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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday december 19th and here's what's happening. >> three people are killed including a teenaged girl when a stolen suv crashes into a utility pole with deadly force. >> we have new information this morning on that deadly train derailment in washington state. the ntsb says the train was flying through a low speed zone. >> the official start to winter is just days away but, boy, it doesn't feel like it. how long will the december warmup stick around? >> we're about to find out. >> yeah. >> and i'm okay with that. >> with david and karen. >> it's really nice to have a little warmup. >> yeah. >> get outside, do a couple things. >> and i think that's especially true following last week when we were in the 30's and we had a couple of hits of snow. weather center shows you nothing like that this morning. we got a lot of clouds around. there is a little bit of a sprinkle and shower and i'll just dispense of this real quickly on storm tracker. it's very light nuisance stuff mainly up in southeastern pennsylvania creeping towards the east. looks like allentown gets this before too much longer, chester county, delco, montco
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starting to pick up some of it but it's going to be over to the east by about 7, 8 o'clock this morning and really not the story of the day. this is the story. we're starting out mild. you'll feel it as soon as you step outside. allentown 42, already 40 in trenton, 43 in philadelphia and wilmington. down to 38 in millville so a little bit cooler there. generally speaking we're looking at a very nice mild day. it's going to get a little breezy after sunrise but 52 degrees by noon with some sun mixing with clouds. decent amount of sunshine at 3 o'clock in all likelihood at least some neighborhoods, 56, that's your high today and still holding 51 as late as 5 o'clock and 48 by 7 o'clock. as we take a look at christmas, well, we are looking at just six days away and it's that time when we start thinking, gee, i wonder if there's going to be a white christmas. well, on average it doesn't usually happen. only about a 7.9 percent chance historically of snow in philadelphia. this year it doesn't look like the chances are any higher than that. there is an active pattern setting up and we are looking at cold air just outside the
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region on christmas day, probably comes in on tuesday. as of right now though we're looking at a better chance of it being a little wet on christmas day versus white but we'll see if that cold air comes in a little bit faster. karen, the exclusive accuweather 7-day a bit of cooldown tomorrow. details on that coming up. isn't that a nice christmas scene behind me. >> yes, dave. this isn't a bad scene behind me either. this is i-95 at girard. that's southbound traffic heading towards center city. i was wondering if people have off this week but we see there's volume and people picking up and heading to work right now. not a big delay but that delay forming. we do have a big accident here and we have some new news coming in. the pennsylvania turnpike westbound they're currently blocking all lanes past bensalem with this accident. so an accident on the turnpike heading westbound past bensalem near that area about 2 miles an hour, then all traffic is currently blocked. they don't usually block it for long when they do but in the meantime it's blocked westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike past bensalem so a big accident there. we've got an accident on the northeast extension southbound past quakertown involving a
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tractor-trailer. this one's been out here awhile and it's off to the side so we see the green traffic flow not causing as much of a delay with that accident. here's another bad accident. a serious one here in delaware county where a vehicle lost control, flipped over and slammed into a utility pole. west valley road is closed near manchester road. if you're in this area in delaware county, stick to knowlton road as your alternate for that one, matt and tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. a police chase after a stolen suv through tabernacle, new jersey, ended with a terrible crash. police say the stolen vehicle hit a utility pole with such horrific force that three people including a teenager inside that suv died. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at new jersey state police in southampton township with more good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. that's right, multiple sources tell "action news" that state police troopers were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle right before that fatal crash. we're still waiting for more information from new jersey state police.
