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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 4, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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sometimes the moments before you scratch are as exciting as the moments you do. keep on scratchin'! 5:00 a.m., thursday, january 4. here's what we're following. >> we have an accuweather alert parts of the area are under a blizzard warning. snow is falling across the region and some road surfaces are already covered. >> we have team coverage for
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you, john rawlins is along the jersey shore. jeanette reyes is inland in new jersey. jeff chirico is in delaware and wendy saltzman is standing by in philadelphia. >> philadelphia and afternoon die so -- diocesan schools are closed today. many schools delayed. >> my phone just went off, my kids are off school. to a surface.all day and go home let's go over to karen rogers and david murphy for weather and traffic. >> reporter: a snow day. >> reporter: after 7:00 a.m. or so, it's going to fill in it is happening closer to the coast. closer to the coast, we have a blizzard warning in coastal counties in new jersey and delaware. snow will be heavier here and
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looking at strong blustery winds creating white out at times. there significant snow and drifting. a winter weather advisory in the northern and western suburbs, it will not be as bad, but slick conditions with lighter snow. you can see the banding coming in off the ocean. fighting dry air, but the dry air over the neck severalhe hours. despite the heavy have banged coming across the region even in spots where you don't see the active snow there's drifting flurries and snowflakes being blown around and we have snow coverage on some roads. take it early, keep in mind it will get worse over the next several hours. future tracker 6 shows you between now and 9:00 we're expecting the snow to fill in and wrap in looks like there be a sharp cut off near allentown
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and reading, the heavier stuff through philadelphia and heavier down the shore that will continue in the early afternoon hours. cold air in place, looks like we'll be stuck in the mid 20s, snow tapering off by 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. winds gusting 4045 miles per hour in the central portion of the region that will keep windchills in the single digits and gusts higher at the shore. i'll let you see how it wraps out of here on tracker 6. expecting snowfall totals that's just ahead. what are you seeing on roads? >> reporter: we're seeing the blowing snow and visibility especially along the shore. this is the garden state park at the great egg toll plaza. you can see the light snow blowing out out there. it's blowing across the road, and covering it. we have plow trucks and salt trucks out there, but with it
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constantly coming down there's snow on the ground again. watch for the blowing snow out here, the roads way covered on the parkway. they have 45-mile an hour speed restrictions because of that. we have a huge accident in salem county. it's a big issue. i want to show you this, the action cam was on the scene. look at the number of emergency workers. look at the road conditions. jackknife trailer caught the woods on fire, the house caught on fire. this happened on 295. the snow is coming down in the overnight hours, still the case right now. intermittently letting traffic get by 295 southbound near 48. stick to the turnpike instead that has 45-mile an hour speed restrictions. this is delaware county, hard to see the road, because we're looking through the tree. we have ann accident involving a jackknife truck causing
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restrictions emergency workers on scene i-95 southbound in delaware county. a lot of problems, matt. >> you mentioned how bad it will be at the jersey shore, it seems like every time we take a live picture, it looks worse. this is live look mobile 6 going through margate. looks like ocean drive right there. looks like it's windy already and the snow is covering the roads. you can't see any pavement whatever is. john rawlins is live in somers point, new jersey with a look at the live conditions there, john. >> reporter: the headline conditions down here is the wind. at 2:00 a.m., it was a gentle breeze. it has picked up significantly in the last hour or so or last 30 minutes to the point it gusts and rocks the "action news" van, i don't know what speed that would be, but it seems significant at times.
