers of what you can't see and that could shed information on the earthquakes we are finding on the east coast. >> where are you in delaware in
5:27 pm
relation to dover and did you feel anything when this occurred? >> >> caller: the delaware geological survey is on the university of delaware campus. and i was next door at the geology department livening to the seminar and the project ecter screen started to sway around and i said i thought that was an earthquake. and i was the state geologist of new hampshire and we had seismic events and indeed the phones are ringing off the hook ever since. >> it's unnerving. i was in a small one once in puerto rico and you never forget. thank you dave for your insight. we'll take a quick break and be back with more news after this. i no longer live with
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certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again breaking news a
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4.4 earthquake reported in our area centered in dover, delaware. no major damage is reported. we want to get the latest on what happened from meteorologist, adam joseph. >> it happened at 4:47 p.m. and social media one of those power tools that lit up that this was something because most people were talking about it the minute after it happened. at 4:47 p.m. the epicenter was east-northeast of dover. a 4.4 magnitude on the richter scale which is impressive for our area. the largest earthquake ever felt in dover in history. the last largest earthquake was a 3.8 magnitude in 1973. and the depth of this earthquake was 4 miles underneath the surface that is considered a shallow earthquake, much like the virginia earthquake seven years ago. if this earthquake was to be
5:31 pm
much deeper -- okay i am just getting it changed to a 4.1 magnitude. this will continue to shift with the geological survey team assessing what happened here. but even a 4.1 is still the largest earthquake in the state of delaware with a depth of 4 miles deep that is shallow and the deeper earthquakes tend to do less damage because the seismic waves have to travel through the ground and they lose energy when they hit the surface, even with this 4.1 near the surface not many reports of damage. but as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan here is where the epicenter was, there is dover and 6 miles north and east of there. there it is a 4.1 at this point. but this being felt the shakes go north to new york and all the way south to washington. and this map here showing where we are getting records in, and
5:32 pm
north of new york city some near waterbury, connecticut. the most is around philadelphia down to baltimore and washington. and not seeing anything south of dale city, once you get into virginia or richmond but at this point the epicenter from wilmington towards philadelphia. so something we continue to monitor and watch here. but again as we take a look at what we are unfolding here is learning much from the national geological survey here of that 4.1 magnitude earthquake that happened at 4:47 p.m. we are learning more of this as we progress through the evening hours and get more rick in just a bit. meantime the last quake to be felt was august of 2011 and a 5.8 quake centered in virginia. that quake centered in louisa,
5:33 pm
virginia northwest of richmond and 200 miles southwest of philadelphia and damage was reported throughout the east coast including shattered windows in center city. no word yet from today's quake but we are following it through the evening. >> we are getting reports from viewers that felt the earthquake from delaware to central jersey to the lehigh valley. if you felt it or want to share your experience post it to social media with #6abcaction. and stay with 6 abc for the latest on this quake that took place this afternoon. now developing news from hollywood to the media to congress. accusations of sexual harassment are swirling around the industry's most powerful men. we learned that congressman john conyers was actually hospitalized with what doctors say it a stress related illness but did not stop the house
5:34 pm
leadership on both sides of the aisle for calling for him to step aside. >> i pray for conyers and his family and wish them well. however, congress conyers should resign. >> yes, i think he should resign immediately and i was briefed on the allegations and i think he should. >> shortly after that conyer's attorney arnold reed spoke to the media and said the congressman will do no such thing. >> it's not up to nancy pelosi, she did not elect the congressman and sure will not be the one to tell the congressman to leave. >> and reed says that conyers has not thought about stepping down and is focused on his health. and meantime. a sixth woman today is now accusing senator al franken of harassment. a former elected official in new
5:35 pm
saying that frank entried to kiss her on stage in 2006. and franken has not admitted to the behavior but says he is embarrassed by at least one incidence and he as well is refusing to step down. one congressman joe barton the representative from texas will not seek an 18th term after a lewd photograph was leaked. and other women have raised objections to messages from her. barton is the sixth most senior republican in the house. >> developing news from the white house tonight. reports emerged today that president trump is preparing to get rid of yet another cabinet member, this time secretary of state, rex tillerson, and appears to have tillerson's successor lined up. here is the latest from karen travers from the white house. >> the white house says there is
5:36 pm
no personnel announcements at this time and secretary rex tillerson continues to lead the the state department and the term as top diplomat may come to an end. it was not a ringing endorse many. president trump asked the oval office, do you want rex tillerson on the job? >> rex is here. >> the white house had a plan in the works for to months to replace him with mike pompeo. they say the move is not imminent but will likely happen in the next few weeks. pompeo is a favorite of president trump who requested that he personally give him the intelligence briefers twice a week. and there is tension in recent months between president trump and secretary tillerson both unhappy and frustrated with each other and he wanted to see tillerson be a little tougher and then the bombshell that
5:37 pm
month a report that tiller son called the president a moron. and president trump called it fake news but the pop pompeo in and tillerson out started after that. he had this reaction? some days i feel like i need to do that. >> secretary tillerson is scheduled to travel to europe to meet with foreign ministers, a chance to get out of washington and do diplomatic work and perhaps get off the president's radar. channel 6 "action news." time now to get a check of the road conditions in the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is live with the latest. >> we are watching situations on this thursday evening rick and monica, let me start by saying this has nothing to do with the earthquake but a serious situation, a truck accident in
5:38 pm
pennsauken. and then nj transit tweeted out this picture. a flat bed truck carrying a front loader and struck the railroad bridge at river road in pennsauken so river road is blocked and the bigger ram case is that njt rail line is not running between pennsauken and cherry hill. trains are not running this afternoon and sounds like they may not run for a little while and may run through cherry hill and a.c. but this chunk is not running on the rail line this afternoon. and septa having issues with 15 minute inbound delays because of signal issues and that is our situation in pennsauken and cherry hill the gas main break use 78 eastbound instead. and single digit speeds on 1.
