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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 12, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EST

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website, click on tv show or use our mobile app. >> do you ever have a crush on someone at school or college? >> yes. >> did you hold it in? a lot of people don't tell their crushes, they're too shy. it turns out maybe you should tell people. >> i had a crush on you for the last minute or something. >> walks up to this girl, i got a crush on you. >> i see you so sad all the time, never has something to hold. >> he's working on blondie. >> she didn't do her hair, in a makeup in frumpy homework clothes. >> that's the best when a guy likes you just like that. >> i'll send you a quick picture of my nipple. >> oh, he just killed it. don't send unsolicited nipple
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pictures. >> didn't quite kill it. check it out. >> oh, really sweet. >> while that one seemed to work, it doesn't always. >> i have a crush on you. >> like okay, good for you. >> what's your name? i don't speak english either. >> oh, shoot, that one was harsh. >>ome of the ladies are curving him hard. >> the most common reply is this one. >> i have a boyfriend. >> "i have a boyfriend" and she has a boyfriend. she has a boyfriend and she also definitely has a boyfriend. maybe it's all about making a grand entrance. >> that will get somebody to laugh. >> she doesn't go away but fun suckers arriving in three, two, one! >> this is a prank and you're being filmed. >> okay. >> don't do it in the library. >> okay. >> we'll call the cops. >> you'll be happy to know not
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everybody hates you. >> oh my god. >> she's all in, she's picking him up. >> you got a crush? just don't do it in the library. well, that brings us to the end of the episode or as we like to say in the england that brings us to the end of the episode. bye! not all fish oil supplements provide the same omega-3 power. megared advanced triple absorption is absorbed three times better.
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so one softgel has more omega-3 power than three standard fish oil pills. megared advanced triple absorption. ♪ all right, so the plot thickens. remember that 11-year-old whose tearful video has triggered an avalanche of celebrity support, musicians, athletes have all reached out to keaton jones, offering everything from movie premiere invitation to boxes lessons after his mother says he
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was bullied. his mother is now being accused of using the video as a cash grab and is under fire for allegedly posing with a confederate flag on facebook. jones is denying all the backlash that she's getting. and a high school soccer coach accused of running away with a student is being sent back to florida. ryen rodriguez has been in custody since last week. he's charged with custodial interference. he disappeared with the student and they were found safe. am ex says a new policy takes effect in april. >> there are still stores -- i don't sign the back of my cards for security reasons. they're like, i need to match it up with your signature.
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>> you can draw a stick figure or a heart, and they're like, okay, great. >> which you did draw a stick figure. >> i'm an artist. >> there is a new warning about something we all have in our homes. window blind cords. >> two children are hurt by those cords every day, and researchers are calling for a ban. here's serena marshall. >> reporter: the dangers posed to some children with window blinds has been an issue of concern for consumer safety groups for years. now new evidence that despite all the warnings, hundreds of children end up in the nation's emergency departments due to injuries sustained from window blinds, and when it comes to entanglement injuries, many of these children do not survive. they looked at 26 years of data, estimating more than 16,000 window blind injuries, and kids younger than 6 during their --
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this period. the researchers finding in separate analysis that two in three of these entanglements ended innet di ended in death. if you have small children, avoid buying them. strangulations are fatal within minutes and can occur silently. i'm serena marshall, abc news. coming up, before they were stars, the presidential edition. >> we're open up the vault next on "world news now." t you in 4 s when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! why take 4-hour cough medicine? just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. ...from far away. but they harryonly see his wrinkles. if only harry used some... ...bounce, to dry. he would be a less wrinkly, winning guy.
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i'm not here today because i'm running for the presidency. i'm here because i'm personally tired of seeing this great country of ours being ripped off. >> okay, so long before the explore torr exploratory committee. >> and barbara walters gives us the first glimpse into the
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businessman. let's open the vault back to 1987. ♪ >> look, up in the sky. it's a bird. it's a plane. no, it's super builder drumonal trump's helicopter, heading to pick up the brash billionaire businessman. what do you feel like when you look at that wonderful skyline? do you say i own that and that and that and that? >> i look at that skyline, barba and say it's the greatest in the world, the greatest city in the world. and everybody knows it, everybody acknowledges it, and i'm very proud to be part of it. >> he sounds relaxed.