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let's go to video from that crash site in tabernacle township. you can see the wreckage there, that charred vehicle, a charred gmc suv that had been reported stolen, crushed into a utility pole. investigators were looking through the debris for evidence yesterday. sources say three people in the suv were killed in the crash, two adult males and a pregnant teenager. sources say it was around noon that the vehicle was being pursued by new jersey state police south on carranza. the vehicle said to be going more than 80 miles per hour when the driver lost control and crashed near flyatt. a nearby school was dismissed early due to the crash. so far no word on whether all the proper procedures were followed. police say that they are not going to release any more information pending the outcome of this investigation. we're live in southampton township, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, katherine. we could learn more information today about a deadly hit-and-run in the city of chester. police say they have found the car that struck and killed ronald williams early saturday
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morning while his vehicle was stopped on the ramp to i-95. pennsylvania state police tell "action news" the car was found in new castle, delaware. it is a 2015 volkswagen passat there is no one in custody at this time. >> 6:05. new information this morning about that deadly train derailment in washington state. investigators with the ntsb say the train was speeding going 80 miles an hour ripping along in a 30 miles per hour zone. at least three people are dead and three are critically injured after that amtrak train derailed en route to portland. investigators have retrieved the train's data recorder but they have not released details about why the train was speeding or about what caused the crash. we'll have a live report coming up with the very latest in our very next half hour. >> pennsylvania state senator daylin leach says he is stepping back from his campaign for the congressional seat in the seventh district as he deals with claims that he acted inappropriately with
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female employees and campaign aides. the accusations published by the philadelphia inquirer say leach inappropriately touched some female staffers and voiced crude sexual remarks. leach flatly denies the allegations. governor tom wolf a fellow democrat is calling for leach to resign. leach said he will cooperate with state senate leaders to address the accusations. >> you may have noticed, i know i have, more and more strange numbers calling in and you're wondering why am i getting all these robo calls. maybe maribel aber has some answer. these at the nasdaq in times square. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. well, don't answer it first of all. make sure you know the pick of the phone number. new jersey and delaware on top of the list for spam calls. the states have the highest density of the calls according to the fcc. pennsylvania is 25th. overall there were more than 7 million complaints this year about calls that violated the do not call registry. that's couple double the number from 2016.
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optimism over tax reform. the dow up 140 points and closed at a new record its 70th this year. looks like futures pointing to a higher open. reports on housing starts and building permits due out later today. that's the latest in business. >> thank you maribel. back to those robo calls they literally have destroyed using a phone. home phone you never get calls you want from who you want any more. >> even if you're on the do not call list. >> it doesn't matter. they find a way through it. >> i almost missed a call from someone who i actually wanted to hear from the other day because i wasn't paying attention to the call waiting thing. >> we needhy. >> this is light nuisance stuff. allentown ready to pick up some of it. the earlier showers down in chester county, delaware county, montgomery county appear to be falling apart a little bit and the last of these should be over to the east by about 7, 8 o'clock this morning so not really
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that big of a deal. as we take a look outside the bigger deal is how it feels this morning. dry in center city right now and look at these guys walking along in the foreground over towards love park and a little bit closer to home and closer to the camera. they're really not dressed in super heavy coats this morning and you really won't need that later this afternoon. 42 degrees in allentown currently. 43 in philadelphia. a little cooler, 38 in millville. but there's not a lot of wind out there before dawn and really feeling a lot more comfortable with these numbers basically in the 40's. satellite shows you the cloud cover that's in place. we will be breaking that up a little bit today. we'll see more of a clouds and sun mix and again, those sprinkles and showers not around that much longer. and it's going to be milder this afternoon. a mix of clouds and sun, breezy up in the lehigh valley with a high of 50. down the shore, clouds and sun, breezy, milder getting up close to 60 degrees in some spots down near the water and in philadelphia, a clouds and sun mix today, breezy and fairly comfortable for this time of year with a high of 56.
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i will caution you that after sunrise, we will see those breezes pick up out of the west at 12 to 25 miles per hour. so it will be a bit breezy but it will be mild and pretty nice overall. a few clouds in play tonight mixing with the stars. a little brisk with that wind still running eight to 16 miles per hour. and cool with an overnight low of 40 in philadelphia is milder than what we've seen in quite some time. today's high is 56. clouds and sun. 12 degrees above average. and then tonight a cold front comes through. it's dry, no precipitation with this but behind it it will be cooler tomorrow. a lot of high clouds, 45 degrees is your high. and a little bit breezy tomorrow as well. staying cool on thursday before we bounce back with those numbers again. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 56 is today's mild high breezy and nice. tomorrow breezy and cooler, 45. and then thursday winter arrives at 11:28 in the morning officially. the winter solstice will be the coolest day of the week appropriately with a high of just 41. then on friday, a warm front starts to bounce us back up to 52. we'll see clouds increasing and it now looks like we're probably dry on friday all the
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way into either late friday night or saturday. then on saturday, mild, cloudy, 61 degrees the high. not a washout but there is some spotty drizzle and rain around on saturday. for christmas eve sunday, look for mainly cloudy skies, 49 is your high. maybe some sunny breaks during the day and another round of rain possible arriving probably late in the day or maybe even holding off until nighttime. santa might want a little bit of rain gear but it's not going to be enough to stop him from his appointed rounds. then we go into christmas day and right now it looks cloudy for the most part and there could be at times some rain. again, i'm not looking at a washout necessarily and a high of 50. the one thing i'll tell you is that on tuesday we're looking at a crush of cold air to come through and i always worry a little bit when it's seven days away and there's going to be a pattern change. there could be a time change with that, too, so stick with us on the christmas forecast. i do think if the colder air comes in faster we could get a snow shower. >> i watch the news so i'm always informed. >> good for you. >> i know you do, tam.
