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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 13, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EST

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creativity everything is possible and this little girl in brazil is trying to take a certain buddy with her to school in her backpack. >> oh come on. that was ninja as well. she was minding her own business. i'm going to go to school nice to know you, love you, dad bye. >> the puppy is making noise. dad caught her. and dad reaches in grabs the poor dog. she doesn't entertain this was a bad idea. she clowes her bag and the dog is like thank you man. >> classic distraction technique. her brother has both cats in his backpack. >> you think you got me? we got. >> her bus shows up she puts her backpack on wobbling all over the place. nothing happened. nobo anything. keep this puppy will not stop the
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show. >> one puppy will not butca f will.aiahom fetal alcohol syndrome so he has special needs. and all he ever wanted was his own cat. >> how about four? >> santa went big, from zero to four. >> theould get these four on the sleigh on christmas eve so i needed to bring them to you early. >> turns out he doesn't have to wait for christmas. it dawns on him, the cats they're here? >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> he gets so excited. we have to waste no time. first one he goe it. check it out. there's one, two, three. one of them immediately comes over to him. >> that's like a giant st. bernard. that's a great christmas present. >> has his work cut out for him for the months to come. >> mom, i got a cat! mom i got a cat! >> that's it for today's show.
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we'll see you next time. the suspect in the new york city subway bombing set to make his first today. immigrant is still hospitalized with severe burns. the 27-year-old allegedly mocked the president on facebook before posting, you failed to protect your nation. i faces multiple charges, including providing material support to a terrorist group. >> the department of homeland security is developing high-tech bus
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and train stations. >> david kerley got a look. >> reporter: hom high-tech to spot it happens. some may come out of this secure research lab near washington which we got exclusive access to. who would have thought pictures from wi-fi. >> yes. >> reporter: but it works. the idea that panels like this could be mounted in stations. you might not even notice them but the radio waves could highlight metal or liquid objects. >> it is taking advantage of signals that are very low to give us indicators of what you have in your bag, what you may be carrying under your jacket, things like that. >> reporter: this technology may be three tears away, but changes, too, for transit police use across the country right now like here in philly. >> what we have is a link to over it 20,000 cameras. >> reporter: those cameras and video could take a sci-fi leap forward. dhs is working on aputer program monitoring all those video feeds to determine if a
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bag has been left unattended in a station. the computer will figure that out. >> yes. we want to make sure that we give these operators the information surrounding the circumstan being there. >> reporter: those operators then can rewind the tape to see who left the bag, even highlight the person and search other cameras to find out where that person went. that video technology is already being tested at the metro here in washington. another tool to target the terrorists who see train stations like this as a potential target. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> going to be another one o those privacy versus safety debates, where someeople it's safer and others feel violated. >> it's always one of those things. you look at bus stations and train stations and you consider them the so-called soft targets. there's no security as you walk into those buildings as opposed to airports. that's something we have to get ahead of. coming up the secret to sustainable happy nis. there are a couple of dudes
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> okay so they say money can't buy you happiness, but it sure can buy you a lot of stuff. and there's a movement now aimed at balancing that. >> they're called minimalists, and they're teaching people how to down size their way to a more fulfilling life. and we caught up with two leaders of the movement. >> hello. >> hi there. >> reporter: josh and ryan, aka, the minimalists. think edgy black tee shirts and a no nonsense, no clutter mind set. >> it's not about having stark white walls and owning nothing. it's about having the things in your life that add value to your
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life and what adds value to your life as a family. >> reporter: these childhood friends are a well-known brand, even a documentary on netflix. >> there's this underlying discontent and it starts to manifest in our stuff. >> reporter: but the minimalists are about clear, careful thinking about how to navigate a world with ads and consumer debt at its highest level ever. >> here's first picture i have of me and ryan as teenagers. >> reporter: they learned through hard personal experience. >> we both grew up like really poor in dayton, ohio. i was on food stamps and government assistance. i thought we were so happy and discontented when we growing up because we didn't have any money. >> that was my goal i want to make as much money as i can. i'm going to never be in this position of discontent. >> reporter: and thus began
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their dual quest for the american dream or what they were told it was. >> i had six figures worth of debt, my mortgage. and i felt trapped in this lifestyle. i wasn't spending anytime with my mother who was dying, and i fore foresook the people close to me inclusion my marriage. >> reporter: that's when he learned about minimalism. >> the stuff is the material man fessation fesstation of this clutter. >> reporter: fast forward to several years of maerparing down. they have become the most famous faces of the minimalist movement. >> we want to add as much value as possible. >> reporter: the ave american home has 300,000 items inside, and we throw out 13 million tons of clothing every year. so i am deaf fifthly open to the concept that maybe something is slight lay out of whack.
