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tv   41 Action News at 5  ABC  December 16, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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all everybody stumbles,ail. but some of us do it well. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... ...splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. >> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., saturday, december 16. i'm nydia han along with christie ileto in for gray hall. >> here's the stories we're working on "action news," drivers found themselves in traffic for hours in center city what led to the backup and reaction from those stuck behind
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the wheel. what started as a traffic stop ended in a shooting death in delaware. >> plus, president trump could be on his first gop victory as the gop tax plan clears another round of hurdleses. >> let's -- hurdles. >> let's go over to chris sowers you missed our first round of snowfall, now you're here. i was glad to be home to enjoy the first snowfall. you need to take your time this morning, if you're heading out to finish up the last minute christmas shopping pay attention to your surroundings. all the back roads are covered. the main roads are wet and cleared. icy patches, frozen slush very
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cold temperatures most locations are well below freezing, to 25 degrees. it's going to be windy and we could see windchills 25 to 35 miles per hour this afternoon. all the temperatures will feel 3 to 4 degrees cooler with the breezes that are starting to pick up. coyotes, 16. quakertown, 20. center city, 21. vineland, 20, glassboro, 22. cinnaminson, 27 degrees. we have cloud cover approaching from the west, even snow showers, i don't think any of that will survive the journey over the mountains, but i expect to see clouds around this afternoon. the call from accuweather, mixed skies combination of sun and clouds, it will become breezy, winds gusting anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour. we're shooting for a high of 41 degrees which is well above the freezing mark of 32. some of the snow and ice will start to melt. with the breeze it will feel
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like the 30s, when i come back we'll talk about a warmup in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> that will feel good, thank you. crews spent the night clearing the streets putting down salt to melt the snow from the storm. >> the timing of the snowstorm could not have been worse it came down in the middle of rush hour. made things more complicated in center city. a number of traffic lights stopped working. dann cuellar spoke with the drivers stuck in the traffic chaos. >> reporter: it could not have come at a worse time, a number of traffic lights north of city hall went down after 3:00 p.m. right before the rush hour and in the million dollars of a snowstorm. >> it's crazy. it's messy. >> it's mess down here today. >> reporter: the electrical problems caused gridlock on the benjamin franklin parkway with lights out at 15th and arch and 16, 17th and jfk and all
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of logan circle. >> i've been trying to get home for hours. >> and your dog is getting antsy, too. >> this was caused by the messy snowstorm that hit the tri-state area that caused all sorts of traffic problems. this motorist lost control and landed happen hazardly in wynfield -- hazardly in wynnfield heights. >> we were on the 33 for, how long? >> 20 minutes. we were just coming up from third and market. >> we were trying to like sightsee probably it wasn't a good day to do that. >> but now it's the calm after what seemed like the perfect storm, the storm long gone and wouldn't you know it, all the traffic signals working again. >> in center city i'm dann
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cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> stay ahead of any changes to the wintry forecast and check constantlily updated maps on storm tracker 6 live by visiting or downloading the 6abc free app. a delaware state trooper has been placed on administrative leave following a deadly shooting in wilmington. the 37-year-old tried to conduct a traffic stop on a 30-year-old man yesterday afternoon. apparently the man drove away dragging the trooper with the vehicle, that's when the trooper opened fire, the suspect was killed, the trooper was treated for non-life threatening injuries. a three-alarm fire in delaware county took firefights three hours to get under control. chopper 6 hd over the scene on plymouth road in bluebell. when crews arrived at the scene, they found heavy smoke and fire coming from the basement and first floor.
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one firefighter suffered minor injuries in the blaze. what sparked the fire remains under investigation. a community in montgomery county came together following a fire that killed two brothers, 9-year-old brian lukens and 6-year-old parker was killed in the fire tuesday night. a fundraiser were held at the firehouse, three uncles of the two young victims watched with gratitude. >> it's overwhelming, it's unbelievable, words can't express what everybody has been doing. >> my kids were very close to theirs, lj and parker, we're sorry to see them go, i'm happy that the community is here for them. >> the fire was ruled accidental, caused by an electrical failure of an extension porch plugged into a space heater on the porch.
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>> republicans have released details of the final tax plan. it is too soon whether or not it will pass. abc's lana zack has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the final details. republican tax bill are public. the plan slashes the corporate tax from 35 to 20%. for individuals it lowers the top rate from 39 to 35. it limits the mortgage ducks to $750,000. >> it will be the biggest tax decrease or tax cut in the history of the county. >> reporter: the bill's future is not a done deal. marko rubio threatened to vote notice unless there was an expansion of the tax credit,.
