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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 22, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EST

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first you have to find the right person, that special someone. >> got the big elaborate ordeal? seriously, it takes years. a lot of searching. sounds like an ordeal to me. >> and a couple attempts. >> that's half the problem, nick. he's got to find the right person. ♪ let's get married >> congratulations, guys. >> this is funny. >> you're not -- you're joe, right? >> no. >> wait, am i at the wrong >> he approaches these couples and starts playing them a jam. they are like -- ♪ at the altar in your white dress ♪ >> she's not my lady or anything. >> yeah, i need her number, bro. >> hired me to do a proposal. >> are you serious? >> freaking some of these fellas
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out. ladies, too. >> here it is, buddy. >> here it is, for me? ♪ meet me at the altar in your white dress ♪ ♪ we ain't no younger we might as well do it ♪ >> i don't think so. >> lady is already crying, you know, get her hands up to her face. ♪ we ain't getting no younger >> if you have to be a child of the late '90s, early 2000s, you know this was a marriage anthem. this playing, especially on an acoustic guitar, you're like, oh, me? >> what? >> she's my sister. >> there is. >> wait, are you seriously doing this for somebody? >> yeah. >> this is the perfect thing there on the beach. looks like the sun starts to go down. approaches with his acoustic guitar. ♪ we ain't getting no younger might as well do it ♪
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>> oh, no! did you plan this? say yes! joe, go with it. >> whether it's at the beach, the boardwalk, the bar, timing is everything. this is not the right time. >> congratulations, guys. >> yeah, right. >> oh, love is dead? >> yeah. thas for joining us today, everybody. rightthi has a lot un stuff to keep you entertained and a new lawsuit against harvey weinstein filed by an employee of the weinstein's company who worked on the netflix show "marco polo." she says he subjected her to repeated sexual assault and battery. weinstein made it clear to her that there would be serious consequences if she refused him. weinstein had denied any non-consensual sex with those making accusations against him. a wisconsin teen convicted in the so-called slendermae
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has been sentenced to 25 hospi. she claimed to have attempted to kill her classmate to win favor with a fictional character slenderman. the victim was stabbed 19 times but survived. all three girls were 12 at the time of the attack. a baby is safe this morning. >> an amber alert was issued after her mother was found stabbed to death. the se custody. >> reporter: the stunning twist of a missing 6 week old baby. this woman murdered her friend and kidnapped the baby whom she claimed as her own. >> a pretty horrific homicide. >> reporter: 28-year-old erica mir and dez recently miss
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carried. the baby was found just after midnight at an apartment with miranda and her buy friend. >> quickly determined the infant child was that of the victim. she did not put up a fight. she was cooperative. >> reporter: the two met each other through her brother. they found no signs of forced entry. miranda alvarez is charged with capital murder in her friend's death. as for the alleged abductor, police believe she acted alone without the knowledge of her boyfriend. marcus moore, abc news, houston. >> only good news is that the kid was found safe after all that. >> yes, she was unharmed. but what a story. coming up, the last-minute hollywood swap. >> how director ridley scott switched out his lead actor after all the scenes had already
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two sensations that work together, so you can play together.
