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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 1, 2018 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the arctic cold did not stop the annual mummers parade from stepping off as planned on this new year's day. thousands of performers dressed in colorful costumes marched and performed through philadelphia to entertain the crowds who bundled up to continue with tradition, all of this despite being in a deep freeze. it is monday, new year's day. brian taff is off on assignment. rick joins us today. the big story is our accuweather alert. we're starting off the new year with frigid conditions. >> that's right. happy new year right. temperatures are in the teens and it's feeling like single digits but people who take part in new year's day traditions like the mummers parade said they weren't letting the cold get in their
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way. action cam let up with a group braving the cold at the philadelphia museum of art the philadelphia chapter of black men run made up of about 25 cele last day of kwanzaa. they went on a 5-mile trek from the art museum to the african-american museum and back. and to get through it, they tried to trick themselves they say. >> it's warm . >> [laughter] today is a nice miami morning, you know. [laughter] created to promote health and wellness through running. i've heard rick they would love for you to join. anyone is welcome to join. they and usually meet wednesday nights at 7 o'clock at the art museum. the new year's day typically starts at 8:00 a.m. but because of the start time they moved the start tomorrow 2:10 a.m. even at 10:00 a.m. it was still only about 15 degrees. >> if i hadn't pulled a muscle i would probably be out there 'cause in the cold weather those things can ramp up.
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>> i went running today but i looked like the michelin man running. i had like five layers on. bundle up of course because today was riddick usually cold and believe it or not it gets even colder by the end of the week. if you look at these numbers though, philadelphia currently 19 degrees. atlantic city airport little bit warmer, 21 degrees and wilmington but then you factor in the winds and wind chills are generally in the single digits. wilmington right now it feels like 10 and it's one of those days where it was just cold all day long as we welcomed in 2018. at midnight this was the temperature. it was 11 degrees. but that wind chill 1 degree below zero. this morning at 8 o'clock we reached a low of six. that's only 2 degrees shy of a record low but the wind chill five below and our high this afternoon second day in a row the high only 20 degrees but that wind chill 8 degrees. and this was the third coldest new year's day on record. the coldest was 16 back in
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1918. the second coldest back in 1899, 19 degrees and even colder air is waiting in the wings. future tracker showing tomorrow morning as a lot of kids head back to school, people head back to work, wind chills will be below zero and kind of to add to the flavor of this week i am tracking a nor'easter developing by the middle of the week. i'll talk more about that and talk about the near record cold behind that system coming up in the full accuweather forecast. we're just starting. back to you, sharrie. >> all right, cecily, thank you. back now to the mummers parade. it's been a tradition in the city since 1901. it's the longest running folk parade in the country full of energy and excitement. >> ♪ well, this is the fralinger's string band and their theme this year is the movies the the mummers are comprised of groups there have
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different divisions and each group is a mix of family and friends that have been doing this for years and they spend all year getting ready for their routines. >> you guys having fun? >> absolutely. happy new year everybody. >> i love it. >> i wouldn't miss it. >> well, the fancy brigades performed their intense -- intensely choreographed routines at the indoor finale show. that's tonight the pennsylvania convention center. >> if you were at the parade today the frigid conditions were brutal but the cold situation is much worse for people who live in one northeast philadelphia apartment building. they have no power so they obviously have no heat in their homes. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live along aston road with the latest on this dangerous situation for the residents there, chad. >> reporter: yeah, rick, peco crews have been busy throughout the afternoon trying to get power restored here at the victoria woods apartment. i'm told here within the last couple of minutes, power
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getting restored but it's been a long 16 hours out here for those without heat. underground transformer dug up around 1 o'clock this afternoon nearly 12 hours after it blew and knocked out power to roughly two dozen apartments at victoria woods in northeast philadelphia. mark weaver arrived home shortly after the power went out. >> it got colder and colder as the night progressed but we had comforters and her jacket and my jacket and everything so we roughed it out. it worked out. >> reporter: initially others had no idea their apartments lost power. how did you stay warm overnight. >> we didn't realize the power went out at night reporter: youn know. >> no. and then it started getting colder and everything stopped working and then we realized as the day progressed and repairs dragged on we'ver and the sunnies decided it was leave. >> cold.
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unbearable. >> reporter: you can't stay in there any longer. >> no. >> reporter: where are you headed. >> to the mall. >> reporter: stay warm there. >> yeah. >> reporter: overnight a septa bus was brought to the scene to serve as a warming station. the apartment complex also suffered a broken water main but management says no units have lost water. and most residents are staying with friends and family until power is restored. again, many of those people who did lose power, they have left the facility we're happy to report, though, here in the last five minutes, though, peco crews have restored power and the heat is now back on. i'm live in northeast philadelphia chad pradelli channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> all right, some good news for those families. chad, thank you. police have identified the victim in a fatal new year's eve shooting in camden. 28-year-old joshua hernandez was found inside his vehicle along the 600 block of woodlynne avenue. authorities say he was shot several times. hernandez was taken to cooper university hospital where he later died. no arrests have been made as of yet.