5:39 pm
and west depford a crash and downed poll on crown point road. lots of issues in south jersey and in pennsylvania, a big backup on 202 as you head northbound because a crash by dekalb street. and heading into norristown is tough along 202. locally you can detour to dekalb but a slow go this evening. back over to you. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news" tonight. courtroom justice from one inmate to another and the judge handed down his verdict and a man decided to hand down a punishment of his own. and michael jackson's thriller is celebrating an anniversary. and eagles take on the seahawks sunday in seattle. and ways you are celebrating the eagles amazing season so far. keep the photos coming.
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a vicious attack inside of a courtroom as one man head butts
5:43 pm
another. the victim was sentenced for sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl and the attacker was waiting for arraignment but decided to dole out punishment of his own. and youngsters at a mississippi elementary school had excitement to the day. a deer burst in and ran through the hallways. the animal took a spill and ended up sliding on the slippery floor and luckily no people were hurt and the deer found its way back out to into the wild. the eagles heading out to seattle for what should be one of its toughest game of the year. and they face the see hawks for a sunday night game. ducis rogers and ron jawarksi have the break down. >> seattle is a tough place to play and travel. in terms of on the field what do
5:44 pm
the eagles need to worry about. >> russel wilson he can extend the play as well as any quarterback in the league. the eagles quarterback must play with discipline against the mobile quarterback and they showed all season long they could play that way mix in the blitz and mix it up to keep the quarterback guess what they will do. i'll take you back to alex smith, the quarterback for the chiefs, against him eagles brought blitzes and played with discipline and the four man pressure getting after alex smith and michael kendricks on the blitz, an active and good blitzer for the eagles. and the defense is the best in the league when they blitz. they know where he will be because of the discipline and contain and michael kendricks gets the sack. against seattle you'll see this type of look more of a zone
5:45 pm
look. you'll see it once again. four man pressure that is it. seven defenders now in coverage and all of the eyes looking back in the back field. this is cam newton in this game. if he escaped the pocket they want eyes on him and knowing where he was going to go. pass rush great discipline nowhere for cam to go. eyes in the back field and i love the fact that they played with discipline. look at brandon graham. and fletcher cox he is just crushing people now. and cam newton nowhere to go and they must make russel wilson feel the same pressure. >> when eagles are on offense what will they see in terms of seattle defense. this is no long of the lesion of doom. cam chancellor out with an injury. richard sher mane out with an injury. and their best pass rusher out with an injury. there are opportunities for
5:46 pm
explosive plays for carson wentz and he believes the big throws, six pass plays of 20 yards or more. pinpoint accuracy like to matt collins. double moves the seahawks love to look in the back field and back routes. and i love the yards after the catch. nelson aguilar great effort. the eagles offense will move the ball against the former lesion of boom. >> what happens sunday night in seattle and why? >> i am on a role by the way pretty hot. i like the eagles 27-24. >> we'll take it. he is jaw and i'm ducis back to you. before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that
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returning once again to the big story 4.1 earthquake in dover, delaware. joining us is staff sergeant jenny with dover air force base. thank you for being with us. what did you feel and experience? >> caller: sure, so about an hour ago we experienced an earthquake near the base. a rumble in the ground and shook us a little in our chairs and trying to figure out what was twoing on stepped outside to see what was happening and we had
5:50 pm
news from the gs we were experiencing an earthquake. luckily we have no reports of damage to government property or injuries or anything like that. that is an excellent thing. >> absolutely especially at an airport base with aircraft and pricey items. have you had other experiences with earthquakes or something similar did you know within minutes what had happened? >> personally myself i have been through several of them but the luck to sleep through everyone of them. this is the first one i was awake for. >> it's unnerving wouldn't you say? >> just a little bit ma'am. >> we are happy that are you okay and no damage to the base. but again a 4.1 magnitude earthquake in dover. staff sergeant jenny thank you for joining us on the phone. >> lets talk to adam joseph with more we can learn about it.