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♪ ♪ money, money, money, money ♪ money, money, money, money >> perfect song for our next story. the movie itself has a back story that could be a movie itself. after the film star kevin spacey was accused of misconduct, ridley scott decided to reshoot all of spacey's scenes. >> christopher plummer stepped in to replace spacey, and now plummer and scott are up for golden globes. nick watt finds out how they pulled it off. >> all the money in the world. >> reporter: "all the money in
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the world" has become the tale of not one but two flawed men. john paul getty and the man originally cast to play him, kevin spacey. had you completely cut the film already? >> oh, yeah, i was done. i was delivered. i was walking away, already starting a new movie. >> reporter: then october 29th, less than two months before the scheduled release of the film, the actor, spacey was accused of putting a man on a bed. >> how much would you pay to release your grandson. >> reporter: spacey was starring alongside michelle williams in the true tale of getty's grandson. were you friends with kevin spacey? were you surprised at these revelations? >> we had very little interaction. >> reporter: okay. within weeks more than a dozen
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men had accused spacey of sexual misconduct. netflix soon announced their flagship "house of cards" would continue but without spacey. scott decided to recast and reshoot mere weeks from its then december 22nd release. he asked veteran oscar, actor winner christopher plummer to replace spacey. >> he said screw you. >> reporter: he dived right in. >> i wanted to do it immediately. i was surprised to find it was much longer than i thought. i thought oh, my god, what have i done. two days later we were off to london and shooting. >> reporter: christopher plummer is 88 years old. ridley scott is 80. so he coughed up another $10 million to cover cost and a scramble unprecedented in movie history was underay w. >> i like the chase. >> i like the chase, even though
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i don't look like i like it. cool and my demeanor is smooth and elegant, but underneath is a real [ bleep ]. >> reporter: nine days, 18 hour days, 22 scenes, two cities, they reshot in london and rome, but not in the jordanian desert, from which spacey was digitally erased and plummer shot on the green screen inserted. >> we tried toind warmth in the old man. i concentrated on making him more human than he perhaps needed to be. >> reporter: spacey is reportedly right now seeking treatment. we reached out to him for comment and have not yet heard back. should he be allowed to have his art flourish, despite what he might do in his private life? >> i think it's a big endless debate and a big question, but i
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think, yes, it should be assimilated, "american beauty" is a great movie. what are you going to do, take that away from him? you can't. "all the money in the world" was taken away from him and given to plummer. >> there's evenionly two people. i made the wrong choice. >> he says that now. here's the thing. the trailer had already dropped with spacey in it when they had to make all these decisions. that's how last-minute it was. and they had to fly in michelle reshoot some scenes. >> michelle says she didn't shoot that many scenes with spacey. >> on the plus side, we don't have to look at the awkward makeup job. >> it did look like a bad makeup job. why didn't they cast christopher pl plummer in the first place? this is one of those names that will be mentioned when the oscar
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nominations are made. coming up, we're warming up our vocal chords. "insomniac theater" is coming up next.
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♪ we're back with "insomniac theater" this morning with a couple of movie options on this very busy friday at the box office. >> we'll start with a heavy awards favorite, steven spielberg's "the post". it stars meryl streep at the first female newspaper editor and tom hanks. they struggle with how to hold the government accountable. >> they drink cocktails and tell jokes while there was a war raging in vietnam. >> i don't know what we're talking about. i'm not protecting lyndon. >> the man who commissioned this study.
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>> i'm protecting the paper. >> rotten tomatoes has given "the post" a certified fresh rating 84%. they call it meat and potatoes spielberg in the best possible way. and another says, it's a politician's nature to keep secrets. next to the blockbuster, a cappella film franchise "pitch perfect" now becoming a trio. the third and apparently final installment finds the bellas facing the real world post graduation. it reunites the singing group, but the new competition makes them wonder if they're playing out of their league. ♪ >> they disqualified themselves by using musical instruments. we won, guys, we should go.
2:57 am
we won! >> bellas are doing what they do best. quitting. >> here's the problem. the bellas are not as good as the other bands. >> that is a startling insight. >> okay, now, we should preface the reviews noting that critics don't normally show love for three-quels. here comes the hater. there's plenty of this juice. the "washington post" calls it anff-key dismantling of what made the concept wor the firs place. the seattle times says it's just the same movie over and over until the end of time and everybody dies in which case "pitch perfect 45", are we dead? may be a thing. >> i don't think that was a negative review. i think that was a hopeful review. >> it was a hopeful that we might have a "pitch perfect 45." >> yes, we will see you at the oscars "pitch perfect
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this morning on "world news now." just in time for the holidays, a government shutdown has been averted. >> congress passes a month-long extension that keeps the government going for at least a few more weeks. what's next? and the great holiday get away has already started. about a third of americans will be hopping in a car, on a plane or train to get to holiday destinations. and many of you will be facing blizzard-like conditions. some will see new airport security measures in place and new equipment as well to speed up the process and get you there a little easier. the manhunt is on to find a possible serial shooter terrorizing drivers in california. ten vehicles hit by gun tifire the past month. stop me if you've heard this
3:01 am