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he owned the new jersey generals. it was a rare failure, but trump has certainly enough other play things. in 1985, he bought mar-a-lago in palm beach, formerly owned by marjorie post. he considered it a bargain, $8 million, furniture cloud. -- included. he's been on the covers of numerous magazines. in october he was asked to speak to the porgroup. >> you think gorbachev is tough, think of this character coe main eye. i mean, this son of a -- is like something nobody's ever seen.
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>> deep down, do you think your husband would like to be president? >> i don't think for now, at least not in the near future. he's going to be doing the same. he's to be 51 years old. and how many casinos can you own. and he's going to be looking for another business or another thing for him to do. >> you don't want to be president you say. people are talking about young donald trump for president and you say not now. >> that's correct. >> if you could be appointed president and didn't have to run, would you like to be president? >> wouldn't that be an interesting concept? i mean, wouldn't that be nice if you didn't have to run, i think a lot of people would like that. >> would you? >> would i like it? >> yeah. >> i don't now, interestingly. part of the enjoyment of something and part of the whole thing is the battle. if you could be appointed, i'm not sure that would be the same. it's the quest that really, i believe, it's the hunt that i believe that i love. >> fascinating look at donald
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trump 30 years ago today. >> well, he wanted a battle. >> yeah.
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♪ survival. get this, 50% of u.s. homes are expected to buy a voice assistant in the next five years, and the battle between the top brands is now heating up. >> becky worley has the pros and cons of each to help you pick up the best for your needs. >> reporter: hey, google. amazon's echo and google home are battling to be your digital assistant. so which one should you choose? cnet says picking the right
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assistance is down to you. >> are you into google's services or a prime subscriber. how many smart devices do you want to control? >> reporter: hey, google, what's golden state warriors' record right now. if search is your main focus. >> we know google is the king of search. >> reporter: next media. >> all right, music on youtube. here you go. >> reporter: it's a good choice if you own an android phone, have all your accounts with google and use a chrome cast for streaming. google pause the song before i embarrass my children. google is good for homes for people who already use google. now the echo. my son and his friends think it's cool.
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>> believer. >> reporter: many use prime music. speaking of prime. >> echo, buy a fidget spinner. >> reporter: when it comes to shopping. >> you want the biggest amount of product for the best prices you have to go amazon. >> reporter: if you want to control your home by voice, google is ramping up fast. but -- >> got to go amazon. they have the most kpatbility with home devices. >> reporter: the future is voice control, no matter which product you choose. >> remember when it was cool when you could do this and turn the lights on? ♪ clap on ♪ clap off ♪ clap on clap off u ♪ the clapper ok, let's try this.