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>> so you're saying it's not about the stuff. it's about our attitudes about the stuff. >> absolutely. 5,000 advertisements a day. where are a . >> reporter: a day. >> all of these things start to seep and seed into our sub conscious. >> it's not about giving up all possessions as much as it is shaping our impulses around this materialistic culture that we live in. >> reporter: we wanted to see if they really practice what they preach, so we paid them a home visit out west. >> welcome to home. this feels very mtv. used to have a couch here. but ella, our 4-year-old she prefers to have a tipi. >> reporter: ryan's loft is his take on minimalism isn't filled with just his own. it's just enough stuff for him. >> it's about
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>> reporter: do you think you're making a difference? >> i want to share a recipe that not in peo it, but that in c find a add into their lives and add a little bit more intentionally. >> one of the big challenges is cleaning out your closet. one of their tips if you haven't wourn iturn it in the last 90 days and don't expect to wear it in the next 90 days, donate it. does it you joy? >> and all my app devices, yes. and the samsung ones. >> i don't think you're understanding the way this is supposed to work. >> why? i like just --
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finally after a generation has passed it seems gala has found her hippo, and her name is francesca. you want to see her? >> let's check it out, shall we? there's gala. >> so the oklahoma city zoo and botanical garden welcoming a pygmy hippopotamus named francesca. she was transported from her previous home there to the wonderful san diego zoo. >> do you think gala's been waiting for this moment her entire life? >> she's like i sang this song so long ago. >> hugh's francesca doing? >> they welcomed her with presents. you'd think they'd unrap itwrap it for her. look at that all the people there. >> and zoo staff provided an a little update on how francesca's adjusting. >> she's pretty chill. she seems pretty confident for a
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hippo. she likes cucumbers apples and cantaloupe. >> all right, so we know what to get her for the holidays. >> over to a hilarious picture making the rounds this morning. this is a mother posting a photo of her son on santa's lap, typical this time of year, but pay close little boy's hands. the boy is signing this photo. she writes we taught our baby signe. this is a sign for "help." it turns out she does reveal she encouraged him to make the sign. so the kid is not actual layly in distress but it makes for a hilarious photo. over in ireland there's a grandmother who bought what she thought was a christmas ourn amount. >> very pretty and sparkly. >> you see the bulb there. was shocked to discover the ornament c glittered dusted lavender g-string.
