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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 9, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, breaking news. winter slam. snow across 20 states. 90 million americans feeling the chill of that icy path. power outages and travel delays. where is the storm headed next? return to ruins. devastating wildfires tearing across the west. destroying neighborhoods. the woman who tried to escape in her car trapped in the flames. what firefighters are now hoping for. civil rights clash. the showdown between president trump and protesters over the opening of a museum devoted to racial justice. the boycott of that event. down to the wire. tonight, this just in. the recording of the president's robo-call in support of roy moore as the democrat doug jones, tries to rally african-american voters. plus, dangerous duty. the tense and deadly drama escalating between an officer
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and a suspect who charges him. and the school bus driver in the fight for his life. what his young passengers did to give him a lift. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas, and we begin tonight with breaking news. the first major snowfall of the season blanketing 20 states from texas to new england. much of the eastern sea board in the storm's grip tonight. some 90 million americans feeling the system's chill. record-breaking snowfalls in a number of states. hazardous driving there in delaware, and that overturned car on a slick road in northern ohio. and these drone images over alabama. that cold weather blast knocking out power to nearly 200,000 customers throughout the south all the way up to maine. abc's senior meteorologist, rob marciano starting us off. >> reporter: tonight, the south digging out as the first winter storm bears down on the northeast. from texas to florida, the
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usually mild south still frozen. >> we don't know what the weather is going to do. hopefully a turn for the best. >> reporter: weather even delaying air force one. finally landing on a snowy runway in jackson, mississippi. the storm there the biggest to hit in three decades. parts of alabama buried under a foot of snow. >> i didn't want to be on the news. >> reporter: cars stuck and spinning all the way to the carolina coast. >> some guy in a truck slid off the road and hit a car. >> reporter: and right now, 160,000 without power from mississippi to maine. airline traffic snarled for a second day. the storm forcing the cancellation of over 2,000 flights, delaying 3,000 more. and in new jersey, crews working to keep the roads clear. >> the plow trucks are out, but more importantly, it's the salt that's doing the trick with this storm. >> reporter: farther north, enough snow on the roads to cause these wrecks in new york state. both drivers okay tonight. more like slush in the city, but some spots could freeze over tonight as the snow keeps coming down, and new yorkers struggle
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to navigate this winter mess. and in philadelphia, a snowy matchup for the army/navy game. >> a lot of snow in that field. rob joins us now live from central park. we can see the snow coming down where you are. where else is the snow hitting right now? >> reporter: wide expanse, tom. generally 2 to 4 inches fall in this area. could see another 1 to 3 tonight. i-80, and i-70, the backside of the system p boston, new york, philly, you're out of it, but the lake-effect snows will continue as cold air pours down. so cold, as a matter of fact, any snow that fell in atlanta will be there tomorrow morning sub freezing and windchill advisories for central florida, including orlando, northern florida, and that will be the legacy with this storm. stunning the south with the early season cold and snow. tom? >> incredible to see the images out of south. rob, thanks so much. from the intense winter weather to the scorching wildfires in the west, six fires still raging and now we are
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hearing of the first fatality. many homeowners who escaped with their lives from one of the worst, the thomas fire. now going back to sift through that wreckage you see. as firefighters focus on a new window of opportunity to put those flames out for good. abc's marci gonzalez is in the fire zone. >> reporter: the infernos raging tonight in southern california turning deadly. >> it's almost like a three-eddthree-ed headed monster. >> reporter: officials say at the height of the massive thomas fire, a woman died trying to outrun the flames in her car. now after days of intense fire fights, winds stoking the flames are finally calming down. they are working to put out hot spots and they keep flaring up. and to contain giant flames in the hillside. crews seizing this chance to get the upper hand. setting back fires that will create a barrier to keep the blazes from spreading. 8,500 firefighters attacking from the ground. the u.s. navy dousing the flames from helicopters, and this 747 supertanker. >> that's the real key to trying to stop this fire from spreading. >> reporter: today, governor jerry brown seeing the damage