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6:10 now. taking his place among the greats. lower merion legend kobe bryant talks about his legacy as an l.a. laker in front of an adoring crowd. >> steph curry's super fan in the poconos gets the surprise of her life. karen. >> look at how happy she looks. looking outside live on the schuylkill westbound on city avenue. we're in a jam on the schuylkill westbound. no major accident here but a huge accident that is closing the pennsylvania turnpike. i'll give you the latest details coming up next. >> ♪ how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪
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yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look downtown philadelphia, the holiday lights are up. it is 6:13 and 43 degrees. >> countdown is on karen. are you excited? >> i am excited. i'm momentarily pausing the excitement though because we've got a big accident, a couple of them that just came in right now so i know you're thinking about the holidays, if you're just trying to get to work right now. here's the biggest accident, it's on the pennsylvania turnpike. we're hearing a number of vehicles involved with this so details just trickling in but we know they've had to shut down the turnpike westbound. chopper6 is headed to the scene here. westbound past bensalem you're seeing about 27 miles leading up to it, 6 miles closer to the scene then all traffic is currently blocked. we have police, we have ems crews, fire crews all dealing with multiple vehicles out here with an accident on the turnpike westbound past bensalem so watch for in accident temporarily blocking all lanes. they expect to open that shortly. also getting word of another accident that's just coming in its a vehicle fire and i'm
6:15 am
hearing this is a big one. it's on 295 southbound in burlington past 541 near jacksonville road. people on the waze app are talking about this. it's crawling along and the police have confirmed it's a vehicle fire out there right now on 295. it's southbound in burlington county new jersey. so a couple of big accidents on major highways this morning, so a tough time just trying to get to work right here. let's take a look at another accident here. this is 73 northbound at pump branch road. another new accident in berlin in camden county, new jersey. here we're looking live at 422 at trooper. that's your eastbound traffic headed towards king of prussia. starting maybe a touch slow here and as we look at the temperatures in the area, i want to show you storm tracker, too, but the temperatures in the area showing that we're mild. we have a couple of sprinkles moving through so in some areas the roads are a little damp and slow it down because a few nasty accidents but temperatures above our average high for this day. it's 42 in bethlehem, 45 in pottstown, 43 in center city. in some of the suburbs in new
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jersey we're in the upper 30's like browns mills and vineland but 46 in glassboro. in delaware it's 40. in dover delaware a mild high of 56, karen. >> fire departments are warning people about the dangers of toys with lithium ion batteries. the indianapolis fire department says a toy with a lithium battery caught fire this weekend and caused $100,000 worth of damage to an apartment complex in indiana. firefighters say the toy overheat owed while it was in a storage room and then caught fire and did all that. luckily no one was injured. >> the lakers immortalized their all time leading scorer. lower merion high school star kobe bryant. the crowd at the staples center gave him a standing ovation during a special ceremony. the lakers officially retired kobe bryant's number eight and number 24 jerseys. he wore both hanging them from the rafters during last night's game against the warriors. dozens of bryant's former teammates showed up. there was a video tribute for bryant who addressed his fans
6:17 am
and his three daughters. >> hopefully what you get from tonight is the understanding that those times when you get up early and you work hard, those times when you stay up late and you work hard, those times when you don't feel like working, you're too tired you don't want to push yourself but you do it anyway, that is actually the dream. that's the dream. >> bryant led the lakers to five nba championships during his 20 season career. >> ♪ >> in today's tech bytes samsung's next big thing is on the way. galaxy s smartphone will be revealed in february. >> the new s9 is expected to go on sale in march. scientists developing plans that produce -- plants that produce night enough to illuminate streets parks even our homes. >> so far the experiments have been successful with spinach arugula and kale. and if you strike a pose more than three times a day you may be suffering from
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selfitis, yup, that's actually a thing. researchers say it's a real mental condition for people who are obsessed with taking selfies. it's based on factors like social competition and attention seeking. >> and you all know who you are. we don't know anybody. >> i don't know anyone, no, not a single person. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. >> ♪ it is tougher than your stomach's harsh environment, so it surivies a hundred times better than the leading probiotic. get the digestive advantage. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talko your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. at zales, we believe a diamond kind of love is all about that look right there.