one before. will smith and a crime-fighting partner take on fantastical bad guys. you can decide on this friday, december 22nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." ♪ here comes men in black >> sounds a little familiar. ♪ m, m, m, m, m >> yeawe're going to start this half hour with congress averting a shutdown. >> they passed a temporary spending bill to keep agencies president trump is expected to sign it. but disputes over health care and immigration and other issues are still unsettled. kenneth moten has the details. >> reporter: the house and the senate. >> the motion to concur is
3:02 am
agreed to. >> we are working together to ensure that there are no lapses in services. >> reporter: they fund the government through january 19. >> i hope the future will be different. and they will learn they're better served by bipartisanship rather than gridlock and strife. >> reporter: the children's health insurance program, chip, which provides health care for 9 million children now funded through the end of march. the white house has indicated it's ready to back the short-term funding. president trump tweeted, democrats wanted a shutdown for the holidays in order to distract from the very popular, just-passed tax break. >> newsbreak, the republicans control the senate and the signature of the white house. they have the ability to keep congress open. >> reporter: spending for health care and d.r.e.a.m.ers, the
3:03 am
house voted to for an $81 billion package to help victims of hurricanes but the senate did not take it up. the u.n. condemns president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. it came after the president threatened to cut off aid for countries that did not take america's side. a threat from nikki haley was largely ignored. >> united states will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in the general assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation. >> that resolution is non-binding. haley said it would make no difference in oust plans to move the american embassy from tel
3:04 am
aviv to jerusalem. mike pence made a surprise visit to afghanistan. he met with a small group at bagram air base. pence wished the troops a merry ch christmas and told them president trump is committ to staying in that fight. earlier he met with afghanistan's president in kabul. president trump goes to florida today for the holiday. he traveled to walter reed medical center to meet with wounded soldiers and their families. the president called the nation's wounded warriors some of the bravest people anywhere in the world and awarded a purple heart to a 25-year-old lute who was injurlieutenant wh by an ied. nearly 100 million people are expected to travel for them holidays. a 3% increase over last year. >> some will have to deal with a
3:05 am
storm as they make their travel. that storm is going across the country, and there are winter weather advisories in states from utah to massachusetts. snow is already hitting some areas. there are concerns about icing and heavy rains in the northeast today. here's accuweather's melissa constanzer with more on what to expect this weekend. >> good morning, kendis, diane. we are looking at heavy rain in the southeast. so expect travel troubles, especially as we go later in the afternoon and into tomorrow morning. some places will pick up two to three inches. flash flooding is a concern, so be extra cautious on the roadways, and that rain extends into the northeast as we head into saturday. we're talking about the i-95 corridor to boston getting rain, not snow, but rain. so that will create travel concerns there. meanwhile snow out to the northwest. taking you into sunday, and there's going to be a light swath of snow toward st. louis. a couple rain showers as you go to the southeast, but things are getting a bit quieter, and then
3:06 am
it's all about the cold as we head into christmas day, kendis, diane? >> quite a bit of cold moving into chicago over the weekend. more than 6 million people will fly to their destination. and many will see new airport security equipment at work. the goal of the new automated screening system is supposedly to speed up the process, yet travelers will be asked to remove any device larger than a cell phone from their carry-on bag. u.s. law enforcement says there's no specific intelligence about any pending threat. and we do have breaking news in the meantime. the legendary sports broadcaster, dick enberg has died. he spent most of his nearly 60-year career with enbanbc, cag everything from nfl, to boxing and horse racing. he included an enthusiastic "oh,
3:07 am
my" to many plays. his family briefs elieves he su a heart attack. he was 82 years old. and the man who's accused of slamming a suv into a crowd of pedestrians in australia tells police i heahe heard voices. and he blames some of his actions on the mistreatment of muslims. at least 12 people were hurt in that attack. and at least 29 people are dead and 29 others injured in south korea's worst fire in years. flames engulfed an eight-storey sports center. most of the dead were women using a public bath. investigators believe the fire started in a parking lot. officials say it does not appear it was deliberately set. south korean president moon jae-in visits the site. >> the olympic torch was supposed to go by that site but
3:08 am
has been rerouted. one was killed and another injured in a house explosion in phoenix. a gas leak likely caused that blast. witnesses say a new gas stove was being delivered at the time of the blast. the mother and three children who live at the home are safe. an investigation is in its early stages. and there's another update on that wild race for a political seat in virginia. we finally know how they're going to pick a winner. >> so this has been a strange back and forth, cue the vote 2016, where are we? 2017. >> almost. you nailed it. >> music. this is going to continue through 2018. >> it just might. >> shelly simonds, after last month's election, yancy was ahead by ten votes, but then a recount gave simonds a one-point lead. and then the examination of one more ballot left it here with a
3:09 am
tie. >> dead even. so according to state law, a tie has to be broken by lot. so next wednesday the winner's name will be pulled from a film canister. i still think it should go rock pap paper scissors shoe! oh, yes, i am the new delegate of virginia. would you go with the battery approach or the rubbing the sticks thing. >> i know we're making fun of it, but it's the balance of the legislature that hasn't changed in decades in virginia. >> if the seat goes to simonds, the house of delegates will be split 50/50, which will be a big change. >> four tr the first time, republicans would not have control. >> and if you're yancy, you want to hold on. so there's a lot at stake, and it's going to come down to picking a name out of a canister. >> yes, america 2017.