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first hand. >> it is a horror. it is is horror we want to mine mise. >> reporter: in all, nearly 800 structures gone. nearly 280 square miles charred. >> looked out and the whole back there was burning behind. it was 50 feet tall. >> reporter: clark edwards and his 6-year-old son got out just in time. his home now in ashes. >> i could see out the back windows that there was no way -- i needed to leave right now. >> reporter: all he could salvage -- a wedding ring. but his biggest concern -- making sure his son has a home for the holidays. >> it's christmas and i want to make sure my boy -- santa is still coming. >> and the biggest concern tonight for officials is with the thomas fire that destroyed so much of this community. you could see there is nothing salvageable left. the only things left standing are partial walls and a chimney, and that used to be the roof. and while firefighters did get a bit of a break today as expected, the winds are picking
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up again. tom? >> those homes completely destroyed there. all right, marci gonzalez. marci, thank you. we move on now to the deep tensions between president trump and civil rights activists. that rift heating up over the opening of new civil rights museum in mississippi. president trump taking a tour of that museum and addressing the crowd. but the president's participation such a flash point that major civil rights figures, like john lewis, boycotted the event. here's abc's david wright. >> no hate in our state. >> reporter: today in jackson, an echo of the civil rights struggle. >> hey hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go! >> reporter: a peaceful protest of a president who has fanned racial tensions attending the opening of a new civil rights museum. >> if you go this way, you see a confederate flag. if you go that way, you will see a confederate flag. now how are these men who are standing up talking about civil rights right now, how are they squaring that message with all these confederate flags that are all over the place? >> it really is a beautiful, beautiful place. >> reporter: trump's message
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today, one of inclusion. >> these buildings embody the hope that has lived in the hearts of every american for generations. >> reporter: because trump was there, civil rights legend john lewis was not. congressman lewis, one of the heroes of bloody sunday in selma, called president trump's attendance, an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum. [ chanting ] four months ago, there was this scene in charlottesville, and trump's carefully measured response. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. on many sides. >> reporter: just last night, at a rally in pensacola -- >> blacks for trump. i love you. >> reporter: trump pledged his support for alabama senate candidate, roy moore. trump and lewis have feuded all year. trump tweeting in january that
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lewis is, all talk, talk, talk. no action or results. sad. this weekend, lewis plans to campaign in alabama for moore's democratic opponent. in jackson today, trump supporters gave him credit for coming. >> those of us supporting him are trying to do the right thing. nobody's perfect, but at least he is trying. >> and david wright is with the president in west palm beach tonight. david, let's go back to that race. late word that president trump has recorded a robo-call in support of roy moore? >> reporter: that's right. these are those phone calls dialed by a computer that are landing during the dinner hour. such a big part of get out the vote operations these days. the white house confirms tonight that the president did record a call for moore. the moore campaign tells abc news they plan to roll it out statewide tomorrow. >> david right for us tonight. david, thank you.
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turning now to alabama as david mentioned, where they are down to the wire in a closely watched race for a u.s. senate seat. the president in pensacola last night, as you heard, urging his supporters to back republican roy moore, a candidate accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls. allegations he says are not true. voters heading to the polls on tuesday. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: tonight, doug jones, the democrat hoping to wrestle an alabama senate seat away from republicans taking his message to the black voters. >> this campaign has got the wind at its back because we are bringing people together from all across the state, and the other side is trying to divide us for man they bring people together. >> reporter: speaking in selma later this weekend with civil rights icon, representative john lewis, jones hoping to weaken embattled republican, roy moore, with strong african-american turnout, and counter president trump's outspoken support of moore in this reliably red state. >> we can't afford to have a liberal democrat who is completely controlled by nancy
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pelosi and chuck schumer. we can't do it. his name is jones, and he is their total puppet. >> reporter: president trump on the attack, going after the credibility of one of the eight women who have accused moore of sexual misconduct. >> you know the yearbook? did you see that? there was a little mistake made. she started writing things in the yearbook. >> reporter: beverly nelson telling abc news moore attacked her in his car when he was in his 30s and she was just 16. >> he was trying to pull me toward -- in between his legs. it was terrible. >> reporter: as evidence, nelson says she kept her high school yearbook with his signature, but recently acknowledging to tom llamas, she did add who roy moore was, and when and where he signed her yearbook. >> he signed your yearbook? >> he did sign it. >> and you made some notes underneath. >> yes. >> reporter: nelson's lawyers say they have had the signature confirmed by an expert. with 72 hours to go, it could all come down to voter turnout.
