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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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earthquake? yes we did. the epee center close to dover delaware but the seismic waves felt from new england to we shall d.c. a 4.1 earthquake. it happened at 4:47 and the epee sender was 6. miles east-northeast of dover. and it was an extremely shallow earthquake just 5 miles below the surface. earthquakes can be as low as 40 miles under the surface to still be considered a shallow earthquake. it was the largest reported earthquake in delaware in history. the last one 1973, a 3.8 magnitude. it's a lodge rhythmic scale.
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so 1 to 5 magnitude but the damage is rare. 5 to 6 minimal damage and 6 and above severe damage. the highest ever recorded a 9.5. and these are all the reports. see the blue dots these are the the people that felt the earthquake as far north as parts of connecticut and new york state and as far south as washington, d.c. 4.1 minimal damage and shaking. lets go live to sara bloomquist in center city philadelphia. apparently at lot of people felt the earth move. >> it's hit or miss where people felt the earthquake, not far from franklin square near police headquarters and when to franklin square and talked to people, they didn't feel anything here in center city and checked with people in old city
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and didn't feel it either. this was a 4.1 on the richter squal and i remember the earthquake of august of 2011. i was largely pregnant at the time and in the news van and it was swaying and in that case people came running out of the billing. not the case here in center city. but different in south philadelphia. we spoke with ivan cohen he heard the swaying. >> we were sitting talking with my wife and effect in the house swayed to one side. i thought the house was falling. usually you feel the trucks going by and all the christmas decorations were shaking and the lights were moving all over the place. >> so have interesting he is in south philadelphia and not far in center city and he felt the swaying and saw the decorations in the windows shaking and felt like a truck going by. and people here where i am
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standing don't know what i'm talking about. it really mattered where you were. live in center city, sara bloomquist. >> we were flooded with phone calls and social media. >> i have david the geologist for the state of delaware. people don't associate the tri-state area with earthquakes and the last one near dover was in the late 1800s why would something like this happen now? >> caller: that is a good question and scientists will look with more interest with the earthquake occurring in the area. they are random events on the east coast because we are not near some of the more active plate boundaries where we tend to find earthquakes but that is not to say the earthquake is under constant stress and after years and decades and millenia,
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pressure builds up and has to be released and it's usually in the form of an earthquake. >> the fact we had an earthquake does that mean we are more likely to have another one. >> caller: that is difficult to say you need records back to millions of years to know what is normal or not. having one every hundred years it's hard to kind of pick up a schedule or frequency from a random event like this. >> will a quake of that relatively minor magnitude, what about aftershocks? is it likely or not likely? >> caller: typically they are associated with larger quakes but that is not to say we couldn't have smaller one. but the instruments will pick up
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something like a magnitude 1 people would not notice or feel in their homes. >> thank you so much appreciate your time. >> you're welcome. >> the last quake to be felt in the area august 2011 a 5.8 quake in virginia, centered in louisa, virginia northwest of richmond and 230 miles southwest of philadelphia that was a half mile deep and damage was reported east of the coast and shattered windows in center city philadelphia. no word yet on damage from today's earthquake but we'll be following the story throughout the evening. and we urge you to stay with "action news" and throughout the night for the latest on this delaware earthquake. elsewhere the search for the alleged killer in the shooting death of a philadelphia high schoolers. but the murder of jason pat
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yonhaped far from his west philadelphia neighborhood. he was visiting his sister in harrisburg and now they are trying to track down a 30-year-old man as athe suspected killer. >> 18-year-old jason patton an honor student in west philadelphia was murted shot multiple times at his sister's apartment in harrisburg over the holiday weekend and he was there visiting her and other relatives, he a 3.5 grade average and a standout on the football team and a member of the theater company at this highly regarded school for boys. everybody here is shattered. >> we are shattered. what is impressive is that it's a rare thing to find a student a hard hitting defensive back as well as a poignant theater actor as part of the drama program he was someone that could do it all.