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this morning on "world news now," terror strikes new york city again. >> the explosion during rush hour caught on camera. you see there. the suspect with the bomb strapped to him now talking with police. we have new details coming in and our experts standing by live. it's election day in alabama as voters go to the polls to vote for their new senator, so will it be democrat doug jones or republican roy moore? and the national conversation about sexual misconduct. some of president trump's accusers are speaking out and asking congress to act, arguing that the president should not be immune. and he doesn't work at the north pole, because he doesn't need to work anymore at all. at 6, this toy reviewer can retire after the fortune he has gained from posting youtube
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videos. we're all doing something wrong on this tuesday, december 12th as we find our career choices. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> 6 years old. >> millions of dollars on youtube videos, reviewing ytoys. >> i wasn't even potty trained at 6 years old, much less doing that. >> we don't have to share everything. >> was that tmi? my apologies on that. we do want to start with the breaking news in new york. the terror attack in new york city at the height of rush hour. >> security experts call it a botched suicide bombing after the man partially detonated a pipe-bomb inside a pedestrian subway tunnel. because it didn't fully detonate only five other commuters were injured and all with minor injuries. >> and further downtown u t, th freedom tower was lit up in red,
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white and blue. >> reporter: this is the moment authorities say a 27 rea-year-o man detonated a pipe-bomb he had strapped to his body. that attack coming in the middle of morning rush hour. police responding to a reported explosion around 7:20 monday morning near times square in a busy underground passage way that connects to the port authority bus terminal, the largest in the world. these four officers approaching the suspect on the ground but still alive, taken to the hospital with injuries to his arms and torso. that man now identified as akayed ullah. he told them he was inspired by isis propaganda and built the make-shift bomb in his brooklyn apartment using instructions he found on the internet and is believed to have acted alone. >> the device is based on a
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pipe-bomb. it was affixed to his person with a combination of velcro and zip ties. >> reporter: in the immediate aftermath, commuters quickly evacuated. >> i heard something go boom! i saw smoke and i got out of there. >> reporter: the nypd armed with assault rifles and bomb-sniffing dogs moved in. and the fbi searching the suspect's apartment, the bomb squad parked right outside. the suspect's family read a statement which raid ead in par that they are heartbroken and that they are confident the justice system will find the truth behind this attack. >> i also got to see the enormous law enforcement presence. here's something you don't see often. we are in the middle of manhattan, and things are at a stand still. police presence everywhere, the bomb squad on scene trying to ensure that the city is now
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safe. unbelievable to think of a bomb going off in this area, normally full of tourists trying to get around and skmcommuters trying get to work. >> unfortunately, the nypd has become very experienced in these kind of things. this was third attack in new york city in just over a year. the most recent was weeks ago. that truck attack that killed eight people on a bike path. >> and like the two previous attacks, this appears to have been carried out by a so-called lone wolf terrorist, inspired but not necessarily directed by isis. let's ask former fbi agent steve gomez on how prepared new york city was for this sort of attack, steve? >> it appears based on what they described in the press conference that they had actually recently had a training exercise, a table top training exercise where they walked through this type of attack by a lone wolf. and so they were ready.
3:05 am
and new york has been ready for many, many years after 9/11, especially. so when they had this type of training, their preparedness for this type of situations and to respond is going to be better than anybody in the world. and we pretty much saw that today. >> and steve, what do you think of the timing of the explosion? law enforce mment said early on given the low number of injuries there was suspicion it may have been detonated early. what are your thoughts on that? >> yes, it looks like it's premature. the investigation is still conducted. fortunately, he's alive so they can get statements and hear what he has to say as to when he intended to explode the device and where. it looks like this wasn't a situation where there were mass casualties, fortunately for the citizens of new york and he was the only one that was injured. he probably did something when he was preparing the device and when he was moving through the area where it triggered the device and it went off. >> so we should mention that the
3:06 am
commuter services have reopened in that part of new york city. but investigators are still there on scene. what are they looking for? >> well, they're looking for any sign that there was an accomplice, somebody who was helping the suspect, any other indications about of device that they don't see from the device that was on him that was remaining. so they're doing a total forensic exam of the crime scene to try to figure out, is there anything more they can learn about the device. he may not even know really how he constructed the device. but maybe they're able to gather some little clues from the surrounding area. that's what they're looking for. >> and stieff, wheve, when you about the device, it sounds like something you can put together with things from home depot, what does that mean from a law enforcement perspective? >> the fact is isis and al qaedava put oqaeda
3:07 am
have put out a lot of material about lou to construhow to cons on the internit. -- internet. so yes, you can go to home depot and get the materials. >> we've talked to you so many times in instances of terror attacks. i do brief thelieve their i bel time we've talked about a suicide bomber on u.s. territory. how alarming is this? >> this is very alarming. we have talked about the possibility of a suicide bomber acting in the u.s. and if this individual was thinking about doing that, it really changes things. think about all the different places where there are crowds, and crowds are the target. you go to the malls, especially during the holidays, this is going to be extremely dangerous for our society in the u.s. so we have to start thinking about different ways to deal with this type of attack of a
3:08 am
suicide bomber. >> definitely. steve gomez joining us on this early morning hour. changing and trouble beiing tim this country. we move on to it is election day in alabama. >> bannon cast today's election as a referendum on president trump's agenda. moore questioned the timing of the sexual misconduct allegations made against him but added if people don't believe in his character they shouldn't voigt for him. moore's campaign introduced an interview in which he was questioned by a 12 year old girl. >> are you going to support president trump and help him build the wall? >> yes, i think we need something, and i think it can be stopped sooner than that with the military. >> at his final campaign event, doug jones had alabama native charles barkley on stage with him. barkley urged voters not to embarrass his home state by l t electing moore.