5:51 pm
once every six or seven years. >> the strongest earthquake to rock the state of delaware, this is a 4.1. no damage reports something cool that people can talk about. >> widespread from washington, d.c. to new york. >> and hundreds of reports where they felt it from washington to new york city. look agent stormtracker 6 live double scan. the epicenter 6 miles north-northeast from dover, and five miles deep with the core of the earthquake happened. that far below the surface which is very, very shallow. even an earthquake that happened 70 miles underneath the earthquake is considered shallow and if this was at a magnitude stronger than this. shallow earthquakes tend to do more damage because the deeper they are, the seismic activity has to kind of push itself through the ground.
5:52 pm
so it loses energy and that is why shallow earthquakes are typically stronger however as we take a look at the scale here which the magnitude scale, it goes from 1 to 10 but a log rhythmic scale every level, one, two, three, ten times stronger every single level. anything between a 1 and 5, the damage is very rare and rarely felt. not much to look at or see after the earthquake. when you get to a 5 to 6 that is minimal damage and severe damage typically happens when the earthquake levels are at a 6 to a10. again lukely we had a 4.1 and shallow. but not at that level or strong enough to do harm. >> as we take a look at the weather itself above the ground. 52 in philadelphia and 49 in
5:53 pm
allentown and trenton and 50 in millville and wilmington and 52 in cape may. clouds on the increase and we are tracking a cold front to the north and west. and shower as long with it. showers are skirting through here during the late evening hours, 9:00, 10:00 we start to see rain drops fall and not a lot of rain and then heads off the coast and early tomorrow morning the the sunshine is back in full force to begin our friday and that continues into friday afternoon. 55 in wilmington and millville. and 54 for philadelphia and 52 in allentown and mostly sunny and nice day tomorrow. with the winds out of the north-northwest 7 to 14. the warmth we are experiencing that is going change. the cold air is in canada, and warm and mild now, but that cold air breaks down here at the end of the next week starting december 8th. expect a major shift in our weather pattern. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast temperature as we go into the day tomorrow are once again in
5:54 pm
the 50s and stay there through much of the seven-day forecast, we are down to 49 with faint sunshine here on saturday. and mild and pleasant here for december on sunday. 55 degrees and staying there on monday. and some rain arrives late tuesday and that continues into wednesday and a warm tuesday and wednesday is behind that system that the cold air starts to rush in thursday. 45 degrees and it drops more as we get into friday and the following weekend guys. >> all right thank you. >> much more "action news" coming your way. we'll be right back.
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that ground breaking song was released 35 years ago today. michael jackson's thriller album was released on 1982 on this day a pop culture phenomenon and spent 37 weeks on number one
5:57 pm
season seven top ten singles such as billy jean and beat it. and it broke down the color barrier with the video from billy jean and the video for thriller, with its special effects and major choreography was something never seen before. right now jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. we continue to follow the earthquake centered in dover, delaware this afternoon live team coverage on the quake and its affects and the latest on possible damage in the area. now for adam joseph and cecily tynan and rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a great night tonight.
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5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight. is a 4.1 magnitude earthquake right here in the delaware valley. and the quake hit at 4:47 this afternoon. with the epicenter 10 kilometers north-northeast of dover, delaware. we have no reports of damage at least until this moment but people are feeling the quake from d.c. to doylestown, pennsylvania. cecily tynan has more on the quake. >> i felt it. i was getting ready for the 5:00 news sitting in the weather office and 20 seconds of kind of swaying and the facebook and twitter accounts lit up. saying did we have an
6:00 pm
earthquake? yes we did. the epee center close to dover delaware but the seismic waves felt from new england to we shall d.c. a 4.1 earthquake. it happened at 4:47 and the epee sender was 6. miles east-northeast of dover. and it was an extremely shallow earthquake just 5 miles below the surface. earthquakes can be as low as 40 miles under the surface to still be considered a shallow earthquake. it was the largest reported earthquake in delaware in history. the last one 1973, a 3.8 magnitude. it's a lodge rhy


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