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>> they named their suspect dave butler a violent criminal with a long rap sheet known to police. he has relatives here and may be hiding out in town. and connection as far away as north carolina. police in harrisburg did not say what spurred the murder. >> been with him sin freshman year, all classes and sports and being around a person. all the time. just not being to see him no more or hear their voices. heart breaking. >> he was the type of guy that stood up for people. and always took care of me and took care of him. if i had money i gave him money and if he had money he gave me money. like a brother. >> derek butler remains at large and credited armed and extremely dangerous. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" in west philadelphia. >> matt lauer is expressing sorrow and regret a day after
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his abrupt resignation from the "today" show. since it's initial claim of sexual harassment to other women made formal clients one of sexual assault. lauer says that quote, some of what is said about me is untrue or mischaracterized but there is enough truth to make me embarrassed and ashamed and is taking a look at his troubling flaws and repairing the damage is his full-time job. entrepreneur russell simmons stepped down from his company as mid sex assault allegations and calls for congressman john conyers to retain. world news david muir will have continuing coverage at 6:30 after "action news." a pedestrian was killed after being struck by three vehicles in cherry hill this morning, the incident happened at route 38 at longwood avenue and the man was crossing at the
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crosswalk but the light was green and initially struck in the eastbound lanes and the body was tossed to the eastbound side and hit by two more vehicles. it appears that american airlines is doing some effective scrambling staffing flights for the holiday season. as we told you last night at 11:00. the union said that thousands of american flights lacked a captain or copilot or both. but john rawlins it seems like they are pulling off something of a christmas miracle. >> reporter: so it would seem. now the airline is not saying a lot except through formal written statements but a willingness on flight crews to pitch in during a potential jam and one incentive is a bonus offering crews time and a half pay. and the prognosis seemed grim and the pilot union said as many
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as 15,000 flights could be in jeopardy because of a staffing glitch and countering that they hoped to avoid cancellation and customers seemed skeptical. >> that is probably the canned response, i don't know what other response they can give at this point. >> they wanted to know what happens. the day before if their flight gets canceled. at rosen bloom vacations they said the number of flights had fallen now hundreds inreceived thousands. >> hour to hour it changes and down to a couple of hundred flights. >> crews are given vacation is now coming back after the airline offered time and a half pay. the airline put out this statement. of the 200,000 flights that american will operate in december own a few hundred are unassigned to pilots and that
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continues to decrease. thanks to pilots picking up trips. >> this point the goal is to have this matter of full staffing resolved in the next few days if not sooner. live in philadelphia international airport channel 6 "action news": coming up on "action news" we continue to follow breaking news a 4.1 earthquake in delaware. plus cecily tynan with accuweather. ducis rogers with the latest on the eagles as they get ready to take on seattle. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. sorry. i can't make it.
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we have received reports from viewers that felt the earthquake from delaware to central knowlednew jersey to thh
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valley. if you want to they're your experience use #6abcaction. upper darby police need help identifying this man. investigators say that he posted anti-muslim signs and set fires to items outside of a mosque in upper darby township. police were call to the 200 block of south 69 and street and superintendant michael chitwood considers this a hate crime. >> so what is he capable of? i don't know but the message is a strong hateful violent message. >> the suspect was wearing a red aviator hat and a jacket with a nasa logo. and thanks to the fairmount park conersy, it's called a very philly christmas and features
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and of scores we continue to monitor the earthquake that shook parts of the delaware valley. the 4.1 magnitude quake hit toward dover and no reports of injuries or damage but we are anxious to hear your experience. if you had one. a lot of people in the building did and a lot didn't. >> where were you during the earthquake of 2017. >> i was standing next to you talk ngt sports office. >> hanging out. >> no working.
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>> we'll talk about the eagles, they can clinch the nfc east tonight with a dallas cowboys loss or tie to the washington red skins and the eagles could clinch on sunday with the win in seattle. the eagles are a 6 point favorite for that game sunday night. the sixers are in boston to face the sixth place celtics, a back to back joel embiid will not play. the sixers beat the wizards and joel embiid 13 points and 8 rebounds and they began to foul him. he attempted 4 free throws in the fourth quarter alone. the sixers still see room for improvement. >> we are not close to where we want to be. we want to be one of best teams in the nba in general and a long time to get there but it's exciting to see the tem come
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together. the sixers are trending upward with the flyers are playing a game of how low can we go. the flyers lost a mind numbinging nine games in a row. back to the drawing board and the flyers are back in action in boston to face the bruins. >> it's obviously been a tough couple of weeks and a tough run. but i think it's a combination of the two. probably a couple of areas of our game where we have to simplify things and mentally try to do things with a real clear purpose. and i mean we have to continue to add detail to our game. >> nine games in a row? not good. he is on the hot seat. he doesn't want to talk about it but it's the hot seat. >> and getting hotter all the time.