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>> ♪ >> what's up everybody, it's shoshana with "action news"'s fitness tip. this is allison and kathleen. we're here to get to work. this is one of kathleen's favorite exercises. >> works in booty. >> sure does. grab hand weights. one legged dead lift with weights in front. take the down really slow and bring it back up as you lift, lift those elbows up, work those shoulders and that core. coming back down.
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i'm want 15 of these on the right, 15 on the left. kathleen will agree this works. and you'll agree, too. get to it. >> thanks shoshana. we've got more on our breaking news that the pennsylvania turnpike has now put in effect a plan x meaning they've shut it down and it could be awhile here and chopper6 has just arrived on scene. we're looking live right now. it's a multi-vehicle accident. we see them blocking all lanes. i'm looking at this live for the first time with you. i'm seeing a couple of tractor-trailers, we see a major accident right there. another vehicle kind of facing sideways. there's debris in the road. and a lot of emergency workers kind of converging on the back end of that. you see how they're looking into the woods, too, so we've got ambulance police, an accident involving a tractor-trailer, a couple of other vehicles shutting down the turnpike westbound. it is blocked right now past bensalem. you have to take route one to street road to 611 back to the pennsylvania turnpike so a major accident. we also have another problem
6:22 am
just popped up on i-95 and southbound. a disabled vehicle blocking a lane so we're quickly seeing that jam here approaching allegheny, dave. >> that shutdown of the pennsylvania turnpike around bensalem probably not affected by the light sprinkles and showers we have as those are falling apart in southern bucks county. not even sure they ever made it down there but we do have showers above the pa turnpike popping through this morning. these are probably either falling apart or getting over to the east by about 7, 8 o'clock this morning. just nuisance stuff and the big story this morning really is how mild it is. we're looking at 43 degrees right now in philadelphia. 42 in allentown. ly 38 a little cooler in millville and 45 in cape may. they're really feeling pretty comfortable. on the el platform this morning not bad. mid 40's for the morning commute. still holding onto about 50 in the afternoon commute. we're looking at a high today of 56 degrees, pretty mild. little bit breezy, tam. >> thank you david. going to health check having a social life could reduce your chances of suffering from type two diabetes. in a wide ranging study
6:23 am
scientists found people who were socially isolated they were more likely to be diagnosed with the condition than people who actually enjoyed larger social networks. the team of researchers found that a lack of participation in clubs or other social groups was associated with a 112 percent higher risk for women of developing type two diabetes. for men, it was a 42 percent higher risk. now, what's not clear here is what is the linkage, is there a difference in how you behave, are you more active, do you eat differently? or could there be something else that is affecting why one group of people versus another is more likely to have this onset of diabetes. >> sixers host the sacramento kings tonight. they had to face the bulls in chicago without joel embiid last night. the center rested on what was the first night of back to back games for the sixers. embiid is still not clear to play on consecutive nights and when he doesn't play sixers usually lose and they lost without him 117-115. the los angeles kings ended the flyers six game winning streak last night.
6:24 am
the flyers lost four to one. >> it is 6:23. up next, a special helper at east stroudsburg university gets a really big surprise from steph curry. >> at 6:30 a live report near the scene of that deadly train derailment in washington state. >> new details this morning on that deadly train crash just south of seattle. i'm abc's maggie rulli and we'll have the latest from washington coming up. >> ♪ my wish was a clubhouse, but we call it "the wish house." people visit national parks from all over the world. food tastes better when you don't have to cook it. he was just supposed to be my dog. i don't know why. (vo) we're proud that, on behalf of our owners, the subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars in just ten years.
