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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 15, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon sara bloomquist is off. the big story on "action news" is an accuweather alert. with another round of light snow expected to be very soon. a number of schools made the call to dishis early today. you see them running at the bottom of your screen. lets go live outside as we take a live look at dillworth plaza outside of city hall. a winter weather advisory is in effect across philadelphia and other parts of the region, we expect the snow to start falling at any minute and may last through the evening commute. with the latest with what to expect lets go to melissa magee in for david murphy. >> we issued the accuweather alert because of the snow that will be falling and also because of the timing of the system. we have a windchill weather advisory posted across the region and goes up at 1:00 through 9:00 tonight. so it is for philadelphia, the i-95 corridor and coastal new
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jersey and we expect the snow to fall at that time. we expect the snow to fill in to the north and west too. but making its way down into the lower levels of the atmosphere that happens in the rest of the afternoon. look agent future tracker the snow is developing in the northwest suburbs from the poconos and down into lancaster and fills in in much of the delaware and lehigh valley. and that the is problem watt rival of the snow it's coming in time for the afternoon and evening commute. looking at the temperatures outside. 28 in philadelphia. 17 only in the poconos. and 24 in reading and 26 in lancaster and down in dover 29 and cape may 31 and millville 28 degrees. it's not going to take a whole lot for snow to stick quickly across the region. lets go over the timing. and the key time is 1:00 through
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7:00 a.m. and back time forever the ride home. temperatures near freezing and temperatures and snow will stick fairly quickly and reduce the visibility on the roads, we'll take a closer look at the full accuweather forecast coming up. meantime. penndot is busy preparing for the latest blast of winter weather. john rawlins is live at the penndot yard in norristown with more. >> reporter: hi rick, a half dozen flakes fell in the last five minutes so i guess this will happen today unfortunately. penndot will deploy all of its trucks and rental units. rush hour can create unique problems for them. and penndot one bright spot they did not have to brine the roads overnight into this morning. normally blacktop roads look dull gray that is salt residue
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from a couple of days ago. >> we don't have to pretreat because there is enough residual from a storm earlier in the week. there is enough on the ground with we don't have to spray on the interstates and expressways. >> the penndot yard getting incoming shipments of salt for the stockpile and that salt is scooped up and put into waiting salt trucks and that tonnage will go on to state highways. timing is the big variable for road crews, p.m. rush hour snow triggered slow moving congestion and icy roads and that bogs down roads. >> if you are stuck in traffic we are stuck in traffic. it prevents us from running as smoothly as possible. >> trucks are lined up to get salt in their beds back there. another variable is the forecast of the temperature.
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penndot thinks 27 or 28 degrees when the snow starts to fall heavily. in slow moving traffic surfaces ice up easily and trucks take time to get to them and it can spiral downhill quickly and one hope here is that penndot hopes that some will peel off early today and before the snow gets back to get off early and thins out the crowd and helps theirest to get salt to the conditions that will improve conditions for everybody. >> thank you. now, to breaking news regarding penn state university. authorities listed a long awaited grand jury report detailing rampant hazing and the greek community at the state college campus as a whole. that the state became aware of dangerous alcohol use by
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brothers as far back as 2011 and looking at safety issues following the death of timothy piazza back in february. and the report continues several recommendations for the university including tougher hazing laws, you can read the document on our website at now, to a story you see here on "action news." a philadelphia woman is under arrest accused of stealing dozens of holiday decorations from other residents in may fair. katherine scott is in front of her home where police discovered the massive stash. >> i am told that the inside of this home is parked with decorations and more on the front lawn, christmas decorations and halloween decorations and even saw an effort wreath inside. people have showed up here to reclaim their stuff. the woman confessed and remains in police custody.