3:09 am
he also made a pitch to republicans saying they should put decency ahead of political parity. three women who have already accused the president of sexual misconduct are calling on congress to investigate the alleged beha alleged behavior. rachel crooks among them, she was a trump tower receptionist 12 years ago when she said she introduced her self to trump and he began kigs her. >> i want to believe as americans we can put aside our political inclinations and some things do transcend politics. that we will hold mr. trump to the same standard of harvey weinstein. >> president trump has denied allegations of misconduct with more than a dozen women. the white house suggested it was closed due to the presidential election. now five of senators are calling
3:10 am
on him to resign. paul manafort appeared in federal court on monday. the judge could have revoked his house arrest for his work on an op ed. but for now the house areyrest stands. and a louisiana investigator faces up to five years in prison for trying to get his hands on president trump's tax returns. he used an irs data retrieval tool to try to get the tax information. he also faces a quarter million dollar fine. the massive wildfire in southern california has been burning for more than a week and is still out of control. it is moving now deeper into santa barbara county, destroying mere nearly 900 buildings.
3:11 am
some residents are allowed to return home if home exists. despite the size of the thomas fire, there is one confirmed death, a woman whose car crashed on an evacuation route. on the opposite end of the spectrum, winter is delivering a second punch. a number of areas have declared snow emergencies as road crews work to keep the roads clear. this alberta clipper will bring snow to the northeast. rain along the coast, and then temperatures will plunge. it was so cold this weekend in florida even the sea creatures, no, the sea creatures, were huddling together for warmth. >> their is three sisters springs an hour north of tampa. and those big gray lumps gathered in the water are manatees. they look like they are
3:12 am
huddling. >> the temperature was about 30 degrees. the water temperature was 73 degrees. so that made it the reason for them to just kind of huddle together there, looking for an a little bit of warmth. >> 73! that's not bad. wimps. >> coming up, how hollywood is reacting to the golden globe nominations. the front runners and oscars and notable snubs. blue juut just ahead, the m four four you're watching "world news now." ay. but they only see his wrinkles.♪ ♪he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal.♪ ♪better find a way to smooth things over.♪ ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry.
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high-tension in houston. officers receiving a call about a man threatening a construction scr crew with a rifle. t the man eventually came out crawling out of the home and surrendered. the dog helped as well in that action. turning now to the manhunt for a highway shooter in detroit. >> four vehicles were fired upon within 15 minutes of each other,
3:16 am
but police say it's likely not road rage. >> reporter: police expand their search for evidence, on the hunt for a gunman who took aim at drivers on michigan freeways. the first of four people targeted seen here stumbling into a detroit gas station just before 3:00 a.m. on thursday. minutes later, a bullet tears through this man's truck. >> went through the car. and the bullet was actually stuck on the bottom of my seat. about five, six cars down i seen a gun flash being out ting out . >> reporter: they recall a silver sedan. >> we have undercover officers working out there. >> reporter: only one of those drivers was hurt in what police call a game or a stunt similar to target practice and the suspects had to be moving at very high speeds in order to do so much damage in minutes. adrian bankert, abc news.
3:17 am
and coming up in the next half hour, jimmy's return with billy by his side. giving an update on his son's latest ha latest heart surgery. and the golden globe nominations next on "world news now." the in-laws have moved in with us. and, our adult children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide.