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>> "action news" from one warrior to another a team manager from east stroudsburg university is heading to golden state. the women's basketball team showed this video on their twitter page with some heavy from steph curry the ladies gave their team manager rachel grace the christmas gift of her dreams. >> fly you out to california to city a game. merry christmas. love, your sisters. [cheers and applause] >> you didn't even need to wrap that. heartwarming video has been already viewed more than 4,000 times. >> well done there. 6:27 now. give your car seat warmers a break. accuweather is calling for
6:28 am
highs in the 50 today. >> brand new here at 6:30 a scathing online review costs hotel guests $315. she's going to state officials for help to get her money back. >> ♪ spread some cheer
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>> the. >> ♪ >> all right mystery. a man is gunned down in a basement bedroom while his family is right upstairs. >> happening today, congress is scheduled to start voting on the gop tax reform bill. we'll break down what it could mean for your bank account. >> this headache is breaking right now. a big mess that has part of the pennsylvania turnpike shut down near bensalem. >> good morning, it's 6:30 on this tuesday, december 19th. let's go right to david and karen. good morning. >> good morning, that's right and as we look at that shot of
6:31 am
chopper6 live on the scene this morning, this is what the pennsylvania turnpike calls the plan x. they've shut down the turnpike and they expect it to be shut down for awhile while they deal with this accident scene. westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike here is closed past bensalem. we're looking at an accident involving a couple of tractor-trailers. we see fire crews, police, emergency workers. look at the damage of that vehicle on the top left of your screen. do you see that? the whole side of it looks like it's torn out. another vehicle facing sideways and chopper, thanks, if you kind of widen out and pan back we can see the delay. people are stuck here on the turnpike westbound now that they have blocked all lanes past bensalem, they're currently detouring traffic off but if you're right there in that line, you're in the stuck traffic. you're just going nowhere right now on the pennsylvania turnpike. so, really be careful. if you know anybody that's about to head out, pass this on to them. do not go on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound. major accident past bensalem involving a number of vehicles and a tractor-trailer. look at these speeds.
6:32 am
9 miles an hour. here's where the pennsylvania turnpike, if you go to the maps right here, here's where the pennsylvania turnpike is shut down westbound past bensalem. so you could take route one to street road, back to 611 to get back onto the pennsylvania turnpike westbound. a major accident. chopper6 was showing us a number of vehicles involved in this accident and a tractor-trailer. it's a mess right here and it's a plan x, meaning they expect this to be closed for a little while while they deal with that accident scene. on the big picture nothing else major happening. that's the biggest news that we have right now is the turnpike westbound past bensalem but we do have a lot of volume here on i-95. this is southbound traffic which is jammed pretty early from cottman to girard. we had an earlier disabled vehicle just kind of adding to the delay on i-95 and a vehicle fire happening right now on 295 southbound at 541. this is in burlington county and it's blocking the right lane but the major accident, dave, is that one on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound. >> we do see some sprinkles around but it doesn't look like those are in play in bensalem this morning, karen.
6:33 am
you can see a lot of cloud cover out there. stormstormstorm tracker6 live de scan has shown us that most of our rain has been to the north and west of philadelphia this morning and now it's really falling apart except with the exception of areas to the west of allentown and to the north of reading. so, a little sprinkle up north, that's about it and that's probably done over the next hour. 43 degrees currently in philadelphia. 42 in allentown. 40 in trenton. the big story today is how mild it is. as you step outside, 44 in wilmington, 45 in cape may. and as we go through the day it stays mild. 52 degrees by noon and your high today, 56 degrees by 3 o'clock. some sunshine mixing with clouds. and by 7 o'clock, still holding onto the upper 40's. very mild for this time of year. christmas is coming and we're starting to think about maybe it's a white christmas and we cool down a little bit just six days away. historically it's a pretty small chance of that, less than 8 percent chance historically of having a white christmas here in philadelphia. this year it doesn't look like any better than that. an active pattern is setting
6:34 am
is up but it looks like we'll be mild for christmas day. it's more wet than white. a little cold air coming in just after christmas. we'll have more on that in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. for now, matt and tam over you to guys in the in the news cent. >> thank you david. a rail car dangling in the darkness nearly a day after that deadly train derailment in washington state. >> three people were killed and 72 people were injured an amtrak train making the first ever run along what was supposed to be a faster new route instead plunged off that overpass toppling cars during the morning rush. >> abc news reporter maggie rulli filed this report from the scene in duponts. >> reporter: good morning. just behind me that is where that train jumped off the tracks crashing directly onto cars traveling on the highway below. authorities here now desperately trying to find out what went so horribly wrong. an early morning commute interrupted by chaos. >> track 501. emergency. emergency. >> reporter: amtrak train 501 had just left seattle heading towards portland. the ntsb says preliminary
6:35 am