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megared advanced triple absorption. this morning on "world news now," the shocker in the south. alabama goes blue. >> i think that i have been waiting all my life and now i just don't know what the hell to say. >> doug jones will be the first democrat in a quarter century to represent alabama in the senate beating embattled opponent roy moore, who was backed by the president. there's new reaction coming in and we are live in montgomery. >> and the president is taking aim at senator kerstin gillibrand. and the couple's honeymoon took an unexpected turn when a
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shark went after the bride and the whole thing was caught on camera. little sound you. ♪ it's the hardest thi >> and i'm taking the stage with 98 degrees. with their super fans the boys giving me exclusive backstage access so i can fee like to have thousands of adoring fans watch me every night. oh wait a minute we have at least two fans watch us here. >> insomniacs, baby! >> and you know who you are. >> hi mom. >> it is wednesday. december 13th. from abc news this is "world news now." >> hello to our two adoring fans. >> we say good morning. it's your personalized newscast. we were singing "it's the hardest thing i'll ever have to do." i bet when doug jones started his campaign he thought this is the hardest thing ever. >> i would say so. >> but then the voting happened. that is the breaking news we will start with, the stunning shocking and possibly
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game-changing results overnight doug jones the projected winner. >> jones edged out roy moore by by 1 pfbts.5%. it trims the majority in the senate 51-49. abc's lana zak has the latest. >> reporter: for the first time in 25 years alabamans have voted to send a democrat to the u.s. senate. and now doug jones buoyed by the support of female voters particularly those with young children at home is headed to washington to occupy that seateld sessions. what people thought was going to be a crimson tide in alabama turned out to be a code blue. democrat doug jones has pulled off a historic victory an outcome that months ago would have see inconceivable. >> this entire race has been
3:02 am
about dignity and respect.resident tweeting congratulations to doug jones on a hard-fought victory. the write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. republicans will have another shot at this seat in a v ends. 33 daysrlier, the sexual madeular against republican roy moore who had eight women in a range of offenses including sexually assaulting two of them as one as young as 14. moore denied all allegations and told his supporters to go home, hinting that he may fight another day. >> i really want to thank you for coming realize when the vote is thist is not over. >> reporter: and in fact we heard from moore, sort of a sub text there. alabama law allows for an automatic recount if the vote is within a margin of a half percent. as of right now it looks though doug jones is about three times that but still, it is quite
3:03 am
possible given from what we've heard from moore tonight that he wie pursuing that recount. kendis, diane? >> you were there at moore's head quarters. what was the mood like in that room? >> reporter: it started out jubilant. people were excited. these are long-time roy moore supporters here in montgomery with me tonight. and we saw so quickly how that mood shifted. it's a cold night in alabama and an even colder night in that room. people went from being so excited america hats roy moore stickers to singing hymns and a somber mood of prayer hasas they couldn't believe what was unfolding here. >> you see some of images we are told they were at times praying inside of that room and roy moore saying god would take care of the election results. how will the jones victory affect the balance of the senate, and of koshs thecourse the tax reform. the president was hoping to get it passed before christmas.
3:04 am
>> reporter: that's exactlywe havevelicans to their agenda passed in the senate thanll cut in half. it's going to be 51-49. you think about all those times when the vice president had to cast the deciding victory vote. yo wonder what might happen with doug jones, the democrat controlling that seat. when it comes to tax reform it doesn't look like he will be able to vote on it. he's expected to get sworn in to office in the beginning of the er president wants to have this signed onis desk christmas. kendis the timing is key. >> it it makes senator most popular person on capitol hill. she's like the anthony kennedy of thesenate. >> hey susan, how are? >> let'srink! >> all right lana thank you. >> thanks, lana. we're going to move on to another issue for the white house. kiersten gillibrand says she will not be silenced following an attack by president trump some see as sexually suggestive. in
3:05 am