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my name is lady bird. >> actually, it's not, and it's ridiculous. >> call me lady bird like you said you would. >> you should go to city college, and then back to jail and you'd learn to pull yourself up and not expect everybody. everybody. >> ouch. that was lori metcalfe who earned a golden globe nomination for "lady bird." it got four nods. >> but many are saying that the film's director along with other female directors were snubbed from the director category. they are totally looking at this photo and saying there's no diversity in the director's category, i beg to differ. christopher nolan doesn't have a beard. all the others do.
3:20 am
>> you're making it up. let's take a look at who did manage to get nominated this way. >> guillermo dell toro. >> reporter: best supporting actress for octavia spencer. and francis mcdorman. best drama and best director for sam rockwell. >> the way they lied. >> reporter: also steven spielberg's "the post". meryl streep and tom hanks up for globes. >> is that your given name? >> reporter: four nominations for musical, supporting actress for lori metcalfe. surprises include just three nominations for the acclaimed
3:21 am
drama "call me by your name", best actor for timothy shalimay. and mary j. blienge is a double nominee. and a best actress nod for margo robbie. >> a lot of people are upset about the snubs, though. one of your favorites "get out." >> that was an entertaining movie. not sure if it was an award movie. jordan should have gotten something. screenplay or something.
3:22 am
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just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. ♪ okay, so a bunch of kids on this tuesday are going to make us all feel as if we are slackers. talking, starting with a 4-year-old from chicago who read 100 books in one day, who is he? listen >> my name is caleb! >> okay. >> caleb is pumped. >> he read 100 books in one day. caleb is in a reading marathon that got started on saturday. his parents decided to stream it live on facebook and he kept going. he got a couple thousand views from people as far away as florida. every time he finished ten books he did a little dance as well. in my defense of not having read
3:26 am
100 books in my entire life, he was reading children's books, tiny books with lots of pictures. >> he wanted to read "war and peace." he's working on "a tale of two cities" right now. >> not like he raid the harry potter chronicles. talk to me then. over to a 6-year-old making us question our career choices. his name is ryan. ryan toys review. that's what he does is review toys on youtube. mom posts them on youtube. ryan now makes $11 million. that's how much he generated in youtube ads. he's got 10 million subscribers. they've been viewed over 16 billion times. he's even eighth on the forbes list for highest-earning youtube stars, 6 years old. >> that's impressive. >> yeah. >> speaking of the forbes list,
3:27 am
i'm going to introduce you to the young eest person. a list of wonderful bravo people. this is 12 year old marley diaz changing the face of children's literature. she was 11 when she became fed up with the books in school that were all about white girls and their dogs. it has launched 9,000 books. >> she's so inspiring. >> mm-hm. now to a little situation most of us shift workers can deal with. when you're thinking about whether to eat or sleep. here are some who figured out how to do both. ♪ >> that's jack as a kid. >> that's me yesterday. >> i'll
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this morning on "world news now," alabama voters go to the polls today in the senate election. the race has been marked by allegations of sexual misconduct against republican roy moore, with moore locked in a tight race with democrat doug jones. and terrorism strikes the heart of new york city setting off panic during rush hour. the blast was captured on security cameras. the suspect is talking to authorities. hear what he's saying. we'll bring you the latest in the investigation. and new this half hour. president trump is pushing nasa to new heights. >> he signed a new directive for a new goal in america's space program. and jimmy kimmel's surprise guest, his son appearing on the show, just a week after surgery. hear what jimmy said about billy's prognosis in "the skinny," on this december 12th.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> cute kid. we're going to start this half hour in alabama, finally having their say in a bitter, high profile campaign. their decision will send either democrat doug jones or research roy moore to the senate. >> jones was joined by charles barkley at his final campaign rally last night. the basketball hall-of-famer said electing moore would embarrass the state. moore's final event was called a drain the swamp rally. tom llamas is in alabama. >> reporter: alabama senate candidate roy moore back on the trail. one more way he's trying to make sure those trump supporters come out and vote for him today. moore, who's accused of molesting teenage girls also popping up in a new interview.