3:10 am
coming up, will smith, sounded like america 1997, in the role of a lifetime, but not according to reviews. we'll hear from smith and his co-star about his dungeons and dragons type charactering. and the hunt for the serial highway shooter in california and how police pieced together ten separate shootings. and remember to find us on facebook and twitter. you're watching "world news now." oh, sorry i'm late, sir. i had a doctor's appointment. when you said you were at the doctor, but your shirt says you were at a steakhouse... that's when you know it's half-washed. now from downy fabric conditioner comes downy odor protect with 24-hour odor protection. downy's powerful formula conditions fibers to lock out odors all day. hey, your shirt's making me hungry. ha ha, derek.
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downy and it's done.
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scary scene in cincinnati as a man entering a hospital pulls out two guns. he shot an unarmed security guard twice in the torso and also opened fire on a cincinnati officer responding to the scene. authorities say the suspect later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. and the coroner is out with new information about the las vegas concert shooting rampage. all 58 of the victims who died in that attack were from gunshot wounds and that no one died after being trampled trying to
3:14 am
escape. the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot. police and the fbi have not said publicly what they believe was the motive for the attack. and florida police are searching for two bikers involved in the death of a trucker. they say it was not a random shooting. the victim is believed to have been a member of a motorcycle gang. next the hunt for a possible serial shooter targeting two california counties. ten vehicles have been hit by gunfire in the last month. >> witnesses describe striking similarities between all the incidents, and matt gutman has more on the urgent investigation. >> reporter: authorities say an unknown driver is terrorizing rural california. raking vehicles with gunfire. >> if this keeps going, it's going to be a matter of time before we have a murder investigation. >> reporter: ten cars have been hit the past month around the fresno area. this map shows the density of the attacks. >> it is random, again, we only have one person so far that has
3:15 am
been injured. >> reporter: police say there are two connected threats. the shootings happen near morning or evening rush hour and a dark-colored pickup with large tires. >> they hear a large bang from a vehicle going the opposite way. >> reporter: one female victim struck in the chest with shrapnel. authorities tell me it is pure luck no one has been killed so far. they aren't certain of the make and model of the vehicle they're looking fire much less the identity of the person driving it. matt gutman, los angeles. >> quite a mystery in california. coming up in the next half hour. we're putting on helmets and shoulder pads because tomorrow could be the busiest shopping day of the year. and if you've waited until now, don't worry. you have plenty of time. >> even i have to admit, that's not true anymore. but right after the break, the
3:16 am
blockbuster netflix film starring will smith and a colorful cast of characters next on "world news now." amope pedi perfect with diamond crystals. removes rough, hard skin... effortlessly... for touchably smooth feet. the perfect gift... for that special someone on your list.
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♪ uh, and ♪ here come the men in black ♪ men in black ♪ galaxy defenders >> i was going to go as men in black for the holidays. >> very original. were you going to wear the sunglasses? >> no. >> going all out. so will smith has a new movie that maybe you can dress up as next year. this might sound familiar. he plays the part of a crime fighting team with supernatural elements, but it's actually not "men in black", and tommy lee jones is sitting this one out.