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will infrequent voters who normally don't vote in a special election show up? what about moderate white voters who are put off by moore? will they stay home or vote for a democrat? tom. >> all eyes on alabama. gloria, thank you. and this programming note. that hotly contested alabama senate race will be the focus tomorrow on "this week." make sure to tune in. heading overseas to the intensifying clashes in the middle east. flashes of violence between palestinian protesters and israeli troops following trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. abc news foreign correspondent, james longman, is there tonight with the latest. >> reporter: tear gas and rubber bullets raining down this time near the place where jesus is believed to have been born. clashes have continued like these here in bethlehem. palestinian authorities are trying to ensure the violence doesn't escalate further. the city often packed with holiday tourists empty. the state department warning americans to stay off the streets across the region, following president trump's wednesday announcement naming
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jerusalem israel's capital and vowing to move the us embassy there. four palestinians dead and hundreds injured since that speech. health officials declaring a state of emergency. in east jerusalem, which palestinians hope to make their capital, scuffles broke out. in gaza, where fury at the president burned, israeli air strikes hit weapon sites after three rockets were fired into its territory. tonight, two senior palestinian officials say leader mahmoud abbas will not meet vice president pence when he visits here later this month. but the white house says the meeting is still scheduled. tom? >> we'll see if that happens. james longman for us tonight. james, thank you. back hero at home to a bus crash injuring at least 29 people. take a look at this. the charter bus overturning in san francisco forcing the closure of three southbound lanes of highway 101. the backup stretching for miles. california highway patrol says the bus hit the center median, se sending it ricochets across the highway. many of those people hospitalized, and they're
6:43 pm
investigating how this crash happened. next to the latest hollywood star accuse of inappropriate touching. dustin hoffman, his co-star from the broadway production, "death of a salesman" stepping parted with the latest accusations. erielle reshef on the details emerging tonight. >> reporter: tonight, disturbing new sexual misconduct allegations against actor dustin hoffman. a third woman coming forward. >> i don't know why i can't stop myself. >> reporter: kathryn rosetter, an actress in hoffman's broadway run of "death of a salesman" in the 1980s, claiming the star repeatedly groped her, and sharing this photo with "the hollywood reporter," which she says caught him in the act. rosetter describing one alleged encounter. i felt his hand up under my slip on the inside of my thighs. she says hoffman would summon her to his dressing room to give him massages. dustin would whisper, higher. higher. trying to get me to move up his pant legs towards his genitals. i didn't do it. the actress says she felt the need to retaliate to hoffman's behavior, grabbing his crotch once, she says, when posing for a photo.
6:44 pm
later published in "playboy" magazine. tonight, rosetter telling abc news why she's speaking out now quote, harvey and timing. women are fed up. rosetter's accusations coming after two other women leveled allegations against hoffman. earlier this week, comedian john oliver publicly grilling the 80-year-old oscar-winner at a film screening. >> that was 40 years ago, you know? i promise i don't have that response even. >> to say that, it feels like dismissals. it's not actually addressing it. it doesn't feel -- >> reporter: "the hollywood reporter" noting hoffman's reps declined to comment directly on rosetter's claims, but "put forth other individuals who worked on death of a salesman and did not witness the conduct described." individuals included several of hoffman's fellow actors and crew. stage manager tom kelly saying, quote, it just doesn't ring true. tom, tonight, we reached out directly to hoffman's representatives. they do not wish to comment further. >> erielle, thank you. there is much more ahead on
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"world news tonight" this saturday. caught on camera. take a look at this. a suspect charging an officer, knocking him down. what police say they were forced to do. plus, going the wrong way on the highway. police shocked by what they found inside the car after finally pulling it over. and christmas lights. the potential hidden dangers. what to look out for and how to check your tree. that's coming up. [ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why? why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit? it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares. iugh... nothing fits..