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>> this may fair neighborhood was decked with christmas cheer but the ornaments were stripped and ended upright here. >> the white deer are directly across the street from the house. the red bows -- they went up with wire cutters and cut the bows from her railing. >> and jim's home was hit three times and decorations snatched from the front lawn, he loaded them up this morning. >> i was disappointed and i was losing is faith in the neighborhood. >> i took the whole day to put my decorations up and i came home and they were missing and i was upset. the christmas spirit was lost and police say that one resident is behind the multiple thefts surrounding the 3100 block of brighton that left neighbors feeling deflated. >> everybody has a job and taking care of their kids and this grinch is going to come in
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and steal? >> signs and bows and garland galore out front. and police learned of a video on social media showing her stealing the i'ms. police were positioned outside of her home and executed a search warrant and as it got later, neighbors and detectives were seen carrying out trees and lights and ornaments. >> she is a hoarder. full of halloween and christmas stuff andt's all over. >> police were all over and they are back this afternoon trying to reconnect people with their stuff. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the philadelphia streets department is investigating a video that appears to show one of its sanitation workers stealing a package from a
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fishtown doorstep. joyce who captured the scene tells "action news" says her neighbor asked to check her cameras to see if there was a box delivered to the home. she saw a sanitation package and place it in the bin and dump it in the truck and the woman appeared to grab the box from the back before it is crushed. the streets department apologized and appropriate action will be taken we'll hear from them as well as joyce later on "action news." president trump spent part of the day addressing a gratation class at the fbi national academy in quantico, virginia. before his visit president trump says people are angry but despite the criticism of the bureau, during the ceremony the president says he is more loyal than anyone else could be to law enforcement official. >> i want you to deliver a
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message to your fellow officers, the president of the united states has your back 100%. >> trump was expected to visit the fbi headquarters in may and was canceled amid backlash over the controversial firing of then fbi director, jim comey. well, the tax bill compromise is in jeopardy and will not be unveiled until monday. marco rubio says he will vote no unless there is an expansion to the child credit. and corker has expressed criticism of the bill. they can only lose two votes if they want to fas along party lines. and the royal wedding is now set. when prince harry will tie the knot. and hear from the stars of the
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new film showing nationwide. and melissa magee has your seven-day forecast from accuweather.
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five more women have come forward to accuse dustin hoffman of sexual assault and
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misconduct. one says he exposed himself to her in a hotel room when she was just 16 years old and onlies accuse him of groping them against their will. the oscar winner did not respond to the allegations. he did respond to allegations by three other women. bystanders rescued a man that fell on to the train tracks in new york city -- the woman's loud screaming did not wake the man up but thankfully the on coming train did stop and three people jumped on the tracks and lifted him up to the platform. it's unclear what caused him to fall on the tracks. star wars fans are flocking to the theaters to show the last jedi, known as episode 8 it picks up where "the force awakens" left off. and there are surprises in this new journey.
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here is a preview >> reporter: star wars is back. and the high excitement on the red carpets on the premiers in the united states and london are any indication of what to expect. those involved with the film say are you in for a wild ride. >> happy moments and confusing moments it sent me on a necessary roller coaster ride. >> it picks up where 2015's "the force awakens" left off but there are changes. >> a new protagonist and new characters. >> every character is going through something mentally and physically. >> i think it's pretty dark and a little light too. >> daisy ridley who plays rey the leading lady says making this movie was not like "the force awakens." we ended 7 and began 8 and immediately it's different and a different person at the helm and it has a different sort of vice president any way. >> and expect a big princess
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leia in the movie, its carrie fisher's last star wars film. >> we have a beautiful, complete performance from her. and emotional watching it and i hope it means something to the fans. >> the film is expected to storm the box office with the projected opening of $200 million in the united states alone. abc news los angeles. and star wars of course is produced by disney the parent company of 6 abc. well, the date has been set for the highly anticipated royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markle and kensington palace says they will tie the knot on may 19th. and the 33-year-old prince and 36-year-old american actress will be married at a ceremony at st. georges chapel at windsor castle. a 16-year-old's video goes
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viral after being accepted into harvard university -- [ cheers and applause ] >> eric little pulled every which way by his classmates as the crowd celebrated the accomplishment. it's a three-peat. and little is in good company as far as ivy league schools are concerned. his brother just got into stand ford.