findings from the data recorder show the train was traveling at 80 miles per hour near the curve where the speed should have been reduced to 30 miles per hour. >> they're requesting all possible units. there's bodies on the freeway. >> reporter: 13 of its cars careened off both sides of the overpass crashing directly onto interstate five below. >> oh, my god. that train is derailed. >> started shaking like really badly. >> reporter: daniel and his girlfriend were on their way to work when they saw the derailment. he rushed in to help. >> people were in shock and a lot of them initially when they got out of the train, they just went and they sat down with their heads -- with their -- you know, their face in the palm of their hands. >> reporter: the crash happened on a new line for amtrak. this train carrying its first paying customers. just last month in the nearby town of lakewood mayor don anderson warned about the possibility of a crash. >> [inaudible] cause this
6:36 am
project [inaudible] >> reporter: a federal report following a 2015 amtrak derailment noted a culture of safety lapses at amtrak. >> so this positive train control idea is something mandated by law long ago but amtrak has been very slow to implement it. >> reporter: crews here have been working through the night and in this freezing rain trying to get answers to what happened in this horrible tragedy. one officer told me that when he first arrived on scene he could not believe what he saw, that it almost looked unreal that someone had just taken toy train cars and tossed them around. in washington, maggie rulli channel6 "action news." >> indeed it does. thank you maggie. the derailment in washington state bears some similarities to the train disaster in philadelphia's port richmond section. amtrak 188 went off the tracks while going on a turn at more than 100 miles an hour back in may of 2015. eight people were killed and more than 200 people were injured. in both cases, amtrak revealed
6:37 am
that safety technology to automatically slow down the train was not in use. >> ♪ >> new this morning, a gunman is on the run after shooting and killing a man in his own home. police were called to the 6000 block of oxford street in the city's overbrook section at 8:30 last night. when they got there they found a 27-year-old man in the basement of a home. he'd been shot several times. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. investigators say family members were upstairs when they were surprised to hear those gunshots. they told police they did not know that someone was that in the basement with the victim. this is new video just in from a serious crash in delaware county. a mangled vehicle landed on its roof in the borough of rose valley this morning. the crash happened around 3:30 on rose valley road near school lane. we're still awaiting an update on the condition of the people involved in the crash as state police continue their investigation. >> 6:37 now and happening today, dozens of pedestrians and cyclists will protest in center city demanding safer bike lanes.
6:38 am
this morning's protest is in response to the death of a cyclist last month at 11th and spruce streets. the 24-year-old victim was on her bike when she was hit by a private sanitation truck. >> it could be a major day on capitol hill unless there's a last minute surprise. congress is expected to pass the tax reform plan that president trump and the republicans have been pushing for months. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live now in our satellite center with what it will mean for your money. >> reporter: good morning. it's expected to be an easy win for president donald trump. at this point come 2018 taxes will be cut across-the-board along all incomes but in the long run it's those with higher incomes who will see the biggest reductions. president donald trump is set to have his first legislative win of his presidency all before year's end but it does not come without controversy. today congress votes on the much talked about tax bill and there are big winners and losers. the tax cuts for corporate america are permanent while
6:39 am
cuts for individuals come with an expiration date. a recent analysis by the tax policy center a nonpartisan group indicates that well over half of the tax benefit in the first year will go to the top 20 percent. and after the first decade, the top 20 percent will get nearly all of the benefit. this while the bottom 40 percent will see a jump in their taxes. republicans argue that these tax cuts to businesses and the wealthy will ultimately boost the economy and benefit everyone. democrats reject that theory and are expected to unanimously reject the bill. president donald trump insists the bill is aimed at the middle class and those americans will see a big relief. this bill is expected to add $1.5 trillion to the deficit over the next decade. reporting live in the sat center jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> okay, thank you for that jeanette. >> all right, david joins us and incredibly warm for this time of year, right. >> yeah, it is mild.
6:40 am
this afternoon's going to be great. little cooler the next couple of days but in general between now and christmas it does look above average. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan, had some earlier sprinkles and showers now as you take a look at radar most of this is fading offer the map. we've got a little bit of activity coming through northern bucks county and in through berks county, lehigh valley might pick up a sprinkle. this is all very light and it's done over the next hour or so. as we take a look outside we've got clouds with some breaks over the ben franklin bridge and we're expecting a sun and clouds mix today. but the big story weather-wise i think for most of us is as you step outside this morning it just feels different out there. just 43 degrees in philadelphia. winds are light for now, too, out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour. and most of our neighborhoods are in the low 40's at this hour. so, definitely feeling a little bit milder. that wind i will caution you is going to pick up after sunrise and it will be a rather breezy day but it is going to be mild. a lot of clouds out there right now but there are some breaks. you can see some of that right around where it says philadelphia and obviously we just showed that to you on sky6.