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this is route 9 behind me. the other thing to judge is the snowfall activity. i think a lot of snow is being blown around by the wind. ute 9 on the right-hand side the southbound lanes, a plow train came through in the last ten, 15 minutes, the northbound side which would be the left side of the picture has not been plowed. you come ski quite a bit more snow accumulating on that portion of the roadway. at this point it just to snow andon blow, live in somers point, john rawlins channel 6 "action news." back to you guys. >> let's get a closer look at the snowfall inland new jersey, jeanette reyes live at farley plaza in hammonton atlantic county. >> reporter: good morning, tam, my photographer said a few mojts ago, the wind is not so bad, but it just picked up, so we'll i
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try not to say that. the cold temperatures a problem this morning. take a live look here, the plow trucks at work it's kind of a game of catch up as soon as they one pass through, the snowflakes fall, this will be going on in terms of the snowfall for the next several hours. if you're looking at the video you can see the wind blowing the snowflakes all around creating the whiteout conditions, imagine on the roads, if you have to travel today keep in mind that you're probably going to have to drive a little slower than you normally do, because of the slick conditions and whiteout conditions. the only people i think that might be celebrating this morning are the kids. there will be a school closures because of all this. i know we're cruised to dealing with the snow -- we're used to
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dealing with the snow in the region, today it will be a combination ever things that make it treacherous as you head out this morning. the best advice is don't if you don't have to, and if you do, give yourself extra time. >> let's look at the state of delaware, jeff chirico is live at a service plaza along i-95 new newark. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: good morning, matt, things are better here than in new jersey, there are flurries falling and strong winds, as well. conditions have been improved and deldot crews waiting and monitoring the situation. the trucks are filled with assault. they say they have done everything they can at this point, they are taking a break and watching the situation here at the service plaza off of i-95. meanwhile, officials with the christiana school district will make a decision this hour is to whether or not they will stick with the two hour delay or close schools. also i checked with the folks at
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the new castle county 911 center, they tell us there are no major issues as the supervise r tells me things are quiet that's good news in a winter storm warning. that's the big question we're sitting and waiting to have an answer for right now. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> let's turn to david murphy it is now upon us, what can you tell us what to expect through the morning. >> reporter: first snowflakes came in on schedule in the overnight hours. we're looking at dry air that's limiting the beginning of the snow, some of the roads are still on the slick side. from what you can see what is falling across the immediate region is in the lighter shades of gray. i'll take you to the surface level, the significant snow is along south jersey garden state parkway, it's filling in in south jersey and getting into philadelphia shortly.
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another band that came through earlier that put down the coverage on the ground even in areas where you see green. this will fill in and become more intense over the next several hours. sky6 live hd showing the road crews are staying in the game nicely on i-95. some of the side streets off the highway there are black tire tracks in the snow and the bridge going across i-95 snow-covered. that's what you got stepping outside right now. 25 in allentown. 26 in reading. again, in a lot of suburbs you'll see snow coverage on roads that have not been treated. 25 in millville. 9 in cape may. we're looking at the snow intensifying a bit. there could be a sharp cut off to the west around allentown and reading we'll monitor that, the closer it is to philadelphia, the more it will snow, down the shore the heavier stuff will
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fall. you can see the darker shades on the map here indicating that. as we go through noon, north and west, philadelphia have the bulk of it in. in the afternoon we see the snow lighten up and pull off to the east. as we look at snowfall amounts out west after that cut off maybe a dusting in spots, perhaps some of you get an inch. anywhere from one to three, philadelphia in the 3 to 6-inch range with 6 to 10 inches possible in the coastal counties. down here you have a blizzard warning, not only will you have a lot of snow, but visibility will be a quarter mile. the gusts 50 to 55 miles per hour. inland, 45 to 50 in south jersey, 40 to 450 for the rest of us, that means whatever snow does fall could blow around.
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blizzard conditions down the shore is what you will have. you only need a wind gust of 5 miles per hour to acheesh -- achieve bluster conditions. possible flooding conditions down the shore. we'll have 5-mile an hour gusts in falling or blowing snow that's what we expect down the shore at times today. in the lehigh valley, lighter snow, blustery and slippery, 28 degrees the high there. down the sre, heavy 29 degrees there. in philadelphia, 26 today, a snowy start with the snow tapering off in the afternoon, but blowing around in the strong wind gusts that will work through the region in the afternoon and night. tonight windy and bitter, 11 is the overnight low in philadelphia. we have arctic air coming in over the next couple of days. the coldest so far this season we'll show you this in the seven
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day. today, 26, snow tapering off this afternoon. we'll have significant amounts on the ground and some of it with it will be blowing around later. janine ackerman -- accuweather alert, friday, 17. saturday, 18, sunday, 20 degrees, monday, 38. tuesday, 41. >> our snow coverage continues. >> live look in hammonton, new jersey, up in the skies, seeing the snow flurries fly to the ground. karen. >> reporter: blowing all over, too, here's a look at new castle county, route 1 by the christiana mall. look at the snow covering the roads, you can see tire marks here and there. be careful as you head out. we'll show you more snow-covered
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roads coming up next.