3:19 am
>> as in the bad guys of "lord of the rings." and they're lapd cops. >> reporter: bright and big and bold and unlike anything you've ever seen. give me one word to describe the movie "bright." >> bizarre. >> twisted. training day meets "lord of the rings". >> reporter: when you go around talking about this movie, yes there are going to be faeries. >> imagine all the creatures coming forward into modern day. and now we're in modern day los angeles, but there's ork. >> i'm the first ork. >> reporter: i have to google ork. a mythical goblin creature. >> the first ork to be allowed on the pd is part of a training
3:20 am
program. >> reporter: we never see edgerton's face. his transformation takes three hours every day. he is touched by the film's message about the world we live in. >> in the movie, i'm a black police officer, but my character's racist against orks. sort of a flip of social hierarchy. >> it's a fairy tale that allows you to talk about stuff we don't like to talk or sometimes we don't talk about enough, in terms of how we treat other people in society. >> we just have to treat each other a little bit nicer. >> reporter: the film most expensive ever made by netflix cost $90 million to make. it maybe precedent setting in how we go to the movies. this could be the new way where you can watch it in the theater or from the kwfrt comfort of yo home. >> i remember when i went from "fresh prince of bel-air", the
3:21 am
weekend that "independence day" came out. that monday was the first time somebody called me mr. smith. >> reporter: you graduated. >> there's something about that silver screen that definitely does something to people. >> reporter: is the story about you and jay going on a cajun swamp tour true? >> yes, that's 100% true. >> he said what from we going to do? he said i got me a groupon to go on this tour. i was on the steering wheel like. >> i was just trying to get away and be free, and tip knows how to create skriechenvironments. >> reporter: thank you for joining our environment. >> can you imagine being on that tour? a swamp tour? >> i think we found our next assignment. >> would you like my to drive
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at the all-new ♪ time now for "the mix." and a new a cappella version of the "home alone" sound track is getting a lot of attention on youtube. but see if you notice something weird about the choir. they look a little bit alike to you? >> they've all got the same sweater. >> this is a project by music producer mike tompkins who dubbed about 50 versions of himself, so every vocal part you hear is him. and he produced the video in a way that he recreated himself over 50 different times, so yeah, feeling a little -- >> it's actually pretty cool. >> take that pitch perfect. so an ohio couple in the
3:26 am
meantime gave an interesting gift to teachers, to their kids' teachers. >> i now want to be a teacher. >> wine for christmas with homemade labels of their son's face, saying they needed something a little stronger than a mug for coffee. >> no apple this year. >> it was as a joke, but i'm thinking they're all saying thank you. >> no apples. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> let's polka. from christmas in new york's christmas village, we present "the mistletoes." ♪ politics and foreign wars ♪ all the weather, all the scores ♪ ♪ that's world news polka ♪ if you're an insomniac no ♪ and a good night's sleep you lack ♪ ♪ do the world news polka ♪ it's late at night note a ♪ and you're not wearing pants ♪ have some fun
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♪ every anchor guy and gal ♪ do the world news polka ♪ la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ do the world news polka ♪ ♪ we're just like santa's ltl elves, but we're not making toys ♪ ♪ we work all night to bring the news for all the girls and boys ♪ ♪ you'll have presents neath the tree ♪ ♪ if you turn on your tv ♪ do the world new the polka ♪ we're stuck here on the overnight ♪ ♪ but that's okay with us ♪ when he comes down that chimney ♪ ♪ we say hi to santa ♪ here's our christmas gift to you ♪ ♪ it's world news polka ♪ polka time, polka time ♪ polka all the way ♪
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this morning on "world news now," millions of people are on the move for the holidays.ear, passengers on one airline already dealing with some tense moments as their flight made an emergency landing. this as we track a storm system moving across the country. the u.n. general assembly has overwhelmingly defied the united se a warning from president trump. it condemned the president's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. see how the u.s. is responding. and there's a new warning from oprah. >> the media mogul has posted, warning viewers, someone is pretending to be her on social media and asking for money. she says the whole thing is a fraud. and if you can't make it to times square on new year's eve but still want an epic midnight moment. it's okay. a legendary rocker is here to rescue.