response lightweight senator a total flunk eyey for chuck shum irwould do anything for contributions. >> reporter: a fight ignited by president trump in 2le 880 characters. >> it was a sexist smear attempted to silence my voice. and i will not be silenced on this issue. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren tweeting are you really trying to slut-shamegillibrand. >> the president refed reply. so we asked the white house, press secretary sarah sandersinsists the sexual. >> if your guttou raid itead it that way, so dwomen renewed their claims of he president, the number of democratic senators calling more his resignation grew to six. and more than 50 democratic
3:06 am
congress women called for an investigation. >> wlace this morning when the president tweeted about our colleague senator kiersten gillibrand is grotesque. away. >> reporter: that number now growing to more than democratic representatives, including men, all signing letter saying we cannot multitude of women come forward with mr. tru and congressman trey gowdy his hou lie not investigate these claims against the president but will refer the request to the justice de course is contp's session. cecelia vega, white house. >> all of that said there are many words to describe 2017 but the word of the year is apparently feminism. >> miriam webster says there it was a spike in searches for feminism on its website this year. >> one big reason the women's march. millions of people took part on >> and miriam webster say the the mye too movement has resulted
3:07 am
in a steady stream of searches for feminism. >> kim jong un's description of trump, deotard. >> covfefe not in there? we'll check out new the birds have largeife as a boy band member. on tour with 98 degrees. they're teaching me their one dance move. >> doesn't look like you're doing so well. >> we'rekstage with them literally and on stage wit them. wait until security finds out about it. you're watching "world news
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election. and "the new york post" saying the horse you rode in on. a school bus caught fire resulting in the death of a driver and a 16-year-old student. it happened in rural iowa the bus had just picked up that girl and was backing out of her farm's driveway when it landed in a ditch and caught fire. this is the driver's first stop of the day. the fall trapped the two inside the bus and despite the efforts by the girl's older sister and a deputy they were unable to get the victims out. the worst maritime disaster in modern history is being blamed in part on the captain of the vessel. the el faro sanction during hurricane joaquin two years ago near the bahamas. the captain refused to change course despite being warned that he was heading into the storm. late san francisco mayor ed
3:11 am
lee is being remembered as a humble servant who was compassionate and kind. i suffered a he suffered a heart attack and was the first asian-american mayor of a mayjor city. he advocated for marriage equality. he was 65 years old. a newly wed is recovering this morning after an unexpected encounter on her honeymoon. >> she said luckily it was caught on camera or no one would believe it. she was snorkeling in the bahamas when a nurse shark often said to be harm loss latched itself onto her arm. >> her new house caught the entire thing on video. shy managed to get away with just a gash on letter arm. we appreciate that he rolled on the video and kept rolling, but i would have, my new wife? i would have drooped dropped the
3:12 am
camera and -- >> would you really? >> he was actually above the water at the time. so he didn't even see what happened. and didn't realize on video until think watched the gopro footage back. but luckily, she is doing okay. >> yeah. coming up in the next half hour the delay in package deliveries that's worrying some holidays. we'll have tips to make sure your presentse on time. first exclusive access with one of the most popular boy ba memory. and we'rege. my tour diary next on "world mucinex dm. i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! why take 4-hour cough medicine? just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this.
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♪ ♪ we are very excited about this nextause we are about to take you where no world news anchor has ever gone before joining 98 degrees on tour. >> no other "world news now" anchor has ever wanted to go there. but i did! i waeshtssn't sure if they needed some help, so i lobbied hard i begged. i even attempted to bribe them and four one brief moment it worked. ♪ baby i do ♪ >> it's been exactly 20 years
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since nick drew, justin and jeff came together as 98 degrees. the group topping the charts hits ldo" and "because of you." ♪ it's all because of you ♪ >> selling 10 million worldwide before going on hiatus in 2002.r, how do he this still look the same? >> i guess you thought 98 degrees is way past their time. take a look at this. >> hundreds of mostly women lined up for hours to get a brief moment with the group. all these people waiting to meet them. >> yes. >> reporter: among them these sisters from boston. jen doyle fought cancer this year while wrapped in this blanket with photos of her favorite men. her husband right on there, but the large elsst photo belongs to nick lachey. are you nervous? >> i'm just nervous for you. >> we brought the blanket, because you brought her through some bad times.