3:32 am
>> are you going to support president trump and help him build the wall? >> yes, and i think it can be stopped sooner than that with the military. >> reporter: moore took the last five days off from the campaign trail. >> if you can find roy moore, let me know. >> reporter: the democrat in this case, doug jones, crisscrossing the state, making sure voters don't forget the sexual misconduct allegations against moore. >> is alabama going to stand with our daughters and our granddaughters. >> reporter: moore has denied the allegations, but some like alabama's senior senator have abandoned him. >> i didn't vote for roy moore, i wouldn't vote for roy moore, i think the republican party can do better. >> roy moore is the guy we need to pass to make our make america great again agenda. >> reporter: and the former chief strategist, steve bannon appearing with moore for a third time to make sure those trump supporters vote for moore. >> we know these allegations are lies to stop him from going to washington because they are scared to death of him in the swamp.
3:33 am
>> tom, thank you. and the morning's other story is that attack. an attempted suicide bombing inside a subway tunnel. >> we are learning more about the suspect during the height of the morning commute. apparently prematurely detonating a pipe-bomb that he was wearing. >> reporter: surveillance video capturing the explosion in a crowded subway passageway near times square. the pipe-bomb spreading panic, injuring five people in and the suspect. the 27 year old burning and cutting his hands and stomach. that's him lying on the ground moments after the blast. >> it was affixed to his person with a combination of velcro and zip ties. >> reporter: sources say it was a crudely-made, homemade device built from a roughly 12-inch pipe, with a battery and a wire that came from a christmas light. there were nails and other
3:34 am
things in the pipe that did not completely shatter because it was not packed tightly enough. the middle half of it was found full any tact. >> it's a cold day. simply wearing a jacket over it, nobody could detect anything. >> reporter: the location he chose is peculiar. he says he intentionally detonated it there because he saw christmas-themed posters. but experts say that doesn't make sense. >> it's a possibility, as we said that it might have been accidently detonated, but he doesn't want to admit that. >> anyone can go on the internet and download garbage and vileness on how to put together an amateur-level explosive device. >> reporter: while this attack yesterday was largely a failure, it does mark the first true suicide bombing on american soil. in manhattan, "world news now." and the family of the bombing suspect has released a statement saying they are heartbroken over the allegations
3:35 am
against ullah. but also outraged at law enforcement. they say children were detained in the cold as they were questioned. and one teen was pulled out of classes and questioned without a parent or lawyers. they went on to say that we have every confidence that our justice system will find the truth behind the attack. we learning more about at least one of ullah's victims. the 45 year old was feet away. the blast left her temporarily deaf. and she says doctors tell her she will have to endure months of ringing in her ears. and of course we're going to continue to follow and get the very latest on that situation that is happening. the morning commute will be an interesting one in new york. but we do move on and there is a lake-effect warning in effect overnight in parts of upstate new york. an alberta clipper bringing snow as it moves to new england. it will stay inland. the snow will be followed by an
3:36 am
arctic blast of very cold temperatures. it will feel like single digits in the upper midwest and tomorrow in the interior northeast. it will be a little warmer along the northeast corridor but not much. it's a different situation on the other side of the country with hot, dry weather aiding the southern california wildfires. the largest has burned 231,000 acres and still growing. hundreds of homes have been destroyed and thousands more are in danger. so far, there's only one reported fatality. a woman killed in a car crash while evacuating. that has residents saying this could be much worse. >> i'm heartbroken. but we're thankful that we're alive. and that's the most important thing. >> the thomas fire is presently the fifth largest on record in california. several smaller fires are now almost completely contained, but this one is being stubborn. one reason is there's never been a fire in that area in recorded history. so there is plenty of fuel to burn.