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we have this video from middletown, delaware. michael sent us what his home surveillance sent us from his garth. the home was shaking and nothing fell and no outdoor turn fewer had problems. >> that was it but we saw a little shake there. if you have any video of the tremor happening or want to share your experience like these viewers have up load them to social media with #6abcaction.
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>> i felt it. it felt like the building was moving a little bit for 20 seconds and you know people in california -- would be laughing at us right now. this is nothing for them. people on the edge of the building and people in the center didn't feel it. >> i was next to a window and if you are driving you never feel it. all right lets talk about the weather. enough about the earthquake, today was a beautiful day. to end november the "action news" cam in fairmont park seeing blue skies and temperatures up to 66 degrees 6 degrees above average can and this shows the snapshot of cape may, new jersey, because the end of the november is the end of hurricane season and this was an active season. good-bye and good riddens, we had a lot of storms. 17 named storms the most active
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year in 2005. in we had 3 category four hit the u.s. maria, harvey that hit texas and irma hit florida but no hurricane hit the east coast of the u.s. we are lucky to be here for the end of hurricane season. that is why i kept calling the earthquake a hurricane. i am in hurricane mode but this is the earthquake, the epicenter just about 6 miles northeast of dover, delaware. 4.1 that is pretty low as far as magnitude earthquakes that go up to a 10. this is ai seismograph and everything is even. and you can see how it was shaking there and unfortunately when you get an earthquake that is a 4.1 it doesn't cause damage
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and temperature-wise 51 in philadelphia and allentown 50 and wilmington 49 and cape may 52 and trenton currently 46 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the clouds are beginning to stream in ahead of a cold front and it has a ribbon of showers associated with it. not a lot of moisture and a lot of this will evaporate as it rolls through and future tracker 6 showing you head out tonight and a scattering of showers and lots of clouds and this system moves quickly and tomorrow morning 7:30 in the morning once the sunrises it's sunny for the first day of december and temperatures will again be mild. loads of sunshine through the day and temperatures up to 46 degrees by 9:00. and should make it up to 52 degrees in the afternoon, reaching a high of 54. but there is cold air kind of lurking in the wings. a pool of cold air near the
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hudson bay and indications by the end of next weeks that cold air is displaying the mild air in place and that means late next week in next weekend temperatures below average for a change and that is one ingredient for snow and watch for anything to develop at this point it just looks cold. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we welcome in tests a nice day mostly sunny and mild with a high of 54 degrees and saturday a weak disturbance rolls through and this brings us high, thin clouds and we see filtered sunshine with more cloud cover and a little bit cooler and seasonably cool with a high of 49 degrees and temperatures back up to 55 degrees on sunday and monday sun with clouds and 55 and tuesday ahead of a strong cold front it will be mild, 61 degrees but rain arriving on tuesday and it's rainy on wednesday with a high of 54 and on thursday, that
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colder air begins to filter in 45 degrees and the average high for thursday is 48 and looks colder by friday and next weekend. and this weekend it's looking nice. >> thank you. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for cecily tynan and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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tonight, matt lauer breaks his silence. the fired nbc host apologizes, admitting there is enough truth in the allegations for him to feel ashamed. new images tonight of lauer and new reporting. what the women now describe. breaking news tonight. the scare late today. the earthquake here on the east coast a short time ago. felt from d.c. to philadelphia to new york. could there with a major shakeup? is president trump pushing out his secretary of state? your money, your taxes tonight. the drama moments ago on the senate floor. where the president's tax bill stands at this hour. if you are a family making about $75,000 a year, will your taxes go up in the next decade? and how much will the top 1% benefit? the suspected serial killer in florida. the basketball player who graduated from st. john's. and tonight, what po


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