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well, police have not yet said what caused a multi vehicle accident along the roosevelt boulevard early this morning. this happened around 4:00 a.m. near the wissahickon avenue exit. one driver lost control, flipping the car onto its roof. the accident caused backups along a stretch of the boulevard there. no word on the conditions of the drivers. >> firefighters in cumberland county rescued a man trapped inside his burning home last night. it happened on the 1700 block of east broad street in millville around 8:30. flames could be seen shooting from a first floor window. the other residents inside managed to get out safely. firefighters also rescued two dogs. they were shaken but otherwise okay. it's not yet known what caused the blaze. >> ♪ >> we are following some breaking news on this new year's day out of abington where firefighters are on the scene of a house fire trying to get this fire under control. it broke out just about 15 minutes or so along the 2200 block of pleasant avenue.
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heavy smoke as you can see still billowing from this home as firefighters work to try to get this out. this is a two-story home. no report of any injuries at this time. but again, this is an in abington montgomery county where firefighters are on the scene of this hours fire on the 2200 block of pleasant avenue. we see fire now showing there on the bottom of the screen as they continue to try and get this fire out. if we get any more updates on this we'll give you an update during this newscast. >> much more still ahead on "action news" at 4:00. there's an ice cream shop in pennsylvania serving up an oddly flavored treat this new year. find out how they came up with the sauerkraut idea. >> oh, boy. and meteorologist cecily tynan will be back with that full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 this short edition continues on new year's day. >> okay. >> ♪
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are drinking too much. and it's especially true among women and older adults. experts say it's part of a trend they've been seeing for 20 years. women absorb alcohol faster into the bloodstream so they can fall into abuse more easily. >> women have been more susceptible to engaging in more binge drinking, more high risk drinking and we've seen higher rates of alcoholism in the women in the u.s. as well. >> the national survey shows more older americans than ever are also engaging in high risk drinking behaviors. coupled with their chronic medical problems and multiple medications and it could pose a real danger to their health. >> well, some people decided to skip the parties last night and get 2018 off to a healthy start. the action cam was at planet fitness along the wilmington riverfront. we found several early risers on the treadmills and hitting the weights. some say this is part of their usual routine while others have made resolutions to start
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eating better and exercising in the new year. >> at first it's the dieting and keeping cardio in place but, yeah, absolutely i think i can stick with it its a uphill battle but i'm back on the wagon. >> no matter what your resolution is experts say taking small steps toward it will help you achieve your goal. >> ♪ >> all right, time now for big talkers and we start in south jersey where "action news" was at a new year's party when a surprise marriage proposal happened right before our camera. >> i love you baby. will you marry me. >> of course. [cheers and applause] >> she said yes. yes. >> congratulations. rick and jessica. >> congratulations. the proposal was just after midnight at adelphia restaurant and bar in deptford. bob pantano mr. saturday night helped with the big moment. congratulations to chris and jessica on their future and married life together. on new year's day many people enjoy a pork and
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sauerkraut dinner. tradition says it will bring you luck all year long but how about trying sauerkraut ice cream? >> ooh. >> in harrisburg pennsylvania urban churn tried to put a sweet spin on the traditional meal. it's known for its off the wall flavors so this was i see easy to create they say. >> vinegar and dairy gives it a buttermilk taste to it and we put some of the sauerkraut pieces throughout so you still get that sweet-salty creamy with a little bit of bitterness to it. >> well, they've been serving up the whacky flavor for a few weeks. people were surprised when they gave it a taste. it must have been a good thing because the ice cream sold out. would you try that. >> no thank you. but it seems popular for some reason. >> i would just drown in it hot fudge. >> up next, we check that frigid forecast on this new year's day. >> looking outside sky6 hd taking a look at the ben franklin bridge as the sun begins to set on this monday
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night. meteorologist cecily tynan is back with your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when we come right back. >> ♪ ,000 in america last year.
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for $34.90 more per month. >> ♪ >> are you kidding? the air was well below freezing, the ocean temperature a frigid 32 degrees but that didn't stop these folks from taking the polar bear plunge. this is a tradition in atlantic city on new year's day. it's a lot of crazy fun but also it's for a really good cause. >> happy new year. >> it was absolutely wonderful. best way to start the year off. >> off my bucket list, off my bucket list. >> participants raised money for the multiple sclerosis association of america and this was the 27th year for the plunge. >> wow. you have to applaud them. >> they're brave. >> a good cause. >> you probably could have raised more money if you have a hot tub sitting there.