3:16 am
>> reporter: this meet and greet with fans part of their first-ever christmas tour 31 cities in six weeks leading up to christmas and if wasn't grueling enough here they had to put up nee an a little soundck danszce moves.'m degree member they never knew but whoo the access. backstaound >> this i little bit different kind of show u doing it's it's show. >> reporter: long before the s aheck a fans. you all 98 degree fansday?heanse] reporte handful of fanses bef fans that any band askn bee y orter: tyet enionaling. >> lad 98 applause] to a pa songs from their now holiday album "let it snow", ickes and hits. ♪ sunshine after the rain ♪ >> reporter: wait a minute that should have stage.ll ♪ i ♪ >> reporter: yet somehow they
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forgot to tell me. ♪ it's all because of you ♪ >> reporter: this really hurts me. they're doing the song without me. i'm out. >> oh, honey. sad. i was waiting to go on stage. i think i like hit the proper key. ♪ it's all ♪ ♪ it's all because of ♪ ♪ you ♪ >> we don't have to -was too painful you. i don't want you sound gr>> theygreat, great. we'll have more on christmas day. to tuneomorrow. do going here's a clue. pick surprise. huge surprise technology.s a big clue
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3:21 am
in new zealand and germany. >> are we talking about sort of like -- >> imagine a penguin six feet tall, 220 pounds. that's right. the researchers estimate the bones to be 65 million years old. these are giant. >> he was on to something. >> i want to hug one. >> it will crush you. so a british man has discovered something amazing. christmas lights that he's usingevery, every year were purchased, get this those lights 48 years prove how old those lights are, his mom bought them at a store called woolworth wow. >> can you get that online somewhere? what is this woolworth you speak of? so he takes the age of his you see him there as a kid growing up with them. mom buying them in 1969.
3:22 am
two years ago he bought some new fan dangle lights, and they not lasted as long as these lights have, which have gone nearly 30,000 hours. >> very impressive. woolworth, some high-quality lights. >> find out where that woolworth is. >> if only we knew. over to the holy avocado. it's hard to imagine any way to make an avocado any better however, the spanish have figured it out. check out the seedless avocado. you know when you try to prep an avocado, it's super dangerous with the giant pit in the middle. no more. they have figured out to make it without an unpollinated blossom. the texture is said to be different but they are great in guacamole. >> thank you, gracias, spain. let's go over to japan where two teenagers decided to give skating a try for the first time in over four years. >> that's not how you're
3:23 am
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this morning on "world news now," breaking news. the stunning election in alabama. democrat doug jones is the projected winner in the senate race against republican roy moore. this is a seismic democratic victory in a deeply red state. we have team cov meddling, saying it's flawed another special counsel. this time to investigate the investigators. and new this half hour, we're sorting out potential delivery delays. >> what you should know before you shop online to make sure your packages arrive on time. age there's international acclaim this morning for the intergalactic superstars of "the last jedi," in "the skinny" on this wednesday, december 13th. from abc news, this is "world news now." both the new york post and the new york daily news on the
3:26 am
front page saying four stars plus for the new "star wars" movie. >> it's getting great reviews. >> but we're going to start with the breaking news. you know in alabama they often talk about roll tide. this was a tsunami. the voters of alabama rejected roy moore to send a democrat to the senate. for the first time in a quarter century. >> democrat doug jones beat roy moore by about 20,000 votes. >> it was a scandal-plagued race that captivated the country. 61% say the allegations against moore are probably true. >> 41% say the allegations were one of several factors in their decision. 54% say they were minor or not a factor at all. we have full coverage, starting with stephanie ramos with the jones campaigna? birmingham stephanie good
3:27 am
morning. >> reporter: good morning. after months of talking on the campaign trail, doug jones was almost speechless when he first took that stage last night. overwhelmed and thrilled that he and his team made it across the finish line. it's been a long road, the campaign, hosting more than 200 events, calling over a million voters, and doug jones said the people of alabama have spoken. >> this campaign has been about common courtesy and decency and making sure everyone in this state, regardless of which zip code you live in, is going to get a fair shake in life. >> reporter: there was a lot of excitement here in birmingham last night. doug jones has said from the start of this campaign that last night would be historic, and he is now the first democrat from the state of alabama to go to the senate in 25 years. kendis, diane? >> that's stephanie ramos for us from jones' headquarters. thanks, stephanie. >> understandably, it was a different scene at roy moore's
3:28 am
headquarters. he has not conceded the race to jones yet, but tom llamas is there in montgomery. >> reporter: according to roy moore, it is not over. he came out and spoke to supporters, saying he's not giving up. and if the election threshold falls within half a ge point that could trigger a recount. he told supporters to go home and sleep on it, but if it qualifies, they will ask for a recount. during the moore watch party, people were stonefaced by the end of the night. some people were crying and many were praying, hoping that the results weren't true. >> may god bless you as you go home and a safe journey, and thank you for coming tonight. it's not over with. >> reporter: even though president trump, roy moore's biggest supporter already congratulated doug jones, moore says he's not giving up. kendis and diane, back to you. >> we do have a little bit more on what the president said. he congratulated doug jones shortly after he got the news.