3:37 am
so president trump is setting america's sights on the moon and beyond. the president has signed a directive to refocus nasa on human exploration and discovery. he wants americans to return to the moon and eventually reach mars. last year, president obama announced the government would work with private companies. to send humance to mars and back by 2030. the president is upset with the "new york times" again. he says the paper got it wrong when it reported he watches as much as eight hours of tv every day. he says contrary to the report he seldom if ever watches cnn or msnbc. the report was based on interviews with some 60 people who are close to the president. speaking of tv, not many people tuned in to monday night tv. >> tom brady summed up his two-interception performance saying it was a bad night. the dolphins scored twice, jay
3:38 am
cutler gave miami a 17-point lead. >> new england tried to rally in the fourth, but came down a touchdown short. the dolphins beat the patriots, 27-20. >> so nugt new england is playing great ahead of the matchup with the pittsburgh steelers. >> they were not happy. jack, how are you feeling? >> that's going to be a rivalry right back there. >> we fear the wounded. >> fear the wounded. >> we're the wounded. >> that will be the rallying cry. well-said, jack. coming up in the skinny, two heart surgeries down. hear what's next for jimmy kimmel's son as the 7 month old drops by the show. but first, the three women accusing the president of misconduct are speaking out as
3:39 am
senators call for him to resign. the in-laws have moved in with us.
3:40 am
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3:42 am
misconduct are now demanding congress take action against him. >> now trump has always denied the allegations and now the white house says the 2016 victory actually answered the groping allegations. here's abc's cecelia vega. >> reporter: they say no one cared the first time, so three women accusing president trump of sexual misconduct went public once again hoping this time congress will investigate. rachel crooks was a trump tower receptionist when she says 12 years ago she introduced herself to the billionaire businessman and he began kissing her. >> mr. trump repeatedly kissed my cheeks and eventually my lips in an encounter that has impacted my life well beyond the initial occurrence. >> reporter: jessica leeds says she was on a flight when he groped her. >> when he put his hand up my skirt. >> reporter: and samantha holvey says he inspected pageant contestants.
3:43 am
>> these dreams never included a man coming into the backstage hair and makeup area while i sat naked under a robe, as he walked around looking at us like we were his property. >> reporter: and she points to his own words to howard stern. >> i'll tell you the funniest that i'll go backstage before a show. i'm allowed to go in because i'm the owner of the pageant. therefore, i'm inspecting it. is everybody okay? and you see these incredible-looking women. so i sort of get away with things like that. >> i'm confirming that yes, he did that, and it was as creepy as it sounds. >> reporter: at least 16 accusers in all. the white house back on the defensive. >> can you stand here right now and say without a doubt, 100% certainty that the more than dozen women who have come forward to accuse this president of misconduct are lying? do you wrestle with this personally at all? >> i'm here to speak on behalf of the president, and i can say that the president has directly responded and said that these allegations are false.
3:44 am
>> reporter: while on capitol hill, five democratic senators now calling for president trump to resign. >> president trump should resign. these allegations are credible. they are numerous. >> reporter: the white house calls the claims from the women false accusations and says that that there are eyewitnesses who dispute them. i push the white house for a list of these eyewitnesses. they pointed me to two tabloid stories from one year, one quotes a man who says he was on that flight decades ago, he disputes the president's claim -- the woman's claim that the president groped her. a second, a teen contestant who was not at the pageant in question. cecelia vega, the white house. >> and sexual misconduct allegations have forced a fame chef away from his show "the chew." >> the accusations involve four women, three of whom worked for him who say he touched them inappropriately.
3:45 am
he didn't deny the allegations saying i take full responsibility and am deeply sorry for pain, humiliation or discomfort i caused. >> this is ironic. so the mag seazine that ignitede "me too" movement has cut ties with ryan lizza. he says it's a mischaracterization of a respectful relationship that he dated. >> the golden globes. the outrage. "the skinny" is next. >> ooh. the skinny is next. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! i can breathe again!
3:46 am
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3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny oh, man, it's an action-packed skinny on a tuesday. jimmy kimmel's return after a week off, and he's got a new sidekick. >> that's right.