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>> you probably could sell tickets. >> $10 to get in the hot tub. [laughter] >> probably raise a million dollars. >> on a day like this that's for sure. we got even colder air on the way by the end of the week and i'm tracking a nor'easter developing on thursday. >> our, wow. >> i'm just full of good news today. cooper river park where these guys, they want to go ahead and fly south for the winter. what are they waiting for? you can see that waterways are freezing over and we're live on sky6 right now taking a look at spring mountain and even the ski resorts on this new year's day not all that crowded. thanks to the fact that it's just so darn cold. part of the reason why, of course, the winds. right now winds at 60 miles an hour in philadelphia, 10 in allentown, trenton 13, cape may 12. temperatures are in the teens, our high today 20 20 if philadelphia but you factor in those winds and these really are the numbers you have to look at, the wind chill. feels like four in
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philadelphia, six in allentown, five in pomona and 10 degrees in wilmington but we have dry conditions. satellite6 along with action radar showing bright sunshine today. high pressure is building and just a little bit of some cloud cover trying to work in from the north and west and really dissipating with the dry air at the surface and that means tonight we've got clear skies, a moonlit sky overnight low six in the cooler suburbs, about 11 for center city but we still have a bit of a breeze all night. so, wind chills zero to 5 degrees below zero. not quite as harsh as last night but certainly very cool and with clear skies, great viewing for the supermoon tonight. the first of two actually this month. we have another one january 31st but this will be the biggest and the brightest and with the snow cover on the ground, it will be reply flecting the moonlight so it's going to be a very bright night. now, tomorrow still a very cold day. everything's relative though. wind chills today stuck in the
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single digits. tomorrow wind chills will be in the teens so it won't be quite as harsh as today but temps still below freezing and then thursday i'm tracking a nor'easter developing. the big question is where does it track? it's going to be a big storm, a strong storm but if it tracks farther out to sea, it won't have a big impact but one track brings it right along the coast, kind of hugging the coast. if this happens, we would be looking at several inches of accumulating snow. track number two, though, would just really brush the shore with some light snow. at this point too early to tell exactly where it will be tracking but it's something i'll definitely keep you posted on because it could have a big impact on our region. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow lots of sunshine. still a bitter breeze. the high 26. wednesday partly sunny, 31 degrees. thursday have this as an accuweather alert day due to a potential for a nor'easter 27 degrees and no matter what happens on thursday, it opens the door for even colder air friday and saturday.
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the high friday only 16. saturday 15 degrees and look at those lows. the record lows for both those nights 4 degrees. so we're looking at near record cold. could be tying a record saturday morning. sunday into the quite as brutal 23 degrees and monday finally above freezing for the first time in two weeks. 36 degrees. but that also comes with a chance of some snow or a wintry mix. of course all eyes on thursday, again, the at a, is up in the air, something i'll keep you posted on. >> i know you want a lot of snow. >> oh, yeah, i can't wait. >> only at rick's house. right at your house. >> all right, cecily, thank you. well, he's a new bachelor but he isn't so new to bachelor nation. you'll remember ari fell in love with emily maynard on the bachelorette but had his heartbroken. years later the now 36-year-old former race car driver is ready to find love again. there are 29 women this season and we already know ari falls in love with not one but two
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of them. >> oh, boy. >> i didn't know i was really capable of having some feeling of being in love with more than one person but that happens and the end was really difficult for me. >> there it is. he's spilling the beans and ari also revealed that he broke the one rule that he had set for himself. he kissed someone on the first night. >> no. >> what? >> shocking. and ari's new journey for love begins tonight. watch the season premiere of the bachelor starting at 8:00 p.m. only here on 6abc. "action news" at 4:00 will be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> it is a frigid start to 2018 but tradition carries on despite temperatures in the teens. loyal mummers fans grab their warm winter gear and withstood the freezing cold to welcome in the new year. >> monday night, the big story on "action news" is one of the coldest new year's on record. temperatures have been stuck below freezing for nearly a week and of course it shows.
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check it out. the schuylkill river now covered in a sheet of ice on day six of this deep freeze. let's get latest from meteorologist cecily tynan joining us from the "action news" big board tonight. happy new year cecily. >> you too monica and rick. and today's high only 20 degrees, that's 21 degrees below normal. making this the third coldest new year's day on record. the coldest was 16 way back in 1918 and as we were ringing in the new year at midnight it was 11 degrees. that wind chill 1 degree below zero. our morning low 6 degrees. that's only 2 degrees above our record low for this date. the wind chill at the time at five below and today again the high only 20. the highest wind chill in philadelphia, though, 8 degrees and we are not alone. if you look at the wind chill map across the nation, there is a broad area of arctic high pressure across the midwest. so, what this means is that it feels below freezing as far south as jacksonville, even dallas the wind chill currently 22. the wind chill in bismarck, north dakota 15 degrees below
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