3:29 am
saying here, congrats on the hard-fought victory. the write-in votes played a factor. a win is a win. the people of alabama are great, and the republicans will have another shot at this seat in the very short period of time. it never ends. >> so senator-elect doug jones will have to wait at least two ator that is according to the alabama secretary of state's office wh will have to certify the results. >> and the president there referring to the fact that >> doug jones will only be the senator in this cycle until 2020 when there's another election, of course, to fill that seat. so another battle is brewing in a few years. >> it's politics, there always is, right? >> absolutely, but a rare, rare concession for the president. >> which is surprising, given moore has not conceded yet. >> exactly. >> he decided to come forward with his congratulations. we're going to move on now to demands from the president's legal team for a special counsel. >> president's lawyers are pushing for a new investigation
3:30 am
of robert mueller's russiainvestigators. the big focus seems to be on peter strzok. he was removed from mueller's team after the discovery of politically-charged text messages, many of those were sent to lisa page. >> so they reviewed several of texts that included attacks on the president. page writing, god, trump is a loathe some human. with strzok writing yet he may win. and this from the same day. strzok saying omg, he's an idiot, with page responding, he's awful. jeff sessions has assigned a senior attorney to review conflict of interest allegations and make a recommendation on whether a special counsel is necessary. secretary of state rex tillerson says the u.s. is ready to talk to north korea. tillerson softened the u.s. position about speaking to kim jong un's regime just two weeks after north korea test-fired its most powerful missile to date. he called it unrealistic to ask them to come to the table ready to give up their nuclear program.
3:31 am
he says the president endorses that position. >> we're ready to talk anytime north korea would like to talk. and we're ready to have the first meeting without precondition. >> tillerson later seemed to add one precondition that north korea would need to hold off on any further weapons tests before talks could start. the suspect in the new york city bombing is expected to appear before a magistrate today hospital bed if necessary. abc's gio benitez has more. >> reporter: chilling new details about this man who police say deliberately walked among this crowd of unsuspecting commuters. before homemad bomb. >> the location and timing of his planned hayattack was no accident. and his motivation was no
3:32 am
mystery. >> reporter: officials find ullah on the ground saying he did it for the islamic state. federal authorities say on the morning of the attack, the suspect posted on facebook, trump, you failed to protect your nation and that they found a handwritten note in his passport, oh america, die in your rage. authorities say ullah intended to die while killing as many people as possible in that tunnel. but before the attempted attack he was not on the fbi's radar. he had become radicalized in 2014 reading isis propaganda, in this brooklyn apartment building the pipe-bomb, using the pipe, a nine-volt battery and the wire from christmas lights. >> he did folsom of -- follow some of the instructions that you can find online unfortunately. >> reporter: a quarter of a
3:33 am
million people go through port authority every day, including former hief jeh johnson. >> we are t. we go on and we are not afraid. >> isis-inspired truck attack in lower manhattan and a year afterelsea neighborhood. police say he started planning the attack a year ago and gathering the components for that bomb three weeks ago. now he could face up to life in prison. gio benitez, new york. and the coldest air of the season is moving into the another alberta clipper storm is bringing more snow. to western new york and the midwest today and tomorrow. the heaviest know is like lay inly in cities like detroit pittsburgh and cleveland. it is likely to hit pittsburgh with light snow. but the time it reaches the coast, but the real story is the drop in temperatures. from wisconsin across to the atlantic, it will feel like teens. i got dressed up for this next story. it's lit. the hanukkah menorah is lit. >> about 200 people braved the cold weather in central park to mark the beginning of hanukkah.