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another no vote has come around, bob corker, the only senator to vote against the original bill, late friday he doesn't think the bill is perfect, he thinks we're better off with it. for democrats, they think the process was rushed through in secrecy. >> this whole process has been a sham. the fact this is a historically unpopular give away to the multinational corporations at the and he knows of the middle class -- suspense of -- expensef the middle class. senator ron portman said senator mccain and nor cochran are expected back for votes next week.
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president trump visited the fbi academy days after saying the fbi is in tatters. he said people are angry with the fbi over what he sees as political bias in their ranks. the president said anyone who kills a police officer should face the death penalty. a garage has issued its report on the death of a fraternity pledge at penn state. penn state officials displayed a shocking apathy to the dangers of excessive drinking. penn state strongly objected to the characterization saying it made extraordinary efforts to combat hazing and drinking. 26 fraternity members have been charged in the death of tim piazza who died in february.
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state of delaware will have to pay for a lawsuit for the death of a officer floyd who was killed at a february 1 riot in a maximum security lockup. 170 tons of food were delivered to philabundance. this was the scene in south philadelphia as dozens of pickup trucks, 75 in all lined up to deliver palates of non-perishable food. 6abc was proud to be a part of the annual event. 5:10 a.m., more to come on saturday morning edition of "action news." a suspect leads police on a
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high-speed chase through the streets of baltimore. with the last installment of star wars in the theater, hear what the cast has to say. chris. >> reporter: i'm so excited to see it. watch out for lots of patchy ice out there. temperature-wise we're climbing above the freezing mark this afternoon, a lot of snow will start to melt, we'll have a warmup later next week. details coming up right after this.
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>> form high school soccer coach accused of running away with a tean girl is back in court this morning to face charges. ryan rodriguez was arrested in new york. he took the 17-year-old from home for a week without her parents permission. rodriguez is charged with sexual assault and interference with child custody. it was a kay on chaotic cae
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that injured several people and looped through the city of baltimore for 30 minutes. friday morning the gunman in this lexus sprayed bullets at police and five people. two people were hit by bullets. the man pulled over and the girlfriend bear hugged him and dragged him out of the car. the man was wanted for a triple shooting that killed a man the night before. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. some of the rain roads, a lot of them are wet. a couple of main roads are slushed covered out there, you need to take it easy. as we get you outside, we go live on sky6 live hd. we have mainly clear conditions, the temperatures are causing the snow to freeze, temperatures are
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in the 20s, all the snow, if you have wet roads it's all frozen. there's a lot of slick spots here. weekend call from accuweather, it is getting above freezing. these numbers are seasonable for this time of the year. the normal high is 42, 43. we'll be up to 41 today him look out for the cold breeze this afternoon, gusts up to 25 miles per hour. 41 will feel like 30. sunday, increasing clouds, high around 40 degrees. there could be wet weather arriving at night. we think most of the time during the day on sunday, it looks okay, take it slow this morning, most of the main roads are wet at this point. a lot of secondary roads for example if you're heading into developments, things like that all the roads are covered and we're seeing icy patches. brick township, 3.6 inches. florence, 3 inches. voorhees, 3 inches.
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bristol 3 inches. most locations saw about to and there were a couple of areas that saw a little less than. it was a coastal storm that's off the coast and pulling out to sea. 231 degrees in philadelphia. icy cold, dewpoint, 16. the pressure is rising 30.05-inch. millville, 1. these are actual air -- millville, 12, actual air temperatures. poconos 17, 33 in cape may. air temperatures subtract 3 to 5 degrees. the winds gusting 15 to 25 miles per hour. the storm that brought the snow yesterday will continue to depart. we'll see the winds pick up on the backside. we'll see clouds approach from
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the west and snow showers from lake erie and ontario we're not expecting snow showers today, but the cloud cover will get in here later on. with the wind, by late morning, 25 degrees in philadelphia. low to mid 20s, north and west. teens in the poconos, if you're heading north to do a little skiing make sure you bundle up, because it will be chilly out there. later this afternoon, windchills in the upper 20s, low 30s. overnight tonight it's the same thing we're dealing with the cold windchills feeling like 24 degrees by 8:30. 22 in allentown and 22 in millville. combination of sun and clouds today, 41 degrees, that's the number for philadelphia. 37 in reading. allentown 37. 44 in cape may, trenton, 40. overnight we'll have cloudy conditions, cold but not as cold right now, 29 in reading, cape may, 34.
