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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 30, 2017 6:30pm-6:57pm EST

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tonight, the new year's deep freeze. america in the grip of an arctic blast of life-threatening cold and snow coast to coast. and the deadly menace on the any relief? holiday on alert. vigilance in times square and at other new year'slebrations. force both seen and behind the scenes. swatting death. >> show your hands! >> police responding to what they thought was a violent domestic assault, killing an unarmed and innocent man. that call was a prank. the alleged caller arrested more than 1,000 miles away. cutting edge clue. the break in a cold case. the suspect of a brutal usedbrough hft peckpot ripoff?dna he
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good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm dan harris in for tom tonight, and we begin wi unpleasant cold.e ermo as the ticking down tonight, more than 200 million americans dealing with an arcticblast. winter weather alert ro even into the deep south. snow andngerous travel. trucks and cars skidding off the road here ok at the could be at their worst just as the new year 11 in dallas. timn sar >> reporter: record cold temperatures sweeping the country tonight, bringing a freezing end to 2017. >> yep, it's cold. for sure. >> it's bitter cold.indchill alerts at fresh on the heels of a frigid ekor tw fataf poteens here roads temperatures, snow. in buffalo where they should be used to n a long time. >> reporter: erie, pennsylvania seeingni teling >>here's rigeporter:diis terponding four crashes i u an hour. >> it's pretty hectice. >> "it's pretty hectic out here. there roads are prettye. there'h l
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over the s live from a cold w to get worse? rep to get even record lows to be shatteday,bring in our meteorologistfitzgibbon of our bostonuare tonight with the new year's forecast. cindy? dan. it smes square earlier today, and ay as that mov much of the country as we wrap up 2017. take a look at how it's going to feel tomorrow. windchills in chicago, they stay below zero all day long, and in new york city,her than the single d as tht, the dangerous in the midwest. feeling 26 degrees below zero. into the deep south. just 11 in dallas. that's what it's going to feel like to ring in thento the first week of the new year, it looks like this dongeus cold is stickinverybody wants to here i'm sure. thank you.d adding another degree of difficultyn already challenge here in new york city tomorrow night. the new york city firefighter will be on the scene providing medical support to anybody overcome by the elements and abc's marcus moore is also in times square tonight. >> reporter: an unprecedented
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security effort taking shape, tonight at the crossroads of the world -- barr and police officers with a watchful eye at neaof uniforthe checkpoints. >>hotel and strant gue time squar sniffinameras, and police officers in subways and in the ready to security everywhere. >> reporter: be weather those bone chilling teates h's nf "extreme temperatures" in new hothermal camera we see just how important it is to keep that all imped and orange co capturing heat escaping. with windchills during the ball drop expec single digits, officials brafor the possibility of medical emergeoo live we know authoritout folks getting frostbite tomorrow night. what is the plan for people who get sick? >> reporter: dan, we're t people -o could be exposed to the ele tomorrow in times square. will be in place, as well as emergency lanes to move people thebarricades in times square. stow mu ic apranor cost an here's abc erile reshef. inno gun ancer in all part of what authorities are calling a deadly case of swatting. >> last evening's officer-involved shooting is a tragic and senseless act. >> reporter: 25-year-old tyler in california believed by police to be cryptic voice in this bogus 911 call. >> iho r: barris allegedly ng
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describing a sinister plan -- >> i already poured ga h >> rorter: poladdrcing to an pvided. wh ofy 28-year-old andrew finch was standing at the screen door. rolling asded fi race hisarms. at first he complies but then opthe ma waistband, fired one r striking the male. >> unarmed. >> i want answers. i want answers. >> reporter: now wichita police and the fbi investigating wh the fateful prank call that was made after a fight between online gamers that authorities say may have had y feeling for his family, and erielle joins us we're learning that the suspect here in this case has been accused of this crime before? >> police are telling us this is the same suspect who served threats to ourheld on a fugitive warrant. >>.w to ari > we turn no crime rocking a small city in upstate neor wassk bodies 5 years old tonight. who suspects have been charged tonight. them knew one of the victims
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but they have not said what allegedly triggered the violence. to politics and he is the young man whose name many of us never heard before.geop nored, hotf the russia inveigt, report ashere's abc's david wright. >> repon authorities may emptveir learnein the 2016 election. reportedly because of what a adviser this london may of 2016.york times," trump advi australia'the ukt russia had political dirt on hillary clinton.tht tip on to u.s. thorities. according to the paper, that wlater, ils stted inline. part of the tritand policy team seen here at a meeting with candiicture ing at the time. but disavowed . much about that meeting. it was a very unimportant meet >> reporter:w people knew ntoven to be a but pate top f thcampgn. >> as far as i know, absolutely, yes. and k ane blessing of the >> reporter: ton president'laer decto comment to abc news about "the times" story, out of respect for the special counsel and his process. >> david wright joins us now from florida. part of the significance of the story in "the what exactly ke this russia investigatio it's true.
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>> reporter: exactly so, dan. assuming this story checks out, n july of 20n, nota result ed former britishpyndocrats ted foreign >>k yo d ofuthorized is weighing in. demonstrators in several cities, protesting the economy and government corruption. some even blasting the country's supreme religious leader. president trump tweeting in support of the protesters twice today saying opressive regimes cannot endure forever, and, the world is watching. ow to casetaed a woman was to death. the case unsolved for more than a year. ce employed a tactic called familg. here's abc's m >> reporter: after more than a year and a half of painstakingly trying to figure out who brutally murdered natliya shal on 2016, a suspect is bars. tracked down police sa
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controversial ty >> this is pretty rare. r: police say the killer's dna was found at shal's in baytown texas where was no match in the st "familial" testifenders.hem to an inmate whose ame the prime suspect. ectives were able n of29-year-old byins of baytown. then using dna from adedwere able to linkime scith caer. testomis only used in an invasion of privacy. but it h p serial killer known as "gr ss texas, a the dueling lotte drawing. combined with tonight's powerball jackfoth oter: lotto winner, mandysas officials after claiming this us oworkersansas'noalofto give out tickets d e told us etween us for a chri>> repmom of five, saw this photo of er d the backinhegh and llion ov tig lotto colr is tonight --n. dyut herrepeatedly but those calls went swered, dan. >> gloria, thank you. we will be watching that drawing tonight. on "world news tonight" this saturday, you will not h your nphrise move by apple today. t you goss. the gift cars back on the court. hoinng a baby just months ago. keep it here.lly know anything about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first.way.hint that is connected to each person in your family my ten times
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this generike dav of thosn w started, and sure i ndahfor these ars. >> >> great man. thank you for watching tonight. i'll see you tomorrow morning on "gma." tom is back here tomorrow. again, thanks for watching. good night. good night. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! amazing produce prices. only at giant.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee. tonight on fyi philly. >> cheers. >> we say farewell to an unforgettable year. >> year in review >> revisiting popular new places we found in 20-17. >> blooper >> enjoying amusing moments behind the scenes.t giving back is a great new year's resolution. >> we're bringing in 20-18 with a bang. >> hello and welcome to fyi philly. we are on top of philadelphia
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ne observation deck. it's beautiful and they are getting ready for their firstyear's eve bas >> the group that owns popular spots u-bahn bru and uptown beer garden are throwing a new year's party here. >> so you know they're going to have great food great drinks and the amazing views of the entire city. >> bu
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