3:31 am
and he's here to help us feel it in the air. that's a little bit of a hint on this friday, december 22nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> feel the confetti in the air you think? >> feel the confetti in the air. >> or is this related to yesterday's frat party story, the booze in the air? happy new year! we're going to start this half hour with the rush to get away for a holiday destination before the weekend storm hits. >> aaa is expecting a record number of americans to be on the move between now and new year's day, more than 97 million on the road and another 51 million by plane. >> the good news, aaa does expect the roads to be less congested today than yesterday. but at airports, travelers are being told to brace for long backups and arrive two hours before a domestic flight. who does that? there were some nervous moments
3:32 am
for air travelers in texas. a united airlines flight carrying 80 made an emergency landing in college station shortly after taking off from houston. smoke had been reported on board the plane. everyone is okay. abc's david kerley has more on it is crunch time for christmas travelers. yesterday and today, friday, two of the busiest days for travelers trying to get home for the holidays. the weather is still kind of a threat over the next couple of days. the airlines watching it. they're not that worried. it is the sheer volume that worries them. there will be 20% more passengers at these screening points today and next tuesday. if thursday and friday are the busy get-out-of-town days, next tuesday, the busy day trying to get back. if you are traveling with presents, keep them unwrapped. don't forget there are new tsa procedures that you will be
3:33 am
asked potentially to take any electronic larger than a phone out of your bag. this is because tsa is worried about explosives being put into electronics by terrorists. that is a new procedure being phased in, but you may see it if you're going through tsa. always the best advice, pack your patience, but so far, everything going smoothly. >> hopefully it will stay that way. the weather will have an impact on the millions moving around the country over the next few days. >> snow. rain and icy conditions are either here or on the way. accuweather's melissa constanzer has more for us. >> good morning, diane, kendis. there are going to be big travel delays as we head into the holiday weekend. we're going to focus on new england. there could be icy accumulations, rain. freezing rain and sleet.
3:34 am
then into saturday, it's all about the rain. we're talking about heavy rain from nashville to boston. watch out for flooding on the roadwa the northwest. as we head to your sunday, watch out, there's a bit of snow pushing into the midwest. that could create some delays as well as some light patches of rain for the southeast. we turn to congress heading home for the holidays after passing a short-term bill avoid a government shutdown. the legislation will keep agencies running well into january and includes temporary funding for a children's health insurance program that millions of low-income children depend on. it sets the stage for battles on immigration and health care. democrats and republicans say they're up to the job. >> we're ready to work together across the aisle to ensure there is no lapse in funding for critical services.
3:35 am
>> we hope the future will be different and our republican friends realize their legislative and political goals are better served by bipartisanship and compromise, rather than gridlock and strife. >> they will have to iron out the issue of the d.r.e.a.m.ers. and there's the effort to shore up health insurance markets as well. there's also this. the massive emergency package will have to wait until next year. the house approved $81 billion aid for the victims of wildfires and the victims of the hurricanes that impacted the virgin islands, puerto rico and texas. now democrats are hoping to use this leverage. more than 120 countries stood up to president trump to denounce his decision recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. the u.n. vote followed a series of threats from the ambassador and the president himself. maggie rulli has more. >> reporter: in an emergency meeting of the general assembly.
3:36 am
countries overwhelmingly voted in favor of a non-binding resolution against the u.s.'s declaring jerusalem israel ales capital. >> this vote will be remembered. >> reporter: the lopsided 129-9 vote, a formal rejection of the trump administration's decision to move its embassy to jerusalem. >> while previous presidents have mor campaign promise, they failed to deliver. today i am delivering. >> reporter: backing the president, u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley threatened to cut off money from any countries who voted against the united states. >> the united states will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in the general assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation. >> reporter: many long-time allies like the uk and france parting ways with the u.s. and others like canada, australia and mexico were noticeably absent and abstained. the palestinians and their arab
3:37 am
and islamic supporters asked for the vote, saying the bullying and blackmail tactics would not be tolerated. >> we appreciate very much that the majority of the international community decided to stand shoulder to shoulder with wisdom and international law. >> reporter: israel joined the u.s. in voting against the measure. nikki haley says that america still recognizes jerusalem as its capital city and are planning to move the embassy to the holy city. >> still a controversial issue indeed. and a major legal victory for the president. a lawsuit that said he is violating the constitution by profiting from his businesses has been thrown out of court. the suit claimed the president's nd restaurants.ties with his n g but a federal judge here in new york threw the case out saying the watchdog group behind it
3:38 am
failed to show any suffering because of specific actions by the president. the group says it is considering its next steps. oprah winfrey says someone is attempting to be her on social media in an attempt to defraud her fans. in one scam, winfrey says one imposter is asking for money if you sign up for an own account. she says not to share your financial info with anyone claiming to be her. social media platforms are working to deactivate the fake accounts. now to australia and what could be perhaps the cutest road rage incident ever. down under, brawling in the middle of the road outside perth. the driver who shot this video from her car tried honki horn but they were not moving. >> she can also be heard on the video saying "come on, boys, how am i going to get to work"?