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allentown, 21 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, if you're sick and tired of the cold and the snow we have warm numbers coming up here. 41 degrees, sun and clouds today. increasing clouds tomorrow, 40. monday, 47. tuesday will feel like spring. 56 degrees very mild. breezy and cooler wednesday, 45. friday, cloudy maybe rain developing, 52. nydia. the highly anticipated new star wars movie is in theaters, "action news" sharrie williams got to sit down with the cast of the last jedi in los angeles. she shows us this film is force to be reckoned with. >> reporter: actress daisy ridley leads the cast of star wars the last jedi and plays ray, a scavenger who plays warrior who is strong in the force. the force awakened ended with ray standing on the cliff in a dramatic moment she found
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missing jedi sky master luke skywalker. >> thes characters are taken aback. >> here you go again. veteran actor mark hamle is back as luke skywalker. a larger than life persona he has not shaken since the star wars franchise 40 years ago. >> what's up with this line, it's time for the jedi to end. >> he will be training ray, though, that's what we should expect. she is handing you the light saber. >> reporter: there's another line in the trailer this is not going to go the way you think. >> there were questions, there were things explored, and
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resulting, i think in a ray who inside everything more. >> we'll learn where you come from, your background, who you parents are? >> maybe. >> reporter: maybe is an answer i heard from many of the actors who were mum on the juicy details. actor john boega is reprising his consider as if i -- finn. so much secrecy. >> so much secrecy, but we love it. >> reporter: sharrie williams channel 6 "action news."
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>> airlines are raking it in, they made $1.2 billion from baggage fees in 3 months. according to the department of transportation that's how much was collected from july to september. the fees are up from the same period last year. the news came days after the
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department announced it was scrapping an obama proposal that was scrapping the disclosure of fees at the purchase of tickets. monica malpass looks at the consumer reports of the best appliance. >> reporter: kitchen gadgets and great appliance make great gifts. don't shop blindly, go to the experts at consumer reports. first how about a gift that replaces several appliances, the 7 in one instant pot is a great option. it's seven functions can make large batches of yogurt and brown rice and tender ribs. it cost $99. even the most basic chef will
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find this toaster oven easy to use. it offers a convection setting and comes with a pizza stone. give something that the process use, suvei appliance, the 199 jewel has an app, but must be controlled with your smart phone. it can be controlled by your phone or keep it simple and manually set temperature and press go. we like the results from both, as long as you follow the direction. >> reporter: whichever one you choose is sure to deliver tasty results. in addition to gadgets and appliances, consumer reports tests pots and pans, they found
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the pan that is nonstick is dishwasher safe and oven safe to 500-degree farenheit and can be used on convection cook tops.
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>> welcome back 5:27 a.m., turning to sports, the sixers wait until overtime to take their first lead over the thunder but they couldn't hold it. joel embiid has a basket, plus a foul. sixers finish on a 11-0 run to force a triple overtime where they would fall 119-117. the eagles play the giants for the right to a first time bye tomorrow. sunday will be nick foles' first chance how he leads the team in the absence of carson wentz. the team rallied behind him saying they won't miss a beat
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and doug peterson said he likes what he seen. >> the guys have responded well offensively around nick. he handles the huddle, he is a veteran, he played with the guys before. >> i don't think this team is made of one person. this is is a team. nick will step in and do a good job, nobody want to see anybody in the league get hurt. let's not forget that nick is a good player, too. >> yeah, that's right we believe in the whole team. don't forget, temple football playbook, ducis rogers and jeff collins discuss all things owls in the 9:30 a.m. half-hour of "action news." temple face the florida panthers on thursday. >> commuter chaos in center
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city, the trifecta that left drivers stuck in traffic for hours. the outpouring of support for a montgomery county community after two boys were killed in a house fire. a sanitation worker was caught stealing a package from someone's front porch. for you to weather, we'll turn to meteorologist chris sowers hi, chris. >> reporter: yesterday we had high temperatures topping out in the 20s and we had the snow today and tomorrow, the numbers climbed into the 40s and this will start. levittown, 3.2 inches. chadds ford, 2.8. philadelphia, 2.2. bensalem, two inches of sno


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