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welcome back. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, but all those beautiful lights and decorations come with potential dangers. here's abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: tonight, a fire warning about those holiday decorations that can send your home up in flames. >> i'm just grateful that we woke up, and we're alive. >> reporter: watch one decorative string of outdoor christmas lights plugged in all day. set a bush on fire, then mary morris' tennessee home. the fire happening in the middle
6:48 pm
of the night. >> seeing your house in flames is the scariest thing, the scariest thing to wake up to. >> reporter: experts say the biggest dangers, trees and candles. this christmas tree went up within 40 seconds. fire engulfing the room. this menorah lit up these curtains. the cpsc says there aat every y there are hundreds of candle and tree-related fires. an average of 20 people killed. nearly $60 million in property damage. >> we get caught up with so many things that we forget many safety reminders. >> reporter: safety officials say keep frees watered and away from heat sources, and if it's fake, make sure it's flame resistant. safety experts also say inspect your holiday lights for damage, and there are certified outdoor lights built to weather the elements. like these, tom. >> good to know. all right, kenneth. thank you. still ahead, justice delayed. a beauty queen killed nearly 60 years ago. tonight the sentence for the former priest convicted of killing her. and authorities looking for this couple.
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time now for the index, and a woman charged with drunk driving going the wrong way on a highway with an infant in the backseat. take a look at this. traffic cameras catching the woman narrowly missing other cars as she drives the opposite way in detroit when police fooibl finally pulled her over. they found a 1-year-old under the blanket in the back. the little boy was okay. a former priest sentenced to life in prison for murdering a beauty queen nearly 60 years ago. 85-year-old john feit was convicted of the killing. the woman, he said went to
6:53 pm
church in texas for a confession in 1960. the case went uninvolved for decades before being reopened last year. that bodycam and cell phone video of a fatal exchange with a police officer and a suspect. police say the video shows jean pedro pierre knocking down an officer and kicking him. pierre apparently refusing commands from another officer to stop. that officer shooting pierre, killing him, and a grand jury will ultimately decide if the shooting was justified. and police in long island looking for a couple who they say inadvertently recorded part of their crime. here's what happened. officers say the pair -- you see them there -- used a stolen credit card to pay for a sky diving adventure. they paid for the video package, so when the card came back as stolen, police were able to use the video to see who they were. this happened back in june. police just releasing the video. they are still looking for the couple. up next, not going at it alone. a school bus driver battling cancer with support from the student body. this wonderful story coming up next. next. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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finally tonight, america strong. a beloved school bus driver in the fight of his life. getting a helping hand from the students he drives to and from school. here's abc's adrienne bankert. ♪ >> reporter: the south portland high school band doesn't usually play in parking lots. but this surprise pep rally was for their bus driver, a man they have come to know as family. from his hospital room jamie creamer's tearful gaze. on kids he's driven for years. >> when i saw that, oh, my god. i started crying. >> smiling. >> smiling. >> reporter: the emotional
6:58 pm
encore during his eighth and final chemo treatment. >> i didn't even want to do it. i felt like i was freezing. i felt sick. i didn't want to go. >> reporter: battle weary after months of treatments for neck cancer. a parade of buses. even encouragement scribbled on the side of his bus. number 26, read "come back soon," and "be strong." his wife tammy set it all up. >> i was ready to give up. she said, you can't give up. i love you. >> we have things to do. we have plans. >> we have plans. >> reporter: among them getting back to work, and those kids who brought music to his ears. >> it even hits me now. i mean, it's a beautiful thing. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> and tonight, we salute jamie creamers for being america strong. we thank adrienne for that report, and we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas. big show tomorrow morning on "this week," and i'll see you bright and early on "gma" and back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm jeannette reyes, tonight on fyi philly. >> happy shopping. >> it's our annual holiday gift guide. >> life is too short for boring. >> we've got a list. >> i see a lot of socks >> and checked it twice. >> the last bottle. >> with ideas for the naughty and nice. >> yum. >> plus, some low-priced presents. >> chardonnay go. >> and some festive decorating tips. >> hello and welcome to fyi philly. happy holidays. >> we are at the made in philly market in dilworth park. >> in the shadows of city hall and it is beautifully decorated for the holiday season. >> the garden maze is back, the rothman rink is open, there's the brand new deck the halls light show, some great things to do and see here at the park. >> and of course, one of our favorite things to do this time of year is shop. >> and with two markets side by side there's plenty of gift


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