3:34 am
the menorah is 36 feet high. >> the national menorah was lit near the white house. its sponsors claim it's the largest. a number the candles will be lit up each night. >> traditional treats like jellyn out. delicious. >> in case you think this is just a party up here, it's a party all around as well. >> wow! >> oh! >> it's a full -- >> did you get a hanukkah romper? >> where did you find this beautiful ensemble? >> it looks like a cycling jersey. >> it does kind of. kendis. >> for the israeli team. >> i didn't see anybody else dressed like that. >> it was an a little cold. and i tried to recruit as many people as possible to do this. the first time wearing it, it was way tighter than i expected
3:35 am
it to be. >> brave man, kendis. it's crunch time for online shoppers. we have tips to make sure your packages arrive on time.ny," cher. she your holiday.tails ahead. you're wat now."se words ♪ couch. you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet, backsweat, and gordo's...erything. i love you, but sometimes you stink. soft surfaces trap odors. febreze fabric refresher cleans because the things you love the most can stink. and plug in febreze to keep your whole room fresh for up to 45 days. breathe happy with febreze. that cough doesn't sound so good. take mucinex dm. i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! why take 4-hour cough medicine? just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this.
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crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. and they whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
3:38 am
doug jones is going to the senate. the democrat won a razor thin victory over republican roy moore in a very contested election. we'll have more on that all morning. >> all right, but we're going to continue to the other news we're following. the largest fire scorching southern kwlaf california is expanding after nearly a week. the thomas fire is nearly 240,000 acres. it's moving into santa barbara and ventura counties. many residents are wearing masks to avoid breathing in smoke. here's new video overnight of embers raining down on firefighters. the fire is 25% contained, but you see why it's a difficult effort for many of those. the fire that forced people out of bel-air started at a homeless encampment, being blamed on an illegal cooking setup. the fire started last wednesday and destroyed six homes. and now to key advice for online shoppers. a record number of americans are shopping from home. there's something else to think about. >> absolutely. rebecca jarvis has tips to make sure your gifts arrive on time.
3:39 am
>> reporter: for the first time ever, online sales expected to top $100 billion. >> record online sales. what does that mean? record numbers of packages. and unfortunately, i'd expect record numbers of delays. >> reporter: after a blockbuster cyber monday, the company put drivers on extra overtime, to get back on schedule. walmart back on track, too, after a flood of orders thanksgiving weekend meant some deliveries took extra time. but with less than two weeks till christmas, time to order is running out. >> if in doubt, all that stress you might feel, pay a little extra for express shipping. >> reporter: or try the click and collect option. >> you can order on and pick it up in the store. >> reporter: that is buy online and pick up in person. and remember the date december 19th. that is the deadline many retailers say you must order by in order to guarantee standard delivery by christmas.
3:40 am
it is the earliest deadline we've seen in recent years, rebecca jarvis, abc news. >> tick tock. >> duly noted. when we come back, the cast of "star wars" receives a royal welcome in london. >> "the skinny" is next. royal welcome in london. >> "the skinny" is next. and that's not a tissue protection. lysol kills over 100 illness-causing germs and viruses, even those that may cause runny noses. lysol. what it takes to protect.
3:41 am
ok, let's try this. it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together so you can play together.
3:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪ everybody get up ♪ ♪ it's time to slam now ♪ >> oh. little space jam. >> right, as in a galaxy far, far away. >> we're playing jedi mind tricks with you here. so tomorrow night, us mere mortals will get the opportunity, our first opportunity to see the much-anticipated "star wars," the last jedi. last night of course was the european premiere at albert hall in london. couple fellow mortals were there. prince harry and prince william in attendance. remember, there are some unconfirmed reports that the two suited up as storm troopers. >> and as the stars of the film filtered onto the red carpet, reporters tried their best to get top secrets on the story
3:43 am
line. no one fell for it. >> one of the best moments of the night came when bb 8 rolled up and the princes gave a royal bow. >> the newcomer playing rose and could not contain her excitement at her own premiere. check it out. >> i've cried out half my makeup. look at this! ah! it's so crazy! go see "the last jedi." please see my favorite people, in a movie, i can't believe i'm in it. >> that's a spoiler. >> did that ruin it for you? >> now that the film has been made available to critics we have the official rotten tomatoes score, ready for it? 93%. >> oh, that's good. >> that's out of 162 reviews. scored by the website. that's not bad at all. >> that's good. that is good.