3:48 am
his baby billy was there just days after a second open heart surgery. billy was born in april with a heart condition and had his first surgery when he was just three days old. and jimmy was holding back tears last night as he held his son in his arms. >> daddy cries on tv, but billy doesn't. it's unbelievable. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy says billy is doing great. he will need one more surgery when he's around 6, and then jimmy says he'll be on track to win a medal in the olympics. go billy go! more baby news with a big congratulations to my best friend the rock. >> so the rock is expecting a girl. >> he goes by my best friend. >> i'm sorry, diane's best friend is expecting a girl. soon to be big sister jasmine making the announcement on her
3:49 am
daddy's instagram page, the sign reading, can't wait to be a big sister and finally be the boss. >> this is his second child with his partner. next awards season is officially here and hollywood is buzzing after this year's golden globe nominations. >> and since we are counting down to the oscars in early march, let's focus on the films here and taking a look at best drama category. "dunkirk." >> great. "the post." >> didn't see it. >> "the shape of water". >> huh? >> it got the most nominations, with seven. "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri". which ironically is about three billboards outside ebbing, missouri. >> best musical or comedy goes to the "disaster artist", "get out", "i, tonya" and "lady
3:50 am
bird." >> we haven't seen any of those. >> i want to see them all, though. >> and a notable snub was "the big sick". >> yes, this movie was so good! >> and to make matters worse, the film star who wrote the screenplay and ha his phone briefly stolen from him by a big-time producer, this tweet appearing, hey, gang, this is stieff stieffen -- steven spielberg from camile's phone. great movie to watch. i watch him with my family, the spielburgs. we all loved it. handing phone back to camille now. >> you're still a winner. >> and albert burks tweeted even though i wasn't in a movie this year, i feel terribly snubbed. netflix earned nine nominations
3:51 am
and has released super secret ratings information and specific data. >> proprietary information. netflix just revealed that dozens of viewers really enjoy the made for tv movie about a royal love story, and it's freaking out employees. the official netflix account says to the 53 people who've watched a christmas prince every day for the past 18 days who are you? >> somebody watched "pirates of the caribbean" every day last year. >> gio benitez. >> and the most active netflix viewing day is january 1st. hangover day. >> it just automatically plays the next movie or show. so you don't have to change the channel.
3:52 am
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one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. ♪ throw your hands up at me all right, forget about ruling the world. women are ruling the galaxy now, far, far away. >> shouldn't that have started with a question? back in the day it was all about the men, like luke, han and lando, but not anymore. nick watt got a sneak peek at the movie.
3:56 am
>> reporter: "star wars" it back, but not quite as we know it. >> i'm not the protagonist anymore. ray is the protagonist. >> show me my place in all this. >> reporter: we first met her in "the force awakens." laura dern, a purple haired resistance leader is formidable. >> you're improvising and everything seems the same until someone taps you on the shoulder and it's chewbacca and they hug you. >> it's this leader sensing a big change coming, a big force, a big feminine energy, which is threatening. >> reporter: gwendoline christie back. kelly maretram, brand-new as rose. >> i don't think she is like anyone we've seen before. >> i'm luke skywalker. i'm here to rescue you.
3:57 am
>> reporter: and it's now 40 years. carrie fisher then. carrie fisher now. she finished filming "the last jedi" before she passed a year ago. >> i met her when she was 19. so 41 years. we had our ups and downs. she was very, very special. >> i'm getting goose bumps as we speak. when you see her on-screen, you will remember her fondly. >> reporter: and you will see how far this "star wars" universe has come. >> the big breakout star in all of this is the little porg. the little character that looks a little like a puffin, kind of groundhog. he's so cute. >> is it a he or she? >> i don't know. >> it's the costume. >> i want one! i think frank and porg would get along very well. >> i think frank would eat porg.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, it's election day. the people of alabama decide whether roy moore or doug jones will be their next senator. the surprising new poll and the one thing today that could decide this race. game changer. why experts call the new york city subway bombing a new chapter. what the suspect was allegedly planning and why the officers who pinned him down and removed that bomb were the perfect officers for that job. mario batali apologizes. what's happening to him as he faces sexual misconduct allegations. the so-called man flu may exist after all. why men may experience worst cold and flu symptoms than women. and moneymaker. the 6-year-old raking in millions reviewing


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