6:41 am
so, overall today, a mix of clouds and sun, breezy but nice and mild. not bad for the middle of december. 47 degrees really pushing to the end of december. 47 degrees by 10:00. by noon, 52 and 56 degrees is your high today at 3 o'clock. 49 by 6 o'clock. still fairly mild. high temperatures across the region this afternoon look to be mainly in the 50's. 49 in reading, 56 in philadelphia, wilmington and millville and 57 this afternoon in cape may. today's high of 56 is 12 degrees above average with that mix of clouds and sun. but as we see that front pass overnight tonight it passes dry, no precipitation out of that front, but it will usher in somewhat cooler air. tomorrow still somewhat breezy and a high of just 45 degrees. even cooler for thursday as wintertime arrives. but generally speaking, fairly good temperatures this week and getting milder as we head toward the weekend. not a bad day to get the car washed. the next rain probably isn't until either late friday night or maybe not until saturday and even then it looks like
6:42 am
fairly light rain and drizzle. if you do still have the hose hooked up, 52 degrees by noon, 54 by 4:00 p.m. but basically it's that time of year where the car washes are getting a lot of business. we had all that salt on the roads and that snow last week so if you haven't gotten around to doing that, now is a good time. 56 breezy nice and dry today. 45 degrees dry tomorrow breezy and cool. and dry again on thursday, winter arriving at 11a28 in the morning. it will be the coolest day of the seven day appropriately enough with in high of 41. friday increasing clouds 52. we're probably also looking at a dry one there. on saturday, mild, 61 degrees. but cloudy skies and there will be some spotty rain and drizzle at times through the day on saturday. then for christmas eve we cool back to 49 for a high. cloudy, some late rain, possibly holding off until night. santa gets the rain gear on the reindeer and then 50 degrees for christmas day, clouds and there could be a little bit more rain around on christmas day. we'll see about christmas night with the eagles. >> yeah. >> there is some colder air right on the doorstep that rushes in on tuesday in the
6:43 am
long range models and i'm a little concerned that the timing could change with that so maybe it winds up cooler on christmas. we'll see. >> thank you david. it is 6:42. technically the lights are on but problems still persist in atlanta. we'll tell you about the latest challenge to travelers affected by that crippling power outage. >> a woman has a horrible hotel stay then gets slapped with a hefty fine for telling everyone about it. karen. >> chopper6 has a different angle of this major accident of the pennsylvania turnpike. you see this tandem tractor-trailer, a car wedged on the side. another vehicle here. it's a multi-vehicle accident closing down the westbound pennsylvania turnpike. the latest details and the delay coming up next. >> ♪
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> 6:45 on this tuesday. chopper6 is live over that serious accident in bucks county. one side of the pennsylvania turnpike is shut down. prepare for some delays during the morning rush. >> karen rogers has had her eyes on this. karen as you look at that picture you can see a number of vehicles are involved. >> a number of vehicles. a tandem tractor-trailer. you can see how it's kind of buckled here in the middle. so here's one of the vehicles and i can see from this that it's really badly damaged. we've got another vehicle here. this is the tandem tractor-trailer kind of buckled in half. this is a truck wedged here with another car next to it. there's another vehicle that was up ahead and this tractor-trailer hard to tell if it just slid like that to stop or if it was part of the accident scene. several vehicles involved with this accident. a serious accident. the pennsylvania turnpike has implemented plan x they've shut down the pennsylvania turnpike westbound past
6:47 am
bensalem. you can see how those vehicles were crunched together with the one vehicle smashed up against the guardrail while the tractor-trailer was buckled around it. look at the mess on the roads. not only on the pennsylvania turnpike but the feed erodes leading into it causing major delays westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike. could be closed awhile as we're dealing with a serious accident past bensalem involving several vehicles and at least one tandem tractor-trailer and another truck. it's a mess right now on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike and you see that. i'm going to keep that picture up over here and just show you the accident scene on the maps and the delay. this is where the westbound pennsylvania turnpike is shut down so what you need to do to avoid traveling 5 miles an hour, take route one. you can take that to street road back to 611. that's where they're detouring everybody off to get back onto the pennsylvania turnpike. but the problem is all the roads leading up to it are so jammed. look at route one here at business route one as we look live right here heading towards the pennsylvania turnpike.