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health check at noon. today is the last day to sign up for the health care coverage under the affordable health care act. it was a month shorter. and nearly 5 million people have signed up for a 2018 plan through and they serve consumers in 39 states. and today is free shipping friday and nearly 1,000 online retailers will ship your item for free in time for christmas and it encourages last min holiday shopping and some require a special promo code in order to get the deal and we have a list of retailers that participate on our website at speaking of freebies, the "action news" team is working on news stories later today begin agent 4:00, including all the deals you can get for 100% off. and a washington state man says he was sick and tired of so-called porch pirates stealing
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packages from his home and he got even by scaring them with a so-called blast box but is his thief trap legal? and we'll explore it in big talker. and meantime melissa magee, with your seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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melissa magee is here now with a look at the accuweather forecast. the flakes should start to fall any minute and not a lot of that snow is reaching the ground yet and will do so as we go through the rest of the afternoon. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you can see the snow is starting to fill in to the south and west. maybe a few flurries reaching the surface and as we go through the rest of the afternoon. the snow will continue to fill in from the southwest and
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northeast direction, we show you the picture outside. sky 6 hd from the temple university camera looking at the center city skyline. a mostly cloudy skies and flurries are falling any moment now and continue to do so through the afternoon, we have issued the accuweather alert. a minor snowfall event, and high impact across the region. 28 degrees and 24 for allentown and reading and 17 in the poibs and 29 in dover and temperatures for the most part staying below the freezing mark. here is satellite 6 along with action radar you see the swath of snow starting to break upright now, to our south and west and fill in to the north and east as we go through the rest of the afternoon. as far as what we are expecting we are anticipating is delays and steady snow in time for the afternoon and evening right home and this will reduce the visible and roads are covered as well
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and temperatures well below the freezing mark. here is future tracker 6 timing it out for you 12:30 and 1:00 this afternoon we have the light snow showers filling into the north and west first, and by 4:00 later on today we have snow showers developing across the delaware and lehigh valleys and move on out quickly by 7:30 in the evening and moisture is pushing offshore. the first flake to last flake a six hour window for precipitation, and not a long duration event and the problem is the timing, as far as the snow we are expecting, 1 to 3 inches along the i-95 corridor and areas to the south and east as well and a coating to an ink in the north and west. and a heavier band setting up to the east of philadelphia into areas of eastern new jersey from salem up into monmouth county, that is where we are expecting the to 3 inch span in portions of south jersey. as far as what to expect.
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the snow develops from a southwest to northeast direction and the steadiest snow is from 3:00 until 6:00 in the evening and and reduces the visibilities and a slippery ride home as well. give yourself extra time. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast the evening storm on the way 1 to 3 inches in the region and brisk and chilly and temperatures bum up to 4-and increasing clouds on sunday and late sunday tracking light rain and mostly cloudy on monday with a spotty shower in at 49 and look at this tuesday, nice and mild the high temperature of 54 and breezy and cooler on wednesday with the high up to 45, on thursday partly sunny and cool and not a bad day. and high temperature coming in as 47 degrees. and we'll keep you updated through the afternoon and allow extra time today rick. >> thank god it's friday. >> thank you melissa.
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students in marlton, new jersey, helped to load toys today. in honor of colton who experienced a traumatic brain injury. and they filled donations boxes with thousands of toys. very nice. more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at 12:30. advocates say it has benefits for the mother and for the baby. the new trend the gentle c-section and get your shopping done in bucks county and show you all that peddlers village has to offer.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> a weather alert for the second time this week we are tracking snow. the flakes are set to arrive in the next hour or so in much of the area and will effect the evening commute. at the penndot yard in norristown they were getting incoming shipments of salt for the stockpile and put in trucks for the waiting salt trucks and waiting for the snow begins to fall any moment now, as we look outside showing you the commodore barry bridge, and clouds hanging overhead and the snow will begin to fall as the noon time hour progresses.
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meteorologist, melissa magee, is at the big board with the details from accuweather. >> hi there rick, we issued the accuweather alert because of the snow that is falling, a minor snowfall event across the region and high impact as far as the timing in time for the afternoon and evening ride home. a winter weather advisory for the i-95 corridor and for south jersey and delaware, it starts at 1:00 today and lasting through 9:00 this evening, we are anticipating several inches of snowfall. right now in the city 28 degrees and colder air draining southward from the north and 17 in the poconos and 4 in allentown and lancaster 28 and 28 degrees in atlantic city. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar 3-d you see the snow start to blossom from the southwest to the northeast. and it continues to do so as we go throughout the rest of today. future tracker 6 letting you know by 4:00 thi


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