3:39 am
they eventually got out of the way. >> they are, i mean, i'm sure they're very angry right now. but it's really hard to see them that way, because they're so cute. >> why isn't somebody going in there to break it up. >> break it up, break it up! >> koalas have sharp nails. you should be careful. but i still want to hug them. >> this is why we can't have good things down under, fighting koalas. coming up, the time of year when everybody seems to be getting engaged and sharing their photos. these two are like that. and a special look at their wedding engagement photos ahead. plus, our stress-free guide to surviving one of the busiest shopping days of the year. first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by sandals. protection
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♪he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal.♪ ♪better find a way to smooth things over.♪ ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry. ♪he would be a less wrinkly, and winning at life.♪ some good news about southern california's wildfires. authorities have canceled all significant evacuation orders in santa barbara county. some of those orders are still in place next door in ventura county. the thomas fire considered 65% contained, it has burned 425,000
3:43 am
-- 425 square miles in two weeks. we've been reporting on the lines for holiday shoppers. if you've been ignoring us till now, it is time to listen. >> you need a game plan. and if you've already done your shopping -- >> bragger. >> why not reward yourself with these deals. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: some hope for holiday procrastinators waiting to get last-minute gifts under the tree. >> it's almost christmas, dad. >> reporr: with christmas just four days away, the window for delivery is closing. but there's still time for deals. shop on amazon until 9:30 a.m. on christmas eve for same-day delivery in some cities. we spotted this x box for $80 off. this coffee maker 50% off, and this echo dot, a 40% discount. you can always go to your big
3:44 am
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3:45 am
it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together.
3:46 am
♪ i can feel it coming in the air tonight ♪ ♪ oh, lord >> so, as phil collins reminds us, christmas is acomin'.
3:47 am
but right after that, of course, is new year's eve. >> that's right. and a legendary drummer/singer is giving us precise instructions on how to have an epic moment at midnight. >> okay. so here are your ingredients. bubbly, this song "in the air tonight" by phil collins, and a set of air drumsticks for your air drums. we'll let mike tyson demonstrate. >> mike tyson? >> sh, this is my favorite part coming up right now. ♪ ♪ i can feel it comin' in the air tonight ♪ >> i love it so much. by the way, could anyone hear that part of that song and not play the air drums? >> oh, my gosh, yes. >> if you want to ring in the new year just like iron mike, phil collins is sharing the secret. he tweets -- everybody write this down. if you play "in the air tonight"
3:48 am
by phil collins at 11:56:40, the drums will play. right as the clock strikes midnight. start out your new year right. >> you must be precise. start the song there, and if you remember what you started at midnight you'll get the drum. >> here's the thing. what does the song "in the air tonight" have to do with new year's eve? >> absolutely nothing. but it has -- >> we have no idea why phil collins is sharing this information. but we do know we love the drum solo. >> i love that we kept that clip from "the hangover" where mike tyson starts beating them up. >> shall we give it a shot, you think? >> should. ♪ ♪ i can feel it comin' >> i missed the cue. i feel like i made up for it in the end. >> i think you were a little off-key. >> with my air drums?