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like it rained here, but it is so cold all across the region. taking a look at mobile 6, benjamin franklin parkway flags blowing in the wind, 25 de i philadelphia. >> you know, karen on the way, i had times you take the curve it's already, you do a little fishtailing, if you don't have to go out you don't have to. >> reporter: you were speeding, let's put it out there, tam, i
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came from new jersey, i didn't fishtail. it's good advice, don't drive like tam, take it easy. 347, cape may county, the road is snow covered. you can see the tire tam must be speeding bye lipping and sliding a little bit. you can see the snow coming down at times blowing creating problems,ertainly the worst of it along the coastnesno see the road in that shot. they have been out there salting the road, 295 southbound past route 48 a jack knifed tractor-trailer, stick to the new jersey turnpike instead. 're seeing speeds 59 miles per hour even though the speed limit is 45. no everybody is slowing itt down, but you should. south of 420 in delaware county on i-95.
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flashing lightsency workers on the streen involving a jack -- on the scene involving a jackknifed truck. near 420, dealing with delays south of the airport. the speeds are in good shape, but a handful of problems we've seen. the boulevard extension southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. you can see the people moving okay on the boulevard. overhead lights out, mostly wet take it easy. snowfall in reading anne lancaster, near the city, as well. as we look near the city and south jersey we're seeing snowfall and specially along the coastline. visibility has not been a major issue yet, but we're looking less than a mile along the coast where the snow is coming down steadily. if you need a smile on my facebook page i posted a video of my niece and nephew iso carolina they are 11 they had their first snowball fight.
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>> nice. city of philadelphia declared a snow emergency ahead of the snowfall. >> wendy saltzman is in center city where the cars along the snow emergency route will be towed. >> reporter: so far we don't is have a a lot of accumulation in philadelphia. seems like it's coming through in bands. every once in a while, the stops and picks upwhile we don'e ground we're seeing accumulation on the roads and sidewalks. it's slick. we're noticing it seems like it has gotten cooler out here, feels cooler than what i got up this morning. seals like bands at times when it very chilly. seems be like it's a good day to stay home inside, enjoy your snow day and cuddle up on the couch and watch us on "action news." there's not a lot of cars on the roads at this early hour, the schools being closed and septa is working hard to operate on a
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normal schedule. the city of philadelphia did declare a snow emergency, that means that they have 375 pieces of equipment that are hitting the roads to make sure that everything here does keep running smoothly that the roads stay clear, remember with these slow temperatures, the windchill will feel like the teens, you run the risk of there actually being ice on the roads. if you can stay inside, enjoy your snow day off, while we don't have a lot of the accumulation, it's cold out here, getting windy and we would say stay inside if you can and enjoy it. live in center city, wendy saltzman channel 6 "action news." tam back to you. >> go get in the van an enjoy that as much as you can. if you have to traveling the driveway or sidewalk be careful it can be a workout. the american heart association says take breaks and avoid
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eating a heavy meal before and do a warmup before you shoveling by marching in place for several minutes. lift small amounts of snow rather than huge shovel fulls. we'll b right back.
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taking a the here, mobile making its jersey shore. as you can our jn is out there. it has picked up. coming down forfully windshield wierpts goes over, it's like it. >> you have blizzards that are like whoa. >> reporter: you have 35-mile an ho, not or blowing snow, we have notet,g the coast. radnor township, tam will say
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boom then. salt trucks went the trucks space and time they areelng us o. as they move through, people are moving okay. you have a truck off to the side in radnor township. state road an accident involving a vehicle ran into a ditch inde. dave. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live down scan on the big board shows we have a band of snow that passed through the region leaving coverage on some roads doing business in lang, another batch in philadelphia and close to south jersey and the brighter shades of white that's where you are seeing steadier snow building in. a little bit of drier air that will fill in. we'll see more intense the next couple of hours. it will be cold all day, temperatures in the mid 20s. looks like the snow ends around
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2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., maybe 4:00 p.m. as it pushes off to the east. down at the airport we're hoping for no major delays with the earlier snow that's what we got. outside of new york and philadelphia we're looking dry in our travel destinations, we'll be right back. i'm glad my doctor prescribe lyrica. for me, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tid feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica.
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are tears of joy from a young boy who had the best day of his live thanks to the eagles. he suffers from a rare genetic
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disorder that affects the development of bones and muscles. he is a big eagles fan and got a special phone call on christmas eve. >> merry christmas. >> yes, that is carson wentz face timing with giavani. he is overwhelmed. they got to go see the eagles take on the cowboys at the linc on new year's eve. he may not play football himself, but said he is determined to be the gm or coach for the eagles one day. >> coverage of the winter storm ins continues, we'll check in with our reports cast around the region including the farley the atlantic city press way, we'll -- expressway, we'll be right back.
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