6:48 am
this is your southbound traffic jammed already from old lincoln highway to the pennsylvania turnpike. and here again is that shot of chopper6 showing the turnpike is jammed, the feeder roads leading into it, route one everything is jammed on the turnpike westbound with in major accident past bensalem causing problems this morning so it's bumper to bumper traffic. in addition to that, burlington bristol bridge scheduled to go up for another closing at 6:40 so we'll be watching for for that one as we. the trouble with this pennsylvania turnpike accident in the past four weeks or so we've had six different accidents, five or six different accidents that have been major shutting down the westbound turnpike in this exact spot past bensalem involving tractor-trailers. so, it's been a number of problems not just today but today is a big one, tam. >> thank you, karen. officials with delta hope to be mostly back on schedule today after all that trouble caused by sunday's crippling power outage at the atlanta airport. the latest hiccup was trying to connect some people with their luggage. you're taking a look at what it looked like at
6:49 am
hartsfield-jackson last night. passengers were forced to go from carousel to carousel in search of their bags. >> new this morning, an indiana hotel charged a customer $350 and threatened legal action because the customer left a negative review. katina arthur and her husband stayed at the abbey inn and suites in brown county. she said they found the room dirty as soon as they checked in. >> we started checking the sheets and the bed and i found hairs, dirt, so i wasn't crazy about that either of course. i was disgusted. >> after posting the negative review online, arthur says she received a $350 charge for the hotel and a letter from the hotel's attorney threatening legal action. arthur contacted the indiana attorney general and the office filed a lawsuit last week saying the hotel violated the state's deceptive consumer sales act.
6:50 am
>> ♪
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toasting dad: i'm not one for speeches. but here's to...
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to many more years of friendship. and feasts! crowd: [laughing, cheering] to presents! a mi familia que lo es todo. ♪ to being right here, right now, with you. sfx: dog bark. and you. toasting dad: i guess what i'm trying to say is, here's to family. we're proud to bring your family amazing value every day. t.j. maxx. marshalls. homegoods. family is the greatest gift. >> what is it with the pennsylvania turnpike and these accidents with tractor-trailers? it's a really serious one and chopper6 live on the scene. look at the huge delay all because of the pennsylvania turnpike westbound is shut down past bensalem. there you see traffic, you are
6:53 am
just not moving at this point. it's a multiple vehicle accident. it looked to be involving a tandem tractor-trailer, a truck and several other vehicles a closing the pennsylvania turnpike. stick to route one southbound to street road to 611, back to the pennsylvania turnpike. there's that accident scene where you see the tractor-trailers and other cars just kind of wedged up against the guardrail, dave. >> allall right, karen on the bg board mild this morning. 40's to start out. you'll feel that change. this afternoon a high of 56. some sun breaking through. a little breezy today. couple of sprinkles in the northern suburbs this morning. they're going to be gone shortly. we'll be right back. >> ♪
6:54 am
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>> more on our breaking news right now. and chopper6 is on the scene of the pennsylvania turnpike. westbound closed past bensalem. multiple vehicle accident. tandem tractor-trailer another truck a car wedged behind it. they're closing the pennsylvania turnpike westbound past bensalem. this is a plan x that's going to be closed a little while. look at the traffic behind it. it's a mess. you have to stick to route one to street road to 611, back to the turnpike. but i want to go to the traffic map to show you another problem. another accident involving a tractor-trailer shutting down a highway. this in new jersey just in closing down 295 northbound past florence-columbus. >> man, storm tracker6 live
6:57 am
double scan a couple little sprinkles left up north. that's about it. today's high 56. clouds and sun, a little breezy but well above average. >> keep me posted on that turnpike accident and that other one during "good morning america." that is next. for karen rogers dave murphy tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have great tuesday, everyone. >> ♪ michael: i'm thankful that
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good morning, america. breaking news in that deadly train derailment. authorities now reveal the amtrak train that flew off the tracks was going 50 miles over the speed limit. >> emergency, emergency, emergency. we are on the ground. >> at least three people killed. dozens injured. the investigation and the hero eagle scout who rushed in to help. decision day. republicans just hours away from passing their tax overhaul. president trump closing in on his first major legislative victory. the new report, who really wins and who loses? new trouble for the palin family. sarah palin's son now behind bars. accused of severely beating his father todd. sarah palin forced to call 911 blaming medication.


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