3:49 am
>> we need a little analysis. >> you both were pretty spot on. we got to do that on new years eve though. >> it reminds me of the time we were so excited to see phil collins, way, way, way down during the u.s. open. >> yeah. >> that we documented the whole thing to show little phil collins all the way down there. >> that oscar winner susan sarandon was sitting behind us the whole time. >> we were too busy going do, do, do, do, do, do! former baseball star daniel strawberry is out with revelations about his time in the big leagues. >> he has a new ministry. helping people fix their lives in the way he has fixed his. he's talked about his battle with addiction, but he got very perm on dr. oz talking about battling sex addiction. >> he revealed he was so addicted he would have sex during games, in between
3:50 am
innings. he says that his teammates covered for him. he'd pick out women in the stands and have stadium attendants talk to them for him, meet them in the clubhouse. he says he's fully focussed on helping others. >> wow. >> wow. moving on to meghan markle and prince harry. >> yes, they are in love and photogenic. they just released their official engagement portraits. and you can see them getting cozy on the grounds of winorle.h an is wearing is a one of a kind that costs is ge spend christmas with the queen. attention for that, because she will be the first royal fiance . and there is the queen. train with prince phillip along with other commut.
3:51 am
that's a thing for her. she likes to take the train. she does have her own car to herself by the way, in case you're thinking what a commoner. >> you're not going to fall asleep next to her and drool on her shoulder? >> no. >> we can always dream. jennifer lopez is getting into the christmas spirit. she posted a video of her and her enormous christmas tree. she's also rocking s boots in the whole thing. maybe an early christmas gift. one of the reasons that maybe she's so happy and in the spirit is because, well, a-rod, reportedly might propose over the holiday. >> he already bought himself a tmz reportpresent. million gulf stream jet that can seat 14 and fly overseas. >> not too bad. that and a ring. >> a ring might come? >> quite an expensive holiday. >> i'm going to call lynda and
3:52 am
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even those that may cause coughs. lysol. what it takes to protect. ♪ just one week left in 2017 now. but before we can get all sentimental to recap the year we have a busy week to reflect on. >> yes, from the outrage spurred by the airport blackout to the war on christmas right here in tv 3, it's all on our friday rewind. >> we're going to start off with that amtrak derailment. >> three are dead and dozens injured after the nearly the entire train derailed. >> it felt like the end of the world, like we just came out of a, i don't know, a nuclear bunker. >> they are focussing on the speed of this train as one of the focuses of the investigation, saying it was
3:56 am
going 80 miles per hour in a 30-mile-per-hour zone. >> we have new developments in the deadly tour bus crash in mexico. several americans are among the dead. the american tourists dead now stands at eight. >> there were a lot of dead people. >> many of them passengers on board the "celebrity equinox" ship that left from right here in miami. >> terrifying attack. a driver in a suv plowing into a crowd of christmas shoppers in australia, injuring more than a dozen. witnesses saying they thought a bomb went off. >> at this time it is a deliberate act, however, we do not know the motivation. >> turning now to the sweeping tax overhaul, poised to reform the tax code for the first time in decades. >> it lowers the tax on business from 35% to 21%. that's probably the biggest factor in this plan. we've become competitive all over the world.
3:57 am
>> travelers trapped a world's busiest airport. >> it's a nightmare. >> a massive power outage bringing hartsfield-jackson airport to a stand still. >> the lights flickered once. it was really scary. >> georgia power apologizing for the fire which they say started in a service tunnel. >> in london, they have created the rage room. >> ooh. >> if you despise christmas this is the room for you. you can go into a room, pay and beat the living crap out of a christmas tree. >> it's only supposed to happen. >> only in that room? it's been staring at me so long. i'm sick of that damn tree. >> i am in the spirit. >> the tree with stood your attack. >> amazingly. not a single ornament dropped from that tree when i tried to attack it. >> so why are you a grinch? do you want to share with the class? >> i love ri
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, record traffic could lead to record headaches for the big holiday getaway. >> this is crazy. kids are out of school. >> we heard the weather was terrible. they're talking about ice. >> what's different on the roads and at the airports this year including a change in airport security that could save you some time. plus, where rain and snow will be delaying travel plans. shutdown averted. >> the motion is adopted. ess m decisions affecting everything from disaster relief funding and children's health insurance and a surprising new figure on obamacare. what the ceo was calling about the contestants on miss america and calling on him


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