3:44 am
it's better than 92. but not as good as 94. >> excellent analysis. that's why we call you the and list -- analyst, jack. congratulations are due for my best friend, the rock. so he's shared with us yesterday that he's preparing to welcome his now he's making another big announcement. >> he hinted as a run for president earlier this year, but now he says he's seriously considering it. and kevin hart says he's too big to run but that he would fully endorse him as long as there's no requirecampaign. >> i don't know. was that your impression? it was a mix of >> i want to remind the rock that since he's seriously considering it, i am seriously still available to be your party ever the people's eyebrow. >> i fully support this. wait for that solo shot. >> there you go. i'm ready.
3:45 am
>> if you still need to finish shopping, no panic, cher has you covered. ♪ if i could turn back time ♪ >> the sweatshirt is a standout and includes turn back. >> it should be said she really went out of her way to make them as ugly as possible. >> okay. so here's her ho, ho bleeps ornament to fill out your tree. >> and nothing says holiday like a vampire cher. >> this one says cartoon black tee shirt. sounds like some of beyonce's clothing. just a shirt. finally, imagine you're settling in for an overseas flight when a couple with a set of infant twins sit next to you. >> except the couple happens to be amal and george clooney, and
3:46 am
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. ♪ i, i will be here for you ♪ ♪ i, i will be here for you ♪ ♪ i, i will be here for you ♪ ♪ i, i will be here for you ♪ >> i had no idea we were going to go to a rave. this early morning. >> yeah, we had that light dick debartolo brought in the other day. we could have a party. we have a look at how the lives of the visually impaired are being revolutionized. it all comes together. the "here for you" and this. >> so virtual reality is allowing people to travel to distant places and help experience things that many of us might take for granted. our friend
3:50 am
liz from abc's sacramento station has more. >> reporter: we met up with high cohen at a barnes & noble. hi, a teacher who has been blind his whole life has been able to do something he's never been able to do before. >> today i came to the bookstore to do shopping for my little baby boy for christmas. observed as he took out his iphone, these glasses. >> they have a camera in the front here a specially-trained agent ca out of. >> reporter: and opened up an app. on the other end is emily, an on-call agent who is able to see in real time what hi is seei to him. >> i see we are in barnes & noble. how can i help you. >> i would like that go to the children's area and look for a boar my little boy. >> okay sounds like fun. could you do me a favor and scan around where you're at right now. >> reporter: emielps guide hi to a table of children's books.
3:51 am
>> oh, this is som right here. >> this is "not my reindeer". >> oh, cool. read me a little bit about it? tell me what it is. >> so on the left hand page, it says that's not my reindeer. >> reporter: with emily's assistance, hi ends up picking out three books. we my all-time favorites at a tango dance studio in latvia. in iron eastern europe. she's like, hey, can you describe what'appening right now? >> reporter: that is the goal of this app, to use augmented reality to help people see. >> you can ask store clerks to help you out, but they don't have time. really sit counsel and -- down and read the book like that ragtagent did, right? >> he has the technology to help his daughter with her homework and read to her. >> i bet she misses out on these mornings when we have the studio atgoing. >> the dance party?
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
making news in america this morning, political shake-up. democrat doug jones is declared winner in alabama. >> this entire race has been about dignity and respect. >> roy moore is not giving up yet. >> it's not over. >> this morning the chances for a recount, the blow to the trump administration and what the race could mean for your taxes and control of congress. also breaking overnight, text messages revealed. the anti-trump comments made by key players at the fbi prompting the president's legal team to demand another special counsel in the russia investigation. what one fbi lawyer said about hillary clinton. and this morning, the new showdown in washington. trump versus gillibrand. >> i will not be silenced on this